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Free Press.
hobe NEWS.
uuute rjuia ian ma neon AS roixows I
L & O. N.
Going South 1
Ooing North t
8:15 A. M. and H:o6 P. M.
9:15 A.M. aud 8:05 P. M
T. B. A IL
East Bound I
9:30 A. M. and 9:10 P. M.
Wat Bouud
8:00 A. M. and 7:46 f. U,
nmn im Mini LOOXHABT I
nnnnH t 10:50 A. M. and 10:30 P. M.
West Bound: 6:40 A. M. and 6:35 P, M.
Two Copies for $3.50.
Tnftamnoh aa many peraoua desire to send
oopioa abroad, aud by way of enoourage-
nent eo to do, we otter two copies of the
Fnss Pbbss at 9 3.QU oasu in auvnuco.
(Persona not subscribers who may at
any time reoeive copies of the FbziI
.Press, will please understand that they:
(are sent simply as samples, to the hope I
.w th nnrties addressed may like it
well euongh to favor ns with their subsorip
Coronal Institute.
ill be properly credited.
will be properly
A. A. Thomas.
Fresh Oyster at Van Every's.
Go to McAllister's
for pure Seed Irish
Fresh Garden Seeds, guaranteed, at Rey
nolds A Daniel's.
Garden Seeds, guaranteed fresh at Rey
nolds A Daniel's.
Sorghum seed for sals at
Habdt A Co.
Still another
Piques, eta
invoice of Spring Lawns,
Johnson Johnson.
New line of
scratch books, and blank
Lawhon A Bass.
J. B. Hankla's bouse,
for rent
near the institute,
Everything generally kept in general stores
can be found at Johnson a. iohnson.
Geo. W. Knight, Jeweler,
Plaza, Sau Marcos.
side the
For new goods of every description in
flue assortment at low prices.
Johnson A Johnson.
You can find everything in the Dry
Good line at Denny Bros. A Andrews and
they sell at popular prices.
J. V. Hutchins offers uuequaled induce-
'meats to the trade Come early and make
your selections
At Thos. Taylor'syou will find a full line
of ohoioe family grocenoH as cheap as tney
can be sold elsewhere. Uall aud see.
New shoes, for the smallest child to the
largest man to be found.
Johnson A Johnson.
The World Renowned Estev Organ.
On oady terms. Chakiain A Knioht.
Fine assortment of the celebrated 0
Garden A Co., fine fur
Hats in new and
attractive styles,
Johnson A Johnson,
To arrive by Saturday, a new invoice of
French Sateens of beautiful patterns and
other desirable goods at J. V. Uctohins.
A large and well selected stock of the
famous Jno. Kelly fine shoes, en route and
daily expected.
Denny Bros. A Andrews are now showing
many new and handsome patterns in Spring
Tirana Fabrics and will cheerfully furnish
samples upon application.
Now is the time for cultivators, double
shovels sweep-stocks, sweeps, hoes, eto.
A full stock of nil of theso Goods includ
ing the "Stand Cultivator" on hand at
J. H. Gabt's.
Well I l&o think Denny Bros. A Andrews
have th4 nicest line Plain and Embroidered
Kid Gloves I have ever seen. Oh yes, I
remember Jane told me the other day she
wanted a pair, and girls please exouse me,
for I must go and tell ber about it at once.
Mrs. T. K. Hutching,
South side of the square, has perhaps
the most attrative stand in its way in the
oity. Fruits, candies, nuts, etc., are among
liar specialties, nou ai iroau wiu
all fresh
Don't fail to give ber
, call.
$500 Howard.
On Wednesday night, Fotruary 29, two
miles of my fence was cut by a party or
parties unknown. With ths assistance of
the Governor of Texas, I will pay the above
reward for tbe arrest and conviction of the
person or persons who did it,
J. B. MoLbixan.
Have you seen Denny Bros. A Andrews
handsome display of White Goods? vis In
dia Linens. Check Nainsooks, Dotted Swiss,
Hamburg Embroidery and Fine Linen Tor.
chon Lace. The largest and most com
plete stock to select from to be found in the
The vacancy soon to be made in the
District and County Clerk'a office must be
filled, but our store is already full of new
styles of dress ginghams and London cords
in all the new shades. Corded battiste or
gingham, at 10 eta per yard.
Daimt A Bbo.
Some of the things yon will find at H.
H-irdy A Co's:
Fresh Prunes, Freah Currants, Fresh
'earl Grits, Frh Cerealine, the celebrated
rincese Tea, Garden 8eds, Onion Setts,
.ri Jl SeM Potatoes, Uocavas-ted Ham.
lrcakfast Bacoa. and in fact everything in
e way of Staple and Fancy Groceries at
rices as low as the lowest
The following standard articles with
-ices to anil the pnrctoaer can always be
,rud at Christian A Will':
Window Green Orn, finnwfUke Sugar,
Dnrkee'e Salad Iimsint, Spices, Pepper
tc ; Corroack'a Kudarroe Fkes, Dnricr
RVyl Parrot brand Crackers snd CaW.
