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Free Press.
rvtunin wtui.i and kntkmho at tub
fiMTornoa at anunoa, im, Asaao,
Ona year, lu advanca 3 no
Hit uioullw, " 1
Tbrue rooutba, "
Tha I)T rUx (urlodo the prepayment
of rUg hy un. Kniiitl enpioei Milt ltv.
Hiuglo oopioa C cnnU.
lu OoMtorioM fcr It. Pass run mM W
In MMdaj I lMr iKtrrllea lb urn
Mk.and ill adrartlmeie and kstloaaa bjiIom
iwl later lhaa dods booh.
PomsiT MiBiiianlMiloii puhllli4 Biile.s
In writer', real Mint iraowpoiln II, aol (or r
Jleatlon luteal ds.lred I km for our ova bnunfll
and sToteolJon.
fob conoukhs ri iiirn iuhtiuct.
Wo nro nlhnritd to wnnuuniHi HON. !.
W. MOOliK, of Latrrnnffr, Fayette Connty,
TexiM, M oamliibtln for re-election from
tli KtU Contiruawioniil Dixtrint, sulijuct t
the option of tho Doniocrutiu convoulion.
Wii nra nntliuri''l la HiinotiticA IK)
OF.OltfiE T. MnliKIIF.KuntCAniliJiito f or
ro election to llio I'ltlco of K'prwnt-iitivo in
tbo Rutin Icaiiiliitnrn, nulijeet to the aetluu
of tlio Dsniocratia convention.
Tbo San Antonio Kxprcs, qnottnc
a eulogy of Quntral Stauloy, U. S. de
partment conimundcrof it city, from
thu Austin SUU'Hnian. in eonnorUun
with tUo Into tlrill, ddu:
IIu lid (i not nhown Austin one Lalf
tho favor ho has Han Antonio, not
bavin tho opportunity. Tho Kx
nrcfin can uav that no town in tbo
htato can think a tilLo bo much
him bn tbo ono iu which ho niukos
Lit homo,
For instance, iny it not LrtTO been
(Jen. H. who put Lieutenant ml.ou
und r arrt and coerced linn into a
retraction of Beruo unpalatable trutliH
o published concerning t-n Anton
io.uinh-r pnin of being eourtmartiolodT
W'o have tho authority of two Han
Antonio papers that me military
snmrior of Lieut JJalloa did this
thin. Wo do not assort that it was
Control Stanley, I. at if ho did, tho
fact will go toward explaining tho
gush of gratitude of tho .Express to
ward him. whoever did it. it was a
iiiont signal dolivoranco of poor Sun
Antonio, who writhed helpless under
tlio galling firo of tho young lieuten
ant's pon. V.'hilo uho bcoh roa-
Bon to curso tho U. 8. Courts for
hoMin" somo of her authorities And
f pMjowiii i mii im n ni
O'roin Our Iti(jt!nr Corrponitont.)
VMiiiNOTOM,Shy 25th, 1RS8.
Tho President nd Mrs. Cloreland
went to riiilmlelphin on Wednesday,
to attend ILo 2S0th anniversary of Mombn of tho Farmer-' Allnuios of Tcim:
tho PrchLi toriun church hold at Oar- brethren:- Oraro and important
. - I A A TT.MM&
Muhtown. Jlr. CUmland retarnod cunironi "
... .,. ... mi. i- i-i r- coniuinaiiODi senu 10 inroiuo uur
v. io mwuingioB jawfui ftnd loeitiinato efforts to in-
vn I rliiii n. 1 u'lTl tii.riKiin in l'lii!AiirTnliin I. j .
In Ecb Connty In tho Slate, June
th, 1HSS,
Published by ruo!.
Wo copy tho following gems from
the Fort Worth duetto's couvcutmn
List night was ngreatorension for
young duiuocrats. ilieyima hub
opportunity to learn tho history of
t ih mii'tv. TllO tJi lliCU" "UK
on the old stock cutch phrusos ud
The ffcntlerann from Brewster And
tho gentleman from Potter sat upon
CloTolanJ will roiuuin in Philado!phia tr(Hilu.e ft tjuHinoas flvstotn moro just ppposito sides of tho baloouy and vot-
iblo than Unit now prevail- J ogamiit oncii otner wmi groai mu-
a fow days.
