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Than kd beea littU (Iff ,twon ths fanner
aud til wire
'Ah I woman'! bn ear pUgue," It Mid
"aiuo fli-l w wsni muit i
Thar tw hinu; IrouU, tail nvr nv
There wm nver Iom of inouey, tod navor
lo OX life,
Bui won.su, good, or bed, wm tbt roe-
moftlio fray-
"If woman's auoh plign. to taaa, wbf do
they marry, dear F
Why du lb; woo uid flatter bar, and tak
bar to their bom t
Why mt they never aatUfJsd but wbea tbelr
ilajrue la near f
And la tbara a nc easily to whisper In bar
'You are fair a any angol, aud swset M
honey -oo WD r
"And If their plagn abould sometime make
Wait half a day,
You'd think they'd do their Tory beat, the
visit to prolong
Bat Inntoad of that, they grumblo that ahe'a
ao long away,
And they wondor 'wbat't the matter j" and
when aha oomee they any i
Tm tuaukful you are baok again, for
eyery thjug'a gone wrong.'
."It'a oertainly remarkable I" She toaaed
ber pretty Load
And than aba aet the itippor thing, and
cnt the broad and oake ;
Hor aye were bright a any atari, bcr
cbeeka were roay red,
Tbo farmer looked at ber, and roao and
with a kUa be auid :
"I meant our oomfortar, door wife,
'plague' waaa great niUtako
"The beat of men will make mistake, so
just forgive nie dear,
For foolish word aaid tbougbtlosaly, linoe
tbli la what I meant
Tbera wai never any happiness, good for.
ton or good cheer,
There was never Ufa worth living but with
ioma good woman near j"
And abe nulled and kJ'd him lovingly,
and both wore well content
The Brooklyn Union, a very digni
fied independent Republican paper,
ordinarily reserved in the ubo of lan
guage, says: "The Tribune mis
represents tho charges against Sir.
Blaine so as to create tho impression
that it has answered them. It per
sisted iu the impudent assumption
.that tho most absolute, compact and
.contemptible lie of the ontiro series
of Blaine falsehoods reflected tho
.conscious innocence of an honoBt
Plain languaco that for one Itepub
lican paper to uso of another. The
respectaplo, plain citizons of this re
Wic may see that, if tho 'Democratic
party does not come up to its pro
fession, there is manhood enough in
the indopent Republicans to lead the
masses to political salvation, ilon
test wordsds call for a hoarty cheer in
response. Honor to tho truo man
hood in the Republican party. fGal.
However unnecessary to the cam
paign the publication of the Indian
apolis Sentinel's scandal was, the
truth of the charges is protty well
established. It is safe- to predict
that Mr. Bluino will never let the
jtsuo come to trial, Had he not at
tempted to answer the charges at all
ho would have stood much hotter to
4ay, binco now it is very generally
behoved believed even by many of
the organ editors who publicly as
sert disbeliefthat Mr. Blaine has
added falsehood in 1884 to his youth
ful indiscretionof 1850. The people
may forgive the in discretion as a by
gono, but audacious falsehood, warm
on tho lips to day, is not a rocoui
nendution for the presidency.
.Chicago News.
i-i ess,)
The nggressivo campaign that was
promisod Bocms to have boen lost
under the tremendous stack of
explanations that Mr. Blaino has
found it necessary to mako. Tho
republicans have boon on tho defen
sive sido of tho court room every
minuto since theirconvention adjourn
ed. Chicago Niws.
"you can do mo a very groat fa
vor. I want you to sond
mo a lettor sucu as tho inclosed draft.
It will be a favor I shall
never forgot. Regard this
letter as strictly confidential. Do
not show it to any one: Tho draft
is in tho hands of my clerk, who is
.as trustworthy as any man can bo.
Burn this letter." Blaine
to Fisher.
It is said Tom Varnoll, tho mnn
dorer, lives on his ranch in Bell
.county, defying the othocrs of the
law, who are afraid to arrest him.
A reward of IfWOO was offered by tho
" 1 (JoToruor Jfcjr his arrest, but nobody,
it appears, wishes to givo up lifo for
so small a sum. What alont tho
officers, whoso duty it is to look aft t
Jiini without reward T Statesman.
m as
Com pa uk the statements. Blaino
to Holloway, Aug. 14,1881. "I have
this moment received tho atrocious
libel of the Indianapolis Sentinel. It
is utterly and alnmiinably false in tv
7 sUW-iucnt and every implication.''
Blaine to Phelps, Sept 1G, 1884.
'I feel sure I could strengthen the
confidence of those who nro friendly
to me by bringing to view tho simple
thread of truth which is concealed in
the endless tissue of falsehood. "
Iiis answers to the interrogatories
amount to a confession of judgment.
