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Free Press.
IwCA HOOBi texXi
I. & 0. N.
8:1ft A. M. and 8:38 P. M.
0:15 A. M. and "M P. M
T. B. & H.
oIbr South I
qiuk North i
Tn.AAB o.flfi n. m. and 0:00 p.m.
""a. m. nd 0:00 p.m.
I Two Coition for SS3.&0.
Tnosronoh m bmij persona doslro to Bond
abroad, and by way of onco.iraRe,
. 2nt bo to do. we offer two cop log of tho
- PniL a 83.50-oash iu odvance.
are Bent simpiy ,.,
that tlio pamuB uuui"- -,
'"ll enougS to favor ub with their Bub8orip
i on. '
7oe cream oyer? day at the Red Diamond.
Vresh canned Corned Boef, at
Geo.W. Knight, Jowoler, eoflt side the
laa, San Marcos. nvJ
For dolloious, coolinf? beverage of all
I lnds o to the Red Diamond.
Lawns, Organdies, l'inuos, Sateens, etc,
it lower prices. Johnbos & Johnson,
The World Renowned Ester Organ.
On easy terms. Ohahtaik 4 Knioht.
;Now Goods oouHtautly ntagta at
t "
.Oranges, Bananas and Lemons.
Chwhtias 4 Wills.
. 'For the beat cigars In town go to the Red
?Jut received, fresh supply of Cross &
3'ackweirs Jams at
Chbistian 4 WILLS.
"The "White" i conceded to be the host
ujachine on the market.
I Basil Dailet, agt.
50NICE- - '
h Butter and Eggs, at
t CnnwTiAW 4 Wills.
if Millinsry.
?Mrs. Richardson Is ctnitantly receiving
new ami oeauuiui k"""-
i'BuBtnnss is booming with tbo White Sow
ing Machine now.
T Basil Dailei, ngt.
fThos Taylor baa rented tho City Bakery
and will furuiah freHh tread evf-ry d.iy, be
HjdoH every . thing iu the provision hue you
,V: Call fit Johnson & Johnnon's una m
ii-...;,.., f !;. Snr:i:a PreSK Goods at
: reduced prices-or which thoy have a lull
. . -' Notice.
C. W. Andrews of Sua Mnroos, Deputy
; Hide Animal lUHpociur, iinjn ....vj.
i "
f I Bin now prepared to buy, soli exchange
'Or TOUl Oliv an .uu,u. """" "
jur0i G. VoOKIiBANO.
A full supply of Twine and Wire as also
Extras for McCoruiack Binders aud Mowers
" also the latest improved Binder and Mowor,
Bt roduced prices on baud. Wm. Gieben.
I To tho ladieg.
Yon can have your hair either cut or hair
combing made np into nice braids, by call
lug on Mrs. J. A. Boll at Dailoy & Broth
er's, or at the Webb residence on San An
tonio St.
I Mrs. T. K. Hutoliins,
1 South side of the square, has perhaps
the most attrntive Btand in its way in the
city. Fruits, candies, nuts, etc., are among
hor specialties, and all fresh .and nice
JJon't fail to give her a call.
Imv is whore a lot of extras
ere kept. G, W. Donnlson & Co have a
supply on hand for their "Osborno" rao
.u: r,n naaH in wait for an order
to the factory or elsewhore when you brook
s i-i r in i fit-.ss uuuuo.
We announce a reduction in summer
Dress Goods from this date
Johnson 4 Johnson.
Jnnl Tlf Iw!
Tho San Marcos Ice Faotory is now in
sncoessfal operation. Daily capaoity. (00
ponn ls of the purest and beat ice manufact
ured in the state. Bars from 25 to 100 lbs.
furnished. Prices ruodorato.
1 Don't forgot to call on Peter Sonberth,
the tailor, first before ptnebasing your
mens' and boys' clothing. He will actual
lj fnrninh the goods and make them up art
cheap, if not cheaper, than the same can
be bought ready mad. and of comue much
better and nioretsatiBfaciory. So patronize
. home industry and save money.
Some of the things you will find at H.
Hardy 4 Co'
Fresh Prnne. Fresh Cnrrantfi, Fresb
Tarl Grits. Fresh Ccroalinc. the celebrated
Princess Tea, Garden Soods, Onion Setts,
lribh Seed Potatoes, CnpavaSBcd Ham.
Breakfast Bacon, and In fact everything in
the way of Staple and Fancy Grccerii at
prices as low as th lowont.
Reapers and Self Binders, and Eilraa for
- sam. alo
Binder Twine.
AVe also s!l the celebrated
For Sale.
A farm of fortv-wn rc. sixteen aw
irricatjyl. tn acrs J J rlbV n CMie, two sou
" tf dweUinfiS bon two Ln-. lr;d yari apsrt
an4 otbT out bniU A brCrs'ic ru
that aoppixa the ilwuli&a wrji wsir u.ri:'
to a rsTT if n 1 a trrrph for t k.
fish prod with r.-rxn T. tfco vrMfr
ork an-i irriiTKtion are f ra a nr? tl'-.
cud ! tcit of li ilrri-t r'.wi. A
good b-?r vrthvi tf ; :i--. !.
ar-iMA P cb'TTi . f T-T-'i
'orrT fr.T.r tSi Blxnoi t.t?t rr
Ty if ia a ifn.H !rxt-'2. rt r.
lu.liD' cn to f-iit i -
For fir.rT " 5--
, i i 1' f
Six DnjB of Famoti and MaKtilllrpnt At
traction ou ltcautirul Em-amp.
incut (irouuda .
