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Mo For'linicr Nrt'd Aljr.
A clover Inko-off of the auU-foraiiiu lui
piigrotlon inovaiiiant lilt' J
flu Anlilmiultr..tiuu Club uwi at Mi-Don.
AuJ iworo to ii all forflgueni from fiur
Columbia's Mliitro.
Thurt wita I'nl Mt-t'oy, Hum BclinUwuniry.
.r Wmi l-iiiiu. MoiiHi. ur he Itomico.
Ami iu tailed llu-wisti Mhilint ho usuie
you coulilu'l prouoiiuon.
Wu'll fc"c ill'"" Motirlf furrinera, besom,
aluiro liny k,
AtutliMf I lie author, nor, mm Micheid
l'ul Mi (. .
"I)lio DonUlmmiia' limns moont shiny atay
iiml lim-n ilia roillitrv Ollilt,
v. ,., mi v ii I Una. "lo Mbtonl uiius ber
or cat Luiue auour krnuL
Oiii MiwiMlotirn," saM Moiwlanr La llou,
Vine coiiutroe oon In UolIe,
L (-raiid. la ro. la uiuiistuifliiue, ye love it
wkII var wall!
Ve keep do Franoh man tfom it shore ami
lacv iu qui' t ran.
Amilhnlikolroo bornVukoMve Til eut
our Iroye iu in'iice!"
"The blnvat d Iirilixlier uusto,"iuiid Johu
Hull Jiukit, "iuuhI ho,''
'Ftty nw wo havo no room, uo iinaco fuw
foretellers you know,"
"John Ohiimnmu wu'U drivo awny," mud
Situ Wind 1. "and Ihtn
We Molionn folk will have no mon but juct
lis Melicnu uieu."
Yankee Iilado.
Tub MiOAZiNi or Amkbioam Hiwoby has
for )tu UmdiiiR niticle a description of
TliurJow Weed's Home Jn New York city,"
together witb iuterfhtijig Incidents in the
life of the ".rent editor aud politician. There
1m much yiilimulo biHiorical iuforumtion in
tbo currnut uuuiliorfts well on bite of Lio
Kiiiphy tlmt will bo of interest to all. In
tbe piiKM of no other in.nue can wjrh
information be obtained a that conveyed
to the render through the inoiliii.ii of iho
Mnjjnzino of Amoricau History. Now York,
743 llroudwn.v.
Kii;;cno Flald and the Itoflbugs.
F.iitfouo Field wna here not long ngn
wider an iiKslKninent to describe tha
Omtilm suluoii property of cx-I'rcHldcnt
1 1 ay on, nnd I hud the plenxuro of dining
With him at onn of our first, chins linti'ls.
After dinner we went up to hl.s room.
When he opened the door for mo to go in
I saw probably tho most remiirkiibronpart
iJieijt it liua over boon iny lot to witness.
The wall) hnd lieen whito originally, I
suppose, but nil I glanced nttliein they
toeiiied to have been truiiHfornicd into a
dirty yellow. The nhoetn of the bod were
turned down, mid they exhibited the
unmo discolon-rion. Tlio windows lml
Bpot9 of yullotTon tliein, and tliu wnnh
eUiud nnd drcRsiiiK enso wero Himilarly
blotched. I turned to Kield wonderlii(ly.
Ho w8 looking very nfllfer, even find. "I
had Homo troublo with the bugs last
IiiKht," lio explained pathetically, "and I
didn't sleep very well. As oon ua it was
light I went down to the' drug Btoro nnd
bought four pounds of insect powder."
And ho had used it ull, and with com
iiemlulile tlioroiijjliiicss.
Wo nut In tlio yellow room and chatted
a few minutes, and then Field rose nnd
rniifr tlio bell. A girl appeared, and he
junked her to send up the housekeeper. As
that lnrfe, venerablo and inatrojily jhtpoii
opened (lie door nlie saw Field In the een- j
ter lit tlio room ilhsuimIihc a trngirnl iittl- j
tude, and' rendered most tlendlshly ridien
lous by tlio waving plumes of n large
feuther duxler which ho had found on the
dressing case, mid tha handle of which he
had stuck Imtween his collar and the back
of lila jicrk. It was a tableau as funny ns
could bo improvised. It was broken pres
ently by Field announcing himself in
blood curdling tones to the housekeeper
ns "Spat, the lledbng King." Then he
plucked her mysteriously by the sleeve,
and led her over to tho dressing case. Ho
opened the top drawer of that article, of
furniture, and there, disposed in regular
line, were fourteen liedliugs lying in all
the silent pathos of ileal Ii on as ninny
Buinll fragments of newspier. I lihnll
never forget the expression of fear, aston
ishment and bhunie with which that
housekeeper turned nnd ran out of the
room. Omaha World.
8clenre In Navtgiitlon.
"Did yon ever hear of plowing n chan
nel in the Alabama river for n steamer to
pet through?" asked nu old river enyi
jieer. The reporter has heard ninny n tough
yarn from the fresh water salts who draw
tho long bow on Front street between
trips, but this was braud now, and ho
"Well, hist July the Carrier grounded
on Yellowjacket bnr on a falling river.
Tlio crew pulled away on the capstan
without moving the old boat mi inch,
when the mate, seeing we would lie high
nuil dry in a few hours, got out a lot of
hoes that were in the freight nut! part of
the crew were set n digging nlinicside the
bottom of the 1m ml so its to wut her sides
while the rest were hauling away, (lid
Dr. Harris, who lives nlnnit two miles
from the bnr, nnd who has a turn for ri il
engineering, asked l'apt. Newnuister if
there wasn't a plow in the freight. There
was, nnd In a minute u blgdurkey was up
to bis waist in the channel above the bar
holding tbe plow handle, which wns
hitche.l to the capstan rope, and the plow
was hauled to the boat a half dozen times
or so. Then the rope was tied to n tree
on the bunk nlove and the old Carrier
want over that Kir like butter through a
tin born. There's a heap of scieuvo in
navigation." Mobile Register.
