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1REE Press.
TliriWOAV. AI'llII. in,
I kNTRBI 0 AT THS roT orrn K AT MM sUkOUa
TtHl aROin H A MAT ft. I
Alt Ooaaeeie.tieae M lb Pul fees. tkil4 be
ae.k.sas' ll e4veitteeajee.t eed tlM Ua
at Ue Ilea Wedneedee Beon.
rxinilil M MnlllCAtl ajeall.had Bkleaa
the rllei's feel rcpiil II, out fur lh
lieetlu anleae "aeeuH but lot twr kadi
sue rlc Ilea.
Tlitt Fr.s rtu is ft leaJInfl lorn) new,
paper, tUo avurtiiiig meJiuui anJ ba
lb tet prlntiuR cffleo MwMn Auxtin and
Han Autuuio. II rlrrnlntM coiutidmibly
North m wrll m South. A lira paor, do
fntkd to tba (lkvoiuiciit and jronrt of
Uia couutry. JtllerwouiuD IVmocrello Id
nolilioa. KD Mnrona. tb couutT aat, ia k
(trowing ton of aomo J hX Intmliitiuite.
It U ituut.'jon lb Iiitonintlonal ami Great
Northern lUilroiul, riiiitini from Ht Imia
Tik. Aualiu, tbo oajiital of Iks Ktufi, and
Han Antonio, bor Urgmtt city. Into Mexico.
Bah Marco it thirty mik-a front Auntin and
flfly lnili from Hun Antonio. It i notod
fur it mIIkioum aud oduuatiomU privilicn.
kod M tba eDtnr of k ajduudid oriculturu!
and itnok country Mid eioulluut community;
ktio for (lie colrbmtcd kiriui',a, bulf a mllo
I,otb, mhich boil up from tbo bowola of the
rurtb at the foot of tbo mountain, forming
tbkKku 51 or con rivtr, kiid com titulliiR ot
onca grrut natural ciirioaity, mid inti
huuatiblo wittor power. It alrrody hm wa-tnr-worka,
an ino-factory, 8vonil mill, cto.
Tbo Fkli Vur.tH Iiim boon publiNht'd by
ltd tinwsitt proprietor for over rlcvin year.
It Ih well uttnbliHbcil, and uAiniiift ntcadily
in public fuTnr. KhjmU1 altouliou in culled
to tba i'haca'tkr of it cireulntion.
It ROC nuioii) tbo U'Ht cIhkh of woll to-ilo
fnrmerM and buHiuuM nmn. In tliin nwpoct
it hlM NO SI'I KRIOhd IN T11B HTATB. H00 tA-
ble of ndvirtiHiiiR rutea on firnt pno.
CvTim Fiiki Pitsm oiOi'O nlxo Iiim nil llio
ri'rjuixita fucilitioe for doing all kiudti of Job
Printing in the best nioditrn Ktylnn, at Aim
tiu, Sua Antonio aud OuWimIoii prison.
CM huJ neo Miniplos. Prompt attention
given to ordnrH from a dlHtauno.
Kxpoxiliou Notes, Me.
Among our unuurriitod Hilit-RoninA at
llid ExpoHition, tbo Cro-worltH in thogromult.
ono night Hhould not bo ovtrlonkod. 'J'hoy ,
no far Kurpnwed (ivorj tliin in tliat lino wo
bud ovor boforo vitni)KHd that wo hUiiII nov-
r ogaiu fool ttiUiri'Ktnd in nn ordiunry din
play. Tbo rnproiiRiitation of tho l-'allH of
Niagara douorvi'H Hpcrial inuiition. Thiy
wore Wdtl ro-producod in a grand falling
liory flood. All wun porfeef, even to tlio
rour of tbo Dory cataract.
Tho woathor at Now Orlcuna in Febru
ary wan Homowhat chilly, but it wiui rathnr
luditirouH toHoo ponjilo tlioro from tho North,
whilo ndmitting that it wiih 00 9 below zero
when thoy left homn, complaining of tho
cold I Tho miidako HUtb pcojilo mako in in
jumping to the conclusion thut Nrw OrlounH.
