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San Marcos
1 JULIA. IST, "Prove All Things I Hold Fast that which Is Cood." PROPRIETOR
a afar AA
Out W aavaace .i w
git month. " , 00
Ibr wouthi. " 60
Th above rates tnoinae tne prepayment
f potUa by us. Sample copies sent free.
Single oopie 6 oeoU.
and Transient Advertisement will
bohrd One Dollar per square for the
irt on. and nnr ueuts per square
(or moIi Additional insertion. A square is
h paoe of one inoh. Fractional squares
-in k. niintd as fall squares.
w" - r it..
AdTSrtlsemenu lor taree uiuwui or uivio
Will DOOUurjjou """ "
jfe of Square.
3 mos 6 mos 1 yr.
$4 50 8 00 I $13 00
8 00 l'i 00 20 00
io oo is oo tn oo
15 00 25 00 40 00
35 00 40 00 60 00
40 00 05 O0 100 00
Oa square
Two squares
Three squares
One-fourth column
One-half column...
One eelum
Yearly advertisers allowed the privilege
ef quarterly change.
Business uaraa, uiw iu m.o,
f A. Cards in IJUSiness uireoiory, one year,
Local and business notices will be charged
ten oents per line eaoh insertion.
Advertisements for Schools, Churches and
Benevolent Societies, Ball rates.
Murriaee and Obituary Notices, of over ten
lines, charged as advertisements.
Calls upon candidates, ineir replies ituu
tti.ir airenlars. and all notices of a personal
ebsraoter, (if at all admissible into our col.
umni), will be charged as aaveruseweuui.
A cross mark upon the paper indicates
that the time for which the subscription was
psid ha expired. ...
All advertisements and subscriptions due
in advance.
Any of our friends would do us a speoial
favor by giving us the names of any per
sons within their knowledge who would be
likely to subsoribe for the Fbes Pbess, so
that we may send specimen copies to such
Our terms for announcing candidates are
15 for state and district offices, $5 for
oorraty offices, and $3 for precinct and mu
nioipal. Terms, cash.
ooxamimK ftm mutkiot:
oa. L. W. Moore, of Karatla County.
niTo-J5rii distiiot:
Bo. W. H. Barge., ol Uuadalup Oo.
H.. Ooo. T. MoUobea, of Baft Ce.
Bo. J. L. KHIiion, of C.ldw.ll Co.
DI.r.IOT oocat Itu oiinm,
Hen. H. Telchmueil.r. lreiidina;Jndga, LaQrsnge
J, H. Betnaay, Attorney, Au.tinCa.
Bin. lit Monday to March and September. Kay
cenllH three ..
Id B. Kone.Jadfa County Coon.
Jai.O. Storey, County Clerh.
Tboi. J. Peel. Dletrlol CLrk.
8. B. MoBrlde, County Auurney.
J. I. Dvl. Sheriff.
r. M. Joauaon, County Tr.a.arer.
B. S. r.rtiou, A .or.
Otto Orooa, Hnrvayor.
T. B. Kourqareao, ComoiUiloner Preolnet Ho. I.
J.T.Goforih, " " "
1. W. Th.rn, " " "
B. B. Wllhlte. ' " "
B.I. Smith, Judlce.f the Peaee Preclnot M. 1. '
B. If. Reaner
T. (T.Tli.rn " ' ' " "
J. 0, Rowe "
T.B. MoKlroy " " " .
J. W. Cro " " 6.
H. Lelunttreber, Con.tabI pretlacl Bo. 1,
H. flolti, ' " S.
J. L, Kftn. " " " B.
I. B, WalUo, " ' "
I. P. Ohar, " " "
Tlornoi.ntimCouTT D Paanixor Oooafe
Coeaty Court for Criminal. Civil and I'rohate hue.
n.M-th Monday. 1a January, tril, July, Oeto
b.r. '..Commlatlonera'Oourt Id Monday la February.
May, Aogu.t and Mavemb.r.
Jualloe Court, Preelnet Mo. 1 Uat Monday I
each mouth, at Ban M treoe.
Preolnet No.i Jd frlda In eath month Ml.Clty
" S sd Wlmlx-rlfy'n "HI.
" 4 4ib ftaturd.v Dnpplnu Sprlngi.
cirv me.
Mayor Baromett Hardy.
Oaunell W. D, Wood, 0 W. Donaleon, Old
Johnioa, D. A. Glover, Kd. J. L. Green, P.J.C.
irallh, Dan Holhelna and Wa. Olneu.
Manhal-J.M, Turner.
Ilreet CommlMioner -M. T. Chaataln.
Ooaaoll meeu lb Aral Wedneaday in eaeh mootn.
rablle School Truster, meet Brat Tueaday in eacu
nenlb at the Mayor' ofllc.