Marrhlni; Thnmgh rrpln
It wns not uncommon to hear shots nt
tha head of the column. Tho t- nu-ers
would come tumbling hack, and rule
alongside the regiment, ndiling to the
lioii-y talk ttufr account of what they had
teen, nnd di idinc among their comrades
eu.-h tbingx as tin y had managed to bring
nway in their imcmw esi-ajie from cul
ture. A stair oi'.iii r would gallop down
the rvidide like a man who had forgotten
Fomrthin which must K- received iu a
At the sonnd of tha colonel' ringing
voice, pilvmv wis Instant and a'isolut.
S.i!iers flashed fnmi their srabUirds, the
mca brou:;!. t fbeir guns to tlie "rarry."
and the K-it'.-.liou swung i::to lina nt the
ri?M!; rat, rlhtin.: riaksand fryinsr
pans pitted to the riar rank; ol!Uvr mid
teri'niit l iir., round their companu
to sea that the gnn were loailtd and tbe
me :i ready for action. The color aaresiit
,iMn,'l the watT-ri.f vtr of the
hnt:!e flair, a Kuterr i f artillrry t!ew j a-t
ca tt ay the In.tit. f. l'.ow in the nv
turn'ni si.-ilT cflic, r. i.:,,l a ..n l.i.inl
tiic f.iin'.Iuir l:i. f sU-i!. IWl-apa '.t d.d
in anioui:t l.i p-ucb, sftrr all. and we
r.T :p;in- iiito nsila te;i'
a.-am. ';t Hinul t'kry la 1 ha C u
turr. CM Tlana- PTtmil.
It l l:.:rrr:i: l.i jtutn.lrr tf nt t-ff
frzr St a l ;i: .nhrt hr V. r p.rl
-r.:.x-.il in Nrw Vi rk .lir.Hich hli
t?yu it's it.l j-of m.kt'ii
- twraci kii.t . tlx- j ul4:r. A
Sbry rl an ;.!.rr 4 tm;.ty
tolactt- i-w Irf.ir iV.i. pnm.
tt tl Dual 1: ; .J -i- mcVI r- t
if-n. tl-T rm04 t4 k n M.'.l U-nt
Imme. waa cf lV- lli4
are t:
VU.r .1 1, . I at f W Tf. -ir !? Ii l.l - ,V.:r.r. I 11! . -. a t'.i.- :.- , - - , , 1,tJvT. . . J . TV J rsretml-r. 1 ' '
r ls if It ii ot l-T urwr -J 1 " "', ' v " " " ' : " !ft-Hn.w ;n hi.' -. -. - , .. , , r? Pi111-- 1 t t - 1 -Turi lT.r ,.7 , , -T PrVe.e-trvH
(iolil Mining In North Carolina.
Jfnrth farollnit In still one of the gold
prodnclim statea of the Union, averaging
omellilllg ea Ulan M coupio oi niiminii
thouiuinddollnin annually, (ieorgla, which
turna .ut aouifw hat less tlmn North Caro
lina, is hIimi a uold state, ileforo the t-xo-
dua In Cullfiirula Ihese were the chief gll
linnlucerii of the 'lilon, Virginia, Alalmmii
nnd South tnrilliiA ! contribming
miinetlilng to the mock of pretloiui metals,
Imt in tha nreseiieu of the rich nilnea ol
tho went tha gold slate of thoAtlantio
coast lust nil their linporUun. Neverthe
less mining oK-rntlon are carried on lo
aome extent In the Hluellidge and Its foot
bills. The Sam Cliilstlau mine, in .-wont-Knmery
county, N. C, wan recently
sold for fMtMXJU. There la conslderublo
free gold In the gravel along the moun
tain alrenms, ami it is snui unit in jviu.
vIk.,i ili Hfreiuiis Hro dried ud or dlmln
luiimi hv ihoiiL'lit nnd the agricultural
crops fall, tho pcoplu thero turn to the
gold crop, in uphir nnci r.i liorauo io u
ahlpa every InlmbiUint engngea In tlila
practice, nnd at the smallest country store
will Ik) fouml acaies ior weigmnK
dust. Teoplo cundotlils simple placer mill-
(in In tins or nillive way on mini uwhku
hv oUii rs. imvlnir a fifth of the gold found.
That Is tha rule in such enses. This sort
,.t mliitnir Is known us "Hetty" milling.
Small business as It is it has In ninny bad
seasons saved the people from want.
A North Carolina correspondent ei j no
in. i.ow.iiil iVn.l D snntch reports: ine
deojicst gold mine In tho (data is tho Gold
hill, in Jtowan county, which fa down 770
t.M.t r.i.iiii about 1H24. it was for years
tbe great mine of this part of the world,
and baa a record of over $3,000,000. In
those early dnys the most primitive appli
ances were useti in gcuiiiK moir.
Tliei-o wero live owners, and tho week's
work the uci prollt was represented in
a treat bar of bullion. This was cut witli
an ax Into live pieces. Some disinterested
party then placed tho pieces behind him
and, holding one in his band, cried out:
"Who takes this?" It wns given the
owner who called for it, nnd so on, until
ull Ilvn pieces were divided. Sometimes
ench share was worth $1,000, making a
yield of say f ;M0,II00 uuuually. Knglisli
men have for years owned this mine,
three companies having held it and
oueruted It. Another 100,000 is now
l being raised to work further. New Or
leans ricayune.
