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Jree Press.
tsju Tksn a sunoo as roixowe
( I. Q. N.
' MflL. MAIL
.," HnnU. , U:fi5A.M. and 8:50 P. M.
rw2 Nrlh , thl'A A. M. and 8:10 P. M
rri.M 8:50 a.m. Leave. . 8:55 p. m
8:00 p.m. I" .
, 12:1)6 p. n,
Tit a rnulna for tS.M).
Inasmuch aa many porson desire to send
.linuul nd b way oi "
. n nffar two coplea of
' 1'aaa Press at &3.60 cash in advance.
Peraona not subscriber who may at
f notva conies of the tnwx.
)l-a'aa, will please understand that they!
(are sent simply aa samp,, -i
. . iu. ..ldrosHed may like
w - enough to favor us with thoir subsorip
Bracelets at coat. Chabtaw 4 Khiqht.
Ceo. W. Kniffht, Jeweler, east aide the
Flaaa, Bon Marcos. u,aa
Those indebted to me call and eott ao-
counts BHAlif, at aiuw". .
First call photographs at Oozby's gallery,
Austin street, Ban Aiajcos.
'. n. Nation nf schedule, shorter time
and lower rates, at MoAlubteb's.
All floods lower for cash, at
A new line of seersucker and corded ging-
! bam at 12 & 11 cents per yard.
. 7 . Daii.ii 4 Bbo.
The World Renowned Estey Orean.
.' On easy terms. Chabtain & Kmoht.
rtnr atrxik of ladies, misses and childrens'
heavy, winter and school shoes is now com
plete ana at reauoea pneeo.
" Arrival.
MvBtok of Spring and Bummer goods
baa arrived. Peter Seubebth, Tailor.
,';,f Johnson Grass.
.- Just reoeived a large lot of Johnson Grass
which I am offering at lowest pneun.
Abthub mais. Austin lexas.
. For Sale.
Near San Marcos, 50 acres of land, about
10 in grass and balance m ouiuvauou.
qurfe at this otnee.
: ) The Blue Front
; ir.riiian . Kino will keep full line of
fruits, nuts, homemade
and other
Call and sex ns.
Stock Pasturage.
' ! i ban take stock to pasture on my ranch
. in Gaudalupe county. Finest mosquite
eras and plenty of water. 8pecial rates
eiven on larco herds for the winter. Apply
to. K. L. EAGSDAUfi.
';', Baa Marcos. Nov.3-3m.
Phu) anH irnnnins. Now is the time to
bny your seed for early planting.
Tht, flitiznnfi of Sun Marcos and surround
ing couutry are invited to call and make the
, acquaintance ot tne ot. jjeouuru mm,
', whan they have business in San Antonio.
K mliAro ii, Tiimh can nicer ocooinmodft-
tioni better fare, or more home comfort be
fnnnrl. for ftl.fiO and &2.00 per day. We
trind it and advise others to do the
Onr Special Clubbing- and Premium
:- ', . Lists.
w enm ud tocether some of our best
i propositions, all of which are only opplica-
, ble to new subscribers, or suoh old ones as
pay up bock dues and in advance for an-
v pther year.
. . We club the Weekly Fort Worth Ga
zette and the Fbee Pbesh both at $2.80.
8. Tbe New Yoik Weekly World and
Fmt Pruso. with a book premium, all for
2.90. See full particulors in our advertis
ing columns.
A. The Weekly National Republican,
Washington, D. 0., and the Fbek Pbess
I both for $2.40. The Washington paper
will give the prooediDgs of Congress and
other matters of interest about the National
4. Pemorest's Magazine and the Fbex
bbss at $3.50 for both. Demorest is the
(ladies favorite, and withal is a strong advo
cate of temporanoe, See advertisement
6. The Galveston Weekly News and Feke
Pbbss at $3 a year for both. .
6. The Detroit Free Press and the San
Marcos Fbek Pbbss at the wonderfully low
price of $2.75 for both.
T. Wonderfully liberal Book premiums to
subscribers to the Fbee Pbess. See adver
tisement headed "Standard and Popular
See also our regular Clubbing List for
1838. Make your selection from it, or of
any other publication not included in it,
and report to this office, where you can se
cure tbe lowest rates in connection with tbe
Fbkb Pbess.
Another Wonderful Clubbing Offer.
We are authorized to offer the Band-Mo-NaDy
"Standard Atlas of tbe World," con
tajnlng Urge scale maps of every country
aad. civil division on the face of tbe globe,
beautifully illustrated with engravings,
colored diagrams, etc, with a Urge -amount
of interesting historical, statistical and gen
eral information, with tbe Fan Pans both
for only 93.2X The regular price of the
Atlas alone is fl.Sit. See advertisement
below. Sample copy of the A tin may be
ra at thia office.
