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Free Press.
. i u ulllOfi. TtXAIi
qMS news.
X.4S O. N.
. ... .. v,l. . . 8:01 A. M. and 6:18 p.
OiUi - -
D;i(i A. M. and 9:00 P. K.
Ceo A Eddy nd H. C.Crou. rcceivert.
r ...aSn Marcos 10:30 A. M. and 0:10 p.
ft i 7:50 A. U. and 4:40 P.
, Persons not subscribers who may at
I in. receive copies of the Free I
t limply as samples, in the hope!
(Shrtlfceiwttai addled may like it
welllnwiinto favor u with their ubaerip
firits and homiuy McAixiweb'.
Wasb.siti Deeds for sals at this office.
Oysters served in any style at the Bed
k nsw stock of ohoice perfumes, and toil
et soaps now at Bbalib Dbuo Btobb.
SDlendid line Blk nd Ph,8h dreM trim"
Full supply of finest flour at
Mo Allisteii a.
fresh Oysters received every day at the
!$ed Diamond.
A fine line of Boys Clothing at
Damjsy & Bnoa.
New invoioes of trunks by
Johnson & Johnson.
Geo W. Knight. Watchmaker and Jewel
er, east Bide Plaza, San Marcos. nv2'J
Groceries cheap for cash at
Onr Girl Shool Shoos, a veritable panoea,
y Johnson & Johnson.
A fine line of Boys Clothing at
Dailey & Bros.
Headquarters for California and Eastern
canned fruits and other canned goods at
Wm. Oiesen's.
Leaf Lard at
Call at Fitch Robinson's, watchmakers
and jowellors in the new Nance building on
Austin street and examine their stock and
learn prices, etc.
More and prettier materials for fancy
work than ever before, at the Bookstobb.
Rnlnndiii assortment of hair brushes
jombs and otuor toilet requisites at
15EAL.L, 8 UUVU DlWi.
For Sale.
Tr PfiHv'a house and lot on San Antonio
street. Apply to Major Hutchison.
Heating aud cooking at
G. W. Donalson's & Co's.
Dress Goods, Giughauis, Prints, etc., in
splendid assortment.
Johnson & JonssoN,
One hundred cases of c -nnad goods which
rill be sold cheap for cash by
Wm. Giesbn.
his prices BEFORE having your teeth
attended to. Johusou's building.
WANTED Situation by a sober, iudus
trious young man of five years'experience in
mercantile business, to engage Jan. lBt.
Good reference given. General Store pre
ferred. Address P. 113 East Church Str.,
Galveston, Texas.
I need money, call and settle your ac
count aud don't you forget it.
S. F. MoAllibteb.
Corn Wanted.
Three or four car loads of corn in the ear,
for which the highest market price will be
paid. Haboy J; Co.
Currants and prunes at MoAllisteb's,
Fitch & Robinson, watchmakers and jew
elers, have opened a new stock of goods ia
their line in the new Nance building on
Austin street
W. F.CoppIo
East side publio square, is the place for
ohoice and cheap groceries. He is continu
ally receiving new supplies, and will not
be undersold. '
La Relle Wagon.
I am agent for this wagon and in receipt
or a oar load of them wnicn i oner i w
prices aud on good terms. Wm. Giesen,
Now is the time to look after your break
lng plows and I wish to inform my friends
and customers that I am still agsnt for the
old. reliable "CasiJv or Oliver Chilled
Sulky Plows" which has no superior. I also
represent the John Deare and Eagle Plows
and Standard Cultivator. This justly cele
brated cultivator is materially improved
this season.
He sun to give me s call whan in need
of agncalUiral implements.
Ws. Giese.
Bear it in mind, tliat
Hardy Cq. will sell as
cheav as anrj oilier 1iou.se
in town. FOR CASH. Con-
slantlri on Jiand a full line
of fancy and family gro
Ti-h and oysters every day at T. K.
JioicLiDt, aoiitn aide square.
Umrir k f Ike l.rorer.
Are cow in full stock of all tbe best eota-
EKa.t:i in ttteir line, e tnnneraM a it
Bet Mackerel,
Mince Mvt.
Apr-" Butt.
pH-ViKi r-c rt,
Freoh tcn-arta.
Svtt Kract.
tit- ArT-'.
0aT- YitHT.
