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Free Press.
tn South t 8:4ft A. M. and 8:30 P. M
(joiiu Northt 8 45 A. M. and 0:45 P. M,
" There will be servicos at the Cluistian
church on sunoyy.
Another '83 is anticipated in the way of
an immonge crop.
Now goods at Green & Pbioe's.
Jjuttor and egs on ioe at ' IIinzir's.
Now lawns, 6, 7 and lOo.
Qbim & Prioh.
Groat bargains in Parasols, at
Gbeem & Pbioe's.
Eofrigerators, first-class, at IIinzie's
Best Teas, at Blount & Co's.
New SlipreWi cheap, at
Green A Price.
Ladies' bruad-brira hats at 25 cents.
' - Dailkx & Bbo.
Hominy, Grits, Prunes and Currants, at
Ladies' summer Tests, cheap, at
Gbekn & Pbioe's.
Evaporated apples, the best and cheapest
In the market at Mabtin Hinzm's.
Fresh Cracknclls, Lemon, Cream and Va
nilla Bars, at clqunt a v,o s.
Lawns, piques etc., at 10 cts. and up.
Johnson Johnson.
New satins, pink, blue and blaok.
Green & Pbice.
Hnwkes' crystallized lens spectacles moy
..... . T - 4
Still DO flttu at inun.j.iJtBTi5u a.
Just received, a fresh lot of lard, bacon
and hams, at . II. Hinzm's.
Iusect powder sure shot at
Nice line of water-coolers just received
at 21. Hinzie s.
Pratt's Gins, Feeders, Condensers.'" New
lot of Bolting and Fasteners received. Lu
bricating Oil 7fo per gallon.
Q. VV. Donalson & Co.
Just arrived at Blount & Co's., a car load
of fine Family and Fancy Patent Flour,
which will be sold at prices to suit the
Single copios of the Free Press for sale
at the office, also at the book store of
Kussell & Ellinou. five cents a copy.
Fruit Jars, Extra Rubbers, Preserve Ket
tlos. G. W. Donalson fc Co's
Hardware Store.
Fins Cnb'net Photos from if-t.fiO to $5.50
perdoz., at Chapman's, in the Conibs build
in.'. juu9-4w
Kemembor-wfi are offering clothing and
gu uuior hats at a reduced price. . ',-
Johnson & Johnson.
Just received, carload Itoyal Patent arid
JJugle Stetun Flour pronounced to be the
Lest iu tha market at M. IIinzie's.
Black-ejed peas at Fromme's drugstore
La. molusscs, great reduction in price at
Just opened cheap lawns, prints, domes
tics, ginghams, ladies gloves, eta.
Johnson & Johnson.1'
We are now in receipt of a part car-load
of strictly first-class flour excelled by none
which we will sell under a strict guarantee.
Johnson & Johnson.
Nothing but fine work done at
For Sale. ,
First class Phaeton for sale cheap. Trial
allowed. Apply to Mrs Geo. Briggs. 18 4t
Wanted to Buy
1000 Tin Lard Buckets with Lids.
June 18-lt Hardy & Co.
Single copies of the Daily St. Louis Re
publican and Globe-Democrat, New York
Sun, Chicago News, etc., may bo had at this
Carload of the justly celebrated Moline
Wagons received and offered for sale at re
asonable prices and terms
Wsi. Giesen, Agent.
Bees and Honey !
We are prepared to furnish bee fixtures,
hives and queen uses. Honey at 8 and 10
cents per pound. . J. M. KlllotohACo.
Je 25-2w.
Mrs. Richardson, who has been sick a
short time' is now able to resume business.
All her customers who have been waiting
will please now bring or send in their or
ders, which shall receive prompt attention.
CASH FOB PRINTING. All job work,
which is essentially a cash business, must
hereafter be paid for in cash. Don't ask
us for credit or trade in this department.
Another large assortment of the latest
styles of type, rules and ornaments just re
ceived at this office, which enables us to
turn out still handsomer work than ever be
fore. Call and see samples when in need of
job work.
We have still on hand several copies of
our extra containing a desciiption of San
Marcos and Hays county, much the fullest,
and we believe conceded to be the bent and
most truthful matter of the kind which has
yet appeared. Jast the thing to send to
answer inquiries from abroad. 8ingle cop
ies fire cents.
