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Free Press,
I. H. JTJXiTA."N" "Prove All Things 1 Hold Fa.t that which Is Cood." PEOPEIETOE
The Free Pres. Recognised br Geo, P.
BowmI t,. as Aneaa as an
Advertising Medlon.
The wall known advertising agency of
Geo.P.Rowell t Co.,of New York City.hava
1 ismied an annual Newspaper Directory for
thirty yearn or more, sad these publications
. . 11 . I i . I : ...
UQVO Deen gautsnwiy wuKIIJou nn oumumv
ns to the mattter of uowspaper eireulation.
.In the reaulnr issues of the Directory they
' have included all the newspapers published
f n the United States ana uanaua. imte
reoentlv. howover. they have issued a cou-
densed list It gives only the bet newspa-
ners as advertising mediums, ana benoe is
nraaticftlly better, beonase more convenient,
than their larger Directory. Four-fifths of
the newspapers of the Uuited States are
tiractienllv "counted out" by intelligent ad
wertiseif), who only waut to know the bent.
Hence the yalue of tha work nnder uotioe.
Tne pabashers in the preface well say:
i "It sifts the wheat from the chaff. It di
recta the attention of an advertiser toward
papers which he should and ought to use
and tends to intercopt a portion of that pii
tronage which goes to publicatious which
coit groutly in exoess of any power to bene
fit which they posses. It takes the goners!
ftronnd, that the best is the cheapest."
f Wo need soarooly sav that on this plan,
h Fbkb Pbess is given by this book (see
age 158) m the advertising medium of Han
itarcos and Hays county, it being the only
Vim on the list. .. Wo respectfully invite the
attention of advertisers, bath at home and
Abroad, to this fact.
i Legal and Trausient Advertisements will
e oharged Ono Dollar per square for the
rst insertion, and Fifty Cents per square
for each additional insertion. A square is
Jho space of one inch. Fractional squares
rill be counted ns full squares.
Advertisements for Ihree months or more
Will Decnargea at me iouowing-ruies
j No. of Squares. 3mos 0 inos 1 yr. '
One sqiiare 150 $8 00 I $12 ()0
two squares 8 00 12 00 20 00 .
three squares 10 00 15 00 25 00
Juo-fonrth column 15 00 25 00 40 00
Dne-hfilf column... 25 00 40 00 60 00
0ne colnm 40 00 6". 00 100 00
if auarterly change.
I Business Cards, ono inch prions, one year,
18. Cards in Business Directory, one year,
I Local and business notices will be charged
in ceuts ner line each insertion.
4 Advertisements for Schools, Churches and
aenevolent Societies, half rates.
Marriage and Obituary Notices, of over ten
lines, charged as advertisements.
i Calls upon candidates, their replies and
eir circulars, and all notices of a personal
character, (if at all admissible into our col
umn:), will be charged as advertisements.
j A cross mark upon the paper indicates
that the time for which the subscription was
rutiA has exmred.
Tj All advertisements and subscriptions due
Any of our friends would do ns a special
.vor by giving ns the names of any per
tons within their knowledge who wonld be
Ikely to subscribe for the I bee .Fbesb, so
,hat we may send specimen copies to such
$ Onr terms for announcing candidates are
In. for state and district unices, $!i for
nuty offices, and f3 for precinct and mil
i$ioipal. Terms, cash.
Boa. L. W. Moore, of Fayette Coooty.
on. W.H. Burgee, oi uuaaeiupe uo.
t mrimnNTATivis 1rt nuiRioT:
Ion. Geo. T. UoQobee, of llaya Co.
DR. N M. NYE -
JohnsonJBulldlngr, on the Square.
Special attention given to Diseases of the
Mouth and Facial Neuralgia.
Office iu NewTlrannfels the last Thursday
and Jfriday in each month rorBly
VJI Maroon, North side Plaza.
JD cos. Southeast Corner Plaza.
CI B. McBBIDE. Att'y and Land Agent
O. Office over First National Bank, San
T H. JULIAN, Judge Wood's New Build.
JL. i
ing, Upstairs.
DR. J,
II. COMBS, Judge Wood's New
Building, upstairs.
North side
D. J. L. GREEN, at the old stand of
Green & Price, Southeast Corner Plaza.
