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Free Press.
"-Trg NEWS.
sain l 1VU
in M1IL
flolng South
Going Nortb i
11:65 A. M. and B:r.i.
Unt.' . mm
9:18 A.M. and 8.10 r. M
T. B. 4 H.
Arrives 8:40 a.m.
T..MM. . B.t6 p. m.
Tmn ronica for $8.60.
Inasmuch M many per deelr to wnd
copies ahroad, and by way of DooarR
inwtodiw.o(fertOiOopie. of the
FM Pes et ta.BU oasn in uvupb.
- i 1 1ia mlf
lnv time receive ooplee of the FRi
Muses, will pleas-understana met eyv
are eent simply M samples, "l")
I " . . .v.- .U. .MrMwad mST like it
VngK. fcTor u. with their enbeorip
tions. '
Holiday Books at the Bookstore.
Diaries for 1888 at the Bookstore.
BraoeleUatoost. Chastai Kktobi.
Elegant quenswar. bed room wt. at
If too want a present for any body go to
, Special bargains in tobacooes at
P. T. Talbot's.
Laundry soap by the box very cheap at
. H. Habdt A Co's.
Vnn ran find anvthintr von want in the
grocery line cheap" at H. Donahoo's.
Geo. W.Knight, Jeweler, east aide the
Plaza, San Marcos. nv89
Holiday goods for everybody at the
Wolf has fine new crop engar house
eyrup and enow white lard.
Carload Liverpool salt to arrive at
H. Habbt A Go's. .
Apples, oranges,
' at McAllister's.
lemons and cocoenuts
California and all other canned goods very
jow ,t MoAlMSTBB'S.
Candies and fire works for
Christmas at
Fresh oysters to-day at Vo Every's (late
Mrs. Hobiee's) restaurant
For anything in the dry goods or grocery
lino call at P- T. Talbot's.
Christmas Cards at
Senta'cians' headquarters at the
Hone made mince meat, a very smperior
article, at ' H. Ham k Go's.
Try one of Henisbiem's Belle Creole
Cigars at P- T. Talbot's.
.. Complete stock of Christmas candies at
The handsomest ChTntmas Cards in the
City, at The Boomobe.
Kew crop Louisiana nolaros and sugars,
t F. T. Talbot's.
A full line of Bchool Books at
Thb Bookhtobb.
T. J. Peel has on sale at cost the remnan
of the stock of 8. L, Pegue A Co., consist
ing of neckwear, etc.
Ia exiting about as . to your Christmas
presents, don't forget to call at
H. Habdt Co's.
The World Renowned Estey Organ.
On easy terms. Chabtaih k Knioht.
Young Amerioun cueeee. pickles, jellies
and canned goods at P. T. Talbot's.
Ton can get a really elegant set of cups
and saucers for only 75 cento by calling at
Habdt k Co's.
Cocoanuts, raisins, candies, oranges,
apples, eto., for Christmas, also a nice lot
of toys, at . T. J. Peel's.
Good Boaud and comfortable rooms by
Mrs. J. H. Gray. 309 Boledad street, Ban
Antonio, Texas.
Christmas oandies for the Million at as
tonishingly low prices, at
H. Habdt Co's.
At Thos. Taylor's you will find a full line
f choice family groceries as cheap as they
can be sold elsewhere. Call and see.
The Blue Front is now fully stocked up
with candies, nuts, fruits, ete., for Christ
mas, making a most attractive display of
choice and dainty commodities.
Don't forget the elegant
line of Christmas Cards at
BE ALL'S Drug Store.
For Sale.
- Near San Marcos, SO acres of land, about
10 in grant and balance In cultivation. En
quire at this office.
For Sale.
A splendid saddle horse,
single or double harness.
Bales stable, Ban Marcos.
well broken to
Enquire at Mr.
' After the 38th nf this month, I will close
my gallery. All who wish good photos
will call before that date.
dec8 St J. E. Cbapmam.
ty Beautiful CJiristmas
Cards at J. A. BEALL'S
See B Dailey at ones and have his bring
arouad a White Sewing Macaws as a Lbrurt
tnas present to wife or daughter. Opea
your heart now, that's the right thing.
