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Free Press,
i7i( MAHCOt. TIXA.
"rt'iSa news.
.., --.Worth. 8:01 a.., ana mi-.-.
i Eddy end H. C. Croe. recover..
.w t a. k B. tirvisoN.
. ..San Marco. 10:30 A. M. end 9:10 F. r.
Arrl - . INa 4 sent.
Iwi CoplM tor $8.50.
. ..-nrh m many peraona desire to send
. 7i7road end by way oC encouraKe
rSTJ o do: w. offer two copj, of th.
.tta-W-c inadvanoe.
nr SOT
W M please understand that tueyi
rPp.y h th. Lope)
nnia iw"" - i ..... m
well enougu w
ymmti Pum for wW at offl
TbligUUanninK'WhiU." - L.nllnff nf aav daserin.
If TOO want UJ " B. ' r
ll0n call on T. J. Hawk, Ha Marco..
DUriei for 1889 at the Book .tore.
... Iiava moved their
I Wk.tlntoine "m r7 .
j owupiea uj
The "White" U king.
Single copies "o7the Fbkk Pbkss are on
J. at the H Marcos Bookstore, u
t the office, at 5 cento each.
, ur Knight. Watchmaker and Jewel-
er, Mwt aide Plaxa, 8an Maroon. nv29
(LF McAllister, the oldest firm in the
,t. Keeps a full line of fresh groceries,
Wd will mU a. cheap as any one.
A Christina, presont-tho "While."
Taylor Taylor have removed their
terk of groceries to their old stand on the
ait aide.
A Rare Ounce.
The Mosher place for rent. Apply to
la r . C. Johmsox.
B. Dailoy sell, the 'White."
One hundred cane of onnned goods which
will be Mid cheap for cnb by
Wat. Gusbn.
QotoCoppio's okeap grocery .tore for
lark-sins in that line. A fall and fresh
stock, which is constantly renewed. Free
Buy thelight--'-"''-" "White."
Ohriatmn. ha. come and gone but my
stock of fancy groceries is "till complete
oome in and aee. A. C. Wiua
h. D. Gage, east .ide of the square, bus
new a full, well assorted stock of groceries,
frnite, notions, etc., which be will close
nnt at nearly cost in order to make room
for a new and fuller stock. Call and see.
Clearance Sale.
Mr. Richardsoo will close out her hand
some stock of winter millinery at prices
that will ensure a juiok sale. Piease give
htf an, early call.
The noiseless "White."
The stockholders of the Glover National
Bank will meet on Tuesday, January 8th.
at their banking house for the parpose of
electing officer.. Ton. H. Gloves.
The "White" i. the machine.
La Belle Wagon.
... i !..
1 am agent ror iui. wagou umi m
ota oar load of them which I offer at low
prices and on good terms. V. Giesen,
Yon will find a full supply of feed of all
kinds at the feed store of X. J. Hawk, San
Snoceesor to
respectfully invitea an Inspection of hi.
stock of
Farming Implements,
Tinware, Crockery, Etc.
The "White" "gets there."
Persons knowing tbemselvM indebted to
will pi call and settle np aa we wish
to collect all we have out without any ex
ceptions. Taylor A Taylor.
Everybody bay. the "White."
Farmer' AHlaae.
The regular quarterly meeting of the
Hays county Alliaooo will be held on Tues
day, the 8th of January, at Bud
Wk, Gabbctt.
If vo want jour bona to have a good
square feep take him to Hawk'. Wagon
Yard, San Marco.
Kow is the fiaae to toet aftoryonr break
ing plows and I wkk to inform my friends
and cnatouera that I am still agent for the
M. reliable "Caaidy or Oliver Chilled
8lky Plows" which baa no superior. I also
rspTMeot Ue John Deer and Eagle Plows
aod BUadart Cultirator. This jantly cele
brated cultivator matwiailT iaiproved
Be ewre to give m s ra.Il when in need
of agricultural Impleaaenta.
Ws. Gibsbw.
Ten tii
ms sm atany "WbiUs" sold in tin.
oeaaty nsanj
5otire T nisaolnUon,
Th eo-partsKYabie ay-rctofor eiiafiog
bween tbe naSevine4 nndwr tbe trm
e of Denay Bros. A Andrews wm
"-xt by ntnteul rost-mt on faaaar M
a.. H. Ocrrat.
W. BL bint.
C A. AwaBwa,
Haviai aoid my latere in e IVry
da biwm of Ike lata ftras of Oeaay
A Andrew U Ilvaay Bron.. I be
Pk for tbem Uc eaae n)rml patroeMC
ba- wn etto4d f o as by tbe (ow-
r najs im anasr.a&f eonaueav
See new card of Mr. Hobbius.
8e card of Ban Marcos Marble Work..
Still no old stylo January weather or
Bee our Premium Book List In another
The Christmas carnival wa. partial fall,
nre owing to the rnin.
See dUplayed advertisement of Win.
8eecardofT. K. Hutchlus. dealer in
fresh fruits, flsb, oysters, etc
See new aunouueeiueute and advertise,
ment of Deuuy Bros.
