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Free Press.
' ; KAIL,
doing South : Utfio A. M
Goiu;i Nortb i 0:12 A. M,
and 8:50 P.
and 8:10 P.
T. fi. ill.
. Arrives 8?r0 a.m. Loavo
8:00 p.m. J" .
8:5ft p.
12:05 p.
Two (Joules for $3.G0.
Inasmuch as many persons doslre to Bond
conic abroad, aud by way oi ouuuu.uKo
meat so to do, we offer two copies, of
Fbm Pbess at $3.60 cash in advance.
I any time reooive copies of the Fiiee
3I'esb, will please unuersianu him iuujv
are sont simply as samples, lnuiouope.
. i , tiin nnrtiflH aatireBseu inity "
11 enough to fuvor tw with their subscrip
Geo. W. Knight, Jeweler,
. Flaza, San Marcos.
Jr. ii
east side
1 First call photographs at Cozby's gallery,
Worsted dress goods winter shades yery
cheap, at A ialbot,
For carpeting, bed spriugs and furniture
call on "
"'.V, 'Worsted plaids aud flannels for Isdics.
mtixaa unit cuildron at low prices to clone
out T- Talbot.
' i.,nan,i,ar that we have a flee line of
cinchauis aud corded battiste at 10 and 11
cents. , Dailei & Hito.
All kmds of woolen goods will be sold at
nrlnna that, will Rave vou money, al
a - ' P. T. Talbot's.
La whom S, bass.
' A full line of groceries, fresh
Tassed und plain just received.
hams can
' . Mr. and Mrs. Van Every are In regmar
receipt of fresh oysters of the best quality,
which t'nev are rjrenared to serve lu any
otrlA A fw more boarders wanted, for
whom thev are rjrepared to furnish com
fortiible lodiiiuc also if desired. Call aDd see
; The World Heoowunl Ester Organ.
On easy terms. Chahtain & Knight.
Johnson Grass.
Just received a large lot of Johnson Grass
Seed whii h I sin offering at lowest prices.
i . ABrHOB Mays Austin Texas.
; 'iV For Sale.
. Near Hun Marcos, w sores or inuu, kw
- . ... r , i 1 1
. in in prims nun umuuiu lu i,muiiii"i.
iini'va tit tliia nffif.ft.
. A load of sugar cane hay
or- corn fodder. . Apply at
Fre.fi Press office.
Stock Pasturnge.
. I can take stock to pasture ou my ranch
in , Gaudalupe county. Finest mediate
grass oud pionty of water. Special rates
given on lurue herds for the winter. Apply
San Marcos. Nov.3-3in.
T7tvcri fiarrJpn Pippds for
sale at J. A. Beall's Drug
Store in bulk, from one
ounoe to a pound; not the
unreliable that are sold on
' 'Fresh aud genuine. Now ip the time to
buy: your seed for early planting.
Owing to the fact that we have to pay
higher for beeves than formerly, they hav
iug to be fed, we, the batchers of Sail Mar
cos, announce that after this date we will
ell beef at six, se?en and eight cents
touud. Jno. L. McNutt,
-i J. P. Caldwell, per J. A,
? Driskill,
Stobex & Rogers.
Jan. 18th. 1888.
Fresh Garden Seeds for
sale at J. A. Beall's Drug
Store in bulk, from one
punce to a pound, not the
unreliable that are sold on
Xotice of Dissolution.
The co-partnership heretofore existing be
tween tho undersigned, nnder the firm name
of Green & Co., was dissolved by niutaol
consent on Jan 1, 1KR8. Ed. J. L. Green
assumes all the liabilities of the firm and all
notes and accounts due the nn will be
paid to him. Ed. J. L Green.
' Coas. A. Andrews.
Having sold my interest in the dry goods
buMuess of the late tirui of Greeu A Co., to
Messrs. A.S. Denny A Bro., of Kyle.I besp?ak
for tbem the same liberal patronage that has
been extended to me by the people of Hays
and , adjoining counties. Thanking my
friends and patrons for what th-y have done
for me, and wishing tliem all a happy and
and prosperous new year.
Ed. 1. L. Gbeex.
AnnouncftnentXew Firm.
Having bought the entire rtcxk of Green
A Co., of this plao". cons's'ing of Dry
Goods, Notion. Boots, Sboea, Hats and
Clothing, and in connection with same we
will open a grocery d'prturnt and coa
ting bntirxm at Gre?n k. Co' oid stand.
rtxt to First National CaLk. Sad Marco,
VT solicit the patronage as liberally ex
tended to oar prederMcnr and a cootinaoc
of U p!rrnffe of onr Kyi fnend and
vicinity. W will b 'd t! continue to
advance rnppiir and ttn,i furor a h'r
tofora advncd and eitraid to the triwis
t4 far predor and aj to th friends
of the firm of A. S. D-rcy & Bro , of KvVr.