If To want roar wife to rails a neole as
leoa as yoar ana era to wolfs and ret a
applj of that California trait at coat, a
some of that fmsh miaes meat, sad sraages
and apples sad benaaaa.
w". T. Coppio will remove ea the Bn of
Jaauary to the old Etprem on,- bwiloing.
waeca as iU k0 a faO baa of
aad other articles ia his Eos.
Thera will be a acting of theatork
aoidrrs 4 the Glow Xetineal Pak at ta
baaiag bo aa - taa aeeoad Taaaday af
iKtmrj aext for ti parpoae of rteracg
Vinjtun tat the aamiuy year.
Tbai H. Oixrraa, Carisar.
Grand Illumination!
Will be handsomely Illuminated every night during
the remainder of the present week. All are invited
to come and
Without and within.
All the leading sewing niaoblne needles,
oils and supplies sold oheap.
O . vailbx, oau jura
Dolls, doll oarriaaes, doll beds, drums,
wagons, horses, engines and toys of every
kind at the dooittobi
Mrs. Roblee baa sold out her restaurant
ana business to Mr. and Mrs. Van Every,
who have had experienoe in that line, and
willoontmue it on an exiargea scale, re
taining their late residence for their board
ers who may desire lodging.
For Gentlemen Only.
The winter is now opening in earnest and
W. Nance is still trying to unload his
overstock of oarnetina. If you know of
anything in the market that can afford more
solid comfort than a carpet buy that thing
and tbeu buy a carpet too.
Prunes, .
. Had Penoer.
Fine assortment of candies, California
canned fruits, fresh and cheap at
mb Something to gratify
event taste, fancy goods and
novelties, touei articles, go.
Read "A Call."
Stock Pasturage.
I can take stock to pasture on my ranch
in Gaudalupe county. Finest mesqmte
crass and plenty of water. Special rates
given on large nerds for the winter. Apply
to. K. li. ttAUD-DA-UEi.
BanMaroos. Nov.8-3ra.
The citizens of Snn Marcos and surround
ins? country are invited to call and make the
acquaintance or tue DC ijeonara noiei,
when tnev nave onsiness in oan Aniomo.
No where in Texas can nicer accommoda
tion, better fare, or more home comfort be
found, for !.) and 82.00 per day. We
have tried it and advise others to do the
We notice some very fine peach blow
vases, pluan aioums, piunu worn uuieu
and wax dolls at Dailey & Bro.. and were
surprised at the prices. We noticed a large
28-iuch wax doll at 60 cents, they certainly
sell them cheftD enoush. We notice in an
other column that they have xeducea tneir
prioe on many holiday goods.
Cliastain & Knight,
Ranresentine the lines of Jewelry and Mu
sio. bes leave to state to ino puoiio mat
they are well equipped to accommodate all
tantes in both departments of the business.
Without enma into particulars they renpect-
fnllv soliuit all who may desire anything in
thnir CTif-Rial Irnoa to call and examine their
stock before purchasing elsewhere. There
is no more inviting place at which to select
your hottday presents.
I hereby give official notice that I will
make my second grand entry into your
beautiful city on Tuesday Deo. 27. 1886, at
2:30 o'clock p. m. All merchants and
trdesmon are earnestly requested to sus
pend all burliness from 1 until 1 o'clock p.
m., in order that they may pay due obes
senoe to his majesty, and to allow my wil
ling servants to participate in the "Grand
Pro session," and all such obedient servants
to his Majesty are requested to be and ap
pear at the court house on Monday evening
Deo. 26, at 7 o'clock for the transaction of
imnortant business. I further request that
the servants of ye mayor see that the high
ways are kept clear of all venules save
those of your majesty.
Btbom w. Smith, .uavtd uombr,
Grand Mogul, Grand Scribe.
Wood or steel beam, riding or walking.
Our pony plow with extra point only f 6.00.
We also keep a stock of plow gear, bridles,
collars, hemes, chains, eto.
