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'Provo All Things I Hold Fast that which Is Cood."
Thft f roe 1'rcHk Itocogiilzod by (.00, P.
Howell & ('., a Alioad an an
Advertising Medium.
The well known advertising ngonoy of
Geo V Uowell A Oo.,of Now York City ,lmvo
lMued i auuunl Newspaper Directory for
thirty roars or 'uore- n"d those publications
have been generally recognized fin authority
un to the uiotttor of newspaper circulation.
Iutho regular issues of thu Directory they
hart included nil tho uawspapera published
in tbo United Btntos and Canada, f.nito
roeutlv. however, they huvo Issued a t-ou-OouHOiUt.
It fc'ivoB only t'uf bet uowspa
uen a advertising mediums, nud bunco in
tirnotioally better, because mora convenient,
tliau their larger Directory. Four-fifths of
the newspaper of 4,16 United Stutes ere
oractioally "conntud out" by Intelligent ad
vertisers, who ouly want to know tht ht.
Heuce tbo ynluo of tho work nud.ir notice.
Th. publishers in 'ue preface woll say:
"It sifts tho wbofit from the chaff. It di.
rct the attoutiou of mi advertiser toward
punors which ho should find ought to use,
and tonrts to intoroopt a portion of that pa
tronage wbjeU goes to publications which
oust greatly iu excess of finy power to bene
fit which thoy possess. It takes the gouoral
urouud, thut tho best is tho cheapest."
Wo need scarcely say that on this plan,
the I'kbb Phkss is givou by this hook (soo
pgo 15H) as t?u advertising medium of Sim
Marcos and Hays county, it being the only
oat on tht lul. Wo respectfully invite the
attention of advertisers, both at homo and
abroad, to this fact.
Logal and Transient Advortisoiuonts will
rt.,.. ltilliir nr 1:111111. for the
first insertion, and Fifty Oonta per square
for each additiuuul insertion. A square is
n.u.n of one inch. Vracliouul wiuares
-illbocouuted as full sqnarcs.
Advarti iciuonts for throe mouths or more
jVo. of Siuiu-m. 3 mos ti mos 1 yr.
fjue'square 4 8 " '
Two s. mares H 00 1'2 no 20 00
Three (..(u iros 10 00 15 00 S.I 00
One-fourth column 15 00 L'5 00 10 00
O-ie-hilf column... 25 00 40 OO 00 00
OiWOTlum 40 W r-r' 100 00
of (itiartorly cliunyo-
Business Cards, ono ineh or loss, ono year,
$S. Curtis hi Business Directory, one year,
ljaeal and Imsiness notices will ha r.-liavged
Hn oonts per Hue each insertion.
Advertisements for Suhools, OhurchCH and
Benevolent So. iet'.es, half ratoe.
0.ils m.u oandidatcs, their replies and
their cireul.trs, ami all notiees of a personal
If ,if nil n-liiritKiriln llltO OUr Ot)l-
omm will be ch irked a.i iidvcrtmements.
A cros marl: nnw t p;ior indio ites
tht tlm timu for which the subiieription was
puid has expired. , .
All advartisouients and subscriptions due
In advance
A .... f ,
'Tonr friends would do us a npcoiul
I.wr ui .
eons within their knowluclgo who would be
likly to subscribe for the Fiieb Pnr.ss, so
that wn lU'iy send speeiiucn copies to such
Our term for announcing eandutaw aro
1S lor state and dntrtot oiac(!K, ij.-i lor
oouuty oftteoj, and .: fur precinct and inn
ninipfd. Term", cash.
roKoKBn fiTii nisTinrT:
Hon. W. Moom, of F.yclto Conuty.
HEHATUN - "l " i'i...-.-
Hon. W. II. IturRec, of (JuaJaliipP Co.
nnriir.sKSTATiviia 91ht nifTiunT:
Ronton. T. Mo(llii"o, or liny Oo.
n.in. J. h. EllUon, or C.ldwoll Oo.
niBTIUOT oourt 1!Khi distsiot.
noil H.TcIcbmuell", Preiiain(t.lurtRe, LuOraiige
i. M. Belh".v. Atioraoy, AUhllnOo.
Havk. IhI Monday. In Murcli anrt Septcmbor. My
continue tbrco wi'oka.
ooo NT v ornomis.
Kit R. K oni,Juilse Oounly Oourt.
Jm. ft. Ilnrlpnon. UUt. ,nd Ooiinty Clerk.
8. a. Mortr ilu, County Attorney.
Jul A. Wroii Slierirr, J- M. Turner Deputy.
C.S. Cjck, Juntico of t lit) P'"oo Pre. No. 1
K. A. Vautthn, " " "
II. 0. Bbb., " .. I
W. W. Slack. 6
J. Il.l'attersou, County Trcaiuror.
H. 8. Korton, Ausoasor.
(ino (irnoa, nrvyor.
W. h. Owen Cora'r Proolucl No.
K. A. VatiKbu " " "
R. C, Hnblit, " " "
w. I., steel, uonaiAuie prociuu,
J.Nolen, " " "
J.'pp Ilemon, " " "
S. K. atono, ' "
Timkh or HOLnmo ConirrT Ao Pb.oinot Ooubth
Couuty Court for Criminal. Civil and Probate bua-nesa-ilh
Mondays In January, i pill. July. Octo
ber, tJoniramionors'Court id Mondaya In February,
May, Ausuat and November. .
JiutloeConrt, Preclnot Me. 1I.at Monday in
ai-u month, at San Mareoa.