Tbe abv extraordinary offer, of oonrae.
arclie only to new rabcribr. or to old
one paying np past doe and aaoiner year
la advance.
Wedding Bells,
LAWnON KONE. Oo Wedneadayev-
mtiR the 11th Inst, t tb Methodist oburcb
lo tui place, the pastor, Iter. Wrc. ofllol-
atirnr. Sir. Zim La whom uid MU Bidmib
Konm, both of Ban Marco.
The above ii the reoord in brief of on
tbe most notable wedding wbioh ha ever
transpired in our little city. Although the
weathor waa rather unfavorable,- the church
waa orowded to ita capacity. Tbe obief
decorationa were a floral arch which spanned
the apace In front of tbe chanoel with
nendcnt boil, and a floral horseshoe with
the initials "Z. 8." at taoh side on either
W. Smith, Jr., and Miss Carrie Kone,
J. T. Holmes and Mist Jonnle M'Kie,
T. Bass and Miss Mollis Harper, T. W,
Caldwell and Miss EUa OiUis. H. D. Kone
and Goo. A. Franklin.
L. O. MoBride and W. H. Nanoe,
Miss Caia Franklin.
The bride and Broom stood ' beneath tbe
wedding bell" while the minister repeated
the ooremonv which made them man and
wife. Tbe bride looked lovely in a cream
colored dress en train; the groom appeared
in the conventional snit proper to the oc
casion. After the ceremony tbe happy
pair, with a select number of thoir friends,
repaired to the residenoe of tbe brido's
mother, where a pleasant reoeption waa
Of the parties to this oongeninl union we
noed not speak at length. The bride is the
youngest daughter of the late S. It. Kone,
one of the mout respected pioneers and
oitizens of this vicinity. Ever sinoe her ad
vent in sooiety she has been well recognized
as one of tbe foremost belles of San Marcos,
while her superior qualities of head and
heart bave mode her a deserved general
favorite. The groom has been with us but
for a few years, but bos already attained to
an enviable reputation aa a rising business
man and a gentleman in all tbe relations of
life. Congratulations and wtahes for the
life-long happiness of the newly wedded
pair were uuiversal, in which the Fbek
Pbess heartily joins.
were numerous ana costly, aggregating
over $300 in value. We append a list of
them :
Extension Limp with Japenea Shade, O. A
Franklin, and 0. T. ai- Prull Ulih, Mies Bet
Malone. Silver Bugar Bowl. Mlme M. A 8. and Dr
Klcbardeon, Berry Bowl, Dr. P. 0. Woodi and wife
Silver Toilet Ornament, Itisa Carrie Belvln. Pickle
Caator, Dr. fc Mrs. AiklnaoO. Silver Cat tor, Judge
and lira. B. B. Rone. Pair Braaa Hand-painted
Plaques, lira. Oarrelt and Waa Hellle Harper.
China Dinner Set (painted) from tbe Family. Oat
Gtasi Berry Bowl, J. D. Traramell. Plu.h Pin
Onebion, Illat Jennie MeKle. Cut Glaaa Water Bel,
aline Ella Qlllla, Silver lee Pitcher, Meaara. B. W
Smith, Jr. aud L. 0. McRride. Stiver Jolly Stand,
Mr. A Mrs. H. A, Christian. Silver Bntter Dlah,
W . fl. Ranee. Pair Large Vaaas, Mr. A lira. J. A.
Beall. Silver Card Receiver, I. T. Bolmea. Silver
Spoon Holder, air. A lira. B T. Cooper. Bohemian
Q lata Water Set, Mra. Matheva. Silver Cake Baa'
ket. Dr. and Hra. Pottna. Urugglat Clook, W. H.
Bobbina. Rug, J. W. Bance and wife. Tidy. lira,
Jaa. Malone. Bohemian Glaaa Break'aat Bet, Mr.
and lira. Head. Table Scarf and Tidy, lira. Heard
Finger Bowie, Viae Carra Franklin. Silver Ice
Pitciier, T. M.uaidwell.
The proposition of our Martindale
respondent is gladly accepted. Paper
be sent as directed.
The better quality of paper we began
nsing last week very noticeably improves
the appearance of the Fbse Pbess.
While we have had to out off a few de
linquents, and a very few have discontinued,
their plaoe is being more than supplied by
new subscribers.
Our weather report of a week ago found
the mercury at 77 . Almost ever sinoe it
has ranged close about the freezing point,
the lowest being 2(i 0 .