White Rwaw ard roIW Patent Flour. Cali--rnia
Fmits of ail kinds F-pps Cocoa and
er'a Cha-oUUe, Crow t BlaekweD. A
a:es vrity of flavor. Cigars. Tobaccos,
and in fact very hicg pertinin to a first
claji grocery etbUhmeit
Inpertant tiTi irsier.
My fine Xormaa rtO.Kin. Prince"' H1
'.jmd tbe pr.f nt ena at my rv?rr in
- Mstws at ! at hit ran -b b TwV
-. Tbe b'- i t-o 1 kin t"
V .art St dftiption or rdiiTt. Fries
1 he Tsderate.
f.MA-ira H. 8. Rrrm-
Mr. Crf?v. jiwki: ersit. b
lotted Mr. Fr-TC-a. a-re a fw
-r cinre, htrt ta a rvol wViie ixm
,m tran-w or kit-T. Iraa tk ttt
m.s of Dr. On. h''T r-vl-4 y Xr
i'". l t rAj fev fcrwaeni
i ai see luat.
We ar nut In receipt o( t full lint of
paper for LIU beads, foliar and not heads,
statements, and blauk work of all kind.
Nioe work and low prioea. Call and
samples at the Fbbb Paws office.
H. F. Welob bra opened a retlaurant
next door to Geo. 8tepban's barber abop,
"Too thin" -sheet iron as a Are proof
wall, or tba Idea of aueb a thing.
The telegraph wire in now op between
San Marcos aud Lorkbort.
There waa a sight "skim" of loe on Sun
day morning, aud froat waa apprehended at
night, bnt we bare luckily escaped tbna far.
People who hate no business with the
courta onght to eiteem themselves peculiar-
ly fortunate. '
Incorporation carried in Kyle by a email
I majority. She will soon have water
,n 0p6raton,
The giddy gusher of the "late lamented''
Cresset has evidently left soma worthy
representatives and rivals behind him.
The C. L. & 8. 0. meets Tuesday night
next at the residence of Rev. W. H. Biggs.
A full attendance of members and those de
siring to join the circle is expected
See prospectus of the St Louis Globe -
Democrat in our oolumns. As a newspaper,
- I the west snd south, w. beli.v. it
"takes the lead."
If you understand how to appreciated
good cigar, call on Adolph Voges, clerk at
tbe Holheins Hotel. Best brands of cigars
and tobaoco in town, Try 'em and see.
That Publie School walk, so long and so
of ten promissd by the oouncil, still "bangs
fire." leaving the poor children to period!
cally wade tbrougb tbe mud.
Ths Fubbnolooioal Joobnal for March
has a dozen readable articles, besides the
editorial department An attractive issue
of this old favorite.
The store of the Farmers' Alliance at this
place wiil be in Mr. Ownby's rock building
on tbe square, we are noi aavisea as 10
when it will open, nor who will have charge.
Improvements, we learn are in progress
on Chautauqua Hill, and Mr. Code has
cleared off the superinoumbent vegetation
and trimmed np the "bonnie banks and
braes" of our matchless river. A good
We wish to return tbauks to Mr. Y, E.
Worley, maneger of the "Eclipse Dairy
Company," of this place, for a sample
pound of their Jersey butter, "Little EJna"
brsnd. We found it very nice. It is "hard
to beat." and shows what oan be done in
this line even in Texas.
Again we rise to remark that tbe Free
Pbkss is the only one of our county papers
which publishes full reports of the proceed
ings of Commissioners' Court, than whioh
there is no more interesting reading to the
neonle of this county. Onr last week's is-
sue contained the report of Commissioners'
Court for February term.
The Chinese entertainment, " Saturday
night nnder the auspices of the Ladies Aid
Society of the Methodist Chnrch,was pret
ty well attended in spite of the bad weather,
and was a fair success. A supplemental
entertainment and supper were given on
Tuesday nioht by the ladies, which was
a pleasaut affair.
The above was prepared for our last,
but we failed to get it put in type.
Supper at Kyle.
There will be a supper given by the la
dies of Kyle on Friday night the 23 init,
for the purpose of raising means to pay for
a bell for the new Methodist church at that
place. A supper at n.yie we nro suiu
means a supper inaeea a squoro meai.
The price will be 25cts, whioh low rate is
intended to induce the attendance of fami
lies as well as individuals. A special invi
tation is extended to the peoplo of San Mar
cos to be present on the occasion.
The Boston Quintette Club was greeted
on last Thursday night at the court house,
by alarce attendance of our most intelligent
people. Each of the several instrumental
performers seemed to approaohasnear per
fection as possible; but to our mind the
two appearances of Miss Carpenter and her
seraphic singing, were worth all tbe rest oi
the entertainment fine as it was, many
timss over. All, we think, were delighted.
