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Wily tiulra no you ""
rut iu jjtJiwJ i j"11 v w
Hi f
Will Jo Uxtar aouU iy vaiiaoriu,' kvWI
Vua rlJiiL vii lUru.J f ilb lit wra uf
Ilia fault !fe. I fall to dioovr
Wby aja'r l' Ilium tht It tmnk to iow.
Or hat wa'va to 4o with bi faiuHa U-
Ya plead. iur ou. "0r J.u.iuiia U law
ful. Ky wby lb liana, or wty an awfulr"
'1 bo y lain, wu niu my ui
Lvwc tli droJ iw.-cUou,-Uf1'rJ fur
r ....i.i t K. II.
Plliaia lraa lUark.
KuJJonly, on tk 84 lint.. ltb fnl.irwl
ill quirt, rrac-ful bum of our ilrar friei.iL
wWibura, J.M. "uJ lM 8 1'U, '
lakhitf fryw tbir fuJ iiibnM1 tbi-ir tlr
Uiik baby Imv, lou, liura J,oo. 3, IhtJl,
Kgml 8V nioutb. . . ,
How oW bow bur4 to H blu kI
Lul tb dvurMi hod goii forth, auj uultlivr
pliyaluiau'i .kill norloloutV tr availed
tu .lay tli nubia, mlrntliwa watulula.
but try, deatr friauda. In raiueiubor it in
ouly tue loni moiiaiur tyuu wj Vi
IWortug tli Kinti' iueau,e, " Kuffor littl
children iQruin tiut uin, and forl.ld tliuin
nut," Your iufaiit in iu lionvont Ho U
tbor, may wo Iiojhj, a au iunUlmit pf
youraolvra t
f Ooa iweat fluwr li dnmp'rl and faJuJ,
On art infant' voio liaa find.
Qua flr broar tli ut.ifo Iim badd,
Uv oa Vbjont uow ia di-ad.
But w foci rvlipf In wdiiona,
For our oU' Id i hry "ow'
It bM kunlt iu 9ul-fJt gladuwiM,
Wliere Uw bivl annul bow.
It U now whsr bnrp ar rluin
Tbrooab tb buly court aliot.
Aod it ailrory ryioo in niniriff
WiUi glii J iiriU byiuu of lore.
It I goo to haro Kforo un,
' UuHltiiruud wawit baud,
fulutlng to tb glorio'or n
' In that bnnpy, Ua'y 1"J.
Ju. avor watoh boT u,
Koop ux all from arrnr free.
Ob. alill gonrd, aud guido, aiid Ioto ua,
Till, liko it, wo go to Tbce.V
VtA'W Oak.
Laat Smxlay, wliilo t Jfr. T. f.
Hnilnop'B, llio great boy find carp
rnan, wb ia porbftpa better known
than any furninr in tlie Btuto, wo no
ticeil tb. ut bin win, ITitt, Hcomod to
boHkinuiuj; ofTuttbe bam!n. Mr 11.
pallod tbo little fellow to liim and
utiou-uil ii u luiw t.litt s!fin. oven on tho
paluia of biH linnda, was coining off in
JliikeB and u new akin appearing un
dorneiith. Ho explained Hint Kovoral
years ao the rbild whh badly poia
jonod with poihon oak, und every
spring be broke out nnd suffered
greatly. He Imd applied evisry known
remody to relievo tbo sufferer, and
employed pliyaieinns to attend him,
tut with no nyiiil. ."In fact," Mr.
Ijudsoupontinuod, "it so'eiued like to
go in sight of a poison oak vine
would canao tho eruptions to break
pnt afresh.' After trying everything
1ho, I read so inueh iu tho Uunnor
JVatchinun bo iniich about the S. S.
blood medieine that I doterminod
try that also, but in tint confess
that I lmd but littlo hope in it. But,
ita you toe, its anecoss has boon won
. jlerful. It lias driven every pnrticle
ol the poison out of my child's sys
tem, and is now putting a new skin
pQ him. Ho is thoroughly cured,
finoUhp J. S, S. did the good work.
I believe but it will drive any kiud
of poison from the blood, and its ef
fect on l)eVitt proves it. There are
ft great tnapy sufferers from poison
oak in the pouutry, and to such I can
knowingly recommend this great
pedicino. It not only effects n cer
tain cure, but Beems to put fresh life
into one."
' This is only one tho numerous en
dorsemonts of S. S. 8. which has
reached ns, and we publish it as in
formation to those who are suffering
jvith poison in their system, it mat
ters n.t from what source it conies.
This discovery in i agard to curing
ihe effects of poison oak is of great
jmportauce, as it gives a certain rem
edy for a most oommoii and aggra
vating affliction, for which no perma
nent relief had ever- een known, The
The S. S, H- is Mirtfti,1y tho king of
blood medicine, and is as harmless iib
itiHSolveut for the eradication of iru-
Eire blood from the system. Athens
anner-Watchman, Apr. 30.
For salo by all Ih nggists. Treat
ise on Blood and .Skin Diseases
mailed free. -
" The 'J$wirr Specikh: Co., Drawer 3.
Atlanta, Ua. New York, r,7 W. ?3d
Temperance Nolc.
The United SUtes national debt,
Jtunary 1. 187C, was $1,344,770,204.
The money Bpent for drink wouhl
Boon pay it
The American Modical Association
at its late session in St. Louis, rc-af
irioed its previous utterances con
cerning "tbo use and abuse of alco
iiol, and ita effects upon the lininin
ruce", and recommended temptrance
v blruetion in the public scIiooIb.
Once in a while R. O. Ingereoll,
nided by hia wondrrful command of
language, utters a sentiment worth
lrcfc rving, and here is no of them :
' "Hcae is a h!ue f.hnp. Ono man
in the shop it. always busily at wi;rk
during the day always industrious.
