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Free Press
"Prove All Things I Hold Fast that which Is Cood."
15TII yEAU. : ' H I; i I
rh Frco Vt Keeojriily.tMl br t P.
The well lnn advertising ngoucy of
n'p UoweU Co., of New York City, have
homed so nnnu.il NewHpapsr, Directory- for
ihlrtv veai or more, aud thene publications
have beeu generally recognized authority
!, to the uiatttcr of newspaper circulation.
Intko regular Issues of tho Direotory they
have iuoludod U the newspapers publlHbed
in the United States uud Canada. Quito
meeut'y. however, they huve Issuod.a con
densed liKt It gives only the beet uewspa
" M ftdvertwiug uiodiuius, and hence i
nrKctioallT better, because more oouveuient,
Phr. their larger Directory. , Four-flfths of
Z new W of the United Htato. are
.irsetloally "counted out" by lutollignnt ad
vertisers, who ouly want to know tlie bett.
Honce tho value of the work nndor notice.
The publishers in tho preface well say;
-It sift the wheat from the chaff. It di.
rants the attention of an advertiser toward
' which ho should nud ought to ubo,
ind tomls to intercept a portion of that pa
trona"0 which goes to publications which
cost (frailly in excess of any powror to bene
fit which tuny possess. It takos tho gonoral
p-rouud, that tho bout is tho cheapest."
Wo need scarcely say that on this plan,
tho Fbkb Puks i Biveu bv thi" book (BOa
naizo 1)8) as the advertising modiuiu of Son
Marcos and Hays couuty. It boiug the only
one un Vie Vet. We rexpoctfully invite the
attention of advertisers, both at homo and
abroad, to this fact.
Local aud Transient Advertisements will
be charged One Dollar per square for the
first Insertion, and Fifty Conts per square
for each additional insertion. A square is
the space of one inch. Fractional squares
will be conutcd as full squares.
Advortisomonts for three months or more
will be charged at the following rates :
tfo. of Square.
3 mos 6 mos 1 yr.
U 50 8 00 $12 00
8 00 lit 00 20 00
10 00 15 00 25 00
10 00 25 00 40 00
25 00 40 00 60 00
40 00 65 00 100 00
One square ....
Two squares
Throe squares
One-fourth column
One-half column...
One colniu
Vnarlv advertisers allowed the privilege
of quarterly change.
Business Cards, one inch or less, one year,
.,. Cards in Business Directory, one year,
Local and business notioos will be charged
ton cents per lino eacu insertion.
Advertisements for Schools, Churches and
Benevolent Societies, half rates.
Marriage and Obituarv Notices, of over ton
linos, charged as advertisements.
Calls upon candidates, thoir replies and
their circulars, and all notices of a personal
character, (if at all admissible into our col
umns), will be charged as advertisements.
A cross mark upon the paper indicates
that the time for which tho subscription was
paid has expired. .... j
All udvortiRemonts nnd subscriptions duo
in advance. . ,
Any of our friends would do us a special
favor by giving us the names of any per
Hons within thwir knowledge who would be
likely to subscribe for the Funis Press, so
that 'we may send specimen copies to such
Our terms for announcing candidates are
$15 for state and district offices, 5 for
county onVes, and $3 fur product and mu
nicipal. Terms, cash.
. Hon. !.. W. Moon-, of Knelte County.
HUSHTOH-iCiTH msTmirr:
Hnn. W. H. Burges. ol Guadalupe Co.
'lUtMUHKllTATIVM ItlrIT nmtuiOT:
llon.flen.T. Mclieheo, of Hnya Co.
Uuii.J.L. KIllK'iu, of Caldwell Co.
HTlllOT nouRT ttxan niSTRWT.
Hon. H.Telchmunller, Presiding Judge. LaOrange
J. M. Bethany. Attorney, AuitlnCo. -.
-. n If HnLniVfl oonHT, ;
liars. 1st Mondays lu MsrcU and September. Mny
. . t- '
continue lurfti ft.
nniriiTY orrinsHS.
R.l ft. Kono, Judge T'ouuly Court.
Jae. (t. Uurlcson. OIt. and County Clerk.
H. II. XoHr.de, Comity Attorney.
Ja . IVran SborilT, J. M. Turner D-pnty
C.8. Cock, Jimlon of ilia rnaca rr
K. A.Vauehn, " "
H.c.Hubb., ; ;
j.C.Rowe. ' " '
W. W. Slack, " '
J. H.Piittermin, County Treaturor.
H. S. Cortaon, AmteiHor.
Otto (lroo, (Surveyor.
W. I,. Owen Cora'r Preolnel No. 1
K. V. Vuglin " " "
II. C. Uubbi, " "
Peter Hebmltt, " "
W. U Steel, Coottuble precinct Ho. 1
J.Nolen, " M "
jopp Uon.on. " ' S
4 H Minna "
So. 1
" 1
" 3
" 4
" C
TiMr.Hor hiiliiiko ConMTT Ann PaamKOT OooaTi
County Court fur Criminal, Civil and rronaie u.-neH-4tb
Moudiiya In Jauuaty, April, July.Octo-
(imniUalonnmVIoiirt 2'l Uondayn 1 fobruarr.
May, AuttHPt and November. .
JuatlcrUourt, Preelnot Bo. 1 Lal Monday la
ai'h in.mtli, at San Marcol.
Precinct No. 1 id Frl'lay fn eoh month Mt uity.
" ' S 3d - " Wlmberley'" Mill.
' 4-4lb at. Drlpplm gprlna:.
tdwi orricaaa.
Maror llininiett Mardy. .
Councll-W. D. Wood, 1 IT. Donln, nhl
J'hnaoii, n. A. mover, Kd. J. L. Oreen, r. J.l"
Ciuilh. Dan llofhelna and Mni.Oleaen,
Marahal J. M. Turner.
Street ComniUaioiier -J. Panfortb.
Council meeu i lie Brat Wedneaday In each montn.
Public School Tru-lrea meet flral Tueaday In aacb
month at tlie Marora ofoca.
:n i icoi J .
M KTnoniST. Preachlnic at the Metbodl.
Church every Aabbalh, Kv. 1. B. H. Itln. Paatov.
Sunday Srhool at ae.ro. Blnginf at So'cloik p. m.
