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orticiAi. fAi'Kii or HAva vuiMiv.
"Prove All Things I Hold Fast that which !a Cood."
NO. 3d
Free Press.
To wbom all Loiter should be Addressed.
' OrriCE-North Sldeof Plaa.
'. On. year, In advauoo '1 OO
Mix mouths " 1 CO
''Iroo months CO
The above rates include the prcpajuicut
of pontage by u. Samples copies Hunt free.
Single copies 5 cent.
advsrtihino iiatkh.
Legal aud Transient Advertisement will
be charged Out Dollar per square for the
Unit Insertion, aud Fifty OeuU per minaro
for each adlitionnl insertion. A square is
the apace of one inuli. Fractional piurea
will be oouuted an full stinaree.
Advertisement for three mouths or more
Will beoharged ut tho following rate :
No. vf Sijimrr.
3 mo 0 inos 1 yr.
"i'lDtT fcHOO $12 00
H 00 l'J 00 20 00
10 UO 15 00 2:. 00
15 00 25 00 40 (10
25 00 40 00 CO 00
40 1)0 01 110 100 00
Oue square
Two squares
Three squares .
Ouo-fourth colnniii
Oue-half column...
Ooe coin m
Yearly advertisers allowed the privilogi
of quarterly change.
11..;.. t..r.la nnd tn'-ll firlflHR. OUO Tear
IJUniuvna w . . ' ., ...... -- 1 . .
H. Card iu Busiuoss Diroctory, oue year,
Local and business notiooa will be charge
fill VOUM M...
Advoriisoiueuts for SjIiooIs, Churchos and
Uenevoleut Societies. Hull muss.
Marriage and Obituary Notices, of over ten
lines, charged as advertisements.
Culls upon can did.ites, their replies mm
nnil nil mtiir'pH nf a nersouu
tUUll UIH-UI'i' ' - - - 1
oharaeter, (if at all alm'ssible into onr col-
umui). will be cuirge.l in usivoriiseiiinm.
A nwaa ni.i'1r linfl'l the miner indicates
that the time for which tha subscription was
pant nas expires.
All advertisoinonts and mibsiTiptious duo
in advance.
Any of onr friend i would do n ft special
favor by fivin.r u-i th'' names of any per
sons withi-.i tli.iir knowledge who would be
likuly to snlwuriho for tho Fekb Fiiksh. ho
that we in ly scud Bpauiman copies to anvli
coxiiiie.'iMAji 8th hwtript:
Hon. Jamc K. Miller, i( noiiitlf Cnunly.
HT()ii-il.Viii MBTiiicr:
tlon. flco. rfenffcr, l ' Oo.
nKFitH!iTT'VKa 0lr iiiniKT:
" Hon 1. l. Con., tit llnj'H Oo. - . - -- -
Huu. J..il.J"l'.v. uf OnMiv'll Co.
Jlon. U. Telolimuollir, l're.il.liiijc Julc-, UCrnge
JT. j. lieiluny. Attorney, Au-lln Cu.
Hvt. ll Monday In Murcli nnd drpicmlicr. My
cmilliiuii ilHee.enka.
ooiiKTV ornoibs.
Ki K. Konn, Ju.Ikc I'ouiiij Cvnri,
j, u. Hiirl-iou, l)it. uil t:omity LlerX.
II II. Nel)iloii, County A'lorm-y.
11 K. iiaruer nut-nii..
C. Cock, Juj:lce of jlie l'co rra.
L. ileuno, " " ",
JLOflabb., ; ,.
J.I!. Uowu,
W. W. Slack,
3. H. HilierMMi, Coiinly frcaiurer.
So. 1
" 3
" S
K. a. roriou, isisor.
Jii.,. . Killoui'i. .'t:irevor.
T.l. MiCnrty, Coi.i'r Pruclint No. 1
J. K. Burlcimi. '
Filter 8climlit, " '
. 11. Pi rklin, Cof.t8l)l nri-clnci Bo. 1
Tihk or HotnmB Cousrr n PuaeiHOf Cobt
County Court for Crlml"nl, Civil nnd Probte bu-
lne 4tb Monilnysln January, Miirch. May, July.
8oiiumber and Novembur.
OommlsBtOnere' Court -Jil Mondays Iu february.
