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Free Press.
wtrnnSDAYt JANUARY 10, 1889,
x. m a.
iiil BAIIm
...av . - B;01 A. K. and B:12 . Jf.
SoinSsTnVh. :4.-..ad9:00r.H.
IX. It. se T.
Gee. A E4dy"H.C.Croo,welw.
. Jabt bbahc ' WTIHO
r .8an Meroo. 10:30 A. . and 9:10 . .
Arrl 0. COLLINS, Agent.
Ti foDles for $3.50.
Tnumnoh m many parsons desira to Bend
.road and by way of enoonreRe
WPit w odo: we offer two ooplea of the
g t $S.50-ceh In advance.
ST-oni not subscriber, who may at
T Ze woivo copie. of the FbeeI
'riimply as sample., in the hope)
that pae' addressed may like it
;!u enough to faro a. with their .ubsor.p
m onr Subscribers. ,
We will gl Py of Kendttll' 'nble
Httu work "The Horse and his Diseases," to
Merr subscriber, new or old, who will remind
, that h desire it Toothers it will be
for sale at 25 oenta per oopy.
The Fbb" Pbbm offloe hM RftIn ,n stook
a nloe variety of stationery for letter and
bill head, eto. It hae the best facilities,
Md the best rrinter. It will therefore be
to yoor Intorest to gite nil your order.
Wababtt Dctds for sale at thte offloe.
Prssh Qarden Seeds,
and California seeds.
Ferry' eolebrated
Copnio leads the field beyond nil doabt
In low priced tobacco. Call and see.
Geo VT. Knight, Watchmaker and Jewel
er, east side Plaaa, San Marcos. nv29
Rheumatism is caused by laotlo acid in
the blood which Hood'B Harsapanlla nen
tializes and thus core rhenraatisra.
One hnndred oases of oanned goods which
ill be sold cheap for oaah by
Wl. OrjESBN.
Prof. J. Aronson will remain a Bhort
time longer. He can bo found at Dr. Beall's
drug store,
8. F. MoAllteter, the oldest firm in the
city. Keeps a fall line of fresh grocenos,
and will sell as cheap aa any one.
A Care Chance.
The Mosher place for rent. Apply to
T. C, Jomtsox.
Oozby 4 Kruie, we notioe are stili turn
ing out flue piotores. They catch the
babies to the life. Their photo of the
Christmas earmval attracts much attentien.
Go to Ooppic's cheap grocery store for
bargains in that line. A full and fresh
Stook which is constantly renewed. Free
Clearance Sale.
Mrs Richardson will cIoho out her hand
some stock of wln'.er millinery at prices
that will ensure a auiok sale. Pioase give
her an early call.
La Belle Wagon.
I am agent for this wagon and in receipt
of a car load of them which I offer at low
prices and on good terms. Wit. Giesbv,
For Sale.
The dwelling owned and occupied by
Mrs. Brlggs. This handsome property can
now be bought for mnch less than cost
aluo for sale one Cunningham curtain Lan
dman, three horses and harness, and two
cows. Call at house.
Bed Diamond.
There is a change of front at this popn
lar "institution," B, A. Sanderson is now
the "boss," with W. H. Naun as assistant.
Its appearance Is greatly improved, while
the stock is also enlarged and improved.
You will find there the choicest candies,
fresh fruits, and other delicacies. Remem
ber the Red Diamond.
Now is the time to look after yonr break
log plows and I wish to inform my friends
and customers that I am still agent for the
old, reliable "Oasidy or Oliver Chilled
Balky Plows whioh has no superior. I also
represent the John Deere and Eagle Plows
and Standard OnltiYator. This jastly cele
brated cultivator is Materially improved
this seaaoa.
Be sure to give ma a call when in need
of agriealtaral Implements.
Wat. Gibsiv.
Kotloe of Dissolution.
Tha co-partnership heretofore existing
between the nnaersigned under the firm
name of Denny Bros. & Andrews was
dissolved by mutual consent on January 1st
1889. A. S. Diiimt,
"W. M. Dbioit.
U. A. Ardbkws,
Having sold my interest in the Dry
Goods business of the late firm of Denny
. - TlM. - Tim T hft-
peak for them the same liberal patronage
k-t L t a . 1
pie of Hays and adjoining counties.
, Respectfully,
O. A. Ahdbxws.
Sooctssoff t
re-pectfallT invitM hisneetioa ef his
stock of
Farming Implements,
Tinware, Crockery, Etc.
Dlso1atloa of raiiaerthlp.
