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Free Press,
"Prove All Things I Hold Fast that which Is Cood."
r TT. .TTTTjT A "NT.
e Free Press Reeoirnlied by Geo.
Itowell & Co., as Ahead as a
Advertising Medium.
'The well known advertising agenoy
'The wen Known nuorniuB kouoj
eo.P.Rowell & Co.Of New York City.have
WU.A.A.V"'.. -
j n.al N.ininr Dirnntorv for
uni an " ""-r-r-- ----i
iirty Tears or more, and these publications
II.. l Jl aivlUnwi.w
ave been generally m-uyuwou nm .uuiu;
to the mattter of newspaper circulation,
t the regular issues of the Direotory they
ve inoluded all the newspapers published
I the United States and Canada. Quite
Kjontly. however, they have issued a con
ansed list It gives only the bent newspa
tru u advertising mediums, and beuce is
nttnollv hatter, because more convenient.
ian thoir larcer Direotory. Four-flfths of
a nawsnaDere of the United States are
t;.iiu 'nnnntod out" bv intelligent ad
IWMWtiJ v.
uUn nnlv WAnt to know 1116 best
jenoe the yalue of tho work nuder notioe.
be publishers in tne preraoe wen say:
jots the attention of an advertiser toward
apers which be sbould aua ougut to nse,
..1 ,la ia IntarnAnt & nnrtinn of that XK-
u kfu" --- r-- a--,-- --
puage which goes to publications whioh
Hit greatly in excess ui uuj puwtr iu uouii.
I whioh they possess. It takes the general
round, that the best is tbe cheapest."
tWa nnnil snnrnnlv BftV that on this tlan.
je Fbeb Pbess is given by this book (see
age 158) as the advertising medium of San
fa IAfl ail A Hava nonntv. it belns W onto
u an the list. We respectfully invite the
antinn of advertisers, both at home and
broad, to this fact. .
fljegaland Transient Advertisements will
oharged One Dollar per square for the
rut insertion, and Fifty Cents per square
r eaoh additional insertion. ' A square is
U space of one inch. Fractional squares
ill be counted as full squares. .
(Advertisements for three months or more
dll be oharged at tbe following rates
jNo. of Squares.
3 inos 6 dips 1 yr.
4 50 $8 00 $12 00
8 00 12 00 20 00
10 00 15 00 25 00
15 00 25 00 40 00
25 00 40 00 CO 00
40 00 65 00 100 00
ftia square
Svo sqnares
"hree squares
toe-fourth column
lue-hnlf column...
in a uolum
I Yearly advertisers allowed the privilege
J quarterly cnauge.
Business Cards, one inch or less, one year,
Cards in Business uireeiory, one your,
Local and business notices will be charged
in oonts per line eacn mseruou.
i Advertisements for Schools, Churches and
jenovolent Societios, half rates.
I Marriage and Obituarv Notices, of over ten
ilneB, charged as advertisements.
I Calls upon candidates, their replies and
all notices of a personal
liaraoter, (if at all admissible into our col-
amnn), will D6 onargeuiw uunurwBHmcui.o.
I a Amaa muvlr iinnn the uaper indicates
that the time for which the subscription was
(paid has expired. . - , . ' ' ,
i All advertisements and subscriptions duo
f Any of our friends would do us a special
,vor by giving us ine names ui uj f c
ns within their knowledge who wonld be
Iia fnr the FnEE PltE38. SO
hat we may send specimen copies to such
candidates are
115 for state and district offices, $.r for
oouuty offices, and $3 for precinct and mu
jioipal. Terms, cash.
Bod. L. W. Moore, of Fayotto Coootv.
n. Vf. H. BorK, of Gundalnpe Co.
. Ativan 01st distbiot:
lon.Oao.T. UcUohae, of Uayt Co.
.in. J. L. Klllaeu, oi uaiowan w.
"in. H. Tolchmoeller, Freaidipn Judge, LaOrange
m n.il.mr. Attoroer. Auatio Oe. I
I Tinas or holdiko oovbt.
-rATI.l,t Monday, in March and Soptembar. Kay
ntlnne threa veeki.
i ooumtt orrioaaa.
B 1. R. Kone, Judge County Court.