The following, which we clip from the
Luling Signal, will be found quite appro
priate to this latitude at this time :
As the time for the city election ap
proaches, it would be well for the people of
Luling to be "casting about" for anitoble
n-en to fill tbe vacancies that will oocnr on
the board of aldermen. While conncilmen
serve without remuneration, the office is no
less an important one, and no man who
feels an interest in tbe welfare of his city
should refuAe to serve if called npon. Let
the people select their best and moat pro
gressive men and elect them, and our local
affairs will move onward harmoniously and
District Conference.
Ed. FBr Pbbss Please insert in your
paper the follow chnrch notice, and oblige
tbe San Marooa District Conference,
The Methodist Episcopal Church, south,
will convene in Kyle at 9 a. m. on Friday
before the first Sunday in April. Bishop
W. W, Duncan, of Spartanburg, S. C. pre
siding. H. G. Hobtoh, P. E.
Seguin, March, Gib 1883.
We learn farther, from the Kyle Star,
that a full attendance of ministers belong
ing to the district i expected, besides aev
eml lay delegates. Bro. Joyce proposes to
have tbe Bishop dedicate tbe Methodist
church and altogether the meeting promises
to be sue of nnusnal interest,
Wnt Texas 3fleal Genii.
Mr. Harris, of owr freight d-pot. recently
presented ss a copy of "Trumpet Notes"
Biwal pobWioai of Ekbart, Indaa.
coata;a:g. among o'.ber things a portrait
and biTR.til aletch of Miss Martha
BUxJ. a -refaI oiet Ker, aad
vbae brother M kaon a tfce Cow B7
pianist. We rejrfrt that kae scbUid a
teVTM-bical - 01 Bhrf
re pr-ptwd wng rVift-- it to eay tHai
ia a native of Seia. Texas and is
trirt3g wrth ber l-rrt jer. ard both are
reouTPg erf -bra e im tbe line r4 tbeir rm
fWiSL We my tl at k im konae of
treat Texas tsa.
District Court Proceeding.
I'rioce and Cock vs LAO, N. R. R.,
returned for new trial Verdict, damages
12300 to tba former and 91700 to the lat
ter. An appeal will be taken,
Kaunas Manufacturing Co. vs. IL Hardy
A Co. with regard to wagons, Judgment
for defendant. Motion for a new trial.
Emma Brigs vs. Geo. Brigg, divorce,
Mrs. MoOarty vs. N. MnOarty, divoroe,
cbiuimau s
Slats vs. Eliza Gray and Kitty Nichols,
burglary, acquitted.
State vs. Tom Coleman, mistrial
State vs. Ivy Stevens, perjury, 9 years in
6tate vs. A. 0. Daufortb, Indiotment
Stats vs. Wash Maukey for murder of
Dan Bryant, 5 years in penitentiary.
The grand jury has adjourned, and oonrt
is expected 9 adjourn this week.
"Ths Red Dlauioud Candy Factory" is
the name of a new busines stand Just
opened by ElyA Londralager of Austin,
Ths location is the same as MoClolIans orig.
inal Caudy factory. More anon.
As will be seen by the allowances made
1 by the Commissioners' Court, as published
in our last, that while some f 125 were al
,0wed for printing and stationery to Urge
houses in St Louis. Galveston, etc., only
f 18 were allowed to the offices of onr home
papers. And that has been about the usual
proportion for years past Comment is un
See the card of M. T. Cbastian, mattress
msker. He has served us with one of his
mattresses which we find to be first-class.
We remember reading some rhymes about a
man who slept in an editor's bed, found It
vory comfortable, aud wonnd np by saying
that he conld now better understand "how
ea.iv editor lu." Aside from the unjust sar
casm couohed in the above, our uew mat
tress eives ns a constant reminder of tbe
sentiment italicised above.
E. P. Lanev. of Wimberly, is in attend
ance at oourt.
We called to see Mr. Young on Sunday,
and were pleased to find him better.
John Carter, photographer, has beoome
one of our citizens .
J. W. Earnest and D. 8, Combs are at
home for a time.
Sam Jefferson, freedman, is the profes
sional and practical water-hauler of this
Travis' new two story business bouse on
San Antonio street, is hastening toward
We notice in the Kyle Star an interesting
essay read before the Oyster Creek Farmers'
Alliance by Mrs. 11. A. Brown.
Mr. Kiohol is the fence-builder of San
Marcos He ' done up' Mayor Hardy's
nremises in that liuo last week, greatly to
its advantage.
Mrs. Peyton Taylor's boarding house is
on a boom. She leads the field. Keveuty-
five persons dined there the first day of
Seuberth, the tailor, has purchased ths
Hnne property, recently occupied by Mr.
Mackin, and will have his shop and dwell
ing on the same lot. A nioe arrangement.
Our young friend W. D. Mitoholl has fa-
voerd us witb a paper of special interest
containing an illustrated write up of Los
Angeles county. California, portraits of the
pioneers of Pasadena, eto.