8.- M-acoe, Jkoaary lV
The co-psrtnerthiD heretofore iitin
4er the ana nm of (i W. DonaZma A
Co., in the town of &u Mreo. Texas, is
this day diolvd bf matfiU gremtit
H pwtie iaVbted will rWe call and
Wrrio to th s.tOT. 1 1 to fay. tbt
yit porch4 the retire twk of" brt-
IMmimom A Co.. I will l tMfd to
ud. C- Hrrcsutt.
A ball on the tapis.
B. F, McAllister, North side plaza.
The partnership between MoAUister and
Taylor finally failed to materialize.
We hear of several applioanta for post
master; among them two ladies.
We appreciate the high compliment paid
ns by onr Pleasant Ridgo correspondent.
All tbrongh our hills running springs
now course along the hollows, just as in
most other oountrioa. It seems to ns quite
natural like.
Even a regular old-styla "bine norther"
would bo weloome now anything to break
the monotony of rain and mud.
Bince our lost we have had more rain and
mud, On Tuesday a slight norther oamo
on, it oleared off and there was a very
sltght freozo on ycBtnrday morning.
As will be sson. the Oreat Mosul is deter
mined not to bo cheated out of bis display
of fire-works. He proposeu thia time to
"get a good ready," and do the thing right
Success to the effort.
The San Marcos and Havs count v Auxil-
linry Bible Society will hold its annivorsnry
in tho Methodist church next Sunday, at 7
o'clock p. m. All friends of the Biblo
cause should bo prci-ut, Whether you are
a church member or not, pleaso como out
to the Biblo me etiug. J. II. Combs,
Bv the proclamation of the mayor which
we publish elsowhere it will be seen that a
mad dog scare is "on," and the dogs are
likuly to suffer. We confess we are inclin
ed to be skeptical on the subjeot, especially
at this season of the year ; but are ready to
concede that our canine population might
be reduced to the public comfort and ad
The Texas Chautauqua has been located
at Georgetown. Does the San Marcos pa-
pors want to know why it was removed
from that place? They ought to -now
without boing told. La Graugo Journal.
Sftvinc nothing of the cram mar of the
above, we believe we do know why a rival
Ohautauqna is proposed at Georgetown,
vis.: to Rive a chance to certain soreheads
to figure as leaders, whioh they failed to
find here.
We believe the old adage that "the
darkest hotx Is just before day," is applica
ble at this time. With the vantage ground
gained the past season, with the almost
certain prospect of even a better season,
there must, we think, be a steady revival in
business daring the earning spring and sum
mer. We ask those who are halting as to
whether they oau afford to take their county
paper to think of these things.
Wanted !
The names of ono hundred nion, old and
young, who are willing to t ike part in the
grand torch light procession on th-i evening
of the fire works display. Hand in your
names at once and 1 t us make a success of
the occasion. By order of tho
Grand Mogul.
B. W. Smith, Chairman of Committee on
torch light procession.
WANTED ! The names of 25 boys to
fairs rmrt in tlin Grand Troeession. Give
4 in your names at once if you want to join
the procession. Ouand Mogul.
Hand in your nnmes to tho secretary.
Coronal Institute Headquarters
On the south side is the pluce to call and
settle your tuition accounts.
Mr. Walter Turner, son of Capt. P. It.
Turner, was here latit week on a visit. He
is traveling for a New Orleans houso.
Wa mara nlpncpd tlin nther (inv to make
the acquaintance of Mr. Tuttle, from that
nart of (Inadaliirje countv whoso people do
bnnine6s at San Marcos.
a. tVinf hnih Mflsflrs. Lnnev and
Watson, the rrincipal sufferers in the late
fire at Maxwell, had their losses well cov
ered by Insurance.
M,-.a T.;iv Rncrcrltiln. who is attendios the
State Uuiversity at Austin, had an alarm
ing attack of pneumonia last week. For
ha? life wts desDaired of. but we
are glad to learn that she is much bettor,
with a fair prospect or recovory.
We mot our friend Captain Forgey this
morning, just from Anntin. He informed
us he got lett as to me assibwh xuur
kepnorshiD of the houso: that no man from
the west stood any chance. The Captain,
however got tne very respeciaoie vow oi
some thirty to fifty.
TTifw. 8hnmate. whom we remember as
an emigrant to this place from "oid Virgin
ia's shore," several years since, and who
has sinee been residing in paits unknown
to ns, is again here on a visit. He comes
from Florida, and reports yery cold weath
er tbero this winter.
