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Free Press,
T1IUU8PAY, APUH 81. 1887.
mrraiKO at tub rororvwu at a MAVooa,
Ona rear, in dnce , ,.... f'i 00
hi. M.ontlia. !' 1 00
rSZ?nt. MwJ
HWirni " , ' ,
or poauee dt oa. oampio oui'ioa u
Winui. noniMi k Mnu.
i . -
n mvTBTitiFRA.
m.. v 'iw rtMornlxHl bf Geo. p.
' KawfH Co., a Ahead aa aa
" " A ! Iln MmIIum.
Tba will knon adrertialup, aReucy of
wo.r.iwwiuwi.,uinw imivii,,....
ed an annual Newapaper Directory for
thirty yean, or mora, aud lit publiontiotw
UTbnBaoeraUy n -'u'bority
m to tl nattter of newnpaper clroulation.
In the regular kuN of the Directory they
bare lociuuea aii ma new.p-pen. puoiiui
In the United Bute, and Cauada. Quite
recently, howerer, tboy bare lamed a con.
AmA Hat It oirea nnlr the best newaoa
nera aa advertiaiua niediauia, and benoe ta
tmoticallv better, beoaoaa more oonreuient.
than obeijr larger Directory. Foar-flfthe of
the newspaper of the United Htotee are
practioally "counted out" bj intelligent ad
vertiaera, who only want to kuow the beet.
Henoa the yalue of the work nnder notice.
1'ba publUher in the preface well ay:
mtftrn lia ,tiaat rrnni the chaff. It di.
recU the attention of an advertiser toward
r i - ..I 1.1 Mnl. a vauA
papera wuicu n nuoum uu k'
and tend to intercept a portion of that pa
tronage which go to publication which
jooai Beeiij iu www w. i "
fit wbiob they pomeaa. It takoi the general
ground, that the bout i the cbenpent."
- We need eoarcoly aay that on this plan,
ihe Fbkb Pbcm i given by thi book (nee
page 158) aa the advertUing medium of Mau
Marco and Haye couuty, it bemg tht only
one en the UU. We ronpectfully invite the
attention of advertiser, bath at home and
abroad, to this fact.
Bptcla) Request.
In view of the pending Prohibition
pampaign, we would bo glad if our
trianAa wonlil send us the naiuos of
friends of the cause in all the adja
cent couuties, and in fact throughout
JVeBtern Texas, to whom we mny
send sample copies of the Free Press,
.which, from its antecedents and po
sition, should bo tbo organ of the
poyement in this part of the State,
here being no other so pronounced
n advocate of the cause in said re
gion. For the Catnpaiirn.
Tbo Free Pbebu, true to its nn
tcicedents for years past, will
do its utmost to secure tho triumph
of the Prohibition amendment at tho
election in August next For this
purpose, in order to extend ita circu
lation and influence, we will furnish
it for the campaign, oyer four months,
for only Fifty Cents. We. ask the
friends of the cause in Western Tex
A8 to come to ita aid by giving us
large lists of new subscribers at this
f ery Jow rate.
an Jacinto Day I
To-day bthfl anniversary of the
battle of San Jacipto, which made
Texas an independent Republic and
Afterwards a sovereign State of the
American Union. It is fitting to
jnote ft further fact or two in this con
nection. General Sam Houston led
in that battle and afterwards for many
years the civil government Under
'bis wise administration Texas grew
and prospered. But at last, because
,of bis devotion to the principles of
Jeffersonian and Jacksoninn Deaio
cracy in which be bad been reared, be
was' repudiated and humiliated by
ihe land for whicb he had done and
. . . . i
uuflored so mucn, ana leu w uie uu
, , .
All history affords no
-a. . . I
io a cloud
more clnriuc or shameful instance of
jmblic ingratitude. We believe tho
great mass of the people are heartily
ashamed of that act but Texas owes
it to tho memory of Sam Houston to
rtpidiate her condemnation as pub
licly aa Bbe once repudiated him.
