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Free Pres
I. 3EE. JULIA.lSr, "Prove All Things I Hold Fast that which Is Cood." PROPRIETOR,
Tlio Freo VrtiM Kecoirulzod by Uco, P.
Howell Co,, am Ahead as an
AdYcrtlHlmr Medium.
The well knowu advertising ogouoy of
Geo. P. Howell A Co., of Now York City, fan vo
iwmcd an annual NewHjmjntr Dirootory for
thirty year or wore, and those publications
have been goneraiiy recogulzoa as authority
tin to tho matlter of nowxpapor ciroiuution
Iuthe regular iwmoB of the Dirootory they
bnve inoludod all the newRpnporn publinhod
In the Unitod Stato and Canada. Quite
recently, howovor, they have imuiod a con.
douHod liHt It gives ouly the bent nowspa
nors ai advertixiug niodiuuiR, and henoe is
nntotlcally better, because wore convenient,
than thoir larger Directory. Four-fifths of
the newHpnperg of the United States are
prnotioally "counted out" by intelligent ad-
vertiHors, wuo oniy warn 10 Know ute oen.
Heuce the ynlno of the work nuder notioe.
The publinhera in the prof nee well wiy:
"It HiftH the whout from the chaff. It di
rocta the attontiou of an advorttaer toward
papers which ho should and ought to use,
and tonds to intercept a portion of that pa
tronage which goog to publications which
ooHt greatly in exootw of any power to bene
fit whioh they posses n. It taken the general
ground, that the bent is the cbenpeat."
We need scarcely fiay that on this plan,
the Text Pbbrs is given by this book (see
page 158) as th advertising medium of San
Marcos and Hays county, it boing th only
one on the lint. We respectfully invite the
ttontiou of advertisers, both at home and
, abroad, to thin faot.
Legal and Transient Advertisements will
bo charged One Dollar per square for the
first insertion, and Fifty Oents por square
T for eaoh additional iusortion. A square is
i the spaee of one inch. Fraotioual squares
1 will be counted as full sunaros.
Advertisements for three months or more
will be charged at tho following rates :
No. of Sgtuiren. 3mos
6 mos
One square 4 50 3 Ol) f 12 00
jTwo squares 8 00 12 00 'JO 00
f Threo squares 10 00 15 00 28 00
One-fourth column 115 00 26 00 40 00
"Ono-half column... 25 00 40 00 BO 00
;One colum 40 01) fir. 00 100 00
I Yearly ndyortisers allowed tho privilege
of quarterly change.
J Amines Cards, one inch orlesR, one year,
H. Cards in Business-Directory, one year,
Local and business notlcos will be charged
ton conts per line each iusnrtion.
jk Advcrtisomeuts for Schools, Churches and
Jtotmvoloiit Sooioties, half rates.
i Marriage and Obitunrv Notices, of over ton
limn, (ilmrgud nsadvertiseineuts.
, i Calls upon candidates, thoir replies and
their circulars, nnd nil notices of a personal
'character, (if at all admissible into our col
; nruns), will be charged as advertisements.
A cross mark upo'i tho . paper indicates
that the tiinn for which tho subscription was
j).d has expired.
i All advortisemonts and subscriptions due
lu advance.
3 Any of our friends would do ns n special
tho names of any per-
ons within thoir knowledge who would bo
lifrnlv a unVw.-rilin for the FREE PliESS, SO
jthnt wo may send specimen copies to such
i Our terms for announcing candidates arc
1 15 for state and district offices, $5 for
county officos, and $3 for precinct and mn
; fcicipal. Terms, oash.
I AI'Flt'IAIi.
Bod. L. W. Moore, of Farotte Count.
. HATO-"lTlt diht.iot:
(Bon. W.H. BorRon, of Guadalupe Co.
f mrnKBKKTATiv.n 91T oistbiot:
Hon. don. T. Mcllohefi, of Uayii Co.
Bon. J. I. KlIlKon, orCulilwoll Co.
on. H.Telolimuelliir, Proiidlng JuiIro, I,0 range
J. M. Balhany. Attorney, Aualin Co.
times or noLnixa ooobt.