We met Representative Ellison on Mon
day and he promised to have sent ns from
Austin, occasional letters giving the true
inwardness" of legislative proceedings.
That is something, we know, whicn onr
..i.t will itnnreciate. as well as the
shrewd and kind consideration of "Uncle
Jnke," as the young folfes style nun.
We were pleased to receive a call on yes
terday from Captain Kerchevule, whom
residence n lexas oaie iw w ,
Most of that time no nas resiura in i.u
. k.i i. nnw Brttled In OUr town, ne
mw service as a soldier both under the Ko-
pnl.lic of Texss and in tno war oi id.
i nit RtAU seainst Menco. Wo Bna
Capt K, Vfry prepos'wing in appearance
and manner ana am piu , 7 7
a resiJent of onr little citv. He has lately
started in business as driver ot an exj.res
wagon, and we commend mm to mo
of our people.
O. T- Basis,
Tame la riorida.
f. 1 K- niviM-Dear Sir I bar
ul. fn '(" TOO M1t4
T Ij;m. .- ant find V.rm to
IO HIT r-ir... -.
i . ' ...-1 in rlfne-M anJ bninancy.
ia (art. tbey are id - -
r..ei. W. D. BK'?V
AH irn fitf I an! t gri.tHi ty 8
F. McAUisW, RuMtfW. d
TalaaMe Saa firr. rrtrrty fr Sale.
Al.ucn-kwii.1 W tho f-cUa:
AlsotwecUc r r' de-' J
Vtd. rrrf! ax,4wcre 3-
tirtn U- 'awa.
Address fuirtw cire.
t'tittutauqua Meetlup.
A well attended meeting of our cltlton
was held at the court bouse on yesterday,
to take aotlon as to the future of our Chau
tauqua. After some discussion a committee
of three consisting of Gid Jobuson, A. A,
Thomas aud Fred Urowu was appointed to
oolleot means to the aniouut ot $700 to se
cure a programme for this year's session,
and another oommittee consisting of Mayor
Hardy, Ed, J. L, Green aud Thos. John
son to solioit subscriptions of stock in the
Real Estate Association as auxilllsry to the
Chautauqua. Some two thousand dollars
was subscribed on tho spot, and we learn
the other committee have collected about
half of the requirod $700.
We learn that Mr. DuBoso baa promised
positively to lend his invalu blo aid, and
the probabilities now are that we shall have
the most successful session of the Obau tuu
qua this year that wo have ever had.
Flowers in 51 Id winter.
West Texas thus far tho preseut season,
has fairly rivalod Southern California in
oliniato. Peach and pear troe leaves are still
greou on the trees, while roses and even
more dolicato flowers are not rare. We
woro forcibly reminded of theso facts this
week by tho presentation by our friend,
Mrs. Gid Johnson, of a large and elegant
bouquot of choloe tea rosea of soveral dif
ferent yaricitlos. Although in mid winter,
It would graoe the spring time any day.
The grounds about tho bouse of Mr. and
Mrs. Johnson, although in cultivation ouly
a couple of years, are already famed for a
profusion of choice flowers, as they will
soon be for fruits also. Nor is this oaso ex
ceptional in Texas, for the same blessed
morning in came Master Danlol MurchtBon,
son of our friend M. II. Murohison, with
another bouquet of roses and other flowers,
also of fine varieties while diversified in
color, Mr. M, not only has grounds ad
mirably "sot off" with flowers but is ouo of
our most successful growers of grapes and
other fruits.
We wonder what our friendH at tho north
will think of our winter gardens horo in
Church Matters.
The Methodists of this plaoe, who sineo
conference have not had regular ministerial
services, were quite overjoyed at the arrival
of their regular pastor In charge, Rev. Mr.
Scott. He held his first services on Sun
day mornng last, when ho preached to a
large aud nppreoiativo audience. High
hopes are entertained of a period oi sua-
dessful minis-torial labor.
Elder Wilkins. the Christian minister
mentioned in our last, held several meetings
in spite of the rain and mud. He proaohed
on Sunday a very good sermon on man.
principally in his religious relations. The
preacher is a fine singer as well. We learn
that arrangements Tare sought to tie maao
to secure his services for this place and
Lockhort jointly. This ought to be prac
tical now that the distance between these
points is almost annihilated. It seems
to us the Presbyterians also might be abld
to make a Bimilar arrangement.
