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Free Press.
TnURSPAY, DEO. 13, 1888,
ElOggg NEWS.
i Vortb i 8:01 a. M. and :12 f. m
SKJSb. - 0A.H.And9:00r.M,
0e. A. S end H- c- Cnu ne'"n'
'.. .mm! T. B. H. DITKVOH.
MC" .
. .8an Marcos 10:30 4. M. And 9:10 p. u.
.. , J:C0-M.aild4:40Mf.
0. COLL.LNO, Ageni,
t TadIm for 83.SO.
itaaira to land
IrrXd And byVy of .noor.
jwg pB m j-""v""
nVianrihera who way
i.r time reoeive copies of the Fbee
Wus M please understand mat iueyv
.rt imPply ft samples, in the hope)
?hat tbe parties addressed may like it
Jew8h fr BS with their Bub9onP
BnVtomato catsup" at Steele Joyce's.
Wamamti Deeds for sale at this office.
Fine soap, perfumes, and toilet articles at
IUynolds 4 Daniels'.
y(w goods at Fitoh & Robinson's. Prices
rsasonsble. ,
ladies and Misses cloaks at oost.
Don't fall to come and see the beautiful
line of fancy goeds at the Boohtoiib.
H Hardy Co. will pay oash for corn
in the ear. Bring it in immediately.
Gee. vf. Knight, Watchmaker and Jewel
er, east side Plaza, San Marcos. nv2D
Go to 0. T. Bass' and buy you an Xmas
rjretut, .
A few yonths and mens overooats at less
then cost. Johnson A Johnson.
BrinR out your babies and have their
pictures "caught on the fly" by the export.
Mr. Kruse. at Cosbj's gallery.
do mud Me the beautiful aUk
koie far gnllmen.Mt
One hundred cases of oanned goods which
m be sold eheap for cash by
Wx. Giisbn.
ladies cloaks, wrapa, jaokets, etc., at
Jfew York prioss. Johmro 4 Jobxsoh.
Brazil nuts,
Chhistia & Wills.
Bsnta Clans' is waiting for you with rock
In horses, swings, "shoo fly" rockers,
iwagons, drums, trumpets, whips, pistols,
.soldiers dec, at the Booxstobk,
For Sale.
The " Red Diamond " candy
factory, ice-cream and oyster
parlor. A good bargain for
the next ten days. Buy now!
.and get the benefit of Christ
inas trade. Parties must leave
on account of family sickness.
Call, or address,
" Red Diamond,"
San Marcos, Texas.
Far Koda for Pails P. SHU
BERTH, th tailor, cansol be
.uadereold. coaolderlaic quality
afgooda. Try him.
A choice yariety of fine soaps, perfumes
and toilet articles generally at the drug store
fOf J. A. Beall.
I need money, eall and settle yor ao
soant sad don't you forget it.
S. F. McAllisteb.
Boiled oats,
Caraline flakes.
Lye hominy,
Chbistian 4 Will's,
A Som of Money Lost
on or before Christmas, A. D. 14188, by all
who fail to buy their candies, fruits, fancy
akei, nuts, and fire works at the Blue Front
Candy Factory, north side plaza, San Mar
Ms, Texas. We will have a large stock of
every variety or our own maae oi psnocuj
pure and fresh homemade candies; also fresh
imported mixed candies bought direct from
the factory. A fresh let of figs, dates, al
monds, filberts, Brazil and French walnuts,
fought direct from an importer in New Or
leans. A selection of fresh toy cakes di
rect from factory, and a complete line of
-the rery best fresh fruits the market affords
of apples, oranges, bananas and grapes, and
we are going to dire all the friends who buy
from us bargains that will make them emele
emole. 8. MoClellan.
Here I am, back from Salt
River with the Largest, the
Best, and Finest line of Holi
day Goods ever presented for
inspection, and I will guar
antee you will save 20 per cent
by purchasing your goods of
jne. V. 1 1. Robbixs.
La fell rTajaa.
t aa ert for this wapoa eed ia iverir
a ear Load of tteea wbica I I at low
P" tad aa good mm Wa. Oixac,
Lada. atrip ia a Sae)a k Joyee's anl
adaiire tkerr aiea. frata atock f grorarvra.
Tea anrlt fca radaoM ta ViT anata f tte?
Clifar fraita. aw tun. aw uhv
.aaJ.sa, ar niti. rs tkair Im.
See our Clubbing Lint on our first pae.
And still cotton is cowing in in coaaldur.
able quantities.