Thanks to our subscribers who responded
to our statements of lost week. We hope
soon to hear favorable responses from tbe
(as yet) "silent majority.
We notice that St. Marks Episcopal
church has been handsomely repaiuted
without and within. We presume a visita
tion from the new bishop is now in order.
We made out our bills of last week hastily
while making np onr paper mail. If any
errors occurred we of oourse will gladly
make prompt corrections on report of same
to ns.
A so-called Chautauqua meeting was re
cently called at Austin through tbe States
man. It rather ignored San Marcos, and
was ignored by her in return. We cannot
learn that anything was done.
' It has been suggested to us to remind
tbe powers that be that some of the patent
gates to the court house yard nave become
badly "out of jint," and that it will cost
much less, to repair them before it is too
The anniversary of the ;San 'Marcos and
Hays Co., Bible Society will be held in the
Methodist church, Sunday Jan. 15, 7 p. ni.
All friends of the Bible cause are requested
to attend.
J. H. Combs, Pres't
In suggesting last week tbe making of
subscriptions begin with the year, we but
fallowed as we know the general natural
and reasonable preference. It is hardly
nececsvy for ns to aay that it makes no
differenos to ns, and those who wiab to pay
for year from the beginning of their nb
arriptioea ,at whatever time, H will be joat
aa welcome to na. Oar desire is to please
all in that respect
As a e:gw of aa awakening bare to theisa-
portaseeof turning immiffratioB to this
county, we are pleaaed to ttot tbe fact that
tbe publication of a writ op of the eoacty
be bee swared is tbe Galveaoi Xewa,
with a snavtMW of rxtra eoj of that paper j
oocUietrg tbe sure for distrfaitioa. Tbe
price paid by ocjr pYr41 we lni was fl'O
Mr. E. p. EijdoI je Terr comftADt
hasd we learn prrjr4 the write p.
This is a3 very good, so far aa it cor, but
ao'orfc SDor work wis be rvjTiirei a4 Lone
is the
yi aaw-a. ,
. , - ,
A load cfsu far cins hay.
or com fo lder.
Free Press cjjice.
Mr. Ford baa gone on a prilgrimaga to
Washington city.
Judge Wood returned oo Saturday from
a visit to Temple.
Mr, Chapman will locate at Georgetown
Inateail of ltonnd Rock, as notioed la our
Mia Bailie Richardson we hwrn waa the
fortunate and appropriate winner of Beall'
inusio box.
Mr. McNutt, of Seguin, the father of tbe
proprietor of tbe Ban Antonio street meat
market, was in town several days last weea.
Denny Bros., have taken charge of the
store in Green's building and bave added a
warehouse in the rear for a grooory depart
Mr. Wills has retired from tbe candy busi
ness, and we learn will go into the business
of raising poultry, eto., on one of Mr,
Fourquroan's places,
Thanks to brother McNnugbton for his
kind words for the Fbee Pbess on its enter
ing its new volume, which we oordiauy re
Our young friends, Bobbins and Pegues,
who have been mourning tbeir eatrayed
steeds for over a week, secured them on
Mr. Boed, the baker, informs us that he
is not a German, as some might suppose.
but by birth a Dane, although his father
was a Scotchman.
Obas. Andrews, Sen., father of "onr
Charlie" of Green's (now Denny's) store, is
about removing to this place from George
We met on yesterday Mr. Carter, pho
tographer, formerly with Mr. Freeman at
this place. Mr. C. is now the artist of Lu-
lina and Lookhart. Mr. F. be informed us
is in Kansas.
We learn that Mrs. T. Reasoner has pre
sented her husband with a ten pound girl
baby. Girls we learn are very rare among
the Beasoners, so tbe joy is proportionate,
we presume to that fact.
Our friend Mr. Ownby, stimulated to
fresh energy as we presume by "that baby,"
has become bis own tinnar, and showed us
some of his work tbe other day which is by
no moans to be snoozed at. Success to him.
We met Dr. Myers on the streets on yes
terday with a wolfskin cap on. We suppose
that is the kind of a rig which Davy Crock
ett sported when he spoke of "feeling wolf
ish about the ears."
Our worthy old friend, Mr. Van Every,
of the Austin street restaurant, kindly re
membered the Fbee Pbess with a package
of excellent oysters. By the way, Van
keeps them regularly. His restaurant and
boarding house are worthy of patronage.