Carbullo Aolil far Intaeta,
Many peoplo do not know how easily
they can protect themselves and their
children against tho bites of gnats and
other insects. Weak carbolic acid sponged
on tho akin and hair, and in sonio cases
tho clothing, will drivo away the whole
tribe. A great many children and not a
few adults are tormented throughout the
wholo summer by miiiuto enemies. We
know persons who are afraid of picnics,
and even of their own gardens, on this
nccotiut. Clothing is an imperfect pro
tection, for wo have seen a child whose
foot and ankle bud been stung through
tho stocking so seriously that for days
sho could not wear n leather shoe.
All this can be averted, according to
our experience, nnd we believe of many
others'liy carbolic aCId judiciously used.
Tho safest plan is to kd-p a solution of
I this solution which should not contain
I moro than 0 or 7 per cent., and it may bo
! added to water until the latter smells
j strongly. This may readily and with
! perfect safety be applied with n sponge.
We have no doubt that horses and cattle
'could bo protected in the same way from
j the Hies which sometimes nearly madden
J them, and it even seems possible
that that tern mo scoutge, me a mean
Tsetse ily, might be kept oil in tho same
mamer. Ijoudon Lancet.
Mexico's Fanhlon Cluh,
Tho Diario del Hngar says thnt a
"fashion club" is being organized in the
City of Mexico by thirty rich dudes, whoso
only object will be to clothe themselves iu
the latest styles.
Mail of Texas, ero I go,
Toll ine if your clock is slow ;
For I have a train to catch,
Aud must quickly raUe the Intch.
Kr I dart into the night.
Tell me, is vour time-piece right?
Ibirk! I lunr the bull-dog's Imrk,
And thu night is cold and dark,
Maid of Texas I must git,
Yet. before I rise and flit.
Tell me, maiden, tell me true.
What cumber is your papa's shoe?
Sunday Critique.
A sparrow in tlio hand is belter
than two on tho roof. A bottle of
Worner's Lop; Cabin Sni'sipuilla is
better for a man with impure blood
tlmn half a dozen docters. It is an
old fashioned but certaiu' remedy.
Lirfjest bottle on the market 120
dobes for il.
Berth's officers in New York
a regular police uniform.
Revivalist Hammond is holding
uieetiu'rs in Southern California.
P. T. Barnum is worth from 1,
000,000 to $2,000,000.
The Common Lot.
There is h plscj uo love cm rea. b,
Tber" is a time i:o loice csu teach.
There is a chain no power can break,
there is a sb ep uo ouud run uake.
Sooner or later th:t time will nrrive, that
place will wn t for your coming, that chain j
must bind , u iu lielplc.xi death, til it sleep
mnul f i.l ou your krusvs. lint thous.iud
every yesr go untimely to their fate, and I
i'h iauds mine leiii.-tu n out their ii:y by I
Uee.l.'ul. tiuieiy cre For the fading '
stn iigih. the weakening orgvis the wa-tmg 1
blood. lr. 1'ier e's li.ddeu Me.b. al Pis- j
co very is woinl- Mill retotat:ve a:;il a pro
longer of strength una i.fc. It pur lu th-
h.ood nd i'lvii rate the sy! ui. t lure by i
fortifying it .iint diw.it-e Hi" uriii;gi.:. ;
Dr. Lyman Abbot
week for eiippUing
leetlViS ?lt
the Plvinoiltli I
. !
Wonderful Words of Life.
H. the r.ver ni u the t.mik th- reot
! ii.i!l cm ull trers tlo- f n.t t'ler-nl sic
ior ni-Hi an.i iae o ;it ior i: i:cmi w i... a
l:li t-e for t'le br.tlin of th luitio'j "
I lot ' C''enk.e I!. iu d of S,e: !iirn
xu.t Mu)l u .li heal tiiv li:n nj ii.r.
couh, v'U and eonU!rptita.
l.on". 1 1 n-.l l y t! r j-wi.; an.l l-n.l 1-n
I pr "J 11T l.i V. T . . s-j I at . t- r- i.f I f ..
j :t tr.f.r 'i g it. -f.- Thr IJial
I 6t". l U.k-i''" . It'.anta. ia.
Mr row.lr.v -.il "
Sm-.jH. at
1 d.vtiir.
jt'nf rvruro-'n.li!i .n
i Li
.-ri - i. i t i t .1 I Vil-al -tai;-li i'-f.-l ti f- "STai-.a-1Tra a-. i .. I a:! a-- afjir TOT". j
Cliir.i-s Uiciii nn it'll Nfore tin- ' ' " 1 ... . k:. r..-i." i.-i. i J "c y a
, , , . , , ..... i f rili't, .r v:t'l-,'v f-.i. jv'irt in ,,r . 0. f r . t ,,,..., , , r . rT .iSSlv;v,i',.;'W. fi
M lout, of AailK-ik! I -eJ.miury ;Lir , f ,r- ,., .,t , .--... .-i .-,.. iJ ij t"!-r.-tt- V
It ' X-Tr-T a in fit-.. IV. r.' Tl. I . ' tw. -. . . t.-. I a m ! rJ.i r-'.' -'-. wK'.'aVTti
... ' . ,, , l"...l : Ml III 1IUI Ilia lt. -X T-li . '-. t,-!.i -r
- V,. - 'a.- ,. "r'-rl",T :v f I :: v.J 5.a!- t .ijA 7 1. LT CO I , ,r Y
lrJnlu I -tnI" IJr ilatur ,-.u (Ti.-a.u-. -.,i ,vii i.i-;i:ii. v.; !...!.- j...i.ri".. ' r : . .
