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Free Press
San Marcos i
"Prove All Things I Hold Fast that which Is Cood."
NO. 44.
Free Press.
To limn all Letter should b. Addressed.
OrriCE-North Side of Plata.
Oue your, in advance t 9
His moutus " 1
Tlirfla luoutba
Tlio abovo rates include the prepayment
of jxxuugo oj ua. Dttiopie. ooptoa .out area
Siuvjle ooplen 5 oeuU.
r Tnnilimt Advertisements wll
ijl'UUi n"- -
be cUawd One Dollar i per . square for the
for eaoli a.Uitional insertion. A square is
the Kimce of one iuoh. Fractional squares
will be eouuted as full square
A lvortiHcmenU for three months or more
will boobnrgtKl at me ruuowmg him
3 mos 0 nios
One fuiimre.
$4 50
$8 00
111 00
15 00
25 00
40 00
G5 00
$12 00
20 00
Two squares
Three squares
Oue-fonrtu oolumn
Oiio-luilf column...
Que coliim
8 00
10 00
15 00
25 00
40 00
25 00
40 00
60 00
100 00
Yearly advertisers allowed the privilege
of quarterly ouange.
u,iiinnu tfarrio. ana inch or less, one Tear.
Cards in Business Direotory, one year,
Local aud businoBS notices will bo charged
ten oeuts per line each innortion.
Advertisements for Schoola, Churches and
Benevolent Societies, naif rates.
Marriage aud Obituary Notioes, of over ten
lines, charged as advertisements.
Calls upon candidates, their replies and
thoir circulars, and all notices of a personal
charaatar, (ii at an aainiBijiuie mw ui i
,.nA will lift nharofld as advertisements.
A erons mark npon the paper indicates
tlmt the timo for which the subscription was
paid has expired.
All advortisomonts and subscriptions due
in advance.
Any of our friends would do us a special
f.unii kir (rivitlc lia- tVlft tlmiinS of fTOV t)Gr-
rous within their knowlodge who would be
likely to Httiwcriue ror tuo tntii "
that we may send speciinon copies to such
Hon. Jamei F. Miller, of 0onala County.
WTAToa-SGTH dutiiot:
Hon. Goo. Pfeoffer, ef Comal Co.
Hon. J. H. Coraba, of Haya Co.
Hou. J ..M. Jolly, of Caldwell Co.
Hon, H. Telcbmueller, Presiding Judga. LaGrange.
J . M. Bolh.ny. Attorney, Austin Co.
T1SII Or HOLDIKd oonir.
Havs. lit Mondays in Kerch and September. Hay
ooukty orrioaas.
Kd R. Kone, Judge County Court,
Jaa. G. Burleson, Diet, and County Clerk.
Owen Ford, County Attorney.
H. B. Barber Sheriff. J. 8. Davis, Deputy.
C.8. Cock, Justloe of the Feaoa Fre. Ho. 1
11. C. Hubbs, " " "
J.C. Rowe, " " "
W. W. Black, " ' "
J. H.Patterson, County Treasurer.
R. 8. Fortaun, Asseesor.
Joe. C. Bve, Surveyor.
T.J. MoCarty, Cora'r Frocinot Ho.
Chas. Llghtfoot, ' . "
J. B. Burleson, " " "
Peter Schmitt. " " "
8. H. Perkins, Conatable precinct Ho. 1.
Times or holdivo Counti d PaaoiKor Coobts
County Court for Criminal, Civil and Probate boa
luess th Mondays In January, Marsh, May, July,
September and November.
Commissioners' Court 3d Mondays in February,
May, August and November.
Justice Court, Preolnot Ho. 1 Last Monday In
each month, at San Marcos. -
Preolnot No. 1 Id Friday in each month lit. City.
8 Sd " Wlmberley'a Mill.
4 4th ' ' " Dripping Springe.
town orrioaas.
Mayor Wm. Olasen. , .
CoudcII W. D. Wood. Q. W. Donalson, John
Williamson, D. A. Glover. Bd. J. L. Green.
Marshal T. H? Prince. -Street
Commissioner Samnel Watklni.
Council meets the first Tuesday In each month.
Malla from Austin arri. at 8:48 a. m. .Bd 8:30
p. m.; close at 8:16 a. m. and 8:00 p. m.