In Hie ev.uing he gics courting a
good, nice t;irl Tiu-re arc live oth
er uien in the shop who don't do any
such tiling. T'l.ey sp nd baU tlmir
frorking bonrs in ioufmg. mid the r
yrorking eretiiiigs in diijmti.in. Tii
firvl yonng man by and by cut oul
from these otlnrs, rod get lt
pn& shoe slore of Lis own. Tl n be
iurr I! if firL SKm bo i nbln to
l.ke bio wiTe oj to ride .f aQ
sing. Tl e nr.-Ji lx.r rs (rmr
- rrirmionk. - b mduV T
in tl. !nnp. t-Uit- t-.a nt i-I.!vii g
,.l,,4iti I t a ri.r.ti'.n tl.at
titer ia au -U-ni 1 ii iii'' a
imr and capt-
A tu U yiong bn.1 ou a jmu.IiiI ' Ui,
A waudi'ruirf nun bnm lt it,
Tb oulb wlnJ er.Mii.ing l"W wet tun,
'li bdi SklnuY to btwr ll.
A u Mu fliuib nn tb fliwnt' foe,
A tbnll tbroiigb ll b' rMii
A warturr ry- a bold. r tm. b -Awkil
tb bort of lb ruaa.
A firglrl fc. wilb bryw wberoon
Tli ilrmiu of youth lio liiiiK,
Ej Blb'l to riiu wilb iinim by,
Wbita lid, Uimtaluad by wroping.
A wblird wurd by a l"r britbd,
A Intuit", ew j'y fon luld
A b.-rt' wild t!iruli-nd ye uplift
Ablnjo wilb a woman' ml I
Hon Mnroo. Aug. , Issil.
Vincuar will olean tho mica in the
atovo doors.
Hoda ia excellent to purify dish
cloths nnd wiping towels.
RIjii'h nn runs and Bauccrs may be
removed by rubbing with ashes.
A New London oyster dealer has
invented ft dfoilgo wim wmou omr
fish, tho greatest enemies of tho oya
tor. can bo t-tken from a bod without
disturbing tho oyster.
Most Excellent.
J J. Atkins, Cbief of I'olioa, Knnivllle,
Toiin.. write: "My fumily and I am bono,
flfllnrie of your tmrnt exix llent inndlcine,
Dr. Kinn' Nnw Dincuvery forCoumiuptioiij
ImviiiK- found It to b? all Hint yon tluiiu for
ii, (w"iro to testify to IN virtuo. My frieuilM
in whom I Inive reeqiiiiiibudod it, pruiso il
nt f very opisirl unity. v
Ur. King' Now Dincovery for CmiHimip-
Hun I giinmutflud to cure Uoiigu, coins,
iim.,,.!.!!!. AMthmn. Croiin and ovory affec
tion of Tbront. ClioHt and T.uiik.
Triul Hottle Kreo at JUiynnuiK xianiei "
UriigStoro. Imtx hxo Ql.Mi W
It is expected that by tho first of
next month nil tho trndos in Chicago
which adopted tho eight hoiir system
will have returned to ton hours ns a
day's work.
Pr. J. H. Abels, provident of the Hntimta
Mwlicino Co., Little Itock, Ark., My: "I
Kuffiired with constipation and its aooompa
iiyitig b:Mln(!lien over two year. I took
Hepiituzone two day, nnd it did mo inoro
good than all other niedicinns I ever tried."
For wile in Kan Marco .y Itnynolda &
Daniel, in Kyle by J. N. Wbiitcuant It Co.
Sioux Tulls, D. T., boasts of a
church member who in ten years 1ms
uever neglected to drop a penny into
the contribution box each Christmas.
Don't fill the system with quiniuo, to
prnvont or euro Fever aud Auo. Ayer'n
Auo Cure is tho speciUu for this diitoiiHe,
and lcnvoi) no poiROtis to produce dizziness,
deafness, headache, or other disordiiw.
Throe thousand Chinamen will
leave Portland, Oregon, within two
months to work on tho Cascado
branch of the Northern Pacific
flucklcii's Arnica Salve.
Thr Hkst Hai.vk. In tho world for Cuts.
Ilrnises. Mores. ITIcors, Suit Hheinii, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chappml Hands, Chilblains, .
Corns, and all Skin Kruptions, niul posi-;
tively euro I'iles, or no pay rcipiirud. It is
giiarantuiid to xive perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 2! cents per box,
For sale by Haynolds A Daniel.
The Democratic Herald is tho
name of a now paper that has just
mndo its appeaiimco in Toledo.
tlim llllllinilfNI l- 'lin Hniumiii iuiiiiih ' M" -'-
pin Ktivt. ill, llirt'llKli Ntiwltm, Knoliallt'ii'a law.
M. .1 I I I f 1 1 1 nf n an-
aim him i iiutiirmni iii.uu.riT i.j .in-"...
ll 0- or Ilia niot.1 voinaitio annMiMuui, wn.un .-n-,
ti't-r. Intn Iim cnmpinillloil ol thai rl('fnt tulilo,
i. ...... a.t.u.iu.. i'..p.linl
One Norwegian ship in tho Gulf of
Mexico has lost- six out of twelve
men through yollow fever.
There is about $7 a gallon profit
on tho whisky sold at most of the At
ladtic City hotels.
Young, old, and middle aged, all experi
ence the wonderfully beuenVial effects of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Young children, suf
fering from soro eyes, sore ears, scald head,
or with any scrofulous taint, become
healthy nnd strou.' by the tuo of this tnodi
eiuo. Hit bottles, s S.
Jigg.irs, tho size of a lion, are kill
ing chickens in Putnam, Fla.
Often Indicates ih Tuitcctncnl of the digest,
he nnd asia.iliit!rc organs. Persons
ulllicted with this (IMitI.i cnmplnlnt
liiay be relit.rcd by the use of Ayer's Tills.
'I have lined Ayer's Tills for Headache,
to wlilii I nm predisposed, ami tin y in
varblilv reliew me of sll pain."' C.
ili! i-, Jliiueliestcr, K. H. .
"Ayer's Tills nrc the Lest remedy I ever
Used for the cure of Mi l; ll. ailaelie. Tliev
help me when all oilier remedies full.1'
Ida Skinner. :mi 'l'liirlccntli tt., ,
Washington. 1. ('.
'Ayer's Tills luvnriahly cure me of tho
headache." John Stell, (iermanloM u. Ta.