Texas, oto., aro actually located within tho
Wo havo not referred to our theatrical ox
jieriuuco. Wo witnnwuid at lalvtmton a per
tormunco of tho Emma Abbott troupe, and
nttuu Grunowald Opera Houko in New Or
touiR tho Uohnmiau (iirl by ltumctt'H New
Vork Idoal Opera Co. Hoth were good of
thoir kind, but wo can't Kay wo admire tho
kind. Minn Abbott in pomonally quito an
attractive young ladj'. Hlio vomplimontud
thu Toxoh editors by appearing on tho ntugc
during ono hcouo wearing n bo igo of the
1'reHR AHR(H'iutiou.
Our baty roforenen to tho editorial ex
cursion lit OnlveKton to ''deep wator" failed
to indicate how much we wero impreSRoil by
tlio novel weiio. It guvo iih a vivid realiza
tion of tho referuneo of Jtyron to tho waves
ot the aea nH bounding bmieath bim "as a
utoed that knows his rider," while the (locks
of "en to" looking sea gulls and tho occa
sional "splurgo" of a porpoise, ko often do
Hcnliud in stories of tho sea wero gutminc
novelties in our actual lifo This advance
into "the open sua" and all its attending
circumstances will afford a solemn and ele
vating remembrance while life shall last.
To descend a long way, we have an anoc
iloto of Unalo Dan'l of tbo Houston Ago.
I'm route from Galveston to New Orleans wo
uucompanied a friend who wisheil to call on
liuol.) lMn'1 at lloiistou. Wo found bim in
bis sanctum, and very soon as a mutter of
Course, ho anked his visitors if they would
not luivn soma beer. We declined troubling
him, but ho iusiuted in order oh he said, to
show us how easy it was done. So bo re
paired to A corner of tlio room and blow his
.breath into a tube thereiu situated. Ho
then stopped to tho opposite jorner, opened
a rude closet constructed of a store-box, and
jM-fttJ thero wero revealed ilrri Uigrr.
Undo Dan'l insinuated that stronger drinks
might be commanded by the sumo process,
lait wc did not test his resource further.
As to where his supplies came from, we
tiuvo of course no idea, unless it was through
the agency of the "Muck art,4' or something
ot that sort. Hut wo hasten to lvc the
sulijeot lest the wicked Sittings should sec
nnd try to pervert our harmless revelations
ns to the umiuier in which tbo good I'nelA
Puu'l disports himself uud eutertuilis bis
visiliui; friends.
A I'uinily Reunion.
The Itnrleson l'amily Reunion met accord
ing to appointment in the lecture room of
the Colis. gin Pnptist Cliunh.
A highly interetin(; pap r, prepar d by
Hull. Vi. . li. Samford, of Al il'R.na. was
read ly bis sou. Hon W. J. Sumfor.l. e
'ongrsinou from Alnhanm, on the "Value
of Kanuly K-uiiions." Another paM-r of
yn-nt iuterrst, read from lti. I'r. S. S.
I'.iirleson, Keotor of St. AlKino. Wis , on
"'I ho lturlcm Family as i'ioiicurs in St ites,
Ki.liii-si and Kducation. " A l. tt. r was .il-o
ril fmni llou. (. W. Join, cx Concret;
luan free T ' us on tin "Life aul Tiumot
tisi. Ed. BurUon. of Tcxa."
Ilixhljr inUT-t!iii; I. tt. is mere rv I from
ntimbiti f the Iturlt-Mitis iu VrriiMmt.
V' i"wiin. lilinow. N'.Ttli 'ir.lin. A!
I kiba. ArkiiusaA. Mixsix-ippi and !
Hr. IH Itufu C. Iiirif-,n, f V'f.
-Intl in.I. nt Mr. Itri
i'Uiko. of MmHi)i. mvelirj.
I b pri l-t C in r.titi.-tin mith a ic
TrMtW-)it frona r h Sll'. m nrip-iwerij
u 6 liar Iiom- "f t ."C i f noit in-
Ail lt kill - - mn rr" ' '
Mt.Mtal III inii l 1.1' t l4UI MlJ Vt't I
1V 1
mu I t-r. 4 Ik lam It
JiMlikit.l 1. 1' "vth
Tit" (r-t Ulii f, '.J th.i Ureal .Vtfurl
H'MoJ of National I'lilou, KriNitrU.
