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Free Press.
IroaumiED wkml and bktkiied at tii
roaTornoa at iam maruini, tcxa, akmkj-
One year. Iu advanoe )
Hix oiouttm. ' "
Tho aboe rate Include the prepayment
of poaWue by n. "ample ooplei wul ireo.
Hiugle copies 0 CflUW.
ALL OonasaiojkTiKiK lor lb Faae rases eeeuld
lent In eo Honda io laesr lasertloa th seta
...... n .11 lnrl!unitiiil business aelleee
cat later lasa Wednesday dmb.
Fa.mriLT no eomreatileaUeB published onlese
the writer's real name eeeosipanles lt,aol rorpoO'
.i de.tred i bat for oar own benefit
and proleollen.
We invite special attention
to the various clubbing terms
we offer to new or renewing
advance-paying subscribers to
the Free Press. We feel
persuaded that no other pa
per in Texas offers so attrac
tive a list.
Got. Jool I'arkor of, Now, Joney,
died on the 2nd inst.
Got. llarraaduko, of Missouri,
died suddenly a uhort time since of
. Powdorly'B illness has boen long
protraotod, but be is now Blowly ira
Rev. J. S. Johnson, succeeds Bieb
nnKlliotl us missionary bisbop to
Western Texas.
Rev. Dr. Winfield, whose visit to
our Chautauqua lust suoirnor will be
recollected by many of our pcoplo,
died a short time since.
Maj. John F. Elliott, of Dallas, has
been appointed State immigration
commissioner, with headquarters at
Austin, where be has opened an office.
Ho is a good man for the place.
The vonerablo bankor W. W Cor
coran, of Washington, we presume,
leads in tho lino of bonovolent expen
ditures. Frank Leslie's Magazine,
estimates thorn at $7,000,000.
James Hendricks, brother of Tbos.
A. Hondricks, died at Sholbyville,
Indu.ua, on January first. Ho was
the last raombor of tho Hendricks
family and was tho third to die with
in the iast yoar.
A not unwelcome pressure of job
work and tho unfavorable weather
have conspired to cut short our edi
torials this week 5 but by tho aid of
correspondents we presont neverthe
less a very readable papor.
By our local ool urans, this week,
it will be Been that tho Farmers' Al
liance is coming to the front with re
flect to various important coiioeraej,
including thoir political rights and
duties. Woll, wo bolieve that good
and not harm must result from their
making thoir influence folt in this direction.
We notice that tho publisher of
the Scguin Record is making a strong
fight for the adoption of tho cash in
advance system. As there iB but one
paper published in that town, bo may
be able toenforce this desirable rule,
but wo "guess" will lind it a good
deal border to do thau he perhaps has
Mr. I. II. Julian, editor and pro
prietor of the Sun Marcos Fuee Fhess
baa witnessed the demise of throo
opposition papers in San Marcos, and
now finds himself confronted with a
fourth in the shape of a joint stock
concern, and in his usual straightfor
way, makes thorn a proposition to take
bis plant and build tip one gooii pa
per, instead of dividing a patronage
barely suCioiout fur ono. His sug
gestions are wise ones, and if every
embryo journalist could fairly esti
mate tho losses, trials and many dia
appointments that hover around
fvery vtuture in this field, papers
would be much lees numerous thau
now. Houston Labor Echo.
Ouronly apprehension is that we
shall not bo "confronted" to any atr
ioua extent on the fair and square
proposition wo have made.
A Tribute toMaunltur.
"B!ta your a ml my l-oy, I knew
Dn Manning when bo mh aixtoon-Tear-old
lad, working in the pompon
ing room of the Albany All-n," aaid
ex prpsiileiit of tho Erie lUilroavl
liolxrt II. Ut-nicii, wiio la a mine ri
rminifnre wLvn be in wi:iin to
Ulk. "A good boy. be war too, al
wayaatLia pot, mrrful and pon-K-ictioas
n l vroikim; l:rd to 8'ip
port liia toolbar and . l;:cat him-.r
lin Matrin'a biU.ry !j!d W
to! I to -vtry lvv in Uii oonnlry.