"1 have sulTered for years from Rick
Headache, aud huvv ucver found a remedy
Ayer's Pills
f-ir Mire and yprctlv r.'licf.' It. M. Coan,
K.sklurJ, III.
rnrPAiirp nv
Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co., Lowell. Ma.
SuU by all Druggist.
Tf .iv.ttii.r is..iiiitnriinn..K ur bed- '
- l -
spreads have i! -p )ls ou them, wi t
t. ... . 1 1 ...1. ...:.l. 1....I ..... n,,.l
Willi Ilil-l.ll.M, 111. SV.I.1I ll-.l-S n, ...... ni,
the, ril.se With elcr, r.l.l wat.'r
can tc ewito without THt ussor OHUM or Vo-'Hiaii
Th Jf-f.'af Je-vr TNiahesI o "t Lriia. aaya
an th June. lss imor : - Many fia.e
Kini b. tbe uaeof rraiivn r aa-jiie. fnaa
tar aw t4 tavw Gruf ato re-iK-f cat Neural-
r a .. m ar...., ... - - - I
uaesal Tcu. wa. whn h as alro.aa a aaiav
rr. it Li it au. vx4.irv
A.a.MtLUt.et, flusit t 1
lavrdi"i th Ka.ur Ci.
SocieUiry Biyanl, replying to J
Ireland IttUr in r.gar.l to i" i'"ir
dor of Francisco Jt isurw. by Maxu' in
..O.nialM. MMVS thtt sUto U-pfirtlUOl) t
and tho Ftitto States itiiuistfr at
.Mexico mo using all diligence w so
cure a prompt and thorough investi
gation of tin affair. Tho secrt tary
says the vuestiou of tbo guilt or in
of Rasurea has no bearing on
tho cjso, for, as u resident of Texas,
lUsure was tntitleil to the prouo
tioii of its laws while within its juris
Psr Hro. Mmk. TA. "Tho Conlml
Melliodist." Cntleltsburg. Ky. I o In the
last "t'utrl" tlil you sant a yomedy fr
ick liolcne. ir yoo win w rn.-.7
thnt vou dvrli iu your jpr vory
wuek, I ni ur you will 1 groatly lsn.
fltnd thoret.y Mud, I beliove, cured . I bv
been a ullerer from sick liesihu lie. I can
lay alnumt from infauoy, and bavo tried
.vary euily I could get, and never found
in y th in (J to do in nuy giMxl nntil I ned
Vimmous IJTir llugulator, prMred by J.
i '..lit,, A i'n. I fcul for iiuv ou that
suffer with that terrible diHoaso, aud I boie
you will giv it a trial.
C. S. Moiihis, Ilrowusvi.le, ..
Hoda will clean un pain Led sinks,
tables and floors. liub soda and
ioixp on all grouse spots; wash with
hot water and behold tho results.
The proprietor of the Oreat Western
Poultry Yard, Mr. James E. (loodkey, Kt
liOiiis, Mo., is ontliUKiiiMtiii in hi praiso of
Itsd Ktar Connh Cure, wliiuh cured him
nftor all other remedies failed. He say It
neither constipate the bowels, uor cause
okk headache.
There tire said to bo C0.0OO Mor
mon coildren in Utah.
BMiTli'nIlii.BllnASi restore the npiietlie,
provent bllliiusiica anil ly-pcp;la, slmiutli
en the lyitem anil purify tho I 'd. and will
poaillvoly prevent clilll unit fe.er. One Lena
I a itoso. There are twenty d'Hiet In a bot
tle. Bold by druuiflitJ at 25 cunts per bottle.
A good cement lo fasten on lump
tops is melted alum, uso as soon as
multcd, ond lamp is ready for use as
soon ns the cement is cold.
Iron. PsAtmK. Manok and RnnATcnsi of
every kind rnrud in inimitoB by Wool
roiiii's Samtarv Ijotion. Use no othor.
This never Inils. Hold by fireijory & Law
hou, drugyistH, Kau Marcos. Oct. UIMy.
If gilt frames, when new, are cov
erod witli a coat of whito varnish, all
specks can ho wushod off with water
without barm.
Tho Trade Winds
An proilncd by Ihe illnrnl rrv ilullnii nf Uin nrlh,
ilrmlliiK Iriiin IU" iiorlli la 20" auuill ol Hit rc'i
tnr! an.l rallora lii.ll whb Jv Ihflr 'venl lain iliirn.
llr bnlnn lemppi.t loieil and wunt, ii prtiijiirtiva
ut a spumi!! ol rtyAt. r.r wu..k tnuy niinictm.i'ft un
not tnuch a h11 . ItnuiitlinK lionu'WHrH tlirn' fiddi. or
aea weftd ntlvi .villi ml tm (0 ptiell I). It, anil (iliprro
ih play ft tin K.uinpii, pr.iU, Imiii.a. mid llii
li rrllliel fliclil uf Hi" IMns M b ir-ini tlio Inllir.
Hiiw lunch t.inro .It'll -lurnl ihi-i' ninul II lie to uuido
th. liK'k ol iiinr lilliiiKTilly lulu tlm Innlf vi lii.lv of
IiokIiIi nut nf tlm In ml neat of ili."ii nnd nilfi-rhi)i.
ami mas.' Hf.i'-i niiun n pli'aiil Mijatrtl Yfn.m i'ti
ran bo elfieled Ity iialliK Ibn Uoin Sanative Cur
Hal Nnw cabbage is dolicions cooked
exactly as cmlifliwor itoamod and
served with u rich cream sauco.
A Myslcry.