Firemen's AnniTenarj Celebration.
The Rin Marco Hook and Ladder Co.,
will eelebnte their first anniversary on the
S-'.tb day of August by a basket picnic at
McG.b's grove. Thwe will aluo be on that
day a public irrtallalion of officers of the
enmpnny. . We extend to everyone a gener
al invitation and to the Alert Hom Company
extend a "aptcial invitation." Bit
preparation are bring maJe and grand
ijae w antciptfv1 by an.
C IL Ear "J
It. F. Bujcwt Com of Ax.
Cae. W'rrax j
R. Bibsb J
J 7 IS the Fa4.ioo in e3 of oar bom
To lire i twee peace mien the Char.
t Oak cornea;
A1 TntrcH. ma eaar to tri ia a blate.
Aim! I .r, uU dwaroys not, I at prjGu asd
r-'T OA. withat jrke,
I? an Fir- an! a- Smoke.
Saa Marcos, Texas.
Free School ElectionThe Beault,
The following is tho result of the election
on Tuesday i
North poll.
For the town tak- 1
ing control, 75
Against, 111
South poll.
' 74
For election f
Majority,- 73 ' 70
Total niaj. for town taking control, . 113
" " " election of trustees, 14.1
Total Toto. 187
Wondor if Mr. Julian will lend his influ
ence to further the Chautauqua movement
m Hon Marcos f Home have expressed
doubts on the aubjeot, on the ground that
the religious character of the institution
militates against his "Free Thinking" or
"Free Press" notions.
The aboye is from the Kyle Newt Jeff.
McLcmore, editor. The course of the Fees
Press as to the Chautauqua movement here
answers his question. It has uniformly ad.
vooated the movement, and its editor has
taken some shnres in it
In his renimkable solicitude as to the re
ligious statrs of the Free Press, Mr. Mo
Lemore, as ever, but eohoes the voioe of
other "fel'ows of the baser sort" who sus
tain hiru. The whisperings that we are "an
infidel", etc., we know, have long been cir
culated by these fellows wherever they fan.
oied they might be believed. We will not,
of course, go into any defense on this sub
ject, but simply ask either our friends or ei
emies to point to. any paper in Texas, out
side of the strictly religious journals, whioh
advocates a higher standard of morals and
practical Christianity than the Frf.e Press,
And we will further suggest, that the as
sumption of inquisitorial powers, religiously
speaking, by Mr. MoLemore, is exceedingly
edifying. A man who never tells the truth
if he can possibly avoid it ; who has repeat
edly been "in trouble" because of various
sorts of "crookedness", and who 'a now un
der bond to answer to a criminal charge iu
the courts at Austin, is certainly eminently
well qualified to sit in judgment on the al
leged heresies of the Free Pbess !
See notice of Chief Raynolds with re
spect to drill in the use of the fire-alarm
bell. Such drill is obviously indispensable.
He gives notice and explanation so none of
our people may be needlessly alarmed or ex
cited by the ringing of the belL
Our Normal School.
We were remiss of duty last week ia not
announcing again the meeting of our Sum
mer Normal, which convened on yesterday,
at Coronal Institute. We were unable to
be present at the opening, but learn there
Are a goodly number in attendance from
abroad. The school will no doubt bo a
very interesting and profitable one, and we
hope to see a large attendance this term.
Free grass" is being daily exhibited in
our court house yard, the gates proving no
obstacle to wandering cattle. It is quite
clear that gates of another kind will have to
be substituted, at an additional expense to
the county. We speak with' fear and trem
bling, lest their High Mightiness, the Coun
ty Commissioners, should adjudge us guilty
of "high treason".
We are glad to notice the movement indi
cated elsewhere in our columns, in favor of
the formation of a Literary and Library As
sociation in our town. The Fbeb Pbess,
having earnestly and persistently advocated
this idea, of course wishes it a hearty God-
Wo have seen no summer like this in the
way of rain, save that of '73 the first one
we spent here. i
Our Chautauqua aud real estate associa
tions are in roceipt of their charters. The
constriction of a fence has been let, the
grounds are being prepared, and everything
looks favorable for an auspicious opening
on the 11th of August.