Texas, and aprre--ii ail fit.nn rtro1l
to , and anxioo to have yoa deal with o
doting the enemas yr.
WL1 centime to 'tp ra our fBirioj
Tetw 1. C. Smi'a ai-d it Kicj V w,H
arxiooa to r th"ir oil fri-jd. Vf. P. I.
ft Rar.r.h -.r-a'V to Li Gr- '
Our Special t'liihhlug and rrtmluut
Wa sum up together some of our best
propoiitious, all of which aro ouly applica
ble to new subscribers, or such old ones as
pay up back duos and In advance for an
other year.
1. We club the Weekly Fort Worth Ga
zette and the Fbee Press both at $3.80.
2. The New Yoik Weekly World and
Fhki Taiiss, with 1 book premium, nil for
12.00. See full partloulors la our advertis
ing coluinus.
8. The Weekly National Republican,
Washington, D. 0., and the Free Fbkks
both for $2.40. The Washington paper
will give tho procodlngs of Congress aud
other matters of interest about the National
4. Dcmorest's Magazine and the Free
FiiEssat $3.C0 for both. Demorcst is the
ladies favorite, aud withal is a strong advo-
ote of temperance, See advertisement
5. The Galveston Weekly News and Free
Fiibss at $3 a your for both.
0. The Detroit Free Press and the San
Marcos Free Press at the wonderfully low
price of $2.75 for both.
7. Woudorfnlly liberal Book premiums to
subscribers to the Fuee Press. See ndver
tisemout headod "Standard and Popular
See also our regular Clubbing List for
1888. Make your selection from it, or of
any other publication not includod in it,
and report to this ofllce, whore you can se
cure the lowest rates in connection with the
Free Press.
Another Wonderful dubbins Offer.
We are authorized to offer the Rand-Mo-
Niilly "Standard Atlas of the World,", con
taining large scale maps of every country
and civil division on the face of the globe,
beautifully illustrated with engravings.
colored diagrams, etc., with a largo amount
of interesting historical, statistical and gen.
eral information, with the Free Press both
for only $3.25. The regular, price of the
Atlas alone is $1.50. See advertisement
below. Sample copy of the Atlas may be
seen at this ortlce.
The abovo extraordinary offer, or course,
anolies only to now subscribers, or to old
one paying up past duos and another year
iu advance.
No wedding iu this baliwick this week.
The north sido livery stable is closed for
tho present.
No services at our churches on Suudny
ou account of "the draft,"
Seo our remarkable clubbing offer with
the Library Magazine ou our 4th paga.
The Free Press is tho only one of our
oouuty pupors which gives full official re
ports of the transfers of real estate. .
The wnter pipes were badly demoralized
by the late "cold spell." Mr. Pettit in
formed us that a six inch pipe was frozen
We forgot to mention in our last that
thunder was distinctly heard and lightning
seen ou Wednesday nigut ot lust wee.
Something quite unusual for January.
An alarm of fire occurred yesterday morn
ing from the residsnco of Mrs. Siiaue, on
Son Antouio street, The fire was caused by
defective flue. The fire boys were prompt-
on hand, but the fire was extinguished
before their arrival
The observant reader will have noticed
that the Free Press was the only one of oar
comity papers which published the full offi
cial proceedings of thn Hays County Farm
ers' Allionce last week to the extent of a
oolumu more than the rest.
San Angelo has a town clock, and now
everybody sets their watches by a uniform
time. That is a great blessing. It was a
(great mistake not to provide for one on our
new court house. As it is there is no stand
ard of time nearer than the railroad depot.
The Stur-Vindicator, ever alive to the in
terest of its people, calls attention to the
condition of the road botween Blanco aud
Kyle and urges the Kyleites to keep it in
better condition if they want the Blanco
trade. Meantime what is Sau Marcos do
ing to that end?
The "tail end" of the great north blizzard
swept into Texas in a very nncomfortablo
fashion. The ball opened with a rousing
norther Saturday night, following a day too
warm to newl fire. .By morning the mer
cury stood, as variously reported, at from
10 0 to 1 2 about as cold as we have ever
seen it in this country. About two inches
snow fell on Sunday night, aud remained
all day Moaday. A few sleighs or rather
ed turned out in honor of the occasion.
has remained rather cold ever since.
We are quite aware that nothing is easier
than to get np a large li-it nbw.nbei- witb
ont the pay. and we hrewdiv anrmise that it
thus that the lare lists boasted ot by a cer
tain cla1 of onr contemporaries nave twen
cnrcd. We beg to say distinctly that we
ave cot knowingly any of that (lost, and
don't want any recruit from their ranks.