How lb Imm.iti ny-tom ivir rtvover front the
bid fira'a of the nan-pout, mi'dlidni'a fili.'ii l.tpr
ally pi.u'PO l.tio tnr Ihp iippnrlre rull' t of d.
i..i.la. liver complaint, oiinslipitlluM, rlii'nniali"in
ami oile r allittt. Ms, l a nnulcry. Tlte nilnciiittf
donf br had mrdlolnes Is scarcely less than thai
ciiu-hiI bv dlfea-o If Ihtiv who arn wk. l.lll..i,
dyspt-pila, oitnxlpalfd or rliaunisilf, would nf i-'ier
be ntlldod by III. .'XparlHtci. o Invalids who bv
thoroiiKhly te.tml llnstotipr's Siomach Hnt.rs, thuy
would In every liilace nbialn the .peeillcn aid tle
rlvenbla front ralloinl inedicallon. This ntnlloine
Is a senrrhlnn and at Ihe same time a Ihoionirhlv
safe remedy, derived from vegetable aourc".. and
posrcsslriff, la conieqtieiiee o( lis basis uf pare spir
its, propertien as a ntedlclttal ailniulsnt nut lo lie
found In the Her)- local Miters and stimulants ..Hell
reported lo by tho debl'.llated, dyspeptic and lan
guid. Bar sonp should bo cut into square
pieces and put into a dry place, as it
lasts better after shrinking.
An Old Citizen of Atlanta, (ia.
Fly the recommendation nf l!ev. C. ). llvl. t
used Or Mdl. v'a Lemon Kllnlr lor a aevere citron
io ease of IndlKortliin. palpitation aud Irregular ac
tion of lln. hoart. with constipation and lilllotl.ness.
I also Buffered aretillv with r.tvel and srreat pains
in Ihe buck and kldlieys. milch ol the Ifme uttnlile
to aland alone. I was treated by many physicians
and ned many remedies, hill trot no relief. Or
Mnclev's Lemon Kllxlr alono has made a perfect
corn of all theoa dUea-es. I am nnw a well man.
Mr wife lias for inanv years suffered (trestli with
cooftlpa'lon and .Ick headaches from jvhlch .In
coul I koi no rolief. The Kllxlr has permanenily
cured her. A. C. A S NOLO, SI Klla street.
Atlanta. Oa,
Salt springled over anything that
is biirninjr on tho stove will provont
disagrceablo odor.
Wo rto not reenmmend " Ililo lleans " to euro
all tho Ills human nature Is heir to, but we
know they sre aiiiwrl.tr Iu every respect, as a
cathartic and corrector of tho liver, toiillls
and liquid liver rcjsnhilori One ' bean " l a
dose. They Uo not jsrlpe. sicken the stomach
or weaken tlio system. Try ill m em o and
y. iu will never be wiliiiuit llit lti. nll by driiil
Klts and medicine dealer. at itteents a bottle.
A true tost for eggs is to drop in
water; if tl.c large cud comes up they
are fresh.
In another column of this issue will be
found an entirely new and novel specimen
of atimc.tivo advert ntf. It is one of th"
ii. at.-st ever placed in our paper and we
think our re tilers will 1 w. U r. p-iid fT
I exalti'llilig the tu-pposrn dit'ln letters in
j tho adv. rti-s iiient of Prickly A-h Hitters.
A brush broom is just the thing to
clean horse radish g raters nnd silver.
. -r ...t;..A .! m wll
I VC IH'I 11 i-ui ----
,,ier,,-d w.tl. It rults: i upr..le all
...I... . n,!ln.l riirnTtistir r llie.li.-s.
,.,l.., - - ... .. -
S O. XV-r!,,.,.. M. IV. Mvgn.
II .
J r aisuv basw.ll.
rM T Uftlei. ra 1H ffaotelata T s
a.rl. tack aa4 Si ii"! llm as.
Thw m. aw. ha aav a4 iaa ss aaa o
Ma anSMl a-Oa la. S" raa.uis '
i av a. awsra, a. aJ. . iM.ii.asa. a.
nin Pi tociji rr
- U 111 aMai.M.ZV ATkla. aX iaX.2.
mmmmmm0mmt I -
Absolutely Pure.
irenita and wholeaonieaesa. Horn ec.iioiniiai
IS PUH'I'I udvv "- - ,
than tl.a ordinary kiuds, andaaonoi oe soil incom
petition wilb iba mullllutUol low las., shod w.lshl
' i ....... h... ..,.,i.ra Sold only In cam.
horL Ssatso Cowuaa On , UK Wall St., H. T.
Tho Studenti' I'nion.
"Tho Sun Marcos Students' Union"
is one of tho iuatitutious of Tcxiib.
uim is to foster popular education,
and opon tho way of every young
man aud woman to witlor knowledge
of liter.ituro and general learning. It
It brinsa school work to the cottage
and workshop, muk.ng Btudy easy
and delightful. The past year, tho"
the first year of pur existence, lias
been one of signal suceosa. Unions
bavo been formed not only in Texas,
but in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mis
uuu mm. The '2Hl l of AliLMlbt is the
anniversary of the Stutlonts' Union
ut the Assembly, ana will uo uppro-
, , t... ......1
prniioiy ceicuiut,ut.i.
All Old Citizen Speaks.
tr .T Uf. Kurria. nn old resident of
!.,... fin iinii ilmt La Imil been badlv
troubled with Kiduoy Coiiiplaiut for a great
liiauy years and with Kckuiiih for llireo
years; ut times could saircely wall: and bud
trlotl many remedies without benefit, iibt 1
i.n 1....M.,, i.iUijur Kleetiiit Hitlers and an
d 1 - .. . . - f, - , , ,
nointiiig his hands and feet with l.ii'iileii a
Ariix a Salvo, ihtu Uciiimeui iiuoruuii unit
(,-rent relief and he strongly rocoinmcntls
l.'lni.lri., Kitten In nil who KlllIlT With Klll-
uey Coiiiplaints, or need a ltlood Purifier.
ISoid by Kay nolds Jt Daniel. (Jj
A hot stroiii? leinonado, takou at
bedtime, will break up a b id cold.
Tho nuiu-banisher is a cams applied to
,St. Jacobs Oil, by the mill ons who have
been cured of rhejiuatimn imd uouraiyia by
its use.
The Sunday School.
The Sunday School lies deep in
tho constitution of tho church. In
deed, it is integral in the "idea" of
Die church. No brighter beacou has
over been kindled upon tho towers of
tiiuo, than tho tires of Sunday School
z.sitl and enterprise. It. is meet, then,
that tlio Sunday School should be put
forward nnd exulted in this, our day.
Tho nittii w ho depreciates the Sunday
School overlooks the grandest force
at work in our civilization. "A little
child shall lead them".