Jaa. O. Burlaion, Dlat. and County Clerk.
a n UaH-iiI floontT Attornev.
jaa. A. Wren Sheriff, J. M. Tomer Deputy.
- C. S. Coon, juattoe oi(in r'" ",, J
W. V Slack.
J. B.Patteraon, County Traaaurer.
It. S. Portaun, Aaaeaaor.
Otto Orooa, Burveyor.
W. L. Owen Oona'r Preclnet No. 1
. B. A.. VauahB " "
B. C. Hubba, " "
feter Sabmttt. " " "
Vf. L. Steal, C'onatable precinct no. 1
Ho,", :.' i i
!P?. Stone.'
Tiaixe or aoLOtao Conirf T AD Pbboibot oobbtb
Ceanty Court for Criminal. Civil and Frobatebna
aesa 4th Mondaya In Jannary, April. July.Ooto-
Cemmlaalonera'Ooort U Monday, is February,
Hay, Aaao.t and Hovembar.
Juatiee Court, Preclnet Mo. 1 Leat Monday la
eeh mouth, at fan Marco,. ,
PreolnetNo.l d Friday In each month Mt.CUy.
. sd Wlmberley'a Mill.
; .. ,ith Sat. Dripping Springe,
row orricRae.
Mayer Hatnmett Bardy.
Conncll-W. D. Wood. 0 W. Donalaen, Old
Jobneoo. D.A. OleTor. Kd. J. L. Green, P. J.C.
mitb, Dan Bofheina and Bogor Byrne.
Marahal Win. B. Lyell. .
Street CemmiMloner J. W. Danfoiia.
Cenncil meeta the Brt Tneaday In eaoh mouth.
Pablie Sebool Tro,tea meet flr.l Toeaday In eacB
month at tbe Maror'a olBoe.
i ciiUKcnr.M.
VITH0DI8T. Preaching at the Vethodlat
Obarch every Sabbath, Mar. W . H. B . Bins,, Paator.
vnday School at e.m. Singing et So'clork p. m.
Prayer Meeting on Wednesday. Tonng eu', pray
er meeting ea Monday atrbt.
! BAPTIST. Preaching at the Baptlat Church
ery Snadav. Rn. W. D. Beverlev, Paator.
BBdaySrkeel atS.SA a. m. Tonog men'e prayer
meeting TNlay aiabt. Congregational prayer-
eedsg WedeeMlsy Bight.
! paKSBTTtRlAH.-eemeee Jb4 and th Sandara
eatoh month p alter. Saeday
Stbeei eery Sabbath at t: a.m. Prater Meet
tag eeery Theraeey at V.M p, m. All a-e InTiled
a attrad. ,
t!iT1A.-Flec .. , Patter.
S'.i.y ncbeM at a. m. A cordial faflUtlen ex
tanerd all.
Partnr. V.iatbeldaB4lb aawiaya ia each
atvaik. Sasday eebael eterr Sasday.
CATIIOMC.-aera'eea th Sasdar In each reath.
k. ratberxaiih Pneter.
ails treai Avarla em a l B. B. aa SJg
. - - t AS. tm. m. m.
- - - - . 1 a.
m. a4
M B4Bw el aLa.aa end TB B.
. P.M.
A wn atail. errlr rpn eaily .
rla BTiBtwn.T BuTyBBd frtday
t a. M. ArtiB erfay asd TBet.y at
lmt rr aa.te1tr.aa4 rraaa
f. t t. m .wH 4mrr Mrwm
oi ul b tvMfmr' h"'a. Or
S-era tVnf Bia-i eer -BTitBAee) e ee
Johnson Building, on the Square.
Special attention given to Diseases of the
Mouth and Facial Neuralgia.
Offloe in New Brauufels the last Thursday
Marooa, North side Tlaza.
Jj cos. Southeast Corner Plara.
a KfnnnTnR. Att'v and Land Acent
Office over First National Bank, San
T H. JULIAN, Judge Wood's New Build-
X. ing, upstairs. -
-rIt. J. H.-COMBS, Judge Wood s Mew
XJ Building, upstairs.
k DANIEL, . North side
mD. J. L. GREEN, at tho old stand of
ij Green A Price, Southeast Corner Plaza
National Bank.
door to First
TOHNSON A JOHNSON, Mitchell Build-
O ing, North side plaza.