HAVi. lt Hondayi In March and gopteniber. May
onlinne three weeke.
j, oouurr orricaaa.
5 Rd. R. Kone. Judge County Court.
j Jaa. O. Bnrleion. Dlat. aud County Clerk.
- 8. 11. kolirlde, County AHornoy.
j Jaa A. Wren Shorlff, J. M. Tumor Dopnly.
. i. Cock. Juatlce of the Peaoe Pre. Ho. 1
K.A. Vauhn, " " " ',', '.. !
iiVc3-' :: - : ;;
i W. If. Slack, ' 0
J. n.Patleraon, County Trcauror.
' K. 8. rortaon, Aaaeaaor.
Otto Crooa. 8ureyor.
' W. L. Owen Uom'r Preolnet Ho, I
K. . Vaughn " " ' J -
n n. Hubba. " " . 1
' Peter Hchmllt. " " "
W. b. Steal, Cooatable proclnct Ho. 1
;j. Bolen, " ' " J
JappHenaon. - "
. B. SWne, " "
Tmu or moldxo CooaTT aid Paaomot OooaTa
Canty Court for Criminal. Olvll and Probate bna
s nm 4th Mondaya la January. April, July.Oclo
ber r. Commlaalonera'Oourt 4 Monday la February,
. May, Augmat end Movembar.
Juatloe Court, Precinct Ie. 1 taat Monday In
Mch month, at San Mareoa. "vu. nn.
prmlnet Id Friday In each month Mt.CHP-
t Sd " Wlmberl.y'a Mill.
m 4 tth lat. Dripping Iprlnga.
fowl orvicans.
Mayer Ramea.lt Hardy. .
CmiwII-W. D. wood. 0 W. Ponataon, Gld
Johnaon, D. A. GloTer. Id. J. L. Ore.n, F. J.C.
ltb( I)aa Bofhelm and Roger Byrne.
. Marahal Wm. H. Ly.ll. .
trv.1 Ceajmlaalon.r J. W. Danfortb.
- ConnllieeUtb.r.tTnadayleacbnlb.
Pnbll. f ehaal Tru.twa meet Aral Toeeday In .acb
navth at lb Maw'. .Inc..
METHODIST. rr.asblng at tb. MetbeJI.t
0 batch .rery Sabbaib, W. B. H. Nn. PaatM.
day School at .. Sl.(in at i 'cloth p. m.
Fray.r Meelln;.. Wa.edajt. VeorgKaa'apray.
m nMtlnic .. Moaxlay alfht.
BAPTltT. Fraaehl.c t tb Fapll.t Charcb
.err Senear. . W. II. rWrl.T. Paator.
day trboel at 3a a. ai. Tnna; aa'a prayer
Mellnt Taday nl.ha. C(atl.Ml prayer-w-etla
Wlaeday ail(bt.
FHICSMTtBlAM. trH d 4lb Sandara
eaeb aawith. paaa. laaday
Matl mtt tabbatb at a.na. Frarer M
11 erery Tbaraday l f : p, All ar. lTid
M at trad.
GRKimA9. Tirt Faa.
a4r OcbMl .1 am. A e.rdlal I.eiutlM
UW4 u .11.
' PRontiTArr ncoFAt..-m...M..F.iir.
Faawr. aWrtc tb. d aarf 4tb daya I.
bmii. dy acb el mrt leeway.
CATROUC. a. rrlfx 4tb Setdar la ebtb.
Im. Fatbe iHarltb FM.
akkital A!o DF.PAITCME or. to
.lie frwa 6.t1a rr. at a It a . iwia
.il. ftmm ftu -. arrr. ll ai. ai
aa . B.ctM ittit.a.iltl-. a.
- Lahat. rrlrnil 11 l-- P.M.
.-tliwiiWi n.wKF "
4W wa if amre a4 4n e-U
-- . 1 :-r",T'-:r,v"
a O . M. .m. niotxay aeiry
If. 1.
rm w-iav.
eratele-f - , .