The blood of man has much to do In shupltut bis
ac'..iisduiiiix bis pllijrhuago through this truiible
toni'j world. r.ierdlcs ol ihe amuuiit of present
or expuoiuiit innnoy In puckul, oi Hiorud away to
bank. It Is a concede! fuel ibal e appear m our
liliioil m'kot us, and Ihe purer the bluod, the Imp-
pier, healthior, prettier aud wiser we are; hence,
tba ofl-ropoand InterroKatory, "How la jour
boo.U" Willi pure streams ol lire-giving fluid
coursing Ibrongh our veins, bouuiliug through our
heart! and pluwitiv ihronjih our physical Irainea,
our morals become bctur, our coustiiutioita stron
ger, our iittcllfctti.il faculties more acute and
grander, and tneii, wonteu and chlldreu happier,
heallbier and inoro lovely
The tiuiirece.leiiU'd demand, Ibe unparalleled cur
ative powers, aud the unmUiakahle proof Iroui
those of uitlniituathuble eburiicler and integrity,
point wnh an unerring flui;er lo B. D. It , botanic
blood llaliu as lar Ibe best, the cheapest, tbo
quickest and the grandest and uiost powerful blond
remedy ever before known to mortal man, Iu Ibe
rebel aud poailtve cure of Scrofula, llheDnistl.-m,
9k, u Ulseuaoa, all tulnla ol blood pouou, Kldn-j-oomplaluts,
old ulcers and sores, caucers, catarrh,
elc. ,eic.
B. B. B. is onlj about three years old baby Iu
age, a glai.i In power but no remedy In America
can make or ever has made such w m ierful show
ing In Its nisglcal powers It curing and entirely
eradical'ng lha above complaints, and gigantic
.ale. in tho face ot trended opposition anJ would
be moneyed monopolists.
Letters from all poln'a where Introduced aro
pouring In upou us, speaking In Iu louden pral.e
owe aay lltey receive more benefll from one bo'.lle
of U. B. H. Il.au Ihe nave from twenty, Ihlrty aud
llfly and even one hundred botties ot a boasted do.
eoctiou ol Irert and noii-raeilloiual ioo.s aid
Orai'Cl.ea ot cumnion loresl trees. W; bold II
proof In black aud white, and we al'O bu:d t'.ic
Mrs. M- M. I'rl ue. livilgalSS West fair .treel
Atlanta, lla., bas been troubled f. r several months
wilb an nil form t.l catarrh, att-nded by a coplou,
and oft..ee dlliar,ce from both nostrils.
Her system lramr so a(T. cled and r.du ed that
s'i a r tiiiel la bed a' my bou for .m llroe
and lrcled the t.ei.ti . of lb e .by.lclana. and
4 a sia. n Woiilra of an ea.en.ively a Ivertl.ed
bload trwi-dr. .11 atlk'-at Ihe least ben-Ut.
flie Bnally e ansa-we.-d lie ase ol S. B. B wlib a
i der:l lw.pTareas.-nl at IW, uu SMI
j ilea bad Wa 4, sb was eirtlieljr tared ol all
sympiMWia af catarrh.
It n b'f aw apflt'a. ad Inrrease4 ker
etrei ib ra, Wlj. t'-4 I etieettelly r.wiaefc4 11
... ,k ai.4 fcea ls.ic W 4 Tar er
J tT.c.,-.a.
j ailauta. Jn W. !. relwraa.
j allafc .U-.s,n ...T a'. It- ra
a4 - n,....... .- s a-rf c-..-l.a
I r -. - I -a"-"".
1'. ::- . . W '. - .--1
, , w. i. -.x hv. t. t ' W.a ...
I l;. - V,- . 4-T al .--v .- !.'.. rr
' m, v- -. l'". ,
.. ail "V . r-e
JV'v.'.lis'l'.vii-r'.f 1!'V
- m . ' 1
H. - 1 ,.,.
- a-a. -m a. .
Aak Your Crocar for them,
i-i-n nt'O K "'oisial
isABK rua co it. iovm, mo.
Thts widely knoaa and iurtlr le.rl Mlrtrj.
baa at-4 f..r lifolt mora rlamla In tho out h
aod amaara, than aof know" ! AVi.JZ
VthrT baaauso II as. r.n r a.i waj '----' -
Aaa Houaanotu Namwur .
Rtmovri adl BUtona Uianrderj nd
Xmpnrltixa of tho Blivwt. Cnrjvo In
citloa3iUona CoUo & Conatlpatloil,
Aad as Its nana Irnplee, Hla an al-oluUly
D. M. i"ttAttSl
Iftliaio r7"7.Tiii4i hi ahlv aiuncUut It.
Williamson Truss
f ta- a.nd dlroet lo the Manufacturer fori
1 Circular und rru i.tst a
, 3310 Valnut St Nt. I.onla. Ho, ,
I d.lils are learrs, but those who write to
tinman k I'n .Portland. Malne.wlll receive
I free, full Information about work wliic:i
llicyeaudo.aud I'veal bome.lhat will pay
ihm from V, to oar day. Some have
earned orer l In a dnr etllisr rrl. yoona or on,. , .mni
not leoulrcd. Vol. are tar'etl bee. Tliorlin"larl stood)
are altsolulely sure of snug utile fortunes. All ia uew.
IM VKN IHIM send motlol or sketch of j.ur Inven.
lou, when I will make a careiul prellmlimiy cxeml
,nl rrnorl as In Dateltlaliilll V. wit h advice
circulars etc.. man r CHiaua .H bual'iicsa be'ore
U S. I'aleiu lllce attended to lor iiiit: Kiss.
..it. .,i .ml e.rii,-c. .et.t on aitnllcation. Ne
cliurge nnlesf I'stetil la secured.
J. It. LITTKLL, Wslihi(rtn,l. C.
Dirootlyotitiosito U. S. P.ttent Oltlce.
-.ivitvT.s. rdiuR mirk nd cni'Viiir.in'a
Olilaineil and all ulber hll.lno.. Ill the U. S. Fslelll
.llUce atton led to at KOIIKIIATK KKK8.
nu' nBlca Is oppo.liH the U. 1'iteni Ofln o ami
we can obtait: P'tleiits In le.s lime man tone re
.i.. front W tiilll.NCrON.