He-f s a la I rtDrdnctel. por
and ilboot fnriids who, by bia tin-
('row Our Uo.ular Corroxpon Jont. )
WASiiiNOTOH.Jan.2, 1888.
At the close of the year it is prob
ablv the nroncr thmcr to brieUT re-
rf 4--t- - -view
the Government's financia
condition. Durinor tbo mouth of
Doceinbor, tho roceipU from al
sources woro $29.325.2S8, and tbo
disbursemente were 10,400,082,
not gain of nearly ninotoen million
out of which amount about throo
and a half millions of intorost upon
the public debt must bo paid, leaving
the total surplus for Dacombor nearly
fiftoon millions and a half; during
that month tho national debt was re
ducod fiftoon and a qnartor millions,
and for tbo whole yoar it wasdocroas
ed a little more than ono hundred
and and sevonteon million dollars,
tho larcebt reduction being made
in Juno and November.
Many of the Congressmen who
visited thoir homos during tbo re
cess have returned, and others are
daily arriving all looking with im-
pationco to tbo reassembling of Con
gross, when the committees will bo
announced and the work of the bos
sion will begin in earnest. It is un
derstood that Speaker Carlisle baa
finished bis most tedious and trouble
some undertaking that of making
out his oommittoo lists, and with bis
great experience, it is confidently be
lieved that his work will be accept
able, although many members will be
disapointed at their assignments.
Thoso not familar with the workings
of Congressional ambition, cannot
conceive of tho jealousies and bicker
incsof aspirins; statesmen in such
matters. If a membor's name does
not appear first on a committee, be
would like to bo a second or third ;
every uongrossman una a settled
aversion to appearing lubt on a com
Tho Domocratio Sonators are very
prononncod in favor of tariff reform
and they havo appointed a committee
of which Mr. Konna, is chairmun, to
confer with the party lendors in tbo
louso on the isBuo of tax reduction,
as such a bill must nocessarily origi
nate in that body. Mr. Konna's sol.
ection is significant, as bis viewB on
the question of tariff legislation are
known to be conservative, and it is
therefore thought that he is inclined
to favor a compromise measure.
Both nartios realize that the tariff
must be revised, and they are accord
ingly making preparations with
the viow of accomplishing that
objoct and at the sauio time
presorving partisan alignments. It
remains to be soon whether snch a
difficult feat in political gymnastics
cun be exocutod successfully.
Tbo report of the Faoifio Railroad
Commission will be one of the most
important mousurea brought to the
attention of Congress, and it is hop
ed that this giant corporation will be
compelled to fulfil its contract with
with the Government whose forbear
ance it bus exhausted. Ex Govern
or's Pattison's minority report is a
most Bovcre but just arraignment in
which Republican and millionaire
United Statos Sonator Stanford and
his bonanza associates are handled in
a manner truly refreshing and con
vincing, ond it is to be hoped that
his views will diroct the policy of
of Congress.
Amoug tho rresidont's Christmas
prosents were a frozen watermelon
and a live golden eagle. It is sup
posed that tho raelou was disposed
of at tho Whito House, but Mr. Cleve
land having no placo about tbo man
sion for tho proud bird of liberty,
proseuted him to tho "Zoo" at the
National Musoutu, to keep company
with tho bear, deer, prairie dog,
wolves, and red foxes recently arrived
from the West, and which it is be
lieved will form the nucleus of a
largo collection of American wild
animuU and fowls.
A Lost Cause.
Tho eigns of tho times do not ap
pear fuvorablo for tho causo of mon
archy in Franco. Every year Booms
to weaken tho chances for that form
of government The opinion is grad
ually being confirmed that tho Or
loanista und lJonapartists are fall
ing off as did the Stuarts of England
and liko that unfortunate raco are
.doomed to ignominious extinction.