O. m'-3.
C&t-& d via
Look curefully to your tickets.
hi .
"The combat deepcus on, ye brave."
At lost we have Wimbttrly represutsd la
our local correspondence.
The withdrawal of Lightfoot leaves the
roc for county clerk betwoou Storey aud
The tickets this time are very long, com
plicated and "mixed." See that the uaines
you want to vote for are on the one you vote
There will be an oyster supper to morrow
night at tbe old Barbee building to raise
money to pay for'Parsoo Beverley's buggy.
The Luting Signal issued a special editiou
last week. It presents a favorable showlug
of the busiuess of the town. But the maiu
attraction is the numerous portraits of load
ing citizens what an array of beauty(?)
We are in receipt of a communication
from "177C" in reply to "True Bluo" of
the Kyle Star. As the writer says the Star
appears to have donied him a hearing, we
should have published his article, but it
earns in only yesterday evouhg, after our
space was full. 1776 denies, in most post
tive terms, the charge of True Bluo that he
is in league with the republican party. He
says he votod for Garfield, but in 1881 vot
ed for Cleveland, because he believed in
free trado.and still does so. 1776 further de
nies that the leaders of the uon parti
sans of Hays oountyare republicans; with the
exception of the writer, all the others have
been life-long democrats. He adds: "The
fact is, I dou't know an out and out repub
lican who olaims to be a non-partisan,"
Miss Annie Smith is visiting at Dripping
Mrs. Kolso is spending some time with
her parents.
T.Ann ia Holland and Sam Killoutfh are
rustioating for tbe benefit of their hoaltb.
Miss Carrie Kone has returned from a vis
it to Temple.
Frank Glover has eono to Clarksville.
Tenn., to attend school,
A tnAhn MnAiit mttrriftaAD wna that of Alice
Collins and her long time lover Mr. Martin.
Onr old friend J. P. Kellam is mrking
Blanco his principal headquarters.
Tfov Mi- Ttnvnrlv is retained as minister
of the Baptist church for another year.
i v. nalkraath lina rnturnal from
Iuisville with his bride; his brother also
accompanies them.
nn ill. Rnartm Advance we notice that Dr.
Tl.a ia Hninnrninc there and hashuuc out
his professional shingle.
Mr. Lawhou is in the drug business at
Boeville. Mrs. L. remains here for the
rinr fi-innd J. T?. Davis nurchased at the
Dallas Fair a fine two year old jack, just
from old opain. woEopouoiuuuuuo.
valuable acquisition.
Wn annidentallv overlooked lust week
mention of the death of little Sue M'Kie,
riciiaMnr of W. It. . M'Klo. We deeply
sympathize with her parents.
nr.. MoPharann nf tha Kvle Star, was in
our office on a business errand one day last
week. We see her frequently on ourBiroeis.
ti.o an.iai.la nnrl attractive ladv has many
friends here, among whom, in spite of some
little past editorial ainereuous, wo uiuiui
T-i " 1 .nnflnal ho fill T office bUfii-
1J L'lll U1UODIJ -
ness, and having no local assistant, we fail
l.lifl rnturn of our
soriehtly young friends Misses Mary Hunt
1 ,"t tit J ll.i. .iuif tn P.on.
ana uonme nuou ti"iu ...-. .v- v j
torvillo. Texas. Also the accident to our
friend Phil Spriuger.
ii.. T .T Wntunn died on the 20th nit.
at the'residenco of her mother, Mrs. ner.
mans, in Jacksonville, Texas. Her decline
was rapid. The wormy may iuhub muy
h.r clinrt rnHideuca at this
inouun uu.iu(f -
Dlace. who will hear of her de.ith with deep
regret, ana mucn ByniH'""j
bereaved hnsband and family.
rri.A Tiinna vannrrl the dtiath of Mr. J.
H. Voges at New Branufels, at the ago of
mt a .linrt Btl-lfllAMH. A IllltivG
10 yeaiB, oiw. - -- -
of Germany, deceased emigrated from tuat
country to Texas m ioo, anu uocmuo
of the earliest settlers in the oity where ho
died loved and respected by all that knew
him, leaving a widow, six sous uuu m
daughters, with many friends to mourn his
loss. Mrs. Charles Wetzol and Mr. D.
