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; JUrrltw t Failure!"
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For nianj wecka j t tbo Daily
f elcffrapU lias beon publibin(r notur
tl oolunjDi of lottora daily on tlio
question, wurriujjo o fuiluro!"' It
'la Motived 27,000 lottore on the
'fubjoct. To day it cods tbe diuctiB
ion, and editorially sums up aa fol-
'Tbo eonaeuaua of letters is over
wbaltninglj Blrong against early mar
riages. Our law ought, wo tbink, to
forbid marriagua of youug men under
21 and yoang women under 19.
Among tbe working eluabos especially
ibis would produco, wa buliove, an
xoollant ffoct Then, alao, it ia
dear to our mind tbat tbe law of dt
Torce must bo enlargod ao as to per
mit dissolutions of murringus for do
serlion, lunaoy. oanGriao l inebriety,
conviction for digraceful crimoH, as
likewise for ebtablisbed incompatibil
ity of temper and tornperameut snob
tta a just and prudent judge would
'admit to bo adequato. Tbat tbo mar
riage service as it stands calls also
for attention bus boon abundantly
demonrtratod by these letters, and
tbe sooner His Orace, the TrimntA,
jnibbes with tbe Athannsiun croud
and turns bis attention to passages
jn tbat sorvico which shock tbe youug
jninds aqd aQd disconcert tbe older
ones, tbe better. The first is that
there aro 800.000 more women than
men in Eugland, and tbe second that
Jbe devastating flood of children do
isrr more people here from marrying
iban any other consideration,"
M'hjr Sho Asked
" George, dear," said Mubel, as they
pat togathor iu tbe cozy parlor, "you
have beon coming to see mo evory
Sunday night for tho p,it six
Yes, Mabel,"
it T..i ilwifA iu aiwi flimcr T wmil.l
jike to ask yon."
"What is it t"
" Do you think that you could
ever learn to love another."
"Never while tbe stars shine or
Abe sun casts bis beams upon tho
' "Aro you suro?"
"As sure as that J now live. Why
do you ask such u quostionT"
"I was in hopes there was somo
prospect of your giving mo a rust."
Merchant Traveler.
Peace Munt Prevail.
Husband (impatiently) Is it pos
sible, my dour, tint you cunnot koop
-those ohildurn quiet for a moment 1
Wife (soothingly) Now, John, don.t
bo harsh with tbo poor little innocent j
.things i it is natural for thorn to bo
full of spirit and tboy'ro doing tho
feest they can, Husband Well, if I
coald have a moineut's poace I would
sit and trile U.at chock for $50 tbat
- you' vo beon bothoring mo for. Wife
(stornly) Childron, go upstairs at
onoe and if I hear another word from
you to-night I'll punish you seven.
Jy. Life.
CoDxumptloB Kuri'ly ('ured.
a'o thr Epitob Flense inform yourri'iul
qth tlmt I Uuvo a poititive remedy for tbo
obove rmuiud ilmcaio. Hy its timely use
thousands of hopoloKH ciihos linvo liocn per
manently curod. I hIiuII bo Kind to Komi two
' bottloH of my remedy vw.k to nny of your
reiMjor who bnvo coiiHiniijition if tlit-y will
send me tboir oxjiI'mhh iimi pout ollii'u lulilr.'HH.
IteBpeutfully, T. A. NI.OCUM. M. O.
ep 2'J ly. 181 I'oiu-1 nt. Now York.
Paul Heyse, tbe German novelist,
described as u hindsotno mnn of
debonnair bearing, with winning
-dark eys and churning manners.
Mr. J. V. Wood, of Sylorville, Ixvn,
enred two r.crsotiH of uoumluiii and a yotinu
lftdy of a K6Tire nttm lt of Born tbroiit with
. n fifty ctmt bottlo of (!bHiiilciiiiiii'8 l'nm
11U:). Olio of tb' oi iHong curod of iiiuiriil
i& wnn ttjmokl crnzod witb uiu lino.
Bronson Howard wunttul t call
bis new military umlodrnnm "Cl-(!o,"
, but as this title was already copy
righted for another piucr, bp soltlod
on "Sbenandoub."
The Verdict I'liniiiniuuii,
W. 1). Suit, Drnj;uit, tiiiw, lad , t'n
tifieR: "I rail recommend r'.lii trie itittera
rh tbe very 1hM remedy. Every bottle wld
ban itcu relief iu every caw. One 111:111
tKik Mi bottle, nnd wnx rurcit of lilietitnit
tism of 1(1 vtrsKt. Hiding " Alrulmiu 11 in ,
dru'iHt, licllville. Ohio, nttiriiiH: "Tie- I
bent wllillK medicine I Iiuvp ever bandied I
iu uiv years' perieiiv, is Klivtric l'it
ten)." TboiiNiindH of others have ft 1.1. d
their teKtiuiony. ho that the vcrdn t i tinan
(11101:5 that lilM-trir H.t tern do cure all di
eyi iA the Liver. Kidney or Hli. Only
half dollar a liottle at liaycolds A lUnicl's
dniR atoro. (,'-)
' fccre t) nothing like K-itlicr. ex
ccptiisg, cf cor.r, the nppt-r crut cf
.ft yontig wifu's first pie Journal t'f
A WomaVis lMrotrr.
