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San Marcos free press. [volume] (San Marcos, Tex.) 1877-1892, April 19, 1888, Image 4

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You Carry
twliuln meilMiM tlm! iu your h kel,
Htt one lx vt Aytr' I'M. Aa tl.-y
Pimrulu (llniily " I'm Ntiw.wli nml
towel., 'li'-y iiniiiv.-iiy ft',"'t ,v,ry
oilier nrjTiui of tlio l""'. V-'l . ti tlio
ptoi.i.i.li N out f ur.l.-r. Mi" !"''"l
atTrcltitl, illifestlmi full', H'"
cmmm Im.vi:rlHli.-.l. nml imi fall mi
easy vMlm to any prevalent ilNi-tuo.
jll'HH M. K. ll'ljIP. "f WIJkl-KlMITP, I'll.,
nuU tlio wliol" truth lu a tmlalii II, v.lien
ilioMnvs: "I uw mo tliir inoilirliio
tliim Ayrr'fc I'lllH. Thy nrr ull Hurt
any oiin ihmmN, uVl Just nilui:liil to nut o
Uoiii-y in iloitoix' IiIIIh."
' Jluro U an lustunou of.
A Physician
Who lout liU incllrliiii ilirst, lull, li'ivlnjf
fit liun.l a lmttlu of Ayi r'd rills, f ul
Jilnuelf fully ciii.-'l-J- Arrlaun,
M. 1)., of San Jim, i'1-i writers:
' Boms tliren yearn m;n, liy tho rest
arclitinf, I wiw fniicil, mi tn him-iik,
(U iii-fiMTlUi Ajci'h Cutluutlt! 1'IIU for
iuveral nick nu n anion;; a Hri of nni
lieer in tlio Sierra Nova.lu iuouiitaln,
tiy in(!ilii:lno ciut liuvinu 1-eeli lout ill
crossing it mountain torrent. I was
iirirlHil nml ileligliti.il t tlm uetlon of
tho I'lllH, NO lllllrh HO, illtleeil, lliilt I was
jutl to a further trial of thi-ui, an well ns
of your Cherry I'ccloritl nml Snrsup.i.
rllla. I liavo iiotlilnir, hut iu-hIho to offer
ju their favor."
John V. Krown, M. of Ocnnn,
W. Va., writes: " I prcm-rilm Ayer'n rills
In my iinu'tleo, nml flul them excellent.
I lirK" tliuir Riiiirral ui'i i" families."
T. ii. Ha.il ini?i. M. 1)., of ttulliniorn,
Mil., wrllim: "That Ayer'n I"i H tloeon.
trul nml euro tho coii.plnlntH fi.rwlilill
tlioy lire lie hIij'.ii il, In at conclusively
proven tiiiiiuiiiiylhlnlK'HMilily tnn lie.
They nrn tho liiwt ciitlnirllc uinl npi ri.
tut withlu the reach of the iirnfewiion."
Ayer's Pills,
i-iir.rAiiBi nv
Dr. J. C. Ayor &. Co., Lowell,
' Bulil liy all in apulsl.
h. ENTIRE BirSTEB T"V 1 T ft T5T fl I
BtnOKlYCLEANOtCcliii.JC'l-ljJ.'ilVi.XA i
bftmro And tpw4j Gna hi t!i. rrnt steVv.r:, oo"ea.
Jttliorolifhlyoliinnft.frui.:s!tu.f .Ttiitnlii.:ir:l; ntf
lhociro 'onilet. When tidten us 'ttnt'.t'.d, A CUII
18 OUARANTEEP. ami liuuM It full Uih llniifxl.'t
lonlhxrUml lx Ht KllNIi niK WiNK jnn p.il.l r.ir It.
lUTCTVY. it a Tt( f ALI Hn tun lo uk vour Orueciit
Frluo, fJl, norbotclii
: CT. tOJlU. Ma.
MI.VI.lt III. Hi. t I.1.'.
SfcmsGb, Liver
pick lli-ndnt ho, J.lwr i oif plain t-!, Lum of Ap-
rotltc, Pllliiifsnotiii, Nrrvoumow. Jmm'tlfe, f'.c.
or Bnlu by nil Druiri.'ll-i. Trim, Hti Oentii.
HE jonusoii sbvolvihs eooi casi.
OP ANY HlllllllT.
A SI rr.KIt l'KIKNT.
I.nwrrm. Clnricrmpii. rtiynlrlan,
'jullt'.ra, liiuikorn, Toitchcra,
Morilmn's, NtiulcntH,
ami all who rcml ltot)k.
ll!nf Iron. CmMied iu Hark, with tiautifiil eilt
ornnrnftilalinn, it canmt .itp. dicilc, i''l. fl (,l n'
Order, or wear out. l-'.ach shelf, lli in square, will hold
111 vi.li. M'o tf ApplctutiV t'yi lop.Tftt.i. UolUs more
book iu lei ip.irc th.m any othc: device.
Ho. 1. For Tatile, lo hold 1 tier of torlti,...810.0
" Ux. " " " Sti'rs " ... lVW
' 8. " Kloor, " 3 " " ... -i.i
n, " " " H " " I ."..no
i 4 4 " ... tS.OO
' The thirst sue for general use i . 1.
I SWpp-d, caiefully parked, on receipt of price.
Tleierintive price livt conlaininc testimonials Fl le1,
Xlluatriited t'lttaloKiiu ul lonory nml
WovcltloH, neaiiy Mu paces, rnt mi rc.-eipt ol cts.