One mile from City, oonnooted by Rail
way and Street Car Liuos Specially Ex
tended for the Occasion.
Monday and Saturday nights, a brilliant
display of Firoworks.
Tuesday, Wednosday, Thursday and Fri
day nights, Qilmoro'a Famous and World
Renowned Concorts.
Tuoaday forenoon, International Baby
Show, at which handsome prizes will be
awardod threo bablos uadur two y oars of age.
Wednosday foronoon, the Dndicution of
the Texas nouse of State, with imposing
oeremonies, and tho largest military prooos-
siou ever aeon in this country, hoaded by
Gllmoro's Band.
Thursday foronoon, a coutost by a host of
Cow Boys manipulating wild Btoora in full
view of the grand stauds.
Friday forenoon, the Gorman Singing So
cieties of Texas will give a Mammoth Mu
Rieal Jubilee on the grounds. Ifciday night,
tho Grand Dedication Boll in tho Honso,
Senate and State Library of the Now Cap
itol Building.
Saturday afternoon will occur an onor-
roous Sham Battle on the grounds. Satur
day night tho celebration will close in a tre
mendous blaze of Fireworks.
Innumerable other brilliant attractions
during the wock, too numerous to mention.
Rates $5.00 Round Trip, over all rail-
rbads from any point in Texas.
Admission to tho grounds daily, CO cents ;
obildronhalf priooj nightly, some.
The Poor Farm.'OIanafrcment, Etc.
Ed. Fnen Pbeso: As I havo boon fre-
quently interrogated concerning tho poor
form, its location and management, and as
there appours to bo some oomraotion on tho
subject, I oak permission to make a few
utatemonts through your papor that may be
of some intoroBt to tho Inquiring public.
Said farm is situated on tho Rio Blauoo
and contains about CO acres, about 10 acres
in cultivation ;'one box dwelling honso, one
hor timisa with two rooms, about 12x14
square eaoh, with open partitions botwoen
and no collings. One room is oJoupied by
Miss Jenuio Eicholborgor, who Is periodi
cal Insane ; tho othor roopj is used oomo
timos for indigents, somotiraos for Invalids
and Idiots, and sometimes for all together,
Tho concern has been managed alternately
by Henry Collins, Goo. Turner, Hiram
Gray,- Win. Thompson, Wm. Mitchell, Jas.
Wilson and K. iladdox. Mr. Wallace is
the present managor.
Tho management has boon lot to tho saw
parties on terms ranging froin'four to sevon
dollars por month eompons'ition, inolinliug
tho uso of tho farm, ront free.
As to the management of tho paupers,
it has bean varied as tho knopors wra vari
ed, and I can say of the inanagors that they
were good noighbors and I bohovo, treated
tho Inmates as woll us thoy were ablo. 1
will hero state what Mr. Thompson said
concerning the treatmont of thorn.
He kept the pluco two yoars, and said lie
was Romotimos so. hard ruu for somotbing
to eat that they used corn bread made from
unsifted moal, using the bran freqnoutly
on account of failure in orops, and not
boiug romuueratod sufficiently by the
oounty. Consequently it went hard
with tho sick, and no wonder they com
plained considerably, Some of thorn told
me thoy could not live so near mies Jennie,
her ocreams aud yells were too much for
them to stand.
Ab for the treatment of the paupers under
the difforent administrators I will not go
into muoh detail at present. The question
is frequently asked me why tho county docs
not or is not able to take better care caro of
her paupers, and how It is possible for Mies
Jennie to survive the hard winters in a com
open house without any means of warming
it. I have also often hear it asked if they
put all the paupers sick and woll, blaok and
white together In that one muo room r
Whon thoy are siok do thoy havo a nurse ?
1 have heard some of the keepers say they
did not oomo there to run a lunatic asylum
and a hospital, and not could take all the
care of thorn they needed and attend to the
form. W". B- Cbookbb.
Our Chautauqua-Timely Sng-cstlons.
To the Epitob Fbeb Thess:
It is expeoted that the city authorities will
make liboral appropriations for placing the
drive from the town to Chautauqua grounds
in first class condition, but it is incumbent
upon our oitizons to do something also, that
we may monifost our mterout in tnis enier-
prise "of our prayers." ilucn aepenas up-
onl the success of tho coming session of tho
Chautauqua in fixing it as a permanent San
Marcos institution, and it behooves us all to
bo np aud doing to assist tho management
and thereby manifest our faith aua interest
In the Summer Institute. A Bmall ouu-iy
of money under judicious direction would so
improve "the landing" near the entranco
gato on the hill, that the difficulties and
dangers to vehicles m turning ncea exist no
more. Let us go to work the season U as
ligbtfuily propitious for evening out door
oxercitaa, and the beautiful Court Houso
grounds srcmostjnviting to STuh entertain
ments, let onr aocial clubs (of wldch w
havs two) Inaugurate weekly open eeioo
and let the proceeds be expended as above
suceested. Tho proceeds of the entertain
menu ouy in to sinle cms t largs, Lr.t
the aggrgte will materially assist ia pro
jotir the work iuc?eted, and the mov.
nitot will evince to the mangtnetit and tie
pcUic that the San Marcos per1 tire 41
abidxg interest in tb matter.