"Aoothrr or. J.-rftil J . v.-rr bs 1-. a
mavl' anil tbat f. o .v U It in It s- oui.ti .
IhM fsiMf-iMsl it r!utci. tij.ni -T auj
for sv m j ruin J ith-t.t its .rtt
left, lot l itJ fTn -r. un.l.-rti.iu'.t
uj JjitL s-tul lttintin.nl t!:r-s'
Bov.tn L rnL-bJ ws-ttlv ail r.riM
t. A U- p. Sb l""n.-'.t rf trrf I T
Kil'K ' Il-rt.t.r f. t.ir':rrj4 m
hhJ w ww h r-hT-J m t s. .i.ff firt
nr tbt b J.p: 'l i.-lt i mitts nv
tattle hmM lsn t --..:vt rnrA II. r
am Mra. Lnt'.T !-' " 1 !,t,. ,:u
W. C. Hamrv til's. 1 SS. .1 . N
OrK a fr tnJ l-t:V at P.tju. 41. k IM.sr
drag tre.
SUtter of luterent.
Staumtom, Va., Aug.l, 1883.
Tb Swift Bpeelna Co., AUaula ;Oa-
Oontlemen During tbo early part
of tbe past spring (1883) my body
wns covored with boils. At one
time more thun fifty wero counted on
my body and limbs. My faco was
not exompt from tbe painful troublo.
Tbe usual remedies would Io me no
good. Just why I began taking H.
S. S. I do not know, but almost im.
mediately I began to improve I took
noarly three bottlo and found mysttlf
cntiroly well. It was your medicine
which effected a euro when everything
else had failed. Yours truly,
J. II. FoimiMM.
Had Ulcer.
St. Louis, Mo., Juno 27, 1888.
The Swift Kpeoillu Co., Atlanta, Oa.:
Qentlemen About two yours ago
I had a breaking out on my leg which
gave mo aliuuht intolerable pain from
its itching and burning. I used the
simple remedies ut bund, but the dis
ease couliuued to spread, covering
over a third of my limb. The pbysi
ciunt called it eczemn. The first doc
tor done me no good, and I tried tho
second, third and fourth with tbo
sumo result Ono of them said I
would never bo well. I had used
everything I knew that was recom
mended for blood disenhus. ISo ono
who saw my swelled nnd inflamed leg
which looked ns if tho blood would
burst out of it, over thought there
was anything but torture for me. I
candidly confess that I owe my pros.
ent health to Swift's Specific, which
in my estimation, is invaluable ns a
blood purifier. Gratefully yours,
Mrp. Juua DeWitt.
2227 N. 10th street.
TreutiHo on Blood and Skin Dis
eases mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co., Drawer 8,
Atlanta, Gu.
Tho Philadelphia Call recently con
tained an article headed, "A Propos
ed Interior Waterway." Wo havon't
read it, but it must bo a treatise on a
substitute for tho ulinicntury canal.
Atlunta Constitution.
From the dlolden City.
H. A. Murk wick, tioldca City, Mo.,
writOH '! have tried your O. C. C., Cer
tain ('hill Curo, nud lind it true to tbe name
Curtain' an it curod no of ublllH ami fuvor
after all remedies failed." Warranted barm-
Ickh and ho iiloasiiiit to tbo tanto that nny
child will tako it. Sold by KnyLioldH.t Dan
Dustles nro going out. Five hun
dred dozen went out from a single
factory iu Bridgeport tho other day.
Drake's Magazine.
A Physician' Testimony.
IV. A. 8. OliiTord. iibyaR-inn and druu
gist of Laurel. Ind., writes: "C. C. C,
Curtain Couh (hire, linn a largo sale boro
and k'Voh uuivorsitl batisfaution. I have
found it to bo a uiedieino of teat merit,
and cheerfully recommend it."
A building lot in an East End ra
vine boars this sign: "Drop a cart
load of dirt in this lot and see it fill
up." Pittsburg Chronicle.
Js undoubtedly caused by lactlo acid tn the
blood. Tills acid attacks tho fibroin thwues,
nud causes the imins and aches In the back,
shoulders, knees, ankles, hips and wrists.
Thousands of people liave found In Hood's
k'irsapurltia a positive curo for rheumatism.
This medicine, by Its purifying action, neutral
izes the acidity of the blood, and also bullda
up and strengthens tho whole body.
Tho infant king of Spain ha a con
suming passion for bologna sausages.
im " (j!(.i i i:ri!i..-'
" I Knvud the life of my littlo girl by a
Vrompt use of Or. Acker's Kiinlisli Kemcdy
for ('oiiHiiinption." Mas. Wm. Hauhiman,
New York. For side by C. T. Bass, drug
gist. Mr. Frauds Purkman has been
oompiillud by poor health to retire
from his oflico as overseer of Harvard.
