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"Prove All Things I Hold Fast that which Is Cood."
NO. 35u
The Fro Pre RecoiriilBert by (ico, P.
Howell Co.. m Ahrad an au
Advertising .Medium.
Tbe well kuovru advertising agoncy of
060.P.Kowoll 4 Co.,of New York City.have
issued au nnuiul Newspaper Directory for
thirty year or more, and these publications
have been geuerally reeoguiited m authority
M to the wottter of uespaper circulation.
Iu tuo regular issue of the Directory they
have luoludod all the iiewspupoin published
iu the United States aud Canada. Quite
recently, however, they have issued a con
densed lint It give only th btrt newspa
pers a advertising mediums, aud hence in
practically better, becauHe more couvenioiit,
than their larger Directory. Four-fifth of
tbe newspapera of the Uuited States are
practically "counted out" by intelligent ad
vertisers, who only want to know the bent.
Hoaco the value of the work under notice.
The publisher iu the preface well wiy:
"It sifts the wheat from thechnff. It di
reota the attention of au advertiser toward
paper which he should and ought to use,
and tends te intercept a portion of that pa
tronage which goes to publication which
cost greatly in oxcesa of any power to bene
fit which thoy possess. It takes the general
grouud, that the bent is the cheapest.!'
We ue.d soarcoly say that on this plan,
th9 Fbeb Pbess is givon by this book (see
page 158) as tlie advertising medium of Sau
Marcos aud Hays county, it beiug the only
,om on the Vt. We respectfully iuvite tbo
nttentiou of advortisers, bDth ut home and
Abroad, to this fact.
Legal aud Transient Advertisements will
.be charged One Dollar per square for tho
lirat insertion, and Fifty Cents per Bllua
for each additional iusertiou. A sqnaro is
the space of one inch. Fractional squares
will be counted as full squares.
Advertisements for threo months or more
will beoharged ut tho following rates :
No. of HquaffH.
One Bquare
Two squares
Three squares
One-fourth column
One-half column...
Oue colum ...
t12 00
JO 00
25 00 i
10 (Ml !
CO 00
100 00
Ynnrlv advertisers ullowed
the privilege
of quarterly change. ' '
Busiuoss C.trtlH, one inc h or loss, one year,
!jrt. Cards iu Biwiuess Directorj', ouo year,
Local and business uatices will bo Jiargod
ton cents per line each iusortion.
Advoriisomontsfor Schools, Churches and
Benovolent Societies, half rutes.
M trriage aud Obituary Notices, of over ten
Unas, charged as ad vcvtiRomeiits. -
i .tt r.A,i,lHlutts:. their replies and
tlioir circulars, and all notices of a personal ,
ictwra-.'ter, (if at all admissive into nr col-1
.m k .kovoAil att advortwemeutH.
:UlU!tsi. win wo u...,-" t
; ct-orfs mavk upon the paper indicates
that the tiins for which the subscription was
.li.iid has expired. ... .
, All ndvortisou'uuts aud snbscnptious rtue
du advance. . .
' Any of our friends would do us a spocial
favor by irivin? us the names of any per
Houawi'thiu tlnir knnwlodgfl who would bo
likely to subsuribo for the Free Thhhs. sO
.that we may send specimen copies to such
Our terms f or auunuuciug candidates are
..fl.- for stato aud district offices, for
toiinty offifes, and U for precinct and mu
nicipal. Terms, cash. ;
"general dieeotory.
Bod. W Moon-, of I'ttvette Couuly."4
8ttNAT08-2."TH niBTamr: .
Bon. W. H. BurKtu, .ol auaditlupe Co.
iiapiiasiciiTATiviia 91bt iflsrmoT:
TTnn. fipo. T Motieliee, of Uay Co.
J. T. KlMsoli, Ol unmw.ii vu.
OfSTUICT eolttT 2islO OlsTtllCT.
H. Telchmueller, Proniding Judge, LaG range
Bethany. Attorney, Austin Co.
.Ma nr HnLntNO dOntlT.
J. M
Havi. 1"t Mondaya in Match aud September. May
continue tUree ti-eelta.
oountv orricsttB.
Kd R. Kone, Judge Oount j Court.
Jaa. O. Burlcaon, Olst. aud County Clerk.
u u uur, At.. Countv Attorney.
Ju A. Wrott Sheriff. J. M. Turner Dt'puty
g. Cock, Juatice oi tuo nn.
a. Vaughn, ;,
C. Buhba, " '
. ttowe. " ; ;
B.Pattoron, County Treaaurer.