Our Dripping Springs latter earns too
late for this issue.
Martlndale is the promptest paying list
of subscribers we hare of equal luiiKth.
There has only been sa Interruption of a
day in the fine weather of this month so far.
Bee our revised Clubbiug List. Make
your seleotious and we will promptly fill
your ordeit.
Onr corrected directory of new countT
officials, eto appesis on our local page
this week.
The "note of preparation" for Christmas
In business circles is feebler than ever hoard
in this plaoe before.
Only one more Fbee. Phess will appear
before Christmas, so have your ads. and
locals ready in good time.
We have reduoed our local advertising
rates to ten cents per line for the first (user
tion, and five oents for eaoh subsequent
Notice of some important street improve.
meuts is unavoidably orowded out this week.
Also mention of delegates to Montgomery,
Ala., immigration convention.
Bv the law of compensation which seems
to prevail, we infer December's dolightful
weather is to be set off against the wretched
style which prevailed daring November.
Will our correspondents ploase mail thoir
favors so that we may get thou not later
than Wednesday morning, otherwise they
will be in great danger of being "left over."
Mr. Presoott. one of our cotton buyers,
informe us that he alone bos purchased over
1,000 bales the present season. Be says
there are not less than 600 bales now ou
hand ia the city.
Tou cannot poseibly seud a more accepta
ble Christmas or New Year's gift to friends
residing nt a distance than a subscription to
the Fbbe Press. Beeolloct we send two
oopies for $3.50.
The current number of North's Fhiladel-
phia Musical Journal is before us, filled
with musical literature and news, besides
ohoice pieoes of musio, instrumental and
vocal. F. A. North & Co., publishers, 1308
Chestnut street. Prico.$l a year; ten oents
number. See advertisement on our fourth
page, . .
The I. & Q. N. R. R. has now in opera.
tion a new throuch train of Pullman buffet
sleeping oars between Laredo and St. Louis,
The management announce half tare rates
to all the principal Southern cities for the
benefit of persons who may desire to spend
the Christmas holidays at their old Homos,
good for thirty days.
Our subscribers who receive thoir papers
throueh the San Marcos postoffiee have no
doubt noticed our new style of addressing
their papers in print, and the date amxed
to each name. It is soercely necessary tnat
we should explain that those dates show the
exaot time to which each subscriber lias
naid. so that he can always see how his
aocount stands. When a subscriber pays
his subscription for a year or loss, we ad
vance his figures accordingly. For instance,
he has paid to January 1, 1888, or J 889,
and pays for anothor year, we simply move
ud his date another year to 1889, or 18'JO, as
the case may be. By the way, it would
give us very great pleasure to advance all
our subscribers who have not paid up in
the manner we have stated. Wo shall vory
soon extend this admirable improved meth
od of addressing and keeping subscription
aooounts to the rest of our list.
Rff.vitni.KT On Wednesday
;..t.. ,,. iotv, inat nt thn Rftntist church.
Mr. H. A. Loveless and Miss Lena Beverley,
both of this city, rne Knot was iieu uj
Rev. Mr. Beverley, father of the bride.
A a is nsual on wedding occasions in San
Marcos, the church was crowded to its oa-
paoity. The ushers were Messrs. J. M. Lyle
and Joe King. The attendants were Mr.
W. H. Nanoe and Miss Nannie Talbot, and
Mr. R. W. Leavell and Miss Fannie Talbot.
Mrs. Walter Denny played the wedding
march. The bride appeared en costume,
with veil and train. After the ceremony a
reception was given to a select few.
This appears to us to be a very congenial
and appropriate union. The bride is a fair,
accomplished and worthy lady, while the
groom is one of onr steady-going young
hnsincss men who are bound to sueoeou.
The Fbee Pbess joins in wishing thorn a
smooth voyage on the sea of matrimony.
Chautauqua Mass Meeting.
All citizens of San Marcos
anH friends of the Chautauqua
arc earnestly requested by the
n rectors ot the Keai estate
Association to meet at the
rVmrt House nednesdav. De
cember ig, iSSS, at 4 o'clock p.
, tn consider the interest oi
the Assembly. Let everybody
turn out.
Free to onr Subscriber.
We will give a copy of Kendall's valuable
lii.u .mk "The Hon and bis Diseases, v
every subscriber. oeworoULwho will remind
as that he deeiras it, Toothers it will ue
for sale at 25 cents per copy.
Wood, corn. threhel oaU, fod ler. et.
ill h t&krn in limitH quantities OB eub-
aeripfcoa to the Fee Taxas.