Tho Kenato has passed tbo JTonse
bill to establish n dopurtnicnt of labor.
Thnro woro several unimportant
amendments tnado whinh will noces-
Ni'tato roturning tho bill to thollouiio
for its concurrence.
Tho Scnato comrnittoo on ogrieul-
luro have mado a favorable report on
tho LToiiflO bill to enlarge tho dutios
of the Department of Agriculture,
and mako it an execnlivo department
Tho bill, ns it piisf.d tho IIouso, pro
viJod for tho transfer of tho weather
bureau from tho war department to
tho Department of Agriculture. This
!m been struck out of tho bill by tbo
Sonato committee
Tho republicans of tho IIouso havo
inc. Those in tho combination have tion. Thoy aro both splondid spoci'
said to as substantially, you can only mens of wild woRlern manhood
do your business in our way. This Senator Dill Popo occupies a pros
is. in our judgment moro than we Lnnitim box with tho llnrrisou ooun
uro nrenartd to vield. and more than i (lfllpcaliou. No is ono of tho
tho manhood of the order will stand, brightest and most gonial men in
In order that tho proof of tho exist- Texas politics. tSenalor DurgeB says
enco of thin combination may be sub- Popo is tho only mm sent to tho leg
mitted to you, nnd that a full, froe iulatnre from Enst Texas since tho
confercnoo may be had with tho breth- wat' who could count thirty poker
ron, it is most earnestly recommend
od that a runes meeting be held in tho
court Iioubo in each connty In the state,
on tho second Saturday in Juno, nt
whioh meeting tlio documentary evi-
denoo flirjelosin'' facts of vast minor
chips without
tbroo stacks.
dividing thorn into
Many ft irwn who tretn caught in
tho matrimoniiil knot regrets that ho
monkeyed with the lubs-so. liing'
tanco will bo laid beforo you and a hampton Leader.
plan for your consideration and adop
tion. Lot nothing prevent your at
tendance ; tho time is now hero when
Tho Democratic National Convcn
. tion will meet nt St Louis Juno Cth
The capitol building nt Austin is
modulod after that of tho Unitod
Gon. John M. P&luior is tho Dcrn-
ooratio nominee for governor of
A fine now railroad depot is noon
it is said, to be built at Austin. Suro
ly "tho world do move," albeit some
times very slowly.
Tha ncceptanoo of tho prohibition
nomination by Marion Martin, the
"swamp fox," is a puzzlo to tho "com
mon run" of politicians.
Thoy Lad quito a die astrous storm
pr rather oyelono, at Ilillsboro Texas,
(he othor day. Oonsidorablo destruc
tion of property.
Bov. Lyman Abbott, who has boon
officiating for somo time as pastor of
Plymouth church, Las been elected
ns permanent successor of Mr. Boecb
cr by a largo majority, although there
was somo warm opposition.
summer against tho prohibition moot
ings, blio lma certainly found tho U.
military authorities abundantly do
cilo and obHecjuiouidy Huporvico.iblo
in Lor behalf.
Y8tflrdny won a beautiful nnd pleasant
tbo order has a right to expect evorv dy. and evory boly's heart was tilled with
man to do his dutv. Posted sneak- ioy. lint to-dny is not very beautiful, ns
backed down in a most inglorious 0rs will moot us many ns possibloj all evory woed lias grown foot nine morning.
manner by declining to accept tho aro requestod on that day to enquire Poor farmers, we oil know bow to synipa-
Ith thorn.
boat nnd onta are as flat ns. broken nier-
secretary. Again urging each loyal chants. Outs nro ready to haryest, and
member to hood this call, we nro fra- promise a fuir yiold,
ternally yours,
9 4. A 1
oad.ng ciiizons io n just ncooun in i)n,ncn,, at tho nost offioa in tho countv towns tbize w
tho egg throwing and riot coses last ' 1 tor matter nddresscd to tho connty W'bon
tutive Mills to tako a vote on the sub'
ktiluto which tbo republicans propos
ed offering, and then on the Mills tar
iff bill, without further diacusaion or
amendment This action on tho part
of tho republicans shows plainly that
In proof of our ututomcut lust week they wore afraid tho bill would pass
that tbo so cnllod compromiao reso
lution on tho prohibition question nt
Fort Worth was liko tho haudlo of a
jng, all on one side, and that sido in
favor of tho nntis, wo quote from
Ooorge Clark, of Waco, tho grand fu
gleman of tho anti campaign of Inst
year. Un ueing askoa mo opinion oi
tho resolution, lie is reported as say
if they allowed it to eomo to a voto
without further delay. Tho bill will,
when taken up again, bo considered
undor tho fivo minuto rule by sections.