May. Auuuat and November.
JuslloeC'iiirl, rrecliicl No. 1 La.t Monday In
each in mill, at 'an l arcos.
a Preclncl So. a-id Kriday In each moDtb Mt City.
' " 3 3d " Wlmlierley'K Mill.
1 4ih at. Dripping Spring.
tows orrictaa.
Bayor Hin. Oleiien.
Councll-W. U. Wood. O. W Doralfon. John
Wllll.ni.on, II. A. R Invar. Hd. J. L. Green, P. J.C
tlmlth. nn Holhlin and lloger Hyrne.
Marihal IVm. il. I.yell- , . '
gireel Coranilanloiior Samnel WaiHIna.
Couuoll meets the Aral Tufnday In each month.
Merchant' Kxehnnire. ni-ou the lint Friday
-eilxht Ineaob nionib ai the Mayor once.
l'ubllo School Truften meet flr.t Monday In each
month at the Mayor' orUce.
Mali from Aulin arrive at .0 a. m. and 8:30
p m o lo,e at H:15 a. in. and 8 U0 p. ro.
M ill from San Antonio arrive at :40 a. m. and
616 p. o. clone at SMfta. m and 6:46 p. m.
Lolinir. arrive, at U M.. clot. at U:4o. 1'. M.
Above mall arrive aid depart aily.
Blanco, via Wituberley-deparuTiiewlav and Friday
I A.M. Arrivea Monday aud Ihurnday at
7 P. M.
orvic HOVKI,
General Delivery from S A. M.. to II V and from
IP. M to 6 P. M. cep during diainoullon of
mall and on Siind.y. and holiday. Open on
5,i.v" thirty mlnulea after dl.lrlbutlon of each
.the-principal VT P.
MKTHODIST. Preaching at tho MelhodUt
Church every Sahbeib. K. Buckner Harrl. Patof.
Sand School al 9 o'clock, A.M. Cla jneellog
Voaa Me'U" ,l 3 0,C'0ek
praver Meeilm on Wednesday.
CnmaTI AS.-EM. t.. "reen. PM or .Monday
Hchoolai.a.ni. Prav-r meeiing ev.rv
alar niht. Udie.' Aid Socl.ty, S p. m every
trirlar. A cordial invitation extended loan.
PltFBTTeKlAS.-l'rvireaSnd and 4lb StindaTa
.chmoih. Hev J ! Prench, paior. in'Uy
Hebool rvery Kal.hlh a. S SO a.m. P'ever M-
.t-tt Hiucday at f:S0 p. ra. All are luviied
to attend.
PkOTmrAST FPHCOPAI.. Rev. K. B. Fuller.
Paxor. Service Ihe tnd an.'. 4tb Sunday a la each
taoatb. Suudar K.-b!al everf Sm day.
BAPTIST. Preaching at the RautNt Tborch
.ery .lav. MiuJey bch'-l ai . aa. eU-. i
W. mc44. Pat"T.
l ATH'ILIC -rviee 4th Sondax la icbnnth.
.r. Flker !niitii. Plr.
ii: i ik.
aJarcUI: 3,1 m"" ,"' """v
niihtia km th. rriicUttt.W. M.j W.
icit rJC. Jmi.b.M. k. 11. 14
C. C m. S-Crera-r !
I.f.ltr. K -fH.."- v7-' J "'
Frl.vBichi.m-'''-" k":"'
I ". O f. . ail. 1,-lf. I-
K...4. a.gkt. eta. nwa.J..; Or. . 4.
r-T.i cm. r-e. a t
al--rl Slc-.t 'e. e-T'lary K-e e rter -'
-4 -.-'t
Vt . l.e-r-ei. '. 1. ' Tr-.v
5, - A C. V. Pill, ft.-i'-"-. fc-
a.4.JUrVf-...iV en-
North aide Flax.
eos. Southeast Corner riaxa.
la wrens.
SB. McllKIPE. Office over Ural
, National Bauk, Hau Marcos. Z-T-
T. BUOWN, Ofllce over Green's Bauk,
T II. JULIAN, Judgo Wood's New Build.
iug, UpHtairs.
DR. WM. MYERS, OlUco Orcen's Bnuk
Building up Htulra. Culls umy be
loft at both drug stores.
