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Free Pk ess.
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ritiMtr aamniaiilfAilim au1iII.Ii.iI uulxt
la vHUf'l ! MBit aiwiaipaiiln It. '' -HoaiIa
! lrai for our
mmmm W
The Grandest Offer Yet.
J?or tbc next sixty days,
we arc authorized to club tin
famous Texas Sittings price
$4, with the Fkkk Tklss, both
Jor only Sj '
Slxtrmlh Year,
Tlio prtment inniic of tb I'nr.K
Ynwm l)igiiin its Sixteenth Year. Il
lina Ihiou ao lonjf Ixforo llio pnldio
of wo tern T?mw mnl uIhuwIiiit, that
4i nuoiln no iiilroiWliou nor any
tmuuiiiuaa to ita futuro cuumo. Wo
(Oun onljr miy Unit wu hIihII titrivo to
irmko tho voliimo jiml Ixiuninj,' tlir
.heat of tli ru'rieii. Tlmuliiiitf "
dihimruitnj intblio" for iU favor ah
Jtttlicrto iniuiiftatoil.lioiMntf for neon
tiuuuDoa nut incru8o of tho huiiio,
ami fooling 'aura we uro rilit"
MhM "go ahwul."
Ot'R tliia wcik'a cilitiou of tlio
Fufcf lWs couhuU of 1100 oopioH.
It in intoiuli'il to iiiuko tli pnjur
Aud ita uuoxmiuoUhI clubbing lonux
lntttor known, with rtfirtn to lhi
.eulurgeiuout of iU aulMoriptiou list,
riouao vxitiniuo it eurofu!ly, aiul iU
flubbing oouibiimtion with amno of
,tbo btwt iuti of till) luiul, aiul lot
ua lioar from you.
Tbo Witkhingtou Irving tttoriw) bo
fjua iu our present iMUo, will run
through our ihIuiuii for ukuit two
nonth. Ws hnll try siul iiply
l:tok nuiuUor, but t iuuro Hgiinitt
juinsing sny (vtrt of tho ttorii, you
houKI at ouoo sou J iu your tub
scriptiou. Our SHH'lal Clubbing l.Ut.
T-Jft Siflings, th rogulur pnoo of
.which is I, and Mia Furs Tut-.
$100, both for only :t.lKl, or just
ono half regular rati. Soo itisjil lytnt
advoitivomt'iit a snother column.
2, The Now York World, wukly,
snd the Fkkk I'mesa at ouly 3 SO fvv
SK)th. The World is cue of the promi
cost lXiiuocrfttic )vt)Hr tioh nuiu
U'roonUius SI ooluiuus. including .t
a high cls rtopularuovrl.
S. The Detroit lxe l'nvis. and
(ho Fkkk I'stwi toth for ouly $'J.tU.
iee Adiertiitemrut.
tThe Fort Worth (Vuvtte weekly
od the Fkkc Fujj( at J SJ for
IkUIi, or ;I,10 for the Suud y 0
telle snd Fstt FKtss. Sre sdver
Ttn w farm sud Utnoh nd tho
Fscs Pkkss U4h fvr i5i St-e Urge
S eur rUtsl Clubbing List
Mke your se'.ooUons sud we w ill
prvuuptly fill your order.
Let u LKr from vur cauipa'u '
and other ubortbvr whoo subctip-1
tiii expire Jsn.Ut
' ' Ciia-aUavp.u to town, i h md-
iv,S Anvwio U badJins a city 1.V1 s nUt,.v j , of iV,
PoM.hUry ruin, and th Vr ite,l ; u uQ Vf f A A Thoa:. Thu
State buildr in pron twr.oj,,,, w? op.E
Iwu". dad it beyond ue;r cap;ty to
1V wc wnt r luble, firt-c' t "de'iwr the vvvl.
Texas paper You will fiud it iu the
fit Worth Oitt.
ia cur fourth pt.