1IC(M l a'.MXM,
First a cold, theu a couh, then consump
tion, then death. "I took Dr. Acker's t".n
Klish Kciuidy fur Consumption tbo momeut
I bcan to couh ami I balievu it saved my
life," Vi.itu N. Wai.i.m k, Washington
Kor sul by C. T. I!as, druggist.
Cixpiolin, tho French comedian, is
charmed with American cocktails but
could not go Boston b iked beans.
a ititw r.'4ii:.
Col. V, K. Xt'Uoti. of KrMklvu, came
Lome ono cveuiuK felitu' a poviiliar tiht-
ne-s in Ii!k rL.it lifnm rttiriiit hi triml
to draw a lorn I r.'.uli, lut futimt it nliii.tt
intiNitili. Hi1 miQVivii f .r four ilnv from
Iii..iiui.inia ati.l llif il.K-'.or-c g vo him ii.
I I- t'....l..l. I A I.. I '
fciou KjiYi'.l l.im Kn.l ti i wt-U to J. For
wilt hy i T. dniK'kit. !
Sonor Cattt-Ur thiol, thn CStll.
luhiurntof ni.-rs.l ButTra the
ruofct n eilr.l rtfurni in Spain.
-i bhb: ii- i i mr.
"For nt of a nail, ah. v. as f r
Mit f a rbon. Iiotm h l wt. f.sr Mit
of a h.r ri.l.T 1M." S.-v.-r ti-!. .-t
isrikII thin Tli.' fir-t i;ri f jmi. nu..-.i
ainl c b.iiTititinn raji i.tt!T t , h,-. k --l
I t lr A. k t l"i .!i l:.-T.r! f r,.n-
kutiii.tion r.t m! i y T iu-. Jitii:.
IV. Hit .'tn-r tn ,J. f-rtii:nfl
t rv.;n t'.:e rhir of n'-.rorr :n th
t'n:Tcr tr cf lVtin.! t.it
1 1 cic nil. I i oiti: it i;.
t" ia :). ttj rj, - r T-nrr- 1 .1 -Tt
cr I t- 1..'-. r.;- 1 1- ', V t-.-' -t - n
llj- jv l- -i - . '. ; :u -
1 r
t t .. ' t
The days of chivalry have not ut
terly perishsd oil tbe faoo of the earth.
Itocently, in West Virginia, a white
woman was sentenced to work seven
teen days on tbe streets, when a
young farmer aroe in tbe mayor'a
court and oiTorod to take her place,
saying that ho nevor would permit a
woman to be worked aa a convict on
the public Btroets. Tho mayor ac
cepted bis offer, and tho man wai
marched off to tbo chain gang. Wa
co Duy.
Whether tho days of chivalry have
perished or not, tbo days of s ivugery
have not, clso tho woman would not
have been sentenced to such brutal
punishment und degradation. Tbe
ptoplo who have passed such laws or
pe rmit them to bo executed cannot
protor.d to bo civilized. Cannibals
and wild savages may do more cruel
things, butcan do nothing much more
The Holiday
And tbt colour wiuter weather are now rap.
idly approaching Tho joyful aeason is. ca
g.irly aiitieioated by younn folks in thous
ands of homes, but in nearly nil tbora are
one or more older ones to whom tbo cold
waves and tbe storms mean renewed buffer.
inn front rhetimalio bucks or Inuba. It Is
not claimed that Hood's Barsaparilla is
positive spociflo for rbeumutisni; wo doubt
if tbore is or can be such a remedy. Hut
the remarkable sucoess Hood's Barsaparilla
baa had in caring this affoetion is eufficieut
reason for those who are suffering to try
this poculiar mediciuo.
Tho mnn who bus an insido scat nt
tho theater cun't go out between tbo
nets without putting all his neighbors
out. Yonkors Statesman.
No otbor romedy is so ruliablo in cases of
siiddeu colds or coughs, or for any and al!
duraugomentH of tbu throat and lungs as
Ayors Cborry Pectoral. This wonderful
modiolus affords great roliof in consumption
even in tho advanced stage of that ditsease.
An "accessory after tbo fact," Wil
liam Henry, is nothing more nor loss
than a common every-day newspaper
roporter. Practical Farmer.
Hall's Vegetablo Sicilian Hair Ronewor is
tho most reliable article iu use for restoring
gray hair to its original color nnd promoting
tbe growth of tbe hair,
A man who formerly actod as fire
man to a locomotivo refers to his rec
ollections of that titno as tender rem
iniscences. Merchant Traveler.
Itch, Manga and S cratches ou human or
auinml cured in 3D minutes by Woolford's
Sanitary Lotion. This novcr fails. Sold by
J. A. lieall nnd C. T. Unas, druggists, San
Marcos, Texas. uovL'C-ly.
S:ira Small has been traveling
through Michigan and Wisconsin.