Desks, Albums, Dressing or
Card Cases, Scrap-books, Mu
sic Folios, Christmas Cards,
Miscellaneous Books, Gold
Pens and Pencils, Fine Soaps,
or Perfumeries, a good Lamp
or anything in our line come
and see us. Our prices, will
suit you and we take pleasure
in showing our goods.
viU bay oar best tic- and handle.
If vou wish to make
few or many, cheap or cost
ly presents, prices uniform
ly low on all goods. All
visitors are verjf welcome
whether they buy or not.
YOU SlRfe:
Make yoar wife a aica preem! af a s of thaa the pad rtaair, aad waoa stecaa "P" .n mu h ra.p j I om til oat U
Baa pUted knives aad forks aad spoons ar the deak ar writicg-taUe tha entire aarfaca ' jtl,9mti betweea taa artaal farta aad tha
a set of carvers. Hold by I of tha dU ia broaht drpcOy, aad Uft ' grtm rrtfxnm nop c4 tke callow or-
Q. W. DOSAL805 k CO. eo(MUatl. txfora nK taiAiag date l-t -ha i i-d aba-e was .4. aad sa-
7 .'.rifOZ - tf.r!f, 'look- .niJUthePoh TTe,,, u. poor
popular teUcUon, SOJlS faC- 9tetmt Co-paay. Baton, M. tJ. at4 L
tnmi nrices. Christmas luw . .j -i-.i.waiiMiat - want -
dis pux v of bargains m use-
ana ornamema ur i
Lead "A CalL"
Ws learn that that deleotibls' disorder,
the mumps, is becoming prevalent
The coldest spell of the season set in on
Tuesday night Mercury stood 26 0 yes
Ton will not be apt to overlook the new
advertisement of Dailey k Bro., so wo need
scarcely call you attentiou to it.
We saw a splendid beef, "as fat as but-
ter," brought in to the Williamson corner
meat market on yesterday. It was entirely
grass fed on Elder Driskill's pasture.
Postmaster MoMeans asks as to publish
his request to all to callttnd get their mail
on Saturday, as the office will be removed
forthwith after that date. Hs expects to
celebrate the holidays by a removal, as he
did last year.
The Ladies Aid Society of the Baptist
Churoli will give an oyster supper at the
court house, on Tuesday Deo. 27, for the
purpose of raising money to improve their
churoh. All are invited to attend. The
Sir Knights and their ladies are espeoial(y
There was an alarm of fire on Tuesday
moral ng in consequence of a blaze which
originated from some asbea einpteJ in tha
rear of the bookstore of Smith & Co. With
a strong wind from the north, had it not
been immediately discovered the conse
quence would probably nave bseu most
disastrous. A timely warning.
The Scientifio American, refered to in an
other column, under the heading of "Pat
ents," is the very best publication in this
country for those interested in soienoe, en
gineers, mechanic, inventions, eto. A
oopy of the Soienli&o American may be seen
at the office of this paper, where subscrip
tions will be received.
The new Hofhaiur Hotel is Listening to
completion, and will be open to the public
not very long, probably, after the holidays.
We took a bird's-eye view of the new par
lor, dining room and kitchen on yesterday.
Each is admirable in its way. The two
former are beautifully frescoed and deco
rated. Both are splendidly lighted and are
unsurpassed by the average oity hotels.
The oooking rauge in the kitchen we should
thin i would be the delight of the cooks.
Mr. Hofheinz promised to show ns through
the entire building when completed, and
then we will make further report.
A printer stood at the desk of a business
man the other day, and noticed him using
letter and bill heads bought of an eastern
house. Said the printer, who is a customer,
what would you think of me if I were to
go east and buy your line of goods for my
self and family?" The merchant replied:
'I would think you a fool when I know you
can get the same goods as cheap from me
and aid a fellow citizen." When the print
er called his attention to the imported letter
and bill heads, the merchant coughed and
went behind the counter to wait on a cus
tomer. And the same merchant only a few
days before asked the printer to give him a
free puff about bis big stock of new goods.
Greenville Herald. '
The W. C. T. U. of San Marcos.