I P. M.t.6 P. M r .er,. Wiw
v-a ae4 mm wr - T m
(aa.tae ikly -e. fl- nl-'4 wc
''"h a riy f m
Johnson Building, ou tho Square.
Special attention given to Disoasus of tho
Mouth and Facial Neuralgia.
Officio In Now Branufoln tho last Thursday
and r rulny iu oach month ' lnrHIy
VJT Blaroos, North side rloza.
Jj oos, Southeast Corner Plaza.
O B. MoBItlDE, Att'y and Land Agent.
kj . Office over First National Bank, San
T H. JULIAN, Judge Wood's New Build
J. Ing, Upstairs.
CR. J. H. COMBS, Judge Wood's New
Buildiug, upstairs.
& DANIEL, North side
171 D. J. L. GREEN, at the old stand of
I J Green & Price, Southeast Corner "laza.
. National Bank.
door to FirBt
JOHNSON & JOnNSON, Mitchell Build,
ing, North side plaza.
BRO., Southwest Corner
c f invTW
Near Northeast corner
JJ . Plaza.
W.LE AVELL, South side Public Tlnisa.
THOMAS TAYLOR Eaot Side Plaza.
North side Plaza
Northeast of Public
T W. NANCE, Southeast Comer of Pub-
f J . He
BOBBINS, North side Pluza.
M. GIESEN, South sido plaza.
MRS, RICHARDSON, between First
National Bank Buildiuff and Nance's
Furniture Store.
POltTEK, East Side the Square.
Our Cliibbinir List for 18S8.
We are prepared to club theFRRE PRBSS to new
or renetrlnu ubribr with tb. following publi
cation at the rate apeclfled below. It ordered at tb.
am Urn. with our paper. In tb. drat column w.
give tb. regular price of each publication alnfrly.
In tb. esaond tb. price of the eunoand the Faaa
Pa together.
With tb.
Free Free.
f J 86
I 00
I T6
S 00
4 00
s io
5 10
S 00
1 fio
5 00
1 60
4 10
I 10
s io
4 OS
t M
4 SO
i '
6 30
1 M
t M
6 IS
5 4
1 so
1 to
1 4
1 00
.. I 26
. 1 00
. 1 00
.. S 0
. I M
.. 1 W
. S 60
. 1 0
. 1 00
- S 00
.. S IS
. 1 so
. l to
.. s o
.. M
.. I M
. 1 T
,. 4 OO
. 1 0
.. 00
. S o
.. 4 00
. 00
,. 4 00
.. t 00
.. 1 00
.. 1 o
, S
. 1 M
Auatlo Stateaman -
UaWeaton Mewa
N. T. Wkly World
St. Louie kepubll
M.t. Udgar
5ew Orleana Tlmea Democrat
Louiaville Courier Journal....
Texaa Sifting
Farm and Ranch
Detroit Frra Preea
Saturday Kvaning Pl
Sew Torn Obref ....
atlaeu Coaalltutlo
American AirieullartM
clraliHc Amtntii
Century Manaiuie-
St. Micbolaa
Uarpr'a Toan People
Tenth's CManaaloa
AtUnti. MMtbly .
Upptoctt' MaraaiM
P.clectle Macail.
PbrMlo(ical Journal
Feterraa'a MacailM
Povalar lelw MMtbly
Harpr-a Moibly-t
)lr'i Lady'
DaTt'e Mnalbly
lutlaa'e Manaia.
Mae Raj
Omt LHtle Oeje
HaM b4 Farai
V2r An other Tii prr or reriod i
etil mot imcludcd in the chore if.ir-
I nihrl t proportionate rote, or or-
KUreo teftoratclj at pMbticr$ prtcrw,
fa 0f charge and pottage ptepaxi M.
1,. !