A Mid-Wife of Loiitf Experience Writes:
'The Mothera' Friuud" is truly n blessing
to mot bars. Iu every enco tbnt Ibaye lined
it tho labor pains bavo been less and tbu
mother li ft in a good condition to recover.
La.lies interested in tbo nuovo, by ad
dressing the Hradrlold ltegufatorCo., Atlan
ta. (In., can beve a book mailed them free
of cost containing full particulars, lmo.
Dr. Holmos, tho "Autocrat of tho
Breakfast Table," is "rising" 79.
Itiii'klen's Arnica Salve.
Tho Host Salvo in tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Khonm, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Cbappod llaudn. Chilblains,
Corns and all skin eruptions, and positively
cures piles or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to givo perfect satisfaction or money
refunded. Trieo 25 cents per box. For
sale by lUyuoldsX Daniel.
Tho Popo has stmt $60,000 to tho
African uuti-slavery fund.
II mn nti 1 4 I'lga
Arc the .nvreln remedy In all orii whore excess
ive or fntullicirnt iiourisl.inenl, fictilentarj liubitH,
U'eplehMiichH, traveling ur pregnancy pruduco a
ttiiiileitcy to
Tliathanoof tlit) Ainerlcnn people. A neglect to
lunii'ily tin. condition may ro.uil nerloualy.
Iliilllbllrsr Fiirn are a Fruit laxative lozenee.
composed of fruiu and vegflabten. although mild.
Iney are very enecttve, at u ttietr cntmnut'ii ute
keop the howela Iu a healthy and uatnral condition.
la lite result of an luaetive l.iver, and ill gytnptnin
are ntaulfeMted hy headHrhe, futred t.insue, Iopa of
appetite and a yellow .kin. 1 1 c ill bll rjf t'ifiH
are Hie only purKllve tbat will cfUctnnlly relinve
Ihia condlliuu and reniuve the impuriiiua that olog
the ayalein,
lAllibtirtr Flira are hnrmlen. if thelruseit
continued indvtinitely, and a box nhottld alwaya be
kept In the uou.e. l Iter are dellKbltt I lo the taste.
Dose one r'tg. ficti 25 cents a box at druKgi.ts.
dov. 2C ml
Emperor William will visit Con
stantinople in the spring.
AnVKK Til iitll lll l
Vrji. WiNtt.ow SooTHiNtl Svit r khould alwa.vt. !
e us.'d ben htldren are t'litti'iK leetii. It relieve ;
tbe little pufferer at once; it procure naturtil, i
yulel elfrp by reltevliis; tbe bill from p.nn, j
and the little cbvruti awakeus a " orli;ht as a but- I
Inn." It is very pleasant to taste. It soothes the i
child, so'tens the ru. allays all pai:i, re'ierrs
wlud, n-icuUlea the bowels and is the best known j
remedy for diarrhtt-a, tshrther arlaing from leethtn !
or other causea, 35 csots a bottle. isT j
John Ericsson, the uaval eue.r,
is 8.1 years old.
Inaiivrii hr thr Titiii reunn lutMtnit ;
m, 'U'.tr'lin's .i-V -.-flv iwf- Iml- It will j
uccftd mtirn rribmc b fiU-l in brattn '
up r(ff.ic furiclioo. Prictf, .&J a botM, All
nt ugic-tuft, nov?0-ml j
Uo . S F. Smitb, D. l (who wrote '
"5F-f CVmnttT 'tis of TLw") n oeivct! a
Ii tttr from .KLn O WbittuT anil ft
! t .t 11" 1 .M If
I"" irn.uu. Hr .uw.ni.t.u.t.Lu.
T'8 80;h l"rl1"1 '-v r-
J ristslra. rtj. Ichrs aisstl I'silne.
I Wbe aaadrr4 tstlrs f sarsapanila sr SHber
I frvlrul ma sf.ecifl.-s ta I rralifate taSra scrtif
, ia v ssstrt csaisf .as a '4 ,,tiwi, tf.atfr
' ikat B ft. II. l tis aa c BiM Ra.nii bss fa!-t
tnaaf tbM4 i.-trtr. ta as tueitv a reiirclf tn.
rarefis Ismistm. 4 W lb KI4 Ri.m Ck.
' ti.antav . f fis. f " a4 ce
iie4. II a tt..'a v. asati rrairiaa
si St TJ-r. H.:l't 1 tLo! tia . r"U: - al
stae t9 a va- ta .ra Att tk SKri -m1
tsa 4 ra t. ct- I tl tr 4
K . II . a-,4 ti rj . ! "
s1 !-e. st-s-4 rra -. Tas.
-itr 1,1 "4 t- i - s 4 ii a
1st r a- S t .i e I t.-t ai.4 t-sa l.
a w-it "f si ti j . a-." tr .-i c 4
s rtm --t. t 4 i --4. a-1 t-- ts.
Js. L Sik.l:ai. , sr -a,- .
sr i r .4- :t -"4 J . .1 al
For Soronoss, Stlffnoas.
prompt. Sure, Safe, Recent.