Sweet Puce! A recent dispatch
from Fort Worth sajs :
The iramblin; houses all opened
again tonight afttr being clused
fur a month past daring the n-ssiou
of the grati .1 jury, which adjourned
today without finding a Mingle indict
ment. What course will now be pur
sued is unknown, the gambit r having
defeated the city authorities in the
prtm-cntion against them. The
frame to night are hastier than usual,
tuany dollars Wing lost
Barklra Amir a Sail'.
1W mJrm ia Ux w n-id fur Tata,
limi i a. tewves, tlosra. KaM Kbs-eea. FrvrT
rvt. Tettor. l"LfT-t Haoct, CkUbiataj.
mtxl mi hksa Lrfeoaaa. aad fwwtbT.
I) rwmt Piara, ear rv rivrr&. It m
tromwtri-l rive prrl'ri MieaTartaiei. e
anosr-v ! to pnnr ii nUl fw toi.
f jt aai Wj IU) ewtla A IXaxA
The editor of the Corpus Christ!
Caller last week visited the ancient
city of fWtillo, Mox., onco the capi
tal of Texas, when the country was
onitod with Coahuila to form a Mexi
can state. He describe the old town,
located 300 years ago by tlie Span
iards, as a delightful place. The
Mm.Htfl ia ncrfect the situation and
surroundings beautiful. He trios to
oorroct the idea tliut luo jkioxican
people are barbarians or uncivilized
Indians. Mexico, like the United
States, Las its different classes or
citizcus the Indian, the nail oreou,
the middlo clans, as woll as cultivated
men and women with the blood oi
the pure Castilian : News.
lUfixico Las her statesmen, bcr
generals, her orators, her poets, her
nrfiutn. and her literati refluod and
and cultured people. You meot all
classes. You learn to respect these
peoplo, from the poor vendor of dul
oa tn tlm governor of the stato. if
you aro not a snob and can appreciate
true politeness, fliany oi me peopie
have been educated abroad in
Franco and the United States.
There aro Amoricans who have spent
forty years among them some who
drooned out of Taylor's army and aro
living there to-day. They Bay that it
is easier to live among ino Aiexicans
than among Americans."
Some idea of tho growth of this
country may bo gathered from tho
postal statistics just published in
Washington. In tho year 1789 thoro
were 75 post-offices and 2275 miles of
postal route, lhe revonue oi me
department was $7,510, and tho ex
penditures $7,500. Tho amount paid
for transportation was $5,563. Tho
population of the United States at
that tinio wos 3,919,214. Tho figuros
for 1882 givo the number of offices at
40,231 ', extent in miles, 243,518; rov:
enuo, $11,883,005; expenditure, 40,
432,021: paid for tranportation, $22,
849,112; postago stamps, etc., issued,
$40,978,053; money orders, $113,400,-
118: lottors recoivod in ueuil letter
office, 4,284,385; population, 50,155,-
Tho Princo of Wales is on the
Liberal sido, and he has a vote in tho
House of Lords. It is said ho is
naturally a liberal by inclination.
Thero is little question that his future
interest is that way. dalveston
Ilutchings, the stranglor, who was
hanged in San Francisco last Friday,
said Ingorsoll's teaching was one of
tho influences that brought him to
tho gallows. Tho word of a murder
er, hoping for pardon, is not always
to bo behoved, but if Ingorsoll can do
anything to bring such porsons to
the gallows, ho may fill a long folt
want. Too many of thorn escape
both tho gallows and the penitentiary.
UaIvo8ton aows.
A Lawyer's Oulnion of Interest to all.
J. A. Tawney, Eh., a lonilinjj attornoy of
Winona. Minn, writes: "After UHi'iii it for
more tlinu tliroo yoara, I tnke great plonRiire
in stating that I regard Dr. King's New
DiHcovury for Coiimiuiptiou, as the best
romedy in the world for Coughs and Colds.
It has never faileu to euro tlio most sovero
oolds I have bad, and invariably relieves tho
pain in the chest.
Trial Bottles of this suro euro for all
Throat and Lung Diseases uiay be had Free
at Uaynolils 3t Daniel's Drug Store. Large
size, 1 00.
(lov. St. John's Plans and Hopes.
Topkka, Kas., Sept. J. P. St.
John, tho presidential prohibition
candidate, was here, to-day. St.
John leaves henco to-night for the
east Ho will upeak in Ohio, Now
York, Pcnncylvanin, Indiana, and
Illinois until Oct. 24, then return to
KanHas. Tho governor says ho will
receive more votes in western Now
York and portions of Ohio than either
Blaine or Cleveluud. Ho feels confi
dent that his vote throughout tho
country will reach 1,000,000.
'What causes tho great rush at II. From
mes's Drag Store ?" The free distribution
of sample bottles of Dr. BoHauko'B Cough
aud Lung Syrup, the most popular romedy
for Coughs, Colds, Consumption and Jirou-
cbitis novr on the market. JUegular ixc 0
cents aud if 1 00.