Prayer Meetina on Wedne.day. Young Men'apray
er meeting on Moaday nirbt. .
BAPTIST. Preachiaa; at tha Raptlat Charea
very Sondav. Bev. F. I. Bavtrley, P.ator.
Sunday frhool at :: a. at. Touna men'a prayer
meetina; Tueaday mbt. Coaa;regational prayer
ajeetlna; Wednesday nigbt.
PKKSBr rKlAS. bervicealed aad ih Saadaya
each aannth. paelor. Saodat
School every Sabbath a -.Oa.ai. Praver Meet
ln overy Thuraday at f. P. AM ata Invite
u attend.
CHKHTIV5.-Klder Paatov.
Sueaay Sckool st tm.m. A cardial lavitatloa i
leodad ta all .
PKOrtSr AST KPIMCOFAL. ev. i r.albrealh.
Paalev. Herr.ee. the tod aad 4lu Seadaya ia each
aeatk. eoday ackoal avory Seoday.
C ATSOMC. aervicea ath Saaday la aack aaMith.
Sev. Pathar .oaaiih Paatar.
ail free. Aoaita arrtva at a. fa. aaa S3
m v Ua at JM a aa. aad ua& p. e.
Malta lraa aaa arrive a) a. aa. aad
Sat. a.-cW el IUa.a. asd li p. m.
Halle traea Lack bait arrtva at fta p. aa.; caaaeel
tn a ea.
Uliat. arriwa at It M . ilmiat M M. P. M.
AWvoeaetla arrtvo ad aart dellv.
nla. via WiwWertey arrive Mnav. Wed
day aad frtdey. aa I r. m. "fana Taaeday,
Tkan4ay aad Saiardev at a. M.
Oeaw-1 AeliTvev rVaaa t S. ..tall r,a Iraw
1 P. i.tti p. aacrra a,anwaa a4
! aaa M Se4eve a aaava aarrai a
a4ava tkrtv aaea aflav amnaajUaaj af eatc
af tlx ar.aal waile.
B i iiim.ri
Johnson llulldlng, on the Square.
Special attention given to Disoasos of tho
. iuumi uuu cnciiu xiuuruiKiu.
Oillce lu Now Braunfols tho last Saturday
in each month lurUly
j . Marcos, North side Plaza.
cos, Southeast Corner Plaza.
SB. MoBUIDE, Att'y and Land Agent.
. Office over First National Bank, San
T H. JULIAN, Judge Wood's New Build-
. ing, Upstairs.
It. J. II. COMBS, Judge Wood's New
Building, upstairs.
"O T. TALBOT, Next door to First
A- .
National Bank.
-TOHNSON & JOHNSON. Mitchell Build-
fj ing. North side plaza.
DAILEY & BllO,, Southwest Corner
S. MACKIN, Near Northeast corner
W.LEAVELL, South side Publio Plaza.
rpHOMAS TAYLOB East Side Plaza.
ABDY & CO., North side Tlaza
ping-paper, 25c $ 100, at tliisolhce.
J". W NANCE, Southeast Corner of Pub
. lie Square.
II. KOBBINS, North side Tlaza.
-y"M. GIESEN, South side plaza.
MBS. BICHAEDSON, betwecu First
National Bank Building aud Nauce'B
Furniture fitore.
POBTEB, East Sido the Square.
Our Clubbing List for 1888.
Wa are prepared to olub the FRRK PRBaS to new
or renewing aubwrlbere with the following publl
eationa at tie ratoa ipeclfled below. If ordered at tbe
tame time with our paper. In the tlret column we
give the regular price of each publication alngly,
In the aeooud tb price of tbe aameand the Faca
Pitaaa together.
With tbe
Free Preaa.
t S 85
3 00
3 76
3 UO
4 eo
3 10
3 10
8 SO
a w
3 01)
.1 60
4 20
3 10
3 10
6 .'.0
4 r.o
3 i"
3 6
6 :
3 M
5 '.0
3 30
3 69
6 ea
s 3--
6 40
3 76
3 M
3 30
4 32
3 40
X 40
... I as
... l iw
... l ou
Auatlo Slateiman...
fi.lv,,ti,n Huff....
. Y. Weekly World
St. Louia Kepublicao
N. V. Ledger -
New 0-leana Timea llcmocrat.
Louiaviile Courier Journal.
Tex Slfllnga
Farm and Uaneh 1
Detroit Free 1'reaa
Saturday Kvenlng Poat
New Vork Obeerver
Atlanta Cotialilotion
American Agriculturlat
Scieullllc American
Century Magaal.ie-
St. Kicbolaa
Harper'a Young People
Touth'a Compaulon
Atlantic Monthly -
l.lpplneott'a Macaiina
Releetie Magaatoe
Phrenological Journal
Peienwo'a Magailne...
Popular Sclauce Monthly
Barper'a Monthly
" Baiar
Uemoreat'e Monthly
Halloa'a llagaataa
doldea Daya
Oar Little Onee
3 '10
1 :.o
l ro
t 60
I 00
1 to
1 00
3 IS
1 60
1 60
3 30
4 00
3 00
I m
1 TS
4 00
3 00
6 (Kl
t 0
6 K
4 OO
4 0O
4 (HI
3 ad
l oa
, 1 so
3 at
1 M
Uoeae aud rarat
via ana va,m
.-to- 4-. fi.r rtittrr or renoh-
tal not inclmh'1 in the above hUfttr
nhhal at proportionate rata, or or
kred xcparahly at pnhltthcr rr.''t
fne of charge and pottage ptepanl t
all caxc. , . , .
TVaaiaay ! eaaaed Vy failarva, rbr7 av
Da .baft, at af th. -aiU. -ak. it akavlate
f rmr, v. ae eiderabl. by rtal
araev. retlrtered lelter av dr.f.