Far the Holiday.
r v i l mIm mmL nnvrve. M-
U. raians aJmaa.1 California P"tM
nreDa, apricot. pva baa. Sie Ixick 1
rra rbaa. aad ail otbT arw..k.e.
goods at GiaE'a hroaa. j
rWata CW b- 5 icmrurv. Tore of ev-;
cry 4cr.le at the fe.-oirH.ax.
apdtd aortKtt of U r U j
coat el otUr t M rr...rt- af
Btix s La"' PT'tfE.
Ia vr-jr rmr.U f ir U-hU r-"- '
laaSa.li.i.UE- 1W
t btec trUi. at,J taort c-. ;
Whliikry tho MnroVrtr.
The death of Frank llhodet, or Bonwa.
dufkkl, a citizen of this plaee til couse.
quen'.'e of being ruu over by the ore eu
Suuituy nttit, hes been widuly known
and di:uiod. We find in the Kyle cores
pundeuce of the Auatiu Statesman of yes
terday what purports to be aa utlloial re
port of the matter, as follows:
llo came to Kyle Hundity evenlug, aa he
was at work near this pliu-e, and ooinmeuc
ed driukiug. At 9:30 (he passenger train
rrrivsd and he was plaoed in the can by
ineutis as be Intended to go borne on a viaiu
When the traiu arrived at San Marcos be
got off the train and In the nub he tu ru
bied aud foil off the platform ndr the
inoviag traiu. and was struck on the bead
and shoulder, killing him almost instantly.
The a1ove facts were asoertaiued at the in.
quest hold late yestitrd ly eveuing. LTlii.
we are aurod, Is an error after gotting off
the train he uiH his death from a freight
traiu which went north a short time Inter.
Ed. Fats Pbkss 1
Knuwadofhki, leave a wife and several
obildreu. lie was well liked by all who
know him and his only fault was too groat
a love for whisky, and it caused bis death.
Boswadofski, was a Polauder by birth, a
carpenter by trade, and leaves a family to
mourn his loss. Such Is lioensed whUky,
nud yet we are told we must be mum on
the snbjoot! But will we? "We rather
think not!
Kccils Prompt Attention.
We are reliably informod that very Im
proper liberties are boing taken with the
Chautauqua ground and the property there
with inclosod. The gates somohow are frr.
quently Wt open, and the grouuds are b'
jug usod as a cattle pasture. Not only so,
but the boys are tearing up aud damaging
valuable property on sa'd grounds. The
proper authorities should at once look to
this matter.
Look Out for Them.
We notice that several of our contempor
aries are running notices of the Walter A.
Taylor Co., Atlanta, On., Dr. niggers Huok
leberry Cordial, etc. They got into us for
two quarters advertising and then went
back on the pay, Our esteerred contem
poraries may be more fortunate, but we ad
vise them to koep a sharp lookout.
Theft of Valuable Dogs.
Some sneak thief got away on Monday
evening with our fine setter dog, from in
front of Wills' grocery store. Mr. Glover,
sr., also bad one stolen a short time since
which he valued very highly. The thlof, if
found, should be arrested aud puniuhed.
A Suro Cure for Dyspepsia.
Sample of the remody sufficient to last
one week (and perhaps effect a cure) for
only 25 ots., by mail. Will guarantee to
cure the worst cases at least within 3 mos.
time. Send 25 cts. for sample and full par
ticulars, or seud $1, for 3 mos. troatinont;
cheapest and best remedy ever compounded.
Belief, quick and certain and painless.
Unim peaohnble rt'fareuces. Address
William Putnam,
305 Honry Street, Brooklyn, N. Y,
Peterson's Maoazins tor January begins
the year with fresh attractions and incranxed
merit. The two steel-plates are charming
in subject and engravi-d with great delicacy
and finish. "Zoar and the Zoarites," by Q.
W. Chrintine. is a very interesting illustra
ted article ; and there is nlso an illustrated
story, "Between Two New Years," by
Georgia Grant, whioh is delightfully told.
Edgar Fawcott and tho author of "A Second
Life " begin Beriule, which open with great
brilliancy aud proniwe. The short stories
are as good as they are varied, and "The
Care of the Sick," by Misa Soovil, is an ad
mirable and valuable paper. The mammoth
fashion-plate gives the newest and most
effective styles for costumes. The work
table and embroidery patterns are the pret
tiest any magazine can bonst. The supplo
ment has a handsome design for a bed
spread ; it is noticeable as being the largest
pattern ever given by any publication. Try
"Peterson " for a year and you will not re
gret it, Terms: two dollars, with great
reductions when taken in clubs, and ele
gant premiums for gotting up clubs. Send
for a Naniple copy. Address Peterson's
Magazine. 30( Chestnut street, Philudclpia,
Hood's Sarsaparilla cures oatarrh by ex
pelling impurity from the blood, whioh is
the cause of the complaint. Give it a trial.