At the downfall of M. Grovy their
h"pe rose aoniewb.it, the cxpoct.it on
that Ju!es lYny would rip!ac? hitn
having aomo foundation, biit the tac
tion of C irnot puts a qnietua to tLeir
anpintioo in this dircctiou. the in-U-nso
dislike toward Mr. Ferry dovel
oped during and afur a presidential
contest teviiiipg to settle hi chance
in tho most divided rconT. The
Icador of the Orlcu.ist p.uty aree
that their pnnii'sin baa rttrvrilod
tcnteara r.t levt by th rbe,-k giv-n
tlicm in tba ch-.vci? of CarnoU Tie
dp; raiding g :n-ril c!ortia wliieh
p'.titn t La ruueii luiT d-Ivt, wi!l
tett tL atrerth cf the nionsri-hi-t
in a mirinc-r cot to be r::tii.-n, and
tin re i lilelv t iv a n rin ilmw
tin iu the lu:uU r of -ct li-M I-t
The Texas Immigration Movement.
Oulveoton Nowi.
The immigration movemont in
in Texas promises to make memora
ble tho yoar 1888 as tlmtof the great
est in growth and development in the
history of the stato. In a certain
sense the idea of a boom car
ries with it tho suspicion of decep
tive artifico. Booms usually moan
tho rapid unloading of property at in
flated values by npoculatora upon
over-credulous immigrants. There
is do necessity that Texas people and
property holders should adopt de
ceptive raothods. 1'roRpority thro'
stimulated immigration can be attain
ed without misleading tboso persons
who aro to become citizens of Texas.
All that is required to attract the
best classes of settlers and the most
desireable investments of capital is to
show only the simple truth. Texas,
if it were known throughout the oth
er states as it 1b, would draw rapidly
and steadily. The state has suffered
in recent years from two causes the
drouth in certain districts and the
shrinkage in livestock values. It has
happened that these misfortunes
have usually come togotber, tho one
in a measure tho causo of the other.
While this is evident it is a singular
ly short-sighted policy that has di
rected legislation in hostility to tho
vast livestock interests at the mo-'
tuent of their greatest depression.
During four years of this depression
the Btato admininietration was en
gaged in continuous opposition to all
efforts at the establishment of the
livestock interests upon a basis mu
tually advantageous to the settler and
the cattle breeder, lixxt now a wise
and firm policy has been adopted,
which is enforced in such a manner
as to give hopo and encouragement
to all concerned, It is true that
there are nomadic free-graziers and
and cross-roads politicians, in no
way interested in the establishment
of any definite and judicious policy,
who aro by overy means in their
power discouraging the settlement
of tho country. But before the year
1888 has expired, it is confidently an
ticipated that the long struggle
against a just state policy will have
ceased, and thut all legitimate inter
ests and pursuits will exhibit a rapid
and healthy advance. Tho yoar 1888
will probably Bee the foundation of
enterprises in in Texas that will lib
erate tho meat producers from the
exactions of tbo groat monopolies
that have controlled that business.
The influx of capital will establish
such industries as woll as manufac
tories of the staplo products of the
fields and mines. There is every rea
son for hopefulness in this direction.
To assure these investments of
capital all that is required is to se
cure a population of hardy producers.
Localities are relied upon in the more
populous and settled districts to ex
Libit their attractions in the way of
cheap lands, inviting iy thoir fertility
diveristy and abundance the better
class of farmers, und to exhibit their
attractions in the way of schools aud
churches, ponce and order and a gen
erous hospitality and substantial in
ducements for settlers of all profes
sions and pursuits. But the princi
pal work of those who have under
taken the promotion of immigration
is to attract a great a groat tide of
Bottlers to the districts that are com
paratively unsettled. It is believed
that in no country on earth is there
offered the immigrant as liberal terms
as Toxas offers in the sale of the
Bchool, university, and asylum lands.