If .tier a re HW Ua y ',r J, lL,.l
,.ir, iw Mt.tlcalia eema afy f a''
.MkT. . F'-P-'
'rWHy ava-a -kj TJl
ai.c-rr-rUr eHa. kK ta rrl e. taa
aMiatr ba bvew aaid
Isaac . H. Julian,
i - a f "-vv erv' ae attrr Vaa-
rra. re-va r-att a
It praptred iotely ':n,
enro or con.plalnla wulclt
aiHU'tall wi.aianklnd. II
rlvoa time anu airengui iu
.....i-n .-f.,t ami
win ir m uauKQivu, ibi.,.h.h. - "
tlea. ltlaof irraatvalnntn chaiire orMft". llieuaoul
Iiauuy greatly rclleveallie pajuaormiitiiirlnxxlauil
proniotia apvedy recovery. It elt nature
aaft ly make tho critical c anu troin f Irlliood to
wninanhood. It lapli uantto tlietoaiu ami may bo.
token at all tlmea with perrcotaafety. Prloe,Mt,
rilttlAH IlV ALL IlirilOIT.
y a MTtniiW.i.f.niiii(ttio..wiel'roii..HT.LOUlB
. - j. - jinLniMni. .nil trroeularl
Colin, nhnlnrn. and Tifarrhnna. Pampflv.
In almost every no ghborhood i aN: uu r"unu"
ai. v . !u v Ti i and moon to boootuo smaller as thoy ap-
throughout tho Northwest there is somO; h lhe cftrth 0nr vi8lon u , C0I).
porson whose llfo has been saved by iH(ruotlJ(l that it docs not show things lu
tlifd mwaa ..nV nAanMa lnAQall..J.-l..l I ..!.. i.n .iniltin. 111 4 ll 111 r l fl I flfl.
. - . ii j i,.. iliiiiinn ulvn nnliir. nr dmtnnoo. Tho oulv
uu uiipuriuuuy in njionnin ui iia uuu
qualities and what it has done for tlioua,
thoro are also a great many- who have
been cured of chronlo diarrhoea by it
and can not say enough in praise of it.
Such porsons it is who havo most ad
vertised the remedy, and brought It in
to gonoral uso, until it has bocomo tho
main reliuneo for bowol complaint in
all itjl fnrma flipnlin-Viniif. thn wint. n
ouo who noo'ds such a remedy can MowiUs el miles; Kwlor thought the dis
., ... . . , ... . . . . tauco to bo twelve millious of miles; Kiciola,
it without great bouolit. Aa a safo- " ""', ...niin. Mir iJ Nnwtnn
guard many families always keep a
bottle at hand for use when needed,
and by doing so, save much suiToring
andnotunfroauentlytho life of some
; , . ...
person suddenly attacked with cramps,
collo or cholera morbus, l'bysicians
who have seen Its good work and been
told by their patients what a splendid
medicL t s, have tried ij and as cue
of thnm sava: "I found It as irood or
bolter than anything I could prepare"
and now uso and prescnoo-ii; wuntne
best results. Unlike most other pro-
paratlons in use for tho same purposes
It Is rather pleasant to tako especially
when reduced with water and sweeten-
ed. Children do not object to taking
it after they have onco tastodof it. ;
It cures pain in tho stomach, colic
cramps,.cholera morbus, dysentery, di
arrhoea, chronic diarrhoea, bloody flux,
cholera infantum and cholera.
Tho following testimonials will give
the reader un ianaof what people think
of the preparation after using it:
You can say that tho bottlo of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Hunietly left mo by your agent two
fears ago, proved to bo the best remedy
have ever used, l have no doubt but
it saved my oldest sou's life.
Ceo. B. Bicodiikre, Editor Ton
ganoxio, itnn. Minor.
I was suffering with a severe attack
of diarrhoea nnd got a small bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Remedy, one dose quit! ted and
eased me and the second dose cured
me entirely. I had a chance to try it in
a bad case of Bloody Flux, It eased,
checked and cured it. I think it a good
remedy nnd will continue to test It as
opportunity offers until tho bottle is us
ed up.
A. Finley, Bainbrldgo, Ind.
For Sale by Reynolds & Daniel.
For sale by all Dniggiste and Dealers.
Sfomsc-li, Live?
ir lb PILLS
Cn re Ton ti potion, lndiptatlnn, PytrrU,raei,
Eick Headach. Urer omplainta. Ixaai of Ap
rvtlte, Billouanesia. SeTToun-. Jatinrtlr. etc.
tor Kala bv all Pnnarina. Prlea, 5 Conta.
Tkatirrnji rrsTM ivt j pTA !
aEICattT CLtAHttB af Hi atl JUxXXkiXJa. i
Feveb Tonic
' beieaa,'lOnaOie aanatakiia aaaaa.
ft itam.-tl' el... a--r wna
j aii-Maaiaima.l(Cll
' -...-tfvr- j a f.11 ia. lmia)
. -crvr . Tr lAL' ear a aa yaw Braarpa
r, r TIT VTC. Jraaa, L aaa- kett-a.
,ii,' t o.-ftvrv-i -.r.-.
1 1 I ft rIT"F"n I
VlnlVllE"ll '
W fllJ I aUU I
m aVa a fMeerw
a,.ai-.a...aW mS rurriac EllftHt
. . . l - - - -
aaa IA. a- -
xv- nrmr -ssn
VogoUsng's Cosmos.
ATT. iMLhooki on nhiloaopliT 'explain
tho earth boiug round, and thut we nro
living ou tlto ouisuitf curvo or gtooe,
tilu..nnuai u, min utiirt fruiil A uoiut and
travel rant or wont aud arrive at tho startlcg
pUIUL, AOVT, 1U U1W UUUlO ui wuimuu auuou,
..!.., wnit. I lilmlr a mini to do tha aatiia
tbiug If tho earth wore flat, or if wo wero
living on the iusido of a glubo. For an
other reason tlicy give, "uiui tuo nigueai
part of ft ship approituning in uie uisiauce
Is scud first." But if we trunt our oyes aud
believe the earth to be as round as it ap
pear to be, by observing the coining or
going of Teasels, then the whole earth could
not hold a portion of the IJnitod States.
Tlia aim niifl nmnn look ltuveat at thoir ris
ing and sctt'ug, when thoy ore farthest from
aitinn. hizii. color, or distanoo. luo only
true vision we can obtain from heavenly
bodies, is to look ut thorn when thoy are
within about one degree of the zenith, aud
tho ouly true view of the shape of tbe earth
wo can obtain, Is by looking down upon tho
earth from a baloon about six miles high.
i..inn. ....tt Imu Ave biii oa itjt liitrmliia
umiuuuiuj u..a, v.-- ... -. -
tion by Copernicus, beon fluctuating. Leav-
jng out ,hl 0(Wi Hin(,ie( teuBi buudrods sud
j thousands, tho father of modern astronomy
1 nut down tho tlistllUCO of the Snn St thrOd
taucht'twenty-oight millions nnd fifty-four
millions; he nover was able to decide upon
which was tho right number. Benjamin
Martin, in 1754, taught the distance , be-
tweeu eicuty-one ana eigniy-iwn tuuuuun.