BRO., Southwest Corner
S. MACKIN, Near Northeast corner
W.LEAVELL, South side Publio Plaza,
iHOMAS TAYLOR East Side Plaza.
-pgARDY & CO., North side Plaza
Northeast of Publio
JW. NANCE, Southeast Corner ol "ud.
. lio Square.
BOBBINS, North side Plaza.
M. GIESEN, South side pluza.
-m -RS,
wTnrrAPDS?nv. between First
Notional Bank Building and Nance's
Furniture Store.
PORTER, East Side the Square.
Our Clubbing List for 1888.
w. .r. ,.n.red to olub theFRBK PBB3S to new
or renewing aubacrlbara with the following publi
cation, at the ratea apeciOed below, ti oraorea at toe
ana time with our paper. In the Brat column we
gle tbe regular price of eaoh publication alngly,
in tbe aeoond the price or tne aameanu o. rata
P.. together.
Singly. Free Proa,.
Anatin Stateaman
1 00
$ S St
Oalve.tcn Hew.
S. T. Weekly World -..
BU Lonia Republican
1 15
1 00
I oe
S 00
1 Tt
4 40
5 10
S 10
S 60
S 60
s oo
S 60
4 0
s to
s io
4 s
5 50
4 60
s so
s J
5 50
4 SO
5 S5
S 40
1 50
Daw Orlean, Timea Democrat
ijtninille Courier Journal....
. t oo
. 1 hi
. 1 50 '
1 60
1 00
. 1 to
. s oe
. s 15
1 50
. I 50
. M
, 4 00
. S 00
. I 56
. 1 1
. 4 00
. 1 00
. I 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. s ao
. 4 00
. 400
. 4 00
. a oo
1 00
. l to
S 0
I 50
Teaaa Blftioge
Farm and Ranch
Detroit Free Kreaa
Saturday Evening Peat
Sew Tork ObeerTer
Atlanta Conatltntloa
American Acrieulturiat
ainiifie Amencaa .......
Century Maguine-.
St. Bicholaa
Harper', Toeng People
Tenure t,ompanio
Atlantie Monthly .
UpplBcett'a Maaaiae
f.Wtl. Ua.faa ........
Phrenological Journal
Pauraoo'e MagaaiBe
Pnpalar Science Meathly
Harper 'a Mommy .
Demreet'a Moaikly
aailee'a Muaaine
S 10
S 40
S 41
ttotera Daya
Onr 1 title Onee
Boeae aad Farm
a- J uu nfhsr raner or PfrtWi-i
fry not included in the almre Ut,fr-
nihet at propornonaie ratr, vr v
ir.i iwiriv at Tuiblixhcrs' rrict,
I"-"'-' 9 i M " -J.-'I
I frft of charge ana postage yicjMiiu,.
at rxiuM.
The au; leeeee eene4 ty fsrtzrea. re7 of
ead artty tafte oe of the ae. aake It ae)t- (
ly wwaary rm wm cw,..- -
reer, rrtftW- tt e re,.
Ta eae err. ea a.. a
mMmim area t " aeel '
llmr4 M m,, rf ui, avey he rerw mm- j
'rw11 j
1 , ,,, - r r-ee-o eka BW r errHe
, 4a- earrty e-Me. a tt J e-;eje tVe
j re-:.-he. B.. J
TJpto a few weeks ago I oonatdered
myself the champion Dyspeptlo of
Amerloa. During the year that I
have been afflicted I have tried
almost everything claimed to be a
apeolflo for Dyspepsia in the hope of
finding something that would allbrd
permanent relief, I had about made
up my mind to abandon all medl
olnes when I notloed an endorsement
of Simmons Liver Regulator by a
Fromlnent Georgian, a jurist whom
knew, and conoluded to try Its
effects in my case. I have used but
two bottles, and am satisfied that I
have struck the right thing at last.
I felt lte beneficial eiToote almoet Im
mediately. Unlike all other prepara
tions of a similar kind, no special
Instructions are required as to what
one shall or shall not eat. This fact
alone ought to commend It to all
troubled with Dyspepsia.