Think of this ronrfflvIV end gf!et3i
ted combine a IlitU lia:tKSS wi'.li jozr aa
' n of rlnnrt. Thiuk cf H "uM fo.
anl let OS all " tniutr fa jT-ru an,
-.ri tUf v to fckkt more attrv-r
..,,,r .SwtatUo-.-
l1 to r.M t y-ar tH! 2 Ti.t
- j - - - -: i . . .
l ...
' r i-t fT i: 'T'J
' a i T.i . r i : a t -r
I 1 J
County CoiiTontlnn Procfcdlng.
A convention of delegates of the Demo
cratlo party atsombled in tlio Court House
at ir.u.. May (5th.
Capt, Ferg. Kylo, Chairman County Ex
ecutive Committee, called the convention to
order, and in a short address announood tho
objects of the convention, doolaring the
coming canvas to be ono of the most lm.
portuut in our country's history, and ap.
pealing for harmony in tho party.
- On motion of Judge Wood, Cept. Kyle
was mndo tomporary chairman, and on roo.
Hon of Judge Kone, E.' P. Raynolda was
intido Sooretury.
Mr. riutohins moved that a Comniltteo on
Credontiala and Representation consisting
of one dologato from each Product be ap
polutod. Motion carried, and committee
oonstitntod as follows :
Profluct No. 1 J. V. nutohlns.
" ' 2 Ohas. Llghtfoot.
" " 3 J. R. Burloson.
Pending tho deliberations of thla commit
too Judgo Wood addressed the convention,
declaring hinisolf first, last and all tho tlmo
for Cleveland for ronomlnation. Judge
Wood said that the troublos of our country
wore largely traceable to tho iniquitous tar
Iff systota and that he was in favor of such
reform as would roduoo tho tariff to a
etriotly rovonuo basis. Ho defined
tho policy of the Demooratio party to bo
oqual and exact justice to all. No class leg
islation, and further duolarod that ho be
hoved no man oould be a Democrat who is
not duly committed to tariff reform. These
sentimonts wore heartily applauded. Judgo
Roue thon addressed the convention endor
ing nil that Judge Wood had said, and re
ceiving like applause.
The committee on orodoutialg reported
tho following dologatcs :
Precinct No. 1. J. L. Molone, J. G;
Storey, J. P. Kone, T. J. McCarty, J. V.
Hutehins, II . Hardy, W. D. Wood, Wm.
Gloson, E. R. Kone, B. G. Noighbors, O.
G. Johnson, J. H. Combs, E. P. Reynolds,
G. Burleson, Sterling FiBher.
Preoinot No. 2. Dosha Bunton, Thos.
Everett, C. II. Everett, C. H. Wood, 1. w.
Smith Eugene Wood, T. Gofovth, L. Braun-schweig,-
G. W. Whisenant, W. W. naupt.
Preciuot No. 3. W. B. Adair, J. R. Bur
loson, Jack Greathouse, R. W. Gibbs, H.
C. Hubbs, J. E. Eggor, R. English, J. H.
Bruns, M. M. Echols.
The voto of the several precincts was fix
ed as follows :
Product No. 1 11 votes
. .. 2 10 "
" "34 "
Mr. Noighbors moved that the' temporary
organization bo made permanent. Carried.
Mr. J. V. Ilutohlns thon submitted the
following resolution which was enlhuwas
ticallj carried :
Ronolved by tho Democracy of Hays Co.,
in convention assembled, that wo heartily
endorse the administration of President
Cleveland as being utioug, wiuo and just,
aud wo congratulate tho country th:it for
tho first time iu many yoars tho govern
ment under his administration has been
conducted within the proper constitutional
Resolved. That wo apprccUte tho efforts
being mado by our Sonators and Congress
men to relieve tho peoplo from the ouorocs
burden of the tariff as it now eTtiuls and that
their action In this behalf moots our earn
est approval.
Resolved further, That the delegates to
the Fort Worth coventiou bo lnntrnt)ted to
suppoit Judgo W, D. Wood for d()gato to
the National convention ana lion. w. n,
Flv, of Gousales, for elector for the Btn
Ooin;roKBioual dintrict.
Judge E. R. Kone then submitted the
following resolution whioh was also oheerod
aud unanimoQBly carried.
Itt-Bolvcd bv the Democracy of Hays Co.,
that wa hoartilv eudorso tho wiso, connidnr-
ats and patriotic courso of President Cleve
land and hereby express our proforenoo for
him as bis own successor.
Moved bv Judgo Kono, that five delegates
bo appointed to tho Fora Worth convention,
Motion amended increasing the number to
eight and tho following gentlemen were ap
pointed : J. V. Hutehins, Ferg Kyle,
DcBha Bnnton, J. R. Burleson, Wm. Giesen,
B. Donalson, W. D. Wood, and Ed.
Moved by Judge Wood that the secretary
furnish a copy of the proceedings to tho
county papers with the request that they
publish the same.
Adjourned sine die.
Febo Kyle, cb. E. P. Ratnolda, seo.