An Answer Wanted.
Can any one bring us a case of Kidney or
Liver Cuiupluiut that Eloctrio Hitters will
not speedily care ? We nay they can not,
a thousand of cases already permanently
cured and who uro daily recommending
Klectrio Hitters, will prove. Bright'
Disease, Diabetes, We uk Bark, or any urinary
complaint quiekly euroj. They purify the
blood, regulato the bowels, and net directly
on the dixcased parts. Every bottle guaran
teed. For sale at 50c. a bottle by ltaynolds
X IMUll'lS.
Condensed Lomriiand. This is the titlo
of a Itiiuo. volume puhlished at fi) cents by
tugeno llonnet, 137 llrnadwar. New lork.
It ia a practical work of value to almost
every one as it prvat-ut in a couciMe form
the theory of rapid writing. The first chap
ter the key to those winch follow ia de
voted to au rxplnnatiou of the principle
upon wnii-h the xy'.teiu is haunt. They are
the practical renult of continuous btbor with
the rn aud serin to be simple and easily
lcariM.il, tw.iring a near rrmtlauc to
tlioa f Dionognipbr. Tbe average speed
Is aaid to b ltti wonts prr minute. This
mt is Ifm ttian that re'bcl in rbonogr
phy, but it ia cuiScic ut for all practical pur.
oaea. aud I aa foot aa mo4 professional
trugri hers write. The advantage r
curr.1 is its b'tibiaty. which ikIi a writ
rr to rruX his O'Hc without besitatuw.
1 bi mn-t lx- a fx'int gniot. a the
dnvlw k to 111 nnivrrssj war of fbooo;
irraphy ba alwa.v tx-ro ita illxRiUhtT wht-a
writti n Tl t m i the rnibuitifiiont
cf th princij ! whih are rocrvnizoJ hy
tiiiiil-n of U-th the tU -ho4 aixt Ih
nw as the ihT tl wift writing that
cwa be done with th a. It i ia rt-U-naivrlr
by oontnl'Ut.irw In tH prvw. T
tbo iimii osm. rorrrpontirg; rtrvks. Uw
a-1 m-IktJ Ma 1. n aol Hhr iuvtl
ia this swhjort. who. ttr( tifmilr with
j SrthaaHt. arv nnale to f. h.-w tlw rfl
I w'.tTmr of aprk,r, tb .iat wU t
I win 4 cf (rrrwt !".
rf w- l la"t;i in tl,i A tvt'w.
t4 nrljatrJT t4l? m tv. I t ica)
of -V craU taa t artxl f- ta work..
T aay rmty U baa
or rs&f. w will urn t
r4 tiaat r
j Cmr ! FrawsfO htm
t-mnA 1W mm '
neipliM xsn mm. AMh.
t. T Hauirtsa, imal
r. i:
mm Vmll MirlllB mf
A Vt COITVl All Ha IMfl
.1... ..d wai-. I l-U Umm.
Tho following is a partial list of
the contents :
TIAVH rniTVTY-Historical Sketch i
Aroa. Altitude. Location, eto t Fro.
.i....i..,,u . uirnnina tn i Cllmala floalth
lriocs of Land aud IniprovemeuU;, Hectiona
of the uounty I'anioiuaniou i u Mouuutin
lteiom Additional note ana wiuuwiiw
Adioluina Uountic.
Tow Ma or Tn Codntv. Han Marco.
Roioautio Hituation. Improvements: Water
Vnmr iu! ltiialnoas i Kvle i DuPra 1 DriD
pincrHpriuKS: Wimberley: Purgatory flnrimj
Hrinanra Ti Rolls for 1883 compared
with lHH3i Railroad Uuaine: Ucbool and
School fund Apportionment.
TIiTrinsTr Hokmebt deaorlbod at larie :
flswt riiliin nn thnHiui Marco HnriuiM a do.
acribod by Bishop DogRott aud others.
Their Wonderful Fairy Scenery j Grand and
Beautiful View in luo Mountain nogton, ue
scribed by tourists.
MisnKi.i.iMwoim. 'Whv Go to Tela:
"Tl, kin, I of l'unnln Who are Wanted in
Texas The ltight Time to Go North and
to Como Miutn Toxaa cxompiion ana
MiimtiiAiui ijiw t Tflrmi oi uflQuiis uuiu
Htnta Vroa Mnluuil P.nilnwniniit Fund 1 i
ien-year-oia lloy s view oi tue Diiuauou
about San Marcos iu 1870.
PnmiT "Ttin Itiver Ban Marco." bv
Mollio E. Moore, a beautiful production of
... f, .i . . a i..:
a ceieprniea oouiaern poiw ; a i ropucuu
.. . . n . . .!, n II
'iTitititji tn Man maroo i -'zjoauuxui j.eaus.
a graphio and spicy parody.