By tho assistance of the land com
missioner who has procured the clas-
ticatiou of these lands, the executive
oommitteo can publish to the world
a description of every section
and half-section. This descrip
tion, with the liberal terms offer
ed by the state, should draw settlers
from every stato and country where
tho facts are made known. If the
executive committoo and the locali
ties work together energetically the i
years 1S88 and 18S9 wiil bo the most
memorable in Texas history.
Maine's Formidable Obstacles.
Snn Jose HorulJ.
James G. Blaine is evidently to bo
the republican candidate for presi'
deut, if tho machine politicians can
make him so. Butbewulbo oppos-
by many of the most powerful re
publican newspapers in the country.
The Boston Herald does not want
him. The Philadelphia Press is
against him. The Springfiuld Re
publican repudiates him. The New
York Tiinos will fisrht hiin first last
last and all the time. Harper's
Wookly will caricature him with the
ratne relentloss bitterness as before.
The Chicago Tribune will attack him
with all Joe Modill's powerful battery.
Tho St. Lonia Globs Democrat wiil
oppose him in the Southwest The
St Ponl Pioneer Press will swing the
Northwest out of lino for him. With
those forces against him it seems
hardly poMblo that Mr. B! line can
get tho nomination, and if bo is nom
inated with Fiich forces against him,
it is inipossiblo to elect hiin. 1
To tho IVople of the Soth Mvuatorlal
DlhtrlcU n
At tho meeting of the State Immi
gration Convention bold at Dallas on
Docombcr 20th, 1887, the undersign
ed was elected chairman of the 25th
senatorial district, composed of the
counties of Caldwoll, Guadalupe,
Hays, Blanco, Llano, Comal and
Kendall. It waa anggostod at said
mooting that each distriot pay into
the general fund the sum of $100 to
hn iiRd in advertising each particu
lar section. At the mooting bold at
Dallas on the 29th of December it
was BUggosted that $500 more be
raised by each distriot, to bo placod
in bank subject to tbe call of the
chairman, to be nsed Bolely and ex
clusively for the district contributing
it under the direction of the oontral
As it will be impossible for me to
visit tbe various counties in person, I
respectfully suggest that meotings
be bold and contributions raised so
that our district may take her place
among the others of the state.
Funds may be forwarded to me or
to Johnston and Lipscomb, bankers,
Luling, Texas, together with reports
of mootings held.. If we would se
cure the benefits to be derived from
the movoment just inaugurated, wo
must do our share of the work and
and pay our part of the expense.
J. P. Bridges,
Mem. Central Com. 25th diet
Papers in the district ploase copy.
Made no Money.
Two gontlemon on the train a few
days ago, were talking of the money
that is mado in Wichita in real estate.
I listened awhile nnd then said, "that
money is not mado in Wichita." They
wanted to know where else, then ; a
friend of theirs bought lots for $7,000
and sold them for 20,000, bo be
made $13,000 in Wichita. I said No;
tho other man mado or earned the
$13,000 somewhere else, and your
friend simply euchered him out of it
by giving him a lot of Wichita dirt
for it." They looked at me as if I
were an escaped lunatic, but finally
admitted I was right.
Mr. Tilden's outspoken estimate of
Mr. Cleveland, when he bad at last
made up bis mind. to cast his mantle
on him, may be interesting.
"He is inexperienced," said the
sage, but he is honest, strong, and
makes an impression on all who meet
him. It is said be is a man of des
tiny, per haps he is: I think he can
be elocted. If so, ho is wise, patriot
ic, fearless and a great worker. He
will run the government and execute
the laws faithfully." I consider this ,
a great tribute for a man tnen bo
young and comparatively obscure as
Mr. Cleveland, to extort from Mr.
'Town I.U for Sale.
Tliwe of tho cloIcet in Sun Munxw, eon
Toniontlr lcaled aoil vrjr rich. Will Ui
old fparaUly or altoiretlior. Trica rt)r
nuHble. luuulrt a faaa Taw oftloa.
Tick's Floral Guide.