Hofheinz. of our city, are dauguiers oi mo
deceased. Both are highly respected ladies,
and have the sympathy of our people.
T ... r.aVa Advance. Advocate of Dallas,
una. tt U - .
iv- ..,i,;i,.tiV... nriiin of the state, contains
the beginning of an elaborato article or rath-
. ..... UA nLiliitinn IRRIIO from
t,..w.mn Adam M. Youne.
IDS ueu u ui" lv,n,.....--, -- --- -
The editor of the paper in which it appears
i . . .t oiArL and
speaks in nignesi n-nu
nrtres its oublication in bonk form for the
eood of the cause. We hope the author
b .... . . : .A :. n .l.af ahane.
may obtain neip iu -
-'j..: i,.-r.t.r nt I.Mlth. that he was
ni. .ki in ha out of bed while
wrinuK - : , : . " , "
to I
the mental vigor ana nigu num iuij.a
the author. San Marcos bos just cause to
of I
proud that she is the nome oi sucu mu.
Think About It.
A prayer uj mo ...........
do something toward bettering the condi
tion of the side walks leading to the public
schools. It is a dnvraee to see iuo aiuu.
wsdins through such mud in summer, far
... . t, w linna no
1U com .fi " . ...... . - i
t i..
jt - ;n ! Hi Fbee PrE
uver au u-i -
annealed to the council to redeem their
' ' . . . lhA
promise to mae a gooa n --v
' ...... . W . la.l
public schools, but au in vain. . b
that the Times has route to me r
above. We heartily endon what it aaye.
ri-A for Dunfnsia.
Sample of the remedy suffi.irot to tot
- . for
one w
rt--. t-v malL Will piarantes to
tbe won i-we. at let withm 3 uu.
a Mninl. .nil fall DAT-
ticnUr. or a-nd l. for 3 mo, treatment;
. . :.v ...i -rf.in and ricll
f UHm " -
peacfcable r-M-enoes Adlreas
WO Foltn S:r t.
Brooklyn, S. V.
.Cr4 ! WitMnwaL
Tltvm nn";iK tbat I -e iv.irwa
from tie net for O anty det.
C. L. L"v-ttott.
Kvle. Oct.
FtarTriaBft i.y at tie E a
Irtt CkiV4 ef X7 w -.it t .
For tbe Free I'skss.
Votlnir mid rraylug.
"po not doceivoil; God is uot mocked;
whatever a imu soweth, that sh.tll be al
so reap U the teaching of the lliblo. Tbon
jiut tuiuk cf a mau professing to bo a
christian, praying 'Hallowed be thy uuute!'
Aud thru votlug far tho uialutonauce aud
licensing of a bU'luisi which onm Gol's
name lo be blasphemed; 'Thy vill be done,'
then votiug thut it shall not bo doue; 'Lead
us not luto temptitlou,' thou votkig for tho
greato.it evil that ever cursed our land;
"Give us this day our daily bread," then
voting to license that which takes tho bread
from thousands of helpless aud almost
starving women and children and orings
poverty, ruiu and disgraco upon thorn. Are
we aocouiitnlda biting Will a just God
hold us responsible for our votes? Will the
blood of the druukards victims cry from
the grouud like Cuius against lis? By voting
with aud for a party that licenses mon to
make aud sell that which will ciiuso crime
tuurdor, bloodshed and strife iiiako crimi
nals and paupers, bring tuisury, surTcriug,
poverty, ruin and disgrace among us, do
we become accssuuis and responsible for it?
Will we reap that which we sow? Should
we not seriously and prayerfully stuJy
these questions before votiug?
San Marcos, Texvs. S.
Pleasant Kirigc.
Ouce more wo will try to glvo you a fow
items of uews, from our rural burgh, not
because we thmk it will interest or please
any one to hear from us, but like otuor
rural minded Inhabitants of remote burghs
los, we feel like something ought to be
said about us to prevent tho world from
thiukiug we had fermouted and ovaporaUd,
That ico-croam supper has come ana
gone, and wo are happy to state, was a com
plote success. The managers reported $78
and somo cents. The expenses, after re
turning articles purohased whioh were not
used, will amount to about $30. Mr. J. E.