With fffiTniifH' to ono fHJiikidira
(ion nluiio, wo fu!t moht nl'im Imtly
ti.l hotisfttcloi lly corn pen autol lj our
rcnt visit . to New Orlwuii wu
mean in tbo txtrttno plcanuro
biforJoil uh to ruvinit tlio 3IisissilJi
vulley in fact a ktMliti(f niriowi o
onr trip, WoriUwortu wrot jwom
outitlixl Varrow Ilotihittnl," anJ wo
foel almost innpirotl to attempt one
on Tlio MihuiMHi'ppi ItoTinita J. 'IJorn
and rwircl an.l liavuip; Hont noarly
all our lifo in this voJly. it wan uot
ttntil alMut a Jozon year ainco, when
our oye lurwxl Tcxon wunl, that wo
evon (IrouiiioJ of loaiDff it; ami fur
yoam ator wo actually th-partoil, wo
wore hutintea by an intloBcrilmliJo an J
imcoinfortuhlo feolins of having got
out of our proper hounIn and hour
inpH. Tho pooplo of tho Mi wissippi
valley havo fornitxl tho habit, uncoil
sciotihly, of looking at everything with
roftrenco to it; aud they aro largely
exciiHiiblc, for it in aliuoHt a world
within itself. When a Htnall boy en-
giigotl in launching mimic boats on
tlm brookfi and creekH of our native
dome, wo rcnmnibnr even then think
ng of the groat river, and bow our
bouUi might flont down tho brook nnd
creek into tlio Whitowutor, thhnce
into tlio Miami, tlionco down tho
Ohio into tho MtHHiKaippi. and at lant
reach tho Oulf of Mexico! Littlo did
wo then imniuo Hint wo kIioiiUI over
jo a waif to reach that distant goal!
Later on we Blmrod tho spirit of
tho tiiiitH nnd went WoHt oven "be
yond the MiHHissippi." Our first Bight
f it uud tlio crossing of it wero nn
ent iu our lifo. Wo remdod nearly
five years in tho young Htuto of Iown.
(liy tho way, at tho Expomtion wo
Bought Homo acquaintances from that
Ktutc, nnd though wo loft it in 1850,
yet if wo had iiad a littlo inoro time,
wo doubt not wo would havo found
what wo looked for.) During our
Htay in Iowa wo biiw tho river at va
rious points from Dubuquo down
wards. The Upper Mississippi is a
a beautilui Rlrcam, resembling in
clearness, gentleness of current nnd
lino Boonery tho Sau Marcos at onr
town, but on n gigantic bcuIo.
"Thero ia a land of every land tho
pride," Hays u poet, and that land, ho
addn, is our homo. Uut with tho na
tives of tho Mississippi valley this is
inoro than n sentiment it is a sub
stantial verity. For what other land
can compuro with it? or what other
people with its inhabitants? From its
far northern sourco in, Itasca lako to
its dobouehejjoVrili' into tho Oulf of
Mexico, with its wido stretched arms,
tho Missouri, tlio Ohio, tho Tcnuos
boo, the Arkansas uud mauy others,
wliero is tlioro another such a river
or valley? Aud how rich iu history
and romanco is it from tho time of
DuSoto and LaSallo to tho present
day. How rich too iu tho proftiso
production of every utnplo natural
product. It is capublo of feeding tho
world. The human race hero reach
es towards perfection, in tho noblest
manhood aud loveliest womanhood.
Tho men nro giants in stature nnd
have a proportionate largeness of
mind and soul.
But it is as tho grout natural bond
of National Union that tho Mississ
ippi river and valley reach their
highest distinction nnd tflory. Anron
liurr plotted a Southwestern seces
sion sehenio enrly in our history. A
Now Fiiiglaud Confederacy was talked
of during the war of 1S12. Tho groat
Southern Confederacy was but of
yesterday, nnd during its cxistenco
there was at ono timo talk of a North
western Confederacy. Wo beliove a
Pacific Coast Confederacy has also
been contemplated. All of theso va
rious niovemcuta of course had in
view tho disintegration of tho Nation
al Union. Now did anybody hear of
tho idea of n Mississippi Valley Con
federacy? Or is it uot obvious that
tlint valley has been tho insuperablo
obstacle to all theso various schemes?