National Bank.
door to First
ing, North side plaza.
BRO., Southwest Corner
Near Northeast corner
W.LEA VELL, South side Public Plaza.
HOMAS TAYLOR East Sido Plaza.
, North side Plaza
Northeast of Public
W. NANCE, Southeast Corner of Pub
lic Square.
H. BOBBINS, North side Plaza.
Furniture titore.
ion. J. h. KIHkoii, of Caldwell Co.
fen. H.Telchmoeller. Prenldinft Judge, LaG range
Jy M. Bethany. Attorney, Austin Co.
I tihis or noLDixn oounv.
Java. 1st Mondaya In March and September. May
f,ntlnue three weeke.
J couKTr orrtoca.
T.i. R. Kone, Judge County Court.
Jaa, fl. Rurlcaon, 1)1 t. and County Clerk.
'S.H. MoBr de, County AHorney.
Jas. A. Wren Slierlff, J. M. Turner Deputy.
U.S. Cock, Juatloe of I lie Peaoe Pre. No. 1
K.A. Vaughn, '
11. O.Hubbe, ' S
J.O.ltowe. " " "
4W. W. Slack, '
J. a.Patieron, County Treaenrer.
' K. 8. Fortaun, a.a?eaaor.
Otto Orooa, Surveyor.
W. L. Owen Oora'r Preelnat Ko. I
)t. .V. Vaughn " "
M. C. Hubba. " " S
Peter Helimlit. " "
W. U. Steel, Con-table precinct Xo. 1
J.Rolen, " " "
Jepp Benaon, " M "
S. i.bton , 4
Tii nr aoLOiao CocaTV D Paaomor OosaTa
Ceunty Court for Criminal. CItII and Probate baa
nM 4th HoDdaya la Jaaaary, Aprll,July,0to-
Commlaalonera'Conrt M Monday, la February,
May, Asau.t and November.
JaatlceOtnrt, Precloet Ho. 1 La. t Monday n
ach month, at San Marcoa.
Precloet No.S Id Friday In each month Mt.CIT-
sld Wlniberley'a Mill.
A lih Rat. DrioDlna Sorlnca.
o oreicaaa. I Ao.tln Rtateaman.
WaA ntiniMii nrdv. tiatveetoa Ilewa..
Council W. D. Wood. O W. Donaleon, Old N. T. Weekly World.
JetanaoD. U.K. Olnver. Kd. i. L. Green, P. J. C. t St. Loafa Kepubllcaa
Smith, Dan Holbeini and Soger Byrne.
Marehal Wm. H. I.ti I.
Street Commlloner J. W. Danforth.
Coaocll meet- :he Srat Toeaday la each month.
Public Sebcol Tra.teee meet flrat Tueeday In each
aamih at the Maror'a oSJca.
M. GIESEN, South side plaza.
MRS. RICHARDSON, between First
National Bank Bnilding and Nance's
R. PORTER, East Side the Square.
.T. Udser.
5w O'leana Time. Democrat
LouieTllle Courier Journal....
Texaa fifilnr.
Farm and Ranch
Detrait Free Preaa
Saturday F. renin Peat.
Xaar York Obaerrer
Atlanta Cea.tltntloa
Metfcadl.t I Amerleaa Aa-ricaltariat
rharah aeere Sabbath, . W.H. H. Wr, Paatar. ! oiniln American
randay Seheol at a.m. Siogln at le'clork p. aa. i Centnry M.aatlue-
Frayer Meelln an Weni -day. Youo Mee'epray-i St. Mtahalaa
meatlaf en Monday nlfbl. I Harper'. Toan People
lAPTIST.-Preachl.s: at the Baptlet Ch.rchj
laaJa W II MTr CI. riUM . I '
i cm kciii;n.
aTITHOniSn. Preachlor at the
aadaakl al t-S a. m. Tor men'a arerer- .pp. - -
neettag WedneMlay xrat. . ... . . 1 PeaeWa Maauiae....
PRKSBTTltlAS. torrteea lad and 4th f aadara pmUr (eleac Meanly
each amt. e.ler. Saaday BWa Maaakly
rhal every Sabbath at Ma.a. Prater Meet-, ,1 mmkif
; vary Tharaday at I :JS p. m. All e-e lited ! r. .j.,
i atted. 'Oadey'atjKty'ahWk .