On rs-reading the above paiMge from onr !
isMie of the 5ih inst, it occur to a that
it needs some qualification. We did not, of j
course, mean to ray that we hd no ob-
criber who had Dot pail, or that we de- j
ired none wit hoc t the pay in advn, but
only thi that we bud noe nd de-in-1
none who never xpctl to pay. j
Town Lot for JUle.
Tl.r f.f tb choicest ta Kan Mariv. con-1
rer.ietitl.v bval'-d; od very ruh. Wiil 1
old w;nt -!y T altzeturT. Tr-- --
otbie. Ia-j-iir at Fata Put cCce. 1
The ri-.irm of o Hims aal rsrrocnj- j
ing emniUT are iav.t i to fail nd ic.ii tb '
aciiaintac-e of t'.-e St L.sjj-J H'rtL
dji Iwr bait tim:n u
Xo wbr in Tta rat acomiwMjv
ron. fr, or r- b tut "m.or. j
foao.. I 51 oi V
We Invite spooial attention to the au
nouuecmeut of Dcuny Bros, and Andrews,
successors to Green & Co., In the dry goods
business, to which they have added ft gro
cery dopartmnut, There are, as as we
learn, three of the Denny brothers. They
have been settled at Kyle durlug the last
four years, and have boon anions the fore
most busiuess houses of that place. They
have Just completed a large rock store house
there, but desiring to oulorge their business
they have leased their uew building and
have reuted " Green's Corner", in this city,
one of the very best business locations iu
this olace. We are clud to welcome these
worthy aud enterprising young gentlemen
to our oity, and confidently anticipate for
them ft successful mercantile career.
The drnuimors are coming, oh, ho! oh, hoi
Mrs. Samplo of Culvert, is visiting rela
tives here. i
Prof. J. A. Thomas has taken ft school on
Long Branch.
Mr. Durar, of Dripping Springs, was in
our office on Saturday.
Mr. Young aud family have removod to
one of Mrs. Dial's places iu town.
Hofhniuz has had the dining room of his
new hotel in use sinoo Christmas.
W. E. Nolson, Sr., of the vicinity of Buda,
made ut a pleasant Cill on Tuesday.
Two sons of Assessor Fortson buve beeuV
sick of pneumonia, but are recovering.
Mr. Cowan, of tho LOckhart Register, was
hore in search of a printer the first of the
Mrs. Thos, Uuti-hins has opened a con
feotionery and fruit store next to Talbot's
Mrs. Kyle has closed her boarding house
snd gone to reside with her fathur-in-law,
Feliz Kyle.
Our rising yonug friend, Mr. Chas. And
rews, as will oo seen, is a niemoer ' oi inu
firm of Denny Bros.
Dr. Fromme is doing some of his first
work ove' again by replacing trees in the
court hcuse yard which died last year of tho
L. D. Porter made us ft pleasant call this
moiuim;. Ho returned from Kentucky to
his father's near Kyle just in time to escape
B. W. Smith, sen., was quite sick the fore
part of the week, so ft3 to keep Mrs. S.,
from the Btore, of which Miss Soutor re
mained in charge.
Col. Sledce called on us last week in onr
absence. Call again Col., unfortunately for
us you don't owe ns anything, but the latch
string will be out ull the same.
We did not learn till after our last issue
of the death of tho little Loy of C. L. Mc
Gehee, of membraneous croup or diphtheria.
We sympathise with the pareuts. .
We were pleased to meot here on yester
day with Mr. L. W. C. Shulzo, commission
merchant of San Antouio. He subscribed
for tho Free Press aud promised us au ad
vertisement in a short time.
One of our citizens who owues a ranch iu
the mountains estimates his loss of cattle
by the late "cold snap" at not loss than 2(i0.
The destruction of stok throughout tho
country must have been very great.
Mr. Madison Lylo, late of Louisiana, who
has been for some time engaged in settling
up the business of Mr. Talbot in that stute,
will hereafter be au attache of the dry
goods and grocery store of the latter gen
We congratulate Mr. Ed. J. L. Green on
the listening of his care and labors implied
m the nalo of his dry eoods business. His
banking busiuess has at turned such dimen
sions as to require all his time to give it
proper attention. '
Major Dixon, an old and resp?cted citizen
of this vicinity, died on Thursday last. He
was of a prominent family in his native
state, Alabama or Georgia. He was upwards
of 80 years ol age. He was twice married,
aud we believe his children numbered nour
a score.
We heartily join with our neighbor of
the Times in awarding due praise to our P.
M. for his efforts in the direction of an im
proved postal service for our people, and to
Mr. Claude Irey, his clerk, as an efficient
and obliging official. "Credit to whom
credit is due."
We regret very much to have to record
tho death of Miss Fanny Boberson, former
ly of this place. She died at the home of
her parents in Palestine on the 12th inxt.
She was beautiful aud amiable, and all who
knew her will regret to hear of her uu timely
death. She was only 19 years of age.