Ladles, Your Attention!
"n culloil to t!m Utters following
To lonbt nmv it HuiTontiflr woman
nftt-r nittdin-? tlioba lottera, will tivail
tlioiiiHolvpH tif tho nxnwu'tice, rolutei;
ly lit r Hihtor injliutant Missouri, and
to tho ICiniiire Uinta of tho South, and
thank thorn in tlioir lieai te for tho in
formation ly whieli blesHod relief
from dihoaso nnd Hiifforiiut,' ftiu tiHMir-
cdlv bo hud. It was a most com
moiiiliililo thonght in tbeso ladies to
inuko known their cases in an un
Hellish nnd limnuno npirit, tbnt their
unfi'.o in.r aiKtera ii nowhere uiiifht uo
informed of nn inful!il)le remedy for
thn ailments from which they hnd
suffered for years.
Miss Lydin Jones, No. 412 I-ast
Fourth St., Kansas City, Mo., writes
under dato of July 11th, 1887:
Swift Specific Co., Atlnnta Ua.:
fioiitlomen I havo taken 1 dozen
bottles of vour S . 3 . S., nnd I
hnrjnv tosnvl ntn entirely well. I
havo tried all patent medicines, but
never fouml one like tboS. S. S. I was
troubled with weakness incident to
women, pain in tho back nnd in my
best. I thought I was beyond re
iof. When I commenced to take
votir medicine I weighed eighty four
pounds, to-day I weigh ono hundred
nnd fifty-five, and feel well nnd hearty.
If you feel liko publishing ibis, do so,
for I feel that it will bo helping other
Miss Mamy F. Bryan. No. 41
Factory Street, Atlanta, ua , writes
August 10th, 1S87:
When twenty rive yoars of ngo, I
!iad a severe c. so of nnlk-leg. I
tried many physicians in my native
tate, but ail of tlio remedies pro
scribed failed to do mo any good.
luiofct in tie pair, I weut to Ala-
lani.i to consult a noted physician;
he told mo that my entire system
was poisoned by mv disease. Every
body thought I would never get well.
am now tifty-hve years of age, nua
was a constant MiritTer irom my
wei.ty-tifth year till last year. In
May, 188G, Dr. J.Carter, a worthy
hvsiciau of this city, told mo to try
vour va. iiabie n me.iv, a. o. o. x
did so, and the result has been
wonderful. Before, I could scarcely
walk about the hntise;uow I can walk
two miles, and my health is better
than it has bteu for ti n yetirs. I cau
uot say too much for your valuable
remedy. You can refer any one to
me, for I can truthfully say 1" beleive
it saved my life last summer."
Treatise on Blood and Skin Dis
eases mailed free.
The Swift Specivio Co., Drawer d,
Atlanta, Ga.
James J?' !iley lias retired from
from the circus business with a sung
little fortune. Ho lives tn New
Consumption Surely Cured.
To Tin: EiiiTim I'leoso inform your read
ers that I have a positive remedy for the
above named disease. By its timely use
thousands of hopeless cases have been perm
anently cured. I shall be glad tnsendtffo
bottles of mv remedy fkki; to any of your
readers who have ci.nsnuiption if they will
send me llieir express nnd poi-tofttee address.
llespeetfiilly, T. V M.ocrM, il. u.,
dcclmO 11 Penrl ft., New York.
Dr. Mary Walker is a candidate for
the position of Special Exuiiner iu
tho Pension Bureau.
Buckleu's Arnica Salve.
The Hest Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises. Sores, Ulcers. Salt Hheiiiu, Fever
Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and oil skiu eruptions, and positively
cores piles or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction or money
refund.id. I'riee cents per box. tor
sale by Hayuolds it Daniel.
W. W. Colo and James A. Buley,
tho showmen, each have a fortune of
let thnt cold of yours run on. You think
it is a light thing. But it may run iuto
atarrh. Or iuto pneumonia Or con
Catarrh is disgusting, t'neumonia is aan-
eerous. consilium ou is cieniu iispii.
the breathing iipiur.it as must oe nevi
healthr and clear of nil obstruction and
offensive matter. Otherwise thore is trou
blo ahead.
All the diseases of tlies? pn.rts, head, nose,
throat, bronchial tubes and lungs, can be
delightfullv and eutirely cured by the use
of iioschee's Oermnn Syrup. If you don't
kuaw this already, thousands nud thousand.-,
of people can tell you. They have been
cured by it. nnd know how it is them
selves." Dot tie only 73 cents. Ask any
Sheridan's metinr'rs wii! appear in
in two volumes of G00 paes each.
A Woman's Discovery.
"Another wonderful d scovery hivs been
made and that 1hi by .1 Inly iu this county.
lisMe fastened its club lies upon her und
for s e:i ve.irs -lie withstmkl its severest
j t.ts. bni tier vit i'i crj-.iis were undermined
I i'id d. i:h s.ml imminent. For tLree
moi.ths he co'ih-.l inci siy tiy and oovnld
not sb ep. She l.:i,-!.t of ni a bottle of pr.
Kail's S.w ii.-,.voty for t'vn:ept:ou
a:nt w .. nm -h rv!iel on t ikimf ctt
ti:lt si.--bp ail i.ijht nn 1 with one'
U,;t!e 1: i l-een tc.inu'ii'ou-l,- enrrd. Her'
n itne i. Mrs. I. iti.er Lntz." Tin-, wjito ,
V. C. 11 imr:, k A f . of Sh. I' y. X. C i
;. t s fr tri.il IsKtlc it l: ivuold-A P-miel's j
uru ;it.'. v- j
H. nry Irv.n j'i' pivtiM frt':n bis j-ri
svrt tour in tijis country will reicli
!.::..! is iK-;;t 1 i mi 1 c".tr,;y-
' ire
Of:, n
:! t-f:
FainoiiH Voineii.