At this stage, amendments will bo in
order. It is not likoly that a final
voto will bo roachod boforo July.
Tho Baltimore, one of tho now
cruisors for tbo navy, will bo launch
ed in Philadelphia, July 4th. It is
expected that Mrs. Cleveland will
"Tho resolution is all I want and is,
0 1 . 1 T i. 1 f
m iuci, an x over wanton, our oi iiy christon tho new boat,
party of Texas against state prohibi- A resolution providing for an ra
tion. Thin is in tho resolution, and vostigalion of the fur soal fisheries of
wbut we call tho heart of oak." Alaska, by tbo Ilonso committee on
And our own Billy Burges, who Merchant Marine and Fisheries, has
last your declared that "whisky is ns boon passed by tho Houso, For
necessary to run the democratio par- many years there havo been charges
Gon. Sheridan has recently boen
threatened with sudden death from
diseaso of the heart At latest ad
vicos ho was thought to bo some bet
ter, but from tho naturo of his dis
easo is liablo to die nt any moment
Tho National Prohibition conven
tion is in session nt Indianapolis. It
is conooded that Gonoral Clinton B.
Fisko will bo tho nominee for Presi
dent. Tho fooling prevailed that tho
second placo on tho ticket should bo
givon to a Southern man.
Tho hoart of oak plank goos in nnd
those who don't like it can go out
Tho above is from Bartow, tho no
torious nnti prohibitionist, formerly
of the defunct Waco Examiner, now
of tho Victoria Advocato. Murk how
he cracks his littlo whip over prohi
bition Democrats.
ty ns water is to run tho Baptist
church," is quoted as saying nt Fort
Worth; "Wo lixod tho thing up
Great compromise!
Tho Prosidont is apparently stud
iously ringing in with tho religions
Llenominations. With Mrs. Cleveland
ho lately mado n conspicuous figure
at a largo Presbyterian convention
from both North nnd South, whilo
about the samo time ho dofiod a fur
ious rain-storm to be present nt tho
laying of tho cornorstono of tho now
Roman Catholic University at Wash
ington, where ho was seatod by tho
sido of Cardinal Gibbons.
Wo noticed at tho cnpitol dedica
tion that the swallows were already
rnnking nests under tho envos nnd
porticos of the new building. Thoy
nro irrepressible, nnd excepting the
rod ant, nro the most industriouHanM
indefatigable workers in Texan. Nei
ther Hconi to bo aiTectcd in tbo least
by tho alleged "enervating climato."
The boom of Judge Grcsham for
tho Presidency appears to bo taking
tho load among tho Republicans. Ho
is undoubtedly (heir loast objection
able man, and as a lover of onr coun
try, we hope for his nomination, so
as betwoon Mr. Cleveland nnd him,
we may feel assured of having a re
liable president however tho canvass
may U riuinf.to.
Hempstead appears to be ambitions
of following in tho pteps of Jdckson.
Mississippi, in tho way of murdering
editors and general cubschIdcss. Tho
ditor there who lately killed a
deputy sheriff who sought to cinr
der Lim for discussing tho acts of the
abend" office, wa shot down without
crtniony by another deputy. The
Governor had to send troops there to
letp the pence. J
"We noticed in tho report of
tho Fort Worth convention that our
dielinguishod contemporary, Judgo
Koobig, of the Now Braunfols Zoi
tung, was called to tho stand for ex
hibition as a sort of curiosity, ns the
only Gorman democratic oditorin tho
stato. What becomes, thon, of tho
loud boast, of which wo heard so
much just after tho voto on prohibi
tion, that tho groat body of tho Ger
mans would be found voting with,
tho democratic party? But then why
should they, for their old frionds
tho republicans have gone even fur
ther in tho advocacy of froo beer nnd
whisky, and so the republicans still
stand solid with tho Germans.