Just the thing to aend to friends and cor.
rcpondont abroad. Orders filled at the fob
towing rate t
Rinnla tinina flvA AAntA nanh six conifiB
for'iocUt 14 copies lor K!ii ana at uiree
. t -v 1
cents eacn tor larger nninuers. uruum iroui
. ... .. a . j
a dlstanoe wm De prompuy nuea, posipuiu.
Mr. William Walter Phelns seems
to be the middleman the jobber, so
fn Hay through whom that crreat
American inventor and manufacturer
of defenses, James G. Blaine, gets his
coods to the retailers of the organic
press. Unicago wews.
Dr. Bosanko.
Tlita tinmA nan tincnmA no. familiar with
the most of people throughout the United
States that it is hardly necessary to state
tt.af tia ( tliA nrifrlnntir nf thn (Treat Dr.
Bosanko Cough and Lung Syrup, tbe
people S iuvonif reineuy, wuwuym uowu,
c.rnitu Pnltla nntiaiimntion and all
cuoctions or tno xuroat ami ijiings. i nto
00 cents and l.uu. sold Dy u. r romme
Pile are frequently preceded by a sense
of weight in tbe back, loins and lower part
of the abdomen, causing the patient to sup
pose he has some aflcction of the kidney or
neighboring organs. At times, symptom
of indigestion are present, aa natulency, un
easiness of the stomach, etc. A moisture.
like perspiration, producing a very disa
greeable itching, after getting warm, is a
common attendant. Blind, Bleeding and
Itching Pile yield at once to th appli
cation of Dr. Bosanko' Pile Remedy, which
acts directly upon the part affected, absorb-
ing tne Auniore, alloying nie miense lieu
ing, and enecting permanent cure, rn
50 cent. Address the Dr. Bosanko Mi
cine Co., Pijua, O. Bold by
Are you tuillu?. try Wnu' Hsiltu Ba-
HBWBB, a puiw, woau, wiiwobuuw
Langw An UaaquiUMl lnTiffonuit. Cura
Headache, Fever, Afrue, Chills,
Nice to take, true merit, unequaled for
TflBPin LIVER and Nlcht
Sweats, Nervous Weakness,
Malar a. Leannons, Boiual l)ecllue.
It.3 per bSi.. forH.00.at Dnimjiata.
K. & Wnu, Jersey Ct'y, w. J., V. a..
Remarkable Care of Catarrh of the
Bladder, Inflammation, Irritation of Kid
ney and Dladder, 8 tons or Gravel Dis
ease of the Prostate Uland. Dropsical
BweUlnm, Female Disease. Incontin
ence of Urine, all Disease of the Genito
urinary Organ In either sex. For Un
healthy or Unnatural DUchanre use
also "Crispin' Injection Fleur," aach ft
For Sl WilM. either contracted or
hereditary taint, use Chapin's Constitu
tion Bitter Kynip, $1.00 per bottle, and
Chapin's Syphilitic PU1. $.00j and Cha
pin's BrphlllUo HarraVflOO. bottle
Syrup, t of Pill, 1 Salve, by F.ipros oo
receipt of 1 10.O0, or at Dnvrgist.
K. H. Waixa. Jersey City, N. J., IT. 8. A.
i "e JiuYERs GriDB la issued Sept
end Man h, each year 1 224 pages, 8) x 11
in. lies, with over 8,300 llliutraUoo
a hole picture gallery. Give wholeaala
price dircH u eontumert on all good for
jcon:il or y law family a,
i'elUbowto yy order, and
five exact f ( 1 1 cost of ST.
rytliing you II II nse, drink,
eat,rar, or Vy bava faa
with. The Kmm0 invmluabla
book contain informatioa gleaned from
th market of th world. W will mail
a copy Free to any address npoo receipt
of lbs potag 8 cent. Let ns bear
front you.- Respectfully, v
Htaiti - r ji.iil
SM A 0I Wraserrrt It, KAMtAS CTTT, M.
r4M, n , taswe tmmm Is- c ' -mmw tmm v-mf
yajWli II aiiaitJ i
mi m at ir T m4
i SC. I, i n CtHmm
fa" s-4 If lb rvsw ttf
X M. rv0 4 CO.
a a-a--a-j
T ajglwariHsaiwKetktaa. VrmHm
7 U J ffc..te. Nil I ! M S II I tWlll
f 111 milV . !
Sji fc nr 4 -"-
faasi BaiarM rmmm -ffc
Dr. MWyw
r- m
job iRusra?iiTCp
TTJIfl nu
San Marcos, Tex.
Exooutcd with
dy No Charge for putting work up
in Tablet Form. Blotters free.
We Print
roirrr.RM, rR(HiRtnnt,
Work dons at short notice.