The time is coming wUen it will be
But few papers, we notice, have
published the letter of Mr. Keagan
n full. It will bo found in our
present issue.
The Texas veterans meet to-day at
at Corsica n a. Tho railroads aro com
plained Of aa having acteu very suao-
by them in the way of tree trans-
A crreai deal is bein laid in Abe
newspapers as to tho practical work-
i t.. Q..m rv,mm Ia
it. aJministred by th commission.
Opinions difier widely ou the subject
Wo think it is yet too aoon to form a
jnt jadgmeut
The San Mara Free Pjir.se is not
one of the papers that cry boom,
boom, boom, when there is no bocm.
and are therefore not to be believed
. .. . . .... i i
wolf Galreaton Newa
Onr rr.lrr. wiU lesUfv tUt we
Lave come down, emphatically oo bo-
jroa booma, wbetbtr at Sa Mama J
r.i- Ti,- Ki, A "i c , i tli.t !
c.. v.....Jl f t1.o Tx-V
va, J
j)H V ---- - "
brt D.Uop and LiGrane raiUva.1
-not a a rwxxn, ont as a irv
The Xrti or a New Pablle
It is only too evident that the pub-
a a a a - t
no acuooi uuiiuincs aro in no boom
equal to requirements. Crowded to-
(Tuther aa are tha three hundred PU
nils t li a v am noneaaarilT denried of
many auvantngea oi ma acuuui room.
In the experiment of the first year
the old frame building was tolerated.
In the further experiment of the aeo-
ond year the city authorifio. felt only
many advantages of the school room
justiUod io eroctin an adilitionnl
Lima lnil.1.nn Roth iliMO build-
Idr are now crowded beyond their
?d the quoatioa of tha per
I mnnnnr-j of A uulilia aero 1 hnietasa
1 i j - r; - -
to beau experiment. It ta now plain
1 the Dart of wisdom to DroTide
I suitable school house for the bnn
Ureds of children who will yearly
knock at the doora of thnt institu.
Itinn tnr a.lmi ijinoA. Mavor Hard
il"M - - . J ,
I nd the members of the city oouncil
are conauiuringr toe quenuon oi dbt-
inff a $10,000 rock building erected
" "4 ' vu . " ' a ...
for this purpose, and the n atter will
coma before the city council at their
next meeting. The proposition is to
j interest bearing bonds so ar
. ... . .:, Mr.
V". ""-" -s .
tAin of the bonds will bo takon tip
Without frointr into fi era res, on the
urAHAnt ahnwinar nf Iai a!13 nrotlftrtv.
VUUH. HV D - i k '
a n .1 (It a lavaiila nrnnrtv will VOArlv
increase, these bonds can bo all can
celled in eleven years by money rais
ed from a tax of 12J cent, on the
hundred dollars. Let the bonds be
issued and the town reap the bone-
fita of such a school building.
We clip the above from the Cresset
of last week, not for the purpose of
criticising but of endorsing it We
do not hesitato to say that it is full
of truth and well expressed. And
"Seize upon Truth, wherever found,
Among our friuudu, anioug our foe,"
is our motto. It is true the Cresset
is rather a lato convert to the Free
Sohool cause, but we who fought for
it when to do so was to excite pre
judice and make bitter enmities, will
not quarrel with its later advocates
on that score. In fact we find en
couragement from tho Cresset's ad
mission, coming from such a source,
that "the question of the permanen
cy of a publio school has ceased to
bo an experiment from wuicn wuat
is further stated by the writer inevit
ably follows.
We will add that while wo have
not looked particulars into tho sub
ject we are told by one bettor post
ed that if a high school is made a de
partment of our public school, the
State will pay the principal of the same.