Morris and lady, of Sau Marcos, were
there aud a fuir turnout (wagonloads of
young ladies) from Cottonwood increased
the crowd and added beauty aud life to tho
scene. Misses Alios Blackeller, Mary Vest
and Gracie Denton represented Coronal In-
6titute,and aocordiug to our unbiassed judg
ment, it was fairly represented.
The Woman's Missionary Sooiety "auo-
tioned" their quilt, Mr, Ike Jamos offioiat-
inc as auctioneer. Mr. James did crodit
to the confidence of the society, and has the
praise and thanks of the community for his
faithful and successful labor. Tbe enter,
tainucnt passed off quietly and was remark
able for good ordor and harmony.
Cotton picking Is still the all absorbing
topic, very few farmers in tms section
have their cotton picked out.
A few days since the cotton stalks were a
mnss of blooms and rich green leaves, now
there is not a vestige of green on any of
the stalks. The worms have made a clean
sweep, but it wili be beneficial to the pick
crs. They ate all the cotton then struck
out a foot for a bettor climate. Tho roads
were working masses of worms for several
days and so many were crushod by passing
wagons that the roads were, muddy witu
butsod" worms. They were "busted 'in
the fullest sense of the word not just a
little financial embarrassemeut, but a com
plete and overwhelming "bust."
Mr. Moore, of Sun Marcos, bunco, uis
little daughter in the Ploasant Ridge bury
ing eround Sunday. Ho is known to tho
community, being a former neighbor of tho
ltidgitos, aud the sympathy of all is ex
tended to him and the griof Rtrickou
mother, ltov. J. F. Dontou conducted the
funnrul service.
Our sister community (Chaparra is to
have another item for goisip Wednesday
evening, tha 21th. hist. Mr. J. W. Olivor is
to be married to Miss Johanna Waldrup,
and as both parties are well kuown and
greatly esteemed, it will be a memorable oc
casion, The yOUIlg groom (U proKJeuuyoy
a neighbor and friend of your senbo, and
we wish him all the joy, peace, bliss, com
fort and domestic prosperity, that fate and
providence can bestow, without a nnanciai
Wa will close now, by thanking the Fkeb
PnEss and its accommodating staff for not
icing our festival iu its local columns
"beautv is as beauty does," what a fas-
oinatiug Editor the Fbee Pbess must have.
Sincerely Josu wilkins.
A man who has practiced medicine for
M vears. oncht to known Bait from sugar;
read what he says.
TOLEDO, U., onu. iu, looi.
Messrs. F. J. Chony & Co. Gentlemen:
I have been iu the general practice of
medicine fo-- most 40 years, and would say
that in all my practice and experience, have
never seen a preparauuu ium. .
cribe with as much confidence of success as
I can Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
, it n.ac.r;i.a it n trrp.it mnnv
oy you. n. pi. - -
times and its effect is wonderful, and would
nay in conclusion tnai i nave jei i
case of Catarrh that it would not cure, if
they would take it according to directions.
Yours truly
L. L. GoasrcH. M. I).
Office. 215 Summit St.
w. iiin for anv caHe ofCatnrrh
(hut mn not be cured with Hall's Catarrh
Cnrfl. T.ken internally.
F. J. CHENEY Co. Trops., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists. 75 els.
Mr. Watson wishes to siy to the many
' fr-.end or nis euii'io no. -.
that the millinrry siore win sun iw
1 . in oKinri. who will l6
pleased to wnit tipon aU fnendtf nd nw
1 ... . l - . vith fttA
custoiuors. ineaionaiA
Intert style of haU bonnets and tnmtuir.KS
of all kiudt,
At a mestiDg of the Bwd of Director
of tbe Sau Marios Ileal EsMte-Avociation
..; d it w4 orl-red that all nnpid
nb-criptions to tbe rto-k of aaid aiwocia
tion ma4 be l-aid by Kovemb- 1". I"-1.
...j.ntnrk cotptil for in full by Mid
jdite.hould le reported by the Kecr-tary
to the BorJ of V.n-lor lor i jnuur" u
dr the Iiy-Law of tbe awocitioo-
ravroeLt holi be ma-le to the and-r-an-'d.
ah watthi Uy !ectl Sretry
of the IVr L
8.n Var. Ort.ll. 1-.
sia Mr-o r.u r--tit aa.;-:j:oi.