Precinct No. a 2d Friday In each month Mt oity-
" 8 Sil " Wlroberley'a Mill.
itn Sat. DrlpplnK gprlna.
towk orricaas.
Vayor-Hammett Hardy. . .
Council W. D. Vfoo.l, O Vf. D"na.en. i
Johnton, D. A. filnrer, Kd. J. L. Ureen, P. J.o.
Snillh, Dan Ilfilhi'lni and Win, Gletcn,
Marxhal J. M, Turner.
8tre. tComnilsaii.ner -J. W. lmnforth.
Conneil meeta the flrat Wedneaday In each motn.
Pul.tlo School TrBKteea meet 11 rat Tueaday in oacn
month at the Maror'e office.
MKTnoniST. Preachlnic at the ctbodlt
Church every Sabbath, K. B - II. II. ni(r. Pastor.
Snn.ley School at a.m. Slnclnn at 3 o'clo P m.
Prayer Me. tltiR on Welneday. Young Men ipray
er meeting on Monday nirbt
BAPYIST.-PreaehtnS at th. Bap Ut Church
every SundaT. Rev. W.D. Beverlev. Pa.tor.
Sunday f rhoel at :3i a. m. Tnung men i prajer
meetlng Tnelav night. Congrejtalional prayer-
meeting V edneMay nlglit. ,
PliKSRYTKIUAS. errtcel 2nd and 4th SunJaya
....a oa-tor. Sunday
Hehooleverr SaMi.th at:3a.. r""K,;'':
Ing every Tbnraday t 1.0 p. m All a-e
to .... C
tilZ7::m. A.ordl.1 lnvi..t,-eg-
"r'so. Mr"'" HPI!.COP At.-ev. i r.aibeeath
P....r. Service, the In. end aihSa-iaya f k
aton-h HiKMlayehnel every .under. .
t.'ATBni.lC, aerviree'atb Snnday I. each meta-,
Hey. y..k.rm1ib Peel..
KRM ti.kN V AT' P'ST t'FFtrr
M.H. fr An. tin r-'-e at J. a. m. a-4 j
t r.A a.n eni aT.T a- - a
a - .i ... . . . ? a.
K, ;. fr'.m lrH.-t aim at w p. ' " j
;I-i!!...o.r,m.f. 'Tqpa.ac I'I. Julis.il,
-re -e.la e.ee . 1 er.-i .:a lOUlA' '
a, v'a e-w'rl-r- .r.r- H- .
ar .M F-i.v. at T r - tan. .cl.r.l TAViT3V kTTT.TC
v... .1 FH.r at
TV - . . ..a .'..r1.f a' 4 A
ervrra mi. I
rw;irv fn- . M , t. 1 J Y . ar-4 lr '
i m . mm . J - r f T aw
Johnson Ilulldliig, on thn Square.
Special attention glvon to Diseases of the
Mouth ami Paclid Neuralgia.
Oilloo iu New llraimfcls the last Saturday
in oach mouth uirHly
Zt Marcos, North Bido l'laza.
cos. Southeast Cotncr Plaza.
Sl. MoBIUDE, Att'y and Land Agent.
. Ofllce ovor First National Dauk, San
II. JULIAN, Judge Wood's Now Build
, ing, Upstairs.
Dlt. J. n. OOMliS, Judge Wood's New
Building, upstairs.
i : L , ......
National Bault.
door to First
J OHNSON & JOHNSON, Mitchell Build
ing, North side plaza.
DAILEY .t OHIO., Southwest Corner
' "ahmutkct and duilder.
J7 S. MA13KIN, Near Northenut corner
1j . vu:?.x.
. ... ---r-.-
J A'.
f nloM.VSTAl'LOli East bide 1'lr.za.
OT .T) WSP APEIIS. ft r w ttt p.
ping-papCr,25cH 100, at this office
J W. NANCE, Southeast Corner of Pub
. lie Stpinro.
i.i. lywinawii JLT "
BOBBINS, North side Plaza.
,,w.w...i riufri " I
M. GIESEN, South sido plnza.
MKS, RICMAllDSOX. between First
National Bank Building and Nance's
Furniture Htore.
E. POUTER, East Side the Square
Our Clubhiiig List for 18S8. j
We are prepared to club IheFRKK PRRSS lo new j
or renewlnn aubacribera with the follow Uir publi
cation! ol tie ratei apecllled bolow, !f ordered at the I
.ame time with our piper. In the first column we j
give tho regular price of each publication flnRly,
In the pooond the price of the same and the Har.
Pii.sa together.
With the 1
Free Presa. j
f 2 n5
:i on
2 76
2 1-0
4 60
3 10!
3 10
H 60
. 00
... I 25
... l M
.. . l (10
. . . S (10
Amtln glateiman
Ualvei'ton ftewa
S. Y. Weekly World
St. Lonis HpuhltoB
N. V. Ledger
New Orleans Tiniea Democrat.
Loulaville Courier Journal
TVx.ia Sittings
Farm and llanch
ii.ihii( 1',.. Vre.ma
l no
.. s 60
... l IH)
... l o
I 00
... S IB
. . l r.o
... 1 so
... S 20
.... 4 00
... S (10
.... 1 M
... 1 M
... 4
... S 00
... 6 00
... 00
... S "9
. . . S (si
... 4 eu
.. t (U
. . 4 00
X Oil
.... 1 M
.. l
... 1 M
a r.o
S 00
:i 6n
4 i"
5 10
II 10
4 0 ")
6 SO
1 .Ml
3 e '.
6 :to
m .it
Saturday Kveiiin Poat....
New York Obaerver
Atlanta Conftitution
American Aiirlciilturiat ..
