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mM!ZrWKm'u'mm " " - - -J'Jaaaa
Free Press.
Wttur KNl'l!HIU AT VII
T ........... t v . iin:ui.
rMTUfn T mAnuwv, --'
THURSDAY. DEC. 13. 1388.
tuCowMMO1'" fur lln K kn
t la cb Mondij to lr IihitUoii ttin tim
w.k.o4 ll lrllMiiniiU and bu.lom uMli
imi lr lata WdrmlJ Boon.
CoitivLf no eoiuiuunicullon puWI.lmil utile,
tba wrll.r'i raal aaua aoconpaniaa ll.eolforpnb
Jloalloa onla.a da.lrad bat lor ur n bonrllt
v i p w
Tub doUt of tha Ktnto of MiHHonri
amount to $17,0(0,000.
Tub popular Fort Worth Gnzotto
appears in beautiful new drobs,
Thb official voto of KaoBas gives.
Ilnrriaoo a plurality of 89,159. Tho
Union L'llwr c iniliikto rccoivod 37.
787 Totos, and tlio Prohibition candi
date G,879.
Pubhidest Clbvki.ahd hns a plurality
of over 110,000 of tha popular toU of
.tho Unit J Staton. Notwithstanding
.our defeat, the country still rctuainH
AccoiiDiNtt to tho Boorotiry of the
interior, th nuinbor of IudiaiiH in all
.parts of tho UnitoJ SUtos ia only
.240,005, and boou there will bo nono
loft to toll tho talo of how tho r ico was
The Florida crop of oranges for
the present soiiion is oRtiinatod at
3,000,000 b.wos of 150 oranges to
oaoh box. Tho crop, though vary
large, will not nupply one-half tho
demand of the trade.
General Lonostubbt is named by
many Republicans as a very proper
man for a Cabinet position in the
coming Harrison administration, and
be will no doubt be named for that
or some other important oflice.
A bboord of tho presidential Pro
hibition vote ia by bo means discour
aging to tho adheronts of tho cause.
Here it is: In 1870 it was 9..T22 ; in
1880 it was 10,305 j in 18S-1 it was
151,800, and at the recent eloction
Fisk received 2U0,3(!8 votes.
The United States grand jurj', now
in session at Indianapolis, has 400
cases to investigate for violating elec
tion law. Among tho number thuro
is one against Col. W. W. Dudley for
writing his infamous utter, advising
j,ho purchaso of floaters in "blocks
of five."
It is odd that while wo have the
official returns from nil other statos,
that of Texas (savo tho vote for presi
dent) has not appoared, to the best
of our knowledge. Surely, under
modern mothodB of counting votes,
we should bavo bad it at least a
month ago.
We are iudabtod to W. A. Kendall,
superintendent of tho Texas Deaf and
Dumb Asylum, for a copy of tho
Thirty second Annual Report of that
institution. It indicates improvement
and progress. Wo notion a memo
rial ,page i given to tho lato Ed.
Christian, who was a trustee of tho
Tho Messnpe-Morc than Wc IYohiUimI.
Instead of tho brief summary of
tho President's admirable message
which wo proniisod iu our last, wo
Lave the pleasure of laying boforo
our readers herewith u very full ono
two-thirds or more of the whole.
It is a fit winding up of tho lute
' educational " political campaign,
and should bu road by all.
The official vote of tho state of Now
York shows that President Cleveland
received 1,177 more votes above Har
lem river than wtro c-.ibt for Gov. Hill.
In New York city, Brooklyn ami tho
two counties on Long Island, Gov.
Hill led Mr. Cleveland l.j.Co'S voten,
and this is where Presidt ut Cleveland
lost tho voto ol New York, aud not
among the farmers as has beeu sup
posed. The spirit of uiubociaoy received a
fearful 6ft buck tbo other day at
Birmingham. Ala. A mob mustered
in force to break into the j:id and
lynch an alleged murderer cnudned
in it. The theriff, as a lat report,
fired into the crowd, ki'.liiig three,
fatally wounding ioven. aud injuring
more or les about th.ity others.
Great excitement prevails cud th
niibtia Las lW-n call. ont.