.... , ... a i
Foreign bills duplicated
on Office Stationery. 1
. , . .
lie employ comvezeni
trorknun and new materi
al and turn out no inferior
I It MtUMlS S4 ''
a, aim baitar Mircaelaa
mmn eewor.sa hM for I'M
nf aiasr Tarsia ia ia waria
y sfkll Ml h-M
A Pare Finilj Inlicine tint Hner Iitoiicatts.
rarkar's Hair lUiasaj U tm.lj aarnias aa II
warranM ta arsrai Mllag at Ui aalr aa4 t rs
M daadroa aa Itcklng .
las Wllllavsa Maw Yerau
Mo, aad 1 !, at all dtalsrs la SMdlelas. Orsal
saving ia eajwi enar km,
nnMlT vast s $30 N-Sksl tspMUst
arsrsw idoi un wi vnw,
Ksasll for ST. a fit kUfle Uatara for (It. Soil
UolStlA Wslckfar Sit, IfAII lit
forts Taean(tanvfW II II lka artlelai
rHIK If 70 llidavol I VUn aaurt l
roar UUur Umo ovoals lo Inirodoolof oar a
Itoods. Oao ladt toauro a Sold Watek frM, la
laalo sluraooa. A (ntlrmaa M T
oia,Urlak for tflooa ailn-I I fill I
utos'aork. A boy 11 jtart Nf nl
. .,,.1, - j,nA d . i h i, nH rmtm of otborl
bo4oBO aoarly as wall. II ye kav a ktaal
Laoiern you oou oion uuamvav u, r-j
from tio tots ovary nlsht. Saad at aaro for osr
IllnitratodCaUloguoofUold aud Sllvor Walcbaa,
Soll-Cocklo Bulllf HaTolvara. tpv (laaiaa, la
dlaa toottt aod AtironoalealTlcopoa,Ttla(Tapk
Imtrumeuu, Typa Wrllart, OrgsBt, Aeoordloat,
Violins, So.. o. It may tUrl yoa oa Jho road to
waalik, UVHLU CriNU,
llfof n W 4m apfiaTwtBi T IN ww
Walt ( fer lee I.lTe ef
cauulolug a full snd eompleto hlilory eftbaDam
ooralle parly, portraying Its brllllaut blaiory
IbrnuKk tba anllro parlod of Iu oxlatanoo. fully II
luatratad. 1 bio bovk opaos up a .plandld cbanoa
tor Aganla to mako moooy, aa wa ara glvlog airs
torma to aetlva workora. land too at one for out
fit, aad laeura your Aral akolo of ton llory. tor
circular wltb axlra farms to agtnts, sddrsta.TRX.
AS BOOK BIBUK uo jot aima., uaiiaa. iu.
University of Georgia.
rtu TC I Tl 0 .
m, a . l - at i In AaIaKa Tn
neMioB Depp a um t wuwbi .
IUod fret In all dep-rtmtnu xcep tho of Uw
a . . o" a. msbohu aI lnB(rlllAfl Itl
Utttin, ScUDce, Chemtitrj. tod BoglnMrlnffg
n a a i a ak las ala alnsislaisi nrffakflfl
DOtrO Vl.DVp"r uiuiiau rw vibivBs
ftb 0booe!lort 4lhnt,0.
rnnnmuric chloral am
Opium Habits
bb. J. o. lorniAi. jmvum. wutwnsua
DTRRTISSRl by addrawlng 0. ?. HOWULL d
n.t ia a- StMot Voiobi Tnr It . md larB thm
...,irn.t of in nroDOied Itnenf ADVERTII1NO
Id American Nawtpapert, tOT 100 paga pamphlet
Won-HCtarlan. Oo-odueatloBal, Christian. Full
literary, aolanllfle and elaailoal eonrsas. Muilo,
Art. aud Elocution, spacUlllaa. Healthy location I
.. .. - - ..J . II ..L.l.il fBitnllv.
goon Duuaingi. urnr . ..
Terma resaoaabla JOUS B. PBITCHBTT, A. M. Pre.-
nnrnnnrc abjolotb divorcs for
Ul VII Dersooa residing throughout tha
United States and Canada for deaertion, nou-sup-port.
Intemperance, cruelty, luconipatlbllll.v. eto.
A.ii frM Htatft Your eaaa and aildresa ATTR
MKT WARD, World Building, 1267 Broadway. Kew
Tork. i' -
gend ilx cents for poatage, snd re
ceive free, a coiily box ol good,
which will taelD tou to mora money
.rlnhi awav than anything elae in
ihls world. All, of either lex, aucceed from tlrit
hour. 'I'he broad road to fortune opena before tbe
workers, sbwlutely aura. At one sddreaa, Tsus A
Co., Auguata. Maine.
Monticello Ladies' Seminary,
One of the oldeat echoole In the West. Reputation as
a flrat-class school unquestioned. Superior advan
tagea for English and Classical Education with
Music. Drawinar. Paintimrand Modern Languages,
Opens September 181b. For Catalogue, apply to
use halBub. n. uisau.ii, nisapsi.