Send MOUKI. Oil ll!IAWvn, We ndvlea a. lo
tiateutubilliv ftee of cliatife j and we make NO
We r ler here Iu tho I'lt-tniusler, Ibe nupl. of
Monev Order Ulv,, ai.d lo filllctals ol be U.S. Tut
cm nfline. Kor circular, advice, term, and relet
oncee to actual clients ill jour own Stale or county
wr"e, . i.KVttr en..
Opposite Pateni Olllce. IVa.blugtun, I). C.
tWIMTCP!IOT,?T'I'IG::'.A,,lbl,l?"" ,"nWtte
tfnil s bWt:iositcuiLanii nit oi-ruruurs
in his snc-
ffl-W I
it;:.ri ii''Ci. ikiok.
ii n.i. i tnciianr
ninl Senlltnenl ol Even
Flowsr ind Shrub, 3000
dlirei'L'tii kinds. Also nil
the know. Ruleiof Flirta
tion uiili Glove, P.raul,
Hantikerchlel and Fi. Ii
iiitliemoit umilit. work
er Ibe kitul ever pub
IMleil. Semi Fifteen
'fiil!s In mumps for
a sample copy, also our
price lo iiirenls. Agents
wauled iverywkerfl. Au,
Tenth Street. P'til.d'a, Pa.
IMCRICAN PUS. Cn.,17 Hsrlb
ST THIS Sk'VliE kjllf
A Foil Set of
A f . n.-li ,nll IA.
KM tJircninr.
a- . HOWE CO..
;isa n. ota sc. phuu,, p
zmi m Av.. Mm
-'URE E:iiot.tifs-: Sick Hsa'-.clietnFoiirhoiir9.
Vi Oi.a note rollovis S. nriiuia, lhy cure no)
prevent Chills - f ,v-.r, S:.:r Stomach C-sil
fj'enth. Cler.r t'.o Skit, fent tl.a i;rves, and Istvj
Vigor ia tho syrlcir. fiosoi OKli lilJAN.
their once und yos v II! river be tvlthovt then.
-:ice, "B cenls per bulla. Sold by Druggists and
..otiioine tlcaler ecrerall-;. ient on rsselpt ol
oHcc In str.mps, posit i-i any tddress.
J. F. SMITH & CO.,
.'! - .. . .nifTS r.O.
can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,
riewtpsper Advartia.r.g Dureau,
IO Spruca Et, New York.
Vnd lOcta. for lOO-Paga Pamphlet.
Old XKvsr.ri.!c.s. f..r wrap
pin'' jvit'r. '2n- ' lb. ut tin's itE;-r.
SiH sli..n'... x e.it. n with nuts to
ni.l i1:cs.t:.n.
T ji l mi'k r.nl wtur elcin il
c"..th witlimit MV.
Manr n ppTurm UKtarrinjm-ith a full
l.itile lff.r tlKin. Apraptite pore! Ad
l.ititw cMr! I.ite?a)iirden!i What is.
tli matier? Tt:e? Livr hascf'a.v-d to
ri-v it.i r.rv.j'.T vorl:. Ti e life rhahr.Pi
at i,L"-l. r.'is'T!.u f-i;ds am
tT.n-TI ItflllS flats U' I'Va-l. I4 ! !l
...,M f-ettrownont. .v.MITIl Sl'.'LE
IKAN'S Tti.l n re' v F?:rnt;1t!K Lvp:
! ! Tl W -f i. a -1 i.i.i.'u -.
1 -.-a a'.-t lo I hrfatij fi?rav.
X ft
How LoBt'Jlo7 RotitoioJI
J..I aal .Ub.4. a a.w adi.taa Or Cal.eH .
Celeuaiea ., tM '
iTltr wa's.1 ..k.. l-v-.aa.ary aea. .-I
rwla,....uia Mai.(-. T, ! '
KlUs Vaisl nr.. uvl by all-Mi'f-.
".wlt.'.b't ibi. ad-.-sb av.
els..., !.- el'V ''
,. i '. Ib.t ike al.ra.i
...... i. . I , a ..ple. e.ial... awl , '
.a.o. of a bleb .v.., ...I.i.'. '
"edi.loa . . atay hms-ll rlaraflj. rtl.
Vr'nlS . ee'iureVhoald b k. band. .1 .very
yob k i4 ev. r l.. iu ike laid.
' s.t.l ad.r sr.l lo a uUIn af a.1-
dies., pl paid a ferrlpl ol lur eenls or IS.
(XHtaee stamps. Ad1raa
41 Alia St., Se Task, M.I.I laeloalc. o, 4i0.
Johns n's Cychpxdia.
Itc. at r1 or otrr tdO.OOO. Has
40 l tl..uid and 31 DrptM.
II Is ibe BltiiT, miX t Kll.X tn4 f AT.
Men wanted In every a ante Addresa
II Creai Junes HI , ew Tot.
A K II' .1 It VEll TifiSKA'TS.
EJaSGI-ES g;nn,nq.
Unal aeonoiairal an I durable. Ol.e.-xval In tbe
asarkei, qn.Uiy roiol.larxi. saw illia. . ssrss
aibl'llava. s'ldrr Jl.lla. lul I.. I. I'laint.
ftra Mttal etlataaatra iMf loutania ucs
rally, lend lor catalegue
rnnalvaiila Agrlculiaal Works, Yo.k, Pa.
HKI.lKVKa AT OMCK. Cures lulls ne.1 and weak
Kves In a few hours elves ItU i!. Tbe
Kaat Mrmear lo lha world for (rannlalrd lid.
Price aAcenln a bottle. Ask lor it. Have no other
U0 "Seven Spring, tlaaa.") HHI8T0L. TESN.
AUK Kail VIM t'lKST VlilH by fin-
U rlon llurlaesu, also coutaiiiing mucu vat
u ilile liiiornntllii'i. 4H nairebni k. Pe-.t on recelp
of 1-eent stamp by Heed a Carnrlck, Heroautilr
Kxchaliga Htd'x, N. Y.