It In a luiticsnt fact that moat of the
women who have achieved Uni in an, lit
erature, or "affairs. Imvo enjoyed vijjoroua
health. Thin shows that tbe mind is never
cupablo of the severe und eoutiuited appli
cation noc(Hiary to creative won, uiuew
tbe body is at its best. The woman who
asnlrea to till an Flatted place amonu her
associates, must be fren from nervous de
bilitv aud female weakness-. lr. I "ion-e'a
Favorite rrescriptiou will banish thew, and
it Is warranted lo restore inosa iiiueiiouni
hai monies w hich are indispensable to health
As a speoilli) for all those chronic weakness
es ami anmeiii peculiar iu wuuieu, ii i uu
rqualed. Tho man who intended to reform
next year is of tho same opiniou still.
Lafaytto JornnnL
Engltipprliiir In Montans.
Henry I. MnPiiniel, ex-City F.noioeer of
Atlanta, now In chare of government en-
Riueerwg in Montana Territory, says that
he contracted a terrible couuu which no
physician could relieve, but wn cured by
fay lor Cherokee Keuiedy of Sweet (Jum
nnd Mullein.
Rnskin's mental condition is cor-
sidered more and more unfavorable,
and ho is under partial restraint.
The Verdict ITnanmoiis.
W. D. Suit, Diuguist, Bippus, Iud., tes
tifies: "I cau recommend Flcctrio Bitters
us the very best remedy. Every bottle sold
has given relief in every case. Ono mau
took six bottles, and was cured of ltlieuaia
tisin of 10 venrs standing. " Abraham Hare,
ilruguist, Bellville, Ohio, afflrms: "The
best selling medicine. I havo ever handled
in mv -0 years' experience, is Electric Bit
ters." Thousands of others have added
their testimony, so that the verdict is uuau-
inious that Electric Bitters do cure nil dis
eases of tho Liver, K:dneys or Blood. On'y
a half dollar a bottle at Kayuolds & Daniel's
dnif store. (2)
International great Northern
Can Take Their Choice of Routes,
Ol via the St. tori. Irom Mocxtais it Soittiucb
Uaii.wav. -Closu conucction at Liillo Huck for li
Cities in the
n lbs
Union Depot at St. I.oolt with
traiu in all diteciioui.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
d (i.M.VRSI'OX, nnd elegnnl BulU'l Car bttwren
SAS ANTOS10 and ST. t.OCIS, Wlibont Changa.
Kur Tickets, Rales, Ac, appljto any ot the
Ticket Agenla, or to
B. P. UCUliKS, ransenger Agent, Homlou
Gen. P. A Ticket Act., 1 h 1 1 a s . Texat
CurcCr-n'itipiiHon. Indiwstinn. DysTiersia.PdSi
Sk-k Hoad.-tcho. I.ivur Complaints. Loss of Ap
tK?titc. Biliousness, Xcnouni's. .laundico. etc.
For Sale bv all Drupgists. Prlne, US Cents.
Kothlng relieves a Headache so promptly 13
Collins' Ague Cnre. It. cleauses (lie stoin
aoh, pniiiiott-s Hi-tiou of tho liver, and purifies
the blood, aiding you to perfect health.
A few doses of Collins' Ague Care r M
nnirkly break up tlie worst case of Malarial
Fever. No other reinedv possesses t'j power
of o eomi'letrly eradicating Malaria Irom the
system. CHILLS nd FErZR yielil 5
once to iU iuilueuoc, and the cure iaperiuoauut.
Immediate, relief and a speedy cure for the
worst eaes of Biiions Coiie Is found in tne MSB
of Collins' Ague Core. As a radical cor
rective of all Baious Disorders it has do -quaL
Flux. liarrlio?a. and all Slimmer Complaints!
reco4iipU-tely checked and cured in a few
hours by Collin' Ague Cnro. Titr IT.
Sold everywhere by all Sealers at M cts. ft Bottle.
rsAsk your Beaier for a topy ol ItHULuaii-
' CTir.x AliiiJiA'-. or &are
, f vous cv;oqc fc t?-f. : : 1
-.a. r.?r -1. i 4rra-J4 rT-r isf f
nr 1 f r 1. 1 vr ' r la; . arM set ict p
fl a".
..t r
a - '
l a ? .a -
i A -1 -
I !,'
a a :!.
'9 tm-'
... .... - a-,.. t c.
AliKNT WASnKI ! Cnv.i lor Advrlltln
e.,..,... A null mouut uf wink UUIII Willi
lk-1 n.l inlllm proJuc cinnlrhlt
iiHim. A in. r.irn arveml looobf.l flollar In
Kini.il. it. In a diif ! 'un and birur no p.rwli
I riiunil-iiio. i:uglr al I i-eir uw,-.
r int. na li llii Mi U II"" Utnowu oU
ir.l rqulrrl maMl.knwn a-iH nlvrrm
mriiKln iiwpapi n ml fnvjli la ilvrilrr
ll, In ..iniftliAH wbl-K mrv nuirp in omvr ,
m.kf ibli lnaiw-MtwiMlr a"d iiwniUly, Mrn
I 4 .'li... ,r .. II Wfll lnHri,l ami
rra.'Unl. tut ula nlnitl l olK-ll -1lll-li,
MBiiutitf ttsf n. Annlv kl li-Orr In tilio. I.