Scientitle American
Century Magazine-
St. Nirholai
Harper"! Young People....
Youth'! Companion
Atlantic Monthly
Uppinr.ott'a Mat-aiine
KrlKtic Ma.ailue ...
rhrenoloKical Journal ...
reteraon'i Maatne. ... ..
Popular Science Monthly .
Harper"! M mtt ly
' Balar
Imnret'! Monthly
Pallou'l Mazailne.
fW.d-n Caya
Onr Little Otio!
to ;
5 20)
3 59.
6 f8 j
6 3 ". j
S 60 '
3 2 j
4 r.
1 :
lli.me and Farm
J 4-
nic - . i
ffcr- VtiiM-r or J - i'r-1
. ..... m lL nhorC f'f. -
; . rn!.-jt. Of or
j UlsliO fit ... - - ; ,
irrt.,i xnmriUU .it pvhMen !
frccfch,Ve,IHl fU'tC ' ' j
! all CC. ef S
, The a-any I.ea e.a-4 !
go. a.-tty tbeflf .t f tl.e aa!'l. ee " ,
r ..rJ t, . eotal iera! ie -'
L,.,,, 'r,r rte4 l,ttr r r.. i
at tl.' .r-e-.tf.-y. . ay ' J
,rt-4. I
.,. ... . . v a.wk'tk . " ':
; al-
i. a. a- -
mmm- -
. a..
It Tirtrnared aolely forth,
cure of oomplalnla wUlth
.miet all womankind. It
Rivet tone ami alrongtb to
ia ntxrina oi-vna. and
forweta danreron. rllsnlaoeni.nt anrt Irrtuulart.
tlea. Ittnf u're.itvalnoin chanit" ofMfe. Thouaeol
HF.it ItF.l. (.'at VKMALUTOAlVdHrlPiciirrtb
tiauoy (rrallyrelloveatlie inluofniothvr!ioodant
rroiuute. apet'ily reoovery. It aslsis nature to
frly make tho critical cKanito from girlhood M
Wnu.anliood. ltlaplruantto ihclaaio and niayoo
Ukva At all tlmca with uerfect aafuty. Price, 91.
FOH 8L tiy ALL DUl lKllMTa. .
THo Iron Duke to his Boldlora .
"Do your duty," woro tho worda ol
Lord Wollington to bin soldloru Just
before the buttlo of Watorloo find his
tory tolls us how well thoy obeyed.
The earuo advice wight properly 14
given to every living man at thia time.
Thoro ftro many men who wonld do
their wholo duty in timu of war Oi
groat ncod, but who sadly neglect it In
tlmoa of pcaco, they would gladly rbk
tholr Uvea for their country, but when
thoro li no such grout occasion, nocrlocl
their plain simplo duties to their God,
thoir families and themselves. It I
oot for want of honor nor because thoy
do not love their families, but from
puro nosloct; us an iudtanco, etatistics
compiled by tho national authorities,
show that raoro doatlis result from
bowel complaints than any other one
cans 3, except coiisumption.yet not more
than one family in 6is are provided with
mcdioines that will reljove or euro the
dlKoasca. It Is tho duty of every mnu
to look after the?o small matters f and
protect their families, and they ere cer
tainly a-t least, guilty of criminal care
lessness ff they negloct to do so. No
one can plead poverty in this Instance,
8s the best remedy there la for the pui
pose only costs but 35 cents. The article
we refer to Is Chamberlain's Colio,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It it
a certain cure for cramps, colio, cholera
ruorbiw, dysentory, d'an-booa, bloodj
fiux, cboloi'a infantum, end bowel com
plaint in all its forms. No family can
afford to he without it during the sum
mer months as frreat suffering and even
life may bo saved by it beforo a physi
cian could bo summoned or medicint
prooured. Do not delay, but procure U
at once, before it is i'orgoUon.
How is it with you?
Do you roliob your foodf Is your di
gestion irood? Are your bowels regul.irl
Do yon nave a tirnd or languid fooling!
Is your toucruo coated? Does youi
hack ocheS Is your skin sallowr li
your ryntem is iu a bad condition take
St. Fat.-iok'i! Pills, thoy will aid your
dignf-tion, improve your appetite, reg
ulate your bowels, correct your biliou
disorder and mako you feel like a oe
The Itching and smarting of these
diseases causes almost perpetual mis
ery, but that can bo relieved almost in
stfttit.lv by applying Chamberlain's F.y
and Skin Ointment, and its continued
application has cured a groat manj
bad cases. Try a 23 cent box and yot
will bo surprised as well as delighted
with its oli'eol.
For Sale by Eaynoltls & Daniel.
B rj3 fld"FgulatgrCo
For Bide ly a!l DrugistK and Dealers.
ft.nr. PJTft
Ct'-rrnr.e'lrmtlon. Iir!ig.-tlnn. nrrpiwl.rfl0i
Bi'-k I'clar'i-. I-iv-r nnilainls. Liee ol Ap
t'ii'o '1:ui'.r.. : yer.oa.-n' -a. Jaut diec, etc
For kale by kit Lnigi--i-!. iTl-, 3 Cent.
p:s;f;s KKuracT'jp.ms co.. $t. win, no.
The Km Ttt iTSTIfTIT T3Tfl I
Ie ! aire e 1 a.
' Cf t.i - a, jet ,k4ra oiaeak
r ' -. .lH,-v r f
. . i . tr- . A CCS-
f.. I. I V 1 T "C-
. '. '--1:1 r 1 11
- i .--. aj et - Vr-met
::, In e - I ft e-V.a.