A mlrer lluing to every clooJ I With the
abort dull tiny of early winter eouie the
ohaery bolicluye aud Viek'i boautiful annual,
nd lo! upring already ppoara not far dl
taut We can almost the greening Br"
ml the blooming flowera. Iu the wy of
catalogue, Vlck'a Floral Guide U uneiulod
in artitio appearance, and the edition of
aaob year that apprara imiily pnrfoot, U
nrpaaMd the next New aud beautiful en
graving, and three colored plntoa of flow,
era, vegotablo, and gruln, re fattturea for
the invite for 1888. IU lavendor tlntid
cover, with original denlgn of tnottt plead
ing effect, will enure it a promiuent ploe
in the houHehold and library. It it iu itself
a treatine on horticulture, and la adapted to
the wants of all who are interented In tbe
garden or houee plant. It describee the
rnreet flowera and the choloeet vegetable.
If you want to know anything about the
gnrdon, ee Vlck'e Floral Guide, price only
10 centa, Including a certificate good for 10
ennta worth of oeda. Published by Jamei
Viok, SeedBniAn, Koohenter, N. Y.
Representative Stone, of Kentnnky,
has Bent in sevonty-three bills since
Congress opened.
In considering tho responsibility
for the Reading strike, it mnst be re
raemberod that the Schylkill miners
had received on Sopt. first an advance
of 8 per ceht,, which has since been
paid to them, but which the company
intends to take off on New Year's
day. As there aro obont thirty thou
sand employees affected by the order,
the grievance of the men is a very
substantial ono,nnd in striking against
reduction of wages at this season of
the year, they have the sympathy of
the public N. T. Star.
Robert Louis Stevenson is gaining
health nnd strength with gratifying
steadiness. He is also giving np the
use of cigarettes.
As the hair has a shadow, bo the
slightest disease of the scalp threat
ens the hair. Put the scalp in a
healthy condition bo theufieof Warn
er's Log Cabin Scalpine. It restores
the hair and has no equal.
Unparalleled Clubbing Offer I
To new subscribers paying i"
advance, or to old ones wbo pay np
past dues aud a yenr in advance,
we will furnish said pnpers both
for $2.90, witb 0110 of the follow
ing valuable premiums thrown
in, viz :
I. A Condensed LTistory of the
United States, 320 pages, hand
somely bound in leatherette tree
calf. An invaluable work of quick
aud convenient reference.
II. A History of England, same
size and style.
Ill, Everybody's Gijide, a hand
book of useful information, 410
pages, small type. One of the
completest works of the kind.
The regular price of these books
is $2 each, yet every subscriber at
our clubbing rates of $2.90 for both
papers, may take his choice of one
of the books, FREE.
Sample copies of these valuable
premium books may be seen by
calling at the Fkee Pkess office.
Under this arrangement you ob
tain your home paper, containing
all the local news; a first class New
York democratic paper, containing
all the general news; and one of
the above described books which
sell at retail for $2, and will be
found a valuable accession to any
Send all orders to the Free
Press office, San Marcos, Texas.
Our Clubbing List for 1888.
yr ar prepared to elub IhoFRBB PHBSS to new
or renewing subacrlbera with the following publi
cation, at the ratea specified below, If ordered at tbe
ame time with oar paper. In tbe first column we
give the regular price of eaeh publication singly,
in tbe second the price of the name and the Fan
Paaea together.
$1 00
f ROYAL KS'.tl
Absolutely Pure.
1 as
1 00
1 oo
3 00
1 60
I 50
1 60
1 00
1 CO
s 00
S 15
1 60
1 60
S 20
4 00
a 00
1 r.o
Aaetln Slaleiman
Galveetou Itewe
. V. W.ealj World
St. Louie bopubiloan
N. Y. Ledger
New Orleans Times nemocrat
LouUvitle Courier Journal....