Mails from San Antonio arrive at S:4S .. m. and
:45 p. m.; olose at 8:16 a.m. and 6:16 p. m.
Lullng, arrivea at 18 M., olosea at 18:46. P. .
Above malls arrive and depart dally.
Blanoo, via Wimberley-departsToeidayand Friday
at A. M. Arrive Monday and Thursday at
1 P. M.
omen sotrai.
General Delivery Trom 8 A. M., to II If., ni from
1 P. M. to 6 F. M. eioept during dlatribntion ol
malls and on Sundays and holidays. Open on
Sundays thirty minute, after dlatribntion of each
oith. prlnolpal ""ALBI(BT h14Toh.F. .
METHODIST. Preaohlng at lh. Methodist
Obnrch every Sabbath, Rev. Bnekner Harris, Pastor.
Sunday School at 9 o'clock, A.M. Class meetlug
or young Men's Prayer Meeting at o'clook F. M.
Prayer Meeting on Wednesday.
CHB.ISTIAN.-Ho regular Pastor. Sunday
School at . m. Prayer meeting evert Wednee
day night. Ladles'e Aid Society, S p. m. .very
Friday. A cordial Invitation extended to all.
PBE3BTT1B1 AH. Services Ind and 4th Sundays
each month. Bev. 1. B. French, pastor. Sunday
School at to. Presbyterian Church every Sabbath
at 30 a.m. Praver Meeting every Thursday at
7:30 p, m. All are invited to attend.
LUrHEBAI Bev. C. KreenaUln, Texa Sya
edlca! Missionary, will preach oa the Bret Sonde? In
each month at the PreebjterieB church. Preaohlng
a 11 A. M. All Germane eerdially Invite..
Pa.tor. 8erieatheo4andihSQdaya ia ee
Boeth. Sunday sehoet every Sunday.
BAPTIST. Preaching at th. BapUst Ch.rca
etery Sundev. Seaday (choel at a. a. Mev. .
W. areold. Pastor.
CATHOLIC, eervies4th SaadaJ I a each sih
8rv. Father Statu, Peeler.
Alert Hoe. Cempany He. 1 . taeete tret
Thunders ia each aeeeith, B. B. Baee. PreaiAvat;
krrtm W.Sattih Fereeiaa. W. .Carter lev. Aaa-.
J r Pate Sad. AeeL; T. i. Feal, SacreMry; u. L.
M-Tav. treaaanr.
Bok aad l4er Ce Ha. 1.. ateete the lad and I
'a. we.adare la eeea smta, .. K.
Pf4eat,C. B. Baa, Fsreaaea. W. C. DrT Bret
-. ieliae Baeeipe). siitsai Aeat; Prna Late.
treaaerer ; J. K. Biaari, Secretary.
ee Marras Ladre a. Bet awrte let .staray
a tet ta each ateata. Jae C. Pnachett,, 4 W.
. Banc. IWrrtary.
ea B area Caaater Harl. Beee let Tender
HiiaKtamk F.J.C. Seal la. U. K. H. t
Karalaan E aflBa W. U aa4-
'-af afia ta aac aaaatk. W.C. Vrnffr, tue- '
ax ; T. i. fW, m-mmnm.
' O. O . Isrfaa. mawiftn,
4ay arfVV. Taaa anac B. 6. ; B. frmmmm, '
PaaM fVa'W. C. Ci ,
North Bide Plaza. ...
cos, Southeast Corner Tlazo.
New BuUUtng. Upstairs,
T. BROWN, Office over Green's Bank.
H. JULIAN, Judge Wood's New Build
. ing, Upstairs.
R. WM. MYERS, Office at Fromrae's
Drugstore, Southeast Corner 1'laza.
R. J. H. COMBS, Judge Wood's New
Building, upstairs.
FROMME, South side Plaza.
North side
GREEN & PRICE, otMalone's old stand,
Southeast Corner Plaza.
JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Mitchell Build
iug, North side plaza.
DAILEY & BRO., Southwest Comer
B. HANK LA, Manufacturer and Deal
, er, North side Plaza.
Gl ERH. LAUMEN, East side Plaza.
T Southeast comer Plnza,
rpAYLOR & TnOMAS East Side Plaza.
JgARDY & CO., South side Plnza
M. GIESEN, South sido plaza.
, Plaza.