The sessions of our Normal School will
open at 8 a. m., and close about 12 m. No
afternoon sessions. The school opened
with a fair attendance from various quarters,
notwithstanding bad weather. It will un
doubtedly be largely attended. .
A great deal is said about the opening of
our Chautauqua, August 11th. Wonder if
it is realized that a great deal of work is to
be done ? It is high time all the committees
were organized and at work.
While in the county clerk's office one day
this week, we examined some new record
books just received from Geo. D. Barnard
A Co.. of St Louis. There are six of tnem,
and thov are the handsomest we have seen,
being bound in full Russia, with embossed
covers. A tag attached to each book testifies
that they are the same exhibited at the New
Orleans Exposition, where the manufactur
ers got the first premiums for the best blank
Lost Surgical Instruments.
On or about the 1st of June last, a pocket
case of surgical instruments. The finder
will be suitabW rewarded by leaving tnem
at this office.
San Marcos Literary and Library
At amMtinir held in the court room in
this place on Monday evening, the San Mar
eo Literary aud Library Association was or
ganixed, a conxtitution and by-laws adopted,
and the following officers elected, vix.: xtev.
D. W. Pritchett, president; B. W. Smith,
Jr . c Dmident : Tboa. J. Peel, aec'T and
treasurer; E. P. Raynolds, cor. aec'y; Ed.
A, Christian, librarian.
The object of the organization is to ea
taMiah a library and reading-room foe the
cultivation and improvement of the mind
... . .
end morals of tne memoersnip ana vum
who Bav bocme inUreated Uxfrin. thro'
tbe milium of good books and other ap
proved hlrratare, and of lectures, eaaaya,
deht- ect . .
Tbe regular mertinga of the AswciaUaa
viS be held on the third Friday evening of
ex a month. We innta an icspwtioi of
car mnotilatioa an! by-laws by all perwisn
bo fl an intereat ia the moveawnt thws
Those neraooa who kaveerrreaaed a aemrt ,
to become members of this anaociation, aad
arbo rm not fwnt at the orcauto.
w-;n .W be ia ettaaec at the xl r
nW n,. t tfrf Amtry. oa tb tijrd
Friky tviiiag'tie Kit; of tb roor.ta.
Taoa. 1. PBV,
fc'y Saa llarcc lit. A Lb. A
Ja'y 1, I-.
Judge Wood ia again abseut in Eastern
Who ought to pay the expenses of the
school election of Tuesday last f
Messrs, Neighbors aud Douglass, of Kyle,
made the Fbbk Pbess a pleasant call on
0 G. Bills has opened business in the
fruit and confectionery line iu the front part
of Goodspeed s restaurant.
Mr. Murohison, who has in oharge the
preparing of our "Chautauqua" grouuds, re
ports that good progress has Deen uifuio.
Taylor ft Bro. have their new platform
scales in operation, and now Uinsie is con
structing another alongside of his grocery
"re. ...... , , ,
We had a pleasant call, the first of the
week, from Frof. Thomas, of Prairie Lea
Aoadfiuy, He expects to spend vacation
mainly at this place.
Mrs. Poor, who resides with Mrs. Sand.
era, and who has been confined to her bed
for several weeks with sickness, we are glad
to learn is convalescent
Tvrn,tnluotnnAi. TlntlifT WM In town on
yevterday. Hobos lately visited Northern
Texas, and renorts the wheat crop there as
yielding . uusueis w wie ncro.
Ifr nn1 fr Allnn Jonna hava rented ont
their home here, aud gone for an lndonuite
stay at the new town of Harold, near the
northern boundary ot uie siaie.
Cm. OMuamnlA Paitlln lift! nnPVIAfl a
chill-con.carne restaurant in the building
RfUnlnW McLellnn A Grainser's new ice
cream saloon, on the east side of the square.
Rev. Mr. Newell, residing near Lockhart,
we learn bos an extraordinary crop of gourds.
Thus far. thev have all " none to haudle ",
one being four feet in length. The bowls
are expected to develop later.