TuCol iadj Citizen bis the fol
owing sensible pAragr iph :
The prrs continue tj prate if
"Ilirriso'is Soir.hi-rn jmIh-t, ' s .f
a policy l:Bin t ami d.il.-i. t.i w.-re
Deeded fcr the Smili i!i c vtri b -tinction
to thf polic? tstibl'-bf-.l f r
the Xwrt'i. If tbd ic-;.l. i.t -rt i
tbe m-ta be j repi-e!.t.-J t J. . 1
lits lon ' arrive-1 at the c-u- u- ioa
t'jit be w !f t ill'f
whole Upit-d Mate. TL S -ri:
aul DO n-iii f. r li -t m i i
rther n-ctixu. -i'r m. ''' i i
xue Has SrAiK.oH I'm e l'i!i:H talk"
ubont tho San Maroon Ctiiiiitiui'ioa
mill luiivL'H tho iumrcNHon tlmt it is
Mill Id bo ono of 'tho uUracti,nM of
(hut plueo. The Journal has beon
led to believe by thonu in a position
to know, t lmt. t.lm .AfethodiHtH l.r.d de-
Hdo 1 to aba.nlon Sau Mar;o and go
to Uuorgotown. lliry are not plenum
with llin iiiumir-r in which thnr were
treated bv noino of the f-nUirnrihin"
citizona of that plaeo, lienca their de
cision to go olaowhcro.
Wo find tho abovo in the LaUrango
Journal. Wo "guubs " the Journal a
informant wan a gentleman who bad
ofHciul connection with our Chau
tauqua Inst bummer, and did not give
Malefaction as such to " the Mbttio
dista " and others, uud who is now
working in the interest of George
town. Wo further ' guess " that tho
isli was father to tho thought with
him of tho failuro of Clinut'iU'in at
San Marcos.
To Pnor. W. H Vkh.vdle, tho au.
thor, we are indebted for n copy of bis
now worlr, ontitlod " Early Periodical
Literature of tho Oliio Valley." It is a
pamphlet of -17 largo doublo-cohunn
pages, nttraotivo to tbe eye, aud of
much more than ordinary interest. To
us especially, as relatiug to our native
land and to men and things thero
with which wo were moro or less con
versant, it is of peculiar intercat.while
as a momorial of tho literary progress
of tho West during its pioneer peri
od, it possesses genuine and general
historic interest and value. Copies
we prcstimo, may bo bad by address
ing tho author at Cincinnati.
Htuples Store.
Tha political mok lias elenrod awiiy nnd
wo are all mitkintf ri'arntious for tbo Ilur
riHun Llia.itrd.
Our chickens down this wny aro crowing
iirmsiwllv early. Mm. l'lut attributes it to
tlin yoaiiu motnbors uot knowing better,
Our pooplo bnvo bnrnly niiytbing to talk
about xcqt tbo uoifcUl orsnml tbe weatbor.
"Neighbors" is ft liltlo nlicad of "wciitber."
Noiifhboi-H nre fornliiiua yonder goship, uud
of uourbo wlian we wimt to lonrn uuvtliing
about our uuijjbbor wo nuly ak our wifo.
Sbo knows bow iimny oow:i imigbbor Jouci
milkH, and bow much noibbor Smith owob
noiybbor lirowu, for Airs. Joiiob tiaid Mrs,
Willmnm miid MrH. Hiuitb told Aim. Jaiiott
so. Although wouioa aro a pretty good in
stitution and I lilio to bant around thorn
only ou rainy duyn when stove wood ii
aliout out, thou you hot there's a row if it
don't come up all riht. Jut Iiiht wook
Mra. I'lut's Htovo wood fallod to coma up to
timo, aud tbn rosult was my having to jump
from tbo summit of au olm tree that ciiuio
nur cauaiiiK iudiyoatiou. I was induced
up tbo troo with au ax to ascertain for atovo
wood of courts and nfter muklug tbreo or
four lively Btrokoa (you know how a fallow
will work wbon a Imly i around) I diHturbod
tho ijuietudo of a wasp uoHt.
ThoKO stars don't iiieiiu anything is Iff t out,
gentlo rcadnr, Aly bootti are yet down tbero
aud a slippery elm poullioo ovor my eyo.
Airs. Flat has turnod tbo cook olt and do
clures bor intention of moving to a wood
country. I HiiggeHtod Kingsbury, to which
him readily utwntud (you know womou aro
alwaya roady for you, and they uuont always
go oil' rapid). I am glad kIio has struck
tbat idea for wn bare about two years sup
ply of old clothes tbat wo oan oomfortably
wear and economize with big fires. I had
never thought of that idea, aud I will eu;
ge.iit it to anybody who lias a number of old
clothes and aro asbamod to wear tbctu wboro
they aro likely to bo neon. I shall move af
ter Cbr.'btmari. Dn, Flat civ (Iiiadali'I'k.