MITB0DIST. Preachlnc at h Methodltt
Oharck every Sabbath, Me, ft. H. B. Bin. Paator.
Souday School at Ba.m. Blnglns at S o'clock p. m.
Prayer Meetlb; on Weoneaday. Young Non'a pray
er n.ettne; on Monday nlrht.
BAPTIST. Preaching at tha Baptl.t Church
ry Bundav. Bev. W. O. Beverley, Paetor.
Sunday School at :0 a. m. Toungmen' prayer
m..tlng Tne.day night. Ceagregatienal prayer.
etlor Wedneaday night.
PRRSBTTCB1 AM. Barvtoe lad and 4lh Buudaye
eaeh month. pa.tor. Sunday
School every Sabbath at : a. m. Prav.r Meal
ing every Thureday at ?: p. . All at Invited
to attend.
CHRIsriAM. Eld.r Paeter.
Benday School at a. at. A cardial Invitation .
t..d te all.
PRiirBr ABT RPIBCOP AL Bev. J Ralhrealh.
Paatw. Berrleeathetndand ih Sunday I ch
death. Sunday eohoel every Sanday.
CATHOUC. aervleea th Sanday in aach milh.
Pather ajmlth Paaior.
Walla fro. Aa.tl arrl. at 4S a. a, a ad derCd separately at pHOlVtneT pnvrx,
-. 're of charge a d pottage prepaid in
. elM at T:l a. a. aad 4 4 p. aa. J all Case.
M " Mk'n im" "
Ullag ,' arH.ee at 18 M., alMi l 18 J. P. M.
A.a alalia arri.eaad depart dally.
laaee. via WIeiberley Arrlvee Mowday. Wed-
)4ay mmt Friday, at If. " Teday.
Tkaraday A4 Satsrday at A. M.
waca .
Oeaeral BMIeory trm A. M-, 1. 11 . a.d fraea
P. M.toB P. M. aacept daiiag dlatrtaatla
lbM aad e Beadaya and holidaya Op
-pal -.Ha- , p a
Free to Mr S karri brr.
vifl give a copy of Keodair vaJoM ;
UlU.ork Tlk Hori asJ bis Di-. to
very obo)cribT, MwovoSd.who will nMariod '
that be We it To rtkc it win bo
. i
' . "T :
n for let -.4
tabeaav.4L It barn tfc W faolita, '
IW b prrau-r. It will Oereor k
BO J(Kt kOcrest U girt ai joaar wrien. t
Johnson Building;, oa the Square,
Special attention given to Diseases of the
Uouth and Facial Neuralgia.
Marcos, North side Plaza.
fi a ai. a -i - Til
jl ours, ouuiuetuj vuruur t ikh.
la wr as.
Tt MnnmnH. Att'v anil Tjina Annul
Office over First Nationul Bank, Sau
IH. JULIAN, Judge Wood's New Build
. ing, Upstairs.
TTK. J. H. COMBS, Judge Wood's New
L Building, upstairs.
& DANIEL, North sido
. National Bank.
door to First
JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Mitchell Build
ing, North side plaza.
BRO., Southwest Corner
W.LEA VELL, South side Publio Plaza.
rpHOMAS TAYLOR East 8ide Plaza.
ARDY & CO., North side Plaza
W. NANCE, Southeast Corner of Pub.
lie Square.
H. BOBBINS, North side Plaza.
M. GIESEN, South side plaza.
between First
lYL National Bank Building and Nance's
Furniture Btore.
PORTER, East Side the Square.
Our Clubbing List for 1889.
W am prepared to olub the FUSE PBBS3 to new
or renewing aubiorlbera with the following publi
cation, at tlie ratei apecllled belowif ordered at the
am time with our paper, lo the Brat column we
give the regular price of each publication alngly,
la the eeeond lb price of the aameand the Faa
Put together.
With the
Free Pre.a.
$ 1 86
3 no
Auatln Stateamao .1 00
QalTeiton Bewe I 36
M. T. Wnolly World 1 hi
i T6 1
Si. Louie Bepubllo 1 00
M.. tadgor 8 00
New OrleanaTimea Democrat.. 1 ft
Loulivllle Courier Journal 1 B0
1 75 1
1 fi! i
5 00
6 60
1 Ml
8 60
S 60
Teiae Blftlnga 00
Farm and Kaucn.
1 04
Detroit Free Preae
Saturday Kveuing Pout....
Sew York Oberr
AtlauU Constitution
American AgricuiturUt..
Scientific America
Century Magaxiu-
St. Mleholaa
Harp.r'a Young People....
Youth'e Companion
Atlantle Monthly
Lippincott'a Magaalne....
Kelso tic Magailu
Phrenological Journal....
Peteraon' Magaiin
Popular Soieuce Monthly .