The following persons are registered at.
the Hofheiuz : Frof. note and wue, or Ban
Antonio i B. Rank. Galveston; E. A. Cbilds,
Austin: Corporal Geo. P. Endress, Lynoh-
burgh, Va. ; G. W. Householdor, .Kansas
We learn the Methodist ladies of Prairie
Lea have raised, by means of festivals, some
$1,400 or $1,500 towards building a new
church. Mrs. Mooney is one or tne leaders
in the movement. A creditable display of
enternriso in a commendable work.
Msrie Wricrbt. a fascinating young widow
retresentine the "Suuny South", of Atlanta,
ptua our iowu a visit u ww iinyn wuvo. . w
, . :i ,i ..: w-
understand our young prospective jouruiu
istio friend, Mr. Hull, "did the honors" in
tho wav of introducing her to our people.
His gallantry is to be commended. k,
The funeral of Sam. K. Malone, son of
James L. Malone, took place on Saturday,
the 4th. He was a promising young man,
and nn to the time of his going to the front
ier to reside, bade fair for a Ions fife of use
fulness ; but exposure in his new location
cost him his health, which he never recov
ered. We should soonor have mentioned the
death of Miss Belle Davis, who, with her
mother, was for several months a sojourner
at this place. She died at Chicago, June
13th. Another instance among many De
fore, of fruitless wandering after lost health.
Far better for this class to remain quietly at
home among old scenes and friends.
Warrant! Deeds for sale at the Free
Pbess office.
The communication on Temperance, from
Dripping Springs, will appear in our next.
The weather on the 4th was so inclement
as to prevent its celebration to a large extent
in Texas. T -
In consequeuoe of absence, we were re
miss in not noticing favors received from
Messrs. Jeff Travis and Willie Joyce, both
of whom furnish a1 first-class article of ice
cream. Give them a call.
Rioht at Last. The time of the Blanco
injunction suit has twice been erroneously
stated in our columns ; so we learn from
Maj. Hutchison, who informs us the case is
actually set for July 21st, before Judge
Teichmueller. at this place.
Owing to our abseuce, we have failed
soonor to notice a number of "Literary
Life", an illustrated magazine of Chicago,
which was kindly banded us by Miss Rus
sell. It contains among other interesting
matter a poem entitled "The Sweet Son
Antonio River," by Mrs. Bella F. Swisher,
handsomely Illustrated.
We meant to call attention to what our
Blanco correspondent of week-before-lost
said of the necessity of improving the road
between this place and Blanco, if we would
retain even our present share of the trade of
that town. We have active competitors,
and it will not do for us to go to sleep over
tbe matter. In fact, there is nothing second
in importance to our town, to securing good
roads in all directions.
T vnn YiavAn't naifl vnnr water bilL von
had better keep a sharp lookout for Pat,
with his "little wrench".
Notice to Water Consumers.
Any person allowing parties not included
in their application to use water from their
hydrants, will be closed off without notice
if the fact is known to the . -
Prof. Rote made us a pleasant call last
week en route home from the TeacherV
State Association at Waco, which he stated
was largely attended and very interesting.
Wa are to have Prof. R. with us for some
weeks as principal of our Normal School,
and we trust he will favor onr people with
an address on the great subject of public
education, a topic upon which he is so well
prepared to speak.
Firemen's Fic-nic
Laat w k we gave notice that we, (tbe S.
M. II. & L. Co.) would have our pic nic at
Balea' pasture, but we have since conridnred
the matter and find that the McOebee pic
nic groundi ia a mere suitable place. We
will therefore have a basket pio-nie at tbe
McGehee pic-nic grounds on tbe S"th of
august. Come one. come all t
Thb Hook abo Laddkb Bots.
TV MMiimnnSnn aprviee to have been held
at tbe Presbyterian Church on the 4th Bun-
day La Jane, wa postponed nnui nunoay,
July 12th. at 11 o'clock. On Saturday
niKbt July 11th, at 8 30 o'clock, there will
b nreachinc bv the rwator. All are cordi-
aily invited to atVnd.
Bellgfoaa Xelipe.