Vlneland, . J,
To Secure a Regular Habit of Body
without changing the Diet or Dia
organising the System, take
J. H. ZEILIN A CO.. Philadelphia.
la prepared solely for tha
cure of oomplaluta which
afflict all womankind. It
slvea tone and atrength to
Corrects dangerous dlaplacementa and Irregular!.
file ntarina oruans. and
tie,. Itlnf creatral
Itlanfcreatvaluelnchaniro ofllfe. Theuseol
SHELIi'M FEIIALU TON IC .lurlr(;prfg.
y greatly relieves tbe pain, of muthornood ana
lotea apeedy recovery. It aulata "aturo to
nancy i
promoiea speeay recuyery. n uaimu w
Itaieiy uiaae ujo cnnuw uu.ui-d ii,ii i,,.
M.n.nlnhnnrf Itl.nlniiinttAlhntaitn &nri ID&V DB
taken at all tlmea with perfect aafety. Price, $1.
f .B M.ny.r.T.nnnn CO. .Solel'rou . .BT.LOtJlB.
A News reporter learning that Mrs.
N. M. Peters of East. J)es Moines, who
was Ion? afflicted with rheumatism had
been completely cured, concluded to
call on the lady anil get tha faots direct
from her for tho benelit of any of our
readers who may bo similarly afflicted.
He found Mrs. Peters to be a very
pleasant lady of middle age, in good
hanlr.h and dolncr her own house work.
On being questioned she said: "I had
suuered with rheumatism tno greater
nrt nf tho ttmn for nearlv seven vears.
At times I was almost helpless. I had
a a. e. 1 1
loctored a great deal ior it wiui pnysi
sians and tried electric belts and almost
everything that is recommended for
rheumatism, as no one will suitor witn
it as J did, without doing all that oan be
1 BwlinrrA i f Vinalltr a nairvKKnt
UUlia ID11UTD lb, iiuoiii m muiauuvi
woman advised me to try Chamberlain's
Pain Balm and was so sure that it
would help me, that 1 procured a bottle.
It did help me right from tbe start but
it took rive 60 cent bottles to cure me,
so you can guess how bad I was, as one
or two bottles will cure any ordinary
case. It is a grand good medicine and
has done me a power of good, and x
hnna vrvn will nuhlish the facts in Vour
valuable paper, that everybody may
know it."
As the remedy referred to is of home
manufacture we concluded to call on
the proprietors, Messrs. Chamberlain
& Co. We find they conduct one of
tbe largest and most successful proprie-
torv muilinlnll la.hnrAtr.Hf.a In tha west.
and that Chamberlain's Pain Balm is
fast becoming a household necessity all
the way from the Gulf of Mexico to the
British Possessions and from Chicago
to the Pacific Ocean. They have hun
dreds of testimonials from persons wbo
have been cured by it, not only of rheu
matism but neuralgia and other painful
afflictions. From which we selected the
following: This is to certify that I wag
very lame with rneumatism, my joints
wra swelled bndlv. I could with diffi
culty turn in bed, I was induced by my
. . 1 . . 1 M I 1
hysician io try a oouie oi iuautuur-
ain'a Pain Balm, and am now aDie io
attend to my regular duties. I am a
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
lm oartnin nnrl nermanent euro for
coughs, colds croup, whooping cough
a sore inroai. a hut cent uuuia
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will
f ea b. Hollar hnttlf) nf
any other cough preparation in the
market, and will do you much more
good. It is positively without an
equal for throat and lung diseases.
r.xj a tj n. np T I FE
-!0 rMvSOOK I
Bradfield Regulator Col
n A KIT. F- MVLL t irifll.
t' ATLANTA, . ,
Tor e j Z Vnc& u mi Vtuusxt.
Let me reatl"
It was the vole of one
Whose Ufa-lone labors were but Just begun.
With genial radianca abouo his morning
The lark sprang np rejoloing from its nest.
To warble nraisea in Its Maker's ear.
The fields' were elad Jn flower-enamel'd
An air of balm and sunshine clear
Where there to oheer
That yet unwary pilgrim; but his breast
Was harrow'd bv a strange, foreboding fear;
Daemed tha lima to oouie. at beat.
But weariness, he murninr'd, "Let tne rettf"
Inglorious rest!