Wo have in our Union something over
twenty members. We ought to have over
one handred and twenty live, working mem
bers, for surely the cause which we repre
sent and for which we are working and
praying, is a noble one one in wbioh every
Christian heart should be engaged. Only
four of the churches of our city are repre
sented in our Union, Methodist Baptist
Christian aud Presbyterian, the larger por
tion being Methodist
My dear Sisters, in the name of love and
pity for the fallen race, why are wa doing
so little? Must God send some curse upon
our own household to make ns feel for
those whose homes and hearts are blighted
by intemperance? Save ns from our indif
ference, Ws are not working only for
time but eternity. We are working to help
move forward the great reform that shall
save our boys, middle-aged and old men
from shame and degradation; and more,
the ten tones renting upon their beads, "No
drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of God."
Ws affectionately invito the sisters from
all tbs Churches to help ns work for "God,
Horns and Nativs Land." A M noire.
A Xorel Business Calendar and Stand.
By far ths must novel, convenient and
valuable bunt) ess calendar for 1888 ia the
Colombia Bicycle Calendar and Stand, Just
issued by ths Pops Manufacturing Compa
ny, of Boston, Mass. Ia this calendar a
asw deprrtars has been mads, decidedly
unique and different from any previous at
tempt ia calendar coostractioa. Tha calaa
dar proper is ia tha form of a pad, ea
taining Co leaves, one for sack day ia the
year, to be lora off daily. The leaves are
5f by ?J rocber, aad s portioa of each leaf
ia left blank for saessoraada, as arraagad
that the saesaaraadasi Weak for any osa-
eaa be taraad la iasMdialely at
The pad reate apoa a portabio
lul .v w ,,il. mm I
. r7L
I lrvtl-rptaefliilaaaGrw;
Send ass of Tint twaa- raieaa.
i A7wr Ur. Aa-a Ta.
Our Rpeclal Clubbing and Premium
Ws sum up together soma of oar beet
propositions, all of wh!oh are only applica
ble to new subscribers, or suoh old ones ai
pay up baok dues and in advance for an
other year.
1. Ws olub the Weekly Fort Worth Ga-
sett and the Faxs Pbkss both at f 8.80.
S. Tbs New Yoik Weekly World and
Fan Pbkss, with a book premium, all for
fa.OO, Bos full partioulors in our advertis
ing columns.
8. Tbs Weekly National Republican,
Washington, D. 0., and tha Faxs Paras
both for 2.40. The Washington paper
will give the prooedings of Congress and
other matters of interest about the National
4. Demorcst'a Msgasins and the Fan
Press at 3 60 for both. Demorest is the
ladies favorite, and withal ia a strong advo.
cite of temperance, Bee advertisement
5. Wondorfnlly liberal Book premiums to
subscribers to the Free Press. See sdver.
tisement headed "Standard and Popular
See also our regular Clubbing List for
1888. Make tout seleotion from it, or of
any other publication not included in it
and report to this office, where you can se
cure the lowest rates in connection with the
Fbeb Press.
At this writing a regular north-aide Christ-
mas is in prospect . ,
Who will remember the wretohed inmates
of our oonnty Poor House t
Marriageable ladies will .oarcely need
the reminder that 1888 will bf leap year.
See announcement of our very liberal
olubbing rates with the favorite Detroit
Free Press.
Trade in nearly all departments was brisk
on Monday. The oold weather sinos has
cut it down somewhat.
See in our advertising columns a fnll an:
novnoement of the remarkable olubbing
terms we are enabled to offer in connection
with the Galveston and the Dallas News.
We notice that the Express, Times,
Light and Tribune, of San Antonio, all is.
sued highly crediiabls special holiday edi
tions. .
We hear it is proposed to erect a large
brick building by several parties, on the co
operative plan. The carrying out of this
idea generally would be profitable to indi
viduals coucernod, while it would build np
the town more rapidly and oheaply than it
can be done by any other plan.