T nf)trohuoraorg ,n generftl
accepted ninety-three millions of miles,
To-day the distance is oxtonded between
ninety-five and aud one hundred and four
'rtrca,, V&'ZSSSX
;. , , , , .1.., , t,, .. ,i
I imniiing nmu imw iucui
tney an dinar widely.
The astronomy 01 mo uiuie uoos mi
vary; it is simple and more reasonable than
HerBghel give the following illustration to
gjva an i(jco 0f the relative size of the sun
and the planets in their orbits: "Choose
a ptain . P
" Mercury a grain of mustard
SJed on tho circumference of n circle 1G4
feet in diameter for its orbit; Venus a pea,
on a circle 2H4 feet in diameter; the earth,
also, a pea, on a circle of 430 feet; Mars, a
rather largo pin'B head, on a cirelo (Mil foet;
the Asteroids, grains of sand, iu orbits 1,000
to 1,200 feet; Jnpitcr a modorato-sizod
orange, iu a circle of nearly half a mile
across; Saturn, a small orange ou a circle
n( f,,vfiftl.a nf n mila: Uranus a full-sized
.. . - 1JI I
cherry, or hinall pluiu, upon the circumfer
ence of a circle or more muu u hhw uuu
a half; and Noptune a good-sized plum, on
n circle or aooul two nines nnu a uuu iu
diameter." This representation of tho world
is only intelligible to those who are initiutod
F Kenlor's laws. To
tho unenlightened natious, or tho illiterate
sailor it is incomprciieusioic; otu pninuuurn,
teachers aud the scientists in general bow
before this idol of corroot mathematics
based upon presumption and upheld by
fraud. . .
The astronomy of the Bible considers the
tho earth the principal world, the sun and
moon the principal furniture iu the world;
nxtnrior tilanets aro next in
rank, and the other Btars of little impor-
tance ana lusignincani. j.u mo u
Job is the question, "Dost thou know, the
ImllancincB of tbe clouds? " Christ asked
his disciples if they know "what caused the
. . , . , i . . !l
wind. (Jur moaern icxi uuoku uuu nu
nimnf it nnd whnro there is one word in
the Bible writteu on creation and astronomy,
our modern libraries contain uunureus oi
volumes written on that particular subject;
1,... tt.a aim ctnl-U 1X11(1 Plirtll. WlLll tllO Ulji-
uun IUO Cuu, nv..-" - - . t
mal and vegotablo kingdoms came into ex
istence, profusely iliusiratea wim uunviv
pictures. . In all instances in tho Biblo, God
despises the knowlcdgo of men. lhe
works of Uod cannot oe rounu out, ouiu
mon says, "God hath given mo certain
IrnnruTnilirn nf ti,n tliinrro that are. namely, to
nuyn iuu.. " o
know how the world was made and the phe
nomena of the elements; tue Degmniug, uuct
;., ori miilct nf thfi times: tbe alterations
of the turnings of the sun, and tho changes
of the seasons; too circuit or me yeura uu
the place of the stars." Solomon in his wis
dom did not see fit to reveal these things.
Christ revealed this knowledge to his dis
ciples; and this knowledge got lost for a
divine purpose to make it possible for Sa
tan to engraft upon the church tho Coperni-
rau system of sstrnnorav.
heaven above and a hell below, and that
... ..rentnd to increase and multiply:
and after the resurrection to transform into
celestial beings, to keep heaven ana tue
mighty machinery in and under tne eartn
in order, and also for the purpose to per
form a drama lor tne amuneiueui ui nuBT-m,
according to the progromme, as depicted in
i, r.mnt Prrnmid in Euvnt. It is reasona
ble to suppose that tbe Copernican syitem
was engrafted upon tne cnurcu iur iu i-ui-nose
of dffiecting a portion of the large
atrcara of the more intelligent souls with
heavenly tendencies into hell, wncre more
intelligent labor was needed. Nevertheless,
, Vsnls, Kpvlnn. Tvndoll. Proc-
tor. Ilenry Ward Boecher, and other promi-
nent men, who nave acieu w roraui"
clownB on earth, will have a chance to entar
henven. for the fun they havo created iu
celestial circles. As for the legions of
preachers, teachers, statesmen and scientists
in general, who blindly followed leader,
there is no hope for them, nnleaa they re
nounce and nuload and become a ignoraut
aa little children.
The word "earth." or "world" occurs in
the Bible over aix hundred times; no wbera
ia iu sphericity, or motion, avan hinted at,
except that it can be made to tremble,
.bake and qaake. It ia never aaaoctated
aa-itta tbe planeta, bud, muuu ur -'".
fiirdnraa ia alluded to in many insUncam.
Goethe, the gratefct of all pofta, give
hia opinko on modern Mtrouoiny iu tbe
following lin:
la wbatever wty or manner may have
orrnrreJ thia boin'aa. I BiUt atilJ aay tbat
I rtirw tbia ruod.n tlaeory of coeUBOgociy.
and bopa that !rruaneaj iher may appear
in daa tin aoroa r aciettia of guioa
boi!l pv k cp roomira enoaizh to apae
at.;. ...in,nr dtHaemtnatad dtl.nura of
hncatteai. Tbe tr4 leml.le th.n in ail tt.ia
, ra that oo ia (JJH W n-j-U-ly t r the
U-aavraoct tfca ail tb .byairiaU avlbara to
iiaj pav vi-ti -
I .v. l. w inaintml with MM ktxrara aV It
i, -nr-i. ir.tell-tI. aaxl eraraarri
a,. t r anil, la artli a' ki aa H
5.-i-. - . ,U,.y; -y r-Ler
followora and ptinUs, and tltua form a lit.
entry power j thoir idea is Dually worked
out, exaggerated, and with a pasaionato Im
pulse ia forced upon society; hundreds aud
hundreds of noble-minded, reasonable peo.
tilo who work iu other sphere, desiring to
sua their oircle esteemed aud door to the
interests of daily life, can do nothing belter
or wore reasouablo than to leavo to othor
investigators their free oop of action, nnd
add thoir voioe In tha benefit of that buai-
noea which does not concern them at alL
This is tortuod the nulvorsal corroboration
of the truthf ulnoss of an idoa.