' , v. , , .j,
I tw aiy - . - ,
1 ly raer 4 cmimU maa by a-ea: j
' -.a, nlrr letlrr !-- l
t -.-v.i- r-w-4. t
i ' - - t
1 rale , rwiaVk t: art ntarflt fc.li -
enerre tw arvM -." Vrp-i
r4 !, l-r rr-m. rf r J . MT W r'' e"r
. Vjf .- rf
tm-, tmr,,.-.if rwli-eH, elk - tl
'- '--'-
I Tbino
la prtnared tololr for ths
euro nf oomplaliiu which
nilctall wonanUlnd. It
Ivua tone and akrangui to
t ha uterine orifana, na
correct Anntrmni tHaplacrmeuta and IrresularU
Una. Itlnof yriatva1tipii change of lire. Iliauaeol
HIIBUEI.L'brK!lfAI.K TONIC ilurlrurrR.
bancy .really relieve the palm of motherhood and
promote apeady rvouvury. It toalata nature to
ufely make tbo oniloal chanjeo fioiu irirlliooa to
womanliood. Itlapla'aaantto thcUatn.i'dmay be.
takwi at all time with perfect aafety. frloe, ft,
ron bai. ht all nmiodieTa.
The Bane of Hot Weather-
There Is do timo that is lookod for
ward to by tha mothers of small child
ren, with moro mortal droad, than tht
hot weathor of tbo tuminor months, ci
peclally is this the oaso when theii
children are toothing. The number ol
ohildron that aro carried away annuallj
by bowel complaint, In its varloui
forms Is prodigious. Yet almost orerj
case could bo curod by propor care and
treatment. During the past fiftoen
years, It has been abundantly proren.
that the worst cases could be cured and
by a remody within the roach of all
Chamberlain's Collo, Cholora and Diar
rhoea Remedy has cured thousands i
cases, that woro considered hopeless, it
has cured thorn after physicians hart
failed to relieve, it has cured them af tei
other modlcines had been tried without
boneiit, it hue even curod them aftof
they had become unconcious. It can
always be depended udod. and should
be kept at hand, br every mother ol
small children. When children art
teething, the diarrhoea oan not be chock
ed permanently, as the same cause tha
producod it will bring it on again, oul
it can nnd should bo oontrolled b.
giving Chamborluin's Colio, Cholers
and Diarrhoea Remedy,' as theoase may
require. Then when the child is
through toething, the diarrhoea may be
effectually checkod. This remedy has
boon the solo reliance of thousands of
mothers throughout the west for over
fifteen years, and its cures have shown
it to bo tho best and most reliable-renv
cdv ever nroduced for thn nurnonno..
When reduced with cold wator and
swootoned. it is pleasant to tako. Man v
children like it. It is put up la 20 cent,
00 cent and 1 dollar bottles.
My child, soven months old. was taken
sick with sunimor complaint I called
on our family physician and procured
uiuuiuinu, ana useu u ior noany luree
weeks but still the child continued to
got worso. I was persuaded to try
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholora and Di
arrhoea Remedy, and inside of four
days, we had the child's bowels regulat
ed and in a short time It was well.
Sinoo that time I always keep a bottle
of the preparation in my house.
a. u. quotes, scottsvuio, nansaa.
Wo feel satisfied that Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholora and Diarrhoea Remedy
is tho best medicine we handle for all
diseases of the bowels; we have given
it a thorough test. A member of our
family, a little girl, had been very sick
with bowel oomplalnt, wo had the
dootor to soe her twice, after giving her
what medicine tho doctor left and see
ing that eno would have to have more
we concluded to try Chamberlain's.
From tho first dose she commenced to
Improve and soon recovored.
. KEEL? & Son, Per Sam Neelt.
Bay City, Pope Co, 111.
For Sale by Raynolcls & Daniel.
i AND ' PoWEBFCm :ToM)C.
BrvheIlo ReguustorCo
For sole by all Druggists and Dealers.
Stomach, Liver
and Bowels
roreOrmtlptlon, Inrtijrrtlno, T)yll".P"'
etrk Headache. Liver Complciata. Ism ol Ap
Ttltr, Billounnma. Nenroiuneaa. J.oncllr. etc
toe bcJe by all DruwlaU. PHew, tent.