7 Bond 8troet. How York, N. Y.
All the PAT1EKNS yon wihh to n- diirliu; ih
year for nolhlnn (it utiiuu ul from $'l.lJ ;o 4.iU by
(ubscriliiuj; fur
0emo rest's it.d
WithTw1v Order for Cut Ptr Piltemtof
your own Mlccliaii and of ny size
Both Publications, One Year,
$3.50 (THREE FIFTY).
-:r- THE BEsl
Ol all tlio 3! a uzltteti
00WT1MSoST fTT-. Pur". U "THUll T.ITrr.ARf
Tim. and iItiiMmi trier..
fit HWrf fMui.:N4 fAc Mwitl M
' Ittrriro.
ttr h;..T tu M'.tl.i'K'f fc- j ' i T i l. ctri;,i
to tfw wn fix :n.TiT m .ht r.ti:. ' r. n
of v. viz in-i.'i ir'-t. n.:- !'!.
t1! r -f ri- 1 ; v. r tt.i'' n tr
PtMitrr M''ihl.Y i .rj-t'T t t r l i
Word' M -1 . M .i ; c. ii'L-rki it f M?n.
l-T..r-! n 1 ruj'. l' c N -ft TAO IV "f
Fm r M.ii-. i . L T--; m ..i I the T ry
ilu'l r'tr i it j.. i'v-u. It t r.t .wt i I nn
p-Tr 4 i-t. ;'t-rit' li I ' j
T:t, - II'" z -1 . . T i t 'i 1 f i '
?KF.K FEFi.i AT 53 10 Flu YEAH.
Lu Mitlnt! life to very brief,
It piiHM (juiikly hy, .
Ami if it ptovo n Iroiililml mcu
Jli iii iitli rt ctormy Bky,
It in hill Ilk' thO uhlliliMl night
That hriiiKu morn of ratlmueo briKht.
lit hoi.i fui: cl.rvirful faith will bring
A living Joy to tho,
Ami nmko thy lif j hymn of prame,
iv..... ili.ul.t nml murmur fr:
WhiNt. like the "unhewn, thou wilt bleni
And britiK to otl. r happiueim.
Do rnrnnit! n inimortal oul
Shoulil bj worker true;
Kuiploy thy taljnU for thy Ood,
Ami ever keen in view
1 ho jmlKiiiont Heono the liwt grout day
Vlu:u lioaveii nun eariu nuaii pu uwujr
lie holy! let not vi))' dark ntuin
Thy Hjiiril'u vh'li'ueKK dim;
Ke'-p rhiKo to Coil otiii.l tho world,
And nut thy triiht In Hin.;
S i, miJht thy huMiieHK and thy roRt,
Thou wilt be comfort nil and blent.
Do rayfu1l nnk. .nml thou wilt havo
Htrenuth tyiunl to thy day:
Trayer tliiKpa the h tud that guides tho
Oh. tiinko it thou thy otayl
Akk inrK'fly, mid thy Ood will bo
A kiiitfly (iver unto thto.
Faniilo, A. IJuudon, iu Good House
Tue AdyantBifo or Re.it.
There in no botter Drcvcntive of
rif-rvoiiH exhrinstion tlinn regular, tin
hmnod. muHculur cxciciho. If we
could iijoderuto our hurry, lesHen our
worry, und irjcrouiio our open nir ex
crciso, n largo proportion of nervous
(liHoiiHt'ti would bo ubolishod. For
thoso wlio nun not got a sufficient
holiday tho bunt mibstituto in nn oc
cfthioiinl duy in bod. Many whoso
nerves aro constantly strained in
tliuir daily vocation Lave discovered
this for themselves. A .Spanish mer
chant in Barcelona told uifi medical
man that ho always went to bod for
two or throo days whonevor Lo could
bo spared from his business, and ho
laughed at those who spent thoir
holidays on toilsome mountains. Ono
of tho hardest worked women in Eng
land, who lias for many years con
ducted a largo wholesale business, re
tains excellent nerves nt an advanced
oge, owing, it m oenevod, to nor
habit of taking ono day a week in bed.
If we can not avoid frequent agita
tion, wo ought, if possible, to give
tho nervous system time to recover
itself botween the shocks. Evon an
hour's soclas;oii after a good lunch
will deprive a hurried anxious day of
much of its injury. The nerves can
often bo overcome by stratagem
when they refnse to bo controled by
strength of will. Jamas Muir Howie,
in Nineteenth Century.
The human family living to day on
earth consists of about 1,450.000,000
individuals;' not less, probably more.
Theso aro distributed over tho earth's
surface so that now thore is no con
siderably part whero man is not
found. In A3ia, whero he was first
planted, there aro now approximate
ly about 800,000,000, densely crowd
ed; on an nverage 120 to the square
mile. In Europe tho 350,000,000
averaging 100 tho square mile not
so crowded, evorywhero dense, and
at all points over-populated. In Af
rica there are 210,000,000. In Amer
ica, North aud South, there are 110,-
000,000, relatively thinly scattered
. i l .1. . ; i ... i.. i if
turn rucuut. iu uiu iKiunuti, jarge anu
small, probably 10,000,000. The ex
tremes of the white and black aro as
live to three; tho remaining 700,000,
000, intermediate brown and tawny.
Of the race, 500,000,000 aro woll
clothed, that, is, wear garments of
some kind to cover their nakedness;
700,000,000, are semi-clothed, cover
ing inferior parts of the body; 250,
000,000 aro practically nuked. Of
Iho raco 500,000,000 live in houses
partly furnishod with tho appoint
ments of civilisation; 800,000,000 in
lints or caves with no furnishing; 2(10,
000,000 have nothing that eau bo
called a home, are barbarous and
savage. Tho range is from tho top
most round the Anglo-Saxou civili
zation, which is the highest known
down to the race lying below the line
of human condition is nt the very
least throe fifths ol tho whole 900,
000,000. l'liila. Itocord.