A Itaa tun tlottat Ventilation.
Tho Iowa atata board of hoaJUi. la It
reoeut bullotlu, eoncludeti that few whe
have heard of th "Black Hole of Col
eutta" know the terrible facta that hav
rendered the place famous and made It
tho synonym of all that la to be dreaded
from foul air and overcrowding. At S
o'clock ou tha evening of June 20, 17.1(1.
140 prisoners, olltcors and men, black and
whlto, and of different nationalities, wow
thrust luto a room eighteen foot squaru
with two windows ou one of the foursldoi
hoavlly barred with Iron giving to each
Inmate forty cublo foot of space. In ton
hours 123 were found dead only twenty
three being allvol
Another Instance Is whero, In 1743, the
high constable of WoBtmlnstor, London,
committed twenty-eight porsons to prison,
where thoy were thrust by tbe Keeper
Into a holo elx foet square and five feet
ton Inches high tho windows bolng oloso
shut. In a very short tfuio four of tho
Inmates were sulTocatodl
Those facts show tho poisonous otTects
of tho human bivath or of respired air.
Professor Browu-Sequard has rocontly
made some exporliueuta that are uot ouly
highly Interesting, but show why tho ex
pired air of man and animals la so deadly.
From the condensod vapor of the expired
air he produced a liquid so poisonous that
whou Injected beneath the akin of rabbits
It produced almost Instant death. This
poison he found to be uot a microbo, but
an alkaloid. Ills conclusions are that the
expired air of all aulmals contains a poi
son more fatal than carbonic acid. It Is
woli for pooplo to understand these facts.
They cry aloud for better vontllotlon and
purer air for loss crowding In homo and
Ihuich and hall and school room. Scien
tific American.
Good Cmlo far Growing Girls.
It is more Important to train girls to
nee the tooth brush live times a day at
night and morning, and after each meal
to give them crusty bread, that thoy may
loarn to eat Blowly and thoroughly, to en
force the chaicoal and safe dentifrices,
than to classify and dissect plants or in
sects for the microscope. The liHle Indi
gestions from eating fast, or front reading
while they eat, should bo corrected by
doses of liquid magnesia, for acidity, or
the citrate of magnesia for bilious and
torpid conditions. Banish books and pa
pers from tho table at meals, unloss to
read out un Item or two of Interest to give
tost to tho general chat. Teach young
folks to be entertaining at the table, and
welcome Joke and fun there and every
where out of church. '
Chock nothing but 111 nature, and lot
this reliovo itself by a smnrt, snappish fit,
rathor than suppressed peevishness for a
dpy. There are sound medical reasons for
this advice, In allowing tho uorvous
chargo to paas off and a healthy reaction
to take Its ploco. It ought to bo a great
cause of gratitude to know that most of
the Ul humor In the world Is physical, and
that It passes off with rest, If over tired,
or by reaction from sudden shock or stir
ring up. when the nerves suitor from con
fluomcnt. This is why children are so an
gollcally better after an outbreak and
Binart slippering, and why girls will got
up after hysteric crying spoils, fresh as
June roses after showers. Change of In
terest and plaeo might prevent tho
naughtiness and crying in both cases. We
are meant to bo happy, satisfied and at
ease, and nature rises up for her righta
when tho strain goes beyond safety.
Shirley Daro.
Future I.lfo Anions the Niha. '
Tbe Nlha conceptions of the condition
aftor death ore confused. The bechoe go
below Into the city of the dead, where
they have to dlo nine times, or, according
to somo, as many times as the man has
lived years on the oarth, and are supposed
to lead lives liko the earthly lives. They
take with them their earthly utensils and
possessions In the form of shadows, and
cannot expect to attain a higher state of
wealth than they did ou the earth; there
fore living men ' accumulate as much
wealth as possible, In order that thoy may
take tho shadow of It with thom. The
bechoo of wicked men roturn to the corpse
l:t tho ruve, and are crushed by the earth.
Men who Lave no male Issue are turned
after their manifold deaths Into night
moths; those who are murdered. Into
locusts. The bochoeof murdered men and
sulcldc-.i an- assigned separate abodes from
tho other bechoo
At laat the earth will dlo, or sink Into
tho aea. and there will bo a new earth.
Then the bechoo of the cats will let the
bechoo of tho men go over the gulf luto
the new earth, tho edge of a sword scrv
Ing as a bridge. Any one who. In lifo, has
causelessly tormented or killed a cat will
bo thrown by them into the abyss. There
fore every person Is afraid to go near cats
to snr.oy thent. Ouly thoso also who have
bad Issuh can go over, while others bo
pome butterflies or something of the kind.
Tho bechoo of children arc- carried over by
their mothers, and go to God H. Sundor
maun in Popular Scienco M mthly.
The pride of Kingman county, Kan., la a
boll that weighs 4,0 pounds.
An aJifgaf.r neat, found In IUoa creek,
Fla.. ermtaiued forty-Uirwa) young aauriana.
According to the natureiiaits wacps remoin-
ber tha locality of their nests jtwt tutuxy-wx
Tbero ar 40,000 reptiles fcpt In one room
in tha Sitbaonian institution at tVa-thin;-ton.
HUncadlos to a4d U-yan fcei.( la
A preat snowy pelican, that had mmthnw
pal woefully aatray, was anoa ue wocr J
. i it..n. Tha liujtcr ears that "ml
Brat be tuok it for a calf."
A man in Detroit was aarad from a bor
nlilo Wtb by tba courage jf two pat rata,
wLkcb c!atd bira awaka tjarr! la ttoe to
escape from a burning bojdinj.
Tbe etatomrat ia made that DO kaa than alt
eperae of 5'at Aavainaa Uniebave tnooma
ttUBx-t daring tha iaet tea years, and tt ia
claimed tfeat fTi1-1! aparrwa were U
Baaaa caam.
Th-ra hi a man in YenkaeWh, raaho
ba fo ku-1 by a PlynaonUi Pwork beat,
oreertHTa .aaanrrny a 4- Inrtx ymf and
Mtna rvaarvt, Uatutavr 8 incWa kaig aad
touts KoMtith Is very ill at Turin. . ..