Mt k'e ci to the jsvp'e :i the i-Id
Ut. Ti,ey oabt to W pro. .led
lor bv law m Tna
Ta Tca Fna asd U.roh is
doubt'. tie Ut jvjr f.vr T,i.
f rr Sev lu'.l aaaoutoioi; ef
ca car foiuxtl pif
Cvu lviv.it. v-f t-i oviL-.y i o i:
ia favvir of :c.vy k- ;':ry
ia Kort !WoJ cv ja'.y. a.J j-.r
t.o cf Ttw oao d.-;ci to tj.
wth f r.Vva
Fata I'mm . t- . . y . .'
CiJ cvaaly vprbv-&sS f .11
rrvcta vt tw p.-.se-.-i :,t of .."Vj
c--- r cvi. a:J r. aJ -l.:
Jt v a iiulite in our IoiihI eolouu it
will bo suuii thai, tlio Jl.iy County
lVriucrs' Alliuncu will hold its next
mooting nt liixhi, on Ttii'sdnj luxt,
tho Htu inxL Wo lio u to hnur of a
full attt'iidaiu o nud a thoroiigli ro
oiKitiiiatioii of lliin worthy mid coin,
uiuiidiiblo movoumnt. It has gmio
through many tribulations, but we
sue uo rt'itHou Unit it should grow
weary in well doing. With enlarged
wisdom, tho i tbiilt of itXiiorimitv, it
is likely to moot with fowtr obatacleH
iu its future ImutuYciil (uogrehs. It
has already imliiuvuJ a great work in
sol ting tho farming dims to reading
and thinking. Tlioro has been a
great nud muuifoHt ohango nmong
tho farmers of this county in thene
inxjioRts, with which uo doubt tho
Alliaiu'o meetings uro to bo credited.
It has ulroady been n groat educator
of our farmers. Wo say, let the
good work go on. Tho prosperity
of tho whole country is iudiNsolubly
interwoven with that of tho farming
lvKvur.M, did you sver ruhYct that
the simple general observance of the
"(loldeu ltulu" would of itself ben
positive snd sbsoluto cure for nil the
political and social ills which threat
en the safely of our government ami
the linppiness of the American poo
plot Under its benign sway, war, iu
temperance nud other giant wrong
would cease. It would be alike fatnj
to monopoly anil anarchy. The (loldcn
Rule is the very cpiintcHttenco of true
The stories about outrageous treat
ment of women in Alaska, over which
Senator Voorhees worked himself in
to n frenr.y. are now denied.
So sav tlio S in Antonio l'tpies.
and thereby perpetrates a blunder
which is not creditable to a journal
of its position. It was u Mrs. Voor
hees, uot Senator Voorhees, who
gave publicity to the statements re
ferred to. We have seen uo iutima
tion that she is even in any way re
lated to the Senator.
Tins is tho se usou, peculiarly, iu
which tho poor should bo remember
ed. We always remember the tine
sentiment with which Kirns con
cludes his touching poem, "A Win
ter Night," in which ho invokes the
retuemorance not on;v of suttenng
huiumity, poorly protected from the
wintry blast, but also of "the un
sheltered cattle aud silly sheep :"
"Tha heart liioolut u.l kiud
To tiik next Texas legislature:
Why defr giving relief to the grest
body i f our peopls by lowering the
rates of interest f Our people are
suffering deeply for cheaper motley.
There is no other matter of so much
impel taucc raid urgency us ibis. It
would bring the money uow lying
idle ut exorbitant interest iuto gen
eral circulation, nud promote sll kinds
of improvements. Why louger delay
so rightcviis a dttsl
&mp William Cobbett, tho great
Knglisb champion of the rights of
the common people: "I know
of no poaiti mi in life which
is improved by having ignoriuv for !
iUiKUi:on. So say wc. It will f
n,ii i.i ..t bunt m,'H lvvits t
of burden of any portioa of the Lu ;
turn no. The attempt will rMct '
-- - - -- ---- - - - - - -
and degrade the oppreor well a
the oppressed.
The d.spitoh whioh apjeajed in
tho Kipresw few dx :ne that
Kevs. Xlolnt;re, Ar.ulroU;; and
StovV.I had "inevl av"" the Tea
Vivr.iwv IkMx.i ii a su.v'e'.
tvt'i iu ty e- i I . it: n.:;v W : a
Autrt w.:.ii"iv Tn4:.o.i J :. i:
f.ir :ap;rvvl latir r.".er of to.