Dr. Lewis Cock, of our town read an
essay before the late meeting of the State
Medical Association at Austin, wmcn we
learn was much admired by the members of
the fraternity present
Wn were glad to meet our young friend
Mr. Irving, of Kerrville, this week, He
was here as a witness, incidentally greeting
of course, his numerous friends. tie re
p0rtg progress at Kerrvile, water works
m operanou.
The railroad is expected to
stop there for two or three years,
Our former employes, Joe Drrk, is now a
Union printer and works on tbe News, Gal
TBHlon. With a reeular sit in prospect he
is hopeful of doing very well ofter a while.
We hope his best hopes may be realized.
He sends us some mementos of the craft
from Galveston.
Rev. Mr. Joyce called on us Monday, and
spoke of tbe new Methodist church at Kyle
M being completed, and on a plan obtained
from Philadelphia, which is greatly admir
ed. New architectural designs are some
thing greatly needed in this country.
Bishop Duucan is expected to dedicate the
chnroh on his coming visit, and Mr. Joyce
said he would probably preach at San Mar
cos, pending his stay in this vioinity.
The case of J. M. 8impson, who was ar
rested some time since as an escaped peni
tentiary convict, and returned to prison for
his 'alleged unexpired time of four months,
will be generally remembered. On his re
turn he was re-arrested and committed to
jail on a charge of perjury for voting and
accepting office as deputy shoriff. The
grand jury failed to indict him on this last
charge, and he is again at large. We learn
that be persists in affirming that tbe peni
tentiary offioiols made a mistake and got' tbe
wrong man.
Lawhon & Bass,
Mb. Epitob: Please inform your readers
where tbey can get tbe best yellow, upland
grown Cottonwood for 75 cents per 1.000
for planting tree claims Address: Geo.
Pinoey, Evergreen, Door Co., Wis
Good and Cheap Trees.
Geo. Pinuey, of Evergreen Nurseries,
Door Co., Wis., scuds ns his sixteen pegs
catalogue and writes as foilows On my
main stock I am below all honorable com
petitors Compare my prices with other
mMrmrymen, not with adventurers who
never raised a tree aud never bad a dozen
erowing and have nothing for customers
but what is pulled out of the swamps or
cull stock boogbt for a song from the large
Sew Xilllnery Slor.
Is jat orening a new stock of eeatooable
and faahionatae millinery goods at tbe
I . .vA-'r An-nn t,T fiaa Ila'h
Paridxra. on tbe F--.st aid of ths aoare. j
Coienan T.i;Lt be said eluurt to be-
ir. L.rin.f lirerf her tat
, tJwHijfamoreree-tit.vet ATWtts
IO f0 rn:r-. 1
3 . . . . -
be veicmw oec y omm
friend wbo arr-reewte ber perxmaj worth.
s h Ud expei-ence .o the millinery j
b-n-. i bcioealo it rare gooi U.
ricn tj uMsk4UJ to give ber a
., 1
Far Sale.
Tbe Hir.ieaa rr'perty An'ooio 8c i
xar tbe s raar. Aff-iy ti G. Vof W. ;
Vogelsang's Best,
VTs need scarcely say that ths sketch of a
scoutiug party in Western Texss In 18.K1,
which appeared in the Fbim Pkbhs of week
before last, waa from VogcUaug's Combos.
We claim to know a good thing when we
see it, and wa prononuoe It really a merl.
torious production. So satisfied were we
of this fact that we sent a prepared copy to drouth, and this year a eoutlnnal rain, "sor
the Sen Antonio Express, calling their at- tor" eouflrma the truth that aba waa about
tentlon to it. The result was its appesranos
in the Express of Sunday. We now add
the following additional passage, not
previously published by us. Tt is quits
On ths 29th of Oct.. 18S6. a young farm
er from Fayette county, Texas, rode into
MfTS Hd. t?'ZZ EE
on the turn since lB4tt: he fsilod. and con.
oluded to make a change. He could not
eneak much Eualiah, and hi pronunciation
.5 .r ... ,l. h.
TZEXSimW ,mok: T I V7Vtoa,ouJ
a conversation in a crowd. Although 22 table every Sunday when big folks oome to
vsara of ass be bad less smartness than a
oity rained boy or ii. surprisea we re-
crultlng ofBoors when hs gave in his occu
pation as a farmer; mere was no larmer on
the muster-roll. Perhaps other recrniu
held it below their dignity to pass aa farm
.'. .. - . i ii.. iv.
vogers nrst uiuiuuuj ,u. -o.
aany rations oi mo hb.
which was insufficient for a stomacb used
to corn dodgers Eatables were sold at tbe
sutlerstore at enormous rates; and being
very hungry, be went to Orderly Sergeant
Nichols and told biro that the bread at tbe
mesa-houM was too light to satisfy his hun
car. 8enr. Niohols and Serg. Hosenthal
t German Jew), who was present, broke
into a roar of laughter. Serg. Niohols gave
him some one loaf bread tickets. He went
to the bakerv. sot one loaf, or daily ration,
and ate the whole of it behiud the bake-
oven. The story of VoeePs complaint that
the bread was too light leaked out, and be
waa so much teased about It that be deter
mined to eat no more bread than the rest of
the men, and In a short time he got nsod to
it without inconvenience.