8ore IJmb. twytsrt. HI.. ';
Casaki sle la iisim aaa as .""". ;rr
i, Jaosba OU aar4 s.
Btlff N.ck. msaasklp. Wis., Jaaa
Mr wlfs ka4 tIoU.i pUas la ksr astk sry ssra
aaS sua, tins saurtiy k itOWl.
BtlfT A nklei. (Marrllls Okl., Js .
trains mr aakls; -'"'" '
lkt Soar tot a aott Is at S. Jacobs ull, asso i .
Bilflr Kn.. HaWtb.... !!!..-";;
!S!5S-. .fur . s,u-
Asiss Mff. Os CMeepae, .
Tarribla Pain. ... . ' V ...r.
boa. was still aa sors: l tsrbl.
prpUy by It. Ja.sk. OU. i. 0. J".
THE CHARLES A. V0GELER CO., Biltlmorl, Hi.
1'ubllnUed Weoklf . Price S CeoU
Copfj 2.50 Vear.
TUB BTAKOARD It devoted to radical reform iu
the methods and objects of taxation.
It holds that no Imposla whatever, whelher ot
oustoms duties 0' otherwise, thould be levied upon
Industry or lie prodncte until the fund provided by
the increase ot land valuot eoiiien,ueot or. lnoreate
of population shall first have been elbsu,ted.
Holding thete views, the Stshdisd natorally
ranges Itself on the side of Free Trade in tbe coming
buttle with the robbing system ot Protection. Tbe
Stssdsro believes In toe Trade, absolutely and
unqualifiedly. It believes that every man should
k. ib. absolute rlirht to bur and tell to whomever
and In whatever market be may tee (It, without
leave asked of, or trlbnt paid to, any man or gov
ernment. So American cltlten who takes an Interest In tbe
great problems that aro pressing for solution can
aflord to neglect tho Btuiu. Ita columne will
furnish hlra with argument! to support his views,
or ahow him la naked clearness the arguments he
most he nrnnarpd to meet.
Besides Its economic features, the Stakdabd de
votes space to the discussion of current topics ol
Interest. Ite criticisms are pungent, its views broad
and cathollo, and its utterances fearless.
12 Union Square. Kast, KKW YORK.
We will send to nny poraon a sample copy
of the niot aguressive yet popular pa
per in the world. Send us your ad
dress and receive a copy rust of
Its column each week, full of mat
ter of lutereat o all.
SPUROEON and TALMAGB are the most popnl r
of prearbors. Tho Voice contains a sermon from
Sp-irKoon or Taimage each week. This alone is
worth a year's subscription price to the paper.
AHS yoo rnun or nrsoinui wu win iiiiu upiv
choiceii rending, horl stories and interesting mat
. n , v-.. ... n .i i.
ter in an uireciioiis.
Asa Vt u a KAKMSst Here you will find, for yonr
esniclal betiullt, mnrket qtiotalione und (arm news.
'. .. . .. ... .mi n..J l n ,u..
AHSS IOU A rOI.lTlCIAWI lou wm iiiiu uric nil mi-
lateat politics bearing especially on the temperance
Ana Yon ron TmiKHANCit? This ia recognized
as the organ of the temperance movement. Says
General Neal Dow: " In all our tight for Prohibition
nCIIBVC III! .ULU put.. . p .... , .......
Akk You Pohticu on the general news of the world?
If not, you know the paper to get.
Boston Daily Herald says: " It Is as live, able,
dignified and generally well-conducted a paper as
ever party had lor its organ."
T. Do Witt Talmage ays: "I hail Tn Voirie In
Ita OL'Wsrcl anil upward career. It has all tho thrill
and spontaneity ol a buttle shout."
President J. H. Seelve, of Amherst College, says:
"The spirit and strength of Tus Voicv give rr.e good
cheer. It is tlie most encouraging voice now heard
iu American politics.'
The Southwest, Cincinnati, (liquor paper): "Tin:
Voica is able, energetic, relentless as death, and
means to Miu."
J-ifJnst wbat you want. ONE DOLLAR
TEIt YEAH. Spetiiuou copy gratis ou
Mention this paper Address
18 and 20 Astor Place, N. Y.
U the bent Muifcal Konthlj published. Contain itl
to'ltt patcet of muHical literature and 10 iiUfcabK
of new Uuitc in every tnfue. Kvery cuoicrib
er receivt i'i worth of nheet mun.c aelctefi from
oar CAtalotfiie of publicntiona aa a premium, thu tbe
subscriber really teceivea duriug the year maic
which wotiM cuM in oheet form not n than I'si'i for
only fl. With the February number an tiiriructive
serial, "Hint ou ballad SlnKlng' by Km ma C. Uew
Ht, waa rntnuH-iictHt and will rrntliiue neveral
niooiin. Tbia nv of article if alone worth many
ttnit'd tlie price of nutcription, and i bnt one of
th mniT vahiab'e ftaturea of tbia popular puMira
tiou only fl. per roar pecimvn
CO)f iu ct.