Texas Riflings
Farm and Kauch
Detroit Free Press
gaturday Evening Post
New York Observer
Atlanta Constitution
American Agriculturist ,
Scientific American
Century M.igaziue-
St. Kicliolas
Harper's Yonng People
Youth's Companion (uew subs.) 1 76
Atlantio Monthly 00
l.lppincott's sfagasine 2 00
Kcleetio Magazine 6 00
PhreuologiL-al Journal 00
Peterson's Maganne 1 00
Popular Science Monthly 6 00
Harper's Monthly ...100
Weekly t 00
" Bszar 4 00
Oodsy'sI.ady'sBook 1 00
D'ttnorest's Monthly 1 OO
hallou's Hagasine 1 60
dolden Days 3 00
Oor Little Ones 1 60
Home and Farm CO
BSiy Any other rapcr or Periodi
cal not included in the above lint, fur
nished at proportionate rates, or or
dered separately at publishem' prices,
free of charge and pontage prepaid in
all cuscs.
The many lessee eansed by failures, robbery of
and petty thefts ant etlhe rails, make it absolute
ly aeccessary te send considerable some by postal
rder, registered latter or dial).
Tee safe arrival of all publication guaranteed.
If after a raA!ifthla lima an inWflW fait 1.
This powder never varlee. A model of partly, (-(. nuhi.iian for. .,fr . h..t.i
etrengtb aod -koUaom.oe.a. More) economical mti tb,, u, nt ,ny , fc, prompil, w.
than tfae ordinary kinds, and cap aot bo sold in com- rscird
p.UtiMwith me raoltitodrol low test, ebort weight oar 'rronibillty f when paper arrive
alam or pkoepbate powd.ra. told wly l eaua. ,;th cnrr.ee I v credited, which la evidence) Ik
kont BtaiMi Po.oaa Co.. 10 Vail . I. I publisher has bee said
With the
Free Press.
$ 3 86
3 Oil
3 76
3 90
4 60
3 10
3 10
3 60
3 60
3 00
3 60
4 30
8 10
8 10
4 65
6 50
4 60
3 25
3 85
6 30
3 34
6 30
3 66
3 60
6 60
6 35
6 40
3 75
I 60
3 iO
4 35
3 40
3 40
fl culls 5t4r
AMD TUB . . -
Fcr 0n3 Teir fcr s; 00
.a.s'i.-ii a. nki
E r raanteel to present tkk T-rwtrlcrrtee oCi f Mr wV
rtiben. In cc-nat.irefec at tuithtai
ma t Tr.ih tire N iwi " snaaacanent. tnel u is acccUcu iur
actibm. In cc-nsc.)