No. 1
" a
' 3
" 4
" 6
8. Fortaon, Attacsiior.
J... a rirmw HnrvAtnr.
W. I.. Owen Goru'r Precinct No. 1
K. V. Vaughn " " " a
H. C. HuUln. " " "3
vBter Schmiit. " " "
Y. L. Stuel, (JonUible precinct Mo. 1
J. . l-i . " " 'i
Jopp Benson, " " 3
5. K.Stone.
Timk or noi.nimi Cooiitt d I'bhoinot Couuth
County Court for Criminal, .Civil and Probate Uu
oesa th Mondaya ill January, Aiirll.July.Octo-
bCommliiilonerBCourt 2d Monday In February.
Hay, Auauat and November.
JuatiecCourt, i' reel not no. i w .
"precinct No.i 2d Friday In each month Mt.CltJ
4 4th sat. Dripping Spring.
towm orricKas.
Mayor Hammett Hardy.
Council-. D. Wood. 15 W. Donalson. fiid
Juhnaon. D.A. Glow. Kd. J. L. Oreen, P.J.C.
Brallh, Dan Holbelniand Kogcr bjree.
Harahal Wm. H. Lyell.
Bireot Commiiiioner J. W. Uanrortn.
Uoancil meew tbe Ural Tueaday in each montli.
Merchant.' Kcheng. mceta th flrat Friday
oliht in each monib,! tbe Vayor'a .Bce.
Public School Truatee meet ttr.t Mouday in each
month at the Maror'a oflice.
METHODIST. Preaching r tbo Methodist
Cbarcb erery Aabbalb, B. .H. H. Bl.. Paator.
Jlitnaaj SrUool at a ra. att Birt at 3 o'clock p in.
Prayer Meetintron Weone.daj. Tout an'a prey-.ct-nieelltiK
on Monday irbt.
BAPTIST. Preaching at tbe RaptUt Cborcb
Try Sonda. K. W.l- BererleT. Ptor.
aadaylkliol at'a. a. Ton ' P'ajer-
, 1 -i.ht ('.. nr-.i'.!wil:.l nr.l.r.
fctii. weduei.y ifhu I
PMtBTTtRlA!. Srnim lad aod 4tb ?anae
Htk BMtl. Ke R. Hrtn, pa'nr. ioaday '
aekool every aabbalb at t:M a. Prarer Heel-
li, every Ibanday at l:M p. m. All imited
CTIAX.-KMer J. J. Wllli... P.nor.i
dy Kcbe.1 a. a. A cardial iavttatwa e. ,
tBdod ta all
HlOTT.!rr fPt;OPAI.. Hev.lt. . Taller.
Paatar. Tve tbe tadaa 4'b Maeiji ia each
Matb. Panday cbaal every (aaday.
C ATBOUC erv 4tk f aadaj la each aatk.
tev. Fat
tbratife Panar.
1II.. I
ranvutt vtcmnKTiirnrr. i
Aaiia m-v at 7.''i a. aa.
aaa ill
Y . . m wtiA ?a a ma
, fraM a Aatvnta arrive at -;
a. aa. aad
I c'-a-e aiI a.ai aad C 1 p. a.
arr1va at 11 . cla at li 4a. P. M
aa.U arv.ve aad depart etly.
via ar.tiv paiTaiva Friday
A rrirea iMay a4 Itwrfif at
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avara aaraft.
le-1 al TWTvv f-w t t. Vtalf f . a -4 ta
I P- l.ttl P. M ern, 4 d-T. r 4 ama.aT.ua S
naW aa4 mm Pvv.1a at! i.'4.cata. "a
f-va.e. Tfct-rv ta.tva va af .T d -a rrvar a af
:te frac! aa
3 mos 0 mos 1
S OO Vi 00
HI 00 15 00
15 00 L'5 (10
25 00 40 00
4.) 00 w 00 1
North side l'laza.
cos. Southeast Comer Flaza.
f cimiDE & CALDWELL,
Att'v and
LVL Lani
Acrenta. Office over First Na-
tionul Biiuk, San Marcos.
T. BliOWN, Office over Green's Bank.
-- h. JULIAN, Judge Woou'B Kew jjuhu
.L. ing, Upstairs.
DH. J. H. COMBS, Judge Wood's New
Building, upstairs.