Tho foldicrs of tho Into South
ern Confederacy, wo believo general
ly concede that tho men who really
whipped thorn wero they of the Miss
iHsippi valley, and certainly their in
dotnitablo devotion to the Union, not
less than their valor, was fatal to the
Confederacy. Aud how tho intelli
gent leaders of tho "lost cause" could
ever have hoped to dissolve n Union
thus hound together by the great river
iU ciiiimu rce, nnd tho patriotism of
the teeming millions who inhabited
its vnlk-y, is something passing won
derful, und ii glaring example of the
"follies of the wise."
Such wt re some of our thought ns
we walked on the New Orleans k-vre
amid the countless reminders if the
wealth nnd rindnir of the great
valley our f.-incy now going np in
stead uf down the river bh.udmgtho
pi t nnd prmL mggesting ai-t;in.-ji
f tin" iHKMii of V or. U worth which
wo rtfim-d to in the Ix-giuning :
ltrik Yeni apio-art",!. Hutu f yorith.
With fr.k of t'rvvlul f.tliv
t.'f." t.-fni- N.on. br r
I II- r NvM I 4 i:i.Utjili.4v.
' l"-t. -r..t.t. fut'ir.-. til i - aroi
In l..ri.."? uiol.-l.
t'..f in-, t .'!
ti 1. -r iliiarNL
fr 4u Lat.
tloui:t dllorUI AoHatlon.
Ono if.ti resting feature of thn Now
Orleana Imposition during our atten
dance there, wo Lave not heretofore
noticed. February l'Jth a large
lutfctituf of journalist in attendance
on llio t-xposiiion was utnu nt tuo
.. a. 1 .11 - 1 A I -
hcudnuarttra of the Exposition,
Press AHHociation, with a view of or
gutiizitig a national association of ed
iters Tho meeting wan called to
order ami its purpoHO explained by B.
B. Herbert of the Advanoo and Ito-
publican of ltxl Wing, Minn., after
which W. H. H. Judson, Chief of th
Exposition Printing Bureau, deliver
od nn address of welcome. B. B.
Hcrlcrt roHiHJiidod. Colonel Elliott
of Texas waa oloctod temporary Sec
rctary and a permanent organization
was in part effected by tho election of
Herbert as President and Elliott as
A call of tho roll of States was then
mndo, showing that tho Lost repre
sented Stutes wero Texas and Flori
da, tho latter with ten, tho former
with nearly a score This result was
received with applauso by all present.
Tho following is a partiul libt of those
T V Ilricknell, Boston rMoss) Kdncator
und Journal of Kducatiom Sheldon, ltoa-
ton Journal of fxlucatiou; II II Ilarvoy,
Quiucy (Mass) Stonecutter' Journal; Ezra
Whitman, lluitiuiore Fanner, It Don
MtLcod. Laud of Flowers, Tallahassee Fla.t
U II Jilliott, Florida Dosputoh, Jueksouvillo
In; 1 rod U Jtobinson, llroolcvillo Crescent,
'lorida; F Jonos, Yazoo Valloy Flag,
Ireeo wood Miss; WIIH Judson, Buperiu.