"Tlt. J. II. COMBS, Judge Wood's New
Buildiug, upstairs.
GREEN A MARTIN, ut tho old stand
of Green & Price Southeast Corner
JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Mitchell Build
ing, North side plnza.
I AAILEY & BllO., Southwest Comer
XJ l'luza.
S. MACKIN, Ovr Nittiouid Bunk.
W.LEAVELL, North side Public Pluzu.
rp AYLOR, & JACKSON Eai-t Side Plnza.
ARDY & CO , South side Plnza
M. GIESEN, South side plnza.
MRS. RICHARDSON, between lirst
Nutioiml Bunk Buildinp; nud Nnnco's
Funriturti Store.
WARD, Euut sido Piaza.
JW. NANCE & BKO., near Koiitlieftst
. Corner of Public Siiwre.
H. BOBBINS, North side Plnza.
EO. W. KNIGHT, East Side Plaza.
OWNBY & SON, Northeast of Publio
M. TURNER, North side Public Plaza.
STEELE & CODE, Office Mortueast cor
ner Plaza.
Isaac H. Julian,
Lallera of Inaulrr accompanied by a atamp for
reply, will receive prompt attention. . .
In the World,
SKl.f SKTTISIS ?."tUK. j
Fi.r-Tiis.i!Aii5 nrrn.r.
AVIOwaT'C B- r-nit V.ISI It-t.
allotLT r kFtCT F.MH(MIBRrB
Da notbvaDj cthr befwre trj
hz the White.
Ai.K.tr.4 WAMfcH 'e,
Ndles. Oil aid Pi.is for all Machir'S.
White Sein Hvciiin: C:. '
)4 I T.-i -;, Me.
V-i w "er. ..,X.IIS 'tpeCe-!-
t L MB li' ntf ta
To Regulate
wamuued wt to eonuia a alngle par.
tide of Mercury or any injurioua tub.
suae, but Is porely vegetable.
. It wUl Con til Diseases caused
by Derancem.nt of tns Liver,
Kldn.ys and B to mac a.
If your Uver U out of order, then your
wkolo lyiun la deranged. The blood I
Impure, the breath ofTcnalvei you have
headache, feel languid, dispirited and
eimM. To prevent a aaore terieu cad.
diiioa, take it one Simmon
I.I If I K eafleniaiy H, or tuffcr with
JJ1 f JJX. Kltlnny AffnoUone, avoid
timulanu and talte Suamona Liver Kcguuuur.
Sun to relieve.
If you have) eaitea anything hard of
digcauua, or feel heavy after meala or
aleepwea at night, take a due and you
will (eel relieved and aleep pleetantly.
If you art a nfterable tufferer with
ConaUpaUon, Uyapvpala and
ItlUooaueaa, teek relief at once) In
glmmona Liver Kegulator. It doea Bot
reauire continual doting, and cost but a
tiirte. It will curt you.
If you wake up in the morning with a
bitter, bad taatt (a your mouth,
Simmon Liver Regulator. It cor
rects the Bilious Stomach, awectent
the Breath, aud cleanse the Furred
Children often need some tafc Cathar
tic and Tonic to avert approaching sickness.
Simmon Liver Regulator will relieve Colic, Head
ache, Sick Stomach. Indigestion, Dysentery, aud
the Computet incident to Childhood.
At any time you feel your system needt
cleansing, toning, regulating without violent
purging, or tlimuUling without intoxi
cating, take
Ml ll
wiaioos. uver ,
J. H. ZEILIN A CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
For sale in Snu Marco.) by naynolds t
Daniet, uaiersiii DrngR, Mocliinnes, etc.
In Mitrtindale by J. S. Porch, M, D.
In Kvlc at regular jobbing niton, nud ro
tail by J. N. Wisuant & Co.
Moot of tbodisenrjMVfhioh aSlirtlocntliid ere nrijrin
ally oansod by adiaordored condil iou of th t-1 V R.
For ill complaint of thi kind, ouch as Toriidity of
the Lirer. JiiliounnoM, Uorruus LiyjpHpni, Indigo.
tlnn. L-'ORulnrity of tbu ItoTold. Oiirirtipntion. Flatn
I:itTT. Einctntl"n "nd Biiniin of the Stomach
! nietiwij c-.ltt.i Uavi'.iiri ) Miamna. Malaria,
Bl kkI? F!iu. Chills f.nd l'.n B.enkliono Favor.