Peterson's Preminin Book.
We ought sooner to have noticed a copy
of this interesting volume with which we
have been favored. It is styled, ' 'Buds and
BlosRoni8," and consists of a series of rare
poetio gems, handsomely printed and beau
tifully illustrated, after the style of the An
nuals whioh were once so popular. It is
really admirable, and would serve capitally
as a holiday gift.
We club ' Peterson's" with the Free
Pbess at only $3.50 for both. .
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy tho sense of
smell and completely dorauge the whole
system when entering it throegh the mucus
surfaces. Such articles Bhould never be
used except on prescriptions from reputable
physicians, as the damages they will do are
tenfold to the good you can possibly derive
from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufac
tured by F. J. Cheney 4 Co., Toledo, 0.
contains no mercury and is taken internally,
asd acts directly upon tho blood and mucus
surfaces of the syhteru. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you gt te geuiiiae,
it is UikoB iuternally and uiado iu Toledo,
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co.
WSold by druggists, price 75o per bettle.
Don't overlook the new artistio combina
tion at Cozby'a gallery.
Now is the time to look after your break
ing plow and I with to inform my friends
aad cu-totur that I am still ageut for the
old. reliable Casidy or Oliver Chilled
Sulky Plow" which baauo superior. I also
repment the John Deere and Eagle Plows
and SUu lard Cultivator. Thie jutly cele
brated cultivator is materially iniproveJ
lbi aenn.
lit wire to give mo a rail whan in need
at atfricnltural implement.
Wm. Giesz.
Mra. W; h a beautiful array of doll",
etc., in the olJ TUbot stanJ.
An ertMic portrait of S:V Claa "a
lar aa life." ar rears at the entrance of W.
F. Coppie's grncry an I ootioa tra. ci'-r-Ir
indicating that jat aow that ia Ol.l Kn
U'n bavinrtT ia Sa Marro. where yon
will f it a large Mnrtm-t,t of toj ni oth
r Xr.t gnod. iavlad.ng are crair.
Call asd e-e.
J. A. IValPe Drnf Store
i tl !- V, a-rpl yow-:v w;th hie
it aaiaWe lor urro-iiw
J. A. PtJi. '. alii take a tacv
O.e lo:jly tri. ."e.l ei.1 .
ra ,
A mir awta,lt A t' fr '
H Jt 4tmvr.
Mr, Fielder it again at home.
Mrs. E. A. Ilsgsdale Is sojourning at Fort
Rev. Mr. Shnckley filled tho Methodist
pulpit on Sunday,
Mrs. Ada Taylor, nee Mitchell, is v Lit lug
at this place.
W, II. Nutio, a brother of Mrs. Smith of
the bookstore, is vinitiug at this place,
Cards are out for the wedding of Mr. J.
L. McNutt and Misa Fannie try ou Wednes
day the l'Jth, at the Baptist church.
Ad Adams, of Durre, baa removed his
family to this plaoe. They are occupying
the lluukla property.
Jim Storey In at home, having, it is said,
been "called back" by important aud inter.
eating peraoual dutiee.
Mr. Standifer. from the vloiuity of AM.
lene, a sou of the lute I. B. SUudifur, ia in
this vicinity on buniuess.
Mrs. McAllister and Mrs. Durham bare
returned from a sojourn at Burdutt wells,
no doubt couaiderably rujnveuatoa.
Wo notloe that Mr. Woodall is oomplet.
Ins the outlook to and from his flue rest.
deaoe by a handsome now fouce.
Mr. Sanderson, the barbor, took to him.
self a wife a few days siuce In Falls coaiitr,
and they have goue to bouse keeping in thie
We failed to note last week a pleasant
call from Uev. J. F. Denton. He was en
route to his new field of labor, Harwood,
Mr. Dwyer, clerk for J. V. Hutohins, haa
moved his family to this place. They oo
cupy Mr. Hutcbius property on San Autou
io street.