The value of certain kinds of local news
is well sot forth in tho following critical
but badly spelled communication i
ntriBSrn. T hnreliv offer my reiiiena-
tion as a subscriber to your paper, it being
a nanor if llf'ina A nhamnblct of such
small knonsenuo as not to Beuidt my family
by tukin' it. What you need in your shoet
is'branesand some one to russel np news
and write eddytoryals on live topics. No
menshion has been made In your shete of
mo butchoriu' a polaud china pig weigiu'
ill!!) pounds, or of the gaps in the chickens
out this way. Ton steugnsly Ignore the
fact that the tater bugs am eatm- mings up
t nn,1 in nnthin' 'hout Hi SilQl)-
son's dni'ham bull calf breakiu' its legs fall
in' down a well, or of grandma slpcs having
tno sore legs. iwo loipui-i.iui wuuu.un
hnmi hove iw.An nttarlv icnored bv your col
umn, and a two-kolumu obitchuary writ by
me on the death of grandpa Henry, was
left out by your shete, to say nothiu' of a
alphabetical poem beginuin' with "A is for
Andy and also for Ark," writ by my dartor.
This is why your shete is nnpopler here.
Jf w.m dnn'l want RnV eddvtorials from this
place and ain't goin to put in any news iu
your shete we don't want yonr shoto.
xouru 1U umyum,
T n Tf von nriut that obitchuary in
no iunn T mar man acaiu for TOU' I
shete. National Editorial Journalist.
Nodana r of our friends oi ine i linen
and Star Vindicator receiving any com
plaints of the above description.
Letters from tho Tcople.
We take the liberty of giving the follow
ing sample letters:
Dbippiso Kraitios, iexas, i
January 8, 188.
Dbab Sib With a sincere wish that the
Vow Venr" may be a prosperous one for
yourself and the FB Pbbss, I inclose jon
a postal note for two dollars, wnicn yon
will please place to my credit, and oblige,
Yours respectfully,
Da, J.W. Habbisoh.
WiMBKRLur, January 9. 1839.
Tiri Sib After thanking you for con-
;:,t mT Daner after my time Lad X-
pired, would state that I would like to taks
it. and will settle witn you lor it in a monui
or two. Respectfully. x. w. ihosb.
Our First Institute.
tn ilia ,1viri of friends and the
x in . - -riHinnst
of firmer near Ailxtin. tbe first
T. 1 " . . .: -i T. ... -.11 I... k. l.l .1
f inuch insiuuii: .i.--.-...
Thnrslav. Kri.lay and Katiir.lay,
February 7. 8 and 9, H'J The f xact pro
gramme will ls annooncea ia"r m.uu
t'n-c columns and tbrou'h tho Sute rt-.
IJ. local laieui i.i'--
men have I. n reqnrU-l to d. liver al
dr "nd rt ad ers on that ocrawon :
CovfixorO. M. K'N rt. op-ning a-ld f;
Comiuiwon- r U L. t ot. . u oi i ei
as Aencolture : Capt John F-ir. County
i W. Cnrti. AcrJiitiftUt.on
of ImnnrtVd Ctt; Cot W. R Un&n
J. D. Fi'Hs XlMS'-ting arm ir.iici:
vc ti Ur.LIL W id I d. lis "n il iMrm :
wl A- CUrk. W. P. llancipfk. Mj. A. i.
p.w. an t 'T.Ti othm bM aa!.i'-cU
bav tfA l act- I nf'-
IXe ta'ut2. ' t lbi r1y !'.
prnn, - t j K" V
U:'r inT.t" f .-i' tr tn U or- r tfc St
to f-t rth w art t- com ff-T'''! to
co-u. .tfltf d:"0s the nV. n'
t,rrfifcT.lt' fTT- tr.h-n wi.vk t"T
trnrUt tl--n a i " t f - to tl-r i-ctfri
nrvtO to T n.T.'t::!!-'-.
yC ri:-t :- I"- of tS ftt t- f;r.
r,,r;,1T tot'- t f'-rfT.t IB t,- WAT
Lt - I T r"V '
tUltUf c-.l r.J it.v .... r
TttV.Mi a-:r, r.j-.t -'.f-j
4 Fara axl tui V
A Fannor'a New Year Outlook.
Euitob Fbbb Tbws i The year 1 88D has
Now wo can put iuto proctlws ro.
nrtw.i,l r, HolutiouO No doubt every iudl.
vidual of tnorgy and enterprise his rcsolv
edaud planued to txe.nto hm work more
.... I
ditioontlv in tho future than In tho past
Vory gool, so long as those resolutions
aro put in practico. But how many resolve
and re resolvo aud never stun to aseoud In
thescaloof moral worth? Vorily, many
seem to think resolutions will suffice, still
plod along the paths of mediocrity.