North sido
WARD, East side Plaza.
W. NANCE & BRO., near Southeast
, Corner of Public Square.
H. ROBBINS, North side Plaza.
F. PATE, residence Bear the Coronal
, Institute.
rpHEODOBE HERRING, Northeast Cor-
I ner Public bquare.
ARTIN HINZIE, Southeast Cor. Plaza.
L. TOWNSEND, West Side Plaza.
-pUUTZ LANGE' South side Plaza.
iaa 1 Hamlin
New tn; of
SumrinT. Do
w-jlfi fu rrosktv
.IIIttl 4b
r.-K h runiBg a
1'taitot tU
p r - r 1 1 i c
w Klt bil
A-vfrn. l
iirkftr Ic o
T'wntjr M tmm
tvt JajTiaitiry.
Hirhest Hne
o-i t nil Crfcat
ISIrev.oMSI Botton. dSE.MHiM (UnloaS. ).
M.T. 14 staoaah Aa-. Cbta.
Oct l." lm
fIIirrO. Tbeer
I-'tefTT and ianiif
c'.':i.l w tin-.
dm, prttrt. (rend ! Orr KrllluuM rnntnl..
H jri it ; t f.tii. Bay H et y.ar -OeOtfr'e
flcoi 10 eei:a fir aacip.w cvjpy.
TLe Current aniil Fble Tees one
vear on'v !4.0..
can ft eu hid Without rut use
yv. rmi Tf;V.lf1 at ft Vrr mm'
fa tb tin ' M rtfJr
a ,"Uma aa t-'e taw m vy-vrm mr "
f.m. lrwiT"--!
arvma rrwmmvvrmxm mmj .7 -
law mt TouaL M-.yx at a 11 a ap..
as taa actaa iurai aa w.a.
H.lfiim.Uta. ata najwiai. 11 aa
i u . - - - - , - itr virvti iii imiirr. i
I N v SB - ' ,a . l. iM:n I,;. rotiritV in the S:ab an 1 fbe lt "f colored man corapctcot to fill it, nd
Cherry Pectoral.
No other complaints are so Insidious In their
attack as those a ireo ting the throat and lungs:
nous ao trldod with by the majority of suffer.
ere. The ordinary cough or cold, resulting
Hjrliiti from a trilling or tuioonsoioua ex
osttre, is often but the boglnulug of a lata!
icknuas. Avkh's CurtnHY Teitobal has
well proreu Its elllcacy In a forty yean' flgltt
villi throat and lung illaoaaca, aud iliuuld b.
Ukoa lu all oases without delay.
A Tcrrlulo Cough Cured.
" Tn t WT I took a sevoro eokl, which n fleeted,
my lunrs. I bail a tori ilile cough, niul pnaaeil
niht Hller night without Blet-. 'J'lta .lootors
g;vu me up. 1 tried AVKU'S CiikkiiV l'KC
nut a I., which rt'lluveil my Iuiiki, lm!uel
alocji. nnd atrnnleil me the rout uoccsanry
for the recovery of nir atreui;tli. Uy th.
continued use of the I'lCt rokAL a uurnia.
sent our. was I'tftoUil. I am now 6'j years
old, linlu ami hearty, and aui iutialled your
CtiKUliY l'tclollAI, hiivetl 1110.
lonACK FaihiiuotubkV
Kocklngham, VU, July 15, letli.
Cronp. A Motlter'a Tribute.
"W'lillo In th. country lost winter my little
boy, threo yenrHttlil, wiut tnken lllwlth croup;
it scorned as if ho Moulil tile from atrnngu.
lation. One of the family sutxestfil the use
of yl vi:n' Ciikiirv rKr-roitAi a bottlo of
wliicli was always kept in th. house. This
wnstrioil In small an.l frequent iloaca, and
to our rlollKht in less than half an hour th.
lit 1 ie patient was breathing easily. Tho iloo
. tor eniil Unit the t'Hi:iutv 1'uitoral had
attveil inr ttiirllnp's lifo. Can you woutier at
our grathuJu 1 biuceroly yours,
JlltS. ItJlMA OEPNltV."
. 1 159 Wost 128th St., Kew York, May W, 1W2.