. CO., South side rublio
l'laza. '
D. J. L. GREEN, at the old stand of
Green &. Price, Southeast Corner Plaza.
JOHNSON "& JOHNSON, Mitchell Build-
ing, North side plaza.
BRO., Southwest Comer
, I Sign Painter.
S. M ACKIN, Over National Bank.
LEA YELL, South side Public Plaza.
& TAYLOR Eaot Side Plaza.
AU.UY t CO. , North side Plaza
SON, Northeast of Public
NANCE .fe BRO . near Southeast
eJ . C
Corner of Public Siruare.
-th side
EO. W. KNIGHT, East Side Plaza.
M. GIESEN, South side plaza.
MRS, RICHARDSON, between First:
National Bank Building aud Nuuce's 1
Furniture ritoie.
JJ W. McOEHEE, North Side Stjnare.
JR. PORTER, East Side tho Square.
ilill Ut WEST & flimUT
International; great Northern
Can Take ftieir Choice of Routes,
Oi via tbe r. Looia. lanv Mouktaiw A Squtniii
KaiLwar. CloMcimueciioiia at Little Rck for all
Principal Cities
in the Southeast.
' la tbe
Vuloa Depot at Rt. I.oait with Expreaa ;
tratoi io all directlooa. )
Pll TTi !i n Pals re Slpenin p-Cars
1 O
mll4l (J .VRarOX. and eUgaat Bolt Car belwee
AS ASTOMO aad T. LOU Id, Wltboat Cbange.
P Ticket.. E.t.a. arpl.t. a.y W tbe
1"'" " r
b. r. MKiLLorcir, '
Oe. Paaa. a Ticket Aft, Dallas Teiaa
OF Ntl Tl IH OH.
Lripital Taid l'p fSO.OOO.
Authorized Cop'tal, fi.0,000.
c. ml Sa"kit.r a.t.-e T-.-t-d. -eiaaata
af lenbaala, I'traaa miA Ialt4aal aolxritrd.
m tdlCCTUkt.
$. t. aTT-rcirrta. cr. T. xTorJiri
.ftltl.t . . I0l7rv.
i'; l
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Kh rnc.Nliral nttendttnee as our acc
tlt n airoitl, who failed utu-rly to ro
' More nte Ui the enjoyment of my
fnmr kui1 licalth. I then tried tho
fiivorlle preacrlptitin of one of tbe
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villc, Ky., hut to no purpose ; where
upon 1 was induced to try Niminona
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.v V itV lOUWnfiHJIHu
F at rirmtiiavaraarortb.and wbrrf la
ffi ft JS. t)"T them. Direction for Tmlnlna
Bi'?.'''A !JoaMlBreouiil''crra). Muled
Pl JLisfc v 1)1 nw. AinCnUl of !
H Zxt J. nrali'jinar Coodaj of afl kinda.
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.laiia ! la aaai
17 1 . mmnA Prnrtinl POI'Ij
BTKY HOOK. l'Mfpauieiq lai
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ot Dtarir 3 kiodj J Iola; or,p
ti mm of tlx trwdi: bow to BIul
L piar.a luc noulUT bwS tiilrmuoei
a ,i.Mt uut'a. ata v. here to O"
' bar
Li hu IroM alcM-k ot flJtO
M ut atttiuar. ti tur l Cm.
y If an. raaaxl thr HOOK OF f" AC; ft
f HIKl. liO paara. I IHaa.
L V A iraOona. bri, J M:lrrd pUlc.
IV . trd, i Hill aod an L I i a I P
LT-S aad tb-a-aara. Ham v. Vi4 ajd IS
aa A""7. A9 al Parroaa. Prv H
1A . 1 k hint, uvm MA Halloa K I
- rz - . . ...... k.
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nil, Suppreei.ed, or Irri-irularg
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goir I.IFI! irteat ullrlug and 3
gdaii;rr Mill be avoided. B
jzs -a O
1 & 1
M ,1 it'Ai.
m. ixi wo i h
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I - I ac--
ml. T.r.ITT r.f.SO V ', Aj-yta, A' jr.
4 fc '-'- rT t. t I vf-. fc - T . t '
c . - 'rj im 4 r- I-'
- . . lr. f . -4
I j i. nil aaa UlUi-lul4Mui L
Free Press.
ISAAC H. JULIAN. - - - Editor
Land-SU'alliigr In 'cw Mexico.