We were pleased to meet Cnpt. Deats, the
'One Horse Fanner" of the Express, this
week, ou one of his periodical visits to this
Miss Eva Hunt, ot Jowctt, Texas, Is visl
ting at this place. She is a sister to Miss
Mary, who ia so great a favorite in San Mar.
cos sooiety.
Mr. Watson ha returned, bringing his
youngest child with him, and now expects
IO rUUiaiU. 1WUUIU1 Wilt ICJUltlil
prinoipal charge of his millinery business.
Julius Rudorf, who drives Giesou's duliv
ery wagon, received a stunning blow on the
face from a wagon tongue on yestorday,
which, as he says "knocked him cold" for
a while.
Mr. Taylor, who raarriod Miss Ada Mitch
oil a short time sines, has bought a half in
terest in McAllister's grocery store. We
welcome Mr. and Mrs. Taylor as
of our little city.
Frank Hntchinca. of Cucro. a brother of
Mr. Hutcbings of Donalson & Co., was bore
this week. A fine niaulv looking young En
glishman, for a number of years, howeyer,
a resident of Texas.
Tho last Eagle Pass Guide reports a brill
iant reception given at the court house in
that place, to Mr. and Mrs. Winchester Kel
so, who only recently reached that place,
whioh Is to be their heme.
Through oversight we failed last week to
note the death of the infant child of Mr.
and Mrs. MoMeons, which at our last pre
vious record was thought to be recovering.
We sympathize with the parents.
Eev. Mr, Gnlbreath, pastor of St. Marks,
made us a pleariaut call last week. He said
he kuew Itev. Mr. Caruahan, formerly of
this place, at Little Bock, where he has a
large congregation and is prospering, Glad
to hear it.
Walter Vest, whom we met last woek
informed us that bis father, ltev. J. W,
Vest, will remain at his old location, Pleas
ant liidge, neor Martiudale. So long a
maintenance of pastoral relations spoaks
well for both pastor aud people.
We met Mrs. Heudon iu this place on
Tuesday. She informed us she was soon to
leave for a sojourn of two or three years in
Alabama, so that her children might have
better opportunities. Hays oouoty will suf
fer a loss in the removal of so amiable and
excellent a lady.
Mr, Bosamon, the consumptive who came
hore last summer with his nowly woddod
young wife for tho benefit of his health,
died suddenly at Mrs. Briggs' ou the 7th.
They were arranging to return to Tennessee
in afw days, before tbesummousoame, His
father arrived the meruing after his death,
and Mrs, E. returned with him, taking with
them the remains of the deceased.
We had a pleasant call last week from
our old friend J. P. Kollara, who is spend
ing most of his time of late at Blanco im
proving his vnluoble ranch, his family re
maining here. However, hia daughters,
Misses Cappie and Mattie are located in
Kerrville in tho millinery business, whioh
they are carrying on on their own acoount.
Our old-time citizen, Mr. Gullett, is here
on a visit, aud made us a pleaBant call. We
notice he is fixing up his old plaoe, aud he
says be expects to resume his residouoe ere
long. Mr. G. has a big case in the Federal
court at San Autonlo against the Mexican
Intornationnl Railway Company for work
done in Mexico, in which we learn he has
been offered $li,000 on a compromise, but
on the advice of his attornoys declined. We
shall bo glad to welcome back Mr. G. aad
family to our town where they are so well
known and highly esteemed.
Sweat potatoes, 50 cts.
Steele 4 Joyce.
prints, domestics, eto,, just opened.
Jobmsoi A Johnson.
Fine line of lamps aud fixtnret, at
Uayko&d's A. Daniels'.
Single oopies of the Fbeb Pbess are on
sale at the San Marooa Bookstore, as well
as at the office, at 5 cents each.
Ladies, if you wish to treat a gentleman
friend to a Christmas present, you can Bud
nothing nicer than a pair af those nice silk
bose at P. Seuberth'a.
Ho!! lay books, guinea, writing desk,
puTses. gold pens and a thouaarid other
tbiugs waicn wiu wi ttyi,i 'iwwu
at the Booestobe.
Toilet set and jewel cases, aud great va
riety of fancy good' suitable for Christmas
presents, at Batoli A Dakiels'.
Now is tho aocepteJ time to have yonr
alves taken "a lar; a life," ar any other
sir, by C. O. Krnfce, a fiiit-claae artist.
See advertikenieut.
Work boxes, work buketa, offira kaaketa.
work etand. naUriai for fanry work aad
vemting at the IiooaerotE.
C arrant.