Bee displayed advertisement of J. W,
Nunoe, Furniture dealer.
A clear day now and theu .andwiohed be
tween several bod ones, appeurs to be tbe
order of the weather of late,
Since writing the personal concerning
Elder Wilkin, of Austin be haa reported
bore for duty. See aanouuceuicut.
The old year closed gloomily, and the
new appeared in the same style, with a
cold drizzle and "any quantity" of mud.
Tbauks to friends in various localities for
furnishing ns lists of names to whom to ad
dress sample copies of the Fbib Pbkss.
The dlxtractiug element, of tbe election
and the holidays being past, let us turn
hopefully to the duties and responsibilities
of the new year.
Tbe "Old Guard" of the FrkbPbiss, who
never aurrender uor falter in its support, we
rejoice to say are comiug to its rescue.
They pay in advance in many cases before
tbe expiration of their time. Would all
were such !
A feather in the cap of the Fbke
PHBsand quite a fairaud decisive test of its
superior merit lies in tbe fact that, as we
are assured, nearly uuiformly it js given tbe
preference by onr people when Uiey wish
to send a copy of a home paper to any one
at a rUtunce. They recoguize it as a cred
ituble rt-preseutative of tne town and county.
Wo wish to say to tbe many new readers
whom our present issue will greet, that a
pretty full line of choice miscellaneous
book, may always be found at the drug
store of Reynolds A Darnel. Also school
books, fine stationery, blank books, and
everything in tbat line. Mo use in sending
to distant pltoes for your book, or sta
tionery. Thbrb is no use denying tbe fact tbat
this oountry has been very badly "setback"
for a few years past, so much so that it will
require another year or two of good crops
to brim it again to the front. But though
for obviom reasons mouey is still very close,
tbe outlook for the future is very good-
Let everybody look ahead instead of back
ward. A large crop of Htutll grain is tbe
first tiling in order.
A Change.
Mr. Geo. W. Donalson retires from the
firm of Geo. W. Oonnlsou A Co., hardware
dealers. By close attention to busiuess he
has fairly worked hi way to au independ
ency, and now, like a wise man, he con
cludes to no longer devote hiruself to a
business so laborious and exacting. We,
In common with his many other frieudN,
congratulate him on his happy deliverance.
Mr. Charles Hntohings, who succeeds to
the business of the late firm, and who will
hereafter conduct it, is a thorough and
methodical young man of bnsiness. He
will no doubt conduct tbe bnsiness success
fully and to the entire satisfaction of the
old and new patrons of the house.
Hew to Do It.
We coov the following note, just to band
from one of our subscribers, as a hint to
others. Mauy allow tbe weeks, months
and years to go by without reference to any
notice jr statemeut of account, leaving ns
in tbe dark a. to their wixhes as to a con
tinuance of the paper or when they pro
nose to dsv. We thank the writer for bis
favorable opinion and also for his square
mode of dealing. We suall continue ms
paper with pleasure:
Plfase continue the Fnae Pbkss after my
time is out I have not the money now
bat will by the middle of January or tbe
- . l . I T 111 Umw k
first of February, ana men i wm u,uB
t tk. run Pbehs is a splendid
paper aud would not like to miss auy of the
numoers Because i uy- j i
now. Yours truly.
Staples' Store, Gusdalupe county.
We Mean Business.
W. daaire and must have an understand
ing with a few of our subscribers. We
.. indulged them long ou thr promise
to pay "hen able. Tbat time, in our opin
ion is mow ; it can scarcely be possible tbat
any man who earne-tly desires it cannot
pay for a oopy of bis home pnpr. We ask
the class to whom we reier io w
their promise. If they cannot pay in full,
u . have a nart of what is due, with a
statement of when we may expect the re
mainder. If you do not intend to pay at
. i A 1
all, say to fraukly, so we may nuaer.a
yon. We want a "sign irum , j
or the other. We will k one mom w
...- and will be compelled to cut
of snch as fail to respond. We cannot do
bnsiness or make a living after tuts maena-
its fashion.
Fame in Florida,
u. v Hi wan Deer Sir: I bare
thoroughly tested tbe glasses yon ad justed
. . nrl them to
to my eyes eomew - --- : ,
b. .nsnrpaaaed in clearness and brilliancy.
I. fact. theyTre tee bt gla.es I have
"ernsed. W. D. BLotm.
Ex-Governor of Florida.
All eves fitted aod It guaranteed! hy 8.
F. McAllister. San Marcos. decG Im
Religion. 5Ur.
Kldrr Jani.s WUkina. of AHn. will
begin n aeries of .settings at the Christian
cbnreb this evening. Tbey win probably
bo eoatiaaed over Sunday and perbape
longer. .
TalnaMr San rrw Pronertj for Sale.
A baoio-s bonee aod W on tbo peblic
rtnare. .V. t-ttrr La. ce- kala
AtaeTtwe eboic. reo de-rah y
teented. TWy are ftBCx ! era i- 1
tivsrWio U-4 eea-o.