An article with tho above caption
in tbo Nortli American Review for
July, by Hon. Geo. W, Juliun, Sur
veyor General of that Territory, is
attracting a great deal of interest
and comment Now Mexico is in so
near proximity to Texas, as to be of
more than ordinary interest to pros
pective settlers and otuera, while the
frightful example which she offords
of the ravages of land monopoly and
fraud comes homo to a greater or
less degree to many other sections
of our country; so that we feol sure
our readers will bo gratified to learn
something of the "true inwardness"
of these matters as givon in tho ar
ticle. The entire article is too long
for our columns, but we propose
giving tho beginning aud concluding
parts, with such an outline of tho
body of it us will give some idea of
its remarkable revelations. It com
mences its follows :
In a letter from President Clove
land, d tted May 11, 18S5, lie asked
me if I would uccept tho office of
Governor ' or Surveyor Genenil of
New Mexico, and co operate with him
iu breaking up tho .'"rings" of that
Territory, stating th.it he considered
the latter position the more import
ant of the two. Tho qnostion was a
complete surprise to me, and my
strong inclination was to return a
prompt answer in tho negative. Iu
view of advancing years and failing
health, I had no desire to venture so
fur out on tho frontier, and engage
iuti vexatious struggle with the or
rrfrbized roguery that had so long
iiiHIotod Now Mexico. On coufering
with intelligent friends on the kuu-
ject, however, my impressions were
modified, itivl, attm- listening to iiioir
stories about the climate of Stnta
Fe and indulging in dream i of re
stored health, I finally answered tho
President iu tiia alhnii itivo. My
appointment as Surveyor General w is
rniuli! noon thereafter, nnd I entered
upon the duties of the oifloe on tho
22J of July.
All that I had heard about the cli
mate was true, but the half had not
been told me concerning the ravages
of land-stoaliug. In dealing with
this subject I shall confine myself in
the nresent urticle to tho single topic
of Spanish and Mexican land grants.
We find a summary of tho next
four or five pages of tho article in a
Into editorial nrticle in the Dallas
News, under the caption, "How the
Public Domain was Stolen," which
for convenience sake wo adopt and
copy below ;
In the July number of tho North
American Review Hon. George W.
uliim. Snrvevor-General of New
Mexico, gives in detail tho result of
part of his investigations into the
laud frauds perpetrated in that Ter
ritory while the Republican party
was in power. They show that nn-
iW t'over of nurtlv valid ami wholly
invalid Spanish aud Mexican grants,
and sometimes without any grant at
all, tho United States, through the
collusion of various officials, acting
in the interest of land speculators,
have boen defended of 9,000,000 of
acres. By tho treaty of Guadalupe
and the- laws of nation the United
States was bound to respect the title
nf till rrr.-inrs that were found Valiti
under the laws of Spain ana Mexico, j
Mr. Julian points out that the power!
givon by this government to the sor-j
veyor-genenl was so great as to be j
final and absolute, subject only to the ,
ultimate supervision of Lis rewards;
by congress. But congress, when it i
acted at all, acted in ignorance by .
accepting as true the reports of the
surveyor-general, 'ho speedily be
came the tool of peculators Hint had
bought these grants at low rate,
from the origiu d holders and their
descendants. Once in po.sser.sion the
speculators Kouht through the dep-:
uty surveyor and other L' .iUxl States
officials to extend tho fire of these t
grants through txtrav.tgtnt and
fraudulent survey. II- re arc a f?w
examples of what wan done: The
IVtk-rnilefl grant, altliong'i no pr of
of d gr.uit was ftboaru nor delivery
of poa-siJn fchoarn, was bi-c-d npon
an iinatiliieittiettod p:tpt-r deTbiug
a tract of 2-Vi.O'n oTts aa I altlioagii
the land asked for by te grantee was
a fcl p a mile in k-u?tis th butt-. yor-gfn-rl
approve 1 of the mte lrct
of 2-VVKl I acre. It L .nc Ixf-n
reserved by oonTi-s from aj-t'id
tttleiritit, Tij'4nilt irr:..t wt
f -vr - e-I't .! l.n 1 t i pi .fit a c rri
l.l,"b'it tlio r'-.i nitit-. -1 l-trh
mtp rcj.r-'rlt-t 21).;ll vik
1 lin-l i rt.'.ftfi fr-nn -tt-ij-it.