'I linvo used AVER'S CllEBnY PrtTOnAti
in niv f ami ly for aevvrnl years, and 1I0 not
liesilulo to proiiouiico it the most effectual
remoity for coughs and colds we linvo evr
trhd. A. F. Ckakb."
. Luke Crystal, Jlinn., March 13, lbbi
I auifrtrcd for rlRlit years from Ilrofielilt4s,
and af ter trying tunny rouieilk-a with no sue
cesi". I was cured by Uo use of A visit's Cnt:u
KV i'Kt -tub a 1., . iTOHUfU Walubn."
ilyhulm, Jlits., April 5, lb82..
"I cninint aav enoupli In praise of Avtcrt's
CHi:itiiv I'l.trmtAI.. IwlievinK ns I do that
bill lor its into I tiuould long inco luwe- (liwi
from 'ttng Irou'tlra. K. OitAoUOa."
laletlluc, Xuxiui, April 22, l',6J.
Ko ciuo of an uffeolloti of the throat or
lungs exists which cannot be greatly relieved
by the use of Ayeb's Chrkky PKt-rortAa.,
and it will always cure whon the tlitoase is
uol already beyond the control of wediciue.
lT.Kl'AltED BY
gold by all Druggists.
Row an Atlanta Woman was made
to Sco anlJIcaiv-.--
Hlas Minnie Wallace realties with Mm, Qcerge
Flcklaud, el McAlne street, Atlanta. Ga , and
Irom her pit a Constitution reporter learned
the following appalling ato y :
Several monti ago she became almost totally
bltl.d nnd ileaf, could not taflte anything except
h'lf Uer bnnea beenme the scat of Intunae pain,
her joins wuro Kwolleu and painful, and eventu
ally bar whole body and limbs became covered
with splotches and small scren. tier appetite
failed and she gradually loat flesh aad strength
and had bnt Utile use of bcraeli, aa her limbs
and musoles were paralysed. She, as well as
her friends with whom rhe lived, rilspalred of
her recovery. Her sufferings combined with
ions of hearing and taete, and bliudncsb, were
. tro'y heartrending.
All treatment from physicians and the use of
medicines Heemnd powarless. tier disease was
Blood poison and ihcumatlam.
As she now seemed well and hearty the re
porter asked what wrought such a wonderful
' charge.
"1 used a medicine that was recommended by
a friend,' hhe replied, "and before one bottle
had been taken I begen taste and bear, Tho
seoend bottle relieved all rheumatic pains and
Improved my apnellte. When I bad completed
the ute of alx bottles my eyeKlght and hearlug
were fully restored. I now feel aa well as I
ever did, and my friends, aa well as myself, are
perfectly astounded, "
"What waa the medlolnet " asked the report
er. "Botanic Blood Balm B. B. TA, was the
great remedy that acted so powerfully ou my
Disease and euted me. I never experienced
any unpleassnt symptom from ita use, and It
action Is so quick that it surprises all.',
The reporter then sought a physician who
knew the ease, whereupon he handed us th.
following Hues :
"I examined the above case of blood poison
and rheumatism before and alter being cured,
certify to the main facts aa above stated, and
most acknowledge that tbe B. B. B, effected a
most wonderful cure In this well-known case.
(Signed) "J. P, DHOMUOOI.K, Jl. D."
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta. Oa., will mall a 32
page book free, filled with magical effecU.
aba aaiara ,r.aai-iaa a .art,
lua Ik. AOI ,-- aW to
rUka mm a-KHKitwulhia f-
fiTwti rnMM aawav mm aaaarw mm
WalTT A- taTXOF-. BtaataOa.
aiorr arriitaiaar coariaL
T TraBwafa i aaf -a'la mt ItmrU
Vmmt aariaaa aaa a a-, rtii wa
niul mum. "
It. ( innTaa. Baa.
a. 1. Itcaa. at
'Kmm, (a T
y. Tmf??-m, VmZpZ-Tr- .TTTTt
,'ZLLS7Zii r TlfWTT to
T- wm mm
111 aMUMtva 'UU at a7C.
Tee ewaet rasa, aa aaekefai atraaaraba mm '
MH als tmmM M as aaa mmmwn mtm.
mia a lUaralaatx aaiinirm anartru iw "
lac Mask aa mimm-
Maf Ma
tMa artM
r9 t-a
Tbe pure, the bn'iilit, the beai-'iful,
That stirrod our lieaita iu youth,
The Impulse of a wordless prayer,
Tho difain of love and truth,
The IoukIiik aftor eoiuclhiiiu, lost,
The spirife yearuiii cry,
The titrivinifaftur bettor hopes
These thius shall uuver did.