Next Sunday is Christmas. There are a
number of widows and other helpless per.
is in our town whose situation should
appeal to the hearts and purses of our citi
zens of means to help them. We trust that
appeal, mute though it be, will not be dis
regarded in this professedly .Christian com
munity. It is too much the way of the world to
help those who do not need help, while
giving the needy the go-by. Suoh was not
the counsel nor the practice of our Saviour,
who made it his special mission to serve the
poor aad needy. Surely our people will
not be unmindful of his example on Christ
mas. , . .'
A singular scene for this place was pre
sented on our streets on Wednesday even
ing, viz; about a dozen houseless and home
less men, usually stigmatized as tramps, in
oharge of officers going to the county jail
for lodging. We have not learned what
disposition has since been made of these
. Another Wonderful Clubbing- Offer.
We are authorized to offer the Band-Mo-Nally
"Standard Atlas of the World," con
taining large scale maps of every country
and civil division on the face of the globe,
beautifully illustrated with engravings,
colored diagrams, eto., with a large amount
of interesting historical, statistical and gen.
era! information, with the Free Pbess both
for only $3.25. The regular prioe of the
Atlas alone is $4.50. See advertisement
another place.
The above extraordinary offer, of coarse,
applies only to new subscribers, or to old
one paying op past dnes and another year
in advance.
For Bent
with or w'thout board, several handsomely
fumiabed rooms. A healthy, sightly loca
tion. Inquire at this office.
MllllneryMrf. BIchardsoa
Will bow close out her handsome stock of
Millinery at greatly reduoed prices. Except
ional bargains in trimmings, bata, eta. Felt
hats 60 easts sod fl.00 of finest quality.
Tha Waco Examiner has ths following
touching obituary of a paper that was start
ed to AH a long felt want :
Tha Echo is no mora. The pala eager
hosts no longer gather at tha street coram
at midaigut and eoont tha elongated ao
oeets bit the boys sent taa wild Echoes Dy
ing at daj light It is silent The eloquent
caaaa of tfee aopatd printers are ahroadad ia
black, taa paper BMrraaat saosrna. tha type
atercaaat saoarns aad the proawaea amara
bacaaaa the Etna emaeta not Its iitUe
niak tons taraed atonty. bat taey taraad
and taa loam ttM waat le y as aefcanc void.
Tha fates sad prints exhibited a brnUiity
to aBaMMutable aad tbs onbiabara
, TVrv tdi ) ks. reaoe ana a loaf
'Mtu ma x t-
Kp yanr tana fwre ana ysi w-i
lrtoanaoaa. H.a.tjaMr-aj--,
xfc-a tha Usod, aad es taa w sjalrat 3
Ws aotlot that Mr. Pitolford is again
And now MoAllUter has treated himself
to a handsome new fence around his prem
ises. Judge Wood has greatly improved his
fins residence by repaiutiug tha eoroloa,
blinds, etc, with a darker color.
Bev. Mr, Thomas ths father of Prof. A.
A. Thomas is here, and we learn will make
San Marcos his future home,
Mr. Wolf has purchased a lot of Mr. Bar
ber, near the late residence of ths latter, on
which hs is proposing to build.
Cosby, ths photographer, ws notice is
again at his former quarters, first door
south of Green's oorner. .
' Dr. W. J. Kiobardson, and a nlsos of Mr.
Fourqurean, are expected to arriva this
evening from old Virginia.
The handsome new two story residence
we see going up near ths publio school
bouM we hear belongs to Mr, Lsfflngwell
the carpenter.
Ths funeral of William Markley, brother
of Mrs. A. Solium took place from their re.
idenos Tuesday. Ws did not learn tne
time, place or particulars of bis death.
Our former citizen, ths loquacious Char
ley Mann, who left Kerr county last sum
mer as was reported, bound for Oregon or
Washington Territory, has been heard from.
He is somewhere in Colorado.
We bad occasion to mention not long
since that our Mr. Jaoobson was formsrly
a photographer at New BrauufeU. lie is
also skilled with the brash, as a specimen of
his work to be seen at his store room will
Mrs. Kenner and daughter have removed
from this place, leaving on Monday night
for Lagartn, Live Oak county, where they
expect to make their home, Mrs. H. has a
relative there who will make it to heradvan.
tage to settle near him. Wa regret their
departure but trust our loss may be their
gain. . ,
We forgot to mention in connection with
our recent trip to New Braunfels, interest
ing relio, in the possession of Mrs. Simon,
We mean a photo of the "San Marcos Grays,"
the first military company organized here,
about 1876, Ws oould readily reoognize in
the picture Capt or Lieut Din Fourqurean
The Chautauqua Guards were not the first
gleaners in this field of military renown.