CmTjn ife ".nin. tri:. t
claimed, was stretched by the Bur-vevor-ceneral
to cover 472,000. An
honest survey would reduce the tract
to 24,000 acros or less. JNo recoru
of the so-called Estancia grant is
found in the Mexican archives, but
tho snrvoyor goncral approved of a
claim sot up to 415,030 acres. Tho
illegal Chaves grant callH for 17,712
acres. Tho surveyor geuoral increas
ed it to 243,030 acres. Those nro
but a few of tho numerous illustra
tions given of the corrupt methods
by which the government has beon
robbed of 9,000,000 acros of the pub
lio domain. The mon who, with tho
co-operation of the dishonest govern
ment officials, socur.od possession, of
this land still resist the efforts of tho
government to rogain possession of
it, and it has remained for a domo
cratia administration toinagurateand
carry on the work of reclaiming it
from thoir grasp.
The Review articlo goes on to
spocify twice as many othor similar
casos, which we have not space to
enumerate. It then procoods to show
that in tho casbs whore Congress lias
taken final action the state of things
is no bettor, and sums'it np as fol
lows :
Of the patontod and unpatonted
lands I have noticed, aggregating 8,-
G7i,9G5 acres, I think it will bo safe
to estimate that-at least one-half,
namely, 4,317,4S2 ucres, havo been
illegally devoted to private uses un
der invalid grants or unauthorized
Biirvev8. If to this sum I add tho
estimato before mcntionod of from
four to five million acres unlawfully
appropriated in casos pending be
fore Commissi an approximate) esti
mate will be rcachod coveriug about
9.000,000 acres of tho public domain
which nro now and for many years
past have been, in the grasp of men
who havo nsod and enjoyed tho land
for their own omolumont, and whoso
earnest prayer is to let alono in thou
iil-gotlen poscssions.
Tho article procoods to show that
Congress itself has beon "infliioucod"
to favor those gigantic land piracios,
and illustrates it by tho notorious
Maxwell crant where they surrend
ered to the rapacity of the monopo
licti 1,GC2,7G1 acres of tho public do
main on which hundreds of poor
men had settled in good ' faith and
made valuable improvements. It also
show up how the thieves controlled
tho General Land Ollico under Grant
and Hayes, and how Dorsey at the
same time came into possession of
his claim of nearly 600,000 acres by
forgery, tho grosost frauds and with
out tho shadow of leaal title. It
further shows that Dorsoy aud kind
red spirits have still a controlling
influence in the affairs of the
territory. In this connection we
cmoto the following sontenco in
which a great truth is well expressed:
To rob a man of his home is a
crime, second only to murder; nnd to
rob tho nation of its puhlo domitiu.
and thus abridge the opportunity of
landless men to acquire liotnes, is not
only a crime against society, but a
cruel mockery of tho poor.
Wo copy in full the lasi two and a
half pages of tho article :
What is the remedy for the evils I
have eudavorod to depict, nnd what
the hope of Now Mexico 1 The an
swer is already foreshadowed. In all
the cases in which continued and un
patented grants have been extended
by false and fraudulent surveys, a re-
survey should be made under the di
rection of the General Lund Ollice,
fixing the true boundary and urea.
In all tho cases in which patents to
confirmed grant have been procured.
by fraud, including lands not covered
by the confirmatory act of Congress,
suits to set asidu such patents should
bo instituted utider tho direction of
the Department of Juritice. Aud the
eriudiiijr oligarchy of land sharks,
whose operations have so long been
th hiiilit and paralvhis of the Terri-
o ft . ;
l I I t... ,...... !....!.. I ,.n.1 I
torj, Diluting uu i;iMii trit;fci;.j i uuiwt win.
it 'I'! : ...... l u r.
ovcrmruw u. lui. vuu .HIT w j
coinphsheJ by llie speetiy Htxl nnaij
adjudication of their pretended titles.
II jw n!iall this adjudication be so-j
cured? I he act of Congress ol July
22, 1S.L, expressly itiiKmea this duty
upon that body; but Congress utterly
refuses to lake any further action.
Mi. 1. an I havo shown, is unfit for,
mirk a wrvirr. Toe rroi'-ct of
Jvwd Coiiiu ifKion is c- i.illy futilo.
The act of Cougr- of ls."l, provid
ing such a com in ! ion fr California, ,
h lxn in upt.ratiin f'r thirty-ix
yearn, and from tit rty to f jrty caw
of coiitroTtiifd titie an I mmj are
ytt nndiap s-.l of. n-I now i n I.n !
in the Surveyor (k-ticiai'a ofli'-c, the
C uiral Lmd OJi'.-4, or t'ue coort. 1
The Ownrr.ie.MOTi wm Nnixrve.l of
in'.-n of ability nl char tcttr.linton.kr .