The timid hand stretched forth to aid
A brother in his ueed,
The kindly word lu griefs dark hour.
That proves a frioud iudeed;
The ploa of morcy, softly breathed,
Wheu Justice throatniis niuh;
The sorrowing of a ooutrite heart
These things shall never die.
Lot uothiuiJE pass, for every hand
Must flud some work to do;
Lose not a vhauoe to waken love,
Be firm, aud just, and true;
So shall a light that can uot fade
Beam on thee from on high,
And angel voices Bay to thoe,
"These things oau never die,"
Dengue FeverIts II 1st or r and Treat
uicnt. San Antouio Light.
There are now, according to one physi
cian in this city, upwards of 300 oases of
dougue fever, and as it is about the first op
pearauoe of this very" painful and withal,
enervatlug disease iu our midst, a little his
tory of the disease iu its origin aud spread,
may not come sinins to readers of the Light:
Ajcording to II. D. Schmidt, M. D., who
has written aud published probably tho best
paper ever known on this disoase, it is com
monly called ''breakboue"or "dandy" fever.
Its origin only dates from the second half
of the last ceutury, though it is very prob
able that previous to this dengue existed in
the tropical regions of Africa aud Asia,
whence it was carried to Europe aud Ainuri
ca. In Spain it has been known since 17C4,
when up to 17CH it provailed iu Cadiz and
Seville, uuder tha name of la piaclusa or
la pantouiiuu. lu 17b0 it appeared in epi
demic f; rut iu Philadelphia, aud next in
Calcutta in 1824, Two years afterwards it
apponrod" ou the Southern coast of the
United States in Charleston and Suvanah.
A very exteunivo epidemic of this disease
prevailed from July, 1H"0, to Jauuary, 1871,
iu Zanzibar, on the eastern coast of Africa.
The doriviatiou of its name is supposed to
be of Spanish origin, a corruption of the
word dandy, and arises from tue mm car
riage of persons who have been afflicted
with it when they become convalescent.
The negroes of St Thomas island were the
first to give it this name. Tho definition of
dengue is, as givt-u by Dr. Schmidt, "a
peculiar febrile discauo generally nppcaring
epidemically iu tropical or semi-tropical
climates, and is characterized by n single
paroxysm, with or without remission, se
vere pains, stillness in the joints and mus
cles, a peculiar eruption, aud almost nover
terminating fatally. The disease generally
reaches its hoiht in three or four days,
when the fever begins to subside and tho
patient feels greatly relieved. This is only
of short duration, however, when the erup
tion appears and tho patient grows much
worse again. Its duration rarely exceeds
six days, though sometimes it happens to
remain longer, according to the strength
and constitution of the patient."
The troatmeut of dougue Beginning
with a mild cathartic, merouriiU or not, this
should be followed by a mild diaphoretic
To relieve the pain and procure sleep, opi
um, either pure or in the form of Dover's
powder, belluuonua. cumpuor, assaioetiua,
valerian, etc.. is rocommended. Liniments
containing camphor or chloroform also af
ford gTeat relief from the pain. Worm
foot baths are recommended to relieve the
headache attending the stages of the dis
ease. To relieve the stiffness in the mus
cles and joints and articular pains after tho
subsidence of the fever, iodide of potassium
is a favorite remedy in tho East. The ner
vous depression during convalescence is re
lieved by tonics aud regulation of tho diet
Quinine is generally discarded in dengue.
Agents Wanted.
We want a good active agont for the Fbbb
Fbkss at every pontolttee in the county, to
solict subscriptions for it. We also solicit
the kindly aid of voluuteer agents in every
neighborhood. We also desire to engage
the services of one or more traveling agents.
A fair compensation will be paid in all cases.