All that Vogel bad to do was to answer
to roll call and attend to the horses twioe a
day, about one hour's work; and as hs was
used to constant labor ne leu tiresome.
He noticed that in the publio road leading
an to the Fort from Fredericksburg there
were many boulders protruding out of the
ground to the inconvenience or teamsters
He concluded to level tnem aowo ior exer.
oise, and went to Kesxier, me uompany
blacksmith, cot the loan of a sledge Ham
mer and went to work. After a few hours
Kessler came down to where he was work
ing, took tbe sledge hammer rrom mm ana
told bim that the uon-commissioned officers
had held a consultation among themselves
in recrard to Voeel's sanity on account of
bis working without orders. Rome days
later he sot very tiresome, and stimulated
by a desire to give an equivalent ior nis
monthly wages, ho wont to tbe Uraeriy
Sergeant and asked bim for something to
do, which caused a great laughter of the
ereeant and bystanders. Xbe sergeant
gave him an ax and told him to go with the
wood wacron. Afterward be bad no more
cause to oomplain for having nothing to do.
We also copy tbe concluding parngrapn
ith respect to the fugitive slave "Bob:"
We publish this narrative, not only be
cause of its general interest, out mora es
pecially in ordor to rescue from oblivion
the memory of a hero who, for m-iro than a
yeAr, naked and alone, without artinuiui re
sources, defended his liberty agaibst the
Stole of Texas, the Comanche Iudians, and
the U. 8. army. In ordor to make it possi
ble for fugitive Bob to remain a mm and
subsist in a wild oountry as a brute, be
must have had a constitution equal to that
of Adam before his fiill in paradise. In our
judgment Bob was a hero worthy of an
ient Sparta.
March 5th, 1888.
A young section hand was seriously hurt
yesterday morning. He was going to some
quarry with seventeen others on one .hand
car, and sitting on tbe front, his foot was
caught between the ties and he was
drugged under the car, whioh passed over
his leg, crushing and tearing it Beverly.
He was taken to the Austin hospital on the
following night
Mrs. Nichols and her daughter moved to
Austin last week.
Mr. J. N. Goforth is out of tbe lumber
business, leaving no lumber yard now In
W. .J. Goforth is buying cattle for the
Austin market, Ulotteb.
Tbe popular blood purifier, Hood's Sarsa-
parilla, is having a tremendous sale at thii
V 1 -....--I 1 ,.!... u v.-
BOMUU. ilDQt IT DT.1JUUUJ W.C. ... 1 J
it yourself.
New and Nice.
Newest designs in lace pins, ladies cuffs
buttons, baby pins, scarf pius, etc, eto.
Mrs, Richardson will open in a few days
ith a very handsome assortment of mil
linery goods
The Century for March.
Tbe March Century contuius several
features of romantio interest First in
uniqueness, perhnps is Mr. Kcnnan's con
tinuation of his revelations in regard to the
state prisons, the details of which are re
markable for interest and bear every evi
dence of authenticity.
A narrative paper of thrilling detail is
Captain Frank . Moran's account of the
planning, mishaps, aud finally successful
execution of Colonel Itose s Tunnel at Lib-
by Prison, the narrator having been one of
tbe party who escap.d. "The article is illus
In ''The Home Ranch," Mr. Theodore
Roosevelt gives a continuation of bis
grspbio papers on the doily life of a ranch
man, accompanied by illustrations oy rred-
rio Remington, done from the life, and of
striking faithfulness in detau.
A paper of out-of-the-way biography is
contributed by Mr. John Bigelow, in his
Franklin's Home and Host in France,"
tbe host being M. Dooatien Le Kay d e
A paper by tbe Roy. T. T. Munger con
siders a pressing question nnder the title of
Immigration by Passport."
The Lincoln History deals with "The
Call to Arms," the story of Sumter being
retold authoritively, tbe narrative belup aa
before, with the aid of unpublished ma
terial. The editorial department inclndes articks
on "Eoglutn as Abe is laugnt," "ine
Gmeing Independence of American Jonr
naliam," "Amerif-ac Architecture in Eng
lish Eves" and "Landscape Gardening and
In '-Open Letters' are several dealing e-
p-ii!y with edi'-aiionnl qne-4:oi: 'Tbe
Pobl;c-Stbxil FroMrm." -Mied Training."
1 "J -
articb-a on ''Hie fvinca'ioa
oiur " .--. -
. . . . m a,:. . I
'ran m aawpo .r . r"!