Pllll'B OK
(, - ' l.co.t ol u.niii.faclu'lii and art
ver'l.li'R. Pamphlet with uew prko list ac it free
1,7 lllTIOIIAitl IIISO-4, lOKK, I' I.
A Great Medical Work on Matiuood, Nervons and
Phyricnl Debility, Premature Jecltne ""P' .f;
bluster! VilAlllv.'&c., &c, nnd the nntold nibwrle.
rcsultiris from mdlscretlons or "cease.; BOO lm
Jubatantiiilly bound in Rill, nrnslln. Contain, mora
lhanlWli.v-ulur.blo preacrlption., embrinSvnr
vccctablo remedy In tuc pburraawpn-la for ab auule
ind chronic disease. It l cmpha cally a book for
every man. Prl. e only $1. by nuill, pobtuaid, cou
ccnMin Plain ivnipper.
I I.MJTU " l- "-V" V. :. " -.1 fill da...
ipnSnow.nrfitt tula ont, wyou may never ree it
. ngiun. Addrc89
. a TA Tj AU II
4 BnlflncU itruet, JJoaton, Jlusa.
1 3Vt-3aXaI2kr Magazine
For law or tmu pn"it, mi wh. in niDpin nuuik
iwcarmcr cuminotwd. tuid ilic only aMOjuwiy mm nuo wi m
... BAT.LAHP oallkht, fironTiNU TAMn
Illustmlva Vovuiogvw, . iuaivuim
am, .,f hroad culture and elevated cnaranjor. s.?.''' i 'i"V"u 7., ....V.nl.i.. rnnue.
matlon apply to the Principal. BEV. UiSU. jsx.i.r.ai. . .
fralT.Pitt7kncM mailbd to ri
wTti-w tientB a large proTwrtfon
rr-mmm lieniae. lrKuinji.,w.
KACE.nf whom tnolr e. f nil treal
n.,,1 u.rn r.,.ty,TWl in hefllt.h t)V USO of
rSirA for
WoaknsM nndPhrnl nal Dewy lo Yoang or Mid-i
ji. a iM..w tfr-tm.A Iar VioVf. Voara In TTiar.T
Q It LCbou aUAWJAae) A tJDIeoaal awa atisjiav aw vwav w
thousand eases they abeolntely .restore prematurely
j ji t. i j,.M.. ..n 4Alia full .i invTn nt. fll
BiniU nu" ... ...'Ji. uvnu .wv . lift.
norfeotand fuU Manly BtrsnirUl and Vlnoroos i Health.
Uo those whr an tier from the many obeonre diseases
broaubtubont by Indlsoratton, Einosnre, Over-Brain
Work, or too free Indnlitenee, we ask thnt yoa .end ua
tnnr noma with statement of toot trouble, and oeoure
TBTATj PACKAGE FREE, with lllnst' d Pnmphlet e.
- v-
r:l:w-s:iZT. Vw.r.v,. nri vou will alwaya
puis. xiuw wu. --rr--ti o;rt in
free, eold eTerywhen
fchondan Coniiit.on
Powdor ia aDBomioo
pure and hiehly oon
oentrated. One ounce
la worth puad of
irfnr. It i4S
atolatlaa m art inint tn Lta,
be civan with food. ? T -
eo.daverywhere.oreentby mail for oeiU W
Sti cans by axpreaa, prepaid.
&t II
i?, 'c hiw froi no 0.!r
&7-(liiii. " eTViain rrrMVVT. .1 - ."a
r.TC in if IHJta
. f a-.in-
!.-. s;; l hia
r -- ?. !-n t''
Ba E9 TTTITSVIIilii. A.Jua..
ftrft. tissr ev
sari ra nsm BaEBBfl E Ris
i ... ,...-i: Hi. .."';" i.a.H. .ou. C...T.., -'" --- ft.. '. u. . k,.d .11 ;
t N Elrvs, IWV
-lit; Ir.t4. hi'tntirrirnfVrntriral. aa1 "nm Ita-e w-illy Wta tlx? nme. It rw1 Wrtl
..villi t ,n,r m the Is' tun .iit-tu in. rarlcT iriiKT. llimfc jurwtv-tuIlT a.w-fi aU afe t en--v
i - r .h.f.r-t r-ini.t J tto -wt ititr -f theyf tymfitrmt f iroi-m r. f n uny . tS-y thej CM M
- i I f I-. rm: v i .tt th: m - t S:ittr iift. In the umely irte arf B. A. Fhtvu.arfc, fnnii.tff. m t
1 - ... .1,. ar -:.' nrrn I it arvt wvr M in jhif rrcti-e. wl iA tlv- mVt trmrtrm U the r"
f i.ti t' ccs"-tTV t - t.. .i B'.it..nn a. r. in (v t. it afTff fa 11. It ha. frrwriitiT hrn r'" V
it,i.rwi -;tr. nt - "1-10 , l rt1w illr.. Urer . f" rn? rfrriutfftl aw. laWIi'M
,.-,. .. vi .T-t IV -1 II .4 I t -r 1 CT-TX ."- 4ia-f tf ,) awVa-e m naV laTB. f'l ,ne,l-WI
' r V ! i- - . X. V ' s n ' i litK f HNTii K . ICtU. lie MM aaAsil liuaci) AakU caffcfaallj' mCX tfcaA U-
A. I AUtrvr.aCK. I . BaoU cig cle.
w Fa ?.u.fT. Hwuti. M.i. i B r T5T' JlT"--
.- v , uv-( i-t r. re-r.-nt rm- I i mx f-Ta toe lor mmv -arv I hrr n r- t-
- I , . ; .jf rtl. J 7-- C-a s.f. y LKaJjv
' !.t .. --P. A Pihnestocit'sSofi A Co..