To the prnn aendjnir the Rreatent number of aub
ih' rib er to Nokth Hi ulnAL Jociwal previoua to
July Ut, lSMt, we will give a aplendid upritjlit piani
witb tm)l and cover, value 400. Alio a flue Wilex
if White tn the one aendinx tbe aecund greatest
number. For full poriiru'arn iliirea
l A. OI4 I II A- i. Pahliahen,
lilts 1 LfBtnut St., Fhllade Iphta, Pa.
In.- .ti.y vrtaln ari.l l.ilrriaal l era
f Tftiilla nj Fev,-r. Intcnimi.iit. K.-ruttimt,
I'lli'His anj !alAri.il Krrr. lnunb A.ti,
Pwajrp fv-r a til all lw?s oniattirj
frta a Tori'kl Livoror Moitn-v
rrf.vir h irmV-. s-it iin nss Arvrnlft
ssr Quint sst aa.l can hs srivrn tn HKa
skihli r.4s ith f.-t ai-tf.
a a T.wik- f TirM Ftl.nf . lsm r4 Ar
nts . -r.iialiritf f ptti Xjuax. rt fctADu
su.r auj .tJi.nM a 1 sra.4.
Illlt'li MI.IHI IVr 1 tot tie.
Jfc. 44 H VvVttaf at?.
rr.i.tiitr, istsf., r. . j.
r - -1 . . - i: .. : .
rTKt Hount . oirrn. Twt
'Vmmf risk vr
t ii T- r- -1 r 1 r I'-fc. f
t. . . f - r.- rK r v r f,: f
i i r I a - iar"t mW
i iHvx f - : i J t ' T il"ar r r r r
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:-- r ? c . r 14 t tn? n - 4
f ---- ss ft. MT1 M Tim.mZtM
r n - - 1 ftv - - - mt mmv
kX . k JL A C. i Sum iL, Cka;.
Trail sra
San Marcos, Tex.
Executed with-
la AS
- -rS,
. -dciVj
8ST No Charge for putting work vj
in Tablet Form. Blotters free.
J VIiI l l 'ICk4.
J .Av iiitn:iN.
1. 1 .AI. III.KN.
t i 4i.M.i i m. i:n
! TI orlc done at sh 01 tn at ice.
1 1
' Foreign bills duplicated
on Opcc Stationery.
' Tib cnif'to; coinjietrnt
work-men an new materi
al and turn out no injerior
s4ta.4 lfNit savsi
O ' nsy lurisn. ... " .
rji.n,.,ls seut free lo all. W,
Cblil.sler a noil, ' Buua Ut., S. T.
great 11 e Ural Work of Ihv
axaoo UauliiHMl, Murvutu aiiU
l-bjslcat UibUlty, rruinaturB
DMllna, Krrort of Youth, ami
thaantolil nilaeiivaoonsequcnt
h.nn. auu Diutoa Bvo, IS
preaerlptloni for all dlsenaea.
..,k ,.u uiit. only il.W. br
mall, sealed. Illustnttlvo atuitple free toallyount
and mld.lla ail men. Bund now. The Gold and
Jewelled Medal awardd to tho author by the Na
tional Medical Aasoclatlon. Adilruts P. O. bos
Ibjj, Boston, Mass., or Dr. W. 1L PARKER, grad
uateof Harvard McdlculCollei;o,S8 years' uractloe
In Boaton.who may bo couaulted confidentially.
OtBce, Wo, 4 Bulflnch ttreet. Specialty, Diseased
OuVlblo out. Von mar nevor Se
Clmrcli and School Bells.
Viam.itf W'e'twith Cnstqf
Jkil yoke l- Veil b
framt. llano'
No.6, !ln..li:iollw..$ a uo
No.(lU,7in..ai"llis.. 6 00
L U.l, 1H11U. ,."'l"0.
WJ'So.fC 84in..73Hw.. 7 "0
L IV xt-f utn ti.)Kit.d K') nil
' aaf iHtMf, mill, . trav'ii'o. at .
'.nie; i Co-Coosci rlli,N.7.5.6.A.
Cleanses and beautinet the hair.
Promotes a luxuriant growth.
Never Fail to Restore Gray
:..V....Ur.,l Pnlni.
Pmvi'nta Pnndniir and hair foiling
' BOf. and 111 (Wntlniifglt.
... hook learned in one reading'
Mind Vuiidcrlnir fjiired.
Speuklnir witliout notes.
Piracy condemned by Mupreine court
Qreal Inducouieiita tu correspondence classes.
Prospectus with opinions of Dr. m, A. Hain
niond. the world-famed Specialist In Mind dis
eases, uanlrl renlul Thompson,
great Psychologist. J. M. BUCKI.KY. I. D .
Editor of the Christian Advoo itoi ItlCUAHD PltpO
TOK. the Scientist; Hons Judge Gibson, Judah P.
Berlamin, and ntb -rs, sfnt rust free
by Prof. A. LOIKETVK.237 Fifth Ave.. New York.