Mrs. Louis Henne of New Brauufels, has
made us the pleased recipient of a lemon of
extraordinary size, beauty and perfection.
We find it to be 1'J inches in circumference,
weight 10 ounces. Contrasted with a green
leaf on the twig attached, it Is "a thing of
beauty." Mr. H. informs as it is one of 8
others of same siz? grown on a small tree
about 3 feet high, planted in a vessel size f
a nail kc. Our German friends, ecpocialiv
their ladies, excel in matters of this kind.
Thanks t the fair donor for her remem
brance of the Free Pbess.
We had the pleasure last week of making
the acquaintance of Mr. Jenkins for 1 4
years a resident of Southern California, who
is stopping at Preacott'a. Ha is much in
love with California, yet tomehov bis beeu
troubled with a bronchial affection, an
thinks of stopping or perb act-;
tling here on that account. Ua think thi
would be r great eoutitry with tb same ( -
pliance mbich have bon o tuccr-fully
rmp'.ojed in California, epil!y irrijfv
tioo. He aay oar riv. r if in CJ:forn:
would be worth f lO.OOO.Oi iO, and that it
would be worth a niaih her if ut:!izt on
the Califfrni plan. Our people woo'.J to
well to intrvK-w Mr. Ji.k;n hi !
' tion coolj not fail to be ralanbl j -ct -n-
I era.
Lnwhon ifc ISuss,
Tb B "xt t of VirtrU.T c f 0e rnut"
A3ii:x Acri(-i lata! arid live S'-k Ixl.!-
of H,r (J iu Kl w -,
lrtUf li.t-1
31 y Own Shall Come.
Sereue I hold my hands and wait,
Nor care for wind, nor tide, nor sea;
I rave no more 'gainst time nor fute,
For lo! my owu shall come to me.
I stay my haste, I make delays,
For what avuils this esgor pace?
I stand amid the eternal ways,
Aud what Is mine shall know my face.
Asleep, awake, by night or day,
The friends I seek are seeking mo;
Nor wind oan drive my bark astray,
Nor change the tide of destiny.
What matter if I stand alone?
I wait with joy the coming yoari:
My heart shall reap where it has sown,
Aud gather np its fruit aud tears.
The waters know the'r own and draw
The brook that spriugs on yonder height;
So tlows the good with equal law
Unto the soul of pure Uuligut.
The flower nodding iu tho wind
Is ready plighted to tho bee;
And, maiden, why that look unkind?
For lo! thy lovor secketh thee.
The stors come nightly to the sky,
The tidal wave nnto the sea:
Nor time, nor space, nor deep, nor high,
Can keep my own away iroui me.
Bad Condition of tlte San Jfarcos and
Blanco Koad Onr Commissioners
Court Strongly Arraigned by the
the Blanco News.
We invito the especial atttention
of onr readers to tbe following article
in a recent issno of tho Blanco News.
It deals with a suoject of almost vi
tal importftneo to onr town. While
Kjle is continually urging tbe im
provement of her road to Blanco, Son
Marcos, it would appear, is serenely
indifferent to her connections with
Blanco town and county.
We will only add as regards
the an-aingment of onr commission
ers court below, that we aro scarcely
prepared to believe that it could
be so grossly derelict to the interests
of San Murcos. We await further
developments. But one thing is
certain, our city should not sit still
aud allow herself to be deprived of
the benefitH of tho large expenditure
hitherto made by our people for the
tho improvement of the road to
Tbe following is the editorial from
the News.
We are informed by some of our
freiebters that the wagon roud from
rnrgatory Springs to Stin Marcos is
in a pretty bad condition. It seemB
that the commissioners court of Hays
county has changed that portion of
the road, for tho convenience, we pro
sume, of some one who desired to
fence, and that Eince the change was
made und tho fencing done, the road
ruus through a long lane and has
never been worked, and is also longer
thin before the change.
We doubt if this is strictly in
ucoord'tnoe with the law. And if we
are rightly informed as to tho condi
tion of the road, it is certaiuly not
treating tho citizens of San Marcos
with much consideration. We know
that a few vears ago these citizens
expended some one or two thousand
lodara ou this piece of road in order
to make it a good freighting road.
This was clone in order to mako bun
Murcos a shipping point for Blanco
and tho surrounding country Now
tho commissioneis court in their wis
dom see fit to do away with the road,
in other words to deprive their town
aud county of the benefit of the mon
ey expended heretofore on the road.
It is true, the shipping over the road
for the past year has been light, but
that is on account of the drouth and
extreme- hard times. We have done
very little shipping to any point.