Thus history repeats itself.
B. F, Ezell informs us that he expects to
return to his old home, Honduras, in March
He left a home and farm there in
charge of a friend who writes that hs is
about plauting it in one of the staple crops
of that oountry bananas and that every
thing is favorable for the return of the own.
er. While we regret to lose blm we certain
ly cannot blame him for returning to his
old home.
Kyle Notes.
Every one will be busy from now until
Christmas. The merobants seem to be
quite busy, scarcely have time to go to their
- Col. Rogers, accompanied by his wife and
son, made Kyle a visit on Saturday and
Mrs. Ellison and daughter (Miss Lois)
went to Buda this morning, guess the tele
phone will suffer again.
The Baptists had their baptising on Sun
day, there were ten candidates and quite a
large number attended.
Rev. J. W. J iyoe preached here Saturday
and Sunday. Willie Wallace joined the
church Sunday eve, ' Tbs Methodist will
organize their Sunday School Jan. 1st' We
suppose that will do away with ths Union
school.. .Ths Presbyterian ohnroh is still
unfinished, if it is ever completed it will be
by far the handsomest oh uicb in Kyle.
Mr. and Mrs. Park will buy their Christ
mas goods in Austin ws suppose, they go
up to-morrow. -
Mrs. Gruendles Is expeoting her sister
this week. She will attend school at the
Seminary. . A&tioce.
Deo. 20, 1887.
The children are anxiously looking for
Santa Clans, they feel he is near, and I
hope he will surprisingly please them with
bis immense load.
Mr. T. J. Lewis and wife are the happy
teoioients of a beautiful little girl. It is
the first grand child of Wui. Henson. Ws
gladly welcome the little stranger. We
have no doubt in our minds but that the
late bride and groom, Wm. Henson and
wife, of our vicinity were somewhat sur.
prised to find their first grand ohild on their
bridal tour.
Prof, Saunders has just returned from
Louisiana where he went with horses. He
says every place he goes is fnll and running
over with Texas stock.
. E. P. Laney is now in South Alabama
with his horses. Hope he will not find the
market so completely crowded ss is in other
parts of ths world.
Miss Maggie Crux spent some few days
in Wimberly last week.
Mr. snd Mrs. J. A. A. Riley have just
returned from Austin where they have been
visiting their relatives.
Mrs. Oliver of San Maroos, is hers visit
ing her old friend, Mrs. Fergereon.
Mrs. N. A. Watson is at boms again, she
has been in Comal county for some time
visiting her son.
Mrs. George Smith of Blanco, Is here
visiting her sister, Mrs. P. Wimberly.
Ws are glad to sea our old friend W. W.
Moon ridiog around again, Hs has been
very sick.
Our school ia progressing rapidly, bsvs
good attendance of pupils. Our teachers
think of spending their Christmas holidays
ia San Maroos aad Lockhart
Mr. John A Watson left yesterday for his
boa ia San Marooa.
A PaizsD to tstb Fan Pi
Tha LTbrarT lag atlac
Ths lame for Deeember 10th eon tains tha
following important articles
Tb Catholic Revival of tha Sixteenth
Centarv, front taa tfoarterly Hcview. Mci.
aa aad the Btaaopa. by rrof. T. tL H al
ley. The Thaosopbis Mevessrat la Iadja.
by Hr Erata wa Weber. Kara! Fraaea,
frnsa the Ediabnrgh Review. Alee brief
arbcits from taa Hatarday Kaview aa The
Fataraaf Canada. Aanoaa aad Indian
beat Qaeriai for JoamaiMU, aod Debts
afHoaor. Kngle onpw 1 oaf: tl.TO per
ynr. Joan B. Ara. pnblar, Kew
Tn. Tha Library Magwuaa is eapplird
ia ctswneeuon with this paper for the tries
af J SO per year for the twe. Address
Govern or Irnl&d ia donlCea sur-
pnae-i at tbe vast amhrr of peopln
in Texas Lo entertain no lear oi
btirjg elbowed rota Lbs dark Uoe
rort wcrtb GatHta.