. rs.w. rnr corns. Btons all pain. Ensiiree
roraf ott to meious. .....-. , , .,
too on i) - i - - - : - , , . r u CO.. N . I .
i k. i..w ,t .11 rrmtdics lor
Inward Pains, Colic, Indises
tion, Exhaustion and allbtom.
ach and Bowel troubles. Also i
.),. mixi effective cure fori
Coughs, CoKIs, lironcliitis and
r nf li hrealhini? I
auciiiuua v. , u
organs. It promotes refreshing
sleep, improvet the appetite,
overcomes nervous prostration,
nnd gives new lite ana strengm
to the weak and aged. joc. and fi.oo, at Urgguists.
"Bv a thorough knowledge of tho natural lawt
width g.ivern ihe operations of dlgestlou and itntn
tlon, and by a careful npplicmlon of the flue prop
erties ot well -selected CiCoe.Mr. Epps has provided
our breaktast tables wllh a delicately flavored bev
eragf wnlch may save many heavj doctor's bills.
It is by iudicious use of rh articles of diet thai a
constitution mar he gradually built up ui til strong
enough to resl,t every tendency to dim aso. Hund
reds ot Milttle maladies are Hoa ing around us rady
to attack whereve there Is a weak point, We may
escape ntnnv a tatnl shatt hi- keeping oureelves well
foriitlei with pure blood and a properly nourished
Irnme." civil Service Gtuette. Uude simply by
boi ing water or milk. Snld only in half pound
lie-i, bv Ort'Cers, llielled thus:
JA5ilm,l"' ScVa, Homanpatbio Cbsm
lst, i ondon, Etgiaiil'
s Tbe cabinet organ was introduced in ita present
form by Mason & Hamlin in lb61. Other makers
followed in the manufacture of these instruments,
bnt the Mason & Hamlin Organs have always main
tamed their Bnnrcmacv as tho best iu the world.
1 Mason & Hamlin oiler, as demonstration of the
unequalled excellence of their organs, the fart that
at all of the great World's Exhibitions, since that of
Paris. 1S6T, in
with best mak
trated catalogues $22 Ttl Ht'JOO. free.
Mason & Hamlin do not lies itate to make tbe ex
traordinary claim for their pianos, that they are
superior to all others. '1 hey recognize the high
excellence achieved by other leading makers In the
art of piano building, but still claim superiority.
This they attribute solely to the remarkable im
prorement introduced by them In the year 1888,
and now known ns the "Mason & Hamlin Piano
Stbinoer," by FX g B 1 1 g tbe use of which
is secured the tj t B J S 1 greatest poe
elblepurity and f J 5 (J B B Hreflncmenf of
tone, together I I BE 8 9 w Urwith greatly in.
creased capaci- CIAND & t7?21327. ty for standing
In tune ana other important advantages,
s A circular, containing testimonials from three
hundred purchasers, musicians, and toners, sent,
together with descriptive catalogue, to any applicant,
, Pianos and Organs Bold for cosh or easy pay.
merits: also rented.
A list of 1009 newspapers divided Into STATUS
AND Sl.cTI0.N3 will be tent on application
Fit I K.
lo those who wtnt their advertising to osv. we
can offer no better medium for thorough and effective
wort titan tlie vartoue sections of our Welect
l.ocul l.isl. tit-.tt F, KOWtllX A- C,
Newspaper Advertising Bureau.
10 Snrnce street. New York.
( Klinsswaf aft-i Frnir tntsf I ho Mew.)
rull of lit nlrfr rnnkts.rbsinnlna' tlnrtwi arel
lKUKli-.rtivkinir il ".nr;ti..iu by the I'rinrc 'T
JuvnDilsarustx. elli:iu imsnraarly. ti.dra
SIT elf H 1 "it my l;al U ttl4 nil rf, H-jl4
Hon. I Jmlnii Ii. Fik. l.m'f4mmmkrrf. I
1 r uiTm to W" K. II Oonvn-U. I,. I
rWJ, .i,iii.u"-Hon. 8. . oi V'lMt.
i fu.f-T ' tH nnn.ltoarl(Trt.r.
Hall ItuildlnK, Kansste tlly, .Uimiari.
Ttc VIA a alu ItAU ttsi frni thn
tn Are tl"iltvr in knbtT (.' eat, tutj
t hit firt ha f hXir fnrntK in
a tt- rra tiwU to hi trow thau tt Is
lunl.j lHtt prs-rtKm thin a mo.
ouilo iM-ttjnar. n nr ole. .-ho
-B s wm
1 bene to bi r t.-km tn. bnt i m
AU tor It "IWI I.KAXD" Su..l 1
Car Safe Fa-'.T Ptcr. A Scfs cri P.dJibtc (tiyiedt in aff Cctet.
mt 1,-cjrcir ne.r.Kf cr the fyt fir
T.t rrr- cfTrC-i-e r-- T-.tics, V-, I r.r
tH'l.a,s3r-v.-:. iirtr-wJ Ct .l
' k.- 'xvi. I; j. .t a r: -j.i al.era'.jve t-xt rti;
'-ia t .e d:rrtici al as:tr.i'atcsi
ef IK. 'vi . . 1 .