Also that with full accomodations
and attention we shall be in a posi
tion to claim a part of the Peabody
fund, and thus the proposed im
provement would bo commendable on
tho scoro of actual economy, ns well
as in all other respects. All the child
ren of the town would then receive
the most satisfactory instruction
.lnri'nrr tli full scholastic vear. Add
to this the bonefit it would prove in
attracting a good class of people to
our city and the consequent enhance
ment of property, and it seems to ns
W j.. "".-J " - I
there ought to be no question of the
... all
wisdom of erecting a public school
building os proposed. The present
o a a -
school buildings and property could
nf cnnrnA be sold and made to pay a
considerable portion of the debt.
We trust tho city council will tabo
prompt and fuvorablo action in this
Copious showers are reported from
Colorado City, Sulphur Springs, Jef
ferson, Tyler, Dublin, Fort Worth,
Lirapasas, Mullen, DeLeon, Cole
man, KoBse, McGregor, Melissa,
Waco, Brownwood, Marlin. We are
BKnwmllv nleased to learn of heavy
x j r- -
and protracted rains in Erath connty
. Ma I 1
where so mucn saiiering una oeeu i im
I T 1
ported from time to time by our cor
We are informed that the annual
meeting of the fire companies of the
State will take place at Temple, May
1 1th. Delegates should make ready
to attend.
Ed. Free Pbe? s t My absence of
nearly a year from Galveston has wit
nessed many changes. The great fire
of November, 1SS5 perhaps benefit
ted the city more than anything tlse
could possibly have done. Fine res-
dencca are to be seen on all sides on
the sites of what were before, wooJ-
en shanties. These gems of arehi-
. A
tecturai oeanty may couuveu j
tho hundred. Some vague .dea of
what tbey are may be bad when I
Uto the stone lone for one of these
residences cost over $30,000, and the
total cost of which when finished will
be over 200,000. The street oars run
on all the street now, consisting of
over twenty five mile, cf track.
The artesian well Las proved very
frb .ter having Un
, ... , .... .
found in snScitnt qnanUtiea at a
deptb of , feL TLe adl u chok
ei op at the bottom and it u uu
p js tie to ay nnUl it is cleactJ out
what the actaaj II -w will be. DonH-
tb:"ol7c the freh - rrob-
U - m in GalTctc It baric?
j JeoKwistraUU tbt fri w.5 ca be
it 1 1 . aa. m it I .nmlaa. I
iioun i - , -. (
I welli will bo sunk to furnish tho city
with fresh water.
Thia violnity ia also sofferiug from
the drouth. It has cot rained here
in many months, and all the cisterns
re dry. The artesian well cannot
be of much use at present, aa it ia
0r much use at present, as it is
it0llt0j Iomo two mile, from the
i :,,
city, and uuhl it connected with
the city by a .ystera of waterworks
cannot avail us tnuob.
The Qalvoston Air Line R. R.
promicrr to bo a good thing both for
tho town and for the whole State.
The company has been organized with
a capital of a half million dollars, one
half of which baa already been paid
in. It will iurnisu direct connec
tion with St Louis.
Two new fuctories are to be start
ed here soon, the capital for which
has already been paid in. One is the
Galveston Bagging and Twine Man
ufacturing Company. This company
purpose manufacturing enough bag
ging and twine to bale the whole cot
ton crop of Texas. It will be a great
thing for the State, as all the bag
ging etc., is now imported The
otbor enterprise is the Lone Star
Cracker Co. They purpose manu
facturing all the different kinds of
crackers made in the North, and
promise to sell at northern prices.
They expect to start on May 1st and
when it ia in operation the Texas
merchants will have no excuse for
sending north for these goods.
A remarkable revival of religion is
going on in the St. John's Methodist
church here, and many are being con
verted. Leading ministers of the
State are assisting and great good
is expected of it
The Ga'ivestion county Probibi-
tionists held their convention yester
day und organized. Saloon men now
expect to have a bitter fight from
theso determined men.
The Interstate rowing regatta
which is to take place here April 30th
and May 1st will be the finest of the
kind ever witnessed in the State.