Good Houiekeeplag
. 1 tiO
. 1 00
. 8 16
. i a
. 1 60
. S 70
. 4 00
. 8 00
. 1 6
. 1 IS
. 4 00
. 1 00
, B 00
. 1 0
, 8 00
, B 0
1 6
. 4 O
. 4 0
, 8 00
, 1 o
1 0
1 6
4 so i
8 on
s io
f '
s Vt
3 -.
8 30
4 to
6 40
8 7s
Barper'eM .itbly-.
Oodey'a Lady'a Book.
Wotaan'e M.cniine ..
Drnmat'i Monthly
Ballou'a Magaain. .
dolden Daye
Oar Little Onea
Homo and Farm
I 60
3 10
4 X,
3 4
8 40
t&TA y other paper or periodical
not included in the ahore lit,fur
Lhed at proportionate rate, or or-
" . A '. . ,. i r
1 t,. u ed by failure nbery ,
JB4 pty U.rt .It of the maila, ak. It iboolate-
. .. ,trrT 1 lj .1.1. be plal ,
ly - I I
rr. regl.r4 Utter ar draB.
j Toe aafc arrtvmJ af all paWlealM a-ar"-
ii.iu, i rwtl ll w t"
rtn Ik- pMwaxi aea lc. ify a- ky''
cir4 ,kat tAa orrar, Ifaay, aaay promptly
JZTZZSt,. tb.
CiliM . T '- a-4. all paun
JLTrmt VavVtl or-
oca orncit is erronrs o. r ' '
i PICK. r--.
!rac. wa-ae
,m4 aa IAS COt
i to ta tiia.
rK..a - Hl
, m frr. tlawr. Ow
. - tJ. fwt ... "J.
A? a . paU W dk
oxadi.PaaaM Oftcr, aua, - C
Luxuriant Hair
Can only be preserved by keeping the)
scalp clean, cool, and free from dan
druff, and the body in a healthful
condition. The groat popularity of
Ayer's Hair Vigor Is due to the fact
that It cleanses the scalp, promotes the
growth of the hair, prevents it from
fulling out, and gives it that soft and
Silky gloss so essential to perfect beauty.
Frederick Hardy, of Itoxbury, Mass.,
a gentleman fifty years of age, was fast
losing his hair, and what remained was
growing gray. ' After trying various
dressings with no effect, he commenced
the use of Ayer's Huir Vigor. "II
stopped the fulling out," he writes ;
"and, to my great surpriso, converted
my white hair (without staining the
sculp) to the same shade of brown it
had when I was 23 years of age."
Ten Years Younger.
Mrs. Mary Montgomery, of Boston,
writes: "For years, I was compelled
to wear a dress cap to conceal a bald
spot on the crown of my head ; but now
I gladly lay the cap aside, for your Hair
Vigor Is bringing out a new growth. I
could hardly trust my Bouses when I
first found my hair growing ; but there
it is, and I am delighted. 1 look ten
years younger."
A Binillur result attended the uso of
Ayer's nair Vigor by Mrs. O. O. Pres.
cott, of Charlestown, Mass., Miss Bessie
H. Bcdloe, of Burlington, Vt., Mrs. J. J.
Burtou, of Bangor, Me., and numerous
The loss of linir may bo owing to Im
purity of the blood or derangement of
the stomach and liver, In which case,
a cnur.se of Ayer's Sursiipiiiilla or of
Ayer's Pills, in connection with the
Vigor, may be necessary to give health
and tone to all the functions of the
body. At the sumo time, it cannot be
too strongly urged that nono of these
remedies can 1 much good without
a persevering trial and strict attention
to cleanly and temperate habits.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
Prepared tiy Dr. .T. O. Aycr ft Co., Lowell, Mae.
Sold by Druggiatu and l'erf uiacra.
Croup Is the terror of young mothers
especially during thn early winter
Dionlhs, as it is then most prevalent
To post them concerning the cause,
first symptoms, treatment and how to
prevent it, is the object of this article.
The origin of croup is a common cold,
children that are subject to it tako cold
very easily and croup is almost sure to
follow. Tbo first symptoms of eroup is
hoarseness, it Is a peculiar hoarseness,
easily recognized and once heard al
ways remembered. Usually a day or
two before the attack, the child be
comes hoarse and gradually shows
symptoms of having taken cold, and
this is where the mistake is usually
made, the mother thinking her child
bos just taken com gives it no especial
attention until awakened in the night
by the violent coughing of the child,
finds it has the croup and remombors it
has had a cold or been hoarse for a day
or two. Such circumstances often oc
our, and in many eap"i the mother has
nothing in the honsoTnat will relieve it,
and may be several miles from a physi
cian or drug store. Yon can well im
agine the situation and her distress.
The time to act is when the child lirst
becomes hoarse or shows symptoms of
having taken cold; if Charaborlain's
Cough Remedy is freely given from
that time on, all tendency to croup will
disappear and all danger be avoided.