TliotinliMcss Extravagance.
No one can fail to see tho mischief
that follows tho thoughtless extrava
gance, which is said to bo on tho in
ercasij. One feels diapondt-ut und
heartsick at tho bight of sorrow aud
want which they h.vo not power to
relieve, while at tho samo timo the
stores aro crowded with the crowd
spending their moacy needlessly, just
for the pleasurable excitement of shop-
piug, to use the time hanging heavy
on their hands while wailii).' for thu
b ill, parly or opera. If just for au ex
periment, thoy would now and then
take tlio wasted time and mono? to
liolp the worthy poo,-, to see what
money can to tiring light to eyes
faded with weeping, hopo to tho de
spairing licurK they would soon
learn how iulinillrv better it is to re
ceive the Mi'ssinijs of thoue londv to
irisii. wl.o Invo been thc 7ed, than
any thing possib.e to be found ill thci
u.xtiii! round of plcas.ir?s nn.l nmus?
met its. Mts. Henry Ward L'oecher.
Said Miss Spinster r.o longer
yotULlii ), wiim Mho hcir.l that her
friend. Mix-! M.irrie!l. was troin'T to
veil: 'Well, let thi nmtTT h
wiidi, bi.t fi-r mv p-ti 1 1 iiev, r tt i-cw i
uian I -tu!il rare, enoilgli f.ir to Ik ;
his vr.fe." ''fh:i is to sar. attnf." re
narkt tl Knte. uiv tliiminlv, yin '
nev. r yet w a ,oiitli !3:c after your
vtU l.iait "
Ililkl a:j 1 '.in ani7i ith nt i: '-slCi .
y.uJ fur Kiieh t;fl nsthut" Wife
t-rr Mt.:r.l!r u.-i ilir; l.o rnk-e j
i f hi mm I : -T'i it's :v i-n t it a j
lir.t:i. h;ir t ii H.',".jr. i'i"-t tl.ii.lj
of it" "Why. it p.ic 3y L T.f
(. tl n't h'.iiit 1 it tLst. .letr. 1 1
us cutf'.l t i.nif i viry i'l.imnno.
of t'.ilt Of;. I g.'l t.l lilMiT Jar l
a- l."
What Your I'rli'iiilt nml lih.or Say
oil a Matter of Vital Importutire.
Ilelow will ho found aaiuplo of tho mill
titnda of lettorn of twcouraKeineut Meiww.
II. II WVnor & Co., of Itoehmter, N. Y..
dhlly rwiivo. Tho m;hoinod mwoliolt&d
(0-tniioiiliiln a r from your friend nnd
iiLiuhhorH. lutlic-n mid ooiilletnen oil know
aud eht'-fui for their honor mid ritrali-ht-for-wardni
Hrt, mid who would ocorn to ho a pur
tv to nv dnet l tioii. What hnn been Cono
for othei h can bo dimo for yon, and it In fol
Iv, tmy Niiieidiil, to loiiKcr nuffor wbu tho
invnni of recovery lie ut your very door.
fly. wi... Tex . Uec.S. IH'.T. I h tk.n two
eutilra ol 'Wara.ia Safe Cure." It lit good med
icine. Vat.imllii.iJi, Tel., Ilee. IT, 1HHT.-I lievo Uted
Warner". Male Cure" fur all jeara.
Cawofi Panel.. T.. Deo. i!4. 1KH7 .-t live
o.ed -Warner'a HefeCiire" wllh (rroa bene! I and
eoiialder It tne beat proprietary medlclue 1 ever
DaNianx Cm, Tex., Aug. 110. 1S87.-MJT daugliter,
when live montha old taken wllb kidney die-ra-e.
1 boimht a tmlile of "Warner-a Mate Cu-e
and It eured her. When elahleeo month, old be
had an attack of aeurvy. T boltl of "Warner
la Cure" eered ber. When three j-mri old ab
waa taken .Ick aifaln -one bottle cured her. She la
now l.rie and healthy. My boy when elh eeli
month, old had al-o the eevrvy with teller. I.e.a
than one bottle of "Waruera'S ife Cure" cured him.
lie la now well and huarly.
Waco, Tex , Jan. T.lrW8.Divebeenulnu"Wr.
ner'a Hafe Itemedli e" con.lanlly fur catarrh of the
bladder, alnce last Augt.t.eud they are beuiDltlng
lo tne.
A Successful Man.
The Warner family
originated In England,
John Warner, Blauop of
Kuchoaler In the neven
tnenlh century, being
one of the mini promi
nent meziheia. Cel.