We paid b long-def orred visit to Kyle on
Monday. We found the town qnlot, only
looking forward with some Interest to the
Firemen's entertainment of Friday night.
We made a pleasant call at the Star oflke
whore we met Madam McPherson and "tho
boys," also Mr. Branum, of Farmers' Alli
ance fame, who told us that the Alliance
which had boon denied credit at Dallas,
would find it elsewhere. Our friends of the
Commercial and Kentucky hotels gave us
tho freedom of their respective hOHtolries bo
we fared sumptuously. Tho train not oom
ing at nifiht, we had to stay over, and the
morning's train being "mdofintoly post
poned" hired a conveyance and were dnvon
home across the country, the pleasure of the
ride eouiDonsutinc for tho expense. Conn-
try beautiful and orops fine.
The announce'Dent of Representative
Geo. T. MeOehee as a candidate for reelec
lion appears in our columns this week.
M. A. Yanlacdirgham, of Caldwell county.
cade ns a pratnt caJ uwt weK.
Mra. M. C. Hermann, of Jacksoonl'le,
Teia. Is visiting bor daughter, Mrs. Wat
son, this pace.
rct3.aar VcMeane pAd bis 0th mile
aioca one duy last wo k. Ho w;d sooa Ukt
Lii I la-.e arautg the o'.d tuo.
M l Dow-. a worthy and egwd Mr
-LoUO loni b-n an inra'il. d.ed at tor
reri 1 ie; ia tl-is j lace en hatorday hwt.
Vi. E:U Itoc"i is aoio'srohig at the
Co--urcia! not), Kjla.
A its
the c''y.:lri -f Ej-e o ac .
j ii..:.t-.rM.
i ratal on oar iia inp.
'ro - - - - -
'U;,.i4 lZ77ZX?l?:.
j f rio - - fc. - . ' ' J - m - -
'1c . I
1 , .
t gC T1 (T rl i
A J!'7
'And still it rams I
We now have a trl-weokly mail from thU
place to Blanco, via Wiiubcrly.
While at Kyle wo wore informed that
some who went to California from that vi
cinity are returning to their old home.
Wa notloed, when at Kyie, that tha frame
work of tho rresbyterlou Church, which ha
so long been cxposod to tha weather, is at
last being enclosed.
Tha Kylo water works wore not in full op.
eratlon tho early part of the week. Tart of
the foundation of tho tank had given away
and had to be restored, bonce the dolay.
Wo are requested to nudge up the itrect
commissioner oonoernlng a vory objection
able mudholo in tho old Austin rood lust be
youd Major nutohlsou'. It needs atton
tention badly.
The corn crop ia now fairly booming.
Oats ia first rate, a good deal of it heading
out, but is threatened with a fall because of
too much rain, while tho cotton for tho
samo reason is in some place in danger
of boing lost In tho weeds.
Wo wish to state that in calling attention
to tho oondltton of tho Poor Rouse, nothing
morolv Dorsonal was intondod by us, but
only tho publlo good. Our columns will
contiuuo, as they havo beon, open to all
sides In the presentation of the subject.
W itIt nlaea in anothor column to a lot-
tor on the management of tho Poor House,
from W. B. Orookor. an old and highly re-
speetod citizen, who residoa near by. His
lettor is mllu ana leraperoiu iu iuuw,
will be road with interest and edification.
We trust ho will oomplote the remaindor
of his observations and Information on this
subject. The people of tho county will
thank him for it.
The Library,
Itnfnrrlnf? to our notice of last weok of
tha effort of Mr. Tillman, of Waoo, towards
starting a circulating library at this place.
wa are nappy to uay mai no hub ueuuiuu
subscriptions for 150 volumes, whioh have
been ordered." The solootion was made by
prominent citizens of our plaoe. But our
main point is to state that Mr. Tillman will
remain during this weok and rocoivo all tho
additional names possible. PomouB desir
ing to enlist in this good cause oan do so
by oalling at Mrs. Smith's, Dr. Bell's, or
Green's Bank. At least 200 names ought
to bo soenrod in a plaoo like this for bo loud
able a purpose,
Dripping Springs.
Dripping Springs seemed to be stirring
on Saturday ovouiug, Quite o number of
our people were in town. Mr. A. L. Davis
and Mr. Uiipm soomoa 10 navo moir unuun
full, stores boing protty orowdod.
The fnrraora have Had about nil inoy
could do, olo ring out tho numerous weeds
the rain bad startod so nicely in ma ueicm.
Most of tho corn is cloan now, but tho cot
ton is still partly hidden.
I heard some talk from thoso who wore
happy in boing through, of fi.'hlug next
week. I bkw ono ot our most sncnosBfiil an
glers rnturniug from a fishing oxpeaition
ou Fiidiijsbvonii)g, if one may judge from
tho po'.o projecting worn me miggy winaow.
Mr, Hamilton uas raoveu lino ahhiiu nr
the prenont. Ho has given his stable ana
plaoo into Mr. Davis' charge daring his ab
The hidios are so busy preparing to go to
the drill. In fact, scarcely anything else is
talked of. A little bird told me of some
vory lovely drossos bcimt made by Mrs, O,
Pry, aud we know what she con do when she
exerts her talent in tliat Hue.