A Mexican Miarionary Camp Meeting wul
take place at Mr. Joe JnnincV farm, about
J aiiiea below Martindale, Caldwell county,
sear tbe Lolin road ; commencing, if the
weatbc px-mita, on the 9th inot.. and clua
mg on tbe Hta- We invite all tbe friends
of tbe Goxpel to ettmd. The meeting will
be self opp'Ttin'. There will b preach
ing in Eaghah aad tyaowh, by tbe foDow
Uiwunn: Rev. A. H. Ratbertaad,
Sop of Mexican BorW Mwwim: R.
iaa. TafcTK F. E. : Rev. A.V..fo CardDaa,
P C: Err MaoaU Treriao. P. C. R. L
E. J C IlemaadiX. P. C Lodi M- M. ;
Lev. Mn'"-e Tinel, Local Frrarkcr.
For lta FM rin. '- --"
The low. black cloud along the horizon
Grows nearer, broader, blacker; aud the wind
With stronger sweep bowa down the tas.
soled corn. ' ,
It hurls the rain-drops headlong to the ,
ground, 1
And wakes a srand. wild tuusio in the trees;
Then sinks a while, and down betwoou the
The aulot eunllffht shines, and all la still
Save here and there a drop from that dark
The raging whirlwind left in middle sky. '
Now, thro the shadowy canopy of mist , ,
Darts the eleotrio flash ; a hollow sbund" '
Jara all the air with one low, smotherM roar
Then, like a peal of loud artillery,
Tho deafening thunders rend the sky, aud
In distant murmurs 'neath the horizon.
As if the lightning had condensed the cloud,
Sudden it seeks the earth j and such the
.. sound - ,
Of myriad drops in quiok succession pour'd,
It charms the senses into perfect rest, .
And bids all care and tedious thought be gone,
A weloome boon, alike to field aud plain
What priceless bounty falls with summer
rain! Tejaho.
Ban Marcos, Texas, July 1, '85.
On the 7th inst, in this place, Frankie, in
fant son of Mr, Frank and Mrs. Helen Ham
ilton, aged eight months.
Keen anguish fills the bleeding hearts
So sadly called to mourn I '
The barbed points of sorrow's darts
In silence now are borne,
Death, with relentless, cruel hand,
Hath torn from them the one .
They loved the best of all the band
He was their first-born son. , ,
Who can assuage sueh crashing grief,
And palliate their pain ?
Who to the mourner bring relief,
And turn their loss to gain f
From mortals, angels, all, we turn ;
'mere is no nana nut nis
Can aid, who said we all must loarn
Of such God's kingdom is.
O, then, ye mourners, weep no more ;
For, though beneatn the clod,
He lives, and doth with angels soar '
Through the paradise of God.
A friend insists on calling a new institu
tion of our town by its right name, vix;
San Marcos Sunday School Assembly and
Summer Institute," and objects to intro
ducing the name "Chautanqua" in our case.
The point might at least be worth consider
ing. We think the length of the name
would be the principal objection to our
friend's sugsestion. The last half of it,
viz: "San Marcos Summer Institute", it
seems to us would alone be very neat and
To the People of Snn Marcos. .
That tbe alarm bell may be mado of the
utmost utility in promoting the efficiency of
our fire department, familiarity with the
code of signals is necessary.
This knowledge can only be obtained by
exercises with the bell. I have therofore
doemcd it mv duty to order a drill in the
signals on the evouings of Tuesday, Wed
nesday aud Thursday, 21st, 22nd and 23rd
The drill will ocour between the hours of
8 aud 10 o'clock p. m., and this publicity is
given to avoid unnecessary alarm to our
citizens, who might be excited if not in
formed of the reasons for the bell ringing.
Foremen are expected to have full at
tendance of their companies at the drill,
which will be conducted under directions
of Ass't Chief Hutchings.
E. P. XvaynoTjPR,
Chief San Marcos Fire Dep't. '
Two Copies for 93 50.
Inasmuch as many persons desire to send
copies abroad, aud by way of encouragt-
meut so to ao, we oner two copies ui.uiu
Free Pncss at $3 50 cash in advance.
: Legal Card.
W..D. Wood and Owen Ford have associ
ated themselves together for the practice of
law in civil matters in Hays county, Texas.
Office iu Wood's new building, up stairs,
Son Marcos. Oot. 25-ly.