The prospects of better times aro favor
able to success in canvassing for tbe old
Fbee Pttss. Apply at or address this of
To all new subscribers to the Fbf.b Press,
for one year, cash in advance, or to all pres
ent subscribers who pay up arrearage, and
a year's subscription iu advance, we will
send postpaid a copy of Kendall's cnlobrated
ES," by Dr. B. J. Kendall A Co. It is a
manual of 91 pages, of wluch 2,300,000
copies have been sold. The price is 25
cuts, so that by aw-plirg our offer yon re
ally get the Fbee Pkes at the rate- of $ 1 75
per year.
rpHF. BEST book and one that will be
1 read bv all claiw8 of nr Texas people
in that trrnt wrk nrxin a ffrmt nihjrft,. The j
Liff if Sam lliitin, the taUu-r of 1 nrnt,
written by the late Wm. firry (.Vano.
The name of Sam Houston -in oil that
ir:. 1
name ia invjainlilv cin-tcd with I1 trVufliry, the way became moro rough
j Tue r,i!,liKb.n. r h-riisinK for anta to and tedious. Entering t.io San Ga
punh thp oii f,f thin w-r.rk mall parts of th : jrji Canon the road booume more
t.t and we do nit thirk it will require . , ;.ii ,w,
' tO .
. Jin! 2-"rn
IMllaa. inaa. j
en I :'.'T: vl.
. c v
Hlj 1 t ii
.-y.v iu tie
nmr.fr.TMiifr(.iolL. ;r
Tri it' n .ti'-rolT nn-t
vr t . a M.i TTi hr I C t-l
m- v -t Tla.i.e at, 1 fori, o
,r,t.Jfva.fa. rfrwr.al
tr'.-t r- 'rsrmfijl
IaAnBoloa,Cal,Sti)t.2C, 1885.
Ed. FnKB rEss: It niny be jxwRi
ble tint you ami your readers might
etill tloHiro furthor itouis from delight
ful Southern California, aud if I can
add anything to tho information or
pleasure of either, am at your servico.
One of your worthy follow citizons.
L. W. Mitchell and his family are now
domiciled in tho city of tho Angola
and from what I have soon of him am
sure that your loss bits been our gain,
Doubtless he will give you his tm
pressions of this favored land, and in
a far moro satisfactory manner than
I have dono or may bo ablo to do.
You will overlook my dolay in writ
ing when the chief reason is given,
I wished to say something of tho sum
mer season here, and to do so into
ligibly, it soomod the proper thing to
speak from experience by passing
through that season.
There is as great a difference be
tween summer here and iu Toxas, as
between Texas and the island of Cuba.
It is no exaggeration to Bay that
this suction of Southern California is
the only place in tho statos to pass a
truly enjoyable summer.. From an
experience of seven wooks in May and
Juno in Texas, and since then in this
place it. may bo partlonod if I with
many others have somewhat Utopian
ideas und impressions of our present
There aro in all fonr or five "spells
each year of three to six days oach.
This year there was one of six, one of
four and one of throe, culled hot
spoils, generally in May and June,
and sometimes in August and Sop
tember, whicli are just about like
Texas for four months at a Btrotch,
but tho coolness of tho nights, also
the mornings and evenings always
must not be forgotten, consequently
tho people never know tho enervation
and debility so common everywhore
east of the mountains, and ull through
the Southern Btates.
This is the way one of tho editors
of the " Glasgow Scotsman " speaks
of the seasons hero
In autumn and winter tho nights
and mornings are chilly, and fires are
necessary, let I can speak from ex
perienco of tho pleasant warmth of
the days and ol tlio beautiful luxu
riance of flower and fruit in the win
ter months. Tho trees' and shrubs,
till the arrival of the rains, are cloth
ed in cheerful foliage j and roses and
other garden pets, which with us
would be dead and witherod, grow
abundantly, and form a very glory of
bloom about tho houses of tho Ange
lenos. Strawberries, green peas, rad
ishes, lettuce, &c, are produced every
month in tho year. The unbearable
heat of tue summers and fierce winds
and prolonged rains of the winters of
Southern Italy are here unknown.
The best test, perhaps, in most crises
as to the character of a climate is tho
looks of tho people. 1 never saw
finer, healthier looking men, womon
and children anywhere, tho women
and children particularly. Not even
in the most favored nooks of our own
country could one see ruddier or bon
nier lasses or bairns. There are none
of the nervous troublos and malarial
diseases present so frequent in tropic
al climes.