The gardens have been growing nloely,
but tho worms ore eating in some places
nearly as fast as tho vegetables grow. Not
withstanding this drawback irish potatoes,
green peas, snap beans, mustard groons and
beets oro beginning to appear on our tables
and wo may conquor the bugs this spring
aud havo plenty soon for daily uso.
I was glad to see some words of advice to
mothers about the childron in the Fbf.b
Fbesb. I hope Mr. Julian will continue to
givo us an ocoaaional papor on this subject.
It is quite as important as tho crops. Moth
ers have to learn by oxporienoo, but how
ofton is that wisdom dearly bought. A
mother cannot err in reading all available
papors on the subject. Not only how to
make pretty clothes for thoir darlings, but
how to food them to as to best nourish and
develop the human plant, how to dovelop
the precious mind ana loaa tne young spiru
tn cononer itsolf. The Ladies Home Jour
nal, Good Housekeeping and Babyhood ore
all useful publications, full of hints for the
housewife as well as goldou words to the
mother who should not rost content witn
hor own littlo store of knowledge. It should
be increasing all tho time.
Talkinf? of babies, wo hoar that a little
newcomer arrlvod Saturday night ot Mr. J.
Rowland's. As each girl Is sata to bo wortn
five hundred dollars, wo must congratulate
Mr. and Mrs. R. npon thoir acquisition.
Your Driftwood correspondent wlsnes
"fair play" and "men of solid merit" for
roprosontative. As soon as the biggest
half of the citizens vote he will seo It. Givo
the womon a chanoel Um Bos Am.
Baths at tho City Mills.
P. R. Ktlb.
. lie Certainly Will.
Minister Well. Bobby, do you think yon
will be a bolter little boy this yoar than yon
were last?
Bobbv fhopofullv') I think bo sir; I be
gan taking Hood's Sarsaparilla last weok.
Having kept silent for several months
porbaps you will think my budget or news
overstocked. Not so, nothiue save the same
old cry "more rain, wator works completed"
Mr. Walter Denny, aa nsual, roada the
Eylo folks a pleasant call on Hunday. He
rant tear himself away from Kyle ao sud
denly. Mrs. J. O. Taylor, nee Miss Addio Milcn-
ell, is routing her snnt, Mrs. Julia Mitch
ell. Many friends were dellghtwd as well
a su prised to sea bar in her aoenstomod
place on hnndAy last.
Mr. Catlott. tbo yonng man who came
here from Illinois several months previous,
took hi dPfcrtnre for homo on last Wed
ncldsy night. He made many friends while
here who w'll mii him on all occasions.
The e titer of the Pbex Pbess was in Kyle
on lait Monday-
The riremen's Concert oo next Friday
Light will co doubt be a soccesa. We will
a'ni'.r viilrer.fl or.r Sn Marco friends.
Mr. E. E. ltarcer ia now on a visit to bis
ro't:T In Va&nr.
lliwa Xal'.ia lih and Jotjo Mow. of
Carpar.t'r Hill vU.lfsl at the bote! on StUT
diT and Sco.ltr.
Mer. L. J. llmaairf and Wood Moors
i.'.t&d Stn 'r !at Saturday. W bear
it waa very quitt ia U t"k yard fm llial
1 f 1.1 . .-- .;M r-m r.f
, t,-
Mr.Acrr. day.
w ia Atjn.
Xoa il! tar f.-'-ra Kylo again,
f.- ilKti-f-i;Tr Hjtn fry iic
; ;i.r.'T r.l V.' 1 urttM tM tinol
Tic ".'!' :n Ha-!r.'Ir..BT
ail l ttc-c tu--fcrs, bit Hty ait
Here Comes Martlmlnle.
A very aever rain and hail storm visited
this plaoo yesterday, doing muoh damage to
the oro pa. .
Farming Is In great progress now, a ev.
ery farmer is putting in hi ttm on account
of tho weeds, aa they aro vory 'dangerous"
In this section of tho country.
Rev. A. 8. Bunting preaehod at this place
yesterday. He bad good attendance oon.
lidorlng tb cloudy and threatening weather.
Messrs. Bash, Barrow and Branoh Petty
bayo teturned from Koutucky whore they
havo been attending school.
Mr. Forest Reed ia over from Lockbort
on a abort visit to hi friends and relative
Wo noticed in tho last Issue that Mr. Jas.
Hortan had prcsouUid the Fbbx Pucsa with
sonio oats whioh contained threo foot bead.
W want Jim to save ns soino of those oats
aud would like to know bow much ho sells
them for per yard. Jim will bare a special
machine to thresh those oatri, wo know, as
it would bo too expensive to "monkey"
wttb these littlo oue-horse machines.
We learn that our German frioud had a
grand ploulo and ball at Martindalo station
yesterday; guesa thoy hd thoir part of the
ral. . .
Hold onl Mr. A. J. Owono, of Rio Blan.
oo, wa ou our street yeetorday. What il
his business down here?
Well, as tho frogs are ao noisy and tho
creek is rising, wo conceived tho idea of
ooniicg to aueud with onr mitiaiye, ao her
It goes for a close. Tub Railboad Box.
May 7, 1788.
The New Book of Cary rooms.