,t .ci, : t. isri. W.
TT 7- rl" f k
Wl!vA M-o UWHdfi
1 ?
.a k rfo'at
TVe.'" - rt"-" AifJ r-rir r.ktrift
: I.r7 1 I '.TH I. '-
, .. . t ... t f . -,-, . , . . .. e .
Th Rich and Poor.
Tb riehmit man it very poor
If he hT. naught but gold
No wish but to inoreaaa hi. .tore
And bars hi. name .nrollod
Tpon the list of wealthy men
No pity for hi. kind,
"Whilo brooding In hit Roldon don,
To lor. aud mercy blind.
No trusted friend lit at hit board
II. ownt not kith nor kin ,
n. think, of nothing but hit board,
And ploy lifo't Bn to win.
And when li. dlot lif.'t Raw. It o'er
Ab, th.u what it be worth?
Just what tho boggar Is no more
Namely, six feet of earth.
The poorest man i. rich enough
Compared to woaltbj Div.t,
If ho be made of batter staff,
Aud on his labor livot.
Ho livos his life from envy free
And oovots no man's store,
And in his heart sweet charity
Is rooted to the core.
IIo has known tho touch of potorty,
lias felt the sting of want,
And struggled bravely to get froo
From hunger grim aud gaunt.
And so he hns a heart to feel
For others on the sod
And this Is' wealth, substantial, rol
A wealth that oomes from Uod.
The worst thing that has yet been
said about Torroll's break in his ded
ication oration, ia tho followiug from
tho Galveston Nows:
Some of tho Mexicans indignantly
complain that during tho oapitoldod
iention eeremonica at Austin, when
Gon. Moxia waa present and listoning
as an mvitea guest ropvosonting ihb
country, the welcoming orator of the
occasion ungraciously boasted of the
triumph of Texas in tho conflict with
Mexico, thon under the dictatorship
of Santa Anna. Thoy soemed to for
get that Gon. Mexia might have
smuod at the recollection ot tne ora
tor's efforts whon he loft Texas and
joined the Vuse of a foreign poten
tate who would have brought tho
Mexican people under the dominion
of an imperial and foreign dynnsty.
Mnvif-n ban rpneatedlv broken the
chains of military despots, and when
ber cities were occupied and ner ter
ritories were overrun by a great
European array, reinforced by a
crowd of fugitivos from the United
States and by ambitious native cuiei
tnins and their followers, the liberty
loving Mo-tioan pooplo, lad by tho
heroic Jaurez, achieved a final victory
for thoir weak but indomitablo re
public, and forever cstablifhod the
freedom and independence of thoir
race and country. General Moxia
could afford to leave to hintory the
vindication of his country from any
dispiirging allusions by those who
had served Maxmilian. The victory
of the Mexican pooplo had boon most
nirrnnl A former adherent of tho
Maxmilian ompire might have boon
supposed to be tho last porson who
could afford lo glorify over Mexicans.
Still the congratulatory address which
Gen. Mexia. it is understood, had
propared for tho dedication ceremo
nies was never spoken. Probably he
had no time to modify it to express
his hoarty appreciation of the unex
pected turn the debate had taken.
Exit or the Gallows.
Albany, Juno 4: Governor Hill to
day Bigned the bill abolishing hang
ing for all murder ooinmitted after
Jan. 1. 1889, and substituting doath
by electricity therefor.
The bill consists of elaborate and
carefully drawn nmondmonts to tho
Code of Crimnal Procedure provid
ing that the prisoner sentenced to
death shall be immediately sentenced
to death shall immediately be convey
ed to one of the state prisons and
there kept in solitary confinement
until the day of execution, to be vis
ited only by officers, or by his rela
tives, physician, or clorgyman or
counsel. The Court imposing sen
tence shall name merely tho week
within which the execution is to take
place, tho particular day within such
week being left to the discretion of
the principal officor of the prison.
The oxeoution is required to be prac
tically privato, only officials, clergy
men, physicians and a limited number
of citizens being allowod to bo pres
ent After tho execution funeral
services may bo hold within tho pris
on walls, and the body doliverod into
tho custody of relatives, if requested,
otherwise it shall bo decently inter
red within the prison grounds.
Tbe bill is tho outcome of a rec
ommendation contained in tho tho
first annual mcbsa'ge of governor Hill
in 1885.
den. John M. Palmer, tho demo
cratic candidate for governor" of Illi-
a- a I J
noia. is a native or iieniucuy ana n
year of age. He was originally a
Don'as democrat, bnt wai a Lin
coln tk-ctor in IS10. During the
ck-cleJ g&v&riior of r.iinola in lc'S.
IIo hn ricUd wita luo ieaiocrue
party since 1872.
No iun is a hero ti tinh'red btlp.
A Good Arpe-rlt
.1 1.. r.' t I it at tl la aeaaaa
: r i o-:i irv . -" v 1 j " t
j r"y e4""e 11", Ja:..rrit
iir n. aj'd tht !: ki l ett U
, a-l-M-r S "- iri-arra la a
V-rru artUrx af.-t.la,
t..i . o rtKL 4
the vtKd nr.rm. .' H tl ruxe u UAO
r F en.-e V Bwt rj -e.j
plagues ok mm.
rvrtltuwlty of th RfryrXUa YXj VA
Ijiek to PHe Them Away The laoeav
ant Pcroiana to Iljackalitah A llMl
Aiuutvi the Fir a.
I am writing this at "Cook's Lmcor ho
Wl," as good a hotiao as ono could wish.