All the world's champion's are enter
ed iu the races and are expected to
bo present
Easter Sunday was observed here
in all the churches. Special Easter
services were held in all the princi
pal churches which were beautifully
decorated with flowers, etc
The Beach hotel company are hav
ing a sea wall built in front ot tiieir
property, which fronts on the coast,
as a protection against overflows.
Notwithstanding the severe drouth
tho market is overflowed with a pio-
fusion of fresh vegetables, etc." Spring
has put ou her richest beauty, and
tho flowers present a lovely appear-
. i i i i
nnoa. Our lieavv nisrui aews nere
are all that keeps vegetation from
perishing. Rain is earnestly hoped
Since writinsr the above in refer
ence to the artesian well, I learn that
- .... ... l ,1 1
some ten additional wells are talked
and will donbtloss be Bunk for
factories here
The Ooera Gloss office was de
stroyed by fire -Wednesday night
More onon. J- J. Dirks.
Galveston, Texas, April 16th, 1887.
Card From John A. Howell.
Ed. Fbkb Pbess: I regret that duty to
myself impels me to solicit the use of your
columns to make a Btntement of facts to the
publio, that I may refute a slnnderons and
mnlicioas attack made upon me by the
editor of the Cresset, in issue of his
paper of Maivh 9th, in which he alleges
in effect thnt I had stolen away from Sau
Marco, Waving unpaid board bills, numer
ous and suudry debt bebiud.
While I have no dexire to enter into a
discussion or have any trouble with this
self-styled champion of publio aud private
right. I take this opportunity to deny and
denounce the whole affair a malicious and
ungeutlemauly. made with the evident In
teution of reflecting seriously upon tbe
character of one who never harmed him
either by word or action, and without re
gard for the fncts or a cause to provoke it,
and one. too, whose every step in life is
open to investigation, and who can estab
lish a good reputation for honesty, sobriety
and integrity as the aaid editor dure. Where
he obtained bis information that I was in
debt for board I am at a losa to know, but
whether he culled it from the poisoned lips
of some street gossiper. or incutwtM and
hatched it in hi own office it ia a falm-bood
all tbe aatne. Aud after a repeated effort to
induce him to retract he has added insult
to injury, by refusing my communication as
unlit for publication, and after agreeing np-
ma, I., .Ita. Iia ..4Mrt fi mnlnvin
ajU ui, --., . - " ' -1 - J . .- r, i
, . L V . - U .tm.m-jA I. . - .. I
nil Own moiling, . uc uro ivinjiu um a, ,
h nnro.nciniz the article referred to mak
ing hia comment won than the original
After m nenrnol interview with a nuniSer
nf Ik. HlAd tMkTIMitMl aMtitt.n.1 Of lLlf-
coa. I have failed to And a single individu
al, my civtliuir among oioera, who hit
dm. rued of my intention to defraud them
or veat board bills. I now tear the mat-
let before the pnblie to be decided upon it
merit. UuihilI am individually re-
rannikU tit J and HMO for ft failoT tO
estAhlith tbe trothf alnes of tht above.
For iv ht, truth and jnatioe.
Jcmi A. Howxxx.
8aa Marco. April 19, ltv7.
rraklkitiaa Xa Xtttiaf.
At KyW TUy aiglt ant. April 9fc.
Cora all. There will be intereMiac (peak
tn prwal V. A. retro,
Oaaty Coaamineenaa.
E)K Aprf 17.
FraSb4tia Xertiaaj at Wbatoriy.
All ho are fncsdly to tbe cue of Pro-
LilKtias are Lerrty reqxtl to at
vrisbrriy SUrcriHy the ak is.., for
tbe pCTjxwe of ore xtj Tor tbe
ratfcpatca. A faS atuoiaac a niCj
. B- ttrmLaatn.
Cdaurtnaa ComrntXX.
Rrataa ea rrohlbl(ioa-lll Reply te
the G.bb Committee.