Tho "Early and LatoPooma" of Alloeand
rhcobo Gary aro warmly woloomed, aa was
to be oxpeotod, for tho reader of the poem
of these sistors are nnmbored by tho ton ot
thousands, aud many had failed to find in
tho Household Edition pleoea which thoy
desirod to presoryo. Tho now book I en
tirely distinct from thoformor. Tho Prov
idenoe Journal woll says:
Their poems havo won tho warm admira
tion of many thousands of roaders who have
found their philosophy tender and true,
their sympathies hoartfelt Bnd hopeful, and
thoir thomes such bs ore fitted for human
nature's daily food. If thoy do not soar to
the hoights of human emotion, thoy do not
plunge to tho depth of human passion.
Ronini7 midway botweon tbo two extreme
thov sins their sweet songs in harmonious
versification, Booking inspiration in every
day themes, comforting the Bad, and bring
ing rest to tho weary and heavy laoen.
Authors are not always tho host judges of
thair writinus. a fact Of whioh this
volume furnishes anothor Illustration. Ita
contents aro not include.! Iu tho regular edi
tion of the poems of tho Cary sistors, yet in
somo rospects"this collodion improsses tho
mind of tha reodor more favorably than
thoso of tho larger volume. Thoy ore more
nnetudiod and honco more natural, nor do
they exhibit that samonosa whioh booomos
rathor monotonous iu tho larger collodion.
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston, aro the
publishers of tho volume undor notioe whioh
or.hihils thoir usual superiority as book
mnkora. Prico $1.0. ,
Tho May numbor of the Eclootio Magazino
now bofore us is filled with interesting mat
ter for cultivated readers. Tho opening pa.
per by Sir Lyon Playfair is a ery suggest
ive and illuminating study of tho effects of
appliod soience upon trade. Tho author
Bhows what tromendous changes have beon
mnila in economics bv tho advanee Of prao.
tical selonooB. Prof. Drchdons article on En
(rliBh Literature and. "Tho Profession of
Letters" are strikingly Interesting papers
which will appoal strongly to lovers of lit
nrutnro. Another literary paper of a his
torical naturo sure to draw attention Is from
tho Wontmiustor Review on " Hans Saohs j
tbo People's Goethe of tho Sixteenth Cen-
tury." Wattuew Arnold's sway or --utilization
In tho United States," whioh ha at
traded such wide romarks from its trench
ant nnd incisive, if not always just criti
cism, is ono of the featuros of the number.
G. T. Bottany's reasons for believing that
tho United States is a eroat throat to Eu
rope will bo received with no little curiosity.
Othor articles on sboial or political quostions,
worthy of note, are " Female Foaoning on
Mule Preserves." showina how women are
advancing in the diversity of their employ,
mouts; "Imperial Confederation, Canada
and the United States," an analysis of the
relations present and to como of tho Do
minion to tuis country; - xno owarmiug
of Men," by Leonard Courtney, showing
tho tendency of mon to aggregate lute poos
and the dangers of it ; and a vory timely
discussion of the question of household
servants, under tho title of " Domestio Sot
vioo and Democracy." A mystical story of
marked power is that entitled "AiJeaa
Man's Vengeance," from Blackwood' Mag
azine. Tnero oro pooms oj Aigoruuu
Charlea Swinburne and Lewis Morris, and
many minor articles of much interest
Tho May Mngar.tno of American History
Is flllod with good things. Its frontispiece
1 an elogant and lifo-like portrait of the late
Alfred 8. Barnes, and its opening paper a
sketch of his interesting career by the ed
itor, who gives a graphic account of the woy
in whioh he fouudod his groat echool-book
cublishinL'-house In 1838. It la a story with
a moral whioh ovory young man in America
might read and considor to advantage. A
scholarly study follows of " Anoient Soci
ety in Tennessee," in which General O. P.
Th ronton, of the Tonnossce Historical Bo-
oiotv shows Tory conclusively that the
mound builders were Indians. The third
paper of the numbor is the continuation of
Prof. Hopkins' charming sorie of papors,
" Botwoon Albany and Buffalo,'' in which
the views of Mrs. Trollopo, Miss Martineou,
Faunv Wricht. and othtrs on our oarly
metboils of transportation and travel, are
duftlv introduced. Hon. Cbarloo K. Tuck-
omian contribntoo an eutortnining paper,
" Personal llecolloctions of Abraham Lin.
ooln." Ooono Hfwart. Jr.. I. O. U,
Presldont of tho Historical Society of Que
bec, writes forcibly on "The Fisheries
Treaty a Canadian Viow." a paper which
11 command wtdo attention at mis crisis.
Extracts from the " Enpllshman's I'ocKdt
Note-book In l'JS are continued ; James
W. Gerard contributes a sketch of a quaint
Kow York debating soi'ty in If IS, called
" tie Forum ; " Hon. William L. Hompe
tntrodiioes a critirisrn caliod " Aro Wo a N
tion Without Citixans ? " Trine. ?5.00 a
year. PublUbed at HI Broadar, Now
Itcad thoadvertierraont in another column
of E. T. Dumblc. arrretirv of the Texas
State Gcolojrical arid Hricntifio Association.