Andreas Farx rafae t-e.
Our Chaatannna.
Editor Fbbb Pmbss: I tbiuk the plan
outiiued in lost week's Fbbb Pacas, for pnt
tiug the Chautauqua on n solid basis a
tfood oue, but it will ueoesxnrily bike time
to get a sufficient amouut of stock subscrib
ed, aud iu the mean time, we ought to pro
vide fur uuxt summer', programme.
Dr. DuBose said, so I am inforiU'-d, that
for five hundred dollar he could give us a
better programme than we have ever bud.
I propose to be oue of fifty to giro ten
dollars for the programme. I believe more
than hulf tno amount necessary can be
raised Inside of a week, if some one will
take hold of the matter.
I would suggost that Judge Fisher take
tbe matter iu hauri. If this plan does not
suit, lot us have a ineetiug of tbe oittzeus
aud adopt some pluu that will insure a
good programme for next summon ?
The remark is sometime, beard, "tbey"
have moved our Chautauqua to George
town. This i. certuiuly a mistake. The
hill is still hero, tbe taberuacle is still here,
the river is still here, aud the fouuders of
the Chautauqua are stll here; aud what Is
better , they Intend to stay here.
From the uoUe aud nouseuse that we
hear, oue would thiuk that the S m Marcos
people would wake up soma fiue looming
an! fill tu it odrtuu rovord'il gutleuaeu
bad tiik n the whole business np bodily
and lumped it dowu ou the buuks of the
San Gabriel.
If cert liu men want to go to Georgetown,
in the name of common sense, let them go,
and peace go with them, and to toll the
troth we haven't many tears to shed at the
parting. The idea of a state Chautauquu
was conceived by Dr. DuUoso and uobly
set ou foot by tbe whoie souled people of
Siiu Marcos, nnd now to heur it said by
men who b iv'ut a dollar's interest iu Sm
Marcos, "we've takeu your Chautauqua
away," it makes me tired. A. A. Tho.mis.
Mrs. Pierce, of this place, died of cou
su mptioii a few days kiiu-e.
We bad a pleasant call oue day last week
from Mr. Nelson of tiuda.
Mr. Louis MoCay, cashier of the Temple
Natiouul buk, is visiting at this place.
Messrs- H. Hellman and Otto Groos
were registered at tbe Hofbeinz yesfi-rday.
Mr J. 8. Uillingsli.'y has laid us under obli
gation by u tfeuorous present of sweet po
tatoes. Rev. Mr. Biggs, now (residing elder,
will sgaiu reside at Lock hurt, that place
hvving made tbe bestolTer iu the wjty of a
a district pajyouage.
We accidentally overlooked in our last
mention of the visit of Mr. Lee Woottou to
this his old home. He bus beou absent for
some years iu the Block business in Pre
sidio, couuty.
Mr .Inhn Rrnwns. son of our esteemed
fellow-towusiniu, L H. Browne, E-iq. is at
home from Goliad where he has located for
itae practice of law. lie has Just reuorered
from a severe illness.
letter from Mr. D. A. Glover to tbe man in
Bi-.uoo wuo HUiritsd mm away "pursunaea
frl.a iiAntlniv nil fn DAlid liitti IiaMt fit S(l
doing he displayed some discretion.
Mr. E. Nortlicraft returnod from Gates
ville a few days since. He says the new
reformatory has been received by tho state
aud th.-.t tho first story of the orphan asy
lum at Corsicaua is nearly completed.
Our frieud Cnpt. Fory will be a candi
1na for KHHistaiit doorkeeper of the House
of Bepreseutatives at Austiu. We heartily
endorse mm as wormy ot mo position sua
I i. . u
The dawn of clearer recollection Informs
us that we were iu error in stating tbst Dr.
V-.i. K.Im. urn. n htm Wa hAiv fhA vnillltf
-L. . - " " " wwj. " O a
lady's pardon for baviug assigned bur to
. . . . 1 1 11 M 1. ..
toe worse instead or me ooiiur uuu oi uu.
On our return trip from 8an Antonio we
made the ncquainauoe of Elder Wilkins
k. niiM.iinn itlinivilt tit AiihHii. F1a had
VI HUO V.l. ."-''. vuh.vh - " - " -
been further west. We advised him to come
over to Han Murco.i nnd preach, and he
promised to au au ou.
Kev. Mr. Scott, tbe new Methodist min
ister in charge, reached this . place abi ut
the first. In corupauy with Squire Coore-
KAn. l.a rt., vAutnpilatf iiiaiIa thA FnEK PnESS
a pleasant call. We trnet his pastorship
may prove pleasant and profitable to all
hTi.-h.kj Wli.l.v X'. finutVm have dissolved
AU.cnon. . . M'-j -
partnership. Mr. Wbaley will resume cab
inet makiug. in which he is proficient. Mr.
(rosdiu has gone to Taylor to assist Mr.
Mackiu. A building oooin is prevn.uuK
there and they will no doubt make it pay.