Ut- tnm llMrr w IsmcTel'ov. which
t. . '
- " . - , 1 iY
the lef t ' alb and I -ul. we eor.ld bare
l-f-i. b".e Er.hsl .1,1
,fcB!r7 h"'
I em U O. Atxterana, 8at AMoaiO; Al
NVnui tbe peet'ew ncT for ' f e4 Iweil. Mm : T. White. &ea
yoang reoye, pc)'le-J bv the fm-
torv Cc-wirT.
the lead ra ,
U Mrck iswsa.
Staples Store.
An allagorlo old lady from Georgia, onoe
said, "it never did rain In Texas, but when
It rain it never stopped." She wsut back to
Georgia, so tradition says. Mow wa think
her phrase rather a parable or conuudrum,
altbongb it "sorter" sounds liks a etc, aud
especially tbe "sto." However, hurt year's
half right
Farmers are making move on them-
selves. Tbsy scent to have new teal and
energy, pushing forward by the strength
of corn dodger and baoon. Sometimes
- 1 Johnnie eomea seldom, whan we're little
j MTer MW farmer so enthused in
V church axperi.nce a. they are over the
good prospects of ootton and oorn, "Old
Timers" say this is the year to eratel out
.nii tin VAtit niii irMiM. diiFMt it
I - "" r n
see yon, keep it on your shoulders and
yoau get there with your wool baton.
Now farmers can't break like merchants,
there's no side track for them to switch off
on at the appearance of some shadow, even
ruin. They've got to butt it square iu tbe
J -
. . .... ,i,, ,t,
i ., ., . , .
me least nit tney are aiagmcco. lunger, buu
couldn't buy a pair of socks on rfO days
Though you must not say anything about
it, for we hear bonanza stocks of spanking
brand new spring goods have oome from
New York, and I iutend to Invest in some
knitting thiead for Annie, and a pair of
suspenders for myself, if I ean stand them
off, and besides I want good stuff too.
We see Oapt, Holmes oocassiouly sluing
by on his new velocipede. Adios,
Db, Flat, of Guadalupe.
Old-Fashloned Massacre
on the
Th Bmaqa on the War Path Red
Knife' Terrible Raid Miriam Dane, the
Belle and Heroine of the Frontier, Made
Prisoner Kit Carton, the Farnou Scout
and Indian Pigider, to the Reseue,
Red Knits, an Indian chiof of unparel-
leled oruelty and ferooity, while raiding the
frontiers and masaacreing the inhabitants,
captured a beautiful white girl Mibum
Dane whom he resolved to save alive and
drag to bis lair. He also took Mibiam's
parents alive, so as to oompel the heroio girl
to obey him in order to save them from tor
Kit Gaboon, the famous Soout and Indian
fighter, was a warm friend of the Danbh',
and he resolved to resoue them at all has-
ards. He knew Red Knot's fiendish char
acter, and fully and keenly realized the aw-
ful fate which Miriam Dans would meet,
unless he should rescue her. His libn-like
soul was deeply aroused and all bis un
equalled, skill and eunning as a soout and
Indian fighter were displayed in traokiug
Red Knipb down. The account of the
varied and tragio incidents attendiug Kit
Carbon's heroio efforts to safe Mimam
Danb (as given in number seven of the New
York Ledger, now for sale by all news
dealers) forms the most interesting, the
most romantic, and the most thrilling In.
dian Story which has ever been told since
America was disoovered and the contest be-
twoen the whito man and the red man be
Ask any Newsdealer for number seven of
the New York .Ledger, now for sale at all
news-stands. If there is no news-stand
convenient, send six cents (postage stamps
ill do) to Robert Bonnfb'b Sons, Ledger
office, corner of William and Spruoe streets.
New York. Terms for the Ledger for 1888,
postage free: One year, $3.00; six months,
$1.50; four months, $1.00.
We are authorized to announce D. P. HOP
KINS as a candidate for re-election to the
office of City Assessor and Collector at the
coming April election.
We are authorized to annonnoed J. E,
PETERS as a candidate for City Assessor
and Collector at the ensuing April election.
We are authorized to announce O. M.
AVEY ns a candidate for City Marshall at
me coming npru election. i
, i 1 a! I
We are authorized to announce LUCIUS
J. DAILEY as a candidate for City Marshal
at the ooming election.
We are authorized to annouhce JAS. M.
TURNER as candidate for City Marshal at
We are authorized to announce WM. IL
LYELL as a candidate for re-election to the
office of City Marshal,
Election Order.
By virtue of tbe authority vested in me
as mayor of tbe city of Hon Marcos, I, Ham-
mett Hardy, mayor of said city, do hereby
order that an election be held iu the aeveral
wards in said city on tbe 3d day of April,
it being the fintt Tueaday in April next, be.
twceo the hours of 8 o'clock a. m. and 6
o'olock p. in., tor the election of the follow
ing officers, to wit :
Uity Marabou
City Clerk.