A largo, rambllug building in a line gar
dou running down to the river. It la em
boworcd tn noblo palms and flowering
trees and shrubs, and wotUd be a oharni
Ing retreat anywhero, but here surround
1 by thu hot mud hovels which make up
an Egyptian village, with the burulng
sands and uterllo mountains close by, It (s
simply delightful. Wo are tbe onlv oocu
panta; bavo tho whole houso, do what wo
pleaso, and .hall huvo It with regret. In
valids In search of health could ept-nd a
month or two hero not only delightfully,
bnt lu this wondrously dry atmosphere
most advuntonoously lit many claseea of
complaints. I need etuto only three fact
to show tho raildlty of ovaporntlou hi
Upper Ftrypt. Vtttor too warm to drink
Is put Into a porous Jar and placed In ho
wiud, though In the sun; In a half hour It
Is an cool as good spring wut r. At night,
exposod to a oroeno, even when tho brovice
Is rathor warm, before morning It becomes
almost lco cold Tho night of my arrival
hero I took a pouring bath on a balcony.
Tbo wind was balmy, but froeh. Tho
rapid evaporation so chilled mo thut I
could not stay out long enough for my
bath. At the foot of tho cataract wo
took a owltn In tho Nile. Wo woro our
luulorclothos for bathing suits. Wo bung
them up before our Btatomoms to dry, In
ton mlnutoa they wero dry enough to b
worn. Wo bare nil heard of tho univer
sal hnbltnf all Afrlenna to anoint tlinnt
selves with oil, and travelers speak of It
as a naaty habit. H l. howovor, nocea
sary In vory hot and vory dry climates to
provent tho cracking of tho . skin. Au
English olllcor told mo tlmt during tho
hot winds on tho Upper Nilo his bunds
and face chapped worse than thoy ever
did in a cold climate chapped even to
bleeding badly.
I bavo found fresh white butter quit ens
pleasant on my hands as on my toast. Tbo
boys bavo felt no Inconvenience from tho
winds. My haud aw vory sensitive to
tho effoct of a dry, dusty atmosphoro. At
Assouan wo were In the Btin during two
days. Wo did not use our umbrellas, our
pith hats being oulto comfortable, and
yet wo woro Just on the edge of the
tropica. It has Ivwn rather too chilly to
lie down on tho top of our Uttlo steamer
fur any eonftiilcrublo time at night. Wo
bavo had no muHoulto curtains on our
boat, and huvo needed itono, the breozeou
tbo wator malting them unnocoafuiry. It,
takes a hatd blow, however, to hoop flit s
away Tho pertinacity of an Kgyptlim l!y
la boyoud that of any other living t-rt-a-ture.
The natives never brush them
awy They doom it bad luelc to do ho.
Flloa at-e never rtrivon from a baby's face,
aud It tiooa not stm annoyed by thorn.
Its fa- 1m rarely washed, nnd is eo dirty
that It affords admirable fpra;ro ground
for hundi-eds of the Uttlo brutes.
1 watched a child of about 2 1-2 years
wijoylii a cruBt of bread. There was
nlKiilt. it a swarm of fliea, and 1 do not
e:::,'ffei-atj when I say two or three
doiMMiii woro on Its fuco at one timo lu
patches as Wg as a half dollar aliout tho
eyes and mouth. It would wcrow up He
c.ytvi whon they threatened to go In. I
thought Botno must have gonn Into Its
month with tho broad. It did not soem
at. nil annoyed I saw a sleeping cMM on
tho stroot whoso faeo woa almost, black
with thu Inseots. It untiled as if angola
wsro whispering' In Its ears 1 have son
men talking ploastuitly tagetlier wlillo
a (l(i7.i;n l!lo3 would be promenading about
their fiwos, apparently unnoticed by tho
owners i;f tho faces. I askod a man how
ho could Btund it,. "Mnshollahl They
don't bother mo," was his reply. This
has rando the fly bold and ho Koems ut
terly unablo to uudorstnud what a for
cigrler incuns when ho t ries to di-lv'o htm
off. Ho has, too, remarkably prehensile
claws, and keeps them keen and sharp
whon taking constitutional walks ovor
European coiinteuaaeus. It was probably
tho knowledge of tlds quality which made
these pooplo pronounce it bad luck to
drive them oway. T)y found It best to
educate the masses to bear the Inllietlm
and so (jt-t used to It.
Dy the way. travelers aro shocked bv
tho Incessant demand for baoluihlb
(gifts) throughout the mighty eaat. Tbo
ibiug In not to bo wondered at, for all tbo
beggars tlio world over knew thcro are
none txmal to tho gods of tho east. Their
bunds nro everywhere represented ex
tended for bncksbish. Their favor was
won by offoringH their anger averted by
sacrifices, bike tho proboticl.'iof a colo
bintcd elephant, their lmuds could pick
op a pin or cia-17 off a cart load of pota
toes. Thoy could make a lunch fivni a
fow grains of rbe, tho wldow'H mite, cr
thoy could duvmira bcer.tombof btUloclrs,
tlie gifts of a iniiico Tito godstouk gifts
and demaii'letl them. Tbegreat and pow
erful, profiting by their e.xamK took
gifts and enforced the giving. Tho poor
took pifta and begged for them. Tho
well to do in tho wholo region of tho early
sun rench out the hand for commission.
'Die poor clamor like hungry curs for
crumbs and bones, and are not asbom-vl
of their clamor.