Thaa liaa Kmaii mlilA Htl influx Of traU-
sient printers of late. A dozen or more
bave passed tnis way wuuiu w
. arrival lin.fl hiit one arm.
punt. i uu . t. . vi.i. ......... ' 1
but with his siugle hand could set type
. t : L. I ..n;i:,
WllU VDUliuaia.is iwi"7'
rw.i,ta in fin Atitnnin we met with
Col W. D. f!arey, who is traveling for tbe
Cialvtstou ftews. Arrive i hi iuo iu no
..oppod at the Porter Housi
aa an invited guest at tbe marriage
feast of Madame P. who was married the
Sunday b.fore Christmas, after tbe morn
ing service at the Methodist church, by
Rev Mr Piuson. She married a geutlemaa
whose name we cannot recall from Aurora
Indiana. Tho happy pair weut north oi
a wedding tour of a mouth after which they
will reside at Kau Antonio. We give these
particulars because we are aware that
Madame Porter is well known among our
home people.
We mentioned recently Behind a letter
from Mr. Moaher to Mr. L. Powers, and
promised further notice of it. It is from
El Mo b ni, Lo Angeles county. California.
After giving tbe utual acoonut of the pro
fusion of fruits, the charms of the climate,
etc, the lettt-r gr oi to attie thU a fear
ful calamity has befallen the grupe vine
of that region, some sort of iusei t i d-
straying them by the wholesale, to such an
extent that tbe vineyards are being pretty
generally plowed up and sown in gra u.
The aetne elate of thiugs exiU aa to the
orange grove. The letter further atalee
apropos of the co'.Upae of tbe boom, that
lota wbi. b a year ai;o eobj for t"00 con Id
now be bought for fifty. Mr. M. doa not
so atate directly, but the inference left ts
that be baa not profited by the removal from
SanMarcM He states that Mr. Richard
son, the pvater. baa done well having ba4
constant employment: Mr. Uladue about
aa of old.
C- T- Bass,
Wood wantexl at thin office.
Fire at 31 a well.
We rrgr very much to lam tbat on
w,- Tra niktbt the bo.liinte of E. P.
Laa.T aaJ i. A. Wataon, awikuU of the
... town of Ma-rfc wern eWreyed by :
fir. We are not informal to rta orv- j
We are hf unn rl Ut Mr. W tr - bauld-
ini nat itastA
UBMur, Tki., Deo. 28, 1888.
Christmas came, and so did the heavy
rain, which baa put the road, almost im
passable again. Tbe long talkeed of Christ-
ma. tree was put up at 0. 0. Heed's, super,
lateudent of Sunday-school Rev. i. W.
McOarty gave n short lecture. The tree
was well arranged and well filled with
Christinas presents for tbe Bnnday.sohool
children. Tho children were all there;
their parent, were there; their friends and
neighbor, were all there) in fact everybody
claimed to be present. Santa Claus made
his appearanoe with bis long white beard
and red eyes. Everytblug soeraed to be
moving in graud style. But hark! About
this time we began to bear loud and bois
terous bilking, and we soon found to our
sorrow that Iu addition to everybody else,
the Devil was there, also. In the shape of a
wiue Jug and the wine bibber. The pro.
ceding, from that on oanuot be described
by your humble correspondent, for my eon
tempt for such is so intense that I can't
give it jiutioe. Suffice it to say tbat Justioe
Crow's mill is goiug to try to griud out
justice to thorn to-morrow, Hope they may
got it.
Ou Chrisiuu. night there was a sociable
at Mr. It: D, Wilson's, which passed off
to the satisfaction of all, none of the wiue
bibber, being present.
Success to the Fbbb Pbess as long as it
advocate, the principles of prohibition. So
says , ' i Uiou Onion.
Iluda Biotllnjrs.
Mr. Editor you must excuse us for being
so late, but since before the election we've
been listening for carrion-picker Wheeler's
boue. of the Republican party to hustle
themselves off into eternity, but it seems
that the funeral is a momeutous job, so
I've falleu behind iu my correspondence.
Dr. Casth'borry who is seriously ill with
cancer, lately returned from New Orleans
whore he bad remained two weeks oou-
sultiug some physielsus iu regard to his
We bave a new depot lUeut who occupies
Mr. Slack's property, wlio has removed with
his son to Dr Castlubsrry's.
Christmas week was dull, damp aud
Parties bave beeu improving their prot
erty considerably of late,
Tboro have been voral weddings h.re
iu tho vicinity of Science Hall.
Mr Ueiskill and a Miss Ruid. also Mr.
Ed Walling and MiBS Johnson. Mr Will
Carbougu and Miss Wakefield of this plnue,
and since we didn't get off ourselve we
must mournfully olose. Buittbii.
The great boulder earth is again gyrating
along tho colder curve of its ellipsis as
the old years paddles off on its last legs.
The occasional croak of the lamonting frog
gies has subsided. The house-fly is no
longer here to commit hi. little errors of
judgment in regard to the solidity of the
cream, the temptation of tbe gravy or of
tbe stiukiness of tho catch-oui-alive paper.