Koa.tia C. Nir A.Unli.o-r Harran 10
Sniu,- ai..K V.ik. uJ full ilkulurt will b
rut t-r rclnia uttll
Send fcr70-Pas
For: veai-s nt Court Tlacs, now at
Bet, Third and Fourth, JJUUlOlf iliJjJLlJ
A r?L'lariT educate! nd l?fiiVr fi'iallficl phrlcln and t to
fciCM iuiSh'safui, m hU fcucj will Trove.
Cares aU fStET?,
ASS. , , -
ermatoxrlica asa Impolonoy,
w thjrcialt of self-abuse it yorth, irxaal cxtnwi in ua
turtrrMr. orotbor cauict, nxA pnvtLciii it-mcur tlse fc!
lwiciterTecirXerrotwncii, Ptmfcial KwisMora, (d; :u isiif
son bv dtacis). Uiuif or bttfM, Ueiccurc Muccrr, V hr-KiHy:-,
PiuijiWoD Face, Aversion tn Society of F-Mnsirt,
CcaruftioD' of IJeat, I ami of ficx'uil Power, ic., rcadoiing
XDtrriHge troproi-er fr uolmppy, ate lhorvi:ph!y and ftrica-
iiT'iT Tii' ?Ve from tti t'tnt Oostozrhoa.
CrliEEXt R'-rictuift, Ofiiitij. Hertia. v Atoici,
tiL-aactl oilier private dijwes q.iivktv cutrf.
It is gflf-evldcol Uiat a h tM'.u wtio pays rceIxlittMtioa
a cmain cio.i rf dljcijrts, anJ trcntinx tbcusvnOa aimu
ally, acquires great ikill. Phrslcloui kuowiDgUiis fuel often
frown-tfirl pcrjon to my care. IVlitjii it t aacoovtnient to
Tiiit the city for treatment, mwllcinei cna be Mat prifatsly
sod -r.ftly by mat) or e-praw naynliere.
Owns Gnurantoii In. all Caaoa
nr.ilortalseJu ,
C'niut:kfiius triouftlly or by letter free ana lnvltM.
Clurgcs reuoiublc acd ccnesiioaieactt stiioUy cciiiidiibUaU
OrWflpHrea, trat to any ar-cxs, securely veakil, for thirty
il-1) truX. bhoi.'A be fcal Ir k'X AdilneM an a(xvo.
Cite livon trvut tA.il to 9 V, ii. Suuaaye, 2 to X, !S
lould tnke the Herald akd rartBTTkft, larcr eicbt
page PrtrUri-ita wtrtkly; nuMcdptli'D price, fiit) txt
yeir ; iuttrenting aud itutructivu to old and jour'
bond ua $3 00 aud we nil ttud you the Biku ao
ratsaffTEJi for one year and a cupy of ilic steel-etigrav
44 Longfel'ow in Kis Library,
Eccrared by Hollyer FHe 153 iucbe. Add 10 eeaU
poetage and rkUn cf rugjuTlrg.
special oprnr..
TT bare on hand, la mpplrnii-nt form, Pacey' latest
eerial. "Kfira'.y.)rn." Wune tto u'.lf Innti t will
eod it FKKK to tch prou mUo wi.l retuiu tbU ad.
tn at witb t'. 10 to pay f;r tbu ppt-r ce yrxr a-id the
enitrarfiig. Tn? n-ry in b-f"im would c' fl.W.
MvNU AT UNCS and (M your f.i.-;ija to ordtr wilt)
yon. Sir wher you tliis m.l a-j.1vea
1ebaI9 & puEsuv rrn.
173 Elm St.. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Send ftronecnt tnTnM f- eamt-le cpy and cm
ti-ired Calendar Wr Uosj aiw 4 l iz.6 l-t iucua
Kor uame of two bot.x
troiuaiid twelve cent
mtantp,io pav poi tmrw wlMrend you CCC
.jrge Mei l Farior hr.irravtnic of all our I It. E
1 1 'reii.l titd, incIuilft'K Cleveland, 22x28 incle
iworth 5. AUo the ureal bonk for aireut. "lh
:Mvt tnd $rtve- nf oor Prt'Sident." ovr BOO
papea. 22 full pai;e portr-iin. Cleared 20 flr
lay." H ATTIC JIKLI-I.NftKK. "Mail ovt-r Wi
th week W. ALl-lON. "Took Irt ortieri tlrit
Hay.' T KfNK, 'fntr to tbe cominjs P-e(
Stlential r.-imna'irii ft onlcwlla m niher biMiks tn
;LelVld. Complute outfit, iudtiriin engrainc sS
tf'ir ou cent in atamt'i, Alwava address LDrit2
V r o.. Chfcitffo. HI. " 2
if an, send tat DOU K t V
C. I I HE. conuisiajr eoloaod
lOOpDrnrmTininof difforrot bnada,
jV.ii" rrirc are worth, aad w hrrr lo
; .v-.t' buy uam. iincuons icr'aTainiDc
!" $fi DoKsanlBieiiii(Frrreis. UaOad
V.' 'fe It larrnli. AlnlnlaM UO
fairtiuaiiic linxit of au uooa.
hB and for Prarliral POt'f
TRY HOOK. lOOpuxns beu
tifnl rolorr! plxvtc t niraiiDS
ol neaxly all kmuj of ronl; dMcnu
tc ot tim Ireetis; bow to etpnoiro;
Diana for pcaiitry bonsaa: infotmatioB
lUatrxotMui, and w hero to bur
K freitn kr-t utocU. nt
per ita.tit.jr. bot tor !j Cryttv
If A'i 4' 4 i . ,-- TA
If ?. m 1
rrior:a. raotinu nort a
I mm utnot asu brawling ul ajaunICaao
btrda. tur DWsur at.d tw- .t.
taeir oav now to wua ana etoca
r. How to baud
aa Aviaxy. A J abrct rarraUL
, ail kaUa birOa. c;-, ic Mt4 iM
la . rat, io iznm txA, Cia
tSS ShU Lie btA MrrU Pauia4elpauja, Pa.