I fear what I have ec!d about Upper
E;rypt looks t0 mm h us If I was t:i:g
li thr-nigh ro?e rl: Th'rty-f'v. y.-nrn
aeii, when Ilayniil Taylor nnd I travebsl
i.i tho east together. I sutlored terribly
from fji.s. The only pun 1 r-metnl-r
him to have rnado wai anent the Uttlo
tormentor. He sail Homer wrote llit
"Iliad." Virgil tbo "Xwld" that If I ever
wrote an epic It would be tho "Flead," I
had horrd wo wero about to escape thia
Kgyptian plapio, but ytenlcy. after
l int lilog In on" of the oJd tombs of tho
klngi. o lay down f jt a napon that aam'.i;
b;:t c.y do.iki y boy. d lrli:gto i!cf tho
old nan. whon . Catt by calling tin
fther."pn ad the blanket and wddie f'.r
me'ohave a nico eictv . Aht morwtit of
t. .ad fnrg-t fuint-as I s!pt ari ho;r. but lh
;;tj.. U .:-. V.M p-j-t: -i'ar timb M
:.) S.' tlie "I tomb " llui.dird.
Lvel-:i-!f! In It ti.U 6'. .son. though It
U whorei r.o lit tL!:;!j I. aw-n. and p
!?.:' n a I:ve, ye tije rndt-l
ivf w fuil cf nj cKirtal e-iicn.iea.
Lfi-rLt to It bv tha n.ar.y dnk'-y U y.
j !n I.i Fv.n-f! rert wl,: tK-'.r ir.iyV y
-a art- was. 3rri.-f aavr.? tU r..!r'-ycar
t t tho A . I hv pai.l a r l '.
tr.j r.aco t-a . lua w:t h on! -Ll k
d !t3n tc-'.j cU'-hen y-rd crV. u
i:.;. I tun l.-e certain oJi"yds fcot fr
frvu ti eld fxurt kot.e la Cl.K-ee f-JV
t-yr. f Ttry 1 tw jt-!.Ltr l-'aa I '-
C'iyl. I I'h -!l cvr ar. i ti rare tn
ttU jM. Li-Va'-or U-W 1L iii-TjcCi t
1 A U Uttr la Q itft Tt-rt-a
Caw of th. IditntlNtopa,
Tbo IdiBtlseopo Is an affair something
like a book rover with a shoot of olaai to
place of loaves of tho book. Tho fact on
which tho instrument claims Its useful
liras Is that when tho bony fcibrlo of tho
head of any ono haa reached maturity
not t ber the Iris of tho eyo nor tho area, of
measnromont of tho faells perpendicular
undergo poreeptlblo alteration. Thorofore
obtain an authentlo photo, taken after a
peraou bos reached maturity. Hcoro tho
faeo of tho iihoto with parallel lines (hor
izontal and perpendicular) at eqiial dls
ttuioet from each other, using tho exact
mcosurviiKmt of tho diameter of the Iris
as a nnlt to regulate tho distance each
line ahall bo from the next Thou take a
photo amo site as first of any ono
olalmlng to b tbo original of the first and
scoro It In a like manner, using the iris of
its eyo as the nnlt of lta measurement.
Put those two photos into tho ldeutl
seopo, ono on el thor "cover leaf" facing tho
sheet of glass. Draw the covers toirothor
until tho roUectiouB of tho two photos aw
thrown on tho glass la tho samo snot.
Manipulate tho '-covers " tintll tho refliHi
lion of a line of ono photo Is blended with
thn reflection of tho corresponding line of
thoothor. Tlion tho reflection of very
Hue on ono photo must fall exactly on the
reflection of the corresponding Hue o tho
other photo. If not according to thu
principle on which tho lileutlacopo claims
Its uso tho photos cannot bo of th. same
Tho Idontlscopo was exhibited at a
photographlo exhibition hold nt Brlntol,
and a roword of 100 offered to any ono
who could disprove tho accuracy of Its
principle er produce two photos of differ
ent sitters which would oxootly colnoldo
with ono another. Many attempts were
mado to obtain this reward, but oil nave
failed. Photon of brothers ao much alike
thut thoy could hardly bo distinguished
from ono another, when tested wero found
to bo diBtlnctlv diuoivut In rdzo. Tho
fact retntilus tlmt a photo of tho flabby
fooo of tho AiiBtralio butcher and one of
the oristocratlo cnunlouaneo of tho real
Tldiborno boforo ho loft home, although
to tho eyo almost as dlsulmllar as pes
slblo, when measured nnd compared .by
this simplo nnd Hctctitlllo little invention,
aro found to lo absolutely similar. E.
N. Snbol In Detroit Free Press.
Tho Volutin of Capri.
They bavo a strange way In this Uttlo
placo, I found, of betrothing tho girls to
the young men boforo tho latter leave tho
town. As very few of them nro ahlo to
either read or wrlto. long years pass by
without a word from the lover or ''spoza '
roachinfr the patient girl at homo. It la
not a rare thing to moot horo young cou
ples who wore engnged for ten, twolve or
oven fifteen years before fortune was
siiiDrlently favorable to rdlow them to
raan-y. Ono cannot soon gat rich on
thirty cents a day. aud thnt la tho wages
of a man in Capri. Thia Is, perhaps, tho
reason why no many men loavotho Inland,
leaving tho women at homo to take caro
of the vineyards and ollvo proven.
It is a very plcturesquo BCeno, these
women with thoir gnvcoHtumes, rich com
plexions, bright, llaulilng eyes, at work In
tho Holds, or leading thoir flocks of goats
np tho mountain sido to pasture Their
foot are always bare, and become so hard
that it Is rdmply wonderful what they can
enduro. Thoy will walk ovor tflo roads
covered with pharp, flinty stones, clleib
tho rugged mountain sides, and bo quite
as comfortable as If walking on tho soft
est oarpet. In fact, for harduoss, tholr
feet rosemblo theme of the western girl,
who, wheu told by her mother that thoro
wob a red hot coal under her foot, drawled
out, without .moving an Inch, "Which
foot la It under, mammy?" Vet tho feet
of these women are by no moans mis
shapen, but, On tho contrary, arc porfoct
model m fr an artist. Wouum.