The ministers bave have had their much
needed rest, while their congregations have
hud some of the same. The land turtle
with n new lie ot uu old date pen-knifed on
his bull is picking gravel for a winter home,
aud "all is quiet ou the Potomiu to-night."
Nothing new from Dr. Flat of Guadalupe.
Literary Notices.
ti.a .Tainiurir (Inntnrv. both in a literary
and artistic point of view, is equal to thu
best of its predecessors, Art, Aucisut aud
Modern ; the beginning of a series of ar
ticles ou Ireland j The Holy Land illus
r..ol . a hntitAr nf fhA Iiinoulu life to the
announcement of Emnnulputiou ; a Dumber
of interesting stories; auoiuer oi me urn
jles on Siberia ; nn article ou American
Labor, and a great vurioty of other inter
esting mutter. .-
St. Nicholas, from the same publishers
approaches still nearer, if possible, to per
fection as a magazine for youug people.
The Magazine of American History opens
its 21st volume with a strong January num
ber. It has for a frontispiece a superb
portrait of Gen. Nathaniel Greene, followed
hv a series of article, of much historical
importance and interest. This is a work
well worthy ot peruiaueui preservation.
Ti. .iiniinrr nnmhnr of Linniucott's
Magazine begins with a complete novel, en
titled "Hale-Weston'by M. Elliot Senwell,
new writer from mat leriuo doiuuihuu
hich seems to be becoming the literary
ceotre of the couutry. R- H. Stoddard
oointnence. his promised series of literary
reminiscences and criticisms with an article
on Edgar Allan Poo, containing some fresh
anecdotes and much entertaining matter.
A very remarkable article by Charlotte
Adams describe. "Literary Society as She
was Seen." and details bow in oue of the
leading literary houses iu New York she was
exposed to absolute indignities from the lit
erary ladies there assembled and narrowly
escaped being roooeu. a noiame contri
bution is entitled "The Capture and Execu
tion of Jobu Brown," by an eye-witness
aud consists of a letter written on tlie snot
i... t.,rb PnindaTtAr. who mas one of tbe
company engaged in tbe snppiession of
Jnbn Brown's ouuiress. roinneaiur wm.
wards rose to be colonel in tbe soutbern
Tbe January Eolictio open, the new
year well. A magaziue full of tbe cream
of the best foreign writing and think
ing should certainly have liberal publio
support. William Morris, the Socialist
poet, discusses the revival of handicraft in
industrial art and manufacture with great
suggeativeness, and suows bow there lien
herein one of the means for the uplifting
and iuiproveuieut of the lower chutse. Sir
R. 8. ball takes op tbeeubjeet of the ureal
eruption in Krakatoa, wbich ha just been
the aubject of a wo-4 charming xbaativ
Kientifie report. It will be rmenilred
tbat it waa tbiaornption wbich caused tbe
tbe very curious aauaot effect wbich were
observable nearly al over tbe world few
rears ago, aud wbich then made aneb wide,
spread scient.no taik. Mr. Mora Caird
discuaae "Ideal Marriage," frutn hr pe
culiar standpoint io a manner to provoke
controversy. A brilliant picture of Lon
don and Eik-land a knudraJ yaara ago, la
given by Col, W. W. Koowllye. Frederic
Harrison offer a brief of tbe enrunot ia
favor of Comwram or lb religion of hn
aaanity. aa it m aoraetiaa called, with bia
usual rigor and -kill of trraioaent. Tb
other trmXjnm of th magacin are no I
Tb PhreuIoKl Joamal has raiser)
it rate froo to 1 So per year,
bat tberw will b a redacuoa in ojaaiity or
qiaatitv of enuteaU. Thai work aaa now
trwa DablMb' lot aver taif a o-utary. aad
still above all tb ritfr of iU earlier days.
Literature, Jobe B. AVWe Weekly Mag
acac. t a rwadaM eel ralnaUe work
Each Buaiber ha aa r aaore Uoirrairal
aketrtvea of eanKat Uarary pee-itl. with
bterary cr.ticaoaM aai . Oaly tVXto a
y- .
TV- saoat remarks! rare of armf la
r-jcarj fcar bW accaw ' --4 by H i a
&traapna. Try 4. a- "b aJ irt;,-U
For the Fbbb Pax.
O how happy ara tb babies
Iunoceut little sunbeams bngbt,
Little faces, sweet aud Joyful,
Little hearts so pure aud liyht.
Pretty little dimpled Auger.
Little aims so round and fate,
Eyes like modest twin violets,
Curley lock, of golden hair.
O the dear, sweet littlo babies I
Mothers' greatost Joy and pride.
Far more precious Is their prattle
Than all th world beside.
Still those little feet most walk
Ou life'a rugged pathway drrart
Must feel the teuoh of earthly sorrow,
Hardships, disapointmenta, care.
May God protect the darling babies,
111ms them all, yea, every oue
And take them alt in Hi. loviug arms
When their day. ou earth are done.
Real Estate Transfer.
Gov. Rosa to Henderson A Overton
Branch railroad, pateut to 040 acres survey
No. 5, Hay. couuty.