T7ilKaxnson Truss
rcr tot
fir.- i-.r aal Iti Lia: 14
, taiO If.laait U. u Lamia.
m zi O
! P .r n
I tss te ?3 Ssisoi h
b fen o S
FH Is i . O
2288 pages, Choice, 8JM
'..I.IIIiihI Wwkly or Monthly. tl.OUayear. Bplmen of Weekly. rre jlontlily. lOo.
It iu iiitluiU-ly chonp, ami very valuable." Normal Exponent, Lebanon, Ohhn -"Uiimful
of good, Interesting ond wholesome reading. "reople'i Montk(
KkA valuable peiiodioal and tlie cheapest wo know of." The Guardian, Phiy
phla. l'eiinnylvnnln. .1
Some of the most InBtructivo and useful reading we get not a page of trasW
lt."-r. . HuiiUvllle. Texiui. -V
Nowhere can so much and such excellent reading be had for so small a
rAsJWiiiAVa.lAiicaiitor.rouDsylvanla. .... , . ., , ,
Drimful of inntruct.ive and entertaining articles from tho brightest intellect!.'
iherorld.'Wounm. Durlliigton, MtebUsIm)!. ..,,, ' V
Furnislies Rood reading, a good deal of it, and so cheap as to be within the ret
" Altogether it gives more good rending for tho money than can be had anywhm
jls8."-ivnwv(iiii School Journal, Unciwter, l-eniwj-lvanla. j,
' For the cream of thought of the heat writers both in this and in other countri
X)mn.M..lii.toU.8LIIru-yMug,.i9.-a-l...8u "
'This is decidedly the cheapest Magazine liublmhed in In s country-perharn t
We recommend tlie Library Magmsine as one of the best. We take it reguUri,5
d wouliKder It clp it It cost us ten Uullors per year.-rW.,ar. W lu.lugtoD. iMIsCJ?.
t !.. iHm-.lnn iloen not (rain an immense circulation it will lie simply btt,J
Ae people do not know good literature where they see it 'W-ulfMi. touts Barbar. (ilif,,'
The Library Magazine is a choice reflex of the best thoughts of the world's shlej'
hinki-r. Like all Alclen'a literary enterprises, an astonishing succt."-iYiW, Grand Forki, DaTou
' The Library Magazine is a great success. It contains, besides original papers ti
mai-kod abllltv, the choicest arUcles from the leading reviewn ana nmenaiuw. --mtan-Vnbit, 61,
ruiueut.i, Cnllforuia. . ... . (
" We print these words in the full knowledge of what we say. The best powiu '
ray to spend a dollar, hardly earned an it he. for a literary purpose ta to fend It to John a Afjen. im ;
receive In return tne x.iorary jiininumn. i-. u iii m.....j -. woad
every line Rood." KepuMican. Mononcahela City, PennHylvanla.
flout )rrt Catalodue of Aldbn's Publications (04 pages) sent free. JVOTmU
i i. i. ii... n ji.n..ni .linanul aTiwnt tn
la open to all. Books sent for eatominnflon befon payment, saUsfactory reference being girsj,
John B. Alden, Publisher, I
NEW YORK : 303 Pearl St. I CHICACO: Lakeside Building,
P. O. Box 12S7. I Clark and Adaina Sta. j ,
tThe Library Magazine and the FREE PRESS will he?,
furnished to advance paying subscribers at $2.50 for both.'
Address FREE PRESS, San Marcos, Texas. -
Wo mall enoiiiu 10 con-t ilk L
vliK-e. U. 8. Lauokuuacii dt Co., 773 Broad at.
Neaark. S.J.
Wnklilng-lnn;!! C
8end fur Circular.
inn per
I'llllFi r and AMPt.KS FRKF
. I IT. . ajn, f ift
rsr T ioill.ncaiiva..wiBitii . -
(LNT.(ieilne i:ieclrlc l(clt.
ItrllhllCMt ifco. l.aily niienla wantt-d for Klfclrlc
Corseia. Quick aalea. Writu at once Ifor tarma.
Us Scott, 84 llroadway, Y.
Afrenu' proHta per month. WMI prove
lloriiav f -ncll. New Jporirolta mai
out. A 3.fiii jarapl lent lre
to all.
W. H. ChiJealcr 4 Son,;2 Bond St. N. T.
n at stir PfllO afl I U T s7 D Tf I Sal I C X WII llOUb Ut'UIT.
TOT UOUKI1. I'nuiiTiiu, f.Vl j i"
Eos curuu "imj t too worst oases and i the best remedy
for all alTeotlona of tho throat and lunea, and dUeafia
rtlnff from impure blood and einausUon. The feeble
nnd sick, BtrutrRlinfT mralnst disease, and slowlr drlf tins
to tlie trraro, will ia nrnny ensea recover their health by
the Uniely use of I'arkeraGinirerTonie, but delay Udiuv
wrona. Take It in limo. It ft Invaluable for all painl
aud disorders ot stosiadi and bowels, too. at tiruKKUta.