touduut of tho llnruuu of Printing aud Pub
lishing; F A Acland, Times-Democrat; J It
Watson, New Orleuus Sugar ltowl; T A
Flannigan, Farm Journal Louisvillo Ky;
J M Hcaulan, New York Evening Telegram;
Miss V Dalton, Jourual of the Loom, New
York; K II Thomas, Farmers' Friend, Mo-
chanicsliurg, Fa; J L Kingsbury, Indianap
olis Farmer; Ooo Walker, Chicago and
Northwestern Luinbormnn J II Fierce,
Journal of (-'orntnoroo, Chicago; Frank A
Vauderlip, Evening Post. Aurora III.; Mrs
Francos A Conant, Chicago Industrial
World; II Uillett Hustings, New Era Minne
sota; Henry Hinds, Scott County Argus,
Kcbiikopa, Minn; E W Itaudall, Morris
Tribuno, Minnesota; U Ji llarbert, Atlvauco
UeDiihlicitn. Ited Wing, Minn; M O Hull,
Minneapolis Tribuno, Minnesota; J A Brow-
ster, Loa Angoloa i lines, California; i K
Wilduuiyer, Olondivo Independent, Monta
na: Juilue J as it Davis, Alount vornou iier-
ald. Texas; W T H Keller, Marshall Messen
gor, Toxas; O E Gilbert, Abilene Koportor,
Texas; Stephen uoukl, nan Autouio i-.xpross
Texas; Geo W Jonks, Stopbenville Emnire,
exiis; Isaac II. Julian, San Marcos l'roo
ress, Texas; H W Walker, Cisco Telegraph
Texas; W W West, New Boston Horald,
Texas: F N Flotchor, Atlanta Citizens' Jour
nal, Toxas; F V. Larimer, Cisco Hound-Up,
Texan; Fred H AKolnnson, lluutsvilloltorn,
t'exas; J V Leslio, Van Alstyno Enterprise,
oxas; J 1' Xiridgos, Jiilling bigmil, Texas;
i O Murray, Denisou Gazetter, Toxas; II C
Jones, Dallas Planter and Farmor, Texas;
W L Oibhs. Abilene Quill, Toxas; John F
Elliott, Dallas Horald, Toxas; J 8 Fenn,
Laredo Times, Texas; H C Townsond, Colo
rado Clippor, Texas; J J Harris, Sauford
Journal, Fla; F E Harris, Oalca Banner, Fin;
It II Mcllbonn, Codar Keys Beacon Flo; J
It Tauharks, Fornandiuo Mirror, Fla; F K
Sponcor, Tampa Tribuno, Fla; W S Wag
stair, Tropical Paradise, Jacksonville, Flor
ida. Various committees wero nppoint
od and the meoting ndjourued.
land bill.
Ireland has votood tho
Tho Into union of the Houston
Journal and Chroniclo in tho revived
Post, with Prof. Girardeau ns editor
in chief, is a happy consummation.
Long lifo tho Post.
Nat. Q. Hcndorson is again at tho
holm of tho Georgetown Record. Tho
copy before us is a clean and credita
blo record Wo notice Nat. now fig
ures as nn independent political critic.
From our Kegular Correspondent.
St. Louis, April 9, 1885.
Ed. Free Press: Tho city election
took plnco this week; it wns tho most
exciting political conflict witnessod
in St. Louis for many years. Nearly
fifty thousand votes wero cast. The
Democratic triumph is complete. Tho
Democracy swept tho city from stem
to stern. One candidate on the whole
republican tickot has survived to tell
the tale.
Governor Fletcher's mysterious and
prolonged absence, mentioned in my
last letter, has mndo that gentleman
suddenly famous. Tho Governor is
homo again, and tho wandorer's mar
velous story of his travels nnd sudden
nnd unexpected business ndventures
in tho heart of Mexico, in which mill
ions wero involved, has provoked the
uncharitable opinion with somo per
sons that tho narrativo has tho smell
of fish.
By tho way, unaccountable disap
pearances of prominent people have
become quite n feature of city lifo of
late, nnd nt regular intervals society
is profoundly agitated by tho esca-
p:ide of some individual whose strango
absence ho or she refuses to explain.
A destructive nnd sand calam
ity has visited somo parts of the stitc
of Missouri in the form of pleuro
pneumonia among cattle. Every ef
fort is Iwing made by the state au
thorities to prevent the disease from
spreading. Tho Movknu-n have thua
far refused and negWtod to act in
harmony with the authorities and
with rrt ntli-r. and no ffii-tive and
. . .. . . 1
tmi-l-iDiiiti meai'urt uaie iwu
a.t pte,L The greKM alarm an.l
ci'n'aion preTaila in aw vunti
of the frUte and the Umss of cattle bv
tl.e ihc in irun.tnke. It ia the
j iiTi.-iYHluoUS (,'piniva here tint tlx I-g
jslature will have to be re couvenod
in order to aoeure aouie substantial
law to meet the trouble.
The weather here oontinuoa cold
and wintry. This morning we had a
ftdl of anow.
Cant, Smtth
Adstix, April 13th, 1885.