JSxhaa.41.ia lHf.o ut att-r F. vt r- Cisronlo Diar
rlunt Lnjel if AtpMH. Bi d cli'i. Foul Brwitb,
Jrrosul .rit'os in ' I nt- I l'''iu Intl. Benrinir-dinvn
III lnva!ua!:!3. ft i'i.,0..i T-'tiit:'vi fur alldiwiaeoil,
lint rtHiiff ml rt'toB'ea of the LIVER,
ill IsMlliss STOMACH and EOWELS.
It cbiauw the diminution fi"m a waiy. yellow
t!:;jfe. I::i rad ly uoaitriy color. It entirely roinovea
iu. !iiruy miints. It ia ono of tlio BEST AL"
-., t a'o by all Drorr.rlt. Prioe 01,00 per bottle.
" F. -STAOICEJl, Proprietor,
....... - - f., rt-.tr, ,!.. Pb.
Th htat onr! an nut Remedy for Core of
all diseases canned by any derangement or
the Liver, Kidneys, S'emacit and Bowels.
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Constlpatloa,
Bilious Complaints and Ualarla of all kinds
yield readily to the beneficent luflaence of
It is Blesamat to tho taste, tooes tlx
eyrkrav, restores aal pi mi its kealtk.
It fat pa rely Vegetable, aal eaaaot tall to
provo kstldal, txttk U old a4 jima.
O Bteadl PwiBcr it is wperisrw oil
outers. Sbld trrcrrw kearc at f 1.00a s44l.
Free I3 v e s
n i
XL M lll.fl. IW.WJI ... mmmm. n .IBai II I
r-T" .Vorf Sirir of pttrn.
Vf I-i-'i hJ: .". t ai I Fin -rcx
ta. lOOtje auJ "-ce
Our old Si-rap liook, recently referred
to, yields our jrevlors auuthor treamiro in
tho following touohluK ballad of tho Aluxl
oun War. Ed. Faas Ph-h.
Alr-"Luoy Nual."
Twasa ploasHtitralui June evening
On tlio bauka of Touiiphkoo,
At.d the farewell rnya of unmet,
Tingod each lofty forest trooj
The hoavy ahadows fu'leu low,
In their sombre beauty lay,
As if ntonruing the dupat turo
Of the tranquil eiiinmor'a day t
Then was liK't upon the hilltops,
There was ditrkumui in the vain,
Save where the sky reflecting stream
Wound onward through the dale,
Whu I met wounded soldier,
Ohl a woary man was he!
Returning home to die upon
' The banks of Tennessee.
'We numbered. " said the warr i 1 1
With a melancholy pride,
Whilo he told his simple story,'
As I journeyed at his side,
"When our regiment departed,
For the fovmiin's distant laud,
Nine hundred gallant spirits,
A pick'd aud chosen baud,
Every arm was nerved to daring,
Aud each heart athirst for fame.
Hoped on his country's battle grounds,
To win a glorious namo j
Au bouor cheaply bought v ith blood,
Aro tho praises of the free,
The bold, tho sturdy plnulors,
On the banks of TuuneHsos.
''We hnd never thought of rapine,
As we wnutod not their gold,
For our fluids were wide and fertile
Aud our flocks were in tho fold;
Bat our country called for soldiers,
They told us she was wrong'd,
So we threw aside the ploughshare
And around her stuudurd tlirong'd,
. With willing hearts aud cheerfully,
As fathers such as ours
Will own no sous who fuller
When the cloud of buttlo lowers;
For war with them wns pnsttime
No danger would tbey floe!
Those brave old men who planted
Fimt the banks of Tennessee.
'You have doubtless heard the story
Of Palo Alto's day
Of Resaca de la Palnia
Aud tho siHo of M intaroyl
Buena Vista's bloody fray
. Of Corro Gordo's hoight!
Ou every field our roniment
Was foremost iu the tight
On cneh, ou all, our comrades fell
And died as bravo men die;
Our country, God and victory!
Thoir lulest battle cry.