Why should intrepid youth
Seek refuge from lile'a manly toils so soonf
Why would he shun the fervid beat of
His course is onward to tbe land of truth,
Through many a lonely, many a dauger.
ous way;
And he to reach that blessed land, forsooth,
Must bear the heat and burden of the day,
Its noontide ravs
The storms that gather o'er the pilgrim's
The sorrows which do wake or break the
When these have fled.
And age comes stealing on with stealthy
He may depart,
And be at rest
O let me rest,
But not at morning's hour,
Nor yet when clouds above my pathway
Let me bear up against affiiotion's power,
1111 life's red sun bos sought its quiet rost,
Till o'er me comes the silout, solemn
Then having pass'd tbe portals of the blest,
I may repose upon the infinite;
And words of light
Will form my epitaph, that men may read
Of one wbo lived and labor'd for the right,
And, dying, gain'd the meed
Of jrtst reward, express'd
In simplest words of truth, '
"lie it at retu"
The Lonib Prize Essays on Public Health.
The Amerioan Publio Health Association
is a voluntary organization, having for its
object "the advancement of sanitary science
and the promotion of measures for the
practical application of publio hygiene."
Its membership is very largo, and includes
representatives from nearly every state in
the Union, who have been "selected with
special reference to their acknowledged in
terest in or devotion to sanitary studies and
allied sciences, and to the practical appli
cation of the same." At its twelfth aunual
meeting, held in St Louin, Missouri, in the
autumn of 1884, a puhho-spiritecUiand phil
anthropic citizen of Rochester, N. Y., Mr.
Henry Loinb, deeply impressed with the
practical importance of its deliberations,
approached one of tbe loading members and
said, "I see what yon want. You have
an abundanoe of light, but your light must
be hidden under a bushel because you have
no means of disseminating it. I propose
to assist you if it is acceptable." He made
a generous offer of money, to be expended
in prizes for approved papers on certain
specified subjects, which should be suited,
by their popular style, for the education of
the general publio, nd yet contain a elear
exposition of tbe most advaneed views on
the subjects selected.
The final outcome of this genorons offer,
and of the aotion of the several committees
of award appointed by the Association, was
the publication of four exceedingly valuable
treatises on the following subjects:
No. 1. Healthy Homes and Foods for the
Working Classes. By Prof. Viotor 0.
Vaughan, M. D., Ann Arbor, Michigan.
No, 2. The Sanitary Conditions and
Necessities of School-Houses and School
Life. By D. F. Lincoln, M. D., Boston,
No. 3. Disinfection and Individual Pro
phylaxis against Infectious Diseases. By
George M. Sternberg, M. D., Major and
Surgeon U. S. A.
No. 4. The Preventable Causes of Disease,
Injury, and Death in American Manufac
tories and Workshops, and tbe Best Means
and Appliances for Preventing and Avoid
ing Them. By George H. Ireland, Spring
field, Mass.
These papers, selected by the Committees
of Award as the best of a very large num
ber presented in competition, are exceed
ingly valuable. They have been published
in one volume, and also separately in pam
phlet form. The prioes of these essays are
aa follows: No. 1, 10 cents; Nos. 2, S, and
4, 5 cents each. In book form, well bound
in cloth, 60 cents. To be had at the book
stores, or ly addressing Dr. Irving A. Wat
ton. Secretary A. P. H. A., Concord, N. H.
It would be well for the publio health if
a oopy could be placed ia every school,
every workshop, and every home in Ameri-
Dr. Sternberg's Essay has been published
in German, French., and Flemish, and Dr.
Vaughan'a in German.
Amkllx Rrvcs will contribute her first
novel to LippineoWe Mngnane tor April. It
ia entitled "The Quick or tbe Dead?" and is
described as full of paaaion and interest
A portrait of the beautiful authoress, acd a
biographical sketch by aa Intimate friend.
form other attractions of tbe number.