Mr. Powdcrly's Triumph.
Mi- I'i.kiIki'It'u fiii'inioH union.'? the
-' . " ' o
Kuigbts of Labor have signally failed
. .a .at 1 1 I .
to distroy the conuaeuco piaeeu uy a
majority of tho members in their gen
eral master workman. Alloy nave
burn verv active nnd bitter at tho
Indiannpolis convention, ns they were
. a m 1 1 L -
at Minneapolis a year ago ami in pre
vioiiH annual meetings. But in tho
face of ail their charges, and notwith
standing tho recent great losses m
nioinboi sliii) and the bad financial con
dition of tho order, Mr. l'owderly has
beou choson to his old position, with
more power than ever before, by a
voto ot 111 to ino outer omears
are mainly of his own selection.
hue expenses were ivlucel m near
lv every other diroetion, the salary of
tho general master workman romains
SS.ODOa year.
Tim faitli whieh Mr. l'owderiv has
inspired in his fellow-members is
probably n Umihiee.l. Tbe Knight
of Labor. tluMiL'h still weakened I 7
dissensions have now a Tir ehuneo
of enjoying renewed prosperity under
the conservative leadership of their
trusted genertl tuat-ter workman.
Chicago News.
Joel Harlow's Keinaiti.
Washing n. I) ('., 1) e 1 The
remains of Joel Birlow, a soldier,
noet and embassador, have lain in n
II- 1 ... 1 . : I...
the rioib of the terrible winter iu
wbieh Napideoii and his nrinv i:i:id.
their f:motis retr. at frem M.'h'o".
, The otUr t:;e!iibei of bi- futsi'y le
at ret in the fuir'v vm.t on Kt.er
aitia Heights. i,,;-t ly. ii I the bound
arv t'f tl.i city.
'Seimi.T Piatt t.v.ltV pKrf titi t '
11 S. iftu a i t.tii'tt ffou th 1't.r-
I field ifonnl il.st .11 4' Shifty, ur
:tng 1. -fgn t. l.t io fc 'r.- f.r
' tbr reni. vd of Mr P-irl.iw'i tenia e
.-,n 1 tii!-r :t.t r:i:ir,t in ti.e f-ci.iy
;u't until a new rejiUry etu le
i-ee a 1
I lrifctim.
' ll..Un I rr -n V- J a.-v-i ir - V
t . - .1 --... -r ! r r v 1
',. J: V ' .- '-t f 1-; t .
l!'.. r ! - I -
wAsHixwros LKrn:i:.
From our Kralar Corr.-i-poiiJ. ut. J
Wasiu.wtoN, Dec. 7, ViSH.
Senator Harris by u motion to hiy
tho Senuto tariir bill on the table,
t l,ut llm U.tiiilb.
will A ...1i.ll in favor
of that tnoHsuro, notwithstanding tho
fact that BttenJ of them are known
to be bitttuly opposed to ctrtain sec-
,, r. , 1
lions or U.o mil. novorai cxpt.tuu-
Hons nro given for thia action ry par-
ties who profuMS to know. Uno is
that Harrison baa stated that he
wants the bill passed at this session,
nr.,1 that t.lmH ItXtiihlieand that nro
- 1 .
opposed to it aro afraid to vote against
it, lest tliey tneroDy loso meir
01 iiuironnifO uouer ine now nuunum-
oi uu jhuhv uuu .
(rat ion: another 18. that tLeV know
- - -
tllO bill Will not pass tho HoUSO Bf.d
OU1T VOtO lor 15 CO lioep up ttiuicar-
U . . . , V
nnccs of harmony m tho Kcpublican
j e
ranks until after Harrison lsinaugur-
atod, leaying tho quarrol that is bo
lievcd by many people to be inevitu
bio ovor the tariff until tho next ses
sion, when thoy will control both
llou'to and Sonate.