It- -u'f.te t1.." IV -n'nV r. 1 J tL- rue
t.f Wart'-r L 'Z Ct!:a SirsMr:v
A T.rrl-.rr- 1 "f l-r f.'
Editoh Fkkk Piikjw.
By your request we dot somo fow.thiuKS
of general interest roin these parts. We
aro having copious rains, aud farmers ud
stockman are looking for good grass duriug
the full months.
The Kov. J. A. Driskill has just ckwod
a scries of services here, We hope much
good was done, Bro. I. is earnest au 1
honest. The peoplo liko to hour him.
Our picnic passed off quietly, several
carcasses were cooked neatly uuder the
snpwviuiou of uncle Buck Clmmuey of
"strong step" fame, O my, at the candi
date's, O. Andrews, has quiet arming the
gouorul public; ho only wants tho vote of
oppeuauts to elect him, banco ho made no
speech. The spoakiug was solid aud rea
souablo, of a nature calculated to instruct
our peoplo rathor thau mako them htugb.
We said amen.
This is no time for wind and gas iu poli
tics, solid problems in tho philosophy of
government and close issues in politicul
economy now coufrout tho people to be, at
least, partly settled at the November eloo
tiou. Uncle Joe Burleson bad the honor
of introducing the various speakers. I bo
liove they Kay uncle Joe nearly always does
things riuht. Some said he was au X. P.,
uncle Joe says not. What shall we say?
Stick to the not? The Hon. Ed. B. Kone
mndo the openiug speech. The Judge is
evidently not going to be led from the
good old way of Democracy.
That's correct, Judge. Stick to what you
believe to be right; if the whole county
votes against you. This is tho day for
principle aud back bone.
Mr. Neighbors was next. "Didn't ho
speak so uico," was the gouernl expression
of the ladies.
Many felt more like true American cit
izens when Mr, N, got through. He placed
the reins of this great government when it
properly belongs in tho hand of the poo
ple. Study that speech Bro. N. nnd eu
large on it sometime in the future.
How long will it take the American peo
ple to loam that they ou the power bebiud
tho throne, the makers and executois of the
laws aud not the officers. It iB to the peo
plo alone we are to look for good officers
and wholesome laws.
Capt. Storoy, Mr. Lightfoot aud Mr. Mau
love all had something to say, but wo were
sorry businoss was so we could not hear
them. Capt. S. B. McBride closed tho
stay with a timely and well selected spoech.
But the latoness of the hourcrsatod so much
confusion, that much of the speech was
lost. Boys you must all exouse us, but
w'cre bound to say Mo. should have had
the first hour. Just as she was playing a
beautiful tune on the organ, sho exclaimed
in a somewhat sudden emotion, "yonder he
We looked quickly expootiug to see P. T.
Barnum, but it was only Phit. Springer.
She was a young lady. But don't get to
sanguine Phil, if handsome men wero al
ways eleotod, this writer would have boon
president longer than this,
If the ladios could vote, this scribe had
rather have your beauty than B. Manlovo's
braking limb.
Misses Sabra Saunders and Mary Burlo-
son did good service in way ot a collection
to pay off the debt on our school bouse.
Don't cet nnury, boys, its got to be fash
ionable, to call ou you iu time of trouble.
If that subscription is to say who will be
suooossful, Kone, Storey and Maulove will
all be elected.
This is the time for the N. P. to speak,
no one came to hear. We should havo like
very much to have heard what the goutle
mau had to say. Now boys, dou't do
naughty, come out and hoar both sides.
Tell sister Mel'uersou to take pattern af
ter uourly all tho Texas Press, and uot puff
It. Q. Mills much. For the sake of the
democratic party let Hogor rott till after the
election, no one will doubt his greatness,
but many good Democrats are n little sore
over Eoger,
Will some good Democrat please answer
Mr. Y. E. Worloy's questions. Mr. W. is
an honorable man, no doubt, and as man
we appreciate but he has twisted some of
the defeated doctrines of the democratic
party into questions calculated to mislead.
Quit that contemptible abusive language
throagh the public preBs, and giyo us a rest
on E. J, Davis' administration.
The people are getting tired of that, give
us a friendly discussion on the live issues
of the doy, give the people honest instruc
tions without appealing to thoir prejudices.