The story that our gallant young friend,
B. W. Smith, Jr., would olso "get off" last
night by a sort of coup f old bach, proved
to be unfounded- He says, however, that
tbe fault was not his, which will readily be
Charlie Lausson, just in from Kerr Oo. ,
brings news of a shocking accident to his
sister Alice. In the absence of the rest of
the family from the house she fell into the
fire in one of the fits to whioh she was sub-
eot, and was so badly burned that she only
lived a few days.
We have a letter from Charlie Mann,from
Montrose, Colorado, a five year old town of
3000 inhabitants. He end bis brother both
appear to be agreeably located on the west
ern slope beyond "the Rookies." He has
much to say of the grand natural scenery,
At the funeral of Miss Fielder on yester
day a buggy in which Alex. Smith and
B. Cocreham were riding en route was
upset by the backing of the horses attached
to the next vehicle in front Mr. O. was
injured but not severely.
Prof. J. A. Thomas has returned to this
ace after an absence of nearly a year, dur
ing wbioh he has been traveling in various
parts of the United States. Glad to see him
looking well. He intends resuming his
residence in this place. That is quite "the
usual way" with emigrants from San .Mar
cos. We learn that Miss Mary Cock has re
turned to her home in Texas, and Mrs.
Pernette to hers in New Orleans. We can
readily understand that the light of the fire
side and social circle at Squire Cock's must
be considerably dimmed, - end that San
Marcos society generally feels the same
We learn there will be a reunion of the
Brackenridge family on Saturday next the
14th iust, at the home of CoL Bracken
ridge, "Fern Bidge," head of the rivor,
San Antonio, the occasion beinp; in honor
of the birth-day of CoL B. Tbe occasion
will no doubt one of great interest to that
notable family connection.
We begin to surmise that our old friend
Capt Holmes, of "down tbe river," Is an
over-much married man that is according
to newspaper reporters. He has had the
peculiar fortune while continuing to enjoy,
as for many years past, the sweets of con
nubial bliss, of being recently married
again on paper. Let him be thankful if
nothing worse befalls him from the news
paper scribes.
Lawhon &I?ass,
On Monday but at tbe rni !) of Mayor
HtHv. aftr a lingering illoem. Viae Brazil
Fielder, daughter of C. 8. and Salb'e Field
er. We natationed in onr lvrl tbe return of
Mr. and Mra. Fielder to this place with
their invalid daughter. We ieara that it
was at ber dxeir that they earn. She nf-
Ifcred from a 1 fe-locg aflictioa. so that
dalh oaae as a Mi:iig to W. We learn
that the eifrnwd rati re renfrnation, anl
evrsj dirM to aTisn. lower lire
j U .ttrd irk a bre ara to wa asjrong the
! ctronMt prfvVa of a fatsre asd bert rtai
j of b-is. where tby saay he rebvd from
; the doc f awrtawity a4 H wit fbe fall
anr of tbir bre and aspirations ir j
j tiv-4 tba ntj erth TWre im a
of tr"". "Tt r4bT of )-y in tht rwDteespla-
'txlntlM'm frrn rsfw i!
rnrt'! irV evrl n.
ah J csrt yoa. S 4 1 Ij 4rt4.
Proceedlnga ef the IInj County Farm.
era' Alliance.
The member of tbe above association
met at Buda on the 8d lust, for the open.
ing meeting of 1883.
Tbe chair was occupied by the president,
J, R. Burleson, and the vice by brother O.
L Lightfoot
After tbe various report had been
oeived from the Alliances of tbe county and
tbe delegates' ocrtlfloates had undergone
examination, a committee of 8 was appoint
ed to meet brother Harry Tracy who was
expected to arrive on the south bound train
then dne, for the purpose of delivering a
series of lectures to the brotherhood
throughout the ooonty. From soma unex
plained oaus or other that gentleman failed
to put in an appearance, aud the disap
pointment was proportionally great
The minutes of the last meoting having
been read over and confirmed, a motion
prevailed that a committee be appointed tol
whom should be submitted in writing el
resolutions before being presented to the
house. The chair nainod on said oommit-
tee, C. L. Lightfoot, W. B. Nelson and
Resolutions presented by High Prairie
Alliance. Waysido Alliance and others by
the nreaident. J. B. Burleson, were then
reforred to above oominittoe,-
The report of the speoial committee ap
pointed to investigate and examine tbe San
Maroos water powor and adjoining property
thereto belonging, as a desirable investment
for the development of allianoo manufoo'
turing enterprise, bavlug been read, it was
generally oonoednd that although much to
desired it was not within tbe pecuniary
ability of this body to accomplish at this
Next in order was the report of the busi
ness manager for the cotton yard and busi
ness agenoy, and to this was appended sug
gestion for making sundry changes that
would facilitate the better development of
the whole business system, to carry out
these suggestions in a practical manner tbe
following were appointed a oommittee to
confer with the directors of the cotton yard,
0. L. Lightfoot, W. J. Morris, R. J. Sledge,
M. E. Paddook and W. E, Nelson.
A general discussion having taken plaoa
reBpeoting the business done in the past
quarter and its present finanoial position, a
motion was oarried that the executive com.