City Assessor and Collector.
City Treasurer.
One alderman in Ward No. 1, to suceeed
W. D. Wood.
One alderman in Ward No. 9, to succeed
E. J. L. Green.
One alderman in Ward No. S, to ueceed
Roger Byrne.
One alderman in Ward No. 4, to suceeed
Peter Bmrth.
Polls will be opened at the following lec
tion places, under tbe mauagement of the
followiug presiding officers :
Ward No. 1 at John Barbae s; manager,
Ralph Smith.
Ward .No, z at vogieeang s aoop ; mana
ger. Um Boca.
Ward No. 3 at enatn room Uonn uonse;
manager, l.ua w. uregory.
Ward No. 4 at Track Hooee; manager.
Tbos C. Jobnnon.
Said prreidiog officers will make tbe re-
tnrns thereof to tbe Citj Council on tbe
next day thereafter, end in tbe manner and
form aa preecribed by law.
Tbe voters in mvh vara an all vote ior
Citr Marotial. Cy Clerk. City Ammit ad
Collector. Cily Treenorer, woe AJlertnra
:n lbr rer- tire wards. Aid one City
Girrn nnder ev kaal and 1 of tSe eitv
of haa Marcos, tbia the llth day of Frbro
ar. 1A.
f-vn nwrrrT Hatt.
feb 14 Mayor.
The f nllowfos" wwa ria tered at tbe
Hrnins rriar: He;b llamrd. Sew
York: M. D. Kaa. AUacaa: J.C Petaeocky.
Actowio: If. W. Hnylea. Je-4 Wnckt. IL
HtrVwtK Bd eiK Mrs. Potrnwiw, Cos
ie DeykA, Wa Pocoe, I'veUe, Tea.
Blustering March baa come and with It
a com nortuar wnion ineatena garuant in.
fantine and spriuging herbs and flowers.
Our siok list is nooessarily long this week
as mumps and cbluksn-pox are gently tan
talislng the unwary. Our school especial,
ly baa aa (Tared seriously from these two on
welcome visitors.
We regret to report the aerious illusss of
Mrs. A. II. Hill. We sincerely hope that
shs may reoovar soon.
The Misses Dnrris after a short sojourn
amoDg ns, bsve lert ror "rjoienoe uui.
which, we understand, they make their
future home.
Miss Lou Baker, onr popular niusio
teaoher, leaves this wsek for IUncho where
a larger class awaits her abundant suooese,
Mrs. Sblnn and Miss Msrtindale paid
your oity a flying visit this week,
"I - . - - - . . ,
The free term of our school closes on the
flfteeuth instant; after which a private en
terprise will be carried ou. Its prospects
oauuot be aceurately reported now, but it
ia hoped that tbey are good.
Owing to the illness of onr assistant,
Miss Kate Tuttle took her place in the
school several days last week.
Quite a number of our young people at
tended the oonoert given by the young peo
ple of Staples' Store at the olose of their
school. They report themselves highly en
Mr. H. J. Holly, lately from Georgia, is
here visiting relatives and friends
We regret to say that this must be our
last letter to the Feb Pbbss owing to the
antioipated departure of one of the Mary's
soon, but we will always wish for it the
snooess it deserves In its brave battle against
lntemperanoe aud wrong. Respotfully,
Thb Two Mabx s
The Fbes Pbbss regrets to part compa
ny with its bright young correspondents
and friends and oordially reoiprooatea their
kind wishes.
Any man, North, South, East or West,
wanting EVERGREENS of any size or
variety, oan be supplied from my open
grounds or Frost Proof Cellars, at any sea
son of the year by mails or express at prioes
from one-half to one-fourth what others
charge. Price List Freel GEO. PINNEY,
Evergreen, Door Co., Wis.
Lessons In Spanish.
Senor Warren proposes giving lessons in
the Spanish language, by a new method, to
all who may desire his services, ue is an
educated Spanish Ainerioan, and of course
entirely competent. He desires to com
municate with all who may wish nis ser
vioes Residence ou San Antonio street
For Halo.
A farm of forty-seven acres, sixteen acres
irrieated. ten acres in ribon cane, two sets
of dwellings about two hundred yards apart
and other out buildings. A uydraullo ram
that supplies the dwelling with water tbenoe
to a reservoir and to a trough for stock, a
fish pond with Gorman carp, the ' water
works and irrigation are from a spring that
stands tbe test of the dryest seasons. A
good bearing orchard of peaches, pears,
apples, plums, cherries, figs, grapes; this
property fronts the Blanco river near town.
I would take half in Sau Marcos city prop-
erlyif in a desirable location, or one half
down balance on time to suit purohoser.
For further information address
jan2Gtf Blanco, Blanoo Co., Texas.
For Salo.