Sarah P. Mather to Otto Groos, 30 acres
Z. Hiutou survey No. l'J, 1.0NH).
Anu M. Giddiugs and W. L. G. aud Heb
er Stone to Julia Mitchell and J. M. Nauoe
100 acres survey No, ii'i, Thos, L. Chase
grant, L'tO.
Mary A. Cooke to E. H. Wallace, part of
lots 1 aud t, Dripping Spriuus, 0OO.
Otto Groos, to Mrs. Sarah P. Mather
132 acres W. B. Atkinson survey, nud 110
aotes R. T. Hughes survey, $5, MX).
Charles Warue eke to J. V. aud H. I,
Boat, 2H7j acres, 143 acre John Owen, sur
vey and 1)5 acres Audrew Mitchell labor
Helen E, Turner to Elizabeth D. Turner,
300 Acre. Samuel Little headright, consid
eration, love aud affecliou.
J. 8. Barnes aud J. S. Wetmote, ta Win.
Dwyer, lots 15 and 10, blk 5, Kyle, 157.G0
Chas. Wolf to Win. Dwyer, lots 4 and n,
blk 8. lr00. .
George W, Sampson to Martha J. Weir,
quit claim to Ulii) uore. Triuidad Varciuas
survey, sJl'J.OO.
Gov. Ross to Peter J, Dnuouu, patent to
10" acres ou Spring creek.
J. M. Gape to A. Y. Oldham, C3 aores
Bugley tract, $750.
Gov. Ross to M. H. Howard, patent to
80 uores ou Burton's crook.
Chas, M. Porter aud wife to Moses John
son. 121 acres Z: Hiutou survey, $1220.
W- L. Fruuks to W. D, Trimbie 4 uures
J. L. Uoforth premptiou, $000.
J. N. Wbiseuuut to 11. A. Johnson lot 2,
blk 4. Kyle, $275.
Madeline W, and Harold 0. Durar, to W.
T. Chapman, I acres quarter section No. 10
U, F. Uuuua survey, 20 and other con
Madeline W. aud Harold O. Durar to W.
T. Chapman, part of B.. F Hauua leugue,
J. M. Wolf and wife to to O. E. Andrew.
lot 0, blk 4 Mouutuiu City additiou to Sau
Marco , $1000.
a. M. Uemeoery Association to i, u, uo
woes, blk 14, div, X). cemetery grouuds,
Edward . Walling to Joseph Biles, 74$
acres P: J. Allen league, $1402.
James I. MoQuinu to Joseph Buns.- one
sixth interest iu 001 ncres Triuidad Varciu
as survey, 200 acres P. J, Allen league and
5 acres Isaac Decker league (Travis couuty)
$702 f0.
W. T. Caldwell to N. 11. Furis and wife
one half interest iu 700 acres out of T. J.
Chambers and Juan Veromcudi leagues and
part of John Williams, aud R. H. Williams
surveys, 8,f00.
N. K. I'uris aud wife to T. W. Unldwell.
part of lot f blk 13 Sau Marcos, $8500.
A. H. storey guardian I'cari ai, uuoat
ham estate to Jas. H. Bishop, one half iu
turest in part Vvreinendi league ou west
side of the Sau Marcos rier, $1680.
A. S. Burleson to E, W. Kyle i acres. T.
J. Chambers league, nenrSnii Marcos. $750,
A. S. Buutiug aud wife to 11 . Howard,
1 aero John Pbarass survey $400.
I. S. Dauuherty to James I. Uceko, t40
acros Wm. York survey, $1280.
J. M. Wallace aud wile to U. U. uoms,
5 acros Hays county, $1050.
Catherine A.. H. F.. and Annie Porter.
L. D. liu ton and wife, Belle Z. Bunton,
Wm. Porter, Harrison B. Porter and wife,
Thos. Gay. George Jones. A. Y. Porier and
wile. Newell M. and Asbnry M, Porter to
Charles M. Porter. 157 ncres out of D. A.
Porter preemption aud August Reuse sur-
vey, $3144.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole
system when entering it through the nincus
surfaces. Such article, should never be
nsed except on prescriptions from reputulile
physicians, as tbe damages they will do are
teufold to the good you can possibly derive
from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufac
tured bv F. J. Cheney A Co.. Toledo, O.
coutains uo mercury and is taken internally,
aud acts directly npon tbe blood and nincus
surfaces of tbe system. Iu buying Hull's
Catarrh Cure be sure you get tho genuiuo,
it is takefi internally aud made iu Toledo,
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney A Co.
OTSold by druggists, price 75u per bottle.
Having bought the eutire luteirost of
our pnrtuer C, A. Andrews, of the late firm
of Denny Bros. A Andrews, cousistiug of
Dry floods, Notions, Hoots, Shoes, Hats
and Clothing, etc., we will continue business
ut Denny Bros. i Andrews old stand next
door to First National Bank, Sau Marcos,
We solicit tbe patronage so liberally be
stowed on tbe late firm and will b glad to
routiuuo to advance snppliea and extend
favors aa heretofore advanced and extended
to tb friends of the hit firm of Denny
Brother A Andrews.