The remedy prevents fully ten thous
and cases of croup every year. It is
the main relianoo with many mothers
thronsrhout the Western States and
Territories; they have learned its value
and how to nse it, and in those families
eroup Is seldom Known Because
It is
ajwoys prevented.
The best treatment forcroup Is Cham-
iberlain's Cough Remedy used as di-
reeled with each bottle. Careful in-
q.uiry falls to reveal a single case wnere
it has ever failed although a great many
tevere and dangerous cases havo been
cored bv it. Csb any mother who but
small children afford to be without such
t remedy. It costs but fifty cents, can
the afford to tako the chances tor so
trivial an amount.
a -
A Good Liniment
When you need a good liniment try
Chamberlain's Pain LSalm. It cures
Sprains, Lame Hock. Rheumatism,
Neuralgia. Cuts, Brutu, Burns. Scalds
and TnnUiaheV 2U 6CM And dOiiAX
For Sale by Rnvnold & Daniel.
WoMAirs Disease
OA MG MXl 47 L WUifLU.
For aaie by all lrCs":- Iev.
i OLD VEWSPAI'LIIS. for wrap-.
Somewhere the wiud is blowing,
I thought as I toiled along
In tha burning heat of the noontido,
Aud the fauoy made me strong.
Yet, somewhere the wind i blowing
Though bore where I gasp and Bigh
Not a breath of air is stirring,
Not a cloud in tho burning sky.
Soniowhore the thing we long for
Exists on earth's wide bound,
Somewhere the son is shining
When wiuter nips the grouud.
Somewhere the flowers are suringing,
Somewhere the ooru is brown,
And ready uuto tbo harvest
To feed the hungry town.
Somewhere tho twilight gather
And weary men lay by
The burdou of the daytime,
And wrapped in slumber lie.
Somewhere the day is breaking,
And gloom aud darkness floo;
Ihough storms our bark is tossing,
There's somewhere a placid sea.
And thus I thought .tis, always.
In this mysterious life,
There's always gladness somewhore
la spite of its pain and strife;
' And somewhere the sin aud sorrow
Of earth are known no more,
Somewhere our weary spirits
Shall find a peaceful shore,
Somewherd the thiugs that try us
Shall all have passed away,
And doubt and fear no longer
Impede the porfeot day.
Oh, brothor, though the darkness
Around thy sonl be cast,
The earth is rolling sunward
And light shall come at last.
Our present system of election laws
b the growth of experience, anJ pro
gress is steadily being made toward
rejrostcrinir the will of the voterr.
The most iinporUnt requirements are
now the registration of voters, the
closing of the p jlla at & o'clock in
cities, the secret ballot, and the de
struction of ballots after they are
counted. Not all those provisions
are in force in every state, and the
provisions for a secret ballot are lvj
where perfect us yet, but all these re
quirements are to come, aud should
be urged by all good citizens every
where. Registration is absolutely
necessary to prevent frauds. The
closing of the polls ut 4 o'clock iu the
afternoon requires the voting to be
done in daylight and the counting to
be completed eurlier, before returns
from remote districts are received,
thus lessening tho danger of tamper
ing with returns in cities, where fraud
is most likely to occur. The reasons
for a secret ballot are the protection of
the voter from undue influence ; and
we are learning that it is necessary
to so arrauge the voting places as to
make it absolutely impossible for any
person to tell how another votes un
less he himself makes the statement.
The destruction of tho ballots is a late
provision in the state of New York,
and should be adopted everywhere.
At first it would seem that ballots
should be preserved to be recounted
in case ot dispute, out experience
has shown that it is impossible to
guard them for any length of time.
After the election is over and it is
known just how many votes are want
ed, if a recounting is ordered it be
comes easy for those iu possession of
the ballots to fix them to order.
There is no reason why a second
count should be more accurate than
a first The best provision, there
fore, is to throw around the first count
all possible safeguards, so that it is
as likely to be correct as any there
after made more likely, because the
canvassers do not know the result in
other places and tftn destroy the
The report of the Secretary of the j
Treasury for the month of November
.shows that the public debt was in
creased dm in f Hie uioct'j $11,000,
.0)0. This W4. owing to the extra
J ordinary payment of $21,673 000 in
pensions to be distributed in the
' ..... 1 ..A. I,.. (Ta niinL'l(.r , ndir rr
jDVVCItl OfcH? V MV .JIK...!-. ;
'December 4. The net surplus cosh j
in the Ircaitary on the 30th ult. was
ig32.234.715, agaiot-t $74,431,&(;3 fori
I November 1. Tu public debt was!
redacol daring the tnunlb 11.000,-;
0V the intrrent burring part of which j
its now Jl7,OGi2'J2. Tue goi J coin ;
' : i . A . i Jini
aviBtiKirewmj auuvuuia tu tivrf,-
3-JJ.133. The ivct.pu Ir tbe mouth i
: w-re ?2H.5:0,IGo, uud for tLe five
months of th priAitit fiacal year,
glC-lSliTCS. The ea'tora roe:pt'
ft the month wre 41 5.2SI.503, and'
frora itu-rc! rtvesioe. $ 10,3t2,3..l i
When rexl rlt sent twfio
down Lil L l' grc.aoJ very
Everything goes to indicate that
the Universal Exposition at Paris next
year will be a crroat success. Tho
preparations for the affair are on
macnifieent scale. The total area of
tbo buildings and enclosed ground
intended for tho Exposition is 3,000,
000 square feot or about sixteen acres.