EniToa FktB l'ari The Niue
toenth Legislature is a thing of Lis
tory, and while by many it ban leen
criticised, it compares favorably with
previous legislatures. No great
wrong hasboeu dono the pooplo with
ono exception that of the enactment
Land Law. It ia hoped that the
Governor will lutve the manliness to
veto it, yet it ia claimed by the
friends of the nieasuro that be will
permit it to become a law without his
signature. The Galveston News
claims that tho governor is thinking
too much of his race for United
States Senator to dare veto it There
is no doubt something in this, or the
result might be different
Tho question of "Granite or Lime
stone," has boon settled, and to tho
disappointment of the masses of tho
coplo the Capitol will be construct
ed according to first plana and speci
fications. It will be an elegant struo
turo even then, but to have been
made of granito as "lasting as tho
hills" would have beon superlatively
A report grow curront upon tho
streets a few days ago that the Capi
tol contractors had thrown up their
job. It spread liko wild firo and cre
ated quite a commotion among the
working classes. Colonel Babcock
was sought and put to quiot tho re
port by denying it in toto and stating
that the capitol would be built by the
contractors and within the timo spec
ified by the contract It finally set
tles all reports to tho contrary.
Tho city is ouiot and the hotols
and boarding houses look desorted.
Thoro soom to bo no "servant girl's"
now, though Austin is filled
a class of ''dead boats" unknown to
any other city in the state. Some of
thorn came here years ago, presuma
bly to got a pull at tho publio crib.
Thoy infost tho Halls of ovory logis-
aturo asking endorsements for pub
ic patronage with groat confidenco
and assumed dignity. In almost ev
ery instance they nro utterly unfit for
public sorvice either by mortd worth
or education, and tho readinoss by
which somo members signed their ap
plications is a mystery. I am proud
to stato, however, that neither the
gentleman from Hays or Caldwoll
gave thoir influence to such villainy.
The last fow days of the legislature
members were busily engaged fixing
up their slates. It is amusing to
watch those placo seekers wrangling
with themsolves. Tho suddon change
of tho Statesman toward Mr. Swain is
amusing to ono who watches the
course of events carefully. During
the oarly days of the legislature it
was particularly severe on Col. Swain,
but a change has come over its
dreams. But as the Statesman has
generally been correct in its political
criticisms of men and measures I am
inclined to accept it now as ortho
Market gardening near the city of
Austin has grown to be very profita
ble. A proprietor of a 21 acre mark
et garden in the suburbs of the city
told me a few days ago that he took
in $8,000 on his little farm during
tho last year. There is no doubt of
tho correctness of the assertion as it
has always been looked upon as a
hichly profitable business. Irish no
tatoes sell readily oarly in the spring
for three and four dollars a bushel,
and of the earliest varieties an acre
will produce about two hundred
bushels. They nro taken off by May
15th nnd the ground planted in sweet
potatoes which yield is also very
large, and if the frost does not come
too soon, yield from two to three
hundred bushels per acre. They com
mand a good price the year round.
About December tho potatoes are
dug and tho land planted in mustard,
onions and turnips. These are sold
by March 1st, and the same crop is
planted again. During December,
January and February tho land is
highly manurod from droppings gath
ered at the different stables in the
city. From twenty to thirty wagon
loads are placed upon every acre, and
the rapidity of the growth of the veg
etation planted is remarkable. Horse
manure is heating in its nature and
causes rapid and vigorous growth.
An egg farm has recently been es
tablished near the city. In my next
I will givo your readers an account of
its management and arrangement
Fowl raising is growing in popular
favor daily and now rivals the stock
Dio Rivers.
I Hilda Tr4 LItm- OIL
Pr. Quillun U leading authority of C.rt
Rritain on lung diwuea aays. while od of
hia ptiTit pvtwj only ""I p""nda by
the um of Cl LlT Oil ah' euorJ over
tlitrtm tT tb of mnuViu- Th
fiU Mullna mie into t f.mWnrd
SwmI (isn rfnnti ia Taylor Clwfckre
11- td' Jt of )M Gam aod MaOVrn pl-.
ant end cflf-tiT rm for r. Who-ping ,
IVmsb. Cold oj CooreBir'""1 frio
-it and Ak yoor tnwrcit f or it
op"r Tykr's rrtjaiam Ctflop0
fnm Oar RiiaUr Of r4.l.
Wahuisoto. Apr. 6th, 1885.
The start and strips no longer
wave over the north wing of the Cap
itol. Th Senate las adjourned, but
many Svuators with their families lin
ger in Washington aud enjoy the
Uautiful spring weather which came
promptly on the first day of April.