K.dr Ucrd o
or old r r.t.'i
.v" 0.ir vour. 'or
iv iv t, ur
:v to rud
3 l'.
L.d 3 OlJVt.
or e re r-.
e '-.xie of I
-1 t'lAll
for .: iu
-r ueo.lxr .t --.l t
t i-
loi;ot J iv : m 1 n'!
i u o" . f Sou r:. -
Joe : I 1 A v ; u- i t
t .s V i uo s.-cu a-tt.
t jfi
:-r Vr t.if
1 o
iv-.. : Kr
m.vsiii.mjtox mmt.
From our Ueul.ir Curri'itjionuVut J
WhiiiMiTN, Dec. 28, 1SH8.
Secretary Whitney is very iniieh
ploio.cd nt tho huceoss which attend
td tho second win like oxpod.tiuii ho
has been vailed on to stud out dur
ing his administration of tho Navy
department, diMpiitches having been
received this Week htaliug that the
liny lien government had turned the
American steamer which thoy soizud
over to Admiral Luce its soon as hu
made the demand.
The republicans seem to be it gn ody
lot. Notsatihlied with having just
oleclod a TroMdent, sumo of them
havu already begun to boom Senator
Allison as ll.o candidate for 1892.
Hut probably this premature boom is
only intended ns u menace to Mr.
Harrison, who has possibly already
begun to indulge in dreams of ugaiu
being the candidate of his party.
If tho canvass fur the Speakership
of tho next House coutinnes to
npreiul at the late that it has up to
this time, when tho Fifty-first Con
gress meets every republican Repre
sentative will bo a cundidato for
Speaker. This week has brought
out threo new candidates, notwith
standing Christmas and the Con
gressional recess. They arc: Messrs
Lodge, of Mass., Hay no of Tiuu., and
Fsiqnhnr of Xiw York.
It is proposed to add a schedule of
inquiry to those allowed by the
House bill providing for the taking
of tho eleventh census. The new
schedule is to be n complete ctusus
of tho Confederate soldiers now liv
iug, with tluir terms of service.
Tlieie is already a prov sion for re
turns of Union soMU rs. The proposi
tion will bo considered afhenext
meeting of tho Senate committee ou
the census.
The Dhiiue tight is getting to bo
very interesting to democrats, as it
lias uow reached u stage which makes
it certain that it will go right along
for the uext four years, no matter
whether Mr. lilaiue goes into Mr.
Harrison s cabinet, or gets snubbed
by the rresideut elect. Mr, Harrison
only has the priuledge of deciding
whether he will furnish tho Kaiuo-
ities with the sinews of war and have
them for nominal friends, or turn
them out in the cold and have them
for open enemies. There is no mid
dle ground to form the basis for
compromise. Democrats are all hop -
ing lo see iiaine "inruea viou
Harrison, hs they recognize the fact
that he has it iu his power to make
Harrison's ndmitiitration n failure.
ud tho defeat of the republican
party iu ISSl'J s certaiutv. if he
i i i.
chooses to tiirht. and his friends are.
stating openly that he proposes war
to the knife if he is uot made St ere -
tary of itste.
If John Wanamaker becomes Tost -
master Gotura!, as uow stems likely.
re iuav expect to see "barjiaiu couu-
crs- ,"sta bashed iu every pot-otlice
. , . , ,
for the sale of hopworu postal cards
i ......
aud uiup.
Cuitf Jiutiw Tu!!i r and family
, I. . .,.,..:
Ucivt? n.ri'in j.ivi,i .,v',i,.-
. ,,,
-phe Southern republicans will : t0 borrow.
fourteen members if the next C'.erk Fi?tcindoIUi! Why. wove
House, which will enable them to,lwn St1Uu the a for -?ld all along.
o .,:.,, f ... u-l,:'..)i ! Dealer I know it. but I'm g.Mtig
l 1 L. . . V li.i-...v ... .. ...x - ,
ti.,.v have already -iwn notice. They
;u:Jud to woik L r all its worth ja
way of pa-.n u.sjje.