- - - - ' - ' 1 . ' tins tu .
ersrreT arrrr -r
scV.i;;-tnoTij:t 4 ar
f. V-V-A t.
to all rernvt in tn
International & Gfeatfoithti
Can Take Their Choice of Routes
Oi via tbo St. Loois, laoa Hoviitaii a a
Kailwat. Close connections tt Unit gncif
.Princioal Cities in the Southeast'"1
In tb Union Depot at at. Loolt ii. ..
trains Id all direction!.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Can
brlweeo mais Aniuniu, AUaTIR, Btmstn.
d u ALVKH ION, and elegant Baftst Cibl2
VM ANTONIO and BT. LOUIS, Wltboat Su?
sT For Tlckele, Ratal, kt., trulv u s.
Ticket Agents, or to
H. J. PBtCI,
A. 0. P. T. A, Ptlisilnt,T.t-
Oen. Fail. tV Ticket Agt., PilenlM,TsiH
Almost a3 Palatable as Milk,
So dlagnlaod tbat It earn bo tak.
dlKeated, and aastmllated by tho atsij
sensitive itomaoh, when the plain ttl
cannot be tolerated t and by the eat),
btnatlon of the oil with tho hypopaafc
phttea 1 tnaen more etacaeloaa.
Bcmartablo as a flesh prodBttn
Persons gatn rapidly -wblle taklnaj tU
SCOTT'S EMULSION is acknowledged!
Physicians to be the Finest and Bestpnpj.
ration in the world for the relief end cum"
Tk great remedy for Consumption, mi
Wasting in Children. Sold by all Drajjuti
When I say CtrEB I do not mean merely t
top them fur a time, and then have them re
turn again. I mean A HADICAL CUKE.
I have made tbe disease ol
A life-long study. I warrant my remedy to
CuiiE the worst cases. Because others hin
failed ie no reason for not now receiving aeon
Send at once for a treatise and a Fkek Bomi
ot my Infallible Remedy. Give Eipreai
and Post Office. It costs yon nothing fol I
trial, and it will cure you. Address
H.C. ROOT. M.C., l83PEM.8T.,lltwT
m TOi,r,'i''W!''
p nrc uuidi ti i i- sr ra ia.
Beet Cough Syrup. TaBtesgood. C
in time. Hold Dyaruggisuj.
I believe Plao's Cora
for Consumption saved
my life. A. H. Doweli,
Editor Enquirer, Eden
ton, N. C, April 23, 1887.
The Original Wins. '
C. F. Simmons, St, Louis, Tnft
M. A. Sirnmona Livor Mcdicins,Bit
1840, in the U. S. Court
H. Zcilin. Prop'rA.Q. Simmons!
er Regulator, Est'd by Zl!
M. A. S. L. M. has lor 47 7"
r. C itn .niMII LOS
lTsrsrsisits '
ArpsTiTB, Soia Stomacb,
Church, Adams, Teno., ""J.JS
IbinK 1 anouia nave bv " :
lor your Genuine m.
mona Liver Mc'cinLJinji
sometimes niu w - u
"Zcilin's ttull" for If""T.
cine, but it dool m
Cawtrs cin'
Ilr I.
Dr. I. R. Gravet,Editrjl j
... z. i ..1... Teaa. ssys.
rr" jJl. V J voarLn
Medicine, and have
better Livor Hctrulslor. "
r so more 01 -
ZA Stiu.i.. uo want -r
1 WH SSTM-I ,HM " h St
bioa dry hi tt hsnfct storm.
. . . .fca. '
, n-r M - . um euBiliar S" rsvrr
t'ow-t.y all over me iann. -
th lr wrfc-cl na "7T-
EkS B J r4 uUMofh.f.' Ifrt-r
Ont4 is -T..-s r L '-
b,iiimt Dittatn.
rg V IrtsBl
l.rrr A
I smsatemsvsssBVsesssssaeataaaaaaaaasBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasai
'fflBF l ffa - 5tl
1 U U
The BESTulrdl- i
cine is Piso's Curb pob I
Consumption. Children I
f take it without objection. I
j By all druggists. 25c I
Kl Best Cough Syrup. Tastes good, we a
lnmjdracgta X
a y3t,v -rz
Cti ertovt We Cr '
o-mrf'tm I ntx l tnnet 'rtt. HeCOtv-
, sVa.
- ... f-
: f
i, - j ' i. I.- . ;u ' i , . s i ii- : . i -
' . - ' f . -.. h 1 4 1. s - .-
v- - a - - t- j s''t - .-i ! ri -s..
St a " e-4 t M -t era f
wmm f I-Vij -4 as -. "
i ..i It. t I .(, i:
tfnj', t-Kti mi 1 '-3' f--- .!
I 4v si J J s 4 r ;t'
3 V." .rir'1--'
Tb bfttsj') p!Tr pi'ks Li
'Lr yngh lift"

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