Girl Stihurz, tho Gorman Republi
can renogado, 1ms appropriately fol
lowod up hia eulogy of Emperor Wil
liam by going to tho court of Berlin,
where ho was received with distin
guished consideration by tho royal
family and Bismarck. His recent
flnnkeyism only securod this atten
tion to the ex-fugitivo from Prussian
tyranny. Had ho boon truo to hi.i
principles ho would scarcely have
dared return to his native land,
and cortainly would not have been
smiled on by tho samo dynasty which
drove him into exilo in 1818.
mado ngninst the Alaska Fur Com
pnny, a corporation which has a con
tract with tho government that givos
it n monopoly of catching seals on
tho Alaska coast. Up to the present
timo this wealthy corporation has al
ways boon ablo to prevont any legis
lation looking toward a Congression
invoetigntion, but now it is to be
bopod that tbo committee will mako
nn cxb nustivo inquiry into tho wholo
business and methods of the com
pany. Mr. Springer, of Illinois, has intro
duced a bill in tbo House, placing on
tho freo list all articlos of merchan
dise tho production of which may bo
controllod by trusts and corporations.
Thursday tho corner stone of tho
now Catholic University in this city
was laid. Gen. Rosocrnns, Register
of tho Treasury, was tbo chiof mar
shal of tho procession which was an
oxtromoly largo ono. The ceremon
ies wore very impressive, being par
ticipated in by Cardinal Gibbons,
u'uout thirty biuhops and nearly four
hundred priests.
Thcro will not probably bo any pa
per fractional currency isouod just
now. iuo senate committee nns re
ported against tho House bill pro
viding therefor. In placo of it thoy
havo reported a bill reducing the fee
on postal notes in sums below ono
dollar to ono cent. The opposition
of Socretary Faircbild killed the frac
tional currency.
Wednesday night thrro was groat
rejoicing among tho democrats hore,
when tho news of tho unqualified on
dorscciont by tho Pennsylvania State
Democratic convention of the Presi
dent nnd tho Mills tariff bill was re-
coived. it only euo
headway thorovenuo ro
ing among the pooplo of the country
Evas Jones, President,
B. J. Key price, ) Stato
Jos. Smexheb. V Exccntivo
G. L. Clark, ) Committee,
C. W. Macune, Bus. Manager,
J. B. Rn,E7, Sect'y Excbango,
Harry Tbaoy, Superintendent.
TThero the Itosponslhlllty Rests.
The Louisvillo Courier Journal,
speaking of tho Tate defalcation,
says :
Lot us confess it. AJ1 of ns are
moro or loss to blame for this wretch
ed business, and the Courier-Journal
is ready to take its full share of cen
sure. If we had done our duty and
given years ago the warning which
tho state of the case not any dis
trust of the Treasurer required,
some part, if not all, of the present
scandal might havo boen avoided.
It tens absurd to go on, term after
term, electinq and re clechnn, substan
tially without opposition or question,
one man to be the custodian of the
public moneys; and this tho Courier
Journal, with eyes wide open, and
the entire consciousness of tho wrong
to the commonwealth, permitted
W'.tuout a wora of protest, i et ice
tcent on year after year singing his
praiees ana keeoing him in office.
Tho likelihood is that Iheso defalca
tions date very far back, nnd that
with each recurring day of inspection
bo was able to tiao them over with
temporary loans.
Mr. Jas. Tetty, of Lockhart, was oyer
lofit woek, nnd said watormolous would soon
bo on market.
Lost Saturday night at a Mexican fundan-
go. two Mexicans jumped on another or
thoir race, nnd oon butchored bim up;
stubbing bim fifteen times, nnd then knock
ing hira in tbo bead with ao ax. Don't
know what caused tho difficulty.
Mr Joseph Jonninf9. a prominent gentle
man, nnd ono of Martindnlcs loading ter
mers, was married to Mies IMa Duulnp, of
Luting, last week. Saccess to tbo couplo.
Woll tho old "boss" is hallowing at us
to come on and go to picking cotton, aud he
is old "Billio DIcturner" when he gets a
littlo mad, and so vre mnet go. Adios.
Tne Railroad Bors,
May 28 1888.
Tribute of Respect.
VThoreos, it has pleased onr lion venly
Father to move out of this world the sou oi
our worthy brother, E, I. Iglehart, there
fore be it
Itemhcd, by tho San Marcos Council No,
10, Order of Chosen Frinnds, 1st, That we
feel tbnt we have lost muoh in the death of
our bother, though we bow submisaivoly to
tbo will of God.