The buildings are fine structures of
glass and iron, lighted by oloctricity
and are now fast approaching com
pletion. It is expected that tho tota
number of exhibitors from all eoun
trie? will reach 30,000. Tho space nl
lotted to the Uuited States is about
75,000 feet, and it is expectod that
the exhibits from this couotry . wil
fully equal if not surpass those
1878. All the European couu tries
except Germany, take an interest in
tho Exposition and will tuuke displays
Henry Labouchcro was recently summoned
by tbrco different cabmou for not paying
their fares.
Miss Amelia Barr has just finished a novel
of 300 paces of printed matter aftor six
weeks' work.
Alexondor Dumas I said to be engaged on
a new comody, in which ho will satirize the
journalistio worlj.
Vernon Leo, the English author, is de
cidedly masculine lit appoaranoo and fond of
sitting with her logs crossed and smokinjr
cl garottes.
W. E. H. Locky says that the statement
that tho seventh volume of his "Illstory of
England" is in the bauds of tbo nruitor is in
Pope's beech, the "Beneath tho thado a
spreading beech displays," named in many
of his youthful poems, bos just boeu discov
ered to bo still standing.
M. Zola says it is a mistake to regard the
French as a dcinocratlo people. No nation Is
more wedded to aristocratic idea or fonder
of outward marks of distinction.
lira. Humphrey Word, writer of "Ilobert
Elsiuere," is a ulcco of the lato Mattbow
Arnold. She lives with her husband Iu Lon
don, and their home is the model of a literary
bouaehod. Mr. Ward is on editorial writer
for The Loudon Times.
Tho eccentricities that have been laid at
tho door of Auielie Rives did not display
thcmsolves at Newport In the person of lira.
Chanter. Ubo was quiet and dignified and
Bocmod to tuko but little pleasure iu tbo ful
somo flattery showered upon ber by Mrs.
Loo Hunter and ber satellites.
According to Alpbonse Daudot litorary
people, as a rule, havo a horror of music,
Lecouto do Lisle and Buuville share in this
opinion. The moment a piano opous Don-
court frowns and Zola follows suit. Daudot
alone anions bis especial entourage loves
music madly.
Rider Ilaggord indignantly denies that bis
Btory, "Jleoson's Will," is largely borrowed
from Charles Aubert, the Frencn novelist.
Mr. Haggard Is prepared not only to prove
that the fanciful resemblance bctweeu tho
two books in save for tbo tattooing incident
pure fancy, but to show precisely where
be got tho idea of the tattooed wiu from.
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holme says that he
usually replica to tho request for Iris auto
graph wheu a card for tho signature nud a
stamped envelope aro inclosed. Among tho
nxiuedt3 that he did refuse was one addressed
to "illss Olive W. Holme" Ho thought tho
writer of that know too little about him to
have a genuine longing for bis handwriting.
John Durroughs is one of those fortunate
writers who will not and need not writo unless
they fuel incline! Strange to say of a man
who devotes hi pea to nature, Air. Bur
roughs never writes lu summer. Ho spends
all his time out of doors during that season,
lay ii iff up material for the winter work,
He lives within night of the Catsklll mount
ains and has a llttlo (arm of bis own.
The Empress Eugenie sent her own wed
ding dress to Lie worn by tne rnncess uuua
Miss Nellie Bayard, the fifth daughter of
the secretary, is to en ber society formally
tula season.
Patti has not yet found a purchaser for ber
castle la Wales. It is cheaper for a man to
build a cutlo in Spain.
Judge Davenport, of Kansas City, has de
cided that women can wear trousers w ben
ever and wherever they please in Missouri.
Nancy Edgerly, of Wolfboro, N. H., I 105
years old, never bad a physician but oaco la
her Life, and then threw the medicino away.
Princes Clementine I endeavoring to ar
range a marriage between ber son, Princo
Ferdinand of Uulgaria, and tbo rrlucecs
Marie Louise of Parma,
The three (tnpson of the nw Duchess of
Aosta gave her a bridal pretentof a diamond
nockluco valued at (00,000. Tho duke bad
(1OJ.0O0 wortit of Jewel set for hi bride.