CHIllaTI.VJ. F. Per- Uaffe MMtbly....
Saaday Sehael ai a. at. A. cardial iariiati e- ?Uom i Kifal"
lerdedraall. id ()
PTTtT.!IT FPiaCOP.L.-T.ll.J.raHr. '
f-. : .L..-..-..k ia e&ck Heaaa dm rata.......
..tb.' deyb lever, seaway. ! sdr AW ofirr roiH-r or TVriWi-j
Onr Clubbing: List for 1888.
We are prepared to club tbaFRII PBISS ta new
or renewing ubaeribera with tha followlnc publi
cation, at the rate, apecifled below. If ordered at tha
fame time with our paper. In the flrat column we
give tha regular price of each publication alngly,
in tha eeoond the price of the aameand the Faaa
Paa.a together.
With tha
Singly. Pre Preaa.
,f i oo $ s ss
.. I IS SO
.. 1 T
..10 1 so
.. 1 AO 4 SO
.. 1 & 0 1
.. 1 64 S ID
. 1 44 S 40
.14 IU
.11 1 44
1 04 I Ml
..SIS 44
.16 114
.. 1 64 S 1
.. 1 M 4
4 44 6 64
.. I 44 4 4
.. l 5 s r.
.. 1 TS 4S
,. 4 44 6
.. 1 a
. 6 a 64
.144 SS4
.. 1 44 i is
,. ( 44 4 4
.. 4 44
.. a a Si
.4 4 4
.. 1 4 ' I
. 1 44 16
,1a 4
It 4ata with aatraardiaary afllaacy 4 th
Malaria. Bowel Complaint,
Dyepapeia, Mek Haadmch,
Owatipation, BUlamatiaaa,
Kidney Afreoriona, Jaauadle,
. CoU.
Ko Honseliold Should be Without It,
nd, by being kept ready tor Immediate use,
will save many aa hour of suffering and
many a dollar In time and doctors' bills,
ae that yon set tha geaulne with rod "Z"
ss front of Wrapper.- Prepared only by
J.H.ZEILIN 4, CO. .Sole Proprietors,
Philadelphia. Ps. fBICE. 1.00.
Ka . AV V V
Is prepared tnlely ftr the
cure ur complaints which
afflict all womankind. II
6IV4I tone sad a j-aagu to
is utorlno organa, .and
COTMeta daanrens dlrnlacementa and IrreKularU
tie.. Itlsnftreatvaliieln change ofllfe. Thenaeol
MERBEI.I.a aM ALB TOHICdurirYpreg;
Baucy vreatiy relievea tne paioa oi moinernoou anu
tea apeeay reoovcry. it a3.i. pwu vv
make the critical ctaansc from girlhood to
womanhood. Itlapleaaantto UieUateann may no
take at all time, witnperrcct aarety . r
ri)B BAKiS DI lUi UHUUUier.
J.B.MXEBaLLDBUQ CO. .Solcl'roB. .tjT.LOtTIS.
It is claimed that rheumatism is
sometimes inherited but it is more like
ly that the persons presumed to inherit
it are physicaly constituted the same as
thoir parents and naturaly susceptible
to it. If children are diilerently con
stituted from the afflicted parent they
do not "inherit it." Biliousness is ns
much of an inheritance as rheumatism,
persons of a bilious temperament
are most susceptible to it and they of
course get their temperament from their
parents. Other authorities claims that
rheumatism is caused by the presence of
uric acid in the blood. Others to
taking cold when their is poison circu
lating in the blood, others that it is
purely and solely a disease of the ner
vous system. It is well known that
when persons have acute or inflamma
tory rheumatism the bowels are usualy
constipated and the urine scanty, but is
that not caused by the rheumatism
rather than the cause of it, for when
the bowels are kept open and the in
flammation kept down, a cure is soon
produced. The inflammation must be
kept down until the parts are restored
to a healthy condition. This is not
theory as a great many severe cases
have been cured in that way. The in
flammation being deep seated sod
mostly in the joints, it is difficult to
reach and butfew external applications
will relieve it, there is one however
that will, and that is Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, one application is usual;
sufficient to relieve the pain and only
the worst cases require more than one
or two fifty cent bottles to effect a cure.