Rmhed, 2nd, That sympathize with
his bereaved family and friends in their
soro affliction.
Rcsolvtd, 3rd, That a copy of thoso reso
lutions bo published in the Fheb rnass and
Hays Couuty Tinios and that a copy of tho
papers containing this notice bo sont to the
C. O. Mead,
DAii.Er. 1
Tho Sun Marcos Freo Pross wants
to know if interest shown in a shr.tu
battlo is not demonstration of a sham
civilization. It is a demonstration of
tho nbilityof the malitia soldier to
make n world of noise and do no dam
age. Notbing else. San Antonio
A Present for Hrs. Clovelaud.
Washington, D, C, May 21. Tha
Woman n Cbristiau Tomporance Un
ion of Monroe county, Now York, has
presented Mrs. Cleveland with an el
egant Griffith Club microscope and
accessories in recognition of her tem
perance views.
Tbo following from a Missouri paper in .
V'o havo lately boucbt a now w6to ban
ket and nre daily inserting freo advertising
therein. Thnso of our friends who desire
anything in this lino will puinse rush it in,
id order to Hocnro good positions iu the
hanket. o received a long article from
l'otoiri, pulling somebody for jndgo of tie
fit.Lonia court of oppoals, and it filled a
long fult want in tbo bottom of the basket.
A. B.
ipsa fl
r.ol lhl tlins It U Udlei', Cblldron'i .nJ Uln)' Trimmed nd tliilrlinmod fl.ti, M.tne or W.t H
. .. rrlnin'DK Kr.nch tuton t S". o.nu, Amorlc.n 8m.n .1 U cei.u. Urgo llao at P,Mals
ntw linaorVtn. Embronlurca Kobui. iuiiimw
But I am Still at the Same Place,
Where I expeot to continue to koep a good stock of
Such as Everyone Wants.
And I will, continue to sell 'em low, sell 'em fast r,nd make up mora.
aus mmm s mm m isui
Dealers Id AM Ktndd ol
mmm, esses
Whits Pis; WcaUurboariinff,
Whifa Fine Beaded Ceilinj!
Lumber Dressed to Order.
&1I Orders Froinptly Jiliei
the Railroad Depot
c. it Y
Absolutely Pure.
ThJi powdor novor varion. A modol of pnrity.
ftrutii.'kh and wholonomenefid. More ecuiioniical
(tun the ordinary klndii, nnd c&n oot be told In com-
noofVs RaraapnrUla is pecnliRr to itPG'f K!!;ion w:lh "i"' low te, -hart weight
and supurior to a'.l other mdicinns
strongth, economy nnd modioiual merit.
lu I Horn. Dakino Pohdrh Un 100 Wall St., N. V.
A safo deposit Your unclo's.
A standing collar Grabbed on a
WrYf thataro fretful, twv5s
Windy Colic, Toething Pains, or
Stomach, Disorders, caa le relieved
ws what rapid nt cuco by Acker's Baby S wther.
. It contiiins no Opium or Jlorphin".
roforna is mak- benco la safo. Trlco 5 cents, fcoid by
For uala by J.iwnoN- i UaSs.
We find tbo following graceless
paragraph in tbo St. Louis Globe in its bnlf, nnd indorses tho abstract
Tho Democratic Stato Convention
was remarkably harmonions. It was.
in fact, unusually docile and tracta
ble The platform is signiGcant for
it omissions. It eulogizes Mr. Cleve
land's administration, declaring that
it has redeemed all the pledges mado
In order to raelt a jnry it is rot
necessary to put tliem in a hot bos.
New Ilavcn News.
nd d,l-r In til grid?, vf
X ivv Of tho good tilings of this
vxll;ra are orrowfullr lot
alono on account of Dyspepsia. Acker's CLOfiTvS TVATnTTFS TPWP'.