W will nontinns to keep in oor employ
Mr. P. J. C. Smith, who wiabaa especially
to see bis German friends at tbe new firm.
Dbkbt Bao.
San Marco, Texas,
- For Kale.
The dwelling owned and occupied by
Mr. Brigir- This kau Uoiae properly can
. ha hnntstit far merh lew than oust
.Uitneoiliinue 1 nuainuhaia certain Lan-
dean, tbre bona nud barn, and two
cow. Call at bona.
(heap I Cheap t Cheap!
U';,k iha Kmm Yur (Vinnia nropii to
rl.r l.ia mrhmAalm at brie mo to ahao-
Intely dfy rum petition. If ap-ak aodor
undiosly fruta a tbocoogh keawledg of
tk. ! and racimeea iov ronaur
leg it. IWt tak bb word for it, but try
kita aad as for yoararlvca.
Don't XIm the OprtBlty.
Prof. 1. Araa-a, Ik wtlkatvi ae-a
lKl nptteiaa ia i lt aa-.kiaf bi kt-
ejaaivr at !.-. Haaire dragator aarra a
aaa b rrnhsl frea. r a will aa't npoa
yna at yoae ova raM-teaea antlrt aay ad
di.ksaal rtarr. For iatfaraaatioa aa
kaad circular.
To oor frieni at n diataoc) no
won 1.1 nay that Saa Marcoe Ivaa n
'at'irr. an ! that it is ia cb-re of a
I rry akw 1Jj. llr. B. W. SoiitJ .
j Ton b'wM lit ful tJ m3 t Lrr
(re iktt joa r'i.l Saj Marcda.
Marriage License.
8inc our last report, November 80th i
M. W. Deck aud Sail! E. Hancock.
Kui Lawsou and Adehible lliititou,
C. W. Grays and Miss Uhoda Jobu .
Rasio Nun Jo aud aud Roaati Narc'.J.
4 8 Hawk and Mary Dixon
Ricerdo Hnntlobul and Florvuola Ruble
11 A Leveies aud Lrua Beverley,
Angusl Karper and Louis Hattig.
John It Martiu aud Julia Buutou.
Ik John and Lilll Uuigliu.
R F Oliver aud Susie Black.
Webb Brady aud Alice Lawsbe,
Roduey It HelskeU and Snsie Raid
L D Porter and Nora Jaokmau.
R S Clayton aud N M Pojrn.
K U Walling aud Mary U Johnson,
J L McNUt nud Fannie F Fry.
G A Roger aud Willie Williamson. '
Jas, 11 Hlorey and Jauio C Poole.
i W Pt.iude.tuT aud Lvlia SewelL
James Laramor aud Kali Fields.
Wm. E Edie and Jessie Dikes.
8 G Bmwu aud A E Jackson.
A J Lacy and Mary Edwards.
Abiel Siou nnd Laura lietald.
Concordia Meudua and Lavluln Yauce,
Jam. Aldcu aud Klla Perry uisa.
Morris A Withers aid Mattie Bagley.
Lewis Tuiler and Hiirnul Newmau.
Nutivldad Rodriguez and Juliana Garcia,
Julius Heard and Auule Power.
Jobu M Rosa and Auule Quick.
Johnaon'i More.
Our friends of this popular "lustltutiou"
have the good Judgment to npiiear among
tbe advettisera in our proseut large editiou
the best advertising medium arbioh baa
been offered onr people for several years.
Johnson A Johusou, tbe proprietors, it is
true, are widely kuowu, but tbey recoguize
the benefits of silvurtlsiua at all tuue aud
and tbiough evere good medium. - In n lute
write-up of tbe Times of this plaoe we find
a good summary of their stock aud iuduoe.
nieuta to purchasers, wbicu we ciiunoi uu
better thau adopt, aa follow, i
Their stock of noods in every depart
ment is uiost complete aud of very great
variety. Dry goods, sllkf, ribbons, wnue
g:ods, table drapery, ptanKsis, uosiorj,
shawls, gloves, embroideries, laoes, linens,
flnrsetx. Keller's famed shoes, with a tins
assortment of ready-made ootbiug, bats,
caps, boots, furnishing goods, uuder-uloth-iui.
ties, trunks, staple aroceries, with a
rich display of other ood., etc., and all
the latest st vies and rasuions oomoiueu whu
attractive prices and courtoou. treatment.
Johnson A Johnson have nn ostauiisueu
cbaruutor as fair and reliable merchants
with whom it is both pleasant and profit
able to deal.
Tha nnanlno nf th a Indian Territory for
settlement is at present attracting much at
tention throughout the country. Oklaho
ma aa tha new Territory is to b called, is
mm nf the flusst sections of the west. To
tlmaa riumrinir full. information respecting
this rountry, we would call attontlon to the
A. Uaim A Co.. MuPher-
son, Kansas, .sen olsownere in tnis paper.