Tlin nt-ociKlnnt.'a mnssnrO WBS an
...i o-
able statement of the position of the
Domocratio party on tho tariff and
other matters of importance; the
ideas expressed therein could not
1 Kion, as aiipliixi 10 iu uiuuini;vuio
baVO boon improvod. Statements like from am-Kliiim and mwr cane 1 has hoen lutio
1 I ilm-Mtl into this uountrv nnd fully penectea e.
tllO folio winiT from tho tUCSSnge are
hju o o
POnderOUS With Statesmanlike WIB-
t .
dom: "Ho mocks tho people who
proposes that the government sball
protect the rich, and that they in turn
nil care for tho laboring poor. Any
intermediary betwoon the people and
their government, or tbo kaHt dele
gation of tho caro and protection the
government owes to tbo humblest
citizen in tho land, makes the boast
of free institutions a glittering delu
sion and tho protended boon of Amer
ican citizenship a shameless imposi
tion." 'Extravagant
appropriations of public money witb
all their demoralizing consequences
should not bo tolerated, either as a
means of relieving tho trcusury of its
present surplus, or as furnishing pre
test for resisting a proper reduction
in tariff rales." ' "It
cannot be denied that the selfish nnd
private i'lterests which are so persis
tently heard when efforts are mado
to deal in a just and comprehensive
manner with our tariff laws, are relat
ed to if thoy aro not largely rospon
siblo for tho suutiuiout largely
prevailing among tho people
that tho general government
is tho fountain of individual and pri
vate uid; that it may bo expected to
relievo with paternal care tho distress
of citizens and communities, and that
from the fullness of its treasury it
should, upon the slightest possible
pretext of promoting tho general
good, apply public funds to tho ben
efit of localities and individuals. Nor
can it bo dcuied that there is a grow
ing assumption that as against tbe
government and in favor of private
claims nd iuteresta, the usual rules
nnd limitations of bnsiness principles
und just dealings should bo waived.
These ideas havo been unhappily
much encouraged by legislative ac
quiescence. Kolior lrom contracts
made with the government ia too eas
ily accorded in favor of the citizen;
tho failuro to support claims ngaiust
tho government by proof is often
supplied by no better consideration
thau tho wealth of tho government
and tho poverty of the claimant; gra-
1. .::.' ii... f.,... ,f ii.muinnu ne.i
llllllUB IU IUU IV. IU V .. .j . v. .. "
granted upon no other real ground asked by the Asnoc-iated Press cones
b 1 . . . .. nnmlent. Ins oninion of the resident s
than tbo needy condition of tha ap-iilii.-mt
or for reasons less valid: and
J"' -
lar,re sums are expended for public
.... ... .11 : i
buildings and other improvements
upon representations scarcely claimed
bo related to publm nuods una uo-
Tho House yestordav by unanimous
conseut took up the direct tas bill. I
. ...
hieb caused tho long deadlock last
prsng. It is expected that t. will ue
l 1 1 r 4
usmh1, bat hopt-B nro exprcshed by
i(H opponoats that Mr. ClovcbuJ will
. ..
cio 11.
Mr. Harrison's backbone is likely
' - -
. A, . T i Tiw. n
und the fourlli of Mirch. luc Kd-
, , . . .
iMi!i!ic:in haulers livo tleiL ruii.no l
upou li:iviij an t tri h.on of the
fifty fir-t conrt-9 called tv tntetlatu
in Mre a or e;iilv io April. Tlu-re n
not the :i-h!i-t ikc. s.-ity of anntra.
Hf!M!i. Hie rciMin,H-:uie :.c:ivifie.i;t.-
. . l - I ?
th.it tl. only .b; t in b.tv.r.g it c ti.ed
is t. g i n t!m I-: S uit-is r.: l c
111:1 y II ;TiM!.t .'.ivrs i Suth Ia
U uM r.lit ii at.d W iiATg'.er, viben
a.!-mt:el a t--.tt. .i.ll ciit.t'.ed
Jt). 1 liry bue d v. h-1 th-.t "..n;
I t i 1 . r v. tv u it row tiMr.ii in b. t
ll -u -. t! . e.-t.--r. i totv iry in rr
.1 r t.' :."' I'-- t!-T t .t t t-;:..'-
sti t'..-.r Si,.: t 1
l;, v :.Vi!ivt :n t'-n f -r li ft
t tiT. r : ..f t:. ft ' r 1' .-.' r
: : r Mr. II n . r.
It r
. i- '
.Concluded (rmn fir-t p'li' l
. unTi.UT f.. ml.t n .We V ''' V.
",n au.l other ..,,. I.y alel "'''S. ' m
r.,i.lv .mm l.y lh.w "euu. ''' o" il ? 4 in
f"v,,.r,,,r.'.": ... '("'.'J'... ....."liTn.. ,Z of
; 1 ! . .... n himijuliy. I' t""1
j - ..u,,,..!. pr.e il ihi..ro.ai..
JZiX' 'uZ.i-u u. .........