Tha ciar of Ituajita Is bulldinot a castle near
Kaaho lu Finland.
Comrreasninn McKbmcy, of New Ilanip
slilrv, reads Ilultrow. ,
Coinrnauiiiiaii Knute Nolson, of Minnesota.
Is a Norwegian by birth.
Khur Humbert, of Italv. drinks nothtuir
but wutur at state diunera.
W. K. VunderMlt hoi spent 1500.000 among
London brio-a-bmo dealers. i '
Blainan-k seldom retires before 9 o'clock in
tlie morning. lie guts up at noon. . ,"
... . . I IU -1. D.lll. It.itn. tin.
Al'tiotaiora. nir- mwi om, iimuvi mi
been lot to a Llverpuul sltlpbrokor. '
Mr. Glaitatone b going to "have a try" at
CoL luguraull lu ono of our nuigaxiues. t
.ii.n T. Hiillluan nnea ilnwa at 'atrwt oar
In Boston for tho iltry sum of "J per day. ' -
ninhanl ManRilald. the actor, spks Eng
lish, Kronen, Uerinau and Italian with equal
vi.iLi,., Rrarrir hna nindo a hit In Mexico.
Bo far he lias dolled all efforts of tha rarefied
air to shake his iiorvos.
Tr.i niiiTKrlul late eovernor eeneral of
Cunadn, Is to lie raised a stop lu tho peerage
for bis services in India,
V.-H..n.tir Rruca la vlsltlllff his motbor in
Kansas. Hlio is W years old, aud she was
formerly a slave lu Virginia.
rii. R,-litiiiunnii hm act out for the east
with the firm determination of finding the
real tomb of Alexander the Great
ti, xi.r.mlir Iiiiilondurrv. lord llouton-
ant of Ireland, has had conferred upon him
tho vacant knlglitnoou oi tue garter.
Ti,n niltim han tfivon a pair of spiixndld
Arab horses to the French ambassador at
Constantinople, one bolng for his wire.
Thn rtnv. rtnrtholomew Edwards, rector of
a .1,1,111 K.i.-rnil, ( tha oldest clerevman iu
England, having just comidotod his lOOtlt
TT.,.iru t jilmnrlinra sava that one of Otieen
Victoria's "drawing rooms" is, "spoaking
generally," a very inueccni anu ugiy uxtu
bition. v Wan Yontr. Yo Ila Tuna- and Yl Hun
Yong, the secretaries of the Uorean legation
at Washington, have started out on a tour of
tbe country. .;
-TVoti.i, Wllln.rd.tha nronrlotor of Willard's
hotol, Washington, Is worth $13,000,000, Ho
bogatt life as one oi we porters in tne uuwt
that he now owns. '
vtriiiinm (vni-lnn. M. P.. worked out the
Idea of a novel whllo In prison, but having
no writing materials was not able to oonuult
his thoughts to pnjior. - i, !
Thn Prince of Nanles. crown prince of
Ttolv u it. rnmoi-oit. a candidate fur the
hand of Princess Houhle, daughter of Kin-
peror Frederick, of Gorinuny. .' ,
Pnr.t J n Collin, of Massachusetts, ex
pects to havo a jolly time as American con
sul at St. Helena. Ho will have to be a No-
poloon of choerf ulnoss if he does. , .
Thn iiuw Duke of Rutland. Lord John
Manners, inherits 70,000 acres of Hand, five
nutnsions and about $500,000 annual income
from his brother, tbe bachelor duke.
llTliatl .Tllllli-ll Oi-imliQin is in oveulnir dress
be is considered by his friends the most at
tractive man living. It ts supposed tuat ne
will wear a dress coat at the convention next
Hnimtiir rVmm,.' nf Rhodo Island. Is the only
member of the United States senate who al
ways weal's a swallow tailed coat, while At
torney Gonerul Garland prides himself on
novel' having owned one. .
Mtniinirriirilinr 1). if. MumllV haS boon tho
reporter0 of the United States senate for
nearly forty years, lie nas rcporteu uiay,
Webster and Cass, and Utter Sunnier, Sew
ard and other fumous men.
Austen Chainlierlaln, elilost son of tho
niirhr. lion JoHHiih Chuinberlaln. is to enter
, ... .-i ir.i.i.mr. liu hux been studvlni; in Berlin.
and it is said that Prince Bismarck took a
groat fancy to him and frequently enter
tained him at dinner.
Cypbert H. Gillotto, of Keokuk, Ia., Is a
veteran of the lato war who is uow totally
blind. For fifteen years he bus been unsuc
cessfully applying for a pension. His claim
bits just lweu allowed, and he will receive
about 10,000 in arreurs.
n,,n of rim nnwHtianer men in cone reus, and
one of the youngest members of tho house as
well. Is Jacob i ost, etlitor or. iiio vauey
vi.Tinlnn nf Htuuntou. His bovish face ia
Innocent of a lieard, and he looks half a dozen
years younger than bo really Is.
Alexander Dumas sat down one night not
long ago and wrote a single net play before
he quit tho work, which lusted from tj o'clock
In tho evening till 8:K0 in the morning. Ho
drank eight cu of black coffee while he
wrote and converted twenty-iilue cigarettes
Into ashes.
Gcu. Iiew Wallace, the author of "Bon
Ilur," is suid to be distressingly absont
minclcd. He bos been known wlwn at break
fast to put two heaping teaspoonfuls of
sugar on a soft lxiilcd egg, nud then, almost
before tho laughter had died away, to suit
his coffee with great deliberation.
Tho sultan of Morocco takes groat pleasure
in tho short line of railroad presented to him
by the king or the Belgians. It is bis
majesty's great delight to climb into the sa
loon car and whisk around the paloca
(rrrmntla, while his dutiful subject- gaxe in
wonder upon the strange conveyance.
Gi-orge Oollop, of Strode, Dorsetshire,
England, is about to oolebrato bis With birth
day with great festivity. Ha is a representa
tive of a very ancient family in tba weat of
Kngland, aud succeeded to iU estates in 1TH&
Us ia doubtless tbe doyen of the English
squirearchy, and when nearly HO was the
father of twltia.