H.'lli Warner, of Revo
lutionary faron In thla
country, m d Cnplaln
Hxth Warner, a valiant
roan In the war of 1412,
and eight di.tlnguUhcd,
phyniclnrfi, maik the
H. H. Warnor line in
tmerlea. H. B, War
rer waa horn In Van
Ruron. Oiiondnga Co.,
H. Y., Jan.lUih, 1842.
After an education at Dr. Wrigltl'a Academy at Rl
bridge and ariiuiitng the tlunniib'a trade at Mem
phln, New York, ho wi-n. went for five year.. In
Into he rulurned to llocheater an gi-neral agent for
tho Mtinlcr Satea offjinciiiiiali, O., and lor ten years
wn. Iho muni aiicceerf ul aale doaler lu the country,
and amaM.i'd a fortune.
lu 1H78 he na. prostrated by a severe dlscaao. The
beat pjy.iclans Kave him no hops of recovery, It
waa nt this time thst he used what Is now known aa
Warners safe cure and was fully restored to Imulth
thereby, IteallKlng that the world needed such a
specific lor kidney dbeftNi., ho made a vow whon
alck that If Itvared him ho would spend hia days in
proclaiming its morits to the world. On his recov
ery he began at once uiuiiulKcLure, and to. day there
are seven liiliorutnrieK alio nrn ucli iiousoB in .even
different quarters of the globe. In 1M8.1, the War
ner Astronomical ohnervatory, erected nndoiiiiowed
by Mr. Warnrr, was complet. d at art estimated ex
pense ot fllo.uou. it is ioratu'.! on Kant A venue, and
is the linest private Astronomic . I Observatory il
the world. Tim telescope cost i:i, ono, Since i8T9,
astronomical prizes to the amount of $f.,liii0 luivo
huen awarded by Mr. Wninerfor aclcntllic dl.covery.
In IHH2 ho was elecieil a niomher of III" Aiuerioan
Association for the advancement ul Science. In
lN8llll.il Warner it Co. pin VVJrner'a Safe Yeaat
upon the market, end In Itihl, Warners l,ng Cabin
Hemeilles, designed to rench diseaie for which War
ners Safu K.iueUI.'S aro not a speci'.ic.
The Safe Itei lies building mi H. St Paul St.,
with its four and a nunrter acres of flooring, is
one of the bnMcst and most Imposing structures of
the kind In tho world. In 1HH7 II. II, Warner wus
iinanimoiisly elected President of tho lioche.ter
Chamber of Commerce, a ennipiimeut that the city
and ull whokuew him confessed was morn thau well
deserved. Ills Inaugural addresB to that Chamber
was notable for itsr adioal vUiva aud thorouh.go
lug sensible recomniendatiniis.
II o is about six leet high, has iron gray hair,
splendid physique, (a a man of groat euergy, and is
one of the most thoauugh-golug and public-spirited
citizens of ltocbcstcr.
Mm o. Amy Shorwin, tho musical
artiste, is said to have made $15,000
in Australia since last April, by her
concert tour.
A Yell "oh Hoy.
How does a hoy look if you hurt him? It
nnikoH hiui yell "oh." So does cramp colic.
Give him a dfco of Dr. Uhinr's Huckle
bnrry Cordial, the roat remedy for children
teethtug and summer complaints.
Henry E. Abbey has his life in
sured for more money than auy the
atrical man in tho world. His pol
icies foot up 200,000.
Effect or a Chaiure or Water.
At this season when people are traveling
for pleasure, they wonder at the disordered
condition of tho howcls. Iu the majority
of thene cases it is due to change of water.
Take Dr. Digcor'sHuckleberry Cordial.
Bev. James Dixon, of Taunton,
Mass., is ninety-eight years age and
probably the oldest Methodist min
ister in New England.
Bronsou Howard, the playwright,
has gone to Loudon.
Itrnee I" p.
You nra feeling dt pressed, jour appetite
is poor, your aro bothered with headache.
your are l3dj;ctty, nervous and general Iv
tint of sorts, ;uul want to ;viv up. Draco
up. l.ut not with litimtilants. spring medi
cines, or hitters, which have for their bais
very cheap, bn I whisky, mid which stiuitt
late yon for an hour, and then leave you ic
worse condition titan jt-fi.re, Vt Lnt you
want is an ultt-rative tint will purify your
blood, stnrt healthy action of Liver and
Kidneys, reti.re your vitality, and e;ivo re
newed health m..l sir. tth. Such n medi
cine j.ui wi'.l rind iu El' -tric Hitters, niul
only T.O cents a bottle nt U.iynol.U 4 Dau
iel's dnii; store. (3;
Locomotive with three or four
I pairsuf driving wheels aro taking the
'place of tho eight wht'el
irc-iL'Ut service.
Their lti:in r..Mini!nff.
Prol .ihl" no on thiiit; lini r la-d ' h
k:en. rj r. vival of tri l nt l'nvn..id A '
Ilatiii i'e ilrr; -I.T.- ru tin cuii.i; r..y t.
th. ir fH-t I J TIMI'T r-' I. I .1 laittlt
of Itr. Kioi; N. v ri'-or. ry !kT lVni, : r
tln. "I t. ir tr.id ii ly iw-nrnii, in
lhi vrT r.ihnl 1 srli ln.;:i .b f xl tht
it ailwy .T,r a r. r i:e..pj..;r!x.
1"..T1 I. V.lh l.l! I'.n.n .1 ...
j na u.t-.a .r-.l .:i-V. " k':
land. '..tj r-ii ! M it liora l-ui'.i; i i
j ,? tti: c triil I-4J- fr.-, lr.- , i.
E.iry I-t:V ir .nl L
1 1 - j i.i - 1 i-:-n t:S r. . h hr- wtv
a'".' ;.4sri .'. i -j ; j it ijvnl !'.
Tl.e Jt-. vf Tl .:, it rup.'. I or rsT
f a i 1 r -i.r.: ;,r-i.r f Ll,p
i ! I, 't -s --. k:: r J "n.'.ic
" r r-'-f wi. a i iii.-t t ;
-V rr ur . 1- .i . ,
i jvi-'- ,4 .it a. t 1 :. i,; -i it
t -". Ill i..sj . ! ;' a
CATAItnil CURED, hvtAtit and owett
breuth tmeitrotl, by Hhiloh'a Catarrh Ueme
dy, Trip CO ceiiU. Nruml lujoctor froo.