1 . . . 1 . .. . . .........1.1 HlHtMlIM HIIU
lr.,i Uv. f uiiwuH rfinwity sought U ''
aal Ulir I L.I T lif hl.t WWIPl Ot tfll'M
;."'' ''1" ,
ol th.. douumdaof ouununipUou lii . hern
Aii4aurpliwroroxporUUii. B"'alinV' '
g"' iffiZ Jr
h 'D
mo ui-u m u .rw , ; .
u,ui.ju ot tbe Euroiwau lima plM"0. I ?"-
tbie novat-tl lu It weru alurnifHt at the ruaav
pwumouia. . Borioiu outbiikKi:xifcUH 1 in
","n"u o,.iu,i"r,,i,eu..,,"..rj;.i7nmi,.(.ii
Mimiimri uiid K.!iituclcy nu ui Teun"ee u""'"
airt.! UM ,ln .iiitiriuit an. Five ' co'Miw
lu New Y01 k aud (linn iiue t rour coiiuw iu
IliUUIIIOUIli. IMiriollB wimiw..'"- -- -
ouvii or ine uini or new ,""";. 7
O-lBworo aud llurylaaa were almost equally of
ixM. . .,. fh,
With Uitaereat danitar upon us and with thi
ouch of the .nun of New Joraey. een"''""'
;..'. il .ui . .nnAn 11a and with tho
ronUntUiu already in the channels of comiuirco
with lli. euormous dirwt and indlroct Iowa al
ready Ulox caused by It, and when only proa pt
anit ennrKoUu witlnu could auceBa-ful, tliero
weoi Iu noun of those BUit.M any laws milUonitlng
this rteiimi merit tueraiUeata the nmla'ly or Kiy
u the .lato olllclaN power to co-operate with II
fur tins purpose. The department even lacked
Loth the noiiMte appnpi melon and authority.
11 aec-uriuir statu cu-olieratioii in coniiecuon
Willi authority from congress, the work or eradi
cation lius been prwaed succwstiniy. ami iu
dmH illseaw has lD exlirputed frutn uio
w,iru stuies un.l also from the eaern so
JrV"r,,wfSSi ISS .uTS.'SSS?-
Klrlcti.,iis which were deemed necessary tor
U"?m iug the first four years the process of dltT
mrutlli8 uoul,try nnd fuy perfected h
the experiments carried 011 ! the depar monl ol
uKriciilttiro. This precess Li now uulverenliy
considered to ho Iho best. iwiiondel
, nml it is tin ouch It tnul ino
i ne. aim ib is ciiiuuk" - ,. . - ,
wucbiiiu-siigar Industry lias boi-n eslabllshea
uiii.iiaflrmbaslsaiidllieriiudtoits future sue
tmsoiiened. Tho adoption i.f this dliru-in pro-c-si
Is also extending In IJiiisiuna and other
suar parts of the cmmtiy, and will doubtless
boou be tho only method unployed for the ex
traction of sujrar from tho cane. Au exhaustive
study has also within Ihesamo permd lienu nu
dmUkeu of tho siibjn:t .f food adiiUoratlou and
.u . 1 1....1 ......iwlu fi.i f1i.tiw!ti:iir it. A
LIHT in-m. iuiuij hi.h iiivui'ii - ---
pnrt c.f the result of UiN work has already bron
liii'M completu tr.'uli-se ou that subject
IIIIIITMI 111 f:i)iiru I I U1UUUIUIIUU .. ... u. ....
Hint hns ever btf 11 published in any
e. iuntry. The dopnrtm- ut Keeks a progressive
deveh.imeut. It would combine the discoveries
of Keionve with the economies and aiiiellerntlou
or rural ractjce. A smiervision of the endowed
experimental station system recently provided
t.ir, is a pnir function of the department, und
now In oiieration. This supervision Is very Im
portant aud sli -nld Iw wisely and viKiiantiv dl
r. eicd to tho end, that the lecuninry Hid of the
uiivt rnnient In favor of intolMirent aRileulUiro
e.i.nild be so applied ns to result lu the general
ten.,.! antl to tlio Iienellc of all our people, thus
uistitj iog the ajiproprintiou made from tho pub
lic treasury. .