Content of a Woman. ITanrtbu?.
"What do you carry tn thot bag?" said
the big man to tho buslnosn woman,
pointing to tlio little black handbag that
fuller inseparablo companion.
'I'll show you," suld sho; and then she
took out two. handkerchiefs, one for us.
and ono for nhow, a lead pencil with the
point brokon, a stick of gum, nnehewod;
a lump of gum, chewed; George William
Curtis' editorial on Matthey A'niold's
death, cut out of Ilarper's WV'kly; three
keys that dou't fit anything lupai-tlculur,
ouo latch kev that docs fit, a ikmd street
library card, throo Daly's theatre seat
coupons, a tiny lox of faco powder, throo
capsules of qulnlno, five vlsltfcag cards,
soveu lot-tors, fivo of therr from ono man;
spring suits cut out of tho Sunday paper,
a Kanson ticket to the American Art asso
clatlon'a prixe exhibition, an unposted
letter to her mother, three rubber bonds,
three postai cards, a shoo buttoner, den
tist's appointment card, four hairpins, rtn
unpolltdi'id moss agnto, coral brooch with
tho pin broken off, half a mustard leaf, a
piece of paper with quotations from Mmo.
lllavatsUy on theosophy written on It, a
saniplo of yellow rlblion to lie matched, a
card photograph, of another girl ami a
purso coutoinlng one throo cent piece and
a postage stamp. Now York Graphlo.
Tho SmiUlpoi lu ntotlco.
Tlitro is one peculiarity alwut the Mex
ican pcoplo which I do not recollect ever
having seen lu print, and that b their ut
tcr dlan gard of tho discotw so Jrended hy
Americans smallpox. I bavo been lu
Durongo sovend years, and It Is quite
common thc.ro to boo children In an ad
vau'-od atairo of the disoane playing on tho
strtt-ts with perfectly heuilliy childinii.
Tay tlmt I wu J but Untly
express-, niy fix-lings whi.-n I fiir.t went
to lhat counti-y, imt I noon leanted that
the cli.n-HWj ws eonsidt rtd an especial
dispensutlon of Providence for the clean
t.lrig avtaay of the witkednea. of humanity,
aji.f tliofo who pass thrdiigh It are coDf lu
cre 1 as among tho purified.
ficialipox i.i not t'-or!y so virr.lent In
Mexico aa w. have It lu thia country, and
thcro Is no B'icb a thing as vaccination
ltiour;Lt jf by uatlTo Mexicans. I oonld
never End ai.y ranrino vlru. there?, id
Lad to e-T. 1 to tlio rtates for It. Ai'ierl
cans tal;e the .n-cautlri cf mect;;.ti:ig,
and I cau jil lo liilad but ouo fatal cju
outbldo ,f natives during my ?ay In Mex
loo tl.at cno a yonu- Knrlih fj.Hrcr who
ftU a vi -tl:n to tho rtirc.3 a s!:ort tico
after arnvirg Ut the country. If there if
ah a j.liu aa) a ptst Lonte In Mexico I
Dct t-r ljrd of It. OlibevDi-oncrat.
'.hb( try f:lertrtclty.
A poa Vet !yr arw ajyl tvroop net prora-
5o to a':pcr-ii tho can cf r. -! wurx.
tin fd and tLe mlanow tru-.!t. To
1'r.it-d f-'tatee. tt'tnT Alba'Twa li V-ca
Ctted with '.ect:ifl f.vLUig l:Tt t'- the
conduct cf aejji.lie rewareb, and pn-hu
i . . u -i .
rvhjd the fact that tbt trority cf th
t tnvt-'i'.. t'U 1.DWit4 ra-i-:v-
UrUf tta M 'to lU la iU1m-'XI
Caa lemon Jnlooand salt to i-emova lroa
When a bingo craakk ptit a Uttlo era phttt
or aoft leml pencil on tho place Of friction.
A solution ot pearlaah In water, throw"
upon a Ore, will extinguish it Immediately.
Applo.aauoe Is much Improved by tho ad
dition ot a tablospoonful of biftbnr and r
qiliiva Iraastigur.
To preserve tho elasticity of India rubber,
wash It five or alx times a year with .lightly
ulkallno water.
Corks may be mado air and water tight by
keeping them for flvo minute, under uielUd
parallliic;ahcy must be kept down with
wire screen.
The beat way when hot etwuo haa been
.pilled on a floor U to dash cold water ovor
It, ao as to harden 11 quickly and provent It
stalking into the boarda, '
In mixing mustard for tablo uso never add
vinegar, which dcatroys lta llfo and flavor.
Boil water for mol"tenlng It, and lot tbo
water become blood worm.
ror cuyuung nroaa use a lain paam or piato
powder, two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, four
tahliioon fills of alcohoh I.ubwith apioco
ot flanunl, poliab with chamois.
A good disinfectant is mndo by dlattolvlno
bolt a rlraiu nf nitrate of lead In a pint of
boiling wutcr, then dlntolvo two drams of
common salt in eight or ton quarts of water.
A good handful of rook salt added to tbo
bath Is thn next bost thing after an ."ocean
dip," aud a gargle of a weak solution Is a
good and over ready remedy for a sor
Cracks In stoves and.itovcplpcs oro readily
closed hy a paste mado ot nshua and salt with
water. Iron turnings or filings, sal araiwv
niao and water mnko a harder and more dur
able cement.