CautriA A Wuxa,
frtcU, why i tu't you t St'.e A
Jnm anl t4 J" wife a freA lot (4
flvcr for fbrtansa rk"a, ate. Also tr-t
Tmr:f to a t-m "f f ni rjn f o occe.
aa1 bey fire era' m I the kiia.
A frn.1 iiae of drea4 rae-a. Vr ra,
T i B.eIt.g a-ta. Vbl. 1,'41'ra,
ji ir,muiiri"."."" '
Transit-re of Heal relate.
W If and II T 8te!e to Alpha W aud
Martha A Bryan, iwrtT J Chamber
league. ooukiJi'ra'.iou....... ISO
J II Huhuildt and wife to 8 II Meveus,
lota a aud 4. blk it in the town of
DuPr. 1000
T II Founjnroan and wife to T 0 John
mn. 7'J euros of Veremeudi lean us
No. 2 Saxi
The Thompson A Tucker Lumber Co,
and II U Wallace IO u u rarie. cer.
tain iutereata, consideration.., 100
M H. ltMtnner tn O L V Iteaaoner. lot
a blk 3. Sau Marco 3UO
W T Ooslln to J A Liudhohn, loU 1.
9, 7 and 8, blk 3, Kyle iw
0 Q Townsend to F Willie, part of R
Haley headrigbt 31 J acre 3
Mr II Kinsman aud other heir of Geo
ltissmann, deu'd, quit claim to F
Willie of part of Itiohard Haley
league 1
Ilicbard Black to II Uellinan part of
John Jouoa survey near Kyle 1U0
Geo T MoGohee aud wife to O II Word
000 acre lying north of Wm Hemp,
hill loagno aud labor 12000
J M Nnr.ce and Mr JulU Mitchell to
P O Woods, S loll iu baa Uaroo
M Speed to Ed It Kone, county
judgo, and hi successors In otlloe,
oue acre of grouud on which Bluff
school house now stand. lor iubooi
B M Hubbard to his children, proper.
ty in Kyle, love and affeotioo aud
consideration of
Susau McGowu aud husband to Wm
L Franks, 5(1 acre of John t ranks
II 0 Durar and wife to Mr N J Davis
a part of B F Harmon league, dsvo
tiou to the goldeu rule and
Raphael Beasonerand other t Arthur
Owen, nu acre oi tho aiouenee
T J White to R O Flower, lots iu Don
nelly addition to San Marooa ouu
W W Hardy to T O Johnson, lot 1,
blk 5, Wt City add. to an Aiaroos...
Thos G Martin and wife to Jobn
Hodgas, part of lots 4 and 5, blk 19
in Kylo i
0 K Horald to W W Peayy, an undi
vidod one-half interest in the Gran
villo Mills league 73. C4
H E Barbor, sheriff, to W T Goslin,
tax deod of lota in D A Young's add.
to Kyle sold as the property of Her.
man Coiileo
Henry Donohoo and Jerusha Donoboo
to Heverloy Hutchison, lot 1, blk 1,
Coffield's add. to Sau Marco 1S00
D E Arnold and wife to P H Wie in.
torest iu Hay Oo pro-emption 300
A L Turner et al to A B Eggor, part
of Lewis 0 Gibbs survey 600
T O Johnson to W W Hardy, lots In
San Marcos 10
Governor Boss, letters patent to Sau
Gerouimo Irrigation Co., 413 acres
on the Blanco
The same, patent to G W McOuisiian
80 aores on Cypress
Emma F Briggs to S Woodall, 22 feet
front on the court house square, part
of lot 7. blk 8 1G0O
Ed J L Greon to Fred O Brown, lot 12
blk 18 in San Mnroos 1200
Thos Echols to J A Garrison, 89 acres
on Ouion creek 200
Governor Boss, loiters p.tout to Jolian
Potor Christ, 610 acres on Blanco...
The same patent to San Geronimo Ir
rigation Co. G17 acres on Blauoo... .
Boys, BasB' is the plaoe to got a present
for your girl.
Fire crackers,
Canuou crackers,
Sky Rockets,
Roman Candles,
Toy pistols,
Toy caps.
Cubistian A Wills.
As usual, Raynolds fc Daniels have a well
rdoctcd stock of books at very low priaes.
Go and see thoir fifty cent books.
Santa Clans has dolls, stoves, furniture,
kltnban aud tea sots, doll trunks and car
riages and many other toy for the girls at
tba Bovkstobb.
Holiday Goods t
Se thoso haudsomo glass and plush
goods at the Bookstore.