Taw On. Hundred Priza Olltjnna" in '
Ijir-ninniWt yfnyiJnt. tor aun-arrre in whirh
priwe amoanling to ooe hundred aad aev-
enty-five dollars are offend by tbe nana-1 comments because I feel aggrieved,
gere, are exciting nnoaoal iDtereet, aad the, nor for your LeoeGt, bat simply talk-lib-Briee
ia all the Urpe cities fin J a treeaea-1 og to yOQ as a friend. I am abun
dooa run upon their wtrrka of reference. I , ,i ..i . i ,,i, - ,. .., I
Srarlet Fmt"
Hariri? appeared ia oar villae Da-tira
I be CoTl'ffe tmfld.tc- Tbfce 4Mma;of a single poriaWl tO with to re
btt ereot "Td a airigla raan, emaxr ia ' tnn. rbC (as I Sid before) baS ra
the O.IW eW-wtTe whr tbe Praia: i . , . , , . ,
a lUr. Tata. O. T. Pa. Aa- mSJOed long COOCgb io aSJJ kOOW
lynrn. Ala.
DaHrra Ffaid dBtp-aa el foraie eaT etai
eVaie i) 'Bim trr &tror.ttg. the apawaa av
gn p-iewe taat eaoaceoa'g-)aai.
Stands by Sonthorn California.
Los Aaoeles, Cal., Feb. 20, 1888.
Editor Fbek Pbess: Tour letter of
long Ago was duly received and
should have been answered long
since, but I thought I would wait and
see if th bottom teas out of Califor
nia, as the papers east of the Rockies
have so long insisted was the case. I
am Borrv to see the malicious mis
representations that are being con
stantly spread before the people of
the oaBt, when the faot remains that
California is as always hitherto, the
most perfeot plaoe for homes that
can be found anywhere, and is just as
prosperous and delightful as it was
months ago, when all of you "press
fellows'' were willing and anxious to
set forth its glories. The true in
wardneis of the change is not that
California is a fraud any more now
than at any time hitherto, but that
the furore to come to the golden
shore, and the immense sums of mon
ey being brought here, combined to
work disastrous results in depleting
the frost bitten regions of much of
their wealth and thousands of their
best citizens, for it is a noted fact,
that we have less tramps and worth'
less people in Southern California
thm any other portion of the country
I know anything about I do not
blame the good people east for desir
ing to keep their people and money
from coming here, for the bone and
sinew, with the means they control,
cannot be spared from any seotion of
the oountrv- in suoh numbers and
Bums as have been turned in this di
rection, but at the same time the
disputable means resorted to are no
credit to those who seem to think they
cannot accomplish their object in any
other way. 1 must say thtt I have
not seen in your paper such a state
ment as I speak of, and they may
creep into the columns of any paper
sometimes, where the management
is divided. But tbe course of the
Nowses," and many 'other eastern
papers is simply villianous.' If they
would allow any corrections of their
misstatements, it would seem as if
they wished to be fair, but I happen
to know tbe "News" at Dallas, will
not publish anything now, favorable
or in justification of California.
Of course the people here dislike
the manner in which things are mis
represented, but have no fears that
our country will be seriously injured
by these attacks. Every man and
family, who come here and stay long
enough to take off their hats and
take a bath, are ready to testify in
our behalf; and when you remember
that not a single person who has ever
come to California and remained,
whether rich or poor, but has bet
tered his condition, and that all of
these have friends and acquaintances
who will, to a great extent, be gov
erned by their experience, we do
not apprehend that there will be any
serious check in the tide of immigra
tion and flow of capital to our shores.
You will no doubt call to mind the
fact that certain peripatetic scribblers
used to skip through Texas, and
while not staying long enough to
have a shirt washed, and of conse
quence not being in position to know
of what they were writing, would
write back to the old states, accounts
of Texas which were totally vioious
and almost devoid of truth. We
Texas people denounced them as
they deserved.