1 or taiilo by Kaynoldit 4 Daniel.
God. Uoubluday, who fired tbo
firKt gnn for tho Uniou from Fort
Sumter tweuty sovon year ago is m
octivo business in Now ioik.
8IIILOHS COUUH and Conmtniption
Curs it sold by u ou a ituaranteo. It t nre
f'..Uiir.i,li.in For uila bv ltnYUOlds) it
Abrahanj Lincoln had a dagnorreo.
tvno taken in Monmouth in V$5i
Tho old negative has been found und
pictures ftre being tnado from it.
mid Lier Coinnlaintf HUiloh's Vituliienr ia
Ktinrunteed to euro you. For Bale by lUy
doIJh it Duuiel.
Mr. Flatrlor. tho Standard Oil mil
lionaire, who has boon spending a
fortune in building magnificent
hotels in Florida says ho did 80 to
amuse himself.
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, iniul miserable
by that terrible couu,b. Hhilob'n Curo in
the remedy for you, Tor wile by Kuyuolds
t Daniel.
Mrs. Jeremiah Porter, whose death
is announced from Santa Barbara,
Cal., at tho age of oighty years, was
thp first Bchool teacher Chicago ever
Rronohitm immediately roliovod by Shiloh's
Curo. For salo by Raynolds & Duuiel.
George W. Eosure, known ns the
"cowboy evangelist," is said by an
Arkansas newspaper to bo worth
$700,000, which yields him an income
of $150 a duy.
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guar,
autoo it. For sale by Kayuokla & Duuiel.
Miss Yonge's "Hannah More" will
shortly be added to tho "Eminent
Women Series."
SHILOH'S VITALIZE!! is what yon
need 'for Constipation, Loss of Appotite,
Dizziness, and nil hyniptoms of DyHpepiin.
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. For. unle
by HaynolclH & Daniel,
Mrs. Beecher says she wants to be
kept working, so that sho wont think
so much.
For lame hack, side qi chant, une Shiloh's
PoroiiB Plaster. Price iii cents, For Kale
by ltaynolds & Daniol.
Owen Meredith's "Lucille"
best selling holiday poem.
is the
nonrseness in a child is a mire sign of
croup nml is undoubtedly lutendcd by
nature as a warning to mothers. If Cham
berlain's CoukIi Romody is given, ns Boon
ns tho hoiirsoucss appears, it will pravout
tho eroui. lm.
Wilkie Collins has gout in the eyes
aud prostrated uerves.
A Blessing' to Every Woninn.
Thosoof our lady readors vlio would liko to
know how child-be iritig may be made pain
less und safe can get tho information in n
sealed envelope by bending four cents in
postage stamps to
Mrs. E. REVERE, Box 283, Jersey City,
Now Jersey. fbUly
Herbert Spencer is well again and
at work developing his schemo of syn
thetic philosophy.
Jtucklcn's Arnica Nnlvc.
Tba Best Snlve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum ( Fever
Sores, Totter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and all skin eruptions, and positively
cures piles or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to givo perfect satisfaction or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For
sale by Raynolds & Daniel.
A sister of tho great Alexandre
Dumas has just died a nun at eighty
years of age
Consumption Surely Cured.
To thk Editor Please inform your read
ers that I have a positive remedy for the
above named disease. By its timely use
thousands of hopeless cases have been perm
anently cured. I shall be glad to send two
bottles of my remedy free to auy of your
readers who have consumption if thr.v will
send me their express and postoffice address.
Kespectfully, T. A. Slocum, II. C,
deel Cm 181 Pearl st., New York,
The mansion of Mrs. Ogden Mills,
of New York, cost nearly $2,000,000.
Rich food, and lack of exercise, during
tue winter mouths, causes tho system to be
come torpid aud the blood impure, A dose
or two of St. Patrick's Pills will cleanse and
invigorate tho system, purify tho blood and
do more good than a dollar bottle of blood
puntier. lmo.
Sol Smith Bussell will leave the
stage after this season. '
I Have, as you Know,
Been selling Kradfield's Female Regulator
for years, and have had a steadily iucren uc
demand for it: it gives tho very Lest satis-
I faction. I frequently noil it to rhvsicians.
who u--e it iu their practice with tho most
satisfactory results.
12. TnoMAs. XI. D.
YalifcMtn, Go.
S end for Tretie on Woman. Mailed free.
HciiTiti d Reuclato Co., Atlanta. Cm.
Irving and Terry's four weeks in
Chicago bro.igLt in $fi0.OO0.
A I'Kti Valued by a Udj.
Wbst fih is ruot v.dut-d by t Ltdy? Her.
r.Ttg. Let hr ring the i Hewn of Ir.
Iticor HueVIelTy Coriinl, m-ivitig ber
rhil.l fri:n -a of cramp colic, aud
litving it t t!iiu.
lieving itt. l:.:u
Min Iiriddon in s-iiJ to clear XI,
."C0 on f-ach f her dovlN.
My doner.!. IV4 at Xitht:
y d. e si ta lJ at fikht? IVriiM
th il ;Il i.-t f---rjt. bs. l nt i'rt in tt
!..! v;l. t.-.-h ti iv'.i-tet I t- r. I
h r 11:.. V .Urry l Tdlil, Li h r.r ,
U.l r-i .... I
' Tic fcrerii -; . f ru- I
lu.te a JfifT.- :t:ii-e t"
V-"rt tc .