Mrs. Crovcr Cleveland I collecting money
to flnk.b tho American church la Berlin. One
IUaj in Kansas City, a M. Eiuipum, ooo of
tho original John Brown men, has given
tfiO) t it the purpose.
It U sold that Dr. Margaret Crumptou,
who baa J.it been elected a delt-cto Iroiu
Fittaburg to tLo Pennsylvania Medical o
cXr, tho fint woman in tb United State
to recHvo each a cutntnlasioo.
Fen i mora Coper only daughter atill live
at tha txsTeUsl'a bote at Cooperstoim, ou
Lrlai-go lako. It. Y. Tho old boumteaul ba
ba a tn down, but tb old material wa
a-t-l io building tb ntw bousa
Tbo raarica of rtiMda, though nearly 40
yetrauf ae, a atiU young la ijarnoe and
spiiit. Sha or daortnj mad it a hearty
InuTU-r . C.uu ria cnaJa diaraal fmtr
crea U ber lifa, b-r vivacity I rsmarkaba.
Mr. Ahnm4 LUrtlrtt, tha AAxrtraa
BKXber of Lady Bard t Cuu buaband, i
doamted a a nri;htiy oU lady of 6J. bo
haMtaally ar wfJor" wa-l and ha I
Anmraa .
Sb lire as
aad Wr bouaiboU iactad a aa Aomi
bnrrw, M bMio-jre, anai, -tb a.ka4
tomJir,' Vtra A, U., Jr., aad tUir arrra
A et-watrie Tialan-Vy, rrA.'y daad,
wiJei aU Lji rnanj la Ui 4rrtJ.
AVurt tl aiwaraa gag taaA eoadj ba V
m-i art acj aa Oi ai
a CJ,a.Tit.
While Tou Ar Tot Allvo Do term! no to
Woom Tour Cttoloest ruaaeaslon Shall
Fall A Cao tn Point. U ting- One'
Fvraonai Itelongtaga.
Everv ono cannot Indulge In the sensa
tion of making a will which disposes of
millions, liui every one can attain a
degree of satisfaction to ono's self by
makluir a dlapositlou or ono a possessions.
We accept it as a matter of course that
tho rich man aud the rich woman shall
bequeath his or her outato to contain heirs
suirirestod by nature or choice, but tho
ordinary, everyday people lu the world
live along without much thought of
time when somebody oIbo shall possosn
tholr all. be it much or llttlo. Indeed
tho very suggestion of making a will la
regarded by very many sensible men as a
borbiiiKur of evu, a certain preparation
for a dreaded timo which Is sure to bring
it nearer. Especially Is this true of self
made meu of a certain ago, who have a
like dread of inoviug luto a now, flue
house which thov have built lato in life
aud which thoy loavo untouanted for as
long a time as poaalblo from a suporeti
tious dread.
listino one's nni.ONOINns.
Yet the idea of making ouo's will, If
souarolv faced. Is ratlior a pleasant one
AU of us. especially all women, have cor
tain possesHious which aro valued for ono
reason or another, porhaps from associa
tion or faucy, porhaps for lovo of a givor
or real intrinsic worm, ana eacn is proo
ably awaro that some other body has an
admiration for and would tako good care
of that particular thlnir, wlille -the per
sons to whom the disposal of It would
naturally fall might sot no value on it
whatever. A case pruuet'.ts itself to view
lust now of a little home made pluslicov
ered stand, not very well finished, not
much of an ornamental addition to any
room, yot of Inestimable value to a widow
because it chanced to bo tho lust bit of
work from tho dear hands which had
beeu her support through a long and
happy married llfo. It chanced that dur
In? the manufacture of this artlclo
young friend was paying a visit to these
Dconlo and enjoyed with them tho inter
est In, and diversion of, watching
tbo tablo crow under the tmkerers
hands, and one day made tho re
mark, thoughtlessly and carelessly,
"You must will this to me." Shortly
after tho sudden death of this cenUo
man tho wife Informed the friond that
she hod straightway gono and put this
bequest In her will. Do you think there
In no mm fort nnrhnna only very ocra-
slonid, but still a comfort. In thinking
that It will buconio tho possession of ono
who, too, watched wltn Interest every
Inch of pltmh glued on, every nail driven
In. and will valuo It in quite another way
tliun any otiier person?
Nor is this at all an exceptional case.