Ui iul gn n.fl J' tC8 of land tV.ii)g '
ijri-rti th rnjat fcUtmefu! rai-I op o
the jn ':! tl rtatm jrT iuil5 thr a!i
flrti-l--l gru.t an 1 frn it fir-t-.
U'ii a i Ln'ia t Mr. J rph a
1.l. i a aa'.jt.it.J c-vpy of lae Cii
fn a t. :) 1 l!r roian v in it al
Ijy. ? xu -.i-.I Itj3i t'.j Ouai.a-
sion to the Territorial courts would,
of itself, make tbo project utterly
abortive, sinco tho fact is well known
that theso courts are nlroady loaded
down with more work than thoy can
accomplish, and would bo obliged to
forego even an attempt to adjudicate
theso titles. To hope for their speedy
settlement throticrh such a protect is
simply preposterous, and its emphat
ic approval by tuo grant owners oi
the Territory is proof positive of the
Ennallv vain is tho bono of relief
through tho machinery of what is
kuowu as the Edmunds bill, which
has repeatedly passed tho Sotiato.and
as often beon disowned by the Uouso.
It refers those claims lor adjudication
to tho District Court of tho territory
iu whoso jurisdiction the lands "re
situated, with tho right of either
party to appeal from its decision
within six months to the Supromo
Court of tho territory, ond from Iho
decisiou of. that court within ouo
your to the Supromo Court of tho
United Statos, which is behind with
its work four or five years. In all
cases in which the judgment of tho
District Court shall be against the
United States, an appeal munt bo
taken to tho Territorial Supremo
Court, and also to tho Supromo Court
of the United States, unless the At
torney-General shall otherwise direct.
Tho cases are thus to be tried in
throe several courts, and it is pro
vided that iu all of them oral evidenco
shall bo heard, whilo iu tho two
lower tribunals it would be practical
ly impossible to try the cases at all,
by reason of thoir overburdened ter
ritorial business. Whilo such a
moasuro would certainly breed liti
gation and bo very acceptable to
lawyers, it could not fail to prove a
mere mockery of its professed pur
posojand it ought to bo entitled "an
act to postpone indefinitely tho set
tlement of all titles, to Spanish nnd
Mexican grants, and secure to thoir
cluiinants the unmolested occupancy
and use of tho samo."
Tn inv iiiilL'inent. what is obviously
wan tod is a simple enactment of Con
gress roferriug all those cases to the
Secretary of tho Interior for linal de
cision. They are nil on tho files of
the General . Land Ollice, including
duly certified copies of all tho papora
in each caso, tho evidence, both doc
umentary and oral, tho reports of tho
Surveyors-Genera), nnd tho supple
mentary reports recently submitted.
The questions of law and fact involv
ed are by no moans remarkably in
friontn nr ilittleult-lind thov are such
us tho officials of the Interior Depart
ment are accustomed to exaniiuo and
competent to decide. They involve
no rrrator interests than those
constantly adjudicated by tho houd
of that department, witu tuo uoip oi
his able legal advisers. Of course,
mistakes might bo mado in deciding
theso casos. No infallible tribunal
has yet been, devised for the settle
ment of lecral controversies. liiveu
our higher courts sometimes go as
tray; whilo 1 nave already suown
what a travesty of both justico and
law was tho action oT tho California
Commission, and that Congress, by
slipshod legislation in dealing witu
these mants. has surreuderod to
monopolists and thieves millions of
acres of the public domain. No such
results need bo apprehended from
tho Deiinrtraeut- of tho Interior. In
any event, there would bo ancttkment
of titles, which is tne paramount ae
nirn of nil food men. Tho nuthority
of Congress to do what is proposed
i.t- :t.. A..ti.