iag asranraocM nmrtl
as f" e the advhA.ilttT of it accryiico
la the iratsrest of oar sitVecrtLen, re) fcavc erca geec fctyand lits,
and are? amacewl that Ike eaf oar subscriber who avail taeaa
srlrri of the " (Jub oa " ky au"Til:j to oar pvUacariati. en" that
of 1n bAivurofl VsacLr Ntws or Tut tJaou tVtutLT
Niw mxf. tt lief nruh, f rare Ox f reams as cKar4 py Tm
Nian aaaaafrsarM to thnr netwrsaWrs, ape tho aaos tersai avi
coftMetm, t Fcr "i era's aWvaace wpoa price akave at-rcai
(ait 20 cest bm vara book it lo be aai)toe brrbcr anil
re-rcivc tb rsnUr4 fajwi'y mr4.ct vrara. rvattkd "Our Family
fhrslctan." Fe $u o aSdtHMal let Krr Mlfi-Arm
Premium Sewln( Maehle. f ruar4 iar yaaxs; a4
117 UO adiirtcW. lnt y Lewr-Arsat SavaHnc Machln.
Vsdsine are shipne-1 d rrvi an h smrorriVer fraa the td . tw fast t7T-;H. a4 fre.(t ckmixes arctore patJ or bias, naoei
cte!ire . llaixi-ews of teatrsoraiah arc so the patsa-taiea eT ThF N"i" isaogrmmt, fraa f nts who ka-s-e araaVe" taeaa
velret r4 tkx-ir iNeaid liahae oils and ta r-rrry neiaN twriert srmaclKwi as breo f If tsx H (h Aran or tbe
Id Aral Michiu are r 4 Wad etrxl'r as rrrrcvd1 turv car r rrTarced aad amr vU be rersaded: M fairer pra-po-sitKO
thaa fVs rsa be rfrOe4. Thr Me ?.caj -rk as eH by teoa at lit aod e3 ksxrara K j'eis of the tae-iical
-wofcauoa thn-nfSm ir tvarv. ad at r oac ti tVe bnotis that raa lw brrvVt rrrio rracjcal !s. v aaa. al slanald Wc
cvrtMJcTet aa lOjeevM'e 'aa f accet-irr Send to Tut t". iivrrrow rs, Th a Daixas fro a aaar4e tcf-j
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Our Immenso Stock of New, Beautiful and Useful
Dry Goods
must be Bold. Wo need buyors. Somebody
and thoso who lend their assistance first will reap the benefits
of having a bright, clear, clean 6tock to select from. It's a
display, and your time will bo well spent if you come and look it over
and buy from it. There haH been a
Golan Noi
evinlaa nlir
t. rneot so to
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J Peraon
(any tlui
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Those in
eounta 8H.
First oal
4 Austin stre
1 Great ob
f and lower
' All good
7i bam at l2j
' ThoW
:' On o&ay
it .: X.. .i..
t: bAvT win
Reduction E
V ;- Jnst reo
r" 8ed wbi'
in prices, and everything will be sold very close
Our door ia open and wo aro ready to receive yon.
ot I O I-A. XT ,
and dealer In all grades or
All goods warranted as represent
ed all icorlc to give satin fact ion, or
money refunded.
UaT AH goods sold as low if not lower than
can be bouplit oUewhere in Texan
1- ' Near Sai
f '10 In gram
quire ot th
f; UoCIolla
frniti, nnti
', confeotion.
I ' i ban tal
V . in Oandol
;. graas and
givon on lo
' ! to.
:r.' Ban Mar
Fresh an
bny your g
First-clans meats ot nil kinds. West side
square. Heel 4, 6 ana o cents. icdiuu.
OFFICE: North Side Publio Square,
NitB IHnrcoM, - " Tex
But I am Still at the same Place,
Where I expect to continue to keep a good stock of
Such as Everyone Wants.
And I will continue to sell 'em low, sell 'em fast and make np mora.
Tbe citb
iiig eouutr;
i, acquaintao
wun tney
No where i
tioa, bette:
found, for
have tried
Oar Spet
v We" enn
' propositloi
f vble to new
pay up bat
' .. I. Wee!
zetteand t
8. Tbel
1 1 F Pbks
12.90. 8e
ji; tn colnrat
i:'; . A. The
B Wanhingto
f ; both for i
' other matt
i'. capital,
f '' 4. Pemc
?. j ladies favo
' ' vate of ten
. 6. The
I ' Pmss at f
) :- . TaeI
r-; Marcos Fb
price of $2
T. Wont
tisement I
Bee also
1888. Ma
any other '
and report
enre the la
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Dealers la All Kiade
js w Ail
We are i
Nally "Sta
taming lar
and, civil d
colored dii
of interest
oral infom
for only S
Atlas aIon
balow. f
m at th:
Tbe aba
applies on
one paying
la advsuics
tmumntw.U k-Mttln t't .f I J. I " r rv c-iurw oi lut.r ac-
JVMJ'i.t of 'iLe VtiU-J SUtes. J leW-ton Vvt
Whit3 Pin. Wealhtttcarcisi?,
White Pins Beaded Ceiling
EvnniTiirxG ix iueir lixe always ox hasd.
Lumber Dresssd to Order. Ail Orders Troniptly Pilled
OFHCE AND YARD Kear ths Railrcad Dg?:i. '

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