With almost every possession is somo
other person associated, and very likely
UUMU VVUVi, no, li'l , ,d ,ai,w muv ii.w.
child who always bogged to be allowed to
hold for a minute to her tiny breast the
small bust of flora, wbicn ornamented
bracket In "auntto's" room, or a favorito
'ounir cousin who always smoothed with
endcr touch tho rich folds of your boat
velvet crown, or tho friend who stuuTou
with vou that history of sculpture in your
middle llfo and brought bacii an unex
pected cllmnso of youth and school (rirl
friendships to you both, or tho boy who
Helped you plant in yon Dig jar ana caro
for season aftor seoHon that growing
pnJmt Who will have the samo thoughts
. . . T . ... ,
and such gratification lu tho ownership of
tbeso tilings as tlioyT to wnom cau you
give a stronger proof of tho lossons ot
kindly remembrance ana rncnasnipr
Ta there no 1ov in makliiff those llttlo
plans to please others, so that when tno
veil of darkness shuts you from their
sicht. your coins: may not be all an un
broken pain that no tender thoughts of
bow you had planned to remain in their
thoughts should follow you on tho un
known voyage to tho mysterious beyond?
While this, perluips, is tlie strongest ar
gument for persons who possess only
trwing things to mako a will, tlicro is an
other, too, which has a pleasant sido.
Few of us have tho sllc-htest Idea of what
wo have; things acci'.uiulnto so fast. In
a good bized family of comfortable moons
thero aro enough tilings of valuo given at
ono Cnnstmaa season to warrant tne
making of a will. Tho listing of what
ono does possess Is a pleasant occupation,
full of surprises, and would nil many
t'.'cary hours for elderly people1, whoso
tvoniug eyesight and general feebleness
debars thorn from active Interests and
employments and leaves their lives but a
quint season of waiting.
Did you ever lose a friend and feel ao
lrreelstlblo longing for something that
was hers? It might bo that she had pre
sented you with many thlnir, but none
could trlvo you the satin fart Ion that
would ensuo if yon hod any old book or
llttlo picture sho had loved and prized.
W ben one goes away from home it is
usual to see that all which is left bcliind
is properly cared for. Why, then, not fol
low the samo natural Instinct when leav
ing them behind forever? To those who
had jewels and locos, plate and costly
china, it seems aa absolutely a wrong not
to arranjro for their disposal, lust a Is
dono In tho case of monoy and otb'T fa
tats. Heirs r.ra mervly human, often
very human. poaMwnIng tho fault and
fnjltle of their rare aa well as tbo vir
tues, and bo or sbe who cao adjust bis
affair lu such order and with auch aimple
dirvctneh that there are no wrausliiiga
over ttwtm U not only a wis man bat a
publio benefactor. For Dot Ling can civ
to tho world a lower opinion of mankind
than the published accounts of the greed
and dinrmtes over aa estate. "S. 8. E.
M." In Chicago UeralX
Mamie I can't imagine wby Clara's
room always smells so of arnica.
Lis Why, don't too knowf Sbe
i en traced to the captaio of the fool-
ball Lam, D arnica always reminds
. . , - n i
oer oi Liiiu. i uea.
lien who make a goo-1 canvaM
onght to go into the text bisineaa.
Rjcbetr Tot Expreaa.
Sfkicgof pronss they ar
to chrytanlhemum abow at
Lwroce. Kariaas Qiy Star.
A tad of two ci ti
The New York
ALd Urxk'jsj Crid rock.
Quite an effort is making to bring tn vetvcS
flower among winter trimming.
When bonnet strings aro worn velvet rib
boa I often usod for them, but for trimming,
bias loops of pieos velvet give a much bettor
Voloan red, a tint so brilliant as to be
blinding, and eolous, th complimentary of
eadot blue, will be long favoritios for winter
Open work embroidery, the designs ouU
lined with cord, is the fancy of one noted
Parisian milliner, and by bun set into, not
on, tho brim of dlroctolro bats.
lUbbous of cashmere daiuaitce Inwoven
with threads ot gold. and silver ar the
highest high novelty, but not bo much chooen
as plain armuro and' peau de sol Uxturaa
woven lu several stripe of a color.
The itampod opon work to which pinking
has grown Is noeud styliih and sinfully ugly.
It come lu bauds to be applied to the edges
of drnporlos and "dch," and Is faatened on
with tho eat (titcb of our grandmothers.
The last sweet thing In Jackets Is the Nea
politan, of scorlot cloth, oloas fitted at book
and with fronts sloped sharply from the
throat, clasp to display a ihirt of scarlet silk
in crossed folds tout simulate a kerchief.
Tho rumor of longer walking klrt Is hap.
plly unfounded, as new Paris gowns, ail of
them, clear tho ground all around, and somo
vsu como but to the shoo tie, which is very
much to tho good of cleanliness and comfort,
Tho girl who dare now wears about ber
white neck alternate atrouda of pearl and
coral beads, while aha who begins to show
silver lu her locks matches it with row upon
row of dark silver beads high about tho neck. .,
A big directoire but and round Russian
toquo aurnamed the "Bkobulelf," both of
block velvet and garnished with plumes, ore
tho uovultles by which Madamo Josse, of.
Paris, expects to win tho regard of ber grate
ful country.