nittoe audit the books and make a full and
detailed report of every transaction that has
occurred from tbe commencement, Bhowing
oost and expenses of all goods handled, dis
couuts allowed, commission charged, &o.,
in short a full and complete report in every
particular, so that each member may clearly
understand from first oost to selling price.
The committee appointed to confer with
board of directors on reporting, reoom-
mended that the board be elected to take
the entire management and control of the
of tho business department, aud as tbey bave
monthly meetings it would enable them to
regulate tbe prices with the fluctuations of
the market in dealing with the multitudiuous
miscellaneous articles in general demand by
mixed community. This course was
igreed to.
The exooutive committee having reported
on the books aud accounts of the secretary
and treasurer it was ordered that the account
due to Hays County Timos for printing be
paid out of the supplemental fund, this be
ing the only demand against tho Hays Co.,
Alliance. Tbe same committee asked that
the time for their report on the business
agency be extended until the 11th inxt.,
which was granted. '
Brother Thos. W. Hofhcinz was electod
by the house and recommended to tbe di
rector of the Co-operative Manufacturing
Alliance of Texas for this district, as a suit
able and proper person to float the stock for
said association and its branch, the Now
Braunfels woolen factory.
Brethren R. J. Sledge and W. Goinott
were appointed to meet with delegates of
Guadalupe, Comal aud Blanco counties in
tbe city of New Braunfels for tbe further
development of the business arrangements
of the F. A.
On motion to select plaoe for next regu
lar meeting Kyle and San Marcos were put
in nomination, and on tbe vote being taken
San Marcos was selected.
The secretary having brought before tbe
bouse the case of certain members sending
cotton for disposal to the exchange and dis
posing of tbe same without withdrawing it
from the exobange, thereby tending to de
stroy the confidence ot business men in
dealing with ns, it was moved and carried
that Dosha Bunton, , Paddock and R. J.
Sledge be a committee to fully investigate
and be prepared to make a full report at
next regular meeting.
Tbe committee on resolutions having
banded in their report, it was ordered read,
after which the secretary was directed to
publish tbe same in Southern Mercury and
the county papers, and also to forward a
copy of the name to our representative and
each of our senators at Washington, D. O.
See resolutions below.
A motion was carried that a committo be
appointed to arrange a plan for an agricul
tural and stock fair nnder tbe auspices and
management of the Farmers' Alliance, but
to be open to all comers in competition.
Tbe following gentlemen compoee said com
mittee: Deiha Bunton, C. L. Lightfoot,
B, J. Sledge, J. S. Brown, J. W. Morris,
Sam Johnson, Harold Durar, H. Barber and
Taylor Goforth.
Amotion wa oarried that every effort
be put forth to indue San Marco to build
a compress at that city before the railway
carry out their project of erecting one at
Smilbville which, if this latter is effected,
will rente all the eotton from tbia county
and surrounding country to be taken to that
point or to Anstio, to the injury of Sea
Maroos snd onr txranty generally.
A motion having bees nnanuaooaly ear
ned thanking the inhabitants of Buda. for
their kindoeas and hospitality to the mem
bra of d4ate to the F. A., the meeting
wa adjourned antU the first Today after
the first Monday in April.
W. Gamett, Soc'y.
Tbe following reaoltrrion were anesi
ftowjy adapted by the above nwociatioa :
We the farawra of Hay eotty la
-abted dir to express oareeaw
tiiata ia regard to the pcaeat fiaaacial
eri tk of omr ooaatry. J
l We Uk tut tb tret t--vl !
bail it jet- sa at ii.ji.ra :- itatfectslo
tba maaao. that it 1 oaloulated to oonoeu
trate the money power In tbe band of the
few, who may manipulate in money marc,
eta of tbe country to tbeir own iuteretta,
and produce a stringency In money that
mav mbaras tb business ot the land, and
bring about wreck and ruin at tbeir pleas
ure, and we itnnamt oi oongreM mat tut
present banking laws be repealed, and that
the government take direct control of the
banking system of the nation.