Six hundred lio ou foreign shores,
The remr.aut cniuo with mo
A Had nnd wasted .band to uio, .
Upon the Teuuossuc,
'I plod my way. wok, wenry, worn,
Once more to nee its wave,
Beneath its forest brauehos groen,
To seek my early grave;
To see again the farm house roof,
Where I welcomed first the mom,
To gaze delighted on its fluids.
Green hoinp nud goldeu com,
' To moet again tha djar one's eyos,
Whosa smilo was vnlor's meed, ,
To hear my niothor's kindly voice,
My father's blessings plead,
Aud dying then in mine own land
Beneath some grassy lea,
They'll bnry tho patriot volunteor,
Upou the Tenunssee.
It is extremely dry here at this writing,
nnd Old Sol gets in bis work with a ven
geance. Last Saturday we had ft primary meeting
of Democrats to appoint delegates to a
county convention to ba held next Saturday
and continued the former delegates with the
same instructions as before, adding a prof
erouce for Wells Thompson for Congress.
The Wimberly Academy buildiug will be
completed ere this reaches your readers.
and Mr. fcuiory ungues, as ooss, auu air.
T. Wimberly, assistant, are dasorviug
much praisi aud the thnuks of tho com mini
itv for their inilofationblo aud untiring en
ergy iu sticking to the work to completion,
whether others anted or not xno nouso
speaks well for them, considering the lum
ber tney bad to uuiiu it, oui or, auu is orea-
tablo to the community.
The school trustees have been extremely
fortunate iu securing the servicca of Prof
Lyouv, a toachor of long aud tried experi
ence and untarnished repntion, to take
charge of the Accademy for the ensuing
year, under whoso managemeu) aud thor
ough instruction we predict for it a pros
perity not heretofore realized.
Board can be bad in gooa lamiues at
reasonable rates. Send in, your children
the first Monday in September without faiL
Don't let the drouth and short crops pro
vent the education of tho children. Edu
cation, nhvsical. tutellcctnnl ana moral.
is the paramount iutorest of the land.
R. Blanc.
St. Elmo.
St. Elmo, Ang. St, 1880.
Ed. Fbeb Press: The farmers in this
vicinity will make nothine scarcely at all.
We still have had no rius of any conse
quence. Wo were blessed with a little shower
three or four weeks ago. wLi.-h was most
too lute too le of any benefit to' anything.
Cotton is opening qnite rapidly, and some
of tha farmer4 are buaily picking now, but
ilo not tbiDk they will have a upembun
danct to pick, for it was ttt very short by
the long drouth.
ILird times, no money and no rain, is the
geuar.il cry, I believe; bnt our time will
come after awhile when it is too latex.
Mock wster is rapidly decreasing, wells
and ci4rns are alo failing, if it duos not
rain what w ill wo do?
Grows is drying np and cattle will soon
have nothing to est. Hum ttavo born feed
ing tL!r cows ff twi or threo months.
I rti. bow warm: Tr tb vooavier
JfctTol.ll' in tho bid ti-rly. Aluvast
VVr "rVX.lVwVa'oo. vi.it to'should I WWd in every town aodW the loader in the probation of
hi- it. Miw. !. . U reHurod to hie i the at ite. Lnmliatcly a.ft-r waloon cp. shot an I instancy
b.iT.e t KtepVs !. to y mt.r l tis c-.k crjzatjon tbey rvvc-d rK!"ron retv killod last evening while croeusing
of s.Tmi- r. bi b rin rrtr.ro od yi Out thT wonl l not Acrrpt Water itwt at the corner or Pot.rth.
TZttZ&l enrvany orve cal'.. frou, Thgj n clew
pawrrel'VLf. BiiT jw. j MM who dnr.kj ne, of Ue crirnft, lwit there omt) o ie
11. tym-rt '4 wbi L I rr evrv. fi-BO T ,n j,,., LaTw. DrT pirl no tlouM tint it grew oct or the war
BiwHeW- -r z-Tl tt-Jefto-t-'r oa , mXftAV ,n j-f-wi-e Whu xj UU'.y itsuoiabeJ on the o.!xns
cm r..-i prr-.Tr Kit i.i,, Sa Jlircoo? Mm Great txcitemeLt fTeTRilt.
wii !. U--U re -iprtt-mao o fi to '' e . i
weeks. Uro. Walker seems to be doing a
vast amount of good iu this vioiulty. Hit
teen ware baptised wek before Uet; ten or
twelve yeaterday (Sunday) afternoon.