The aerie of auita bj H. S. Canfleld
affninat certain membera of tha legis
lator for bia imprisonment laal win.
ter on account of stricture published
against tbetn in the B. A, Expresa,
will aoon begin at Austin. Canfleld
bna retained Walton, Hill St Waltoa
and Peeler & Feeler, while the de
fendant will b represented by Judg
A. W. Terrel and lion. E. Taylor
Moor. Segain Record.
Rheumatism "
W doubt It there Is, or can be, a speeln
remedy for rneumatUm but thousands who
nave suHered Hi paint have been rreaUy ben
efited by Hood's BarMparUla. If yon bar
failed to nod relief, try tut great remedy.
i wM afflicted with rheumatum twenty
years. Previous to IBM I found no relief, but
grew worse, and at oos tune was almost help
less. Hood's BaraaparUla did me mors good
thaa all tbs other medicine I ever had."
H. T. Baxcom, Shirley Village. Haas,
-1 had rheumatism three years, and got no
rellel till I took Hood's BaraaparUla. It baa
done great things for me. I recommend It to
ethers." Lewis Bubjuuce, Biddelord, He.
Boods Bampartna Is characterised by
three peculiarities 1st, the sowtMaoHoa of
remedial agents d,the proporrtoa; d,tb
proeaM of securing ths active medicinal
qualities. The result Us medicine of unusual
strength, eSeetlng cures mineno unznowa.
Bend for book containing additional evidence.
Hood's Barsaparina tones np my system.
purifies my blood, sharpen my aprte,ana
seems to make me over." J. 1. Tuoursov,
ItAoLtAp nf IlMAfla. lAWtilL Mass.
"Hood's Barsaparilla beats all others, snd
Is worth Its weight In gold." I. LUltuuiaxoK,
UO Bank, Street, New Xotk City.
Hood's Garsaparllla
8ol by all druggists. It (tlx for At. Mad
only by a X. HOOD CO., Lowell, Mass.
100 Doses One Dollar
(AieesMer Wlm a Pop-)
Baa Astasia Itwt, fc.twMB !IUj's Oeratr
aad but Hanoi Howl.
of all kinds st bottom rates. do8tf
31. REED.
Cit; Bakery and Restaurant,
Location Bouth side Publio Snuare, next to
Talbot s store. Fresh Dread every nay.
Special rates to hotels and dealers.
Wedding and other fine cake
- a specialty. deoltf
San Marcos Hotel,
' Mrs. II. SEED, Propriotress.
Having taken the above house will spare no
pains to please her patrons, uia ana
new friends are invited to call She
only askt a trial. decltf.
lira. S. A. EOACH. Propr etress.
&"Bate by day, week or month very rea
sonable. Visitors to Kyle will find this
a comfortable home. decltf,
CfHunting and Fishing Outfits a Speolaltj,
Feed Store,
Corn, Oats, Hay, Bran, Chopped
feed and everything els in bis line
constantly on band. janzu
' A Distinguished Judge Says:
Acstw. Texas, Jsn. 29, 1887.
l A IT TTarkM.
Dear Sir : I am 62 years old. I bought
a pair of your Cryatalised Lense about
I nnll with dlffienltv. lead
very large print After using your glasses
three or four months I aotioed that my sight
improved, and I now read the floeet print
with the naked eye. James H. Beix.
s. f. McAllister,
San Marcos.
aeh for On Tear for
Everybody has leerd af Us famon De
troit r res rime.
Its enaraMns sad ever Increasing
natk -opcaks loader thaa words of it great
Taa ssoet Origiaa paper ia Asaerira.
Alaere Brentr, Bright and AUraetiva.
Fa a. Wit and Satire, witaoat
or valgarrty.