I Am Agent For '
McCormick self binder, Mowers otc,
Jackson wagons .., . ...
Deer plows
Casidy sulky plows
Standard cultivators
Bookwalter hay rakes .
Wheeler Thrashers
and other machinery and farm implements
for which I solicit orders, guaranteeing
lowest prices and best terms.
Staples' Store.
Staples' Stobe, July 3, 1885.
Ed. Fbee Pb.es : We are having a dry,
hot time of it here now no rain, and not
much sign of it here, though it rains all
around us. We are beginning to think, like
Mr. Prince, that we are a hard set on the
San Marcos river. The meeting closed at
Pleasant Ridge, with only five converted
and two joined ; hope they will not prove to
be Sunday Christians, as a preat many do.
Mr. Bill Crunk is very sick.
I think there will be several weddings in
this neighborhood soon. ' I think every lad
who can raise $1.50 is Wanting to get mar.
tied, now-a-daye.
Mr. Geo. C, Staples and G. IX Antry have
returned from Colorado City. They report
hard times there.
Mr. B. H. White found a bee-tree in Mr.
J. W. Scott's pasture last Saturday got 125
pounds of niee, white honey ont of it He
thinks if he could do that every day, it
would beat cotUm-mlsing. .
Camp-meeting begins near Prairie Lea to
day. Oness they will have a regular jubilee.
I found a cotton-boll opened In my field
last Sunday morning. Who can beat that 7
Love Stab.
Tii SbmUu aaiafc kMM tkaaae Harm aai
Vw IraaahU (ia cUkt uok elan at Rrw 'Braaa
fcU lb 4ta. Taa Iu aafaaa Maa labor al
tar a ataaavaatac aa U IWr practlc ka aaaa
Wfcra a amaea trea will tka atauk wm aba be
am raury trap. Tk malt ni a tla. Bala
Glanr IS. fH 14. . A. Olawr S.
. wia la. m. ay i. rwa .
O. C. Wotb. to. Dm MeOfbM IT. B. Mleb
IT. Jaba WUltaauaa.IT. Tatal eat af at
c w BEAtrrrxi team.
aa aWta. 11
ntW U. raaVrtl. Sball IB. H.
a .fa
la vaaiaav 1. ! wm w
Ta al ar aarffaflaf tnm Cba mrmn mmi la-
S.amtl af yaatk. mrrm anabaaaa. earl acar.
W-afa.Mi.il.aa. I IS mm a aaoaa at wi
t yea ratt orCfltlL TbW rat tvaM- f
i In I Vf a iailaniT ta aWatfc AaMTlra.
nM a aTT-euaiaaaai w m. ... .
tnts. SL1r 9. Ta- Vg. t, J J
. . . . - w
' t '
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Pratt's Gins, Feeders,
Condensers and Presses
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read by all classes of our Texns people
is tlmt qreat work mon a great subject, Tho
Life of Sam JImisPm, tho Fatlur of j exas,
writton by tho into wm. uarey urana.
The oame of Ram Houston is one that
thrills every putriotio Toxns heart. His
nanio is insepitrably oonnoctcd with all tho
Hwcotoat memories of onr State's history.
The publiMhers are advertising for agents to
push the sale of this work in all parts of tbe
State and we do not think it will require
much effort to induce our Texas people to
buy this grand book for themselves and
thoir children. Tho publishers offor liborol
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Wilmm G. Soabkt '&Oo.,
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Mention this papor.
tikis MAiT3Mi mm
Capital Taid Up $50,000.
Authorized Capital, $160,000.
K General Banking BnilncM Tranuetcd. ie
ooqdU of MtrohanU, Flnnn and IndlTldualt lollolttd,
D. A.OLOVBB. jly281yj25
First National Bank
Capital Stock, - $ 50,000. ,
Authorized Capital, 100,000.
I A Oenaral Banking Boainaaa. Collaollonl lute
a all aceaailbla ootota.
Aaaeanta af Marohaala, Fanaart, Btaakmaa aad
than aolialud.
J. W. EnnM. O. BoaLttaa.
Hiaaan Baov. Ai Pmica.