Tho summer flower fade and th summer
flowered gowu with them. Autumn stuffs'
aro plain, or at most show stripes and checks,
aud are made up la straightly severe fashion
lu strong contrast to the riotous draperies ol
the season just passed.
Here Is the list of new colors for day
gowns, nud somo of them would moke the
Venus do Medici boartbreakingly bldeoust
Wlutorin purple, punch flame, peony, deer
skin, Cordova leather, clover blossom and
Mepbisto rod, ond iu grays, powder, thunder
eloud, toa gull, dove, dovo's breast, mouse
and peui'L ,
Rich, heavy stuffs, as plush, velvet and big
flowered Lrocadus, will bo lorguly combined
with light ones, as crapo lisso, silk mull,
China crapo, iu the evening gowns of this
winter, which will bo very often in princess
shnpo, with fronts of tbo heavy stuff mcotina
only at tho waist over tahllor and galrap of
tho light o::a
Bcotch pluld in all tho loading tartans ore
chosen for somo early autumn gowns, and,
aro undo Into long sweeping draperies over
silk ckirtrt of tholr dominant hue. Three
pi nked ruffles throe Inches wide and set over
each other not ono above tbo other finish
tha skirts at tho bottom, but are only seen la
event of tho drapery's dUploooment. New
York Commercial Advertssor. '
Frans Rommel, tho pianist, Is coming back
to America next year.
Dorothy Dono. a domure and pretty Eng
lish actress, wants to play in America.
Blondin is at homo In France again. He
was not so much of a curiosity this time as
bo wo on bt flrrt trip.
Charles Byrno and Arthur Wallack have
modo still another version ot "Uncle Tom's
Cabin," which they will produce lu Philadel
Oliver Doud Byron owns nine cottage at
Long Brauob and I wealthy. Ho will soon
appear iu a now play called "Tha Upper
Henry E. Dixey and nenry A. Abbey say
that they havo secured two of th most won
derful attraction "on the otbor lido" that
ever came to this country. Time will show.
Robert Mantoll give Othello a new mako
up this season. Instead of presenting him a
a nocro bo enacts blm a an Arab with long.
straight hair, and carrying a straight sword
instead of a curved scimctar.
Benjamin Oodard, th French composer, is
said to be almost consumed with vanity. lie
ha been toU that be look liko Beethoven
and ba bait of himself and tbo Gorman
master in every room iu hi house to diaclovo
the retcniblonc more completely.
Tb Rov. James Cleary, of Wlicoitsln, has
delivered 174 lecture and admlnUtarcd the
pled go to 1U),0U) persons during tbo loat year.
Iu 1S70 the number of communicants In the
Lutherau church iu th Uuited Utales were
lea than 4OJ,00a' Now there are over
In South Africa there are Z-J Presbyterian
congregations, numbering 54,330 conimunt
caut and controlling flv college one each
at Cap Town, Wellington. Burgberadorf, la
Cape Colony, aad two at Bkimfontein, ta
tho Orauge Frco State.
According to tbo statistical report for I860
of tho Evangelical aavjclation, fust pab
lUbcd, that body of Oannoo Mutbodiat has
!4l,f3 member, 1,150 itinerant praacbr.
and t.Wltt churches. Indicating a gala of 4,154
member, S3 iirvacber, and bJ churches.
It I proposed to bold a world Sunday
cboul convention Id London urxt Juna. If
tins cooveotioa I held it will h made up ut
defecate front all part of the world, aad a
hip will ba charter which will tak 803
uegato to London from tbi country aJouo.
Napukaoa laid special itrca oo tb SOU of
Tb Anglo Saxon ermed three day la
the year a especially aaageroa the hut
Monday la April, tb flrat Holiday la Aagatt
mod ILa Uat llooday but oa la Daneaubav.
Tb 31 of Septeralxr ra OotowwlT for
UtnaUa day. It ara th day of Daabar. tbe
day of tVoroeater, and, k.ppMof all fur bis
waarybeut aad brain, ta day of mm uVaUv,
AecerdiDC Brave tome. Caarlaa) V was
partial to bt. XatthW day (Feb. S4) I
on t Jay b wa alar til etaparur.
day ciuaawJ. aad oa tbat day aUng FVarcai
1 wa takes pnaooar at tb bauiaca Pa via.
Fur rranri I tb la, day ot Jmrnmrnrf re
a anarfcad anniiuayy. It na m btrtaAay,
the day ol which be tawan Aing. Uw Baar
rta Vf af mm dacgW aad ta Uy of
Cbarla Y actry Into Paria
Pnp Blxto V wa bora WadaJay.
tb Utb of baomber, 1UL aaayl hi praf
atoa vtla th OvxieiMra oa a rradaawlav.
"Tl YtT':
BTada day a ana mi UatjogaJ Loca.

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