Now I mupt toll you of a little ex
cursion to the mountain canons a few
weeks since. A pr.rty of seekers af
ter recreation and pleasure, gathered
together a goodly amount of provis
ions, their guns and fishing tacklo,
started on foot for Sun Antouio moun
tain (more generally called "Old
Baldy," beciruse his top is nearly al
ways clad in snow,) some forty miles
away yet in plain sight from tho city. ,
They chartered a "burro " otherwise
a donkey to carry their freight. To
rasdena nnd Sun Grtbriel valley the
trip was pleasaut and enjoyable, then
leavinsr the moro level and settled
cl' l' - """'V "-"
One line tbe BfureMud lMt M'-tv
lii.T ifiafinrr. X j tv-nutit ir. : 1IV oc-
: ..a ,,t;,i i.. .A T,r-.T,.'oithpfaforotJiri.:e.
. ' . . . . l
sons an I rrii.ir.? 01 uu.pri'r
t.rr.e - Scon ci::i' rj?.:'i rrfi-
,T 1 ll.t .!iiie huoiid for t
.iU n ctt nwxvti atrtBrn, '
tV w
.t-r ' t, r-t tf clL
T a 2--'T t-s." tlf"
irty mCl
tired and foot sore, wrapped thorn
solves in tbe drapery of their magni
ficent army blankots and slept tbe
sloep of the just, with naught abovo
them save the starry heavens.
Morning i and breakfast dispatch
ed, tho artillery and fish rods wore
unlimborod aud the sportsmen soon
forgot the tilsome march in the
slaughter of numerous quail and oth
er game, and with the seductive fly
entitling the finuy tribe from the lim
pid waters.
Mountain trout abeund in these
streams, and shades of Isaao Walton 1
what pleasure there was in landing
two and three pound speckled beau
ties in the game baskets, and after
wards around tho blazing campfire,
cook and stow away where they would
do the most good these same tooth
some fish, and plump birds. '
Two weeks were thus spent in the
mountains, and then to stand upon
the top of Old Baldy, nine thousand
foet abovo the lovel of tho soa, was the
next ambition of the tourists. Near
a half day was required to reach the
summit, but the matchless scone un
folded to the eyes amply repaid thorn
for all fatigue.
Away off to the West, South and
North spread out the limitless waters
of tho Tacific, full fifty miles away,
yet plain to the vision. Twenty miles
furthor the Santa Catalinn island is
plainly in view, and tho ocean many
miles boyond. .
Tho city of Los Angolos is plainly
distinguished, aa also many interven
ing towns and villages. Then, the
landscape was ft thing of beauty.
Every where were soon tho inuumor
blo groves of orango, lomon, apricot
and deciduous trees, and thousands
of acres of vineyards in vernal boauty.
On many of the higher points of
the summit snow was found and snow
balls wcro mitdo on the 4th of July,
and three cheers given for tho flag,
and our glorious union.
Just think of it, within throe hours
the tourists made tho descent from
the mountain and rouchod tho foot
hills and plain, whoro frost nover
comes aud eternal verdure reigns.
Tho trip home was without incident
and ended in much sport, demoralized
raiment and boots and shoes, like
gamblers, quack doctors eto. without
Our country is rapidly filling up,
and in tho city nearly every available
house and boarding place is already
There will be a jam this wintor.
Somothiiig to do is the groat cry, and
hundrods can got nothing. , This is
ono draw back and the country has
some others which I may allude to in
my next
While I may bo enthusod about
many things in this country, I am
not blind to the objections which may
bo found.
If you should bo in San Antonio,
call on Dr. A. P. Davis, who resided
formerly in Dallas, has boon here for
some four months, and of late has re
moved to San "Antonio to remain per
manently. Ho is a gentloman, and
would be pleased to give you or any
others such information as he could,
about California.
But fearing to try your patience
and that of your readers, I close this
screed. Ever yours,
IL P. Laxtz.
Revenue and Prohibition.