I Delia J
PaLsaTiifa, Tlx., April. 8 l8T.-an0a-mcut
I am In receipt of yonr letter of the
4iu iunt, in which you advlaa we that a
largely attended meeting of prominent doin
ovrala from all part of the Utata waa held
at Au.tin on tbe SOth ultimo for lb purpoaa
of calling a State Convention, to meet at
Dalla on tb Brat Wednesday ia May, and
that inch a convention baa been called; that
IU object ia t ofold i 1 . To et forth dear,
ly and nure-ervedly tb time-bouored aud
uduring principle of the Democratic party
from Jefferaou, it founder, down to tha
preaent time. Then you define to ba "op
position to all forma of sumptuary leglU
Uon." you do m th honor to Invite ma to b
preaeot and addreM that convention, and
oall my attention to the radical change to b
engrafted on tL organio law of tb State
by tb adoption of tb prohibition amend,
uient. And you ugget that th magnitude
of tb issue forbids silence on th port of
very citiieu.
I fully appreciate tb honor impnea in
th invitation you eiteud mej but between
giving om attention to my private affairs,
lili li liwa luwn tnunh nealected of lata.
th keeping up of a correspondence which
ha become bardeusoni. aud the neoeasity
nl l,iatloallna anma nublia Question of
itnportauoe before tbe meeting of tha Fif
tieth Congres. it will not be practicable for
me to participate in tbe publio discussion of
this summer.
It I bad leiiura to engage In this diacu
ion, with all due respect for the opinions
you represent, I could not concur with tha
view expressed in your letter. While I
have heretofore felt constrained to oppose
prohibition because ita friend sought to
make it a political issue, and antagonize and
overthrow the Democratic party, that rea
son doe not now exist, aud I am not in
clined by speech or vote to countenance the
..-.ll- HAin,f 4n .Via elliiiff of intoxicfttina
liquors, M now practiced, or to give to thorn
the moral support oi puuuu upiuiuu w w.
protection of the State government
Th ifA Anmmnnittf UfA find TT1 All. OllOfl
IU orvij waaa""j " r
honored and respected, reduced to poverty,
... , .i - i l :
wrotcueanoss auu cusuuuur uj oj.uuiuB
their time and money in drinking saloons;
wium arflifrliAft ilnvn with frltif and sorrow
and want, and heart-broken and helpless
children growing up in Ignorance, beggary
and vice, because husbands and fathers uave
hean drunkards and vagabonds by patroniz
ing the driukiug saloons. Millions of dol
lars are invested in tms DusiueBa oi uiumu
wnat AmnknWia nnd iii nroducint? the deso
lation aud ruin of women aud children,
which, ir euipioyea iu ognuunuro, luauuiau
turing or couimorcial pursuits, and directed
U lima sml tnleiifU wraured iu thnSB
driuking-hou6C, would add untold millions
to the ageregnted weultn oi lue euue, nna
make as many thousands of happy families
a a, tmw nifilA micAmlile bMcansa this
money and time are given to the driukiug
aud seiuug oi iuioiicu tug uijuun.
The framers of oar State constitution.
i,ivi, mfflrAnca to these, evils, provided
that "the Legislature shall at its tirst session
. , .a . .
enact a law wuereuy me quoimeu vuumb w
any county, justioe's precinct, town or city,
by a majority vote, from time to time, may
determine whether the sale of intoxicating
liquors shall be prohibitod within tbe pre
scribed limits." It would be no great inno
vation upon this principle for tbe people of
the State to adopt a constitutional provision
declaring that "the manufacture, sale aud
exL-haugo of intoxicating liquors, excopt for
medical, mechanical aud scientific purposes,
is hereby prohibited in the State of Texas."
Tbe Stuto Democratic convention, which
n. ftnlvnutnn lniit Hummer, inserted in
au,a aaa - .
the platform of principles a declaration, in
substance, that a citizen might be a local
optionuit or a Prohibitionint and at the same
time be ft Democrat.