It is the most penetrating liniment
known and promptly relieves the ago
nizing pains both of rheumatism and
neuralgia. When the parts can be reach
ed and the Pain Balm applied directly to
the seat of pain, aa in cases of burns
mr.A tiwilk.nk. i mIiaVAI imlllt1v anil
a... .UU.UB. 11V. i. v...' vm awwwHu.-j -
in cases of rheumatism only a few
moments are required for its effect to
be Jelt. To Keep the Doweis open al
ways use St. Patrick's Pills as they are
absorbed into the blood, act through it,
purify it and thoroughly cleanse the
whole system.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Will cure a severe cold in less time
than by any other treatment. It re
lieves the lungs, opens the secretions,
renders the mncus less tenacious and
easier to expectorate and aids nature in
restoring the system to a healthy con
dition. IS freely used as soon as a cold
has been contracted and before it has
become settled in the arsUm, it will
often cure what would nave been a
sTr cold in a single day. It is a cer
tain cure for crou-
mm -c- l tj OKI"-
; m'W wf prf'prtioniie rtttt, or or- i
l.lerrn ufparntrlg it plhhtr pruT,
A ".VITAL AXTI M:P.Tt:BE or. TO AXD nf fnf 0M4 pt1aqt ptrntlid M
; rOM SAM SHOrt POST OPPK-f-.. mUtMxe.
Walla IraaB Sae-ln u-rl at .- a. aj. ana k SS '
p. a.,- cleae at 7:i a m. a4 k p. m. . TVe aaawy laiaia caaa y lelevae, tera (
Vrltv Iveea oaa eete amre ai a a. aa. aaa ,v.ia .rf'ae aait. nak H e--al-
4mV i
i hy oaaval
a. aa. aaa
lia. aj alaae )!. aa T-tk a aa.
.frim aa tt at.. at lxJ4. P.
Ikqal'li trrtwiH eaan da-lv. ' arocr. rrgiaiered trtte? Va.
Saa. aa vJrarV "-a'-aTai.aa4Pr44ay . . ... e.eravtaal
at i. M. arrive BeaaUy 44 Tara.y aa, To aa arfral af aS patWaaatkaa gaorastaM.
tM. 1 rf.--T rpaaa.leaeyaDaii1vne 4a
arrve aaa. ' lb, ..hea-Ma eaaa ,. aaafy paaJ
aaa1 ttrdvrry frm a. W-te It V .oad tram error, at ay, aaay aa piampvy oar-
I P. - P. vacerl arH- 4 arrra-.'a. af rru-t.
a. aa aa aaa. re aa bain. . ' n ,,,m,imn,nj e.ae aV-a paaaa aai'.aa
am tNarre i li l a aataa r.i.a. a. , amevrr-rat, rraanea. what TTjJiaaa ta
B x Mlkw.f . P-V.-karh-.kwa,- J
Woffifflis Disease
Aria Powerfcl Tunc
A Doubting Heart.
Where are the swallows fledf
Frosen and dead,
Prebanre, upon sou blank and stormy
Oh, doubting heart!
Far ovar puryl sas
They wait. In snnuy ee,
Th balmy Southern breez
To brin( them in their Northern home one
Why must the flowers die? '
Frlaoned tbr lis i
In the tomb, heedless of or tears or rain.
O, doubting heart!
They only sleep below
The soft, whits sjrmjua snow
While winter winds shall blow,
To breaths and smile upon yon soon again.
The snn ha hid its rays
These many days:
Will weary hours never leav tha sarthf
Ob, doubting brtl
The stormy clouds on high
Veil the same sunny sky
- That soon (for spring is nigh)
Shall wake the summer into golden mirth.
Fair hope is dead, and light
Is quenched in night;
What sound can break the silence of de
Oh, donbting heart!
The sky is overcast,
Yet stars shall rise at last,
Brighter for darkness past,
And angel's silver voices stir. .
For the Fbkb Pass.