The school is moving along fiuely, tnree
school communities havo concentrated in
one and wo now have a school of more
than a hundred scholars.Some have already
engaged board to come, and several families
orA mnvinc in from a distance to Bead to
Much sickness. Yours etc,
From the, Country.
It has been raining all morning and bids
fair to raiu a week, hopo it won t du so, as
I want to call ou my Suudny girl this after
noon. Won't Miss bo disappoiutoi though
that the rain prevented Mr from taking
her that most ploasantly anticipated dive.
If Jack Frost will only stay away a
month or two longer, farmers will be all
niilinu over their immense fall cotton crop
We are sorry to note ths severe illness of
Mrs. McKay.
An ice cream supper was given at Keg
leys nill lost WeduclT night for the bene-
fit of the church. I did not Uaru lut bo
much money was netted. Q'lite a number
of ner-iou were there from Loekhart.Jude
' l'.o"an we one of the number. Feeling an
! interest in one of tbe tables was prowling
I around and overheard fcoroe ta'.k, which
made me piue fr a dreamless sleep; wish
that tall tuao. with tbo eipreaMTe black
eve. h,l tot coma. There we only a few
there from San Morcf Mi Mary Cotk
was pre ntaj a eV as Uirg tie r.fttiet
Ti.e w rvt TAarcre aoom raiirrn n i .
r.g-Tm t-r.1"-y to roiinriiKi.ll'-iJ 's
- . . . . V w nf .10 f I. A
Par drcj. : oa an? yw. y-
a' tirt-;T J.-T-'ii' l t
I. -. ii... c .
A Card.
Editor Fbee Press:
Please allow me space lu your papor to
rebut some of the ninny derogatory, and, to
my mind, appaiently fidse charges made
against the officials in charge of cJm-utional
matters in this county.
Now, for the benefit of the uninitiated, I
would state that there aro three partios con
oeruod in granting teachers certificates.
These are the county judge, tho exsaiiua
tiou board and the state superintendent.
The oounty judge merely ascertains the
moral character of ths applicant, and If the
examination board recommeuds lit tit or her
as having passed a satisfactory examination,
grunts him or her a certificate. So there
fore, tho charge of partiality shown by the
comity judge is unfounded aud false. He
possesses no power whatever to show lieor
Him to any applicant
Tbe examination is publio. One of the
board selects from ten to twonty questions,
writos them ou a black board, aud two of
thorn pass wpou tho writteu replies of the
applicant. Tho MSS. of tho applicants are
then placed on file in the county judge's of
fice. It is nonsonslcal to charge the board wttk
fraud. Sworn officials, publio examination,
applicants' replies filod for publio investiga-
iou. There is not even a shadow of fraud.
How as to the Stute Superintendent? His
function iu tho matter is to seloct a practi
cal list of questions to tost the applicant's
ability to teach. The legislature defiues the
brnncnes to be taught. Mr, Cooper's re
nomination by the people of the great state
of Texas shows forcibly that he is no "sap.
head" or "yap."
Now, I am a stranger; I don't care a ceut
for my part who is elected or dofeatod, but
I do not like to see so much smoke where
no fire exists. It is all auy mau, teacher or
othorwiso, ought to ask is a squaro dual all
Fellow teachers, tho ohms of our nUitui
rests upon our own shoulders. We must
study and keep up with tho ago, or get
The people pay for competency and tboy
want it! ltospoctfully, J. J. At.
4 x Itoads, Oct. 29, '8H.
UIo Bustlings.
Mr. Wm. Jackmau is cutting his second
crop of cano, preparatory to food beeves for
the spriug market.
Mr. Warnkiu will soon have his beoves
ready for market.
Mr. Trovy. D. W. Bonner and myself
went to hear Stump Ashby spoak; it was ft
lamo affair.
Whoop up, domocials, voto solid nnd
Miss Teunie Wilson left for Lockhart on
The candidates pass pretty often now.
Misses Juckinun spout tho day nt Mr.
Miss Jennie Donalson spout Suuday night
with tho Misses Jackmau.
Mr. Tom Jackmau says his toe is well
and he can now spark the girls.
There is a good deal of sickuoss iu our
Wish the old Fbee Piiebb buccobb.
Uiversido, Oct. 30. Hustler.
A Distinguished Judge Says:
Austin, Texas, Jan. 2!), 18H7.