Drl- TaUrf. will euro lpepsia. U"ATT SvV, JT.f"
hen n gontacl and prominent
ew lork paper spenka of candidate
Stripping for tho presidential race,
it ignores the fact, manifcstlv, that
Mrs. Delva A. Lotfcwood is to !e one
of tho runners in that connection
The Anstin Sutfbmn. thonh an
anti prohibition papr. rwvgni.zcs tLc
fully of tLo "finality" rlau of tl,?K
rJV-i rmprorni rto'nt:on at Fort
Worth. It My;
Tit pT-al-t 1)nrdiTr was t -mmc
tht ry pirty c'iiM
any iu" li-at .I.vi.lc p-irtv r t' e
jv.j.i" of ali p ,r;i I m- in-.
I II.' 1 , .f , I
N-ryed Him Right
WrnrsToif, Dakota, Mar 9. W.
Griuneil. bring in the coutty. has
be n in tho habit ef cctting drunk
isn l tx-atirg bis wifa. b warne.1
' him if l:o did ro apain she wonld kiL
him. Ytstcrdiy Le began drinlir.g
f an I i our.dmj- htr over the head iib
!areT. !v, r. S'l.o Ce,l r nd l.c tri.xl in
proixsition conlaine! in bis message
to Congress, lint it is dumb as to
the Mills bill, which is which is to be
tho effectual execution of tho recom
mendations in that message.
This singular omission is empha
sized bv the action of the committee
in rejecting, by voto of 22 to 4. a
r-lution pledginsr tbo Democratic
mev-urf. and this is mli'nlrsf.v! to im-!
inairrsxion ana constipation; aold on a
positive guaranty at 25 and CO cents, by
For sale by Limnos &. Ba.
Light rain will do, if it is only
heavy enough to come down. New
Orleans Pic:.yrna
rnn r.Tcr l.er on borseba. L D-
ru nr I n l.o attAtkI I f r
un ar.,1 r!., .l l,i-n t
psir the chances of the lull's miccts.
Tlio delegate to St Louis wtrein-
rvtrnctd to Totof or Mr. Clevpland for
prdt.nt and the nnit ta! mi
a.lopUJ X. Y. World.
?5fvr 119 Children. They ar .
EJVVVV' ptially hnlie to mdden
Colds, Cougba. Cronp, hncpir.g Coocb,
rtc We nruu Acker 'j ci-!h
I; T!y a rmsitive mm. It earrs
CI atVioaa mitcitg. tviJ by
A po i.ittooi is paradoxical. The
rn";j r the t ze tLc grcaUr tbe igb
(iooiIaII Sun.
All good warranted a rcprcsent
fdall trork to gice satisfaction, or
money refunded.
W All roo.1 nold low if not lowtr than
ran bo bought elsewben" in Texiw
pkf.kt. vioi; fnr.sT.
E. L. THOMAS, Carhiub.
First National Bank
:' ?i.74 sats:cN.
Capital Stock Paid Up, - $ 30,000.
Authorized Capital, - - 250.000.
A Oiiera! Ranking limine... Collocttoim muds i ,.n,.ut onHv n ,nA
Aoocoiiis of MLTclnnta, Farmers, Ktockuien ai:d
others solicit,, d.
J. W. ITkbkiiox. Jas. O. Bhhlcsok.
Kit. J. L. OanKM. JWSPly
ll.nufactnrer of
mini MJ'TTDsccrp
UillUU JliL'Lil liiftl I ULddLd.
Matressfs of All Kinds Altorod in
Sizo nud Jtopnircd,
Satisfaction (Jnornnfced nnd Prices
Same as Handmade.
Work called for and returned tlio ame day.
Leave orders at Uuslo Store of Cbaetaln 4 Knlghl,
San Marcos, Texas.
Corn, Cats, Hay, Bran, Chopped:
food und eveiything cisa in hm to
E. S. Mackin,
MSS Ml Hill,
riuns nnd Estimates f urni'tilied on nppiia
tion. Correspondence solicited.
Address, llox 20, San Marcos. mr251j
Wonld renpertfnl'y iaform his
friends nnd the pablio that he
has removed bis '
OFFICE: North Side Public Sqnarf,
Jlsri'o, ..... Teif
Facts Worth Ezomtt
hjs twill norltlvelr mre Blood Poinnliir In t"T
; CaUno. Hyitpe .!.. rim,. nJ ll fer.
r;.,.,p,... , -K.mi.la. Inaaoitr. Meerallla.
I fuoctioual deraiirssM w
tl.n, kcjaMca aad all
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K. KARi-JY &. CO.
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