No one can come to California, stay
a few days (perhaps in some of our
short, rainy periods) and be able to
pass or form any matured opinion as
to its merits or demerits, nor indeed
of any other country. I have known
persons to have interviews published
in the News wbo came into and out
of the state, inside of two weeks, wbo
never got off the cars exoept at one
or two points, and then write np (or
down) the country, describe places
tbey bad not seem at all, and of
course tnncn oi lue aata given was
nnroliI,l whila mora had no haejia
, ,. ,
whatever. I am not making these
shall doubtless remain bere until my
anmmoca comet; and I do not know
Bonnes bere. acd all tbreob
KHitberD Ca!.forola, is sot sear so
excited as last summer and conserva
tive people do not wish to see so
much inflation," if you choose, as we
had last year. Tbe transfers average
now about six million dollars per
month, even better than this time
last year, and while there are great
many more lots surveyed, than may be
required for ye are, there is very little
of the peculiar featuros of the Indian
apolis craze of '79, and with the fall
ing off in business mentioned, we do
not anticipate anything like a panic
About the millions on millions of dol
lars of deferred payments whioh onr
friends east predioted could not be
paid, I have to say that so far there
has been no trouble on that score..
Send you to-day a Times with a
very fair article, whioh is by Ex-Qov.
Sheldon. Yours ever,
H. P. Lantz.
(Prom Our Regular Correspondent)
Washington, Mar. 9, 1888.
"Anything to delay the bill," is tbe
seoret motto that seems to have been
adopted by the republican members
of the Ways and Means committee
of the Honse in their dealings with
the now perfected bill to reduce the
war tariff, under whioh the industries
of the country are now staggering.
The whole committee has held two
meetings this week, at both of whioh
the republipan members plainly show
ed that they intended to delay the
report of the bill to the House as long
as possible. It is well for tbe coun
try to know who is responsible for
this delay.
The new Chinese treaty is complete
and will shortly be signed by Secre
tary Bayard for the United States,
and by the Chinese Minister for the
Emperor of China. The treaty con
tains rigid provisions against the im
portation of Chinese laborers into
this country. Only those Chinamen
having prop erty valued at $1,000 or
more, shall have the privilege of re
turning to this country, should they
visit China.
Tbe republican members of tbe
House are very much divided on the
tariff question, and unless tbe repub
lican minority of the Ways and
Means committee shall bring forward
a bill reduoing the revenue to as
great an extent as the Mills bill, it is
extremely likely that many of them
will vote with the demoorats for that
measure. Their constituents demand
that they shall vote for a reduction
of the revenues of the government,
and they dare not refuse, even if they
wanted to.
Mr. Thomas, a republican repre
sentative from Illinois, introduced a
bill in the House to whioh all good
oitizens can say amen. It providing
that any person or firm who shall
nse the picture of any female, living
or dead, who is the wife, daughter,
mother or sister of any citizen of the
United States as an advertisement
without tbe written consent of the
person whose likeness is to be so used
shall be guilty of a high inisdomean
or. and liable to a fine not less than
$500, nor more than $5,000, and to
be imprisoned until the fiae is paid.
A rumor from New York, started
probably by the republicans, says
there is a strong anti-Cleveland fee!
ing among the democratio members
of Congress. Your correspondent
has diligently seached for this feeling,
but failed to find it. Every democrat
questioned was enthusiastic for the
renomination of Cleveland, and tbey
all expressed a belief that be would
be nominated by acclamation and
triumphantly elected.
Tbe Last Saloon dosed.
Carthage, Mo., March 1. The
Bank saloon, the only one now run
ning in this city, closes its doors to
night in accordance with the local op
tion regulations passed last fall. To
morrow morning, at 6 o'clock, the
church bell will all ring ia unison
in commemoration of tbe closing of
tbe laat saloon io Carthage.
The great-grand daughter of Rob
ert Morris, wbo fumibJ II io "sin
ew" for the revolutionary straggle,
is wofolly poor, and ia seeking ad
mission, at the age of seventy -four,
to an oi l Lad tea' home in Waabington.
She asks for oce hundred dollars to
pay bar entrance fee into that insti-
As from tbe Lab rs.1iaU SDckea. o
from one d:eJ fnncuna tbe entire
body is effected. U Wi art's tg
Obia Hpa and Bocba fimeaJy.
rat roer stomach is proper eosdiUou.
An observant metropolitan barber
says that he oan tall one's physical
condition by the state of the hair.