Kd. 1. L. Oaaii. Jlv ISly
Physician and Surgeon,
Oflea ever Jeka
I'a. aartkwaal ear.
"ipaelal atUaUaa aaU la Ckreelc araablaa.
Free Press
Job Printing
IF Jforlk Side of Ttaxa. j
San llarccs Barter Sh,
J. H. BAUOHN, Prop.,
BUB a. C- COB. TUlXJl,
ITsvinn bld a rhair ia the rarber shop e
B. E. RaoDla doing tbe pant Tear, tbe ap
prveietiTa fUie of 6aa Mareoe ea4 bo
raminiDJiaUn frota mhb; ability as a
tnt-eimm arorknaa. I kave opaaed ap at
B j M atasd. kaowat aa tL haa Maront
JirW Sbop", ikere I raapartfally sr-Iv-it
tb itrmjg ol mj fritJ atd tbe pebbe.
jia z u
a V r i
Stoves, Tinware and House Furnishing Goods.
The Leading Grocery
sell at Rock Bottom Prices. ... .
be fouud near the Southeast
Wenld reepeotfnlly annonnea (hi, friend, and the
pnblle thai ne naa engaged in tneaDOve Dneineu ai
ine oia Harper Btaoia. niaawoaaoa Teniuioa wm
ba fonnd aood and eomnlete. and no Dalnn will be
pared to r tlifaollon lo all who may favor him
irilD tneir patronage. , aiar.u la-u
San Marcos, Tex.
Prompt attention paid to Collecting
Ulaim, ana axamining L.aua ifod i-ij
OFFICE: Raynolds A Daniol's Drugstore
Physictan & Surgeon
nirlca and raaldanca et Leas Branch, la Ike Ir
lander nelghharhood.
NEAR DEPOT ba mabcob, tit.
Vine TaraeaU fof rarll.e. Weddlage aad Panerala.
Drnaiaera'aatllMa apwrtallv. Traaaleol caetoa
W w)d eftll im.I ftttMOMi U Mr Am
OHIMbtJIIIianraj aw a 7.
Kria. MaruwUU aad earraaaWla aae ! raaalaa
prompt allaauoa r
Dealer in
Alao keepe a foil aawortinec4 o
cat tlaia. Caakela. Matallle faee.
Whit, Oak air titfbt Caawel of all aorta for
Shipping at oo boors aooea.
Namuavue paid aa all aalta M fcaarals at
all Uaaa.
krta attaalad a preaaptlf.
ekM af
Bll. J. H. COMBS,
OmCE: Xortk BJ rV-i ftquara.
larcav. - Taaav
& CO.,
Victor Platform Scale.
, . . . . .
Planet Jr., Horse Hoes - 1 ;
, and Cultivators,
' . ' -, a 1
Boss" Cotton Planter. , )
Cooper" Wagons'
"Buck' s Brilliant" Stoves.
; : ; ' 0 ...
Corner of the Public Square,
j. v. iiUTcmrjs,
"v ' Dcalor la ' ' -: '? ''
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes, Hats,
Carpets, Hardware,
Groceries etc.
Sulky and Turning "'I;
Plows, Champion
Cotton and Corn .
Planters, Biding
Walking Cultivators.
Sweeps, SfC. '
Agent for the celebrated
Winship Cottpn Gins,
Feeders, Condensers and
Power Press- If you want
to build a Gin or put in a
New Gin Stand for the big
crop of 1885, dont forget
to give me call.
The largest aiock of
in Tbe Market,
bought only of the Manufacturer'
And don.t forget that the celebrated
for comfort, eloganc) and durability
h&a no equal
A Large Stock of Mens" and Bajt
boagtit at at Bankrupt Bale, at price
below cost to muafactare.
I repeetfallT extend an invitation
lo the citizens of Hat county and
Burrounding eoonti to call aad cx
amin mj stock before f urctiaii;g, ai
I confidently assert tiat lam cZa-
ing Bargains ia all lines.
Thanking bit customer1 lt tLeir
Lbcral patronage, I bops to merit a
conlinnanos of their favors by
giTicg tosrery coaunser iou riuus
for tiafcir money.
Very EedT-Jct-'uTy,
Saa VlArroft, April 0,

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