S-.id a prominent Southern wan to
rue vestirdav: "How uor.er.sical i
! th!v.s,ilt.ntio nd imer: e stun
'isi up daily to H arisot:. ns:c
c'.ei'.itLOv t h: hinds towards the
Soutli. Pid the Northern States
C llil' lO .11. I. .1 l . u ?iu t
iH-:' Not at a'.'.. TLev, I.ke men.
;ud for ti e wert
!:ou'.d do tue ,:!;?."
act", and vie
New yvi-.rs netm ire i?Tr'a-.y
of a ort tl.: KtoVeo ovl .il &lJ
friursity. T- .- Tr -. -Cu C.iU -..Imu
atv more f'r:uilt-u we, a'u.l -y:
-We you a ro-tero.i aa.l li.ip
py Net Ycat, and "ivr y.-a te ttAv
iu i't r y our doti; " I.i a"! o.i.!
eiU tie p.vur v'li orf-r ie:rtj'
in. -..:, v; i .t i n. t o erel . u: t-
u to rv .'.: lo v irUxt. v of
.:. o l o; : . o d t. a.- p ' te
c-- oa:: is-.r L .! uu.Ut t-t.r
-.us. 03 t-i r .-.iVs. d 1 up t.e
die l"iv:-uer .ru:' '; t ".I ,.c
at a '.:: : ..t-s u;o : f :. -y a- 1
fi.cud. so. Ku S.u: v. u :u
I'livlia.lwli ro il i i. u Ni
Yoax l"'e- I.e d. : : : -!
Ur.'.'.tr u;- -r. - r-.o ;r .-
' ij. ' i t -: .5 t-i
.-x . . :
.it ' u :
.v i-
. . a- 1 . :.
The Klcventli ("i'iisuh.
Wahiii.nutwn. Die. 2."). Tho senate
committee on the cuiuma has not as
yet had suy uieotiug to consider the
house bill providing for the taking of
tliH eleventh census. A bill for this
purpose passed the House of Itepre
suutativos nt its last sussioii As the
date spproachos on which it is pro
posed the census shall bo taken
Junu 1, 180J tho committee is re
ceiving frequent eouimuuieation sug
gesting nnionduients to the House
bill. Tho principle ones suggested
relate to the provisiou authorizing nn
enumeration of the survivors of the
lale war, aud. tlio insertion of a pro
vision'for ascertaining the recorded
indebtedness of the people.
The Kate Adams, tho fastest and
aud finest steuiner that ran between
Memphis. Tennessee, ami Arkansas
City, was burned ou tho 2:ld nit. for
ty miles below Memphis, while en
route for that city. From sparks
the lire caught iu cotton, with which
she was pretty well laden. There
being uo uliance to put the tire out
the steamer was headed for the shore
and most of the people were saved ;
but 21 men, black nud white, were
drowned by jumping overboard.
The steamer was valued tit !?73,00i),
which was partially covered by insur
ance. Eleven hundred and sixty ouh
bales of cotton, 100!) sacks of cotton
seed, ami 20,000 in mouoy was
burned with the steamer.
Dr. GMdiiitrs't.'uosls.
The distinguished Methodist Epis
copal Bishops, Reverends Waldeii, of
Cincinnati, and Goodsell, of New
York, are visiting S.iu Antonio, the
guests of Rov. Dr. Giddins, of Trin
ity Methodist church. Both of the
eminent cTuii-clmum participated in
the sijrvices at that chorea Sunday,
the evening scrnnai being delivered
by Bishop tioodse!!. Bishop Waldeii
is on his way to M. xico to investigate
the mission in that country where the
Mi thodist church has been pushing
her evangelical work with consider
able vigor. Bishop Go uUell will ex
utiiiuc the status of tiie denomination
in Tixas, and si-hct for himstlfa
home. S A. Express.
Dr. Macune Hesiiriis.
Some weeks ngo Dr. Charles W.