HKKPKCll.Y RRSTillttfi Tun HKAitinii,
whether deamess la caucd by coui3. levera or
iujurip to tho natnral drums. Always In posi
tion, but invisible to otlivrN snd com
fumble to wear. Mu-ic, converaailon. even utile-
ners heard ilUtliirtlv. We relerlo iho.e u.Iiir them
Write 10 '. IIISI'OX. 8tt liroailway, cor Nth ,
St., New York, for illustrated book o' proof irec.
Finest and chrai.rst
mi m mi m sauces,
Aonuni sales 8 OW.t'Oil jar.
N. B. Gesuiss only wrrn fao-simile of
BaeoS Lii:big's
acroMi label.
To be bad ol all Storekeepers, Grocers and Drugcists.
AgcuU to Sell
tbe HISTORY of
Vo erapft:tjas. Tt frit tf Itt
iirj to ffw-td th irMorib
Knn Bolmui AuriiBC tb wan
IMS. 1C-1 DO. H.i llr.rvT M
tinntll IL Kill IMI W
4 BHfk. Vif proAli.
r ft t flu Mlal Mr
lVti't nii tbij ehtuie t
K rl titnev. t(od for irralsu
wi j luraTrrmi, or i n ior out
fit. t f.irrr nn Umdtnac, M tX
frrtrhtiaTrpi4. VeaUaa ptvpsr.
litrtrord, Bmus,
CbkH Of Iti UUS.
1 13 M snd WhUtey linn
1 S!l ItacurodathoDiewlth
' par-
,v K 'i -i tieulars sent FllEE.
t-u. udico CZH t liltohall SU
Vhpn I ay Cms I dn not menn merely f
stop them Ior a time, and then have t!im re
turn suraln. I jikav A KAI'ICAX, CUKE.
I have mado tlie discjua cl
rA7,T,II7G srciorzss,
A l'fe long study. I wafcavt my remedy to
Ci'Kr. the worst cae. F.e-ansc otliers u'ava
failrriisiio re;uon f,irn-t r.nw reroivina; cire.
tend at onci-forntrTsttae-anilal Ki!!' Im
tiny IxrAixiiiLF Ki-yrnv. c-p Ein-ess
aril Pot I'tdee. It cn-M ou ni.lhiuK ior
trial, audit will cure you. AddreM
H.C.ROOT.M.C. ISaPuiSr.JtrflrTsri
rersonBanawenii.' anv
f ifceas adverilaeaaeiiis m l
veil to ataie ;kai the x
tbeai in this taper.
1 L 'is iJr?
"w 1-4) rv
lk FITS!
Literature, Large Type, $ 1 .(V
RtrK-kholdi'lK In The rrovlrlrmt Both ?a.. ku .
name on a package of COFFEE fo
guarantee of excellence- ,'
COFFEE is kept In all first-cite'
stores from the Atlantio to the Paxrifia f
fs never good when exposed to the air.
A torpid liver ilernuges the wholssya, '
tent, and produces j.
Sick. Headache. !
Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheo-;
matism, Sallow Skin and Piles.-
Thcro is no better remedy for then ,: :
nimmoii diseases than '1'utfn liwj ;
Fills, as a trial will prove. rrice.Uie,..
Sold Every wheres t
In on flln In PhlladftlBt.b
jut tlie NuwiMipbr Auvrr
? tlslnz AffpncT ot lloam
N. itV. AYEK ASOW.ourAuUjorliudafftJiifc
I togs,
! Sites,
i Braiias,
I Bunions,
: Coras,
Scratches. I Ccntraetel
Sprain Mastlatj
Siraia Ernptioatj i
SUtchss, Hoof AU, f. '
Stiff Joints, 8ercw
Backache, l'raj i-
Calh, SwiaMJi ..
Eorea, Bgddto0aHVi
Spavin Pi2 j" '
Crack. i.
u-conip!ishea for everjbed j eioctly what laclaisocj ...
forit. qncof the reasons for the rrctpo?ali!i,'1 .
the Mt-Jtannr Uuimrr.: Is fonnd in Ita ilrW .
ci-nlicubiilt-. EverylynpeC.sauoharMJW1; .
Tlio Lnialiermiinncciltl.icscoaeclJti
T'ae CannlrT neertt It Tor h M-ei-.KunJ tl"
The a.'cchuulc niU it' tlwajo on hU j.
bench. .
Tho Miner need It lncaeof omrstseT-'
TUe fiaoeeriiesdvU can't got along wltW',
Tlie Farruer needs it iu house, bis stw,
sn-1 hie stock yard. ';
Tbe Steamboat man or the BoaH"', -
It in liberal supply afi( nod aakore. .
Tha Horse fnncirr needs It-It ta sfc
friend snd safcxt rcllssce. -The
8iock-rvrer needs It It win ..-
tbouaands of dollan and a world of trouhla
The Railroad man needs It and will atti'
tene ss bis life is a nrucd of accUents sod cJanaw :
The Bsckwssdstnaa needs it. TbereH
Ingiiks It as aa antfdota tor the dace
llmh and comfort wblrb aurrouzid the pioneer. -
The Merchant needs It about his storesa-
bla employees. Accidents will a&pprn, ana "
these comet
me tbe Kustang Unlment Is wsnteo
aBoitlelathellonse. Tlalba
! Keeps
as in ease of accident sorts pala and loss of
i Keea a. Battla Always la the Stakst
aaa whea waated.
Tin Best
,1 Coal I
'''T?sntweaW. Itt
i mew POMKLL lirwi ni. . . rt
-.sVBsrojT r f iir-tsMj-v-sf. Jeajs f-r-mimt fJ-lA
I V aasl l 1
I Mustang M

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