In nervous prostration, rest and sleep aro
the first iudfapcmittblti condltlous. Acbanieo
is always in. order to mako thorn po:;fl)o.
The dint must lio gensrnus, tho food oll
nuistlcatod and eaten slowly. ,
To tnko rust out of steel rub the stool with
.WAotoll; in a day or two rub with finely
powdered uiiHlacked llmo until tho rust all
disapiienrs, then oil again, roll in woolen and
put in a dry place, especially if it bo tablo
In a severe sprain of the nnklo Immerse tbo
Joint as soon as possible in a pailot hot water,
and keep It thcro for fifteen or twenty
minute After removing it keep it bandaged
with hot cloths wrung out of water, or rum
and water. i
Ono of tho cheapest and best modes of do
stroyjng insects iu Kt planta is to invert tbo
pot and dip tho- plantstor a few seconds in
water warmed to WO degH. A Gorman paper,
.. , i .. ... . l. , I . .. , v. BuniM
lu-liili wo wine luuu, etijn mini iiuu aniva
tvlll stand l!ll) dega, without-Injury, Wo
usually bent the water pretty well, euid pour
In cool until l:J0dega, is reached. ,
Tho craze for Gobelin blue has been gob
bled up by its own fnuHituosIty.
Incc-want chatter and boastlug about tho
"cost" .of everything now is one of the evi
dences of tho .nobbory of the age.
A circular fan into which sweet scouted
grass is hound by tiny ribbons waflu per
fumed breezes upon boauty'a cheek.
Tho biggest fanthor in a social cap Is tho
ono stuck In to announeo one's departure far
Kngland Under eugngoiure-jt to vhslfc the HO
bllity. It Is rathor odd that coiled "uaclabf
novsls" ai-o mostly wrion by men anil
women whom nobody "in society" ever soar
or hoard of.
MoBt 'Swelety youtlis" yawn atovorybooly'B
Joke kut their own, and those, as oonsnmp.
tfvo as they are, eauwj thorn to laugh Ilko
ilatsnm'a beuiit.
tSjiecial ch'ina sets, for use fn country
houses, are noveltlen. Each piece takes .tho
shapo ot a natural object, so that ouo finds
iiotAtocs hi a big nabbugn head and strawlier
rie. in 4 delicutoly turned up oak leaf.
An authority announces that monogram
bangle, are gradually drifting outof fashion.
The banglo itself, though, hin't being dis?
uardod, only, Instead ot a monogram, tho
givta-'s photoglyph is now "tho thing."
Progressive tennis parties ore social nicana
of out of door recreation. Partnors are
drown by lot and service beg;nj slmultae
nootiHlyfrom four courts. Tlie progression
is carried ou by moving from court to court.
Fashion baa decreed a new wedding anni
versary, tlio "clever wedding," upon tho
fourth year of matrimony. The gifts aro
four leaved tabha, screens, glass dishes, port
folios, frames and other articles with quatre
foll designs.
Sir Francis Knolly'. name for his newly
christened daughter might turn tho .lomuch
even of an aristocrat, lie has called her
"Douvima" aa a complimentary combination
representing Loul Victoria and Maud, tho
three daughters of the Trlnee of WnJos.
At tlio lof-t queen's drawing room tho cos
tumes of tho American ladles woro mack
more sober than tlioan of tha English. Yel
low and pink seemed to be tbo London
fashion, whilo chiefly whit or black were
cUam by tho Americans who were pro-a-.uU.-l
Another Chinaman Wau Lao thl. time
ha. won a cultivated wlto 1 n Jtw Haven, lu
tlKi tK-rson if WUe Ida Rriaulding, Hnndy
auhool teauher.
Tlio Item eloper of tlie seascB Is that Lon1.
vllln drununer who ran off with three girl.
between 10 end II yetu-, at erne and the Bam
time, from Juuealwa-u, Tcnrt.
William Fpemoor uter--l Into hla fourth
matrimonial venture reeen'ly at tho age of
7X, whilo hi brids agd T4. is indulging In
lier airth. I'oth are in robust health. The
live at e' elbyTll).), lad.
Thoro aso 'jtieur ponr-le In til. world. A
young wr Knau In MaliaToy City refu.41 to
marry her lover, but wlien he bad f-rrrexl hla
dtvo'.Uw I V bi-rwin" up her h.aas. with dnav
udte .he w'aiWl U luarry Lim to keep bis
oat of Jafl.
A noUlJei weJJ nx cccurd tt Llvev luocav,
Ky .reoroUy. O. A. Alsl. who is only
f -.xir f" In bHi,-fct, wm rnau-rie.1 to MiM
Mtunw Dwitt. cf IJTia, k . wo at t-.il
tn. he. ate-irv 'i . '- AIjtoJ Is
of tht uW-.nt!aJ rften f ttie cemury aod tie
.r 1 I I vi t iiTtnJi .m mt.
. ..f ti jst. 1 iw ,ta a a
' S t te.
narr ih u w . " - -I
t t of tb firl tin. i be aa faing to
lonrry , and t had tor T1 sc--
. ; a- n! whit tt Va.
tw., - t... .
LVju bep uea.ti.e.t to ho be CUt4
We-, te an reJ veiev" ad be
ai r mm. Da. -I I Li U S .
a4 c4.T a-4 -1 ea n "r j...-..f
ta.1,.. T av : a'.e a tn--en ! - t
',i,at.. -'if

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