IHVKNIORI tend model or sketch of yaur Inven.
tlou, when I will make a careful preliminary exami
aallon.and rcnort as to patentability, with advice
circulars ate, rasa rr CBAtoa. All business before
IT. n. Fatent (imce sttouuen 10 lor SioiiKBATa
Information and raforaucea aent on application. Ho
charge unless Patent Is aeenred.
J. R. LITTELL, Washington, D. C.
Diractly opposite U. S. Patent Office.
Sr. Euier'i Iron Tonib
MALTHVndVIOoSof .t'oUTKI '' ?
dlaeowa reoiilrlngacerialnaiidemclentTONlO,
especially U snriisla.Wantof Appellte.Indlgea
tlon. Lack ol BirensUi. etc., Ita me la marked
with Immediate and wonderful "Bulla. Honea.
muscles and iierrea receive new fore. Kalivsas
me suina sua auppnr, p "
SA'T?'? ???72?ii.irImlnlMitOi?.'
The atronice.t u silnionyto lhe value of UK.
ahtkh's I now Tonic ia that frcl"ei;t sltempls
. connlrrf.-llliirliave only aiMrfl In Hie PP'!,1r
. . 1 1 a a.a.al lr rloslrw II r3 1 1 IB
Ul nm original. s -.
not Mpariiiicnt Vl lha OmoiNAL AND IJHTs
. r . m ev. tr .a Mao. s"a
Sood tm sddreaa o Tho I. Hartiw Md.Co.
Simile, l.k.lor oor
inawsif ir-bOV
H .r.4 tasWul tnlormtittoa.frtM.J
Of. HARTcn's InoH Towto in worn 8al bv AU.
PmOCr tJ-Sltl fcvgr-.wnaa
IMalBod, aad all other batineae I th C, S. Pat.
est oao attended lo ir MoPsaaTB Fats.
narofflor Isoppoalto tho C. Paleat Oaeo.aat
o saanlnaln tiatanla la loss llat Uiaa the r
S If Niii'Sbor vai"iw.
ktoaialliij ire r
a a, not ijNless
fi- m i.r kM. aa
Smt ortl'U..sM a oeciaif s we v. ,
P.11M 0o. roe eircaiar. adle. U est
ro'errae.a to artaal elloata la ywar sn XM o
" C A. now A CO.,
Oapaeii ft t vaca, aTaaaiagtea.O.C
woatod for l na of all the pros.
Meat of the U. a.TkalargeetkaooV
HiiiKr T.
aa laiHUfWI ! war. H Aayow can o-
a-. TmMim.SsumSM
c . '"- "i-
THF PIIRRFHT" f""00 tb
. ... . . M n
Oaa, l.ifc.s, gtaal t rwr aat brlUumt enwna.
rTi-rlZtm ;TrT ,r!7.
OLD XnrrArEM far U
at tkas
1 rparsr, ei w J paj v
1 ti roatmaster, la tasl. of
tfi U 41 liU lanl. rj
to U roisve w to- .
I via tss
Cso Take Tbelr lliolcc or Routes,
lliber via Taylor U th, aew
. s .... -am Wansrsii. att lattnaBa
Rauwaf. croaosiwusotloasat Llul Rock for all
Prlsolpti Cities In th Southeast,
la Ik Unto Depot at It. Ual with Express
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
between SAW AHTON10, AtJtTIH, HOOSTOlt
aod u ALTiniu.i."u ri.a. -
lAHAICTOMOaDd ST. LOU Id, Without Chang.
0aT for Tickets, Rales, Ac , apply t J Iks
Ticket Agents, or to
8. P. HUOHKs. Psssesger Agent, nouaton.
n.. ... ATlckot Aet.. Qalvsston. Texas.
W. A.i"ktAH,TrsfHo Hanager, Galveaton, Tsx
u wnejrisB HI.. D-.. 1 Innl kin
H. Ma HUAI w Sv
Boarding School for Boys andYouug
. - . . 1 1 ' . : ..i 1 1. n
Men. uuaer ine aireiniuu ui wa
Cougregntion of tbe Holy Oroue.
Will Open Sept 2d, 1884.
a. swa a J. A ail I it a. A1 tttsyaaA fnlltsti
Bi lawini cuBji t
aoath of lha City al Autlp, offara to Iba jouag
. mm " -.1 lea an siAnnlaliinfl
maa oi Kiuipwiw aurutgs -- !
of a thoroogb aducatloo.