San Marcos is the most convenient
point for us, everything tuken into
consideration, but if the road is to
remain in a condition that makes it
dangerous for wagons to travel over
if loaded, Sau Marcos will most cer
tainly lose the patronage it would
otherwise get from Blanco. Will
San Marcos allow the trade of the
mountains to 6cek another point t
What is the mutter with the Hays
county commissioners court T 'Let
us hear from the Fbee ..Phesb and
Words of Wisdom on the Subject of Ad
vertising. Sullivan (Ind.) Dcnvcrat.
Immediately after tb Christmas Holiday
there is something of a lull in bnsiuess, but
it does not entirely Rtop by any means, and
is always worth looking after. The wide
awake business man will then plant hi ad
vertisements where they will seenre trade
when it come. During the holiday seasons
cuntoiner go out on a tonr of inspection on
their own responwhility, to see for them
selves. When the boiiday are over the
smut dnaltr go ft"r th cntora through
the coluinus of good local neiip-r,
which carrirs hi appeal to tbe buyer at his
winter fireside. When other ceas adver
tising hi invitation in the column of th
paper attract more attention a it stand al-
most alone. n nnJr4and that wh n
there are fewer to compete f'r the amIW
volume of trade, it i bis opportunity, aid
b dc roont of hi advertising whxo th-
MrMDcr rolntnn are not crowded and j
when be ea o!f-r extra inlaceinnt. to pur.
To air rtie in doll titce i much lik
putticg vri la the (.rout'J in tb Nil. It
w.fl prdoc frit in i t-m. Now t the
tint f ir -atkl a&d pvta' fcdrr1;r.g.
tO'l tboan who at!crUr4 it will br IL
j lw1 pod to carry orvr acj the lirj'M
p-i.Stt to Iii 5-
J I ? K-.lr with etrr!i Tua a
; err i if ya tV liftf SiTf.r.:ia.
' rf.kl l.'.t.! r.r-r f-r br &il r-
( . j
I . . i
Y.t. Ti?!Jl of the Ti.ol'.",il !v-br4 at
t iii.taat t rnsvh ta tb
Pr.,yfii Clan a trrt al II
o'cM k a. aa.
Tbe boom at Lockhart begin at last.
Severn! uew houses are bolng built, old oue
are shiuiug np, lot are changing bands
the Alliance ha erected the new store hard
by tbe depot, the street car are now a cer
tainty, the floats, hacks and big omnibu
ludicate a business activity that I really
novelty iu the heretofore slow-going old
town, that some one said "was flulshed
yearn ago." ,
' But a town with It natural adyaujagei
uniHt continue to grow. Surrounded a it
is by the very best farmlut lands in thi
country, having good health and inexhauxt
able wood aud water supply it must grow.
With a corpi of old iiioroliaiita who have
grown rich at their leisure, and an Influx of
new ouos to sting them into activity, and a
stream of emigration that will turn tbe
prairie luto an agricultural garden, it must
grow. With good srbools, seyen ohurchos,
good dairies aud fine water facilities, a fire
company and a base ball club, and proseut
and prospective railroad conveniences it
must boom aud boom I
Ou the streets of Lockbnrt you can seo
pruncing steeds of the finest blood, scrubby
pouies of tils' most contemptible proportions
tbe historic mule and the unpretentious
donkey. Ou the sidewalk you pass a live
Sonth ruer smoothe np with busiuevs and
smiling alike at success or failure. Here
you moot with the Buiart, live Yankee, wide
awuke aud always pushing. Thero goes
Geriuuu who will got the bulk of the trade
of his countrymen and hold his hand with
either the Southerner or the Yankee. Yon
dor is a Jew. who is "cussed" by all bands
and is always ou tho move, but he gets
fair division of trade Hall the same. The
negroa are trying to get supplies for an
other year, and the Mexican sits and suiokes
just as though he did not care if he never
was able to get up again. With all of this
aud more too, Lockhart is booming.
And the strangers too, are comii-g,
Aud the boys the strt ets are bumming,
Aud tbe pretty girls are humming,
Aud the traveliug merchants drumming,
And the doctors and the lawyers,
And the workers and employers,
Aud the lumber busiuoss looming,
And tho town is just a booming,
Aud wife said "Whore is the boom?"
And I said: "If you please madam, I haven't
seou the broom."
As we look ont of our window, on sitting
dowu to write, we see earth wrapped in her
becoming mantle of snow. Stem winter
reigns supremo, for school-hoiiHe, stores
and streets are deserted. Our norther came
at its appointed time, ou Saturday evening,
and prolonged its visit, as usual, through
Suuday. Many old settlors declare oui last
Sabbath to have been the coldest Texas has
Our loap year party passed off very pleas
antly aftor much anxiety ou the part of the
gentlemen, and a groat deal of whispering,
maneuvering and note-writing on the part
of tho young linlioB. At 9 o'clock- all were
assembled in Mrs. Potty's hospilablo par
lor. The young ladies seemed to be williug
to take advantage of the eveuing's privi
leges, for many an unconscious blush illum
inated the faces of tho fair young men as
she told him of her devotion. After awlnlo
refreshments wore passed, and all wont
merry as a marriage boll. Precisely at 12
o'clock the laughing company separated,
each oue only regretliog that every year did
not briug with it a leap year parly.