Tim i iocusua are iu bloom iu UiO
parks The shade trees are putting
forth their leaves, and tba detestable
F.nglish sparrows aro as numerous
and as nasty as ever, in spite of the
systemutio aud desultory efforts that
have been made to exterminate tuem.
Fashionable Washington ia on wheels,
or in the saddle, and unfashionable
Washington too. Old fashioned pe-
destrianisu is in danger of becoming
a lost art The miles of concrete
pavement furnish such a skating
riuk as no other city can afford, and
children of all ages, shades, colors
and conditions, live on roller skates
from early morning to late at night
Then there are cycles, bicycles, tricy
cles, and quadracycles,' to say noth
ing of the old fashioned vehicles that
have horsos for a motive power. This
is indeed a peculiar city, and every
succoeding year seems to draw more
sharply the contrast between the
pleasure loving, easy going Capital,
and the groat commercial and manu
facturing marts of the New "World.
It is expected that Washington,
notwithstanding the absence of Con
gross, will continue to be the center
of political interest during the sum
mer. The president and bis cabinet
do not expect to go on a trip to the
Yellowstone, or to Long Branch, nor
will they cruise along the Atlantic
coast in a government vessel. They
will remain in tho District of Colum
bin, giving close and personal atten
tion to their several departments, and
setting an example to the thousands
of clerks who have beon in the habit
of absonting themselves during the
summer, to the groat and serious det
riment of tho publio business. There
is a great deal to bo dono in all the
Departments before they can bo re
duced to their original purpose of of
fices for tho transaction of the busi
ness of tho great nation. This work
hns been planned, it has been under
tnken, but it cannot be successfully
consummated without tho strictest su
pervision of responsible heads. I do
not think it can bo done without
corps of subordinates in accord with
tho principles and purposes of the
administration. A very large number
of the idle, useless, obstructive par
nsitos in the government offices must
be, will be cast out. Civil service re
form will become a byword and a
hissing unless this is done.
That the president wns wise in not
expecting too much in the way of
confirmation of his appointments by
tho Bepublican Senate the sequel has
proved, The Senate adjourned leav
ing a score of the 170 whom be had
nominated unconfirmed. The signif
icance of this neglect is apparent.
List of letters remaining in the Post Office
at Han Marcos Texas for the week ending
April 13, 1885 :
Bains J H King Mrs Hagan
Callum G E Riinassa Jno D
Drow'Mrs Mnrznpzia Sauchea Antonio
Dudler Miss Anne Stephens William
Garrett It H Snipca P B
Harden Walker Shelton J 0
Hall Miss Annie Talbot Mrs Wm
Hampton Mrs Nottie Tabor E W
Persons calling for above letters will
please say advertised, giving date.
Transfers of Real Estate
From our last report to the 15th inst.
Chos. It. Cleveland to Geo. W. Duff 443
acres Eleanor H. Russell patent. Discharge
of note.
Geo. W. Duff to C. C. Millican, same
property $10.
O. C. Millican to Jno. A. Ballowe same
property $443.
David A. Yonng to Louis H. Martin lot
1 block 6 Young's addition to Kyle $25.
Rheumallsm, iVeuralgla, Sciatica.
Lmbts. Backadi. HwdaclM. Tooths cfc.
- '"-r" -i t-i is
Ban StsMi, rrwl BUM,
in iu rrsis mailt Palis irm,
aaMhfPciMt4niiiii-iiiih.i. riaCMMftaoMfc
CirOT!Alc II i-n.
- ff l i. A. I OmMXJCM A 004 SiIOmpi I. 4L, C.S. A.
Tbo Ink tor
M I Mfl,t. I
HcMur' Btoaora
Mllera, wklefc IB
mtm trfcc 1irw-
tl tl Miatla-
11m, aa4 tko tcun
arfnraM ftbir
faartta-sa ftr tk Iit
r 4 fcowala. a
aawa T Uia r
t g fjj4lcioa. aH
t4 aak4aa Mt-
w t, aint la a MM-
f ITOMaCa wilt r tk JnfK
q I Tt F zzszj"' ri
0 k ' ratattoak kaaMk a
f ail la--- m4 Dmn i'wif.j.