The train was beginning to move off aa
we reached tne depot, but tue uoiouei
sprang aboard, and mindful of my promise
to Miss Jean, I followed hint. He never
glanced around, but taking a seat, bowd
his head upon his hands. W ran on for
some time; passing several unimportant
stations, when, all at once, there wns a
shrill whistle, the train oama to a stop, and
every ons was putting their heads oat of
the windows to see what was the matter.
The eondnetor came through, saying tha
train Just ahead of ns hod been wreoked,
and all of the male passengers hurried to
the scene of the accident Th train had
fallen through a bridge and many of the
coaches were piled npon eaoh other, all
broken and splintered in the greatest con
fusion. The people of the neighborhood
were doing all they could to clear the
wreck and assist those who were still alive.
Many dead were laid out side by side, while
the groans and shrieks of the wounded and
dying, were fearful and heart-rending.
I don't know whether the Colonol knew
I was following him or not; be expressed
no surprise at seeing me. Side by side we
looked among the dead and dying nntil we
came upon the object of our search. Both
were dead; the man crushed and mangled
almost beyond recognition, the woman's fair
face untouched in its marble beauty; ft
great beam lying across her breast telling
how she met her death. As the Colonel
stood over them with clinched hands, dis
torted face, and eyes blazing with maniacal
fury, I raised my heart in gratitude to Ood,
that he had been spared tho awful deed it
had been his purpose to commit. I touched
him npon the shoulder.
"What shall be done, Colonel?"
He stared at me vacantly for a moment,
while he removed his hat and passed his
hand over bis brow, where the great drops
of cold perspiration were standing. His
atih lips moved and I heard him mutter:
Take this cursed Jezebel and bnry her,
for she is the daughter of a king."
He turned to me after a moment. 'There
nnder that tree, John. The train is going
to run back to the city for medical as
sistance and to carry all of the wonnded
that can be moved. I will return and leave
it with you."
Procuring the assistance of a laborer, I
proceeded with my ghastly task.
It was dark when I reached the city
again, and i went noinewom wun a terrible
foreboding of evil. Martha, my wife, met
me at ths door, weeping and wringing her
"Oh, John, T thought yon wonld never,
never cornel Such a terrible thing has
happened. The Colonel came home crazed
with drink, and when little Lillian climbed
npon his knee you know he was so fond
of ber he hurled her from him with an
oath. As she fell, her bead struck the
sharp corner of ths mantel, and the doctor
says she can only live a short tims,"
"Oh Miss Jean!"
I hurried up to Lillian's little room where
she lay upon ber snowy bed with closed
eves and panting breath. On one aids
I knelt Miss Jean, with one of Lillian's little
dimpled hands clwrped in both of hers,
while on ths other, knelt ths poor Colonel,
with a stony look of horror and aognish up-1
on his face. Near was th family physician, '
I think It was In Ood 'a mercy that it was
Miss Joan was to have ben married ths
usst day to Mr. Charles Conyers, as staunch
a young fellow as ever trod the earth, la
her pretty ohatnber was ths snowy robe,
ley tU nd orangs blossoms waiting for
ths bride. She glanced in npon them onoe,
then tamed away with a tearless sob. vPt
them all away, Martha," she said to my
wife, with quivering lips. "I will never,
ever need them now."
Mr. Charles pleaded in vain,' ''No, it can
not be," she said gently, "I lovs yon too
well to let yos burden yourself with my
misfortunes. I shall bencoforth dsvots
niyielf to my brother."
"But I wonld share yonr troubles Jean,
and your brother shall be my tsudsrest
Nay, yon have not considered what it
will be. I will not lot you thus saorifloe
yourself. I am only a sorrowful, broken
woman now, soek one more suited to make
you happy,"
And he replied: "There is but one woman
in the world for me Jean." And though
she fried to pursnaded herself to the ooutrary
sU had too much of a woman's heart in her
bosom, not to feel in a measure happy and
comforted at the assurance.
Then came the crash of the firm. Ores-
bam, the Colouel's rasoally partner, pocket
ed all of the available funds, and fled, leav
ing him to meet it alone. Everything went
to satisfy the creditors, and renting an hum.
ble little cottage, Miss Jean procured i
few music scholars, and took np the burden
of life as best she could, It was very heavy
for her slender strength though, and
she grew thinner and paler day by day,
people bogsn to remember there was con
sumption in ths family, and to whisper
that she was going like her mother. Mr.