The present Legislature wisely aetermm
ed, in submitting the question of the adop
tion of the prohibition amendment by a vote
f iha i.pnnln that the election should be
held at a time when no other election is to
be held, in order that the people might pass
....m ti.A nnoatinn nnntnharrassed bv anv
i'UU .UU -
other political questions or elections, so that
the electiou snouia uo uuu-iu..oou.
Ticw of these facts, whitli all respect to tne
n. inctin and its committoee. I
iiiquiiu ,.V --- ' -
must express my regret that any effort was
made to maae a pariy quetmuu v uu
An T rorrrot tlint Democrats should
rnunimij " " - r. -
i- .A i.inniifv that errant And irnind historic
BOCA W " J B o i . ,
party with ihe fortunes and fate of whisky
There is a oroaa aiuerence uoiwoou iuwb
Uw,i. ;narf.M with InaitimatA trade aud
with such that would interfere with the pur
chase and sale of nocessary food, drink and
raiment, called sumptuary laws, aud laws
which have for their object the prevention
and punishment of crime and the preserva-
. . . 3 J A A T
Hon Ot pUOllC morals nuu ucccuujr. ami
thiuk it hardly just to the memory of Mr.
Jefferson to assume that he would not have
recognized this distinction.
I have during all the years of my raan
y.nnA haon a r)pmvrat of the straichtest
sect.andan earnest and enthusiastic disciple
of Thomas Jefferson, whom I regard as tbe
greatest political pnuosopuer ana siuimuiu
.laia xnnnin hna bvptv rjroduced. And I
woula be as far from desiring to see laws
.... ..... !1L
passed that would mienere wiin iue irco
dom of legitimate commerce, or which
..nM nnaartaka tn control the Dnrchase.
sale and use of necessary food, drink or ap-
i . t v. . t v -1 : A
parel a any one coma oe. um i oeueve t
to be the duty of the people, in a lawful
mntiTior in nrntect themselves and society
against the evils of tbe improper sale ai d
use of intoxicating liquors. If I have not
always so felt it has been in a great degree
because I was uuwilling to allow any out
side issue to subvert or cause the overthrow
of the Democratic party, whose principle I
KaIIava naoAosarv to the Denervation of our
free constitutional system of governmeuf.
We now have tne opponuni:y io proiuu.o
aaVaA. thrift and hAnnineaa withont en
dangering the success and perpetuation tf
i . ii r, . n . 3 .
tne principles ot sue iwuiwrnuu mv, uu
T am in fnvnr nf doins eot and I shall at the
coming election so vote, not because I be.
lieve Prohibition the niort effective remedy
which could be adopted for these evils, but
because in my judgment it iavor a policy
which will do much for the improvement cf
the condition of our people pecuniarily,
socially and morally, and toward placing
them on a higher and better plane of civili
...inn I hnn von will not consider it a
breach of propriety for me to make this
answer through an open letter, a I may
have no opportunity to state the reason for
the vote I shall give on this question. And
I beg to aaaure you. gentlemen, of my gre. t
respect for you individually and collectively
and of how much I regret that I have to
differ with yon in opinion on thia question.
With great recpect, very truly your.
Joint M. REaQAS.
To Men-. Barnett Gibb, R H. Harri-on.
W. B. Pag. Walter Greahara and John
II. Copeiani, Dallas, Tex, Committee.
Tbie week we bear tbe huh old
cry of
dr weatbr.
Mr. O Willlasje will Dot attempt to (tort
hia herd ot cattle esntil rain falU, o we are
informed hy Mr. Milea Willioma.
Mr. C a W eat brook Wfl Monday for
New Harrm. Coo . GalTeaton. Tel.
AU rTrt parting with "Charlie " Daring
hi tT hrr be La made many fnetvla.
asl all' wik bim a tfe jammtj terom tbe
fie Qt and F.alab R-m aceotapa
ied hr tlveir brotbrr Artbvr. rHursol to
Saa Mama Mnodar. w epeodiDft few
4ra aoKg tbeir trixit ul roUtifea ;b
tbe HiE. Bo-
If rsf ber4 rfl-e Hark. r pncarr
ul watrt narbiTis wX at bari t.n,- '
( Ma, e3 t tlw S-. Tr.ttxg c j
tU ilaaantxi prwcfT artewM io.