JkLlUliiJ C Xd JulXTX
Tb. imu 1T1TIM TVT , T A-DTA I
f iu n iinum
tm4 m aiirCStrmim tfee i
lr ciwei i Uker
kN tetwa ii.-mciM A CT71. t
1 6CAtAXTIZ3. - M tail raw Iraa
a. t-, . l.rr ttwc Mnvtr rm a
rOP-Om a TP IAL' P wr to u. ywm BnrriM
tm rur fivi Tosra Pram il ptK
ii rt tcf:j rs, : $t. icju. .
a t i.i I -ta wrt-.
Ua i ... r.. 1 . Cwn
'-cL-a-5 tUL'U ron
Mil. trTHir'flT TtW.. il'j-wrt
i ; r iirt a c-j--. o -
In breathloof. whirriua faotorios
A million ohildron droop each year
Like soma fair ulaut that iwloly bloorui
Whsro buulight o.u not eoiue to chuor,
Tho ocbool I robbod that little hand
May earn what fathers' wkkoo lack j
And ihui tha irrood known of tho rich
Loaves bliuht aud igu'roaoa in ita track.
The corner In the produoe mart,
The oout of ev'ry oinooure,
Trust and monopoly rodueo
The alendor iuoomoa of tho poor.
The national banking fraud, designed
To draw tho money to tho few,
' Proves woll adapted to the nd
IU mbtlo author- had iu view.
The lion's phart of bonoflU
That from protective tariff flow
It seized by lords of industry,
While labor's rights uuhocdod go,
" Go West." an old sage onoo advisod.
' Whore fortile unclaimed acres lie."
Ah, yes, go there your heritage
From corporations you may buy I
Oh, mon who sit In places high,
By hoping millions called to power, ,
How lonnjwiU yon permit the wrongs
That ory to justice ev'ry hour T
Sam Christy in Craftsman.
Torre Ilaute, April, 1988.
(from Our Regular Correspondent)
Washington, May 4th, 1888.
President Cleveland has the happy
faculty of making good appoint
ments. His latest popular hit in
this line was the nomination of Mr.
Melville Fuller, tbe eminent Chicago
lawyer, for Chief Justico of tho Uni
ted States. The appointment is uni
versally conceded to be an excellent
one; even the Republicans join in
praising Mr. Cleveland for the good
jndgmont shown m making the eeloo-
tion. He will bo promptly conhrmed
by tho Senate, aud it is probablo that
tho vote will be unanimous.
Mr. Fuller has always beon R con
Distent Democrat. He was a dologate
to tho DomocrStio National Conven
tions of 18G4, 1872, 1876 nnd 1880.
Tho President has beon anxious to
give him an office ever since tho bo
trirminrr of hi8 administration, and
o o
has offered him successively tho po
sitions of Solicitor-Gonoral,now fillod
by Mr. Jonks ; the Civil Service Com-
missionership, which Mr. Oberly ac
cepted ; the Pacific Kailroad Com-
missionersbip, to which Mr. tattler
was afterwards appointed, and the Inter-State
Commerce Commissioner-
ship, which Hon. W. R. Morrison af
terwards received. He declined all
of them, but the last and groatest he
has accepted.
The Sonata Committeo on Foreign
Relations has mado a favorable re
port on the Chineso treaty recently
negotiated by Mr. Cleveland. It will
probably bo ratified by the Senate in
a short time. Another triumph lor
tho Domooratio administration.
Speaker Carlisle will, it is under
stood, make the closing speech on the
Democratio side in the general de
bate on tho Mills Tariff Bill, which
has some ten days to run yet.
Tho President has been compelled,
in the interest of the public, to put
his veto upon quite a number of small
bills of late.
It is thought that the Blair Educa
tional Bill is dead, so far as the pres
ent session of Congress is concerned.
The Senate Committee on Inter-
State Commerce have decided to re
port an entirely new bill, to take the
place of the prosent Inter-State Com
merce law.
A bill baa been introduced in the
Senate to increase the pensions ol
soldiers and sailors who contracted
heart disease in tho service, and one
in the House, giving a pension to all
soldiers or sailors who served 90 days
and over, at the rate of one cent per
month for acb day of actual service
Should this last bill become alaw.it
is estimated that it would require 1,
500 extra clerks for one year to make
up the rolls, etc, which would bo ab-j
aolutely necessary.