1tt? t1 . i pr ! y tk "w of ,Tr
iun l';"l I . , v t :. .ix-h.
e-T i l.i rf-r fur1.l
-i- 'li.iir J-i r.irv. l-i tr r p
t I ".pp I
.1 ty fci
I Most Farucstly Entreat
Every foiuale expecting to be cot.tln. a to
nse 'rhf Mother Fri. ud," Coupled with
rhh. entreaty I will add. that duvuM lW
ohstotrical pnictieo (forty-four y"'s). I
have "ever known it to fall to produco a
Mfo Olid iuick delivery .
II. J IIoi.niii, M. D.
Atlanta, tin.
Troatlse on "Health and llappineM of
Woman" mailed free.
Biunrnao Kivi.tiu Co., Atlaula, uii.
Women, Delays arc naiiBt rom.!
MndamoRovoie'ii Femalo Pills for wo
men never fail to give upoody and certain
relief. Satisfaction guaranteed or moiii;
returned. Sent by mail securely tfuled m
plain wrapper, for One Dollar i thri e boxes
for Two Dollurs. Pnrlinilar in loiter for
four oontH in postage stumps. Address;
Mrs. E. REVERE, Box :'H3, Jersey City,
N J. lbU1
to all romra ia tii
ia via UK
tona t Mt
Can Take Their Choice of Routes,
A. -t. ,1.. l.n.i l.ns MnOKTAIH SullTIIKRH
RaiLWaT. Close oi.unecllona at Little Hock lor all
Principal Cities in the Southeast.
In the Union Depot at Rt. !.ouli with Kxpress
trains ill ail uirncuuup.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
and OAl.VRSrOX.end elegant Huffet Carubetweeii
SAN ANTONIO and ST. I.UU1S, Without Cheng.
aVr Ifor Tickets. Ratea. 4c . arply to any ol tne
Ticket Agents, or to
I). P. UUaHKB, Passenger Agent, Honston.
Sen. P.... A Ticket Agt., Delias, Texaa
fiBTUDDtJ lle Trentmoiit p,,.
I U I 11 fin ll V e mail enough to con vine 1.0
WB. H. Laubaiia.iut St Co
ark, Kew Jorsoy.
77i Broad St., New-
liT rvr va 'tuiiiifi
Tbo licet Curo for Ouuphs, Woak Lunsra. A'thnia, llidl
Kcsti.m, Inwaidl'ains, Exhau-tlon. Conibiiungtho n oat
Taluablo modiilnes wlih Jainacln UU.giT, it uiorts aeuja
tlvo power over divi50 unknown to other n-medleo,
WeolThunssi, lihoumatisin. tViiinlo Oomplnuits, ruid tho
ore liroirk-iiiK tliotiMUiils to the jnnvo who would recover
ltlslicwllfonnd nrenirth to tho Ked. 600. ut lnu
tista. HueoXotCo., 183 WtilianiStieot, N. Y.
Wholly unlike urtifiditl i.yi.leim..
Any b.iolt leuriieil in ono reariiDir,
Classes of I OS7 nt nnltlmorc, IO05 nt Tletrnlt,
1500 at Philadelphia, Ur,ro clisses of Columbia
Low Siuilenls, at Y.ile, Wellcsly. Oberlluu. Univer
sity of Pf.nn., Mlchlgnn Ui Iverflt.y, CHantaiiipia,
Ac, iw. Krutcried by Kiriiaud Proctok. the Sclen
ttst, lions. W. W. Ai'H, Jiiiiaii P. IIi-.njami.v Jinlire
OinsnN, Dr. Brown. K. II. Ou"K, Principsl N.Y.
Stole Normal College, Ac. The aysten. perfectly
luliKbt bv corri'Spondenc... iPir.iipocltis post mt K
from 1'ltOF. LOJSKTi'K.i.W Kiiih Ave. Now York.
great Medical Work of the
nge on Manhood, Nervous and ,
Physical Debility, Premature '
Decline, Errors of Youth, and
thereon, 800 pages 8vo, 135
prescriptions for nil diseases.
Cloth, full gilt, only tl.OO, by
mall, scaled. Illustrative sample free to all young
and middle aged nion. Rciuluow. Tho Gold und
Jewelled Medal awarded to the author by tlio Na
tional Medical Association. Address P, O. box
1895, Boston, Mass., or Dr. Vf. H. PAItKEB, grnrt
natoof Harvard Medical College, 35 years' practice
In Boston, who may bo consulted confidentially.
Specialty, Diseases of Man. Office No. 4 Bulllncii at.
The Cabinet ornan
Was Introduced in its
present foriu by Mason
& Hamlin in 1 SfJl- (llli-
t-i'i ' HOO er makers followed iu
the manufacture of these Instrumcuts. but the Ma-
sou it Hamlin organs have always maintained their
supremacy as the best ib the world.
Mason a uamnii oner, as demonstration or the
nnequaled excellence of their organs, the tact that
at ail tue great noriii's hxbibitions, since thalof
Puria, 1SC7, In competition wllh hot ir.akora of all
countries, ti.ey ha7e invariably takeu the highest
ftonoia. iiin-.truieii cataiognes tree.
T C. v E avtf t1. Mason A Hsmliu do
' I Iti tv'u B 8 iv het,lle to make the
A rS si B n exliaordinary claim lor
Ifl B Uti V Wiheir niauo-. Hint thev
4; ran (I A Ipriirlit. are superior to all others.