Charles came to me pale and troubled.
"Don't you see bow thin and pnle Jean is
growing, John?" said he, with a tbrob in
his strong voioe; "I feel that she is drift
ing from me day by day, while I am power
less to keep her."
Don't the good book say something abont
the Captain of our salvation being made
perfect throngh suffering, Miss? Well
some how that thought will get into my
head whenever I think of Miss Jean. But
her cup of sorrow was not full yet, for one
dreary day last autumn, they carried Mr,
Frederick's mangled remains home; he had
been run over and killed while iu a drunk,
en spree.
After that Mr. Charles, who had risen to
success in his profession, reuewed his en
treaties, and at last conquered. He came
to me only the other day, smiljng and rodi.
ant. "congratulate me, donn, i bare won
Inst, Jean has oonsented. Tell Mrs.
Martha to bake ns a huge wedding cake,
and be sure you eat a goodly slice John.
Please Ood we will try and briug book the
roses to her cheeks, and the old glad light
to ber dear tired eyes."
After the failure of the firm, I procured
the position as attendant of the grounds
here, more for the purpose of looking after
the Colonel, than anything else. Every day
he comes and sits by little Lillian's grave,
murmuring to himself about the Jjlies and
the angels; and every day he says to me,
with such a wistful sigh, that he is wait
ing and listening for the song of the angels
to call him away to Join his little girl in th
garden of lilies.
Ah, there come Miss Jean and Mr.
Charles now. Miss. You may be vary sure
he is never far from her side."
Fro-n the opposite direction, came a gen,
tleman, and with him a lady in deep
mourning; observing them, the poor Colonel
rose and ran to meet them with the gle of
a child.
"Perfect throngb suffering!" Yes, it was
toncbingly exprossed by the pure, spiritual
face, with its patient month, deep blue eyes
and low white brow, shaded with waving,
golden auburn hair. And Mr. Charles, was
he handwme? . Well not after the outward
form, perhaps, but there was the beauty of
a trne, tender soul shining from the clear
depths of bis durk gray eyes, and written
in every line of the grnv, quiet fnce.
Thanking the man softly, I clasped little
Pearlie's band, and stole silently away, feel
ing purer and better, from having listened
to the story of the saintly Jean and her
loyal lover. Lizzie 8. Lbavbxl.
San Marco, Texas.
Does the Earth Beally Move!
Science say that it does, but we cannot
help wondering sometimes if thar isn't
noma mistake abont it, when W4 se bow
stubbornly certain old fogies cling to their
musty and antiquated idea. It was b.
lieved ono that consumption was incnrabl.
and although it has been clearly demonv
atrated that it ia not, thousands of old-tiro
physician eloa their aye and put their
bands to their ears and refua to abandon
the theory. Rat for ail that the world
The Last Tears or a Good Man.
Andover Vetter to the Philadelphia Preaa.
John Greenleaf Wbittier passed
his eightieth mile pott amid Aha ben
edictions of tha people and surround
ed by many tokens of respect. As I
entered the bouse on "Oak Knoll" on
the noet's birthdsv. trallant Josenh
Cortland, of Newborypoxt, well
known among; Philadelphia Quakers
and around Haverford College, came
oat, esoortinp;, with true colonial gal
lantly, a lady to the enrnsge in wait
ing, xnis plainly dresser woman
sessed a faoe not beautiful bnt
suggestive, and as she was whirled
away and disappeared among the
trees, with a roeyry twinkle in ber
eyes and a ringing laugh, she waved
farewell - to tue silver haired husband
of Gertrude Cortland, who stood ud
on the piazza. That was Elizabeth
Stuart Phelps, who came over from
Andover to pay her respects to our
"dearest poet.
Within was a scene long to be re
merabered, There was no formality.
everybody was happy and yet there
was a perceptible under-current of
regret, for Wbittier was eighty years
of age. Alas, "the years of our life
are threescore years and ten. The
spacious dining room was filled with
a merry throng of people, many flow
ers, good conee, ana good things to
eat Jolly Governor Ames, in pure
Puntanio fashion, stood at the head
of the table and cut the fruit cake.