Finest cabinet and card photos at Cozby
A Kruze's photo gallory, north side square,
Popular prioes. All work guaranteed first
class or money refunded. Soe advertise
ment. Fancy mixed candy 15 cent per pound.
Steele A Joice.
The stockholders of the Glover Kationnl
Bank will meet oa Tuesday, January 8tb.
at their banking house for the purpose of
electing officers. Tom H. Gloveb.
8. P. Chastain represents the tnnaical side
of tho holiday trade. We need not say that
trado is well adoptod to the present seaiou.
Organs aud musical merchaudise in variety.
Call and seo. 3
Call and examine my stock of holiday
goods before purchasing elsewhere.
C. T. Bass.
oo,riuiiai-lTi dktbiot:
Bea. l.
Hm. W.
W. Moore, of Kytt Coanly.
AToa 5t distiiot:
El. Born. of Ou'llap Oa.
..mi.KTiTivn !T Ditraiev:
Hon.Qoo. T Mctiebe. of Hit Co.
Hod. J. L. Klllioo, of Cildwoil Co.
i.tkiot ooeur rto oitiot.
Hon. H. TolotaBsellor, Preiidin Judge, LiOraogo
J. M. belbr. Anornej, ira.
or SOLDI! ooror.
.,..1.1 Moodti la March ea4 Sopuabor.
couubbo lliroo .
ooonTi orrreaM.
Ed B. Kene.Jadft Ceontf Coirt.
J..(J. Storey, Coootr Clork.
Iboa.J- r..U Dl,irici Clork.
I. H. McKr ), Coo ot Atloraoy.
I I. Dtvi,. tkorl.
r. U. Johntoa, Cooett Treuoror.
E. . FortooB, Aooooeer.
Otto (1rno. Bsrvorer.
T K. FoBruaroaa. C'BiMmi rreetaot t-
i.T.of,nk. " " 'J
J. W. Then.. " "
B.m.wiib.w. - " "
H I milk, JSItlcOOf IhB POBCO PfOclBOt "O. 1-
B. W. keoMf " " " "
T W TBoem " " "
J c, K"e -
T. M'-Klrr ' " '
i. w. Crow " " "
H. LB-obor, Cooklo proriocl f e. I.
. . " "
4. U - " -
t. a. a.n , - Z
t. r - ow. " "
Viae, of mmm Com PoaetM-e Oori
CsBtr rartfo, Cnaiiool.Ciell Prelaw o
IB Moadoeo la jBeaary, ril. imif, Octo-
CMH.r'Cn-tt . la f.kroa re
J. .ft. Car,, Prrtiacl . I Laot Mooaf la
aa- aoik. a, aa a a-ro
rtwMl o. tt frtf laeokoo, H.
l W iafr.rl.'. B ll.
- t-,k to.4v Ur e'S 'Of
Cm' I P. of. 9 W. rMateo. ti-4
I l, .M. M 1 t,. .rroo. P J C
aa a "'W-1. abd a.Of.oa,
1 J a. T .
"r , ,w ., .
,,,; r-l rt,-, K Iel H "rt
Absolutely Pure.
Thl. anwJar eater warlaa. A nodal ef Dirlir
Irenith sod wkolasoniinaik. More economical
Ibae Ike ordlnarr kind,, and eto aot be aold Is torn
velltiea with the multitude ol low teal, herl w.llhl
alum ar pbo.phale powder,. Sold ouly In eau.
Uotit Biaura Poarpaa Co., lot Wall St., M. T.
Attornoy at Law
Offlo over Green' Bank, Han Mar
ooa. aopii
Drs. Woods & Beall,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Calls loft at tho Drugstores of ltaynold
A Daniel and J. A. Boall will receive
proinot attention. f b 84tf
OFFICE: North Sido Publie Srinare,
Nun IIiarca, - Teiine.
Carriogep, Wagons, Farm
ing implements, l,Wt
Is under the care of that experienced and
skillful workman, T. BKASONEB.
R-iTAll work guiirantoud
8ITOP Cor. Austin and Mountain streets,
(P. Thompson's old stand, octll-88-ly.
Carriage Painter and Trimmer.
Oarrlagree, Hack and nuo;Klea II.
painted and Made ate dead
aa Netr,
I keep all tbe beat mattrleli oa bead la
Varnishes. Paints
Trimming Goods.
I do yoa all ! promtie, aad give jroa all ulli.
-ContrT order! proniplly attended lo.
You can buy Saddle and Harness as
cheap as you can anywhore in the Htate,
Post yourself then. Call and be oonvinoed.