-'-.J rr.'sg-n.iM iii.j 1
va u. fJisn ia
la tltWI-
International j great fjoilhern
Can Take Their Choice of Routes,
Klik.r via Taylor ai d Ibe new
Mi via Ibo r. lmo. no tloua-rain at aoiiTtiaoo
Rtikwav. ClosoOunectimiaol l.ulo Unck (or all
Principal Cities In the Southeast.
la tbo Union Depot ol Si. Unit vllk KiproM
tralus o oil dltecilooe.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
lH-leen eAal AS TllHIrt, AU'Tlil, HOUHVOH
audO.I.VKIO.',andrlesnl flolal Cara between
SAN ANTONIO and ar. I.OUId, Without Change.
r Kor Tb kiU. Ratos, C , ipply Iu ny of Iho
Ticket Aiteuts, or to
H. P. 1IU0I1K8, Pssseaser A sent. Ilnnalna.
JJ. W. M(X'M.0l'(lll,
Ren. Psse. at llckel Am.. Iialiaa, Toiat.
H. Vt. HilXia, d Vloa Prea. St. Louie llo.
Kill A
'BtisItjpss Kncatlm.
.CoraiDBrcfal College "XZ&LZW-
VeUraJ BaalaZ. Kdaeatl.a. 0Me UrsM '
n, io l esiaenetnpioyOT. ' . T 7 ITT,; i
tnrludlnr Tallin.. Siallonarr an.l Bosid. OllO. kSart.
Ma.4, 1 'aea rlUsf and trt-esl.y apacUIOaa. jo Va.
M.HnL Vaue ll.w. Uradaab. flaaraaleat .- J
laina a LL the enriou., di.iilitli.l or iiaiuMtlet i wanlto know,
l't.lli.f .eri- ltueer.ltir a d vanish e ltll.rm9tlon.HK4LT,.,
llt ll TV aad IIAI'MXlsSarc pniui.Uil liy tl ndvlMwho
renyM-ir.y, alio not, ahvt Medical Aid, when nreerwrv,
orouabt h...ne 10 you. 40 Wea.l.rf.1 PK PKTI KK, Irua
to el'. VounK or old, married ..r.li.ele, .Ick or well.alinuld
"ad It. bent sealed by DH. WHITTlEH. b- LoujtjMo.
i r.mrkV PFRM.1HT;;T. CKTfAIM CL'E FC3
Vii?or or ievo-ojtnour.
Cnoaed by indiscretion,., eice- ,a, ..to ..''en""1'" J
da-'sOuroau-ually wiiL.n aiconlh No ';"-Ptle".
norbonckory. Po.ltlvo -m;,fs, full ilo.erlMnt.rnd
lolleT ufad.U-o iu plain st l"'",1';,lK,ri',. VT
EiilU Mi:01CAiiCO..J'.O.Uruworl.. Euua.o.M X-
Collesef Pliysicins r.nd Surgeons.
This school ft -re lo Uedlral Sindenl. nnsntpas.
ed clinical and oiber advantages. Send tor a cala
logu. to
UH. TUi)MA80PIK.TRAN. 1T0 S. Howard fircet
vvun pusiu riBMi ii -' ; , tian
na... ta.al.x.AkH klul-t'la lCa lBSOi
18 Inch Pulley, 1 10 Geared. J0
. li.l.. J un Afn'ahai,A
nititnts wantoil. t.lborut discounts for ctttli.
II. UUULKY tOUiJI., New Orlsaas, Lealalaaa.
Frlc-ce Ucdnced Mnrch J at, la .
For Slot ae Power. 14l.n.l '
Friction Ocnred Power PrH, lM.
Aollve aont. wtinted ovorywhera. . I.lb
eraldlieo,.,f..rb. M
Tj . New Orlcuna, LoiilalKna.
I as. ssllln. Knalncs aud llell. w !.' Iliaa ..r.
- --
Send for
Lltomt.ire.aelonce,T,an8uaco - Ancientand Modorn,
Thlrtyiitevontb Session lieslna Woilnosdny, Sepr
einber I, Iswt. A diMtirablnw lnnil for your ilaiiuble
In nil Di'iiKlinifllita or Keuuile Kilileiitiou. Supplied
with new Instriiinonts. fine Apparatus-, and a full
-Faculty, t'btirgea reusouuble. kor Latalonue. Hlld
ytuiuis, uppiy io
JONES, D. D. L. L. D., Predideut.
Avoid hc tmnocitlon ot preteotious rcmiA
diet for tncio irouD.cf, ana an iyaasKH
nnoaaomy aim ito dibou luoirTio-
CUIkED thoucandj, doei not lnterfcrfl
wlih aitentiun to buiincu, or cue pain
orlncnnvBDicnce in any way. Founded
cienuiw mcuicai prnicipici. uyoirn i
icftdonio tlte kvat ot disease Its snociflo
tmiinoU Altwlthnut dcliiT. Thenatuml
ftmMfnnanf thft human oruftnliiii restored. Th9
wutcdanlniarinB: element! of life are given back, the patl-nit
bccomci cheerful and rapidly gains botlt straniuoiad hoaUA
TREATMENT. ne Uonth, 83, Tvo Uoitf. Thr.e, W
BOOH IT. Tenth Btrect.BT.rouiH. wu.
b ttianKiui. w tvURw aTK n Sinn w r pntrn.
.tJiTnTiai. nr. I. a. junnou. ot,.. -
Nottung on Otrta
will msake heno U
i.te-A it It r-ftirca
ehioken eholerft ax.d
ail disease of fc:n i.
Ia worth ita w -iBtA
infold. IlluGtiatixi
book by mail tree.
r w. a 1-4 lb. air-tlMntttn oana, i: ba!l. bl..
i-maV' A DH-LB- JOH-BSON h CO Bo-UJ.
BI1, asX.asB
1SJT. It U now nearly sl-rtf
cau th,. rm. and re moa frrxtMer.il, ti rrHi.lt U
- i"r al I. tte-h. S""'1"-
5..0 PAGES lilurtiaiul. Ti. Umh ami Olll Binding, too.
i is
a. i -iJ rn -iiffTi-ia.
bv. Ja- m M awaB . ti s av
'aK.LJf Rtl la
tMflH il (TP"
t II II 31 VSWCaf V -'.
V U H N -sba"
ia aaaa t-aa bcfa a VoWJaa f'-
1 ilOSa. 11. HANDY. M. P.
Filt:tnn;vPL.S3!i Prcpriel:r3
TUs Best
. " "
1. TPSfca ey" TngT
T 1 '1
Ts. I

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