2. We are hi favor of reducing the pre
ent tariff on imports a much a possible
Ithout produoiug a deficiency in we pun-
lia treasury, and demand that congress turn
loose tbe enormous surplus now in tb
treasury in suoh a way at will produce an
inorease of tb oirculatiug medium in tbe
hands of the massos. and if not possible to
scatter the surplus among tb people, then
we demand thai con urea issu a snlHnient
amount of legal tender note to at loaat dou
ble the presout oirculatiug medium.
3. W believe the present railroad laws
ar unjust, and demand that oongres past
a law whioh will squeese all the water out
of railroad stock, aud require them to out
down their earnings to the extent that they
produoe only a reasonable per oent on the
capital actually Invested.
4. Knowing that there (s a desire on tbe
part of torn to change the present home
stead law, we declare ourselves satisfied
with tbe law a it now exist, and will op
pose any change in the tame.
5. We pledge oursolve not to support
any man for office, either oounty, state, or
notional, who is not in favor of the above
measures, and we further declare our in'
tontion to make a persistent effort to elect
men to office who are in favor of these re
forms. W. Gabnett,
8eot Hay Co., F. A.
To All Whom It May Concern.
Whereas, at the Hoys connty meeting of
the Farmers' Alliance it was resolved
1st. That the growing Interests of tbe
farmer aud stook raiser of Hays and the
neighboring oounties imperatively demand
a comnetltive exhibition, to stimulate and
instruct tbe agricultural olos in the better
development of its interests, and
2d. That we, the ohampions of the agri
cultural interests, should take tbe lead in
this matter, without, however, keeping the
undeniable benefits arising from tne move
ment oonflned within our order.
Tbereforo, at the said meeting a board of
directors was duly appoiuted, with authority
to organize and conduct a oompotitive ex
hibition, to be held annually, at suoh time
and place as will be made known to the
publio so soon as the arrangements thereof
are porfeoted.
The following named gentlemen compose
the board of Directors, viz: Bros. Desha
Buntin chairman, W. T. Morris, 0. L.
Lightfoot, R. J. Sledge, S. E. Johnson, H.
E. Barber, J. S. Brown; J. T. Goforth,
Wm. Eule and H. O. Durar secretary.
At the first meeting of the board tbe title
inder whioh we propose carrying out thia
vital want of our county, is "The Farmers'
Alliance Agricultural and Live Stock Ex
hibition, of Hays county." A oommittee
on location was appointed, and the secre
tary was ordered to announce to the farm
ers and stook raisers of this and the adjoin
ing oounties that we will hold a competitive
exhibition this autumn, to which we invite
open competition and the co-operation of
all friends nf our country's welfares-
Various prizes will be awardod for tbe
bost exhibits in tbe produots of tbe farm,
the pasture, the dairy and home industry;
further particulars of which will be pub
lished so soon as the classifications have
boen formulated by the board.
We earnestly request all interested in the
development of this section of our country
(and what resident is not?) to begin, with
out delay, preparations for tbe exhibit of
something, which will show that South
western Texas can produoe more to the
aore, or a greater variety, than is now be
lieved possible.
And we especially invito tbe ladies to
give ns their aid, as we hope they will their
presence, in making the exhibition attract
ive. By order of the board.-
II. 0. Dubab, Seo'y.
Texas is a groat country and1 no mistake.
Summer one day and black winter the next
It is seldom a more sudden change takes
place than was experienced on last Satur
day. This morning we have a frozen world
without the earth being wraped in a mantle
of snow,
Since the new year opened onr farmers
bave been at work with manly oourago. Let
us hope they may be abundantly remuner
ated for their hard labor when the time of
reaping will.have oome.
Mrs. Roberto is here visiting relatives and
Mrs. Bob. Martindale received sad new
the other da, her sister has recently died.
Miss Georgie Jennings is keeping house
this year for her brothers, Messrs. Joseph
aud Henry.
Mr. Lee Street who ha been very sick.
we are glad to report is improving.
Miss Clara Tattle gave barself as a New
Year' present to Mr. Zuck Williams, Jr.
May tbe barque which they together launch
upon the river of Time carry them smooth
ly over tbe troubled waters of Life and an
chor safely at last upon the "golden shore."
Madam Rumor has another marriage on
docket By the way, Mr. Editor, you labor
under a mistake. Ton speak of Capt
Holme aa being in your city, and present
ing the bappy appearance of a newly mar
ried man. Tbe Capt ha been married, lo,
these many years. Hi son Stak Holing,
however, ha recently returned from Mis
sissippi a newly married man.
Tbe young ladies are to bave a leap year
party toon. It will be a pleasant affair, so
many charming Uvlie to pay tbeir respect
to our young men. it will doubtless b
pleating to tbe latter, and if any of tbem
have hitherto been wanting in gallantry,
will surely mend their way ia tbe future.