Macune teudered his resignation ns
business manager of the Alliance Ex
change at Dallas, but tliw board of di
rectors declined to accept it, which
fuct was published nt the time iuTiiE
Ntws. Dr. Macuue has uow resigned
permanently sud will proceed to
ti('ro J R Wt.tk!y llt.u..nvipt.r to te
! known us the organ of the Alliance,
iil. lun .ri kit tit lktwiiii f hit t1iti,r
Wheel Mid othr agricultural organ
zitv-r.s of the United StuUs.
Mr. E. L. Jonrs, the business
! manauei of the Alliance Exchange at
; 0 j; wi;i tnke tlll. rluee
vaeuiit by
the resignation of Dr.
The following, from the Green
vi'ie l!:i!.ir. is fa!i of wholesome
S line people cry " hard times"' by
vv.iV of n:-oiov for not et:ang their
ju-t deb: wiii -ii tuey oouid meet by
.'"' " !U -;
; good is for evervlKMv to piy up. If
j vo lwVt. ytxH aollar in oiir pocket.
owe ttJ.lt :uil0lltit to souiei'ody
! it is not vour d!'.ar and von
j have uo moral r cr'at to kit-p it. Oi j
ivre time are lot of lumt people j
who cannot pav a;, tnev i-we, but
JR but
Pe.dtr (to cltrk) I m iroin.!; to
make thoe bov s diagonal tniw ?15
to g WAJ baselui:! b-i with e:.ch
'e of ther.i fr of ohsr-e IXtroit
Frte Trvs.
Voman v.t- t r.d tninp. who is
n '.ir. at tiie ciu If roa.'.l coin
roiiaJ to tue P.c it.vr 1 C ve t. U
pu-ce o p-e. l.re.l trauifV-i una;-,
tu "!u. not any : yoi jv tne piece
if ie whtn I ivssed through th:s seo-
l;ca fl,.2.r?r EiMuce.
-ABithir i t r. -.i'i: shoatid a Kd
sail'! Ivy as t fatur w; ums
sr...t -in-xi fr;i". i.i h-.jid by a spike ia
li e d r !..
Be Sure
It r.-a tirf ep t--t ca4 v tzf
E .1 Sirsi; -ir.ra .oiacv J S Ul
ct ctir. A K-oi.-a :vt. xacf m
.t? Liuuiiv-c te'.' tifrseoe .vleoi
'.i : t:?ra tneJ : i:0..v zj tof
lit: ai ..r; till 1 avL. liii
To Get
ry a. ;. r. r- v rr'-l
m v.- fvrf. I V : 1 i a t t-iJ Ua:
H vxi S--vira.-.1. i it .S I
a: i - S. irJ UMiui .- cti-.
W-i I v txks.t H a--c-.--e
ac ao At te t eoi.C
f i 1 -rvier Al I r - -
X u jr il rr.-rv.-f jest r-c
S -4 -A-
0 1
t 1 o
IOO Doses One Dollar
sa: marcgs
Marble Works.
&r Notice thi.t the fifories mivir
Used below are begun in tho preseiil
issno of tne Free Press
Four of '
IMiitoD Irak's
, Washington Irving.
The above Portrait is a remarkably
good likeness of that Famous Author.
If you have no portrait of Irviaj, cut
this one out.
We shall shortly pre
sent four of the most pop
IRVING'S many delight
ful stories in these col
umns. These sketches
will be :
The Legend of
Sleep? Hollow.
Rip Van Wiskle.
Dolpli ilejliger.
Tiie Devil aotl
l Tom Waller.
I The type used in these
i tales will be a new and
, large-faced Brevier, splen
did for the eyes.
;Thcse Novelettes Will Be
. Superbly Illustrated
By the Best Newspaper
Artists, and, altogether,
will form a most unique
and popular feature.
We need not ren:arl:
' cn the quality of Irvir.g's
writings. There is no
thin better. And yet a
lare majority of our read
ers have, prcbably, never
read more than one, cr at
mcst, two, of the stories
vre shall present. This is
tho ac cf revival cf
good things, and wc urge
everybody to read these
from beginning to end. If
you have read either cr
all cf them once, read
then: again. I: will do
vcu rcsd. "
T. K. H'jrCrilS.
m m mm mm mmmm mm t
ri5rt. CYSTERS. Etc.
; - I : - - t - . v -
in Is a H!