EalertaiasMOS and katractio ga
i w x
TV M knewn writers eontribata at Its
r. l kmli -M Owed"
"Ijake Kaarp" n-rrte ae!y for the Frva frm.
It aavar nwprJani ar
Ia rrty apnae the Lfeal Family Fapar.
It ia the pater foe yaa to lake.
The rgiM pw af tae Free Fraat is
iim rear- yaa the Saa Mr-
I aoe Faaa Pan- aad tha Fe Prone, M
oranernr. far anty 17i Arrhte
aaJy to advance ayra onaeribtn.
1 6and yoar msxi & sVa.
ED. J. L. GREEN, f. W. E22XD0N,
rmasT. vusrasn.
E. L. THOMAS, CasuEs.
First Naticnl Eh
or mai miAncoia.
Capital Stock Paid Up, $ 80,000.
Authorized Capital, 250,000.
4 Aral Btaklas Bui mm. CllMUe maoe
M all Mwlbt aoiuii.
Amhii.i. H M.Mikaau, fam.ra, tMoakaua aa
eui.r. MUclu4.
I. V. Isunwu. u. 0. (num.
UiMum Haidv. t. a. tun.
Kb. J. L. Oaaaw. JIvMly
PBEarDEKT. vide rails.
Capital Taid Up f 50,000.
jiuthorixti Capital, $160,000.
A Ota.rtl Baaklas Bs.lB'M Trasaiel. A.
eoaau rf Merakutt. rir. 4 laal vMaaW tolltlUA.
w. d. wood. w. o, trrcmtson,
H. Donahoo,
Dealer In
I havs lust reoelved a line lins of
Groceries which I will sell oheap for easa.
91,000 lbs- No. 1 Flour.
Nanos Building. Ban Maroos, Texaa.
Weal Kin rnblto nnre, Naxt In
Wnlte's Haddler ahap.
Dealer in
Oall and get our Pnoe.
.w Beoki and lauat V.w.pp.rs aad Ptriodlaai.
s cUltj. A rail line ef lutlosary
aad Kotluas.
aTTraiMlaBt ss wall ss rsMdant eaopl. win a are
And what taejr want la tb. Una at papm, raad
lus Biatlar. M. Call aad .... lanaStf
Attorney at Law
Offloe over Green's Bank, Ban ' Mar
cos. sepDtf
Offl.. ovtr0r..n's Bank, '
Jaa a-tr
Drs. Woods & Beall,
Fhysioians and Surgeons,
Calls left at the Drugstores of Raynold
k Daniel and J. A. Beall will receive
promot attention. fb 84tf
Isaac H. Julian,
LetUra ef Inqulrj cone. ruins my naltar et ao.t
b.m or looal Intaraal, aooompanlad by a alamt tvt
raplr, all! raaalt . pr.B)platMali.a.
Is now sble to accommodate all of bis old
oust om era in his new shop on the East aids
of the square. He has fitted np a shop
that will be the fluent ever in Ban Maroos
and respectfully invites all to corns and see
him. WiU always keep 4he best of Barber.
John P. Lehde, M.-D.
Formerly of feu Braunfdi.
Office at J. A. Beall' Drug Store. Bontlt
weat oorner of plaza. Nov.ltf.
Feed Store,
San EUarcoSf Tos
-DE ALE A 11-
Corn, Oats, Say, Fodder, Corn Utii,
WLe&t Sras, and Other iindj
of Feel
Store on Baa Antonio street, second brftlA
tng from San Maroos Hotel SffpUSsiL.
CrPatroDage BoUcited. . ' Octfitt
cosaaxs avast.
Xn. 27. L EH, FnprUtroL
CeotraQy BitaaUd. Good Sample .
E. S. Mackin,
lituntT UJ Eiimcni
Plani 124 Ficiciticti for J1
Tlali ef Bailiiri ca Arp'J
cition. An ainde af )ok wort done aa aWt swtifa.
tmjUijit noae bat trnt siani BBchaaas
I tna aBaare cod vwt
T.UTtUZl9j f"" fsf-"-
OfVa aa4 Khop baa X. X. r

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