After thit work yon will hav a Daw cor-
respoD dent from our town, who ha th
ability as well a opportunity of giving your
reader mora interesting and t ty letter
thaa ha Moas Aaoa.
Jan. , im.
Dripplnf fariairv.
Many of tb farmer ia this locality hav
beta aukiag m the paat tai weather
in breaking P thoir fields, aad each a have
done so win reap esach advaatag tram the
M of taaday.
Froas the priag-hke tescperatara of Sei
arday forenoon, th tutusry took a very
aodda UatUe, aal e were ta tb talSa
of winter ia abf-at thirty aiaatra.
This ia a I trj r-2 U wa.r oa t:
lit 'A it "1 tu.ajvr.g lo 4ovtd
land. If all our farmer know thia fact, it
1 Strang that so many lose this advantage
to their farm, every year, by being dila
tory in breaking.
I hav a sad affair to I slate, ia th matter
of th death of a oertaln Mr. Bohults.. It
seem he cam to tbia neighborhood to look
at tout land, with a view to making a pur
chase, and while going oyer th same, killed
himself with a shotgun. It 1 said b pur.
potely oaused hi own death, being subject
to spell of mental depression,
Another aged person ha been taken from
our midst sluoe my last, being Mr. Lee,
relative of Mr. W. T. Chapman.
With tbe exception of a oas of typhoid'
pneumonia, th health of th community i
Mr. A. L. Davis, jr., aay that, although
th had a lovely visit below, during the
holidays, "there i no plao like home,"
when A. L. ia not along.
Those who attsnded tha oounty meeting
of tho F. A. at Buda express thomselve a
highly pleased with the work accomplished,
and their entertainment while there. May
harmony dwell in their oounoila, and may
tbey accomplish all tha good work thsy
undertake; for we are all dependent on tne
produots of the husbandman, however indl
reotly we may obtain luem. ua ajit.
W are having very oold weather now, it
sleeted yesterday, it remain on the ground
to-day and looks very inuoh like the worst
was yet to ooms. Stook is looking badly,
th cold weather has killed all the grass
and feed is very scarce.
Wlmberly wants a doctor. We ask th
reader of tbe Fbeh Pbess to aid us In get
ting a good experienced physician.
Our sohool after a week' holiday opened
last Monday with a good attendance.
Misa Maggie Cruze ha gone to Ban An.
tonio on a visit We wish her a pleasant
trip and safe return.
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Davis spent New
Tsars day in onr village; their sweet little
babe Artelia is walking.
Mrs. Gunn, from San Antonio, has been
hero visiting her sister, Mrs. Bridge, she
also visited ber nieoe in Llano oounty while
E. P. Laney has just returned from South
Alabama where he went with horses, he re
ports flourishing times there, plenty of
money and not a small number of Texas
We are sorry that Wimberly oontains
some persons who are not above playing
little-low-down Christmas trick. We do
no believe that olass is many in numbers,
we hone not at least
Mrs. t . wimbeny ana sister, jais m aggie
Smith, have lust returned from Blanoo
where they went to spend tbeir Christmas
Mrs. N. A. watson nas been very biok,
but is bettor now.
A Fbiend to the Fbee: Pbess.
Th County Allianoe closed on Wednesday
evening of last week. Buda has not enter
tained suoh a large crowd tbe same length
of time for some months, and wo would be
pleased if such assemblyB would meet here
oftener. The visiting mombers seem to
bave been well cared for as no one com
plained, and on adjourning gave a vote of
thanks for their entertainment. Tbe pro
ceedings of tbe Alliance were very interest
ing, and-we believe that there were several
articles to be published in the oounty pa
pers, and also during tbe session it was de
cided to estaolisu a county rair ai oan mar
cos. wbioh is to be under tbe direot man
agement of the Farmers' Allianoe of Hay
connty and inviting outsiders to ooinpete
with members for certain premiums not
yet deoided, by raising stock, also all that
can be raised on the soil. This looks as
though it would be quite a feature for San
Maroos, also the proposed estabiisnmenc or
a cotton compress there.
Noticing the change made in the bead'
ing last week we say the change is agreea
ble, and we would like to ohange the name
to Blotter, a it is mora appropriate.
Mabbiaob Liokmseb issuod sinoe onr last
0. B. Hancock and S. E. Chnmney. .
W. L. Sorrell and Lizzie Martin,
M. B. Deck and Fannie Secrest
Wm, L. Goudy and Mitttie E. Williams,
Eugeuio Paredo and Calestra Hana.