Mr, A. K. Hawkes:
lloa. Uir. T am ft'i vnnm old. I hoilL'bt
n pair of your Crystalized Louses about a
year ago, when I could with difficulty, tend
very large print. After using your glasses
throe or four months I noticed that my sight
improved, and 1 now read iuo nuesi pnuv
with the naked eye. James H, Bell.
s. f. McAllister,
San Marcos.
R l( Inroa in TIava Countv. some im-
nmvmnnntn uprmnnnnt water. IScnutifullV
situated and good for cultivation or pasture.
rnce choap and terms easy.
. ... . IT . .
Apply to V. V wmiu,
octll-2m San Marcos.
Carriage Painler and Trimmer,
Carriages. Hacks and Hugcles Me
pulnted aad fllnde
as New,
I krrp all lb bol Bitttrlalt as hmni la
Varnishes. Pal ts
Trimming Coods
f do r I arMnl., a4 t faa all vaiit
SCoaotrj rtrA aroa-iail aitf4 la.
ra.-airAa . I a Mama
SaIa AlrAAt,
B.A.I'. CAT.
NarrAa, - T.iaa
Will attAt.4 1- a:l eal'A f- kaa'i-r ( a -.4
IM Hf. W t.t' f 4 A
ktr-t at ta.im.aMa Af 0mm Trn.m.
4.1A A-itS fr Ai.4 fcS Aelll lf
a, a -1.., , a-.At. r t.y', r.
'; . il' . r t;-.. d ::f
Mr. CrocWi's "Last Word."
Epitoii Fbee Puexs.
As the Uevorend Parsou Wallace V. 0. S.
I. T. P. F. If. C. Texas has given ma te
nudorstand that I iniirt uot handle his unme
snvmoro, and to let hiiu alouo aud Insinuat
ing there might be some oue hurt, if I
didn't,Itako this method of, lotting him know
that I close, and give hliu llcenso to use my
name whouever he likes to As I have beou
lately Informed thore wero two Wallaces,
and one was oallod Hull bound and the
other Hoavon bouud, aud fe.iriug I may havo
gotthom mixed up lu some way, aud did
uot know "tJthsr fro:u waich." But I hope
this ouo U Huaveu bouud, although he may
bs sido tracked. Thut is no particular evi
deuce that ho will be ditched howavor, aud
thou even a fightiug preacher would bs uot
quite such a terror I dou't think as a
straight out Hollhouiid man, Aud nou as
the Editor may bo tirod printing for such
cranks as we aro. I aocept ths proposition
to quit and with a few more remarks ou
spirits I close on this subjeot, I hope for all
time. And as to the uumber of spirits I am
possessor of auswariug to tho Parson's
analogy of the man, uot having a dollar in
his pocket will apply iu his case, aud I will
nly say I do not pretend to say or ksow
how many spirits tho Parsou has, us I learn
from the Bible there wore as many as seven
dovils oast out ot eue mau iu oldon time;
oau't say how mauy a man may have non
and live. By pardon for all offences, and with
well wishes all around, I remain veryo
speetfully. W. B. CnooKEii.
My stock is now complete in all Hues of
now aud stylish goods.
01 lis. iiicQAnrwoN.
I shall bo glad to boo yon at my now
quartors. w. anob.
Dvulf.ro and fluh conked in nilV Mtvlo for
individuals or families at T. K. lliitchius,
south sido squaro.
Attorney at Law
Oulco ovnr Green's Bank, Ban Mar-
COS. HI-p'.'U
Drs. Woods & Bkall,
Physicians and Surgeons,
flails loft nt tho Drucstorcs of ltaynolds
& Daniel and J. A. Ueall will roceivo
promut attention. f" 'ltt
A AM , '
Kir y. ki
OFFICE: North Sido Tublic Square,,
Wan iHitrco. a - . . 'Mrxnn
rilKHT, VICE ruitsT.
E. It. THOMAS, CAsitiun.
Capital Stock Paid Up, - $ 80,000.
Authorized Capital, - - 250,000.
A Ocnoral Unnklng Buattinna. Collections made
on all ACoHnlA points.
AoBoar.U of Morcliants, Farmer!, Blockmcn and
ollien nollclUd.
. W. Hhuktiok Jar. O. Bubi.ki-ok.