And now here comes Whittier him
self and mingles with the throng
tne author of "Snow Hound and
Mogg Megone," of "Toussaint
l'Ouverture, ' and the first of any liv
ing American poets. His step is sur
prisingly firm, hia eye twinkling with
gratitude. He and the governor had
soma innocent sport, vhioh .consisted
in sprightly repartee in which the
good poet showed himself no mean
master. After many farewells bad
been said, we sat down and talked.
and what a delightful conversation it
was! Wo looked into the deexieninsr
gloom, which tenderly settling over
"Uak Jinoll. Tne wind soughed over
through tue pines. I loqked np into
that ewoet face with the wrinkles of
eighty years upon it, and said: "Mr,
Wbittier, yon surely are very happy
to-day, surrounded as you are witu
touching tokens of appreciation.
"JCesj yes, be replied, 'J am hap
py, but but ne faltered as be
turned away to hide the gathering
tears, "it is my last birthday, it will
soon be over. .
He gszed away toward the sea
and the gloom was deeper. "How
absurd," he added, "to pay such trib
ute to me! It is entirely overdone.
Mr. Wbittier s exceeding modesty
was ouen illustrated, during tue day.
Some one sent a lovely laurel crown.
which was placed over the oil por
trait of himself. This painting repre
sents wuittier as a young man, and
is one of bin favorite pictures. The
modest old man observed this crown
over the pioture, and when an oppor
tunity presented itself, took the crown
down and hid it His friends, after
search, found and replaoed it but
the good poet failed to recognize it
tne second time.
In the evening we were gathered
in the west parlor and Mr, Whittier
was in good spirits after a day of ex
citement Charles Coffin had lost bis
Quaker-Blaise hat and wanted to go
home. Finally, after a long search,
somebody intimated that Mr. Wbit
tier had appropriated it for Lis own
nse, but he was equal to the occasion
and advised Mr. Coffin to take the
next bat be could find in the bouse,
as be had too many hats already.
He arose at one time, and, standing
erect in the room surrounded by fra
grant flowers and elegant souvenirs,
be exclaimed, "How shall I tell
these dear friends bow thankful I
arnt I will write something for all."
Houghton, Mifflin It Co.:presented
their distinguished patron with a life
sized etching of Mr. Whittier in
closed within an elegant frame of
polished wood. They also sent a
beautiful bouquet of choice flowers.
The Hampton school sent a painting
framed by the Indian boys, who cnt
bis name in the frame. A town named
after Whittier, in California, sent its
first paper printed oo fine silk, and
there were hundreds of costly and
touching souvenirs of respect, which
Mr. Whittier showed me with evi
dent interest
In the coarse of a conversation he
referred to the baltle he fought for
the slaves and reco tinted some of the
in the rear end of tho house and be
gan to shout: 'Mr. Speaker! Mr.
Speaker! Mr. Speaker.' Finally be
got a hearing, and lie aaid: "I only
wish to say a word. I want that ne
gro to shave iiurleigb and make a
wig for William Lloyd Garrison. It
was enough. The house roared with
laughter and trouble was averted
while good humor was restored."
The aged poet laughed heartily as he
told the story, bringing both bands
down on bis knees.
Finally the subiect ef matrimony
was referred to, and a cloud gathered
oyer bis lace. "Ah," he said, "I was
so interested in my poetry and in the
slavery straggle that I permittee!
those golden days to go by without
getting married, and now I am sorry;"
and the old man hung hjs bead in
Col. F. W. A. JRobie, of Plymouth,
N. H., has served oontitmouBly as a
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xonuera statesman.
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side in ap original way. She placed
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portation i'J didj Mum, but it will
be sum toime before at gits Jbot, fujr
ther fire's out" Tid-I$it,
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At the Church Soeiable: Vivacious
Toang lady "Guess what we are
going to have to-night Mca. Bas
com rcharades." Mrs. Btscom "I
knowed it! I smelt 'em clear ont to
the gate. Burlington Fre Press.
scenes be went through during the
Deafness f aat be f arte
by loflal applications, aa tbey can not
reach the diseased portion of tbe ear.