They recognize the hiirh excellence achelved by oih
er leading makers in Iho art ol piano building, but
still claim superiorly. Tbia they attribute polcly
t the remarkable improveinen; introduced by them
In the year ls2. and now known as the "Masox A
Hiuhn Pi tao Sraninits," by the use of which is
secured tb. greatest possible purity and refinement
of tone, together with greatly increased capacity
for siaudlnic iu luue, and oiher important advan
tages. A oircular containing testimonials from three
hundred purchasers, musicians and Itinera, .eat to
gether wilh de.crlptlve catalogue. In any applicant.
Pianos and organs told Ur cash or easy payments;
also rented.
Mason & Hamlin Oriran & IMaito Co.
Ca7?at., and Trade Harks obtained, and all patent
busiun.s conducted f"r MOUKKA I K PKKH.
FICK. We have no .ub-agHties, ali bu-inea di
rect. henc can trsn-icl pau-i.l busiiieai. in Ic.a time
and at l.r.8.1 COST than lLojra.cief.um V.a-h-Inartfro.
Send t-od-l, drswing, or photo, with der:ption.
W adviM if ralenlable or not, free ofclisrui. Our
fee not due till pae:it Is M-cured.
A book, "How trOhtsin Patent"," wllh references
to actual client lnyjuro.ru g;an, co.uty, o: town,
sent free. Addrese
'. A. WIIW A: ..
Opposite Patent OBlce, Waab.uiiton, I. C.
in- fa on
ILL! ir I LD
Iwr:p;:-. te ,'!,eiliri!e, T-lo-ti n. ti.
'Ccrrc !i. '.-,t.. at I n.'l W ralla ot Virk-i-.a
ail euer ..-bm H;st. Wri.etai
W. M III VII I., (.rai'l I'aaaj. Agem.
kOtTtOhlE, V A,
Fc''r S-er: 5ja
WATI l..tl( I.MUI r. l:1 !
rrnl, " r.. .-.p . 1B pr-p ,f tr t ,Sp
we fipi r, r . lar- c.s- .
I nierna
' f S S ff fV? -d VV.SUf r.v
lijl. F-i', irjrcna! f.o.ur with
-t I'- '4 if '?-". ' ::- er.r-v iM.fr.
i-, oc,.vJ v.n m. i." ::. m.o.
A tu.pw.H ra e'.-t,,., vi-ti t; P'r-'er
pw-', r.t p :) n I '-.a I'rrH'i -i
itAiajc ri-r in riAii7tff r!rArt
., VTH i..ttftT Till E. : r.tr
P.. 4 an. .-
art I' r VTTf s t ;.. jL .
ot u.ail all LuuU' k.t
iwkui ol Ue I iwt.il j;.i0l'ul.li..a f , " i.
name - ,o Ij ijruia'- - - ,
laci'uu. iu. ' ii
Sltniuvekand purine
tba .load, aldlmt to por.ee. hoiUtu.
Afowtlo-iMof Collln-'Afruo Cnre 11
Tmiiimiinto relief and anpeeily euro tortlte
wor'eior'Viillorti .'''Varai'ficuo'i'ir
ol Colliua Ague Cura. Ah a ranic.ti ror
rccitvo ut all Uiilou lirilor It )iu no .qual.
Flux. 1 liarrlioea, and ad Snnimer r'"m''ll
are completely theeked and cured in a .few
Hours by Collina' Aftno Curo.
Eold .verywher. by all Dlers ut 40 ctl. , a Bottle.
ilTAek your Ocalep for a Ccny of the COLLlMa1
ping -paper, 25c ! 100, nt tliiriofiico.
3ot ui) :.J.4" L'r,jiani.it Ar.rK ,
no longer coats
a Fortune JSfS
wamiAKTrii) rtirai is Evi:nr mt.iiKCT 'to tub
saracrrac vtieaow.
For sale by IluiiV.vnro nml Gun Dealore ovcrj-whoro.
Mantifittnretl ty TE3 MAELII7 HE ARK3 00., Ko.7 ll ivcn, Cotni.
err- " . ' .T ... ..th KEisT.fi Vi-iB
"MC.A,vl.TiXX'T EVsagasine R.f5o.vCS5lAl7
For I.-j-b or imall run", oil (Uri. Tnu -ltrouct!,; ilt?otiiiy rifle Hi,), rerf'ivJjrVjyv' 4j''l.,;?
tccurm-y ifuiirR'itwii, an-1 thd only tl loliitfly psfo r;t!o on j murk.-t v Ji- ?
JtALI-AftU tJAI.L'rI:Y, SJTIVO N'O TAE-'.'KT It!!':, rorM wiwm.!. P-T.J fr
llluitraud faiMo. ne. Jf-t. 3r.".V J"EfkSi A KVS CO., .'-.Vw Harm, Corn, , A
W.'i. -I
Wade for all of fprrr'sltms which tiro us -it In any of tho ftillnv-iw .jT-j-
I;;!b i;er li.toi.: Afarlli. i'.liV. V. iiiciH'-t.'f, J:tlli rti, fctevene. Kpuioik.-... f 1jiy ?
Wtatiu-y-UoaaC'Uy, MuiUi WtttSo ; Uo lur nil pi'U.s'c.i nn I makts of jiV37
SB3T t?0.1 Zmii, PAPER AKD EHASS. pWd
Choapcriiml batter tliaa any oilier.
m T F RE
A. Sample Copy
The followinp; comparativo statement of a number
inent Weeklies published in the Uniterl States shows
WEEKLY GLOBE DEMOCRAT is from 25 to 50
ii"ekly'"l'()i)''-if Ji'iotTiii,"-!