JIakmatt Haviiv. J. W. Nao
En. J. I,. (iUK. Jlv'iHlr
Clover national Bank
Capital Tald Up $r0,000,
Authorized Capital, $ 50,000.
A Tt.nklnA Ru.fn.NA TrAOAACtAd. dfl'
eounli of llarchnuts, Flrmaand IndlviduaU aollcltid
11y2Hly j
! IE. I MMl,
(HuccorA to OrreatCo )
Aro Now Offering
At Especially Attractive Prices.
San Marcos, Tex.
This old and wl! kwn tmiAjirial artiid
ran alv !h T-nnd in hia tlicaut park.
l.ih adj'.iua Kt,txf bf 1. cm tit
K.)HirA, aUr l. i!l i k-Ud lo iMf
.l l ai.il u-w th t..U ai.d ciifctoin'm.
trUraiil aaU-fa-1'iry umnrrd. fl'iif
vw wiTTif T.rtTTirT jutm.e
c Ar "V-. nn
t, t- f AA .
A, . . r. aa
. A. At H ' Jl I ' V ' ' '
- - - " H B '
a.rT- .mi i. mi wsiaiin ukata.
HaJl AAA. iaaaAM mi, M"-"i
oauas v i AT
1 1 1 I mi.mt IA' rmm rA aWA-.t
r;n aa .Jii m t - va i aaiiiaa
jafcAA-l r,' " '"ptt " '
nt .1 Ai "Ai f
. .. . . . A . . .
A 'f. H .'A
f flftYALMaWI Jk N
Absolutely Pure.
This nowdar aavar varla. A aiodal af parity.
Irtncth and wholaaonDta. Mora aoonamlcal
Idas iha ordinary klnd, and ea aal ba aold la com
palltloa Willi tha mallltadael lo-lil,hirl wll
alum or pboiphala powdtn. Sold only In cam.
u -1 - ji ioa ar.11 ai . M T
W. H. R0BB1NS,
Watchmaker, Jeweler
andtalnr In all grades of
Olooks, Silverware,
WatoheBi iancyUoods,,
Jewelry, andi Notions.
N0KTI1 HIDK or Tn Pl.Ar.A.
All aoodn warranted an rctureent-
e,l all work to yicc satin faction, or
money rejvnded.
K-B" All uoods sold as low If not lower than
rau be boiu'bt olBowlifire iu Texas
J. 11. POUTER,
You can buy Saddles aud Harness as
clump us you can any wlioro Ju tha State,
Post yourself then. Call nnd bo convinced.
J. 8. STEELE,.
San Marcos. Texas.
Having purcbrsod tbe outfit of J. M. Wolfj
aro oarryiiiR on the business at tbe old stand,
West side of the publio squaro. Tboy aro
practical wgrkmun, and will give tbolr
personal attention to nil orders. All job
work nnd repairing will reot ive prompt at
tention. Guttering nnd roofing a specialty.
Sat inflict ion guaruntved. nugltf-.tf
MEPAiniBs or
Carriag :h, VVogoni, Farm
ing Implements, Etc
Is under the unre of Hint exjMirieuced aud
skillful workman, T. BEASONEB.
ttf"AU work Kiiarantood. jij
SHOP Cor. Austin and Mountain strtnits,
(I. Tliouipsou's old aland, octl 1 -KK-ly.
The citizens of San Marcos
and surrounding country are
invited to call and make the
acquaintaincc of the "St Leon
ard Hotel," when they have
business in San Antonio. No
where in Texas can nicer ac
commodations, better fare, or
more home comfort tc found
for $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
riusEAs r. LuussiiEhy.
IT. L. rill, rK?rictrca.
roiitraUv SltnatrJ. iiooA SapU Bnoaa.
I An. tffiml AtlAVti. IKII
virsa sat ao, au.su. corns: ( . nil
jtuit- H'H Lt. cat a rt rrA. si sacs,
Afuaisr mill Tikirnis
W. A r , ,-AAA -tt Ma' - VaA
AAA. A-A AA a A-" ftm " 'A-A Vaa
a wA MtAi iw iaaa o-a a aA4
BAT, falriM. AM fcwAl .'At I ' ' A A
t..TiAi-r. staisTi) frg
3 V . iJ I

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