0-n. Baron von Loo, London; Gen. Count
on Iiehndorf, tenna; un. von vYeruer,
Bt. Peteralmrg; prince von Hobeailoha-ItiKel-flnzen,
Konw; Gen. Prinra) von itailxiwill,
f ..Ind ami IJahtan UeaL Cmilt VOfl Alten.
Pari and Prince llatsfeldt-Trac-henlirrg, to
tha Vath-an, muka op tlx list of tbe newly
iiiitaai Uermaa atabasejaiKs.
Wbeoaver Empaaror William vmit to hia
r,,..i in, l a, to aHtnowlrdm a mUitarraa-
lut br invanally butume.! kis coat. To a
.r.1 mhoBakaal hlos h v Sat waa so oera-
laaraakais, ha said: "The v4diere hava never
asm ea with my east anbuttuoed, and they
ctenr alutlL It is tha una buttua left nnbut-
tuoed that ia tha ruia of tha amy."
Vigor and Vitality
are qaVMy givea ta every aart of tne txr?y
ky HouaJ s Karaaparltta. Thai tired feelln Is
aatlre-lyavirr rasas. Ike WeS ra prteal. e
rkaeal. aad vttaJts4. aad carrkea health l
aaraal ia! Siaeaae te rvea j arraat. Tha aenanaeh
ta tMMd aad streatawsaraL thai sppHrta ta
Ua-ed. Tha ktatorys aad Irvev are ruajatd
aad tarirarated. Tha tarsia la rrf realard. the
am suake ctaaf aad read! km snak. Trj BV
A fattalan'a raaotlUaMU Butolda, ...
What, for want of a better term, ma
be callad joonlar aulctdaa, ara docldadly -
on tha iucroaae In Paris, whara pooplo
shufllo. off the mortal coil In a good
humored, dovtl may ear) way, whlaq
scarcely suits tho traglo natnre of the
act. The latest aulolde of tha kind wa
slludotols that of a respectable Paris
tradoatnan; and the poor man's good
humor was tho more extraordinary, Boe
ing that his rash ant waa nromptod by ft
painful malady, from which he bad been
sufforlug for soma time. On tho eve of
the day which ha hcH determined should 1
lie his last, he Inquired of his housekeeper
and servant if thoy liked to ace poopla
hanging, and on receiving a negative ra. '
ply ho advised tneiu not to put in an ap- -
pcurance ou the following morning.
rtaturauy, tne qnosttou ana too aavioa
were looked upon In the light of a Joke;
but on the arrival of the servants thn
next day the mostor's body was found
lianHnir In tha noasarm. Before earrvlnir '
out Ills resolution ho had even taken tho
prerautkm of afllxlng to the .outside of
tils shop shutters the usual formula when
promises aro cloned owing to a death In
tho fomllv: "Forme nour cause du doeea:"
and ho had prepared for the undertaker
full Instructions regarding mo luneroi,
tho number of mottrulug carrlagea that
would bo needed and ao forth. ' lo omit
nothing, this order loving tradesman did
not forgot, either, to write to his doctor
to Inform him that his attendance would
no longer bo required. London Standard.
SatyltiBT Klutrp Things.
I was In a friend's house the othor day, and
ntked to look nt a curtain ltier. Ha said:
"Oh, I don't tako that any. more." "Why
not!" "It's too smart," by 'which he meant
that tire keen edge of tho editorial sword ,
was flashed a little too promiscuously, and
the whip was cracked with a ceaseless con
tinuity that was not pleasant. Now, as it Is
with that paper, so It Is with many men and. i
more women. They go through lifo saying
sharp things and smart things and sarcastio
thiinrs. They breed ill humor; thoy leave
tmpleufMit tmpresslona Joe Howard' in
Boston U lobe. . ; '
A lady appeared on ft London stroot lately
with a bat described as "two foet high, sur
mounted by an eagle's feather, nutking an
additional foot." , , . ,
Adopted at St. Louia, Tburndsy, June T, 1888.1
Tha Ilameorallo nartv of tbs United Stale,' la
national convention aaaembloil, renew) the pledge
or Its fidelity to DemoaraUa faltb, and reetrlrms Uie ...
plalfutm adopted by its rapreeentatlvoi In tbe con.
ventlon In lsst, and Indoraes tbe views expreaaed
by President Olevelaud In his laat anunal meaaaga
to UutlKieae as tne Burreui intarpraiaiiun vi pm
slao audoraea the eiloru of our Deinooratle Bepre
eolatlvea In Oougress lo lecuro a reduotloa of ax- '
ceaalve taxation.
Chief aiuoug it prlnolplaa of parly faith ara tha
malumlnlns; of an Indlaaoluble anion of free and
ludealrootlbls Itatet, now about to enter upon Its
nnM ih. nM..i ah i.t tapin; paiiiifltion. ana
aeroua century wi uuo.ui)i.u n
devotion to s olao of soyernmoiit regulated by a
written constitution atriotiy apoouj ing every grsntea
power, and expreaaly reaarving to lbs States or
peuple the entire stigrantcd roaldne of power) tba '
encouragement of a Jealoua pooular vlgllauce, dl-
teCtea to Sll wno aava naaa uuwaau mi uiivi Hriu,
to anaot and exeoute tbe lawa, and who are ehargad '
with tha .intv of nreaarvlav neaoa. luautiua eauallt
sud eatabllablngjutlaa.
The Uemoorstis party welcome sn exaotlug snrn
tiny of the administration af the exeoatlva power,'
which lour yeara ago waa committed to Us truet in
tbe eloetion of 0 rover Cleveland as Preaident of tbe
Uslted State, sud it oballeuges tbe moot aesrebing
Inquiry oonoerntng Ita lldelity and devotion to Ilia .
pledgee wbleh then Invited tbe aufjragee of Ibe peo
ple. During a moat sritloal period of our tlnauclal
slfalra, resulting from over taxation, tbe anoualoue
oomlltlon of our currency, end publlo debt unma
tured, It baa, by the adoption oi a wiaa anu oon.