Tho matrimonial fever' has not cjuite
cooled; ou the evening of Thursday last
Miss Annie Norris and Mr. Jas, Crook were
made ouo. Muy their barque glide smooth
ly aud safely over sunny waters lo tho gold
en shore.
We rogrct to notice the doatb of the in
fant sou of Mr. Perien Williamson of Pleas
ant ridge, on Sunday the 14th inst. An
other tmusuro laid up in heaven to guide
the steps of thojs who love it thither.
Mrs. Salie Huberts, aftor a visit of two
weeks, has returned to her home at Biver
side. ,
Mr. Jno. Ilargiss, from Concho, is here
visiting relatives aud friends.
We notice Mr. Lambkin ou our streets
this week. .
Mr. Brnce Mnrtindale aftor a short illness
is ugain our stroots. '
With many wishes for the prosperity of
your excellent paper we remain the
Jan. 10. Two Masts
Kyle Notes.
Morn snow, more fun. The g'rls aud
boys, ou other days young ladies and gen
tlemen, have been Bleigh ridiug, sled riding
aud snow balling since tbe miow came, also
skating on dipt. Kyle's tank.
MeSirs, Wiseuaut aud Margns have moved
their drug store into their new stone build
ing. Mr. Ford will move his saloon into
the old drug store and his old stand will be
used for a skating riuk.
The Cremuo are to have a b ill and supper
on next Friday ere.
The leap year party at Mrs. More' on
last Friday eve wa a grand slice, th
young ladies forgot to propose going home
uutil abont 2 o'clo k. 1'erhap other propo
sition they did not forget.
Mine Nellie Kov h accompanied by Mi
Rl.ini'h Barber, made Kyle a visit from Fri
day until Sunday.
Misses Alta and Lutie Joiick, from near
Austiu, r viHitin at tbe Coin luercial.
Mi Julia Echo! ha gone to Austin on
a vuit to Ltr aunt, Mrs. Capron.
Mimth. 1M1 tail M Ln. from A art in.
',nt K.t.ir Uy auJ Kundy at the
Wa gntrl!y bar mnic iu th air
thy coma.
Mr. J. IS. Hnii'h l -ft for Li bora on Fri
day Ut, be es4cU to retora in about lour
No pr.irg fcr yeteT lay.
Jui. S, 1HKM. Ahictj.
Mac Oat Cm TOIL
A h'z rv at Falrnvmrit, Ird.,
raTvlit for, and aJl .7.rt to -xt,nirnih
, tUfTri,ij r fir f!me wre in vain
nLtil thr boy 3yo1, 71 J plarxl
a r1i i4 Mo iip trvrr tbe wll, aud
i tu-n a1 W iily t-tit It over, ehwrtjnaT tb
rVrw jf enm arwl ratlins! oft tb fUme,
i whvb iu jiJy UAAlTfl- Itoa
, Invite
Mr. ". T K K CtAA. t4 Atlanta,
Ln ttr-tre-iiMl nlt Ol the Ctf4-
, -- -- -
erae rm4jtnta ft cam maw tb
rrnr. .t' bo rafl tL. It t ) that
I TvvnLi.W w, f Nrw Tork rlrr.
jrarna it oonvtrtwiaosi a f.iai t mAtl
tv lb CAAvfean-at evsTeaa. Nrw lacV
Ileal Estate Transfer.
Since our last report, Oct. 13, lBHTt
M G Vardell and wife to 0 M Simlugtnn,
1 acre John Phamsa sur., f 150.
W O Duggor and wife to D A Glover, lot
4 block 9, CoOluld addlliou to buu Maroos,
f5(N). '
I.nko flprnill and wlfo to T II A H K R
Co., right of way, Veremendl league, f 75.
Tboa T Fourquonm to T B A II It It Oo.,
right of way, Veremoudl loaguo, f5
W O Hutchison to TBAHUKCo.,
right of way, Veremeudl league, fi'00,
J F MuUohee and wife to T B A H R B
Co., right of way, Veremendl league, f5
J G Btore) aud wife to T B A II B R Co.,
right of way, Veremendl league, flAO,
11 P Ellison aud wifo to T B A H R
Co., right of way, Veremendl and Tho G
McGohee leagues, f 2(10.
A K O'Kelly and wife to T B i II B It
Oo right of way, Veremeudl league, f
0 A Egger to J A Fischer, 100 aoroa, A J
Massey pre-emption survey, 91.100.
J Jenkins aud J M Robertson to J It
Hurleson and Oscar O Owen. 8C5 acre J
D Rioe aurvey, $305.