Geo. W. Kulght, watohmakor and Jewel
er, having located iu San Marcos in th
spring of 1HH0, has oconpied the same
house continuously since that tunc Beiug
a skillful workmau and eonscleutious iu
hi dealings he has established a reputation
for reliability and punctuality tlnonghout
the county. Those having work to be done
will consult their Interest by caning on mm.
His prices are always moderate.
Dissolution of Partnership.
San Maiioos, Jauuary 1st,, 1889.
The ao-nartuorshlo heretofore existing
under the firm unmo of G. W. Donalson A
Co., io the town of San Marcos, Texas, Is
this day dissolved by mutual agreement
All parties indebted will please call and
make sotttoun nt, G. W, Dokalbok.
Chas. HOTCHinas.
Reforrina to tho above. I beg to say, that
having purchased the entire stock of hard
ware aud farming implements Ac, of G.
W. Donalson A Co.. I will be pleased to
meet our friends and patrons nt the old
stand. Chas. Hdtchinos.
Freo to our Subscribers.
We will oive a oopy of Kendall's valuablo
little.work "The Horse and his Diseases," to
every subscriber, new or old, who will remind
us tbat he dosires it To others it will be
for sale at 25 oonts per oopy.
Tbe Fbbb FBkf.B oflloe has again in stock
a nice variety of stationery for letter and
bill heads, etc. It has tbe best facilities,
and the best printer. It will therefore be
to your intorest to give us your orders.
tub ami n uvr l AM."
!k iiiirentiitrn
i;J&i- Jeweler arid Optician
And dealer In all ft-railes of CI eke, W lichee, Jewel
. j w -
ry, Silverware, Pane (Jeona aaa noiivue,
Knrlh Silla el Ik Pllia.
All .Mull ar.rrauiad aa reBreeeiiled all werk to
Rive eaiLfactlun, or niooev retunded. All soodi
will aa loar, u noi lower loan can 0 doukui ,in
where In Teiaa. J"
This old and well-known tonsorinl artist
n alarava lia fniitid in bia alennut parlo.
which adjoins Hofbeinz' hotel, on the
Unn.r. ohura lia will lia ibid to welcome
old and new friends and customers. Good
barbers and satisfactory work assured. Iliiir
The -citizens of San Marcos
and surrounding country arc
invited to call and make the
acquaintance of the "St Leon-
a. a a .a
ard Hotel " when tney nave
business in San Antonio. No
where in Texas can nicer ac
commodations, better fare, or
more home comfort be found
for $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
conettu AVtJCi.
ILt. V. L ia Prrietrta.
Centrally tnatad. Good Kaaipl Koosa
San Marcos. Teiaa
KWa. waat avl f Pablic frjaar.
axraaa.! attenUnvj rrvaa I all
AH r wa aa4 tvyauriag will rriv
praa4 attrTwa. tattTK aa4 rwaiac a
jamlif SatHaetua t-waraaaed. -AatfOtf
tv t :
Absolutely Pure.
Tble sawder aever varlee. A aiadel ef sarliy.
elrraxih aad wkaleaoateaeea. Mara eeoiwailea
iSaa tka erdlsari lada, and ear aai be (aid la eew
aillla wlik ih mullllodr el lo laat, krl arlat
litre er aoekala koadera. Bold aaly In saa.
.. a . ... .a. M. .1 1 a
RnUiaiinnma,irN-naiw.'(i -
S. B.'McBRlDE,
Atiorney at Law
Office over Green' Bank, Ban Mar
cos. aeplHt
Drs. Woods & Beall,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Calls left at the Drugstore, of llaynoldi
A Daulol and J. A. Beall will receive
proinut attention. ' f b H4tf
OFFICE) North Side PuUlc Sqnare,
Musi iItarceai, - a a a 'I'rana
Mr. Kruse hn. had long exper.enoe ia
the finest galleries in Chicago, etc., and
RunrnutcoH as good work as rau be done ia
San Antonio, Austin or Ualia. Life-siie
Crayon work A specialty. deoli).tf
Carriage.?, Wagons, Farm-
.tny; implements, lto
" uouaeaHiioKiNo a hfeciavlty
Is under the care of that experienced and
skillful workman, T. REASONER.
tHTAU work guaranteed j-ji
SHOP Cor. Austin and Monnliiin streets.
(P. Thompson's old stand, octll-88-ly.
Yon oan bny Saddle, and Horn res aa
cheap as you can anywhere In the State,
Post yourself then. Call and be convinced.
Hew Rooka an4 latest Vewepepera aaS rerlaalMls
epeclaltv. A tall liu r aialleaery
aa4 auiiaa.
a-Tranflant ae well ae raaldeal aeaal will fcei
a what Ur waal la Ik ha f aan, raa.
la. aatlar. eta. Call aad era. Iaet!
grown, Ijndsey & ?ans,
l:ik i:i hn lirecicri
trdrra ntmted to a will receive prompt
attention. no IS
Fin rlaas wala of all ki-3. hoathwaa
tawwef U tA e-jwar. Ala Vey a i

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