Ho mora baallbful ar pletareaqaa locatloa aavld
ba datfrad ibao tbt on a talaatad for tbii Acad em yJ
. .l.l.la II swa Asa sea Alt Oli fkf
nail una ia a m,rvT9 v -' -7-,
. -P. .1 .i 1.111. .. it.(s4 intlntl-llksl
toa noii Dtjtiutiiui uii'bi bus -
aaardlog lha Capllal Faranongh from ttaabaoa-
miinnaencaa 01 wm wny, j
nrofli bv tha advantagai It affords, audeuu bara
thai seclusion wnicu ia a un....u -
tul proaocutloa lhaii aiudles. For full particulars
. r . ntv DbVdIliBlfT
writ to
HI. XUSAKUS avflunm,
for the working class. Send 10 cents for
n..i,M nd wa will mall vou free, a roy
al valuable box of sample goods that will
nn .nn In the wavof makluir more mon-
ey in a few daya than yon aver thought possible at
any business. Capital Dot required. We will start
yo. To can work all tbe time or in spare time on
ly. Tho work la unlvereslly adapted to both sexes,
young snd old. Tou can ea.lly earn Irom 60 centa
to t every evening, xoai an """" J
lest the business, we make this unparalleled offer; to
all who srs not well satisfied we will send (1 to pay
for tbo trouole of writing ua. Full particulars, dlr
eo'Jona, sic, aent free. Fortunes will be made by
those who give their whole time to tbe work. Great
success absolutely sore. Don't delay. Start now.
Address fTissos t UO.. rorilsjiu Maine.
I is 1 1 miJa
i:; rvv iWa. St. LooiaJt
Astothasnoeess or yoor mwic, -."-r
Hi months ago. I waa waaa, ieao maa r;
llHSmmXS. whoW "d vrJr tamTtl b, mefancholj
releTorWlghSKl by bltading hsch. Ibereas
Into lnsignlfioance. I WMU 1 migni wsoi """""""I" n1"
wdetuded roon men by recommending your remedy.''
Tha original letter irom wnicn mo s '"
xtriot. snd severs! hundred others expressing
similar opinions, in ciiunur iww' . . ---P
Srtu'b. shewn to any one cs ng at our offlcc
Jorely Uom a doslre to guaVd igalnit Imposition.
Market and 8th 8t. ST. LOUIS, MO.
tl Hoatt'i trutawt ti. two nostoi tS. ttni naatii 7.
v awww
S aDr. LaBarge,
fnoTsnijM ofthe BloM.sLla sod Hone llrral DtliUllr.
tanirteair. Orgaala lw Doaarrtiea, BrpnuiiM ana
Bmri7gtlie. Scitutiflo UTalmsnti (nfs and sura
remedies. DewrmlUes 2Vested. Cn.ll orwrito ferlUlol
qimtions to bo amwareil by those desiring treatment by maU.
trenaas nf-tafNa Bantam skoaUI a? .fchV"d?
aadlaaraseaiettiatUllirlraS.anUae. ltUaotat.jT
iSSraas Br. . L. laBAHfllr. Pr'l aad Pbyalelaa la Caarae
CMWal aM. Sf . lastttale. S0 loenrt .1.. St. I.u. a.
SaMtHOl 'Vt. Butts' Dispensary. g.laUA. 13 Veara.
sJUTMIUM. Blverelde, Col. Tho dry climate crams,
loss XairsALancs. fkl Idea, DC p.. ronto, oost.troo.
rtn . Ka ilnnhttril rmrloaS
AMn uciLTH
III nil ills"" mm illustrated,
rail that thodonbtfol onrloMor Uunujlittu lynot
Suiow. Cloth aod gnUt Mnaioo w oie,paper "o."
plane Guide. lMpiBe.senneaiwi, oto " w-,-.
..m.Vei p n a i v at. Charles St.
rtrrlace. 1
a r-si-af-arw 111 a a ak.-Ai
at home without lalu. lioolt
of particulars sent Free.
,0. If. WOULLEV.al. I.,AtlauM,Ga.
book. New edition. New bindings. New illustrations
from new designs. Superbly gotten up. Sams low price.
Adapted to all claHes. Sells at sight. Agsnti doing big
work. EXCBLLINTTSRMS. The bandaomul prospectus
er Issued. Apply now.
Wm. Gabbstson & Co.. N. E. Cor. 4th A Chestnut Sts.,
Jt. Louis, Mo. Also other grand aew books and Bibles.
eood Par for Agrrnt. SlOO In ssoO pr
snev. mitdrt M'lltna; onrJrttnd New II Llory.
Write to J. V. McCitrclar at Co.. ait. Lauis, ffle.
a week at home, f 5 00 outfit free. Psy ab
solutely sure. No risk Capital not required
Reader, if you want business at which per
sona of either eex. voun or old. can make
great psy all tb time ther work, with absolute cer.
tatnty, write for particulars to H HaiLsn A Oo.
Portland Maine.
Persona answering any
of these advertisements will
do woll to slsta that they saw
'them In this paper.
i i -rCI
KENTUCKY W Yfc rs.wf rWkH.raj-
M. A. Thadtbrd at. Co." I.lrar
Sfoettola or Muck Draught I
aaxasntBMtared at CtutUanoospt,
Tnn.( by tho tiianticat recl I
suad. by Dr. A. Q. Kimroona, la
th xuMufkcturo cf hi Llvor
If odlclne. a early a 1830. at IU
home near Chattauooga.