San Marcos. Texas.
Having purubrsed the outfit of J. M. Wolf;
are carrying on the buainea at the old stand.
West side of the public ariuare. Tbcy are
practical workmen, and will give their
perkooal attention to all orders. AH Job
work and repairing will receive prompt at
ton! loo. tiuttcritig and roofing a specialty.
Satikfection gaorairtaed. auglO-tf
TLia old aud w. ll-koown tonaorial artist
can always te fmnd in bis elKant parlo.
wbkh aljoina Ilxfbeibi' boU-l, on the
H.mare. where be will le v to we-otne
oM atid new frirade add nudemn. itoo
taileera and atifa-trv work aaanrL fllif
I wrUo Sadl AlleaU- M of
nrT tacab. ai'K.corrcc Mean, net
aou..ra Kisaaa,
Ab bast cniri TllirTIM
W r to Sane itk aoe of rke irti Tate
W,4 a a r" a. or-a4 Wat
1.4 a... M iw. r4m (.tor.M aa Itoa We4
w a. w a'. e-.-a. ae IWT are
m.-m palrta. v n ka'al I a aoa fat
naMtuKet. a 1 o Beoa Vak.
k:f. BJiaiiv ise.aav.
raraT. vie tumn.
Cipital Stock Paid Up, $ 80.0CO.
Authorised Capital, 250,000.
A n.o.rel tUukln (U.lueea, CoIImIIobs Oade
aa all aaoaaalMa eoiola.
Aaavauiaof Marebeaia, Fareiera, Hloakroea s
etberi eollolev.
I. W. Rataoaa. Jaa. O. Boaiaeaa.
Uaaaatt H . t. W. Haaos.
U.t. C Baaa. JIvtMy
raaaiuKMT. ica rar
Clover national Bank
OF I : W 91 4 II COM.
Capital Tald Cp $l0,O10,
Authorized Capital, $30,000.
a o ... ...I n.Hkin. BBalaeaa TeaBaaatae'. A a.
eouau al Marokaau, flraa aud ladlvldaala aallolud
w. d. wood, w. o, nrmmraoii. '
jit mi & mi,
(Baoeeaaara le Orees A Oe )
Are Now Offering
At Eepociallj Attractive Pricos.
San Marooa, Tox.
New Booke and lataat Xewapapara and Perlodleale
a peolally. A full line of Biatlouary
aad Bollom.
-TraDilent as well aa realdent people will haa
tlnil wbat Ibey want la the line ot pepera, read
lun matter, ate. Call and aea. Juneftt
The citizens of San Marcos
and surrounding country are
invited to call and make the
acquaintaince of the "St Leon
ard Hotel," when they have
business in San Antonio. No
where in Texas can nicer ac
commodations, better fare, or
more home comfort be found
for $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
Mrs. IT. L. 10111, Proprietress.
Centrally Situated. Oood Sample Room.
Qrown, lindsey & Ivans,
Undertakers aii Funeral Directors
Orders entrusted to oa will receive prompt
attention. novlS
( jaoeeMor lo Winn at fop )
raa Aoloolo f treat, fcetaeaa Dalle'e Cavaar
aad kaa Marcoe Hotel.
of all kinde at bottom rate. defltf
610 Aerra in Tlave County, some im
provenionta, permanent water. lieautifully
situated and good for cultivation or pasture.
Price ebeap and terms easy.
Apply to W. D WOOD,
octll -2ia SanAIarooC
Bids will be received at a special term ot
tbe Hon. Commissioners Court to be bold
at the court booee in Haa Marooa, Hays Co.
oo tbe 15th day of Dec., A. D. 1S. tot
the letting of the Have eoanty poor (ana
for and doiU.g tba year lh.9.
liids will also be race iv ad at the aaave
lime by aaid Comraiaejocer Court far tba
working of the county road grader aa tba
puUie roads af Have country for tbe aaxt
tbraa asontba after aorpiiot said bida.
Tbe amatractor U ta aa sit bones or
00 airs or throe yoke of oaea to aaid road
grader, aad ie lo work aiaa boar each day.
Tbe eoart u erase tbe right to reject aay
and all bad.
W ttDoaa aay Mirnalmra tAis the JTA day
of Kov. A- D. IH-a. t. O. Hroaav.
. Co. Clark Ilayt Ca.
Isaac H. Julian,
vm 'irwt tin " 'a oar aaoew e
bm Inl aeaaae kf aaa
a if, win rooaaea ttemamieiiae.

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