'i'homljustmeut of tho relations between the
governiiieut and tho railroad companies which
have received land Krants and the guaranty of
tie-public credit In aid of the construction of
tht-lr reads shoultl receive early attention. Iho
report ft) majority ot the coiiiinishl.ui ap
pointed to examine the affairs aud iudebUnlness
nf these roaiU, in nhieli they favor an . xteusion
of Hie I hue for the payment of such Indebtedness
iu at le;isi one case where the corporation appears
to tsi nolo to comply with well guarded and exact
terms of such extension and tho reinforcement ol
(heir opinion bygeutleimm of undoubted business
judgment and experience appointed to protect
the inl.-ivsts of tlio government us directors or
snitl corporation may well load to tlio beJiof that
such an extension would bo to the advautnge o
the government. Tho subj-et should bo treated
ns b-.i'.i'ie-iS proposition with a view to n final
realiutliou of its ludelilndness by tile frovcrumenl
rather than ns a question to bo decided upoi' ;
pp'JudP.'u or by way of puuishineut for prutiout
ivrong tiolng. .
The i i pnrt of tho commissioners of tho District
of Columbia, with its accompanying documents,
give in detail tho operations of the several de-iiai-tuients
or the district government and f uruisn
evjil-m-e t li.it the tlnantjlnl affairs of too district
iiri' at pri'ii-tiit in Kiieli :tui-ilactjry couditiou as to
itistil'v ill" coinniissionoi's lu uubndUing to tho
c.ngr'esi, e- thnatt-s 'or d..viralio and need, d mi-piiivenieiit-i.
The commissioners r.'Cumuiend
.-.triain legi.-.!atlon which, in their opinion, is nec-
f. vs u v to iidvance tho intoroOsof the district. I
invitii your special attention to their li'ilutwt for
siieh legi-ilaLiou as w ill enable the cotiiUiisslonerti
without dflay to collect, digest and properly ar
range tho laws by which tlio district 13
governed and which am lieu- embraced ia sev
eral fill' etioiis.inaitiua them available only with
great dinicully and labor. The suggestions they
limiie t 'Uciiiiig desirable amonduieoto to tho
laws relating to licenses granted for carrying on
tho- retail I raffle in spirituous Honors, to the 01
s rvance of Sunday, to the proper assessment
uud collectioa of taxes, to tlia speedy piuin.ii
nii ut ol riilnor olT-Jiuiure ami to tho manugeir.eiit
nud control of the reloroistory and cliariuiblo in
lit it utions supported bv congressional appropria
tion', are eiimmeuded to care and consideration.
1 again call attention to tho present Inconven
ience nd the dauger to life and properly attend
ing the operation of steam railroiels through and
and across tho public streets and roads of tho
Uistrict. Tho propriety of mioh legislation a
will properly guard the use of these railroads ajid
bolter secure the convenience aud safety of citr
A':. s is manifest.
In conclusion tho president says:
The consciousness Unit I have presented yon
out au Imperfect statement of the condition of
our country and Its wunts, occasions no fear that
nnylliiiig omitted Is not known and apprccuited
litliis congress, upon whom rests the responsi
bility of intelligent legislation in bohalf of a groat
uiaion antl u cttniioiMK pctipit.-,
A- public servants we shall do our duty well if !
coiistniitly guard the rectitude of our luteu- :
lions, inuintaiu unsullied our love of country, and j
v, itli uuMtlllsh purpose strive for the public good.
Washington, P. C., Dec. 8, 18KS.
A jjiuj Jailer.
Wbon Mr. Ha'.stead, editor of tho
("!ineinnati Comnst rcia! Gazette, was
b ItlJll IIV.Ul .mi.fc V -J , ui...au w -
just such blind and ignorant partisan-
ulii'n mi tliiu Hint IiyhIm Mr. IT'llsf cud
bin flu Hiit4 that. Io.hIh Mr. ll'llstciul
to allot Prohibit ionisls to tbe " slaugb
t.rliiiiide." Kvery voter in tbe United
Statts shoiiM re.ul tlio ine.ssntfe.
In.leuil, no lu tri should, bo nllovvt'il to
vote who has not read tho last me
I . . - t,, I ...1 .-. n
frior to tho election
Tt ia 11 bllsforiiuTshainii for. in v ono
i Ktt liiniseif up. iih Mr. I tJiil.-teail
does for a o!i ti'al teacher, and bo
UUC, IVI tvtlt.lli n. tv uv, aii't
in iiiOrn.iv of tho most prominent
ofiioid doru iifiits. If th bliud)
1 ... 1 .1 . 1..:.. 1
1 le'iiu i-.v oiiu 1
Ono of tlit (l U-htioiKS of t':e diy ?s
- . i
i .