ADArwmi., Oa., Mar 1S7S.
f. A. THKDPOSD tt Co. Qmllim. .
naviug boeu ouo of Dr. A. (. Rim.
raons' earliest agcnla for bis Live
Medlolne, aad also agent for It slue
his death, I du cheerfully recoru.
rountl It to th uubllo a the genuine
and beat Liver Mettiolne in the world.
I have used the medlclu saatli 6u
, Dr. A. Q. fiistmrsu) kimtif, and alito
that made by tha pareiita of If. A.
' Tliodford. Tun it ao ditrmat t
them; so I know tho tuedirlne marts
bv vou Is the Ktinulne and urilnul
as mad by Dr. BIuiuioua
Your Truly, I
This faunoa Bmedy for Con. '
BtlpsUion, Dyipeiiilas Inrllrra.
tlon, Uver Complaint, and all
Llvor ZHsasubbs, has boon In
constant use by the pnblle for
fifty yean, nnl I more popalar
to-day than ever before. Bay 1
none but M. A. Tried ford. & Co.'
original and gnnulna, monafao- I
tared by the Chattanooga Mettl- '
due Co., at Chattanooga, Tenn.
Every package enoloaod la Tel.
low Wrapper.
Trial paekasr by mail, fifteen
Free I Cards and Chromos.
W will tend free by mnil a snmple set of our
large German, French, and American Chromo
Cnrda,oo tinted snd (fold ground,with a price list
of over oo diderent designs, on receipt of a stamp
for postage. We will also aend free by mail aa
samples, ten of our beautiful Chromos, on receipt
of ten cents to pay for packing and postage ( also
enclose a confidential price list of our large oil
chromos. Agents wnntcd. Address V. UutASoal
& Co., 6 bummer Street, Boston, Mass,
I Canvassers.
To engage In the sale of our new snd Important
works of standard character, large profits and
iiniusmse selllna; qunlttlee. We oiler a pea
aunnrut ami luirntlve biisliseww. Adilreta
17 W. Ji'uiirth StiouU Ciucinuati. Olis
From Hewoos.eisMnle sndlMcWsesss
nrsslax and Hert Affhjna.Wesalt "ca,
Kervoas Debility, f VSSu
tolloas and Weakneae ol the lUaneya.Blaal.
mVr V WHssary Orgaoa.ask your Urutglat for
OXaAJB rV m sw-"---w '
u.ira BnrSinA HA 1 1
WORLD Ht"UW--.u vrcwriw -w -s
rvjwla lioasr310"".'
J, Drussuit does not keep it kblm to. ojdjr U
for iro" SlTper bottle. Coea,Beef and Iran
ta the Greatest Medical DlaooreiT of modern times.
l?or pamhK'lwlUi full narttcalara. addrsM
DMAS. W. oOOTT. M.D., Kanaae City, t
Tr hnm e00T BlilTrf the imTt nastWmafdsa,
' T 'i.- i ! I : . . . VflWah a I.IVBr
roaiiltinff from a derange
or torpid condition of the I,ivr; such aaBHiousness,
Jostironoaa, Jaundice, D.vuepia, Mnlaris, Bielf
UeadacheTlUleiiinatism, etc Aa invnlnable anj
lly Medicine. For full information send your ya
drosa on a noetal oard for .100 pago book on tbo
"Liver and ha Disnasea," to US. SAiihOUQ, a
S'-ailuohri XnE&a. yob its ewotiiio.
Knsytousp. A eertnln cure. Notcxpfiislve. Thre
monilis' treatmint in onr- psckngo. Good for col
In the Hftid, lii-iuliu-iie, Ulisinvra, Hay Fever, etc
Kfty ceuta. By all Druggists, or by mnil.
li. T. HAZELTINE, Warren, Pa.
mmm school fob boys aid yodjb kn,
Prepares for Collegeor Business Life; Wsclplln
Superior; Scholarship exact; Ideation he'b'u'
,ir cntoloruo miress Rev. aSlhelbcr Talbot.
A. M.KMler.
Tbe Fortieth year begina Sept. 1st, IftM. IS plunos
In nse. Apparatus and furniture ample and euitabl.
An extensive Library snd Reading Koom well sup.
iliad. New buildings under contract. Tbe Boars
ns: Department a convenient, healthy aod comfort
able home. Charsea moderate. Send for catalogue.
O. C. J03BS, Prof, and !. of Facnllr.
A. W. JUNES. V. !.. President
Rd. cAMCnDnio I I wco iMVICOIf ATOR
ieis I sjnjsisi i .bbbj jj T.'ygjan1- ffyyystj
IVwWl - niiji ittmmtmrnmrn'mX m fmtfmrrimmL

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