Dealer in
Boots, Shoes, Hats.
My Stock is Complete in all depart
ments, and I reBpectfully ask in
spection by tbe closest buyers.
Will guarantee satisfaction.
Farmers in need of Planters
should not fail to secure
tho CHAMPION for
which I am agent
The Champion
will pay
in one sea
son, in tho way of
Chopping Cotton alone.
Gratified for the liberal patronage
I have received from the people of
Hays and adjoiniug counties, I shall
endeavor to give satisfaction by fair
dealing with all. All goods marked
in plain figures.
opt i a i-A. 3sr ,
nd dealer In ill irradei of
A 11 finoiia icarranted an represent
ed all tcork to give satisfaction, or
money refunded.
VS AH goods sold as low if not lower than
can be bought elsewhere in Texas
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Send for76Page
Eatrayed by WiUUni TbotBaw before C.
S. Cot k Jaatice of tbe peacw Preciort No
One (1) Haye cownty. Tnu the fotlowinc
ctoclt. to-wit: One Kgbt twlored bar borar
abowt thrwc rnrm oU. ahnat 14 baads k'gb.
bru.1 I cm left bolJ.T, f pnieed mt
K itsra cy hoa4 Af -il . l-
Ju O. (iTTUaM.
frllwS Oe-k C C Hr Co.
g 1 i
Will be badly deceived, but they are not to bo Warned, for
Artifical Flowers aro true to nature. We have them in Silk
and Velvet nil of the latest style, both
Our Hats and Bonnets aro of the latest design. Mrs. Bell
spent two days in one of our Cities among the Millinery shops
taking dots before placing our orders iu the East for Hats.
Onr stock of
Is very large. We can suit any taste and price. Bear in mind
that we do not charge Milliner's prices but regular D AILEY
& BRO., Bargain prices. We can sell you a new Shape Hats
of good straw for 25 cents, wo know it is sold at 75 cents.-
Of latest design, of nice braid for 50 cents. That beats
paying $1 50 for it, don't it? Our stock of Ribbons is SIM
PLY IMMENSE. Our Hats will be opened Friday morning
at 10 o'clock.
And we are through. We can put you up a Hat, Dre68,
Fan, Gloves, Parasol, no6e and Handkerchief all. to match,
don't it stand to reason that we would sell it cheaper than if
j-ou had to go to a half dozen stores to be fitted up in what
you wanted? Yes, you 6ayl Well come and see us then.
Yours to please,
City Transfer Line,
Will attend to all calU In the llneol their vocation.
aWSpecial facilitlea for novlng Planoa and Or
gans TfO 'P1'1'
OFFICE: North. Side Public Square,
Mil a iWnrcos, ..... IV n
mm; ,
ED. CHEllSTIflfJ & GO.
Dealcn ta All Kite 1
White Pins Weatherbariing,
White Pins Beaded Ceiling
Lumber Dressed to Order.
Ofllce over Green's Dank,
Jan S-tr
E. L. THOMAS, Cabbieb.
First National Bank
OI' ,11 A II CUM.
Capital Stock Paid Up, $ 80,000.
Authorized Capital, 100,000.
A General Banking Butlneei. Collection, made
on all accessible pointa.
Aceouuts of Merchant, Farmere, Stockmen tod
others aoliclud.
). W. HcHKnon. Jai. G. BnnLnox.
UlMiTi Haidt. J. W. Naxca.
Ed. i. L. Gaaaic. JlrfSI'
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1 'So r o '3
rf. 1h r " Z, L-
n a
o? I" To
"C .2 2--'n o
1 J O ai
s o - a 'm o rX
. a! j T
s s a
ill Order Promptly rille
the Railroad . Deret.
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t, a X, S - is
Z. IS a - s g -gm

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