aerratlve courae, not only averted diaaater, but
greatly promoted tbe proaperity of tbe people,
it haa ravaraed the tmnruvldent and unwise nolle
of tbe Hepullcan parly louclilnit tbe publlo doinalu,
and bat reolalnied from corporatiuus ana ayuuicaies,
alien and domeatlc, aud reatnred to the people
nearly one buudrdd milliona of acres of valuable
land, to ba sacredly bold as homesteads lor eur
clilniiia -
While CSrelUliy gaaruing loa iiuernaw anu uv
principles ofjuatlce sud equity, it has psld out mora
fi,r nanaiona and bouutlea lo the soldiers end sailors
of the Hepubllc than was ever paid before during
sn equal period,
it naa adonted and couilaUutlr pursneat a flrm
and prudoul foreign policy, preaorving peaca with
Sll nations WUlie sorupunmiiy uiaiiiiaiuiija; ail wo
rights snd Internals of our own govetment end
Beanie at home snd sbroad. Tbe exclusion from
our shores of Ohluese laborers has been effectively
aacured under the provisions or a treaty, tne opera
tlou of wbicb has ben.i posiponad by lbs action of a
ttepubllcan m jorlly in tba Senate,
Uoneat refcirm lu tbe civil aervlce baa been In?,
augurated snd maintained by President Cleveland,
end he has brought tbe public aei vice lo the blgbeal
standard ol efflcloncy, not only by rule and precept,
but by lb example of bla own untiring sud unseltt.b
administration of public affairs
In svery branch snd department of lbs govern
meni nniler L'emocratlc control tbe rlul.ta and wel
fare of sll tbs people bave been sarelully guarded
and defended; every public iniereel has been pro
tected, and the equality of all our eltixens before tba
law, without regard lo race or color, baa keea stesd
faatly maintained.
Upon Its record tbns esbibllerl, snd npoa tha
pledge of s continuance to tbe people of Ibe benefit
of Dumoorsoy, II Invokes s renewal of popular Iruat
by tbe re-election of a chief magistrate who bts
been faithful, ahls snd prudent. We Invoke, la
addillou lo that trust, tba tranafer alao to the De
mocracy of the entire teglalatlve power. Tbe Ke-
publlcen party controuiiia wa wmi, buu rmaiuip;
In both Uoaae of Congress s reformation of anjuat
and unequal Us lawa, whleb bave outleeted Ibe
naceaailiea of war and are now undermining tha
abundance of a long peace, deny lo tha people
anuallte before the law. and tbe falrneea sud tbs
Joatlce wblob srs their rlht. Than, tbs ery of
American tenor w a mm .. ,
indoatry la a'lfled altb felae pretenses, enterprise I
fettered and bound down to noma marxeiei capuaj
la Slaeouraaed with doubt, and ooeqoal, sijuat lawa
caa oeliber be properly ara ended ar repealed. Tba
Itemocretle perty will coalluue, wltb all tbe power
confided la It, tbe etroggle ts reform these law la
accordance wltb the pledgsa of lu laat platform and
endorsed at tba ballot-bos by the suffrages af the
peuple. Of all the Induatrlona free mea si ear land,
tba tmmeuee majority, Incleding every tiller af tha
eofl, gala aa sdvantaga frees eseeaelve Us laws,
but lb price of nearly everything tbry bay I In
creased by the favoritism at aa aaeejuel at aaa af
ut leglelailoa. an aoaeceaeary taiauoa as enjax
uaatlea. It lo repagnant to the eraad of Demeerecy
Ibat by aecb Usetloa tba aeal of Iha aeeeeaartee of
life should ba anJssilSsbly Inaveaaed la all ear
people, Jadged by Uemecraile principles. Ibe la.
ureal, al tbe people ara betrayed wbea, by aa.
eamiarj teaatlos. male aed ewanbiaaUere are per
mitted lo exist, which, while aaataly enriching the
fvw that eoanblaa, rob Ibe body of ear all I sear, ay
depriving there af the beeetjte of aeteral cempetl.
tlea. Svery peaaaarraiM reie a, imraaianai aciw
ia violated, tbea, thraagh aeaaceaary UaaUsa, a
vaat asm ed meeey. Car bayaasd tba Mode ! as
eceaaeileal adsaloletratIM, la drasra fraaa the pawpl.
aaal the cbeaaala of trade aed aaeaesalateal aa a d
meralltlag earplea la aba aetlaaai traaeary, Tba
eanair at lj las Idle la the tedaral traeeary, i
Mltlne fraaa eepeilaaae UaeUea, aasesata aa, aaet
thaa liuaaaaso. aad tba eeroiwa elteeted I
reacbiag tbe nm a4 mare tbaa aaa.eaa.eaa asaaall-
Daeaecbeel ky lata leaaptalleai. IN remeay ai u
epaklkaa party ia ta steat aad eaaaau. by ex
Iravaraal aaaa-aaetaUeaa aad exaaaaa, abaaka
eeaeMiiatlaatal ev aaa. the eeraaaaiatl- of eatrava
,M uaatlaa. OareeaeMieheal Seeaeatu iMaaine
ea eataa-aetaeS ebaatd waa. aad al a ba eaeo
gered bribe redeeUaai sad earraateae ad the aa-l-r
at Uaatioa. Oa tba caaatrarr. a fair aaa) eara'a
ravtelaa eav tea laara,nib dae eUWwaaaw fcer ta
dtStare bataveM bwaas ear" aaa tarrlsa l.w
mats iemel aad aaaiaeasa evea-s beaacb ed a
Maeuiee aad eateTwrtane. ky (teteuj Ibava aa a.r
aeast 1 aa esaeaeed aartet aed eteey ad eaaMlaa.
eaal eaOTSttaae- U Ibe lalareata aa) A eaeetcaa laar.
wkkk akawtd ta eo eveoje k aeteta.d. tbe amiue
afMUl lean eaaataabt-a by aba DiMaar.ua
parry abawhl pi .aula tke advaau ad e- aaaoe
kf ckaeaaaiaw Ike aaa ml aaaaaaarta ef lib ta t'e
aaeartaig ea klsi eaaaay aaad leeaeaoroeles) eeaata.
Iaa rbta ajaaaarlaa a taaa eadarsa. aa eleaaMy ee
irii., eeeri Bkaoa a wear el aa. aa4 apaM.
I eoary aa.alw Oevrraal te Ibe " S"a
1 1 1 1 1 1 aaa tke ti.a-ai aaa-,' ow-". arra
r.eaa eo4 aa .letiM'aa ao Ike tan.f-ewt sf -f aj
tba sr'e people.

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