Tho Mutbodial protracted meeting begins
tho first of September, at l'lratant Hill
I will close by saying, let us pray for
rain. Very respeotiuiiy,
St. Elmoitb.
For tho Fbeb Piut.
Ten Poluti.
There is no couutryon earth whore
younfF woiiiod siioaia do moro iuiij
. a a at
couscions of tho dignity of thoir ua
tare nnd position than here in onr
own AmcrieiL Tho fuct tliitt any
young girl bred and renred in this
broad commonwealth, however at
oludod and hninhlo her lot, nifty port-
aibly be raised to the high honor of
boing the wife of theohiof niugistrato
of tho nation, ougut to Btimalate all
healthful exertions towards obtaining
a thorough education.
Nearly every prosidontinl election
brings more or less of our country
men to the front, to fill official poni
tions, who have never before been
thus brought out Tho wives of these
men (it is to be honed that the ma
jority of thorn are married) raunttake
their places also in a different Rplicre
from that occupied in their homes in
the various state from which their
huBbaads have been called to assist
in moving tlio wheels and bearing
the responsibilities of our great gov.
ernmcut. Fit yourselves for such po
sitions, we say to you, girls of tho
present day. Hundrods of govern
ment officials imply hundrods of
wives. If theso women aro rightly
fitted for their positions, their influ
ence for good might be immense.
Let us have educated girls not
merely glossed over with superficial
accomplishments, but thoroughly in
formed and self-reliant, with n noble
ambition to develop their host pow
ers of body nnd mind, well trainod
physiques and well cultured intel
lects, in this day of opportunities, can
be attained to. by the masses oi
Americnn women, nud this is ono of
the glories of our free and enlight
ened goverumont.
Iu going through lifo with eyes
and heart open, wo soo this groatlaw
prevailing more generally than at first
glnuce would indicate. As wo loam
to look below tho surfaco of things,
we find through evory grade of hu
manity it is "ceutper cont", right
along. What we might suppose an
inequality, upon closer inspection
shows the true adjustment of the
principle, . "so much for so much".
Not but that there may be exceptional
cases to this rule, but this only
proves it truo in the main. No one,
after all, would be quite willing to
exchange his burden for that of an
other ; certainly not, when what this
change implies is understood. Each
ono is best adapted to the individual
bearing it, and to those who seem to
be more hardly pressed than some
others, there is more of strength to
bear, and more of the starry lights
gleaming through the shado ws and
clouds around them.
Mahy C. Billinob.
Hico, Texas.
Too Much Sweepiso. Tho advisa
bility of giving every apartment a
vicrorous "broom cleuuiug" nt loast
once a week has been so strenuously
insisted upon by some notable house
keepers that it has by many been
converted into on imperative duty.
But lookine at tho mutter in an un
prejudiced light, one cannot clearly
6430 why a drawing-room inhabited
perhaps only a few hours of the af
ternoon and ovening, or an unoccu
pied guest-chamber, Hhould require
tho same amount of purification de
manded by a sewing, sitting, or din-intr-room.
The dust-pan and brush
are labor-saving machines that do not
receive due appreciation. By their
aid in removing a littlo dust here and
a littlo there, the business of sweep
ing a wholo room may be deferred at
time, when at the first glance any
thing lefcs than a complete ronting
ont of furnituro and dirt together
wonld axsem impossible. Marion liar
land. The yonni Ulis of Glrn I.k
Texas have formed one of the ruot
powerful temperance soatioL wc;J. HvlJ:ll ptor oi iu Jie.aoa.ai
1. cbnrcu at this iilaca, ana who bat
SUB gU'"" t uu -
f From Our Bngtihtr Corraxpoudent
Wasiukoton, Ang. G, 1880.'