J. B. Stephenson andOra hi Martin.
W. 0. Johnson and Anna Bell Dean.
M. M. Turner aud Laura O. Cbumway.
R. E. Thrift and Amanda E. Madge.
Tbe Importance of purifying the blood ean
not be overestimated, for without pur
blood you cannot enjoy good health.
At Uilt aatoa nearly every one needs a
good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich
tbe blood, and Hood's Sartaparllla It worthy
your confidence. It I peculiar In that It
trengtbens and bulldt up the system, create
aa appetite, and tone tb digestion, wall
U eradicate disease. Give It a trial
Hood's Bartaparflla Is sold by all drurjritta.
Prepared by Ci L Hood Co, Lowell, Mat.
100 Dosea One Dollar
Aran. Texas, Jan. Ti, 1M7.
Mr. A. K. Hawk:
DeariSir: I aia CI year eld. I bought
a pair of yowr OTaiix4 Lrawa about a
jnr ago. wba I eou'd with aUificalry, lead
rrrj large iat Artw aarr.; yoar fiamm
three or foor tanoth I aotacd that y tM
unrroved, aad I aow read tba as print
with th aak'-e eya. Jaws H. Bau.
Snn Marcos.
raxsr. vxca
E. L. THOMAS, Casdieb.
First National Bank .
Capital Stock Paid Up,' $ 60,000.
Authorized Capital, 250,000.
A O.a.ral Banklni Bniloaee. Oellaetlaat Bad
all aeeeaalbla poiote.
Aewsniaef Meiekaal, Vtrnara, Btseknaa aad
Othere aoliella.
J. If. HaaRBOR. Jat. O. BvsLssea.
'Uabhstt Rabdv. i. W. Basos.
to. J. L. Oa.au. JIvMly '
FBEsrnaitt. - VICE FBESC
Capital Paid Up f 60,000,
Authorized Capital, $i 60,000.
A General Banktnt Bnelneea Treaeaeted. As 's
eoante ot Marahanu, rirmt tad ladlvlduala solicited.
Hew Booki and Isttat Bewapapara tai rerlodltel
a ipedally. A rail lint of Itatlooerj
and Rollout.
AVTranalent tt well at rerident people will here
Und what they want la tk lino of papero, read
Inn matter, ale. Call snd ae. lanetll
Attorney at Law
Offloe over Green' Bonk, Ban Mar
00. acpOtf
Drs. Woods & Beall,
Physician and Surgeons.
Call left at tha Drugstore of Baynolda
fc Daniel and J. A. Basil will receive
prompt attention. fb Sltf ,..
John P. Lehde, M. D.
Formerly of New Braunfels.
Offloe at J. A. Beall' Drag
west oorner of plaza.
Store, South
Feed Store,.
San KXarcos, Tcr.
Corn, Oats, Hay, Fodder, Corn Meal,
wheat Bran, and Other kinds
of Teed.
Store on San Antonio street, seoond bnild
ing from San Marcos Hotol. Free delivery
to any part of the olty. , scptlfiml. ,
Mrs- S. A. EOACH. Proprietress,
4ffRates by day, week or month very rea
sonable. Visitor to Kyle will find this
a comfortable home. decltf,
Mrs. IT. L. Sill, Proprietress.
Centrally Situated Good Sample Boom.
.iSueetuor to JTiam t Pop4.)
Ban Antonio Itreal, between Rallsf ' CoraSr
snd San Maroot Botel.
of all kind it bottom rate.
Citj. Bakery and Restaurant,
Location San Marco Hotel. Fresh bread
very day. Special rate to hoteli and
dealer. Wedding and other fin
cakes a specialty. decltf
San Marcos Hotel,
Mrs. IL SEES, Proprietress.
Having taken th abort bona will spar no
pain to pleas her patron. Old and
new fnenda ar invited to cell. 8h
only k a trial. decltf.
E. S. Mackin,
is mmm
Flans and Specifications for all
Ainds of ttaildings on Appli
cation. AH kind of job work doo oa short notice.
Employing non bnt firat elaa sMchanic
I can uwar good work.
REFFF.RENCEH7 Former Patrona.
Office and Shop bear K. Z. oraer pobU
"l0- . -
tnaraiy. MAIN MAIMJUH.
Isaac H. J ulian,
. TEXAS. .
Uilm toejolry (
Feed Store.
Cora, Oil. Hay, IV a a. Cixyd
ftod aod rrervtLiajj elaa ia bat In
(ODataat? oa LaaL jx2?lS
Tar atb"p at tLi o'ca.

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