It has boon proclaimed over the
State by the soculiur press and stnmp
orators that Prohibition, if rarrie.l,
will deprive the State of nearly G21,-
000 of revenno. In Denton county.
n.vAimn frnm ta'liikkpv in flip Kfrttn
an.l county was !?fi.00Ojf 1.000 for the, patiently for a wuue. men got out oi
State and 2,000 for tho county but j his chair, puhhed Lis big bands way
thooohtof crime i it tho county wjw jjown into his pockc-U. and, wander
.m,000 accf.rd.n- to figur- collected , ; .j thc jjbrary windows, look
by Comity Alt n;py I. D. Terguson. rt , a mn
Of this, three hnrlun original di- H "r t,,e Potf,mac flaU 10 "
1 ft 1 ! B-4.tf 1 fl-j.fla f tilt ST. 4a 1st r.f !,. i-acted manner. Pretty soon he
.... . I
countr. If Uio iiie initf in vvry
'.unm ov r .Mi.fHilt-. I paid ont
rtttlitae .tL AT- lia-abnt,.
Arrvd.!!? to IVU
Airr.-coitnral liu
T . 0f )..( I I t t CM. W1000
From Our Rrnlar Corraapoodaat.
Wasuinotoh, Oct 1, 1885.
There has been scarcely a ripple to
broak tho political calm during the
pastwook. The bitter contents wit god
in Ohio, Virginia and Now York aro
not felt hero. - This is unusual, for it
has been the habit of previous admin
istrations to throw thomselvos into
tho midst of such contests with all
their patronago, prestige, and influ
ence. ProRidont Cleveland however
has said that he will take no active
part in the state elections, and his
Cabinet have shown a determination
to imitate his example. But this re
fusal to en tor tho fray must not be
construod into any lack of interest in
Domocratio success. It is the belief
of the Prosident and his constitutional
advisers that they have a work before
thorn of the grandest Bcope, and that
tho cause of truo Domocracy in stato
elections will be best promoted by
tho general government in an exam
plo of rigid attention to the work
that strictly belongs tq it
Tho quostion as to who should bo
the successor of Prof. Hilgard as Su
perintendent of tho Coast Survey,
has beon the subject of mature con
sideration on tbe part of the Presidont
ever since tho first irregularitios in
that bureau wore discovered. There
are so many nnd such weighty inter
ests involved that it was a difficult
question to docide who would be the
best man for the place. It requires
a man of good , executive ability as
woll as of eminent scientific qualities
It appearod to tho Presidont that
these qualities wore united in the per
son of Prof. Alexander Agassiz, ar.d
he accordingly, through the Secretary
of tho Treasury, wrote to him asking
him to assume the superintendent
of the Coast Survey Buroau. '
Prof. Agassiz's name was the choico
of the President himself.' No onero-
oommondod him for the position, but
his soloction was the rosultxif a de
sire of tho Administration to secure
the services of tho very best mon pos
sible, and as a recognition of his mi- .
nont scientific attainments.' It is un
derstood that in the letter the Pres
ident sont to tho Professor he strong"-'
ly urged him to give tho country the
benefit of his knowledge in the prac
tical manner which would bo open to
him through the buroau, were he ' to
accept the superintondency. '
' Prof. Agassiz is a man of' large
wealth and iniluonce, and one of ' the
most prominent scientists in the Uni
ted States. He . is a son of tho late
Prof. Louis Jean Rudolph 'Agassiz,'
the great Swiss naturalist and geolo
gist who took up his residence in
this country in 1818 and died here in
1873. The son ably filled the father's'
plaeo, and is authority on most scien
tific subjects. .
A party of District Democrats went
to tho. Whito House last week and
made a strong appeal for the appoint
ment of a fellow citizen to the office
of B icorder of Dcods in the place of
Fred Duglass. ' They had no preju
dice against Mr. Douglrss on account
of his color, but he was one of the
most offensive partisans they ever set
eyes upon, and ough t to go. Tbe gen
tleman recommended for the place
was of old and ariatocratif. cennee '
tions, with considerable influence in
Virginia and universally popular in
the District He was. in every way
qualifiod and would perform the du
ties of tho office in such a manner as
would do honor to tbe President and
himself. Mr. Cleveland is very fami
liar with this spetclt, and hears it sev
eral times every day. He listened
aV. . na . nirna
'"J ""'
dek an.l comtEtaeea rcLfig boio
iU-c iLat by optu N lor Link. I h
J.-VgaU.-vn " cona!t:-d; it rt rvj
to e thU thhr Btnicly tlotit
-t r. i rta from cbBiC q"scha D lp!iD
iuriB'V V rem ir.jj to th rn-MJt.t tUt tSey w-m
.vrl n-A) trial wrniie.
i l.'wr bI it rt:

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