Tbe House Committee on Territo
ries are trying to get the Committee
on Rules to report a resolution pro
viding for an evening session of tha
House on Monday, to consider tho
bill organiring the Territory of Osk
aloosa. The passage of this bill it
considered somewhat doubt ul at this
A Detdocratio canons of members
of the House will probably be Leld
next week .to deride opon a line of
rtolicv to eovern tuo
acoc-ptance ot
Imr.nta n VlA tariff Kill
Evidently tbe 1U publicans of the
Senate would like to oc tbe House
in another dwul lock- The Directing a letter from tbe LoiUd SUlo
Tax UilL which wes tbeense of th -i iu 1A.U .-y.niiiavl in tLt U. 8.
treble. Le boen hitched o-a a.
o arntnanM-tl 13 U .-unurj aiu.
An -pruiion B.i!, which will i-rot-v j
Uj pM t': Sc-bate.
Bank Uoud Case Eloctiou Obltuary-
Alllanco Notes Cheap Rates Baa
Ball-The "Old Lady" Court
Notes fliilreston Uencros
Ity Botes.
From Our Regular Correspondent
Galveston, Texas, May 7, 1888.
Editob Fkkb Pbess: Tbo case
against tho sureties on W. J. Burk's
official bond, as County Treasurer,
was conoladetl in the District Court
on Saturday, April 28. A vordict was
brought in for the County against
Burk and his bondsmen for $10,074.11,
which is tho full extont of tho claim
upon whioh the case wont to the jury.
The returns of the eleotion hold on
April 28th for a floater representa
tive for this distriot, resulted in the
election of Hon. Guy M. Bryan, of
Galveston Connty.
Mr. Lloyd Arnold, an old citizen
of Galveston, died in this city April
A few weeks ago water was struck
at tbe Ice and Cold Storage Compa
ny's artesian woll in this city, the flow
being greater than that of any other
well ever bored here, but not being
satisfied with tho flow, it was at
tempted to increase it artificially by
a pumping the water out proooss.
The result was a complete stoppage
of the flow. This necessitated extra
timo and oxpenso in repairing the
damage, and after considerable work
the roward camo in a reestablishment
of tho largo flow.
Tho charter of tho Gulf City Co
oporativo Manufacturing Company
has boon revived. This company is
composed of Alliance mon of Galves
ton aud Chambers counties, and the
object is to establish a factory for the
preserving and canning of fruits, veg
etables, fish, oysters, shrimps and
eggs, rne location or tne iactory
hue not yet boen decided upon.
Mr. W. T. Allen, who lives west of
the city, down the Island, has been
appointed business agent for the
Farmers Alliance for- Galveston
The previously existing enthusi
asm in base-ball, hero, has received a
serious, set-back in the last weok.
Tho Galveston club is now on a tour
of the Stato, and has thus far lost
every game but one. Numerous
changos have beon mado in the play
ers and it is hoped they will now
make a better showing.
Wednosday morning tho Galveston
News appeared in a complete new
dross, surprising its readers beyond
degree by its wonderfully improved
appoaranco. The press of the News
has boen changed from a type web
porlocting printing machine into a
a stereotype printer. Tho stereotype
department is filled with all the nec
essary modern machinery, and the
entranco to the large establishment
now presents a far more metropolitan
air. Tho News is now unquestiona
bly tho noatest paper typographically
in tho Stato, which will incroaue its
already largo patronage and popular
ity. This change on the part of the
News demonstrates the fact that
" Galveston and the News are still do
ing business at the old stand." The
joungor member of the family at
Dallas wilThavo to hump itself or the
" old lady" will " cut it out," in its new
On Friday tbe final decree was en
tered in the Unitod States Court
to soil the Houston & Texas Central
railway under foreclosure. Tho date
of sole is not yet declared open. This
is practically the culmination of one
of tha most extensive litigations ever
before engaging the at tea tion of a
court in the state, involving a fore
closure to satisfy a mortgage lien rep
resenting a dwt of something in the
neighborhood of ? 18,003,000.