The Pobtofflco department will in
a few days issuo a circular of inslrno
tiona to poBtmnstorj, which will en
tirely roinodel the present spooiol
rogulotions In regard to tho ton cent
stamp special delivery of letters. The
hill that Iiiib been puRRod by Oongross
in accordance with tho recommenda
tion of the PostmaBtor-Qoueral - in
stead of restricting this sorvico to of
Moot in towns of 4,000 inhabitants or
more extends it to every officii in tho
country and to all classes of mail mat
ter as woll as letters. The postmas
ters are to recoive eight conta for
each lottor and are to be allowed to
make what arrangoironts or contracts
they may desire to socuro the prompt
dulivory of this class of mail matter.
It will not be required that a force
of earrior boys should bo maintained.
This system of special delivery has
mot with muoh favor, and it vras
thought that if the restriotions to its
general introduction could be re
moved that it would grow in popular
tine. .
The trophies nnd prosonts of Gen
eral Grant, which wero jointly do
nated to tho government by Mr. Van-
derbilt and Mrs. Grant, are etill
storod in the War Departmenr.wboro
thev wero secreted whon thoy were
brought to this city by Col. Batch
of v
ellor a year and a half ago. In just
what room thoy aro stored is not
known, as publio knowledge of it
might necessitate a stridor watch
thun was desired. They wore placed
there pending a formal acceptance of
them by Congross, when they were
to be placed in the National Museum,
Congress has as yet taken no notion,
Mrs. Clovoland and her mother,
Mrs. Folsom. attended the First
Prosbyterian Church, of this city,
last Si'.nduy morning, and after the
sermon, which was delivered by the
nastor. Rov. Dr. Sunderland, tho
communion sorvice was ueia. xue
The announcement was made that
Mrs. Cleveland had been reocivod into
membership by lettor from tho Con
tral Presbytonan Church, of Buffalo,
N. Y. L.
Tlio Doctor's Telephone
A Boston physician was called ont
of a sound slumber the other nigut
to answer the tolephone.
" Hello! what is uT be asked, lit
tle pleased at the idea of leaving his
comfortable bod.
"Baby is crying, doctor. "What
shall I do?" came across tho wire.
" Oh, perhaps it s a pin, sugges
ted tho doctor, recocrnizmg the
voice of a young mother, nnd ono of
his patients.
" No, was tho reply j "l m euro it
can't bo that"
"Perhaps ho has the colic, re
turned tho doctor, with well simula
ted solicitude.
' No, I . don't think so," replied tho
anxious mother; "he does n't act in
that way."
" Then perhaps he s hungry, eaia
tha doctor, as a last resort
"Oh, I'll see," camo across tho
... , it mi. -
wire, ana tnen au wus sun. inn
doctor went back to bed. and was
soon aslcop again. About half an
hour afterward, he was again .await-
ened by tho violent ringing of tho
tolephone boll. Jumping out of bed
and placing tho rocoivor to bis ear, he
was cheered by tlio following mes
"You are right, doctor; baby was
In Self-Dcfense.
A young man had been arrested
for kissing a pretty girl, and she wos
on the witness stand.
You say," said tho attorney for
the defendant, '-that tho young man
kissed you against your will!"
"Yes, he did; nnd ho did it a dozen
times, too."
Well, now, is it not true that yoa
also kissod bim during the affray t"
Objected to; objection overruled.
"Now, answer ray question," con
tinued the attorney. Did you cot
kis the defendant also T"
"Yes. I did." replied the witness,
indignantly, bnt it was in aelf-de-fense."
Washington Critic.
X aiattr Klllrd.
Snirrx 1!itt. Ix. Aits?. 4 T.t,
- . ei a . a . t r a I 1 ' a
From tho Assembly Beacon.
W. CT. C' iy.
Thursday was act opart in tho calen
dar of the Assembly m W. a T. U.
Day. The day came clear and beau
tiful, and by 0 o'clock the great tab
ernacle wai beginning to smile with
bright young faces, and became
cheerful with musical voices. A
firatae meeting having bten appointed
or this hour, Mrs. M. M. Clardy,
after tho song, "What A Friend We
have in Jenn," road the Pbih, CGth,
& 100th Psalm and led in prayer. Af
ter the singing of the hymn,
"Precious Promise", and the Tem
peranco Doxology t
"Praia. Ood from whom all blessings flow,
Prutae him who heals tho drunkard's wq,
Praise Hint who loads tho Teinp'ronoe
rraiao Father, Ron and Holy Ghost",
The little ones,moro than 100 strong,
undor their bannor marked with the
motto, "Tremble, King Alcohol",
marched np the aisle and took their
seats in front A little temperance
song to the air, "In the Swoet Bye-and-Bye",
wns sung, and the follow
iug programme carried out :
Declamation 'Prohibition' Mat
tie MeKio.