The liible tells na that with bis
hair gone Sampson lost all his
strength. The liomans considered
baldness a serious affliction, and Jul
ius Cffisar was never quite satisfied
with himself because bis poll whs
The face, tiowever, .is .the open
book and one oan readily trace, in its
various expressions, lines, changes
and complexion, tbe state of -the sys
tem. The eye that is flnasnally bright
and yet has a pallid brightness, the
face upon whose cheeks aatnre paints
a rose of singular beauty and .flush,
more marked in contrast with the al
abaster appearance of tbe forehead
and nose and lower part oi the face,
is one of those whom the skilled phy-.
sioian will tell you is one who will
some day dread the funereal month
of Marob, because it is then that con
sumption reaps its richest .harvest.
Consumption, they tell ns is caused
by this, that and the other (thing, by
miorobes in the air, by micro-organ-.
isms in the blood, by deficient nutr. .
tion, by a thousand and ous things,
but whatever the cause, decay begins
with a cough and ihe .remedy that '
will effectually stop the cause of that
oough cures the disease of the lungs.
That is all there is oi it.
That oough is an evidence of a
wasting. To stop it effeotually, a
remedy must be used that will
searoh out the cause, remove that
and tbe heal the lung and do away
with the oough. This is the power,
speoial to itself, possessed by War
ner's Log Cabin Cough and ' Con-'
sumption romedy. This is no new
fangled notion of narootios and poi- '
son, but an old-fashioned preparation
of balsams, roots and herbs, such as
was used by our anoestors many
years ago, the formula of whioh baa
Deen seoured ty tne present manu
facturers at great trouble and ex-
fense. It is not a msre cold dryer. '
t is a system-searcher and an up
builder and a consumption expellant
Where others fail it wins, because it
gets at the constitutional cause and 1
removes it from the system.' ' "
J. W. Hensaw, of Greensboro, Pa,. '
on Jan. 15, 1888, reported that "he ,
had derived more real benefit, for the
length of time, from Warner s Log
Cabin Cough and Consumption rem
edy than he had for years from the
best state physicians.
If you have a oough, night sweats.
"positive assurance in your own
mind that yon, on yon, nave ao
consumption," and yet lose flesh, ap
petite, courage, as your lungs waste
away, you may know that soon -the
funereal month of March will claim
you, unless promptly and faithfully
you use the artiole named. If other ,
remedies have failed try this one thor-.
ughly. If others are offered, insist the
more on trying this unequaled prep
aration. Some persons are prone to con
sumption and tbey sbould never al
low tne disease to oecome seated.
In Breslan, Germany, a chimney
fifty-four feet in height has been con
structed entirely of solid blooks of
paper firmly compressed together, -the
blooks being placed carefully one
on top of the other and joined to
gether with a special oemsnt The
chimney is non-inflammable, and by
the nature of the material, quite se
cure frost lightning.
William Clark, a veteran of the
Mexican war. wbo is living at Sharon, '
Pa., at the age of ninety-four, knew
Daniel Boone and Gen. Harrison
well in bis youth and was on inti
mate terms of friendship with Henry
Clay and Gen. SootL He says that
be used to have many a game of .ten
pins with the latter iu Cincinnati.
Bici flsASicnm. Thousands wbo have
suffered tntonsely with sick headache say
that Hood's SaraaparOla hascomplelely cured
them. One gentleman thua relieved, write r
M Hood's BaraapariUa ts worth. IU weight In
gold." Header, If yon are a sufferer. with
sick headache, five Hood's Saraeperilla
trial. It will do yon positive good. Made by
C L Hood et Co., Lowell, Maea. BoldbyaU
drugflsta. 100 Doses One Dollet.
Deafness Cast be Cares!
by local applications, ss tbey can not
reach the diseased portion of tbe ear.
There is only one way to cure Deaf
ness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the tnneus lin
irir of tbe natachain Tube. When
this tnbe gets inflamed, yon have a
mmbliog sound or imperfect bearing.
and when it is entirely closed uear
neas is tbe result, and .unless Xbe in
flaraation can be Ukea oat asd this
tube restored to iU normal condition,
hearing will be deatroyed foree(i
nine cases oat of to are caused by
catarrh, which is nothing bet an in
flamed condition osT lb ruceus tar
fare. We wi'J give One Hundred DJ
lan for any case of Deafness caad
by Catarrh) that we can not care by
taking HalTe -Catarrh Core. Send
for circular. fre.
F. J. CHENEY & CO. Toledo. 8.
fcaTSold by Druggists, 75 cexle.

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