IS as unqHCBUOliauia uu tin utuiiui
to create a commission or to refer tho
ntmua tn Hid ROIU'ts. b lOllItl it b0
done, coupled with a statute of limi-
tation fixing a time within which new
V a. ... ...
claims sluill be presented or tuere-
fti:r be barred, the whole of theso
long ponding contests can4jo dispos
ed of within the limit of threo or four
years, and New Mexico will have a
nmv birth in the restitution of her
stolen domain and tho settlement of
her titles. Tho streum of settlers
now crossing the Territory in search
of homes on tho P.icitic will bo ar
rested by tlio new order of things
aud poured iuto her valleys und
plains. Small laud holders, thrifty
till ago, nnd compact settlements will
supersede great monopolies, slovenly
agriculture, and industrial stagna
tion. Tho infi ll of an intelligent
and enterprising population will in
kiiro the (h.-vcloiHucnt of the vast
mineral wealth of the Territory, as
well as tho settlement of her landa;
while the men who have so long rev-1
eled in their triniiijihant plunder, and
nro already troubled with "a fcarfal
lookini? to of indirment to come," will i
beol-hgud to t i'-c-b.uk Keats in the
temp'.e of ciTi!iztt:on which will be!
rt ire-1 npon the rain of the pist. j
Ail thi will come to pass if Cocgn,88(
will b'lt op-n the way. (
Grow.. W. Jclia. j
The income of Arrhbibop Corng
an i titnt-d at tO,OO0 a yer.
la 1 rr-rj frVi t aaj txrrf uc'j dlm
at-kc Ii-l--, If f- il'1'. to dtrrh-p
ter-n a. r-va rxm'umjAvm fca-ri rrtta
taaial dia-aar, K n-cjuint-t a romtilatiotial
rmr4j !:k Iluu4t rrrl. aita-k. at,
tor, Urrwrk ti kleut. rrar W rrrry avt ef
V yt-m. t fUr. a ratla-aJaiiJptrmanr
vrtot aiarrlk t t-n tu auoat mrvrrr fr-ona.
Uicoi- jt L Htx-IAt.Ua.M.Wrta.
Wlen dVit nr dill and IphiIimj,
A oil from tbo diHinnl street
The tii pest' uiurmtira dutolen
The full of piuuiing toot ;
When wild uumU nci.e tli ahnttef,
Aad aliake tli looapued pitt)e,
Aud die to ditrkuoiM uttur
Th druary day of raiu . .
Above ths uinttfull htenhngt
Aa o'or a troubled brtuwt,
Tlia old ohumh oran, pealing
Itn Jwilicbt hymn wf axt,
St'hrta forth a nientuRe holy .
UpOD Ilia nohhinrf air,
IHiMiUK tho tired hoiiI fully
Yield tip herself iu prayer.
Oil, thou I fituay Heavon
Home echo given relciwe,
Aud fiillH upou the even
A moment's pntiMn of peace,
An HouIh from diui St. Mury'e
Uuto tho liHteulnft ear,
Th atiloittn IienediotloH, ,
n ncceuts swent aud clour!
And when thowe miKoen fliiRent
Wnltnu the well-known aliordt),
For me nu old itpell linijont
In the fauiiliur words.
Itd'onlliiiK RiiRel whinpera
. From out the pant ttRittn,
Which die to alienee ouly
As dies the long nnieo.
And 0, 1 love to hoar It
That organ peal of pi-nine,
Whote uiUHio aootUen the spirit
On eves of HAddcwt luy,
When Ha who hushed the tumult
Of fur off Galileo,
Spenks to the reHtleHS boom,
As to a wny wnrd boa. .
On Holukukwoiit.
Seboitopol Itobtttlt. t
At the present rnpltl rate of rentoratlom
the lilctorlo ruins of Sebnstopol will in
another twelve inonthe have Riven plnc
to entirely now structures. Tbe popular
. tlon of SebaHtopol ten yenrs ago wns some
12,000; It ii now closely approaching
40,000. Thp.w figures BiifTlclently indicate
tho rapid development of the new city and
port which is destined to become the head
quarters of tbe powerful black sea fleet
now being created. It was in 1784 that
Sobostopol was fonnded by the Kussiuns
under a ukase of Catherlno II on the site
of the old Tarter settlement Akhtlnr;
but Nicholas was tbe first czar to Invest
the place with any importance as a naval
1 and military port.
After the eleven months siege during
, the Crimean war tlicre remained standing
1 intact only fourteen buildings. Subse
1 ciuently the government, with ft view to
' promote the commercial development of
tho port, granted an animal subsidy tQ
the city of, 70l,ouo rubles. This suiisitiy,
with railway communication with tho In
terior, gave a first and successful Impulse
to tho commercial port. Now, however,
the government 1b intent on making .