Southern j)
The undersigned AgenU for the sIwto popular establishment fr lh
Mnnii.. nf Caldwell. Hays wd Bastrop and ftdjaeont neiglwhooj.
are prepared to fill order for anything in iU large and raried stock, adapts
to Southern climate and soil, and gnaranteo all trees, plants, oto.
Trees of the choicest rarietiea, also Flowers and Shrubbery iu tariclj
Fruit trees Cheaper than Etor Before.
We will call and solicit your orders in person.
April 16, 1885. 3m & 0. GILL.
Wholesale and Retail
S3 rapg-SsL t
Dealer In All Kind! of
White Pine Weatherboarding,
white Pine Beaded Ceiling.
Lumber Dressed to Order. A.11 Orders Promptly filled.
OFFICE AND YARD Near ths Railroad Depot.
NEAR DEPOT san marcos, tex.
Flna Tnrnonti for Parllea. Weddlnm andlFunerala.
Drummen' outflti a pecialty. Tranilcnl euaton
We would call espaclal attenlloD to onr fine rcw
HKAB8K. Just added lo oar oatfiit. CalU from
Kyle. Hartindala and inrronnding towna will reoelte
prompt attention. eep ly.
Dealer in-1-
Also keeps a full assortment of
Coffins, Caakeli, metallic Caaea
White Oak air tight Cases of all sorts for
Shipping at one hour's notice.
Prompt attention paid to all calla lor funerals at
all timea.
Repairing attended to promptly.
mcMrt tf
Ran Marcos, Tex.
Prompt attention paid to Cotn-tinti
Olalma and Examining Land Titles.
I Feb 1-1)
Offloa OTar Green's Bank.
Jan S-tf
D. A. Glover & Go.
Special attention paid to collection, jly 28
Ed. J. Ta. G-reen,
Collortiona Made an aU Aereawible Point.
OFFICE: Rajnolda k DaniTa Drugstore
M nKCO, . . TU4D.
DR. A. J. K0LB,
Fhjsician & Surgeon.
Otn Ml nrlnn h iv ( - sr. M:.!1
P T" tk Cknsnaa sfam.ac
for Tho
Dealer in
1 . .1
apr IB
Isaac H. Julian,
Letters of Inquiry accompanied bjr a stamp (of
reply, will receive prompt attention.
OFFICE: North Side Public Square,
Haa Blarcon. - - - - Texwa.
First Great Offer.
Louisville, Ky., Mar. n, "8.
Asweharetadthouiandi HGCLAMICB, Jj.S
01 requests asicing upon
what terms the Waterbury
Watch could ba obtained,
we will say, from and after
this date, for a limited
time only, any one who
sends us a new subscriber,
and $3 00, will receive thn
wateh prepaid. Or
we will make tne oner to
club raisers who have sent
us a club since Uct. i, 1884.!
to send them the Watch on
receipt oi $1.70, in P. O.
Order, or Postal Note. Wa
offer the celebrated Wat-
f3ln I'lnw O, uAaM- .mA E.r.n oat Tt
fortS.SO. The price of the watch alone is $3 5
Garden Plow4 75. and Home and Farm $0 cents.
Second Great Offer.
We offer AveiT'a "fe" 4
Plow Weekly Conrier
Joursial (Hon. Henry Watter-
edUor), ano "-"-
Varna one year lor -
which is the price of the Garden
Plow alone. This is the perfec
tion of labor-saving implements
in workine; plants in sn "".
r-,-- 1 Every per
1' -who basa pre
L-".' .hould own one.
. . 1
I Four pom.
f steel Wades go
I with aabunple
I Price,
Third Great Offer.
A 10 Sewtna; Ma
chine we offer for S10
to every one who sends as 1
club of fiv subscribers at I
jo cents each. We will not I
sell the Machine atji6
alone, bat will only send it
to those who seaa us this
dub; total $18 jo. Freight
guaranteed aot over $a to ,
any railroad depot ia the
SOMlbarm Scales.
Writ, for circular and testimonial.
Scad four order bow at once to
(Care B. F. Avery ft Sons),
LouLsrillc, Kr
jcarsnurTOO Avtl.TieCet
wajn. eeTTel at farai
1 t t
UH are
a r. r '
kewa- aW
1. C1 I r "ta
1. r-i...

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