Important to
A $4 Taper, 800 Pases, 1500 Illustrations, 3000 CoInmnj
NolbiDj it this ige Cfceap Litrture. or in an; lber ig. ku tpllti (V, Mitij
To every person who (within 60 days froi
the date of this paper) will subscribe' for
Subscription price $2 U (fear, ' . ,;:
Aud pay, in advance, the yearly subsor.ption price and $1 additional villN'
. .. vr a conv. weekly, of our ptiper and also for one year copy, weeklr. td . .
i i i Li i-TT- A 5 f?T h 'i I 'T'NTra.o ' 1
Thn .uWripiion pri. e of SIFIINGH is $t ' sr. It Is 16-ps. pp pt0
fiisflv illnstmtea l.y iho liidiug artists and earicatiirwU of the day. lu tu,
SlL.,it kaoviledged to stand nt the head I of the fUoatraM p
Sw M-minsBud ta UonweU nau.rd"The Wittr Wonder of the World J
reoutation. The menta nt Kirrivi.!.
i,rj ho w. 11 luowii that wo do not doeiu it nocessary to refer to them further.
lloth new guliKeribew sud those who renew their subnorii)tioni will havfft,
PrlXJiLIEMbElttlmt TEXAS SIFTIXfiS is offered st thUpriee only to thoieV
milwrritw within the iif-xt UU day. 'o mch offer as this haiiever been made, -
oiler the two .ppe fur ,tss 1!,an ,Uo Vrlc ofTEXAsJ 8IFTL8. Wl'
Ko ono i.uti.ur suliKeviU-iscMiipttSlFTISUS for less thou $1 a year.
Tho regular price of that paper is now, and will oontiuue to be, $i a year, bnt ft
publiKbtrs, lieiug desirons of ad hug to their list of snbHcribers iu this neetiou, hire nud,
n speirml and extraonliuary reduction to ua for a limited period. . .
The aiuouut for both papers should be seiit direct to ns by P. O. Order, Ponta)
NntP, or otherwise, and wu shall order the publishers to mail KIFTINtiS from Hw '
Vrk to von for one jvar. ....,.
Call, or write to this office, aud you will get a sample copy of MFTIM18,-
Aildiess. FRE San Maroon. Tnu
FURMETURE, wall paper,
Carpeting at Low Figures to Reduce Stock. .
11 FIRM.
( I. W. WOOD.
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Shirts, . ;
And the Celebrated E- & W. Collarff and Cuffs,
C And everything to! be fouud in a first-class QenU' Forniabiiig Goods Stow.
X V loot to Huriij i. Co. )
20 OoodBooKsFres!
Br ,pc;! rranc-nicot tv ''. h-. art
ni.lj lo i:T.r tl.tr 1 r i f T mr Va1u11p BooIei
tDaTOmil id 1 . Ie..r. ;rd m ;i.p a'. .'' n loven
.i dU-ittl a! Ctir. AT tlit
TZ- 'kr 'rv-riHio:i i tut
wn:ch contain a voii:i v:e
by A w. il iia.iKD A i 1 ISM':;
i'rst-1 or o'hpr oi I
!.r m .:.-r, e pnlliU is
nit ; ..:-.i"..l f -ui. rr nr.
on ffwl t w, i'H !..' . i" i .
T y . oni; r. - I .
( : -via u,vl rAif typ
.-.; tt-i:. i,:n. 'xiii Mt'Utf I
: ci-rur.tte-i iy
-l i-n wrr. lit W
Nc f . The MncvtM UtH auioat. ( irfttiMi
'"l-tl Ttm-w I .--TT 1 i.-. a ' i I r fm-l NXt
Tm,i,.c-a'.) cs1 ' a.w. p rv.cvi-vr, Vitm
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Our Readers.
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Save Dollars!
Bargain Prices
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2,500 WOBTH . '
Of Men'. Boy.1 and Tootb,a RflAtlf
Made Clothing at cost. - ,
$1,000 WORTH
Of LdiMi and '' Ooaki, Wrl
Ne uiaiktft, AT COST. , ,
Come and Swire Banri'
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Trimming Co
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