8 M and II It Burt to The Phoenix Cigar
Co., Austin, Texas, lots 3 and 4 block 10,
Kyle, 2000.
Outran Kyle to Wm W Hunpt, BOO acres
Andrew Dunn league, 12(.
II llolliuan, trustee, to David MoNaugh
ton, lot 10 block 10 Kyle, $125.
John S Barnes and Jacob S Wetmore to
p. Ilorton, lot 3 blook 20 Kyle, $102.50.
J W Green and wife to W O Hutchison,
!!0 acres T J Chambers league, 150.
J A Smith aud wife to John R Lester, lo
block U Mountain City add to San Mar
cos, $75.
8 W Jaokson aud wifo to J W Allen and
Goo W White, Chaa Hondorson league aud
J W Keller Biirvey 120 aores, $2800.
John Stapleton aud wife to John II Saun
ders, 117 acres, part of tho Amasa Turner
Burvey, $850.
O S Avev and wife to N K Farris, lot B
block 1, B W Breedings add to Sau Marcos,
$112.5(1. .
Thoutus Riwonor to M R and O L V
Roasouor, lot 3 block 3 Mooro's add to ban
H E Barbor and wife lo Peyton and Thos
Taylor, part of lot 0 blook 8 on the publio
square of San Mnrcos, $1700,
Mary F Payne to B P Bozarth; 1 (tore A
Tumor survoy, $40.
James Woolfolk and wifo to Roger Byrne,
part of lots 3 and 4 block 8 publio square of
Ban Marcos, $35o.
T F Hewitt aud wifo to E I Iglohart, 75
aores Veremeudl leaguo, $2000.
Roger Byrne to It T Dye, 150 aores 0 R
Perry grant, $250.
H E Barbor, tax oolleetor, to John Ire
land, 150 acres out of tho 0 L Whltter sur
voy, $13.72.
W D Wood to S J Hunnigor, lot 2 block
4 CofUcld add to San Marcos, $150.
E J Choney to 0 R Armstrong, 07 78-100
acres J M Verenioudi leag le No. 2, $2000.
J A DriHkill and wifo to 8 J Spence, 5(14
aoreB Isaao Lowe survey, $4500.
B A Tobiu to J W Tobiu, 13-100 of au
acre in the town of DuPre, $500.
Harry Jeukins and wife to Chas Wotzel,
00 acres part of the Joe Whitley pre-emp
tion, $1 aud assuming the payment of three
P Wimborly jr. and wifo to John H
Saunders, 1 ai res Amassa Turner sur $250.
J W Cox aud wife to iV O Hutchison, 5UJ
acres Cyrus Wilson Biirvey, $1200.
H E Barber to J M Wolf, lot 6 block 4
Mountain City add to San Marcos, $200.
J 8 Moloue to R J Sledge, GUI acres Wm
Ward survey No. 12, Z Hintou, J Fharas
aud F Strussey surveys, $14 12..
Joseph Gludue to R J Breckenridge, 157
acres John Barton aurvey, $37.51 tuxes paid
on same.
E P Laney to A T McKeao, 150 aores
hoe Correthers survey, $15o0.
W W Williamson to T B A H R R Co.,
right of way, $105 as per Judgment bf oonrt
iu the matter of condemnation.
Bugg minors to T B A II R R Co., right
of way, $478 as per deoree of court iu the
matter of condemnation.
Jas L Maloue to W O Hutchison, 100
acres J M Veremendl league, $2050.
J E Allen to W R Haymns, 41 9-10 aoree
John Williams survey, $103.0.
U G Reaves and M J Reaves to A L
Davis, 1-11 interest in and to the homestead
of Wm Reaves, deceased, flOO.
W P Livingston and wife to A K Daniels,
4;J acre Hanna loague, $:S00.
W T Chapman und A L Davis to F Teach-
elman, 00 acres B F Hauna survey $450.
C C Pa. ton to A L Davis, lots 4 and
block 5 Dripping Springs, $25.
Sam Herring to A L Davis, lots 5 and
block 5 Dripping Spriugs, $2."i.
Ed J L Greon aud wifo to 11 0 Luffing
well. Io 1 and nsrt of lot 2 blwk 2 C O
Mit. boll addition to San Marcos.
" 'Doen marriaua chanue a man.' yon ask"
CMis toue and looks were sail):
"l"be first week of our wedding tour
Took all the change I hid."
Harper' Eoiar.
Hood's Sarsaparllla
Combine, In a manner peculiar to Itself, th
best Ltood-purlfyInK and strenethenlns: reme
dle of Um rcrUI)e kininlom. Yon will find
this wonderful remedy effective where otlier
wdlctne have UUt4. Try It now. It will
parity your blond, reiruUt th dlftestloa,
and give new Ufa aad vlffnr to tb entire body.