This is a subject every citizen who is ia
favor of the dvelopront of bia Rtate and
coantv. is interttod in. bend roar nam
and aMraa tit vnm to this gt)llenao If yon
wiah to bv a jumctieal raologtral rarr'T
iniS of your roualv. w ho knows x ua
dm w;th of our comity that may tuca
brought to bht which wo do not bow vo
V.'e copy and adopt the abov from aa ex
cbatijre, wo belirve from tb Victoria Advo-
Tt- Ftrt Tir-J lis K'tn fivort-t for
rrtna i'..t ih tj kttr Imn Dnp
rr fj':zc, l -t ti.X in cr.r f -zTii l
ia " ttlU T 1 y l.!f " "e aro f tot: 1 of tb
r ! s : r V r-ir. i;t.a1 r f t r m.
t:-i ia ti iir4t of -.i It'-. aiid
to rn woasriirrm. mTn wardbns amd
' MmtiKR or bah maboo lopob mo. 8-tU.
)ir Prtthrtn : Your committee ap.
noinud to draft a roaolutlou In memory of
our deceased brother and follow clilion Rev.
It. II. Bolviu, Itfg leave to submit too lot-
lowing report t
wiiami It ha clrased onr Heavenly
Father to remove from this world tha soul
of our doooaaod brother wno uoa nana ao
long aud ao favorably known amoug ns and
whoso moral Influonoe baa been worth so
muoh to ouroommunlty la evory goodoauie;
Therefor be it
Resolved, That wo deeply feel our loaa
whil we bow with ubiuulon to the will of
aod. . . .
Resolved, That tho Jowol of tha L J
draped and tho brethera bo roquosted to
wear tho usual badgo of mourning for thirty
Resolved, That wo alnoerely aympathlae
with tha family and relatives ia their ad
Rosolred That a oopy of thoso rosoiuuon
bo eont the Fku Pbbs and Haya oounty
Time for publication, and that a oopy of
tb paper containing them bo aent tho
family deoeasod.
AU of wmon ia respeouuuy suomuwu.
W. H. II. Bioob. E. U. Kokb.
0. O. Wbbmb.
All naraona knowlnn themselves indobted
to late firm of Storey 1 Roger will ploaae
call at tha meat market and make payment
witout further dolay, aa w need and must
have tha money. . -
To -Assist Nature
In restoring diseased or wasted tlssuo la
11 that any modlolne can do. In pul
monary nffoctlons, such aa Colds, Bron
chitis, and Consumption, the mucou
mnmbrano first become inflamed, then
accumulations form In tho air-colls of
tho lungs, followed by tuborclos, and,
finally, destruction of the tissue. . It Is
plain, thereforo, that, until tbo backing
cough is reliovod, tho bronchial tube
can havo no opportunity to hoal. .
Ayer's Chorry Pectoral
Soothes and Heals
the Inflamed membrane, arrests tho
wasting process, and leaves no injurious
results. This la why it Is inoro highly
estomood than any othor. pulmonary
spooiflo. .
L. D. Bixby, of Bartonsvlllo, Vt,
writes ; " Four year ago I took a ae
vera cold, which was followod by
terrible cough. I was very sick, and
confined to my bod about four months.
My phyntolan finally said I woe in oon.
sumption, and that ho could not bolp
mo. Ono of my neighbors advised mo
to try Ayor'a Chorry Pectoral. I did to,
and boforo I bad takou half a bottle was
ablo to go out. By the time I had
finished tho bottle I was woll, and havo
rematnod bo evor since."
Alonzo P. Daggott, of Smyrna Mill,
Me., writes: " Six years ago, I waa a trav
eling salesman, and at that time wa
Buffering with
Lung Trouble.
For months I was unable to rest nights.
I could aoldom He down, hod froquont
choking spoils, and was often com
pelled to seok tho open air for relief.
I was Induced to try Ayor'a Cherry
Pectoral, which helped me. Its con
tinued uso has entirely cured mo, and, I
bellovo, saved my life,"
Aysr's Cherry Pectoral,
Dr. J. C. Ayor & Co., Lowell,
Bolt) byallDrugglJU.
ITIootl; ilxbutUos,g
E. S. Mackin,
Plans and Estimates furnishod on applica
tion. Correspondence soiicitoa.
Address, Box 29, Ban Marcos. mr2oy
Bvtrj perion deilrinj to M a
began, that will aim Brat at tb practical part of
dlwovarlnR and making known what nuf'ii mlnar
alt and olhar dopoiluwe bava, tbalr locallxn. valua
and bow tboy ean ba brought Into naa, la rioilad
Iu sand tbalr uams anu add rait at ones to
K. T. uumhlh. naraurr
Uonatan. Taaaa
'acts Worth Knowing I
Wm no.til.alT enra Blood Poltonlni In avarv form
Catarrh, Djopuptla, Vtngat and all fevara, Koa.ma,
Brjilpalaii, lnaomnla, Imanlty, neuralgia, Uhannia
tlam, Sclalloa and all fnnolloual darangamaat and
nervoua dixoriera.
Will poilttvaly euro tba wont oaavs of Bora En
iu I'.ast Tcnih Ktrvot, Austin, Text
Territory for Hath and Eye Water for
Sale, Eye Water expressed to nny
part of the United States, on receipt
of il 25, buyer paying express
Wm. Thoma8.8r.,Sau Marcos, Tex.