By a decree of the United States
Circuit court, made in this city, Fri
day, May 4, the Texas Western rail
way is to be tied up, being twalle to
J.T. Penn, charged with
u.n. tt5UrT
The gther two cg-oaties in this d;s-
trict Matagorda and Brazoria hay
ing foiled to pay thoir pro rata of the
$600 assossod this district by the
State Immigration Association, Gal
veston, with her usual enterprise, has
raised and paid the whole 'amount,
thus entitling tho other two countios
to representation in the State Asso
The roal estate transactions daring
tho wook just closed, aggregated
over $165,000.
The Washington Guards have re
coived thoir new uniforms.
Next Wednesday will be a big day
in Galveston for the publio schools.
It will be the annivorsary of George
Ball's birthday, the founder of the
Bull High Sohool, whioh day tho
sohool has very appropriately set
aside to be perpetuated annually as
a holiday and an interesting pro
gramme has been prepared.
Bolivar prominence, just opposite
the city will raise an immonse crop
of watormolons this year.
Everything is shaping toward an
early commencement of work all along
the line in the construction of tho
wator works system.
The yachting season is soon to
open, and some exoiting races on the
tapis. Galveston has had some fast
yachts added to her list since list
The St James Literary and Musi
cal Society gave another one of its
very enjoyable entertainments Fri
day night with its usual fine success.
Kules to Live By.
Keop good oompany or none nev
er bo idle.
If your hands cannot be usefully
employed, attend to the cultivation
of your mind.
Always speak the truth make few
Live up to your engagements.
Keep your own secrets if you have
When you speak to a person look
him in tho face.
Good oompany and good conversa
tion are the sinews of virtue.
Good charaoter is above all things
Your charaotor oannot be essential
ly injured except by your own acts.
If any one speak evil of you, let
your lifo be so that none will believe
Drink no kind of intoxioating li
Ever ' live (misfortune excepted)
within vonr income.
When yoa retire to your bod tnink
over wuat you nave uouo during turn
1. t - i 3 . il. - I
Make no haste to be rich il you
wish to prosper.
Small and s toady gams givo com
petency with tranquility of mind.
Never play at any game ol chance.
Avoid temptation through fear yon
may not withstand it
Earn money before yoa spend it.
Never run in dobt unless yoa can
Bee plainly the way to get out again.
Never speak evil of anyone, lie just
before your are generous.
Keep yoursoll innocent il yoa would
bo happy.
Save when yon are young to spend
when you are old.
lload over tne above maxims at least
once a week; they will benofit you
whon yoa least expect it
A Qniot Town. -As
a qniot, sober, peaceable town
Blanco stands almost without a rival.
No drinking, no rowdyism, no bois
teronsnoss. We have not seen a man
under the influence of liquor in
months. Saloons can't thrive here,
publio sentiment and tbe morality of
our people are adverse to their exist
ence. And the some may justly be
said of almost the entire county.
There is not a saloon in the county,
and only one place that we know of
where liquor can be obtained by the
What town or wnat county can
boat this where local option docs not
prevail. News.
Ui Ac urn rr Mr. Arnold admits
that this is a grand country for the
workmg people. It affords them op
portunities) and eveo laxuriee that
persona of their limited income can
never hope for in Eafopcan conn trie.
That, at leaat. is encouraging. In
deed, we think that everv gen nine
American would rather h.ve that
aid of his country than to Lear that
its condition were more favorable to
the rich and blu UoodoL We can
stand it even if the f all-nowcred col
lar and taate of ages of civilization
U bot toanifected here if only tbo
p tbe inMav have a cLanoe to
It v Mid thrive and be barr- Lox-i
rrr wi.l Ute will yn. They are jernting ofSoer ct a colored vnUeea.
sln-vly f read'or. tbe former Wj -ry:i to whioLr
rspid'y in the vtka of weoUlb- lint
tH workinr; tieople bave a rher
Tbat is good enoogb. I.oc1:t1
xuTAii . ...
Similar Results Un4er Each.