Hood' Sarsaartlla did BM) great good.
I wa tired ont from overwork, and It tnoed
tar np." Mm. O. E. Bimkok, Coboea, X. T.
I iufTeivd three year from blond pot ana.
t tnnk llond'i Hsnaparllla and think I am
ured." Mat. M. J. Dana, Brotkport, N. T.
Purifies the Blood
Ilnod Ramparula I ekandn'.zri by
Uire f-oltirillf t tat, tb nmjbimmtitm of
rnierdial afcot ta, tb prnyorUtmt id, tbe
prane of eernrng the artlv mctlartinl
eiaJIItr. TlicfvrtliaaaKllrineofntroinul
trvseth. rflertlct rare Ltlbrrt enikaowa.
Bati In lwk eonulnbic addiUunal evVdrae.
H'd" Rr"Mrr:ia tme, up rny r
in t Ir ak an nver. J. . IKOJU-aoS,
sr. e lw, Lvenll, Haas. .
" H'rf" Urrn;:s r-at Tl ryra. and
fwri tf --r ' ' r -M ." I. Kisrui
La) Luk BUe, it utl City.
Hood's Sarsaparilta
fW y a3 droiTM. ft ; a t lv fi. Vad
a. lyCl IlOoO CO, Vemrli. Um
tOO Doses Oro Dollar.
ry tanas'"
A 3lstlngukhoi.Judg9 1 Says:
AcmN, Thai, Jan. 2U, 1887.
Mr, A. K. Hawkosi
Dear Sir i I am 02 year old. I bought
a pair of your Crystallxed Lenses abont
year ago, when I could with difficulty, lead
very large priub After using your glasses
three or four months I notioed that my aighk
Improved, and I now read the finest print
with the nakod eye. Jauu H. Bejx. '
. -BV-
s. f. McAllister,
San Marcos.
prkst. vxecrast.
E. L. THOMAS, Cashikb.
First National Bank
Capital Stock Paid Up, - $ 80,000.
Authorized Capital, 250,000.
A Ocntral Hsnklni BuiIdm. Collmtlon mad
on all eeMlhl pninl.
Aaoouuia of MirchdUta, Farmsr, Btocko nyt
otbtra ollciltd.
I. VT. Hmsnoa. Ja. G. BciLiioa.
lllMSITT Haidt. i. VI. RASOa.
Kd.j. l. Omh. Jivaaijr
D. A.
UFNAI1 juitim
Capital Taid Up $GO, OOO,
Authorixed Capitat, $150,000.
K General Ranklnr Bnnlnpua Tranaotd. Ao-
count ufMsrcbauta, Firms abd ladlvldualasollolud.
J. T. HUTOltlNB,
New Book and la lei t New.pipen and Prlodlot
a aptclaltr. A toll Una of Stationer
od Kolluna.
JVTramlent a wall ra.tdant people will her
nnu wmi iopv want in in line or papara, reaa
Iiik manor, ew. Call and are. lunrStf
Attornsy at Law
Offlee over Green's Bank, San Mar
s. , ' sepfltf .
Drs. Woods & Beall,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Calls loft at the Drugstores of Uaynolde
A Dauiel and J. A. Bead will receive '
prouiot .ttentl.m. fb 24tf
John P. Lehde, M. D.
Formerly of New BraunfeU.'
Offloe at J. A. Beall's Drug
west ooruor of plaza.
Store. South
Nov. l f.
Mrs- S. A. ROACH. Propr'etress.
WEotos by day, week or month very rear
aonable. Visitors to Kyle will flud this
a comfortable home. decltf,
Mrs. N. L. Sill, Proprietress.
CoDtrally Situated. Good Sample Boom.
Svccor lo Winn t Pop.)
Mao Anient Street, between Dalle' Corner
aod fcao Marcoe Hotel.
of all kind at bottom rates.
Mm llDEl),
Cily Bakery and Restaurant,
Location Han Maroo IIoteL Fresh brend
every day. Special rate to botd and
dealers. Wedding and other fine
cake a aiie:ialty. decltf
San Marcos Motel,
Urs. U. Proprirecs.
Having tiken tbe above hooe will pare i-o
pain to please her patron. Old and
new friends are invito! to call. Khe
only ask trial. decltf.
E. S. Mackin,
Flans and SpeciScations for all
.inds of iJoildiDgg on Appli
cation. AD kind of job work duo n abort BotH.
Employing none brrt first claa nerhar:.-a
I can inanr good work.
FEffERENCE My former Ptron.
OSf and Miop Miar X. E. corner pub!:
s iy s A NM A HCOS.
.1. S. STEELE.
Peed Store,
Corn. 0.., Ht, r.rn. CTK.rrii
fcd BD'1 cTerTtLinc el in his ln
conir tlj on lin.l. jc2T?f
Sea i-jJT , Texas.

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