M. Roberta. an-Oowmer of Tna, Ai.tln;
t Rmwn. .T-U.vnr of Aa.lln: D. JicFarlaod
builder, A.llo;T. B Sl.rl. Waerhe. (lollad
oaontj; William D. Frwewan, Boo bam, Fannin Co
Jnrfva rnta Teanoer. are. Kfrnoiae in. sr.. vw.
Ul.b.rt. Analln; W. H. Hlwn, leiville, riMiialea
oanlj; Mra. U. H. Oload, rulion. Ark.; Mre. II. J,
Tin!., h.b a.nionio. .n. Aim. rru i... -
Imo; A. I. H.iriit. mo.io i . u. t.ixi, -
Bark Wallow, W. B Walker, JoC.pf of Ao.un
m a imii if ilia lull a Stauwraaa. Aaaila: LO
lr. lor.h.rt flaorra Klearer. Puearerriltr;
Jottor.r Compion. riaoraewn; Heary Baofteri. Ira
4ll, I. C. iTaa, VeUaia, aad baodreia at olr
Ifothlng retley Heartartio so pyeniptiyu
CoUIm' Ajrai Cmr. HeKaiae tboauan
arb, immoM aeuua til Um II w, and purloa
tOO.baOOd. aVOlnaT to pener
A few Ooaaa of Colli na' Ara Car wt3
rmitw K-Mlr an t) oorat ca of Malarial
terrr' K o ithr v-trA j ywu tl. power
o( M mn,ef iy rradlcauiar M'na frtrti Ur9
mtm- nilT.I biA FXVXR rl4 at
TmeMoliara r'l- and aapewy rnra forth
rM of knew. roiM la Um4 la ti.a
o? rvlll.e' Aw-mm Ca.ra. A a raicai cr-
rvciiaouf a.1 i.40m lmn tt
niAiuiiisA or rxrrx-
m r-vi- J 'i' 1 J V""r'i 't V ''if f IM A5T fTVCC tum Tat IOOB.
Ixrtri:tT a!.aac. At-T. , rrm'
A Eisthgnlshoi Judgo B&yt:
Aostiii. TKta, Jan. 29, 188T.
Mr, A. K. ITawkoa: '
Door Bin I am 62 year old. I bought
a pair of your Orysialised Louse about a
year ago, when I oould with difficulty, lead
vory large print After using your glasses
thro or four month 1 notioed that my light
Improved, and I now read the finest print
with the naked eye. Jamis U, Bbix.
all itis rrmo ahd tbb fir aviuvtnp
s. f. McAllister,
San Marcos.
0. A. GLOVES, W. Jf. WOOD, "
Capital Tatd Up ffiO.OOO. . -Authorized
Capita, $160,000.
A flaaaral Danklna- Bnilnaaa Trantact4. o
oaata of Marobanta, Firms and Individual! aollcllad
w. . woop. w. o, nuTcnraoH.
j. t. HVTonnts, obo. t. mcoxhek.
ilj281yj .
Naw Booka aud latatt Hawapapari sad Parlodlaala
a ipaolally. A full llua of BiatUnary '
and Hotlona. .. . a ,'
arrTranilent sa wall aa raaldant people wilt bar .
Bnd whai thoy want la the line or paptra, raas
Inn matter, aw. Oall and tea. . lnn8ll '
Is now "at home" ia his new and eleganj
shop adjoining Hofhelna hotol, on tha
Square, wboro ho will be glad to welcome
old and now friends and oustoaier. Good
barbors and Batisfaotory worafaSsnred. flliif
Attorney at Law
over Groon'a Bank,
Ban ' Mar
aepOtf oos.
Drs. Woods & Beall,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Culls loft at tha Drugstore of Baynotds
& Daniel and J. A. Beall will receive
promnt attention. ' fb 24tf '
San Marcos . Hotel,
$1.00 A DAY,
Mxo. M. BEES, Proprietress,
- apiatf
John P. Lehde, M. D.
Special Attention to Spinal Diseate,
Oopt. Martin House,
Mrs- S. A. ROACH. Fropr!etress.
"HTltatos by day, wok or month Tory Tea;
aonablo. Visitor to Kyle wm Una tm
a comfortablo home. ' deoltf,
Mrs. IT. L. Sill, Fropriotrecs. '
Centrally Situated. Good Sample Boom.
JJuooeaior to Wiax it Pop.)
Ban Anlonlo Itraat, batwaan Daltay't Corner
and San Marco Botal.
of all kind at bottom rate.
I rtTlla Ipadat Atteatk a to iy
Tba baklna la dona with an f tba Job Tau
oTena kMted b, y new praceee of Orfleeu kea(
wfclefa nakea Iba looda preferable M tbeee baked
la etbar oreaa aa ihar areaet diled. aad kay era
mare paiatabla and bealihrnl. I ail ei: araete m
eraaaenul Oooklea. All kloda af Xeete baked.
Feed Store.
Corn, Oats, Uay, Bran, Chopped
feed and eTurythinfj els in hi line
eotifiUntly on Lapd. ' ja27tf
The citizens of San Marcos
and surrounding country are
invited to call and make the
acquaintaince of the "St Leon
ard Hotel" when they have
business in San Antonio. No
where in Texas can nicer ac
commodations, better fare, or
more home corafort be found
for $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
C&UJM BtSS- o:z C8-.
St. Uavw ' - -

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