Farmers in the United State seeing -the
price of thoir products . falji and
the value of mortgages rise and bus
iness depressions deepen, millions of
them have come to imagine that this
condition is caused by the .protective
tariff. Many of them , believe that
evon were it but pared down jk
that it would brighten their prospects
and hotter the situation. In England
the farmers find themselves in the ,
same goneral condition; falling prices
deepening gloom, debt and decay.
Thoy have free trade there and many
of them believe that if they only had
a protective tariff all would bo well
and good times come agaih. It may
be interesting to the farmers in this
country who honestly believe that
lower tariff would bring them pros
perity to learn the actual condition of
agriculture in England under free
trade. Mr. Chaplin the English Min
ister of Agriculture, in a speech de
livered lately in the House of Com
mons thus describes it:
The loss in England by deficient
agricultural values could not be less
than 50,000,000, . an amount equal
to a reduction of one fourth in tbe
export trade of the country. Many
thousands of acres of land had gone
out of cultivation, and there had been
a concurrent decrease in cattle and
sheep. Another effect on the depress .
inn was the increase in the masses of
unemployed. Reliable estimates
showed 700,000 idle, owing to the
paralysis of agriculture, while those
employed were foroed to work at
greatly reduced wages. What could
the government do to assist to a hot
ter state of affairs! He presumed it
would not be by a return to protec
tion. .
No doubt it may relieve the minds .
of the overburdened and impoverish
farmers here and there to declaim
against protection and free trade, res-,
peotlvely; but it is not strange that
so many of them are blind to the real
causes of their present distress and
blind to the fact that neither proteo-
tion nor free trade can relieve them.
The same systems are in operation to
rob the producers in both countries.
Nor does it make any difference that
an oligarchy with an old woman as a
figurehead rules in England and .
Wall Street with a deraooratio or re
publican president as a figurehead
rulos in America. The results and
conditions are similar under both.
Southwest '
Unnecessary and Unprofitable.
Some months ago Congressman
Plumb, of Illinois, in investigating
tbo reoords discovered that the re
funding act undor which the $736.
000,000 of 4 per cent bonds now out
standing were issued was changed af
ter its passage and the word "after
substituted in the plaoe of the word
"for, making the act read "payable
at tbe ploasure of the Unitod States
after thirty years," instead of "for
thirty years, as it was voted. Oth
er members of the House who have
examined the records concur in the
opinion that the forgery was effected
after the act was passed. A resolu
tion was introduced providing for a
special committee to investigate the
matter, The Judiciary committee of
the House has reported adversely
against tho appointment of the com
mittee. The committee report says
that it "would be unnecessary and un
profitable." Of course it would be
unprofitable, because, as usual, np
matter bow strong and plain the
proof of the fraud and forgery discov
ered in tbe transaction so long as it
was at pnblio expense nothing would
be dono to right it The change of
a single word means the loss ef many
millions of dollars to the Amwicau
Eeople, and all to be paid ultimately
y American labor, hence it is "ua
neueesary" to investigate it Wert
the facts reversed, were it discovered .
that a forgery had been effected in
some act in tbe interest of the maes- -es
and against some favored 'class,
with what alacrity and unanimity
Congress would demand an investi
gation and a correction Then it
would bo "nooessary and profitable."
On with the steal it is comparatively
a small one anyhow where there art
so many to pay it Southwest
' A book case generally speaks vol
umes for the literary taste cf its
Of course Solomon was the wieest
man- A follow with TOO wives has a
chance to get instruction. JournaJ
of Education.
Per All Se a.
fTU Fpooh-J
Conntrymaa (to f orniturs leoJer -I
want to git a bod an' cxaltr.
Dealer Yes, sir; a spring bed and
pring mattreea, 1 s'poee sitf
Conntrymaa No; I want tbe kind
that kin be oaeJ all tbe year around.
A rJiffrreet kl4 ef AtUrk. .
Itrctut Trmr.ir J
Did that man strike yom wita
rcabce asre-tboaghtr asJced pe prot-
l.dbe etr.le
with malice
i a;or-iocracL.i-
-No ih, be dJa aah. He dorf
'L.t eevrc.
-f r.V

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