Doclamation "Drive the Head"-
Gregg Wood.
Declamation "My Little Man"
Lottie Ilenniger.
Declamation Nothing butLoavcs"
Miss Mattio Ownby.
Song "When He Cometh".
Recitation "The Drink For You"
Gertrude Garth.
Beading "Ilate of the Bowl" by "
Miss Lulu Townsend.
" The Warrior's Song" by Willie
Ilenniger. -
"Nothing Yet Something" Miss
Hattie Poguos.
"The Temperanoe Chain" by 7
girls and 7 boys.
After a short recess, Miss Willie
Barbee, oor. seo'y of tho W. C. T. U.
of Tennessee, nddrossod tho audience
on the history of the W. 0. T. TJ. The
address was delivered in a clear, dis
tinct voice, nnd wns a comprehensive
statement of Alio history of this won
dorfnl movement.
Dr. Birboo, of Lockhart then
road by request an address from the
Union Signal: "Shall Women Keep
Silence in the Churches T" Some
disoussion on the subject was . then
had, and thore was a unanimous
opinion expressod to' the effect that
women should be heard in the
churches ;
Tho time haying arrived in the orv
der of exorcises, Mrs. Clardy an
nounced that -"Mothers' Meeting"
would bo held. . Mrs. Clardy's re
marks just here were very beautiful,
bringing out the duties of mothers
in their homes. After a short prryer
sorvioe, a few brief addresses . by
Christian workers, tho mooting ad
journed with the benediction. , .
A large audience greotea mo ind
ies and listened with marked atten
tion throughout
Tho mooting was called to order
by Mrs. Clardy. After singing a
hymn and a short praiso service,
Mrs. M. M. Clardy, took up tho sub
ject: 'W. O. T. U. Evangelistic
Work. This proved a compiote ana
highly interesting resume of the salr
ient points 'in the history of this
great work. The noble lady's refer
ence to "the White Cross Course of
Instruction" meant to rescuo the
young from the curse nnd bondage v
of evil thoughts produced a proiouna
impression upon all. All felt the
force of her logic nnd said Amen! to
her statements. Miss Willie Barbee
then delivered nn effective nddreBS
on "Scientific Temperance Instruc
tion in the Publio Schools. alio
lecturer very clearly showed that the
duty of instructing the young mind
in matters of temperance and hygiene
was equally important with that or
the teaching of morals and a love of
truth nnd justice. The interesting
lecturer referred with emphasis and
gratitudo to the recent legislative
triumph of the women in Washington
ivhon tho scientiuo instruction bill
passed Congress by a clear majority.
Judge Firiher being called on, then
spoke briefly to the subject of temper
ance work and reform, tie leit no
temperance work effective without
the grace of Christ
A brief discussion or tue suDieci:
"Institutes of Health and Heredity,"
followod, aud after announcements
concerning toe union Mgnai ana
other literature of the W. C T. U.t .
a few remarks on the planuif organi
zation, the order of business was fin
Mrs. Mosher was naked -by Mrs.
Clardy to give some account of local
work, with especial relerenoe to pn-
on visitation. nonoraDie mention.
watt then made of the work .of Mrs.
Lizzie D. Johnson, of Paris, for pris
oners. Announcement. AJjonrn-
The pain and mlaery axfferrd t j tboec wbo
arc tTictei with d japepals are mdecrfbable.
Tbe dietms f tb body Is eyjualVd or swr
poasrd by tbe cotif ualoa a&d tot-tore of tho
in In I, tLus trukltif Its victim safTrr dmt:
aSitti. TLe r:if hi-ti It pv ry
Howl's fraari;'.a baa rsua4 tbooaarxls UJ
be thankful fnr this greeU rardtrme. It dtr'j
tie eaeo ft fiyvprr'- as! tneves op the ii
gtsuv. organs. Try Bond's Raraipar;::

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