Vr foit f r wood carpet lin r-
1 11 .-..,
can h:tvc tin; lure l! t for lo!!a;i.?
I Ttt I-ilrclir f."i;:re rtrli rr t lrc
Xjti fU;0.-t t st it A fl "7.n T'lO T0 T'lwf"v,r I.TihIt-. Ech of ih.'e v..:.i-
. . ... .
it Ut l:.t. rc!li H KS ail -Xill Ul-o.
li.il ?.vs mi j '!".- i .1 it whs i'.k
lctAlM r:itejv.
. f l! -lfc ! liW 1 I'V.tT.
fm iiM .-. v i :i:-riTf
' Farffifi, Mi is Tsits.
, fc a ..... r 1 I l.l . few r l . k - St .14. hl'J .M LI I Hi L'l " I li ,
wrr ti r--'. i it '. '.' .f !i . TTM.bl -r t-n 'IS't bi Tt '...T!. 1
t I . f .. fci . f -.i!!i;.ili,vi f 1 tf.t .i-i farv. TT ;
r-t.l. VT 1)- B t yrm - t 3 I- T. ,T 1 , r p :- "K . i
,-'i.!.t:".s.T1:" It- I r i-. r.r'Wf-Hix-wT it-iv ' f r rw r.
1 !
1 T' li
r- f'
1 T 1 A 1 ill 4 m
'!:T. '.' ta ; . -
- ' .-- . 4 i. t
- f
v. m
.- I i
(.en. HarrNim' Fathcr-la-baw.
U'lninvTnY. Nov. c'. There hi a
........i.i.i in tit'eu an in this city !u
i.uiini'i-. t' . .i t
has been congratulated over tl.c.u
tieu nc;.rlv as mucu as 1110 nuti ..
... . -If 'Pl.tj ia II . KV.
eanUitlale nimseii. u.i
Ur. William II. Scott. Mr. Harrison s
fathf r-in-law. Dr. Scott is a clerk in
tho lVubion Onico. Frcm tho dof.r
of tho room where be bits he can look
out oyer tho vast court, with its col
u 111 os and arcades that was m od I -r
1'rebidtnt Cleveland's inaugural ball,
and may bo used for Trisident IIr
risou's if the city post..ftico does net
take possession ol it soon.
lie K.f.tt. is over eicrhtv yenis old,
but wonderfully well preserved. He
is tall and btoops a nine, jus i
Into a trrf.) OtliVl filld the lower part
of it is covered with a snowy beard.
The oldest Presby toaian clergyman
r,n 1 1. a l'ncifio CoBSt 18 RoV. Dr. It a-
soner of Corvallis county, Ore. He
is 90 years of age.
1 1 tr ""
Jap Gould is among tho brokers
once moro.
Tlie lmportanco of purifying the blood can
t h overestimated, for without puro
At ii. to nieimin nenrlv every ono needs a
good medlclno to purify, vitalize, and eurlch
tlio blood, and flood's Sarsaparilla Is worthy
your confidence. It Is peculiar la that It
strengthens and builds up tho system, creates
au appetite, and tones the digestion, while
It eradicates disease. Give it a trial.
Hood's Sarsaparilla Is sold by all druggists.
Prcparod by C. I. Jiood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
IOO Doses One Dollar
To Hi hju of Iijs M
nuvincr this dav onterod into copartner
ship with Mr. O. Cozby, and taken ohartje
of bis
T take this ODPPrtmyity to solicit tho patron
age of tha people of Saa Marcos aud Hays
;ounty. , .
Having had ten yoars expsrie. co iu thf
fluent gallonos 111 Uuicugo ana xuneua, 1
itu in a position to Kuarnntoo ns Rood work
as can be done auywhero iu Sau Autouio,
A.ustiu or Dallas.
Life-siz crayon work a specialty. All
work guaranteed first c!nH or money re
funded. InstaiUaneoiM Process used for
Baby photos.