I offer for sale my entire property at Ban
Marcos, consisting of a rock store, 25x100
feet, one ware house 00x50 feet and one va
cant lot. The property is located In the
best business point in the city and a flist
class investment for those desiring to pur
chase. For further particulars apply to
M. Hinzib.
Ib2tf Palestine, Tex.
O. W. Andrews of San Marcos, Deputy
Hide A Animal Inspector, Hays County.
s Mr. i ti.
The citizens of San Marcos
and surrounding country are
invited to call and make the
acquaintaince of the "St Leon
ard Hotel," when they have
business in San Antonio. No-
vrtrp in Tevnc ran r!rrr nr.
If IIVI V 111 -v " " " 1 " . v w . v
j.- l."Lt.
COiurnouauuns, ucucr tare, ui
more home COmiOrt be IOUnd
for $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
E. L. THOMAS, Cashisb.
First National Bank
or in a is co.
Capital Stock Paid Up, - $ 80,000.
Authorized Capital, 250,000.
A Gaatrtl Banklag nailaew. Gellacuoa saaee
mm ell (eooalhl olata.
AarnvDii of airetiiu, rttmmn, Blaekaira asi
laar wllduS.
J. W. atraoa. Jai. (I. Rvat-aMxr.
llaenarr Rim, J. W. )ioi
Kb. J. L. 0... jlvesty
)foftttrr of
m&chiie Filled mum.
Matreeeea of All Kinds Altered in
Size and Repaired.
SatUfactlo Uoaranleed and Prices
Hasse as Hsndmade,
Wrk eD4 far mw4 tetanies' the mm 4. r
Leave eretra at MaaM Btmn Chattels Kaifkl,
San Marcos, Texas.
ts of an kinds.
Bef C. : and I eeeta.
Ii aw aea a hrmlt caa fswa. tmfMk
e eewne ewy $ t Tern m tae mmrtet. MttmM
Bet tmtf lie. tmrpmmml. Oe. emit fmmmtt
rs xis
A Slstbgnishod Jndgd Sajt:
Adhttn, Tbxas, Jan. SO, 1887.
Mr, A. K. Hawkeai
Dear Bin I am 68 years old. I bought
m pair of your Crystaliced Lenses about S
year ago, when I could with difficulty, lead
very large print After nsiug your glasses
three or four months I notioed that my sight
Improved, and I now read the finest print
with the naked eye. James K. Brix.
all ith rrrriD ahu thi fit ocabastiib
s. f. McAllister,
San Marcos.
rnxsipsNT. viosrsxaT.
Capital Taid Up $60,000,
Authorized Capital, $30,000.
A danaral Banklne BailaeM TraaaaataS. Ae.
aoaau at Merebaala, rinaa aad ladlrtdaali salleltaS.
w. d. wood. w. o. Brrcnrsoir,
t. V. HtrrCHINS, OBO. I. moobbbb.
Raw Baoka and latest Vewnpapera aad Parlsdleale
a apeelally. A fall line ef lutlessry
aad Holloas.
VTraaaUot aa wall as reldant peeeta arlfl hare
nna wu.t is. warn in tna una er papen, raas
an maiur. sie. van ana . inami
Is now "at home" In his new snd elegaut
shop adjoining Hofheins' hotel, en the
Square, where he wilt be glad to welcome
old and new friends and customers. Good
barbers and satisfactory work assured. "flOif
Attorney at Law
Offloe over Green's Bank, Ban Mar
's. . sepOtt
Drs. Woods & Beall,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Calls left at the Drugstores of Raynolds
Daniel and J. A, Beall will receive
promot attention. f b 94tf
John P. Lehde, M. D.
Special Attention to Spinal Disease.
Oapt. Martin House,
Mrs- S. A. BOACH. Propr'etress.
W Rates by day, week or month very rea
sonable. Visitors to Kyle will find this '
a comfortable home. decltf,
Mrs. IT. L. Sill, Proprietress.
Centrally Situated. Good Sample Room.
ISoeeettor to Vim 4 Pejm )
Baa Anteale Street, kaltrean Dallaj's Cwroar
. aad aaa Marooa Hotel.
of all kinds st bottom rates.
Ciljf Baler; and Restaurant,
Location San Marooa HotoL Frcah bread
everyday. Special rates to hotel- mi: d
dealers. Wedding and other fine
cakes a specialty.
San Marcos Hotel,
lira. 11 EEZ3D, Propristroea.
Having taken the shove bonse will apare ne
pains to please her patrons. Old and
new friend are Invited to call. She
only asks a triaL decltf.
E. S. Mackin,
Plans and Specifications for all
Kinds of Buildings on Appli
cation. AH kinds of job work dooe on abort notice.
Employing none bat Bret dam Mechanic
I ean laeare good work.
(ytc and Shop fceer V. E. corner poUie
saarisiy. SAN MARCX3H.
Feed Store,
Om, Oats, II iy, Pr. Clrfyrv
feed ac I everribiii e"J in I. a horn
coulaxuy on LaaU. .t27J

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