TLere is only one way to cure Deaf
ness, snd that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by aa
infitmed condition of tbe rnnens lin-
era. a- aaa. aw M V w u 4 B)U. Vklfc. M UUIIUU SrtaW M aaa a .
anti .l.aarw .lrrrn.la T am-ll ! iVS tL EusUcUm Tube. Wbca
". . . " " ' ' ii... i : t .
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w . ... ...
mini ill nor ay-win. i or imnerft hjtarinc
e-rav and aorrowfal. whil rockina to and I moves on. and Dr. Hero Ooklen Mdi.
fro at lb hearth was old sabl mammy D.-oorery continue, to rj.4 wfferert
.... ,. from onnaamptiv' crave. It is a onr
Lisa, grwving for bar nnrohug. For som.l (or (hU draded diaaaae, if taken ia
momenta Lillian by qui, then a smil , timf. AD rrofnlnns diagwa and eon.
paased over bar pad lip and th violtt "nmrrfioo U included in th lit yield to it.
ye nreload, I
"Oh Jeani," oh whisrered. "don't yon Fred ly is an nncle, tliougb a very
ace the lilte1 A wbol garoVa fall of yonng one, indeed. Hi relstionsb'p
'prrtty lilies. How b-g and whit they are to tlie two still more youthful speyi-
bow tlv-y gliKten and aliiDe,'' 'tneDS of hnmaoity thst be calls reph-
Agoia b was nrml tor asbil. tbe. tb ws aM SO mivh to his own aelf-itn-blne
eye aortoaad fov tb laat Urn. portmce that be bas aometirats to be
laaiJ faintly. -Hnch Uastifol mnaic-and ' the tl.re are playing together. Tlee Tremont Twnple presented a wild n,B M fT? Z-4?7
!h. Ju.i-. don't yon : to iii. bar' warnings have snnk deep in bis mind. !"eue oo that memorable nigLL It UrT which u irotbrng brU an in-tnr-4
into angeU, with loag wLita robe ' nd in making known his needs io , looked as though there woold be n10 eoodiUon of lb mjicas sur-
1 I 11 I. 1 .V '.I -V-:.. . 'l.lWk.taka.1 T'a Ik.nl.llo-m -,V IKV.
-.U aJ.,;,.,Kw a-a U t. ne'" 1 r.rneliea tint nf hia aar.hawa waa BkUV btlarra. kit Willikffl LWil Oar-'. " U K1T" V "nU.lTSa.
i lot for 10 tits follow-;non, wuose beawl was quia baJ.l; be- " " , J '
distinctly npon one oocsmod.
said, Sre bald
Tremont Temple. That
the voioe of Abbie Folsora was
rrr.l e-L;n- ie. 7 r-iII.K WUUO
ti,. -,i,'aDd when it is entirely eloeed Ve!-
V, I neas is tbe resolt, and ohUm (Lave io-
Wa .l;.;.li flrnlion can be taken oat asd ibis
as to tbe roAns of settling tbe d.ffi I nb. r,OT?d nonM' oadetioa.
mlty and there was great confusion. h"nD W,U " f7 forever.
, auk a IrtU qajvvriagof Uak lipa, s b tli carefully pTTrvi'l
a .v.ii w litti LOiiaVa -a inr nnrM -OH TVit-.l T want a rork, 'mJ Lira Smtilr. Borleirh. who v? "ttu, vui we ran no car rv
-i 1- i- ia,-. Kmaa fnr frir:TTwaa ifvnar.laau . brirr lorts fall nnrvo Li abonLlrL ! t-mg
of Deafer) (carH-sJ
,ot luie.
i W red
Hall's Cavtorrb Car.
for firmlsr, frv
For aavc ly 3 DrucjC'isU a&i lers.
..... ... a . I I -1 . . t 1
i J uu ta writer t-cwj aui mm a wf ' - - K- ' - - - f 1 aa --tj r V t-"W . rv
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ia nnr voaranca aai i mmwpgij ui-b iuiuaj mjw
avsy, tb liftSt tf rraana goot Iovctot, and Jzar.
Toda, 0-
Ume,--Hrper t form, and this negro wanted to speak. I 1-, , V
1 1 At tbe critical noment a mux ar? , Dnw, - 5 rota.

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