Kiudly solioiting vour patvoanRe,
I remain respectfully yours,
San Maiicos, Tesr, Due. 10, 18a8.
la nf nil L" i 11.1 si Kllll tllWOSt
corner of public stjuaro. Also buy aud sell
bides. uoco-ii
Foreign Literature, Ktiencc and Art-1NW5.-S.llli
Tha Pnralrn Uatmrli.ixi mhnrlv th b"tnt thniUfhtft
nf tho ablekt writers ot Europe. It U ibn aim of
the Kri.inno Maoaii.ii to select nnd reprint tuo
BTllCtrB. piflll UI HIC MU.t.ia' iuiui.i;n nt.iriivr,
Khm.iti. Ri'vl.'wit. RtorAnhicul Hkniolien. Hictorlcul
Per4. Art Criticism. TraroU. Poetry. aid Short
SmrieB. from
1 ii tf iuiiuhiiik mrv I'll iniurB vi auuin hi iuc icnu -
Intr, iitbor whos4 articlut appear lu tbe pfigus of
Rt. Hon. W. R. OlatUtout
Alfred Teuiijiuin,
Proff fttur Huxley.
Profefor Tyndoll.
AV. II. Mallock.
J. Jiortunn Lock ye r, B. R48,
Ur. VT. H. Carpenter,
K. B. Tjler.
prof. Mux M niter,
Trot. Owen,
E. A. Preman. Tt.C. L, Henry Taioe,
Jauie AntlnMiT Krouda,
Tboma lug tit'",
Algernon C. Swltiliurne,
Will m V.p fc,
Mrs Olithant.
Catd'iil Scwmtn,
Cardinal Mar.iitijr,
Ui Thackeray,
Th'.nia Hard),
U"lnrt tiacbtoan,
Ktc . Kic.
' . J1 , M,
kf" ,,,n,f"
i fn ar-n m
artiC nb' the inirrlran reader to
;r in'orni-l on ihf vn-st i".lon oi h
tout ih irii. aud no Itnt-ilL'M reader
c i rrl t. ttr wr.h'ttii it
I C'f ta I li It at 1 t'f fill!! InTf, VIi, ti a
n-Xiri tt Tbe at:raniru ..f th rpnrarii-r.
1 KkH trlr r.r'-r. 4- -r I.: o,, c'prn.r
ri-r. f .; fle r.-pi-. f ".'. Tr;il r" r:i tnn l..r
irrr" m,.nh., f 1. ILf tt'I.ri" 1 X 'il any f 4 m3-
:. CI. rl'.l.tOt. I'nI.li.lirr.
.rr.-. TOK.
1 i!;:i".i'lT!'3H i4 ck lv tnrs
Xi T.f .: I . ; k.v
CAM U T. V k HI V FNT t. I A li xf
j -r. -c "! .- ', T .:. " "". " : r
i r 1. - :.f - ,T r. ft ..
: r- ' . .-j. -i; i t . V z 1 rt
I" r..'-'VI 'C Vv "
v Mf , ,.
S H O 21
We have inaugurated our Christmas Curmval nad horby extend,
gonoral invitation to everybody to
Everybody is invited because there is something for everybody; boW
tliiuir for 'tho baby, something for the grandmother, something for the boy
nnd ciil, something for the parents, something for the old man and som.
thing for tbo young man, his sister and somebody else a sister.
You want from the piles that heap our eountein and fill onr (helves
timoH. Ccmo and buy. What's to hinder you, th prices?
For the prioR wo mriko nro mado to fit the
...... . .
with liberal unrRnlus nun auy uui yoa spena
aLuay EskjD aM
Oorao nnd soo uh nud we'll show yon how
humnu kindness, iloro we are, goodis in
Southwest Cor. Square, SAN MARCOS.
giMIi! FlMiSK gOODS!
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Shirts,
And tho Celebrated E- Collars and Cnffe,
And everything to bo fonnd In a first-class Gents' Famishing Goods Stos. jB
Noict.door to Hardy t Co. )
Nortboast Corner
win tum wii urocenes
TllHV Allr?t 111 rt nntmim (f A nf ttiA Pirmort tft tlia AfiAtm1 PnhH TheT en7
a Fl'LL STOCK, nnd hope to give gati6fn;tion, botU m to quality nd prices.
1 :
ED." eHiifliiHO.
Dfilrr. li All Imd. of
rrrfl 'tirvn rv inrrn
Lusibcr Drene-i to Order.
OFFICE AND YARD Near the Roilrcad Est A
Don't talk bird
You I
times and suit tha season. Low pricMgo
t H ...i.n.l. n -
raeuiiB luumoaiuu, wuaiuai jruujjoua .
to Bkim the cream of content from the milk of
pileB, bargains in heaps, waiting to nee YOU at
r t m sine Tf V 1 C
-a R O O E EX:
of Tnblic Square,
1 1
doors, blinds;
Whits Pine Beaded Ceiling-
r - r r v. . r TTiXD.
HI Orders Promptly r2e

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