Weekly Trihune, Chicairo, 1H
(tVeokly Times, i hicoco. Ill
Weekly Inter Ocrari, Chicago, m
I'A'oekly Kinuirer, Circinnati, O
'Weekly Comuierclal Osz-tm. Cincinnati, O
IWeekly Times, New York City
Wookly Hun, New York Cilv
Wcekiy World, New York City
OAII.V, per annum p2 -o
TK1 VVKKKI.Y .'.".'.'. fa m
BKMI-Wp.KKLY, per annum $3 00
Postmasters aud Newsilenlera rv
or Bend direct to tho
12 AW
W bap. pportM a la-re tin.-, h-f Ir.. of w leh m i.ptp-1 I. the cut, and wUho- ai;r ji
x.i9fcmanrmeor. wo-lai, it lobaf-'ir, h-,:h,. in. di:iro. ;pp, and ll'.io.' i.r" T. ''..;
etit-e. H U fi! led n'-vi fiitri'tillnf iv,-i ,... n..l t.nA 1 in
OI rT. i.C';;r ...'. 1 J n .! '1 ! - . -viil r
C WWJ 01 F S?. 21 Pi' :ZI .? lo tbat
txiNjift in;liiiHitJ.;. v i,',,..f, ;Va
pack h- oc Dr. x A.r.r-!."c:?s
has li An la T" ?
j i: t. i,.a, uwsio ir-u:; -.j.;
Tfl SECURE TH S tmirziP.? iW
' rvm four it i. 4. -t v i-t
r.1(lrw, ! ;fci
A KLCLXT TSXf.L i.th. O. a Co"!-.T t.n- ti
t OIKHifMJMI ltir-r BirrMi.. :lNf
iii.fi.oiiiistjuri5 li. tii r.iLUiUi.it
a. vrim?.
C!ir!j!rl:!s!Cn)Bi;i:n:ress.Cvsr;:cia.Si;lfi:z;::,:2 8 C; V
LOST AfPCTlTat SaTM.'B aVTr .at a.-.
w:t ri trr
. . ?' A? !? hlA"T t- U '....r-..l'.lil"J
... i ,-,v. -r till Er x 1 riii" inj f'-"'
t.i.anr.ti.,pra,Tl f U , '. .. X, V : '
K I. ; .. v ,r ... mm -M m, m , , ' 1 , . . ... J
ui.r,-rKiil(i.HM., K faitualU . . ..-..
A iorpl'1 llvrii.ruinffi Ihonhulp.
Iti.ii. mitl lirotl liven
Sick Headache,
Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheo.
mutism, Sallow Skin and Piles,
There i better rcmwly rop,.
r.iininou allMViiMvn timo 'tuir, iA
I'tllu, ua H Uiu I will provo. I'llre.J
Sold Everywhere.
When I ay Cimtt I do not mean mr.l,u
Mop ihem lor a time, oml then imv tiiemil
turn npHln. I mkan A KAIUOAI. CLJUL
, 1 have mado llio dlaotso of
A llfo lonft study. I watuiant my remedru
t'UHK tlm worst cano. l!eeniie oihera bm
falleillsno reason for not iiowruc.-lvlnrinm
Henri at oneofiirn trt"iillnd aFnsp. nirin.
Of 111V I.NFAI.I.IHLK KfcatEtiY. (iive Hxn,
and l'oit oillci. It eouii' you iioihieu lo,,
trial, ami 1 1 will euro ymi. Aildreij '
H.C. ROOT.M.C. IS3P."lCT.1treY.il
R. W.Tansill ft Co.,(mV,ij
CQ rptllto Mt I'hlcilKO, ) livery ToH . f.
FREE! A 3 foot l-'roneli QE
Oval Front, NifUol or Cherry (?
r?tIUV VaIn f jui f.niwim rntyt flQ.
ilrcps at onco.
It. W. Taiu, & Co nR hboie
These revolvers aro an exact
duplicate of tha cclobmUJ
.33 Caliber, using
Cai'U'idgea. '
,v.i,K;i .yey..-."r. r.v .T i wi. w. .
Send for 1'rlco tH .-f thceo tools to J'-Ji'iS
- r j:. 1
VOX iirU'l It. isv. ur.'ma, -
of the most prorai
conclusively that tlief
'- -;.,
M I k u
Al i-cr lcar.
1 OH pr ye
1 till per yen
I 00 per jrlf
1 0 ' p JM'
1 on pr je.r
I III! per year
1 ml p. r yen.
1 O'l Dr
nro nnthoriwi.i to receive Mibf eriptioni j
aarl aJ. i
i.firit lJ.-K
1 ha vvV i n. S iMroint. rc. ir
numl-vt-oi ir i i: :i.n. -!ir
wiht'r p - tha tr.,W lr -mon, cur R
iivrr zmz ai?iii i ria tsur.Med fo -a
r'i ,
Ki.-2 - 0. . ' ...v.fl
-1 t 1.1a er (
- .tsI. PS.
j .ti.v. : I !
. A Z-rcw, CT,'. 7?.'
. St t-civJCfc ll Pn-ctlV- -V f' ie J..j
It) i 'ii?'s""T!5",i''oi iiiiTils
H Panes f-0 Columns
8 Psirea ."0 t'.ilLmns
H Paires f.ti Coltinins
8 Pes i,ll Cnlumns
8 l'a,-,'s r.rt (.'olunilis
8 I'aijes r,.; flMlu.us
8 rajr.'. r6 tMiltimns
8 Psea ."Ii Co.unuis

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