SebiiHfopol Its greatest southern navul
headquarters. It bus this great advan
tage over all other Crimean ports, that its
navigation Is never closed by ice. Last
year 13U British steamers entered and
loaded at Sebastopol. Hebastopol has
during recent years developed into a very
pleasant watering place, more especially
since the completion of the new marine
boulevard uud a number of bathing Insti
tutions. The yearly increasing number
of summer visitors and, tourists have
given rise to a numlicr of large, well
equipped and commodious hotels.r-Chl-
cugo Times.
A' Few Ueograpliloul Mote.
The Orinoco is being explored by $
French traveler, M. Chaffanjon, who has
already discovered numerous errors in ex
1st lug maps, and has mado extensive sclT
entitle collections. The United tstateg
fish cnminissioii 1b about to investigate
the fish bearing properties of the Kin
Sawa, or Illack Stream, of Japan, which,
crossing the Pacific in a high latitude, Is
said to mollify the temperature and ell
mate of Alaska and the Aleutian arcluV
pclago in much the same mapner as the
Ilritish climate is modified by the Gulf
Stream. Prof. Neuinayer; ol Hamburg,
anticipates that Antarctic explorations,
whoso great importance bo urges, will
show tliut the south pole was a center of
dispersion of nnimala and plants for tb
southern hemisphere, as the north pole 14
believed to have been for the northern.-
Arkunsaw Traveler, , .
Thief Arrested.
Tl, n.n ana l-ai-aivnii with tllB ntmOdt
uniifiu-tinti tiv tliannmmnmtv thni he hatl
terrorized; but the (trret of a diHense that
is stenlmg sway a loreu nnd rainea lire, i
an achievement thnt should inspire hearb
fult grutitnde. Chilliness, told extremities,
deprnsned spirits, and extremely miserable
aonaatitma, with itle, wan fenturea, are tha
rnanlia nf Hiiinnlered kidoeva and liver.
Arrest th ennse at once by taking Dr.
Fierce' (inldn aieclicai jJiacovery. it ia
vaiTAlnlila Hetpfltiva. that will ferret
nnt nnd catitnre tbe moat subtle lung or
blood disorder. Draggista.
Wm. D. ITowells is resting bis
brain by writing a new novel,
Henry James ia is London again!
after seven months in Italy.:
A Case of DeifuM Cured. ;
Offict at luav Baldaia'a Wbolaaala Katlaal
Uom. Talada. O , I)a 11. 1ST. i
r.J. Cbn Ca.. Tolaa. 0.-Daar Slra. aaa
tarra aaiiika aaa. aatlciac a I attar aadraaaa4 la fa
la a. L from Oaa. Slarla. la rateraaea to th rara
afkUaaa aytha aaa af lalfa Catarrh Cara, a
aarala4aclacaataiaacalha w af It tor aar
a.uaawr K.llla aoa Itmrumm yaara m)4, wha haa
haaa auffrrlaj Iraai catarrh far ataol alaht yrara.
aarii aralrh tlu aba aa. haaa traatel br aaa at
tWa kMt afcralmaa la tha all. Wa haa ila ttl4
tha aa af alaiaat all tha k a-a raatlillaa far catarrh
aith aa mmn ikcm thaa taaiaararf ralkL Maa
alchu hara a-a laa k. la hM hrr aaaath aaa
la kara hmt Iraat atraalla. Bar haariaf ha4 alaa
haeaaia aarlaa. WavrraafraM that aaa!4
atrar ri.aaar. W.karaaaw aat4 aa hattlia at
Iu.', C.raaaa C.aa. aa mm kallrra Vrltl la a
rauralf rarra. la a .' ara after caaawaaaia; taa
aw af l: aatlwa1 a aVtlar rbaara tor iha Wuar.
aaa mmi that nt toa aUa haa laaraa4, aatU
faBtjaW flM 9thM 9m9if mm dHa 0fl. KtM ttPtJ1
writ aa hV haarta la amlf faa4. W raaj
taat Iha 4mf jaaatlralt Maaaaa. W a-rM tkia
a.xia latirr. a'la that It aaa Taa, aa4
iliWl-it'ka.rlMtH I a
.(M.,. w.raa r.t. aa Ikat ivk a rar
mwmX4 m rm-n4 l a taw a'tar aattlu
ih ik. m i. 1 -a. Ian Mill aaia taa
li,. , M te- r.l. aa M am a kiM aa hat
ar-a a iwt I. aa ! i. Uf
Ma at a aai a . .. wara. trair.
B alt. V a.ir.ar:.
nm r-ait.a A.aaj iff).
ac.4 If prarra. '
; (
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