Many of us who till the soil for a liveli
hood bemoan our condition and tliiuk thiugs
are nuoqually divided, yet by a cloie diag
nosis of tho disoaso and sin that so hinder
in tho road to suooess and prosperity, tho
fault may bo found lylug at our own door.
Wo do beliovo wo litter a truth when wo
say that no individual can truly succeed
whoso thought nro not well directed,
whoso aims are not noble, whoso aetious
are not such as bocomo a num. This, we
think, cau bo made applicable from a moral
or financial standpoint.
As to the finances of tlio agricultural peo
ple wo aro boyoud a doubt too extravagant.
Many times wo make extravagant storo
bills, thoreby jeopardizing our fiuanoiiU
Btonding, This, no doubt, oovors ono of
our greatest failings. By avoiding this one
extrayagnno, and keeping tho corners up
around our farms, wo way yet outride the
storm notwithstanding tho combination of
This has truly boon a wot wlntor, and
judging the futuro by tho pant, we will
have a dry spring for a crop. One eitremo
follows another. No plowing of any con
seqneneo has born done, and from preio-.t
prospects cannot fairly begin to operate be
fore February and tho soil will vory likoly
be quite cloudy.
Now Mr. Editor, we do not wish to weary
you or trespass upon your readers, so we
will make our bow, wishing you and tho
oouutry at large, a happy now year.
J. T. D.
The quiet and peaceful hamlet designat
ed by the above name, is probably un
known to most people evon iu the couuty,
who reside ten miles or more from the site
of its looation. It takes iU name from the
Rey. Mordecai Tell, who I believe has the
honor of being first on the list in the State
In his holy calling, as he also was tho first
itinerant preacher known to the State of
protestant persuasion, which dtes back to
the days of the Ropublio of Texas, or fifty
years ago.
Tell is situated about midway between
Kyle and Blanoo City, and one short year or
two asro, it seemed to promise to become a
place of some importanoe as it boasted a
steam mill aud gin, a large new store and
two blacksmith shops. But alas for hu
man hopes I all is now changed; the mill
aud ffin have been removed to New Mar-
tlndale and the storo went with thorn
while tho the two blacksmiths have both
3 At.-:- .!.UI. ntn.A Innnndaoa I
cone and thoir smithies stand tonantless
Amongst the folks who loft to try fl Alo
fortune on the prairies three years ago Mr.
Dyas with his family have returned. At
any rate ho won a wife while he was away,
and as for the rest, I think it is ohiefly ex
perience. Another neighbor, Mr. John R.
Ross, was made happy on New Tear's eve
by Miss Annie Quick bestowing npon him
her hand and hoart, and we join In con
gratulating tho happy quartette.
Now another old citizen and long rest-
dent, Mr. Tom J. Staples, has determined
on relinquishing farming end trying car
pentoring in Austin. We all wish him
evory success, Other changes have occur,
ed amonst them Old Mr. Starr and family
have loft for somo plaoe west of San An
Owing to the contlnuod rains no attempt
has been made to clear or break the land,
and wo are free to confess we find it vory
hard to in everything give thanks, and the
best we can do is to try and koop an even
We had the ploasnro of a visit from Mr.
and Mrs' Robert Harold aud family from
Blanco City, a fow days ago. Mr. H. is
one of tho Union soldiers in the Mexican
campaign and much respected by all who
know him.
Well, Mr. Editor, this is the season
for good resolutions, but we have bo
lamentably failed in that line that we
can't make you any promises for the fu
ture or our conscience might have occasion
to accuse ns and we already got many a
prick, but wo do wish you a very happy
and prosperous Now Tear,
Ah Old Tbiend.
Dripping- Springs.
We could not Bet off onr worl in season,
so will now send onr best wishes for a Hap-
dv Now Tear. May the Fbeb Fbeks and
her worthy editor see many of them.
Christmas has been rather dull here be
cause of the rain. When will It stop 7 It
seeinsto be all rainy season nowadays.
Owing to the same cause we cannot now
give mny notes as to the number of frolics
the young people have participated in.
A most successful entertainment oenrred
at Mrs. McLondon's on Wednesday night.
Misses McKellar, Ella Wallace, Garrett,
Tina and Louisa IUrting, Kate Howard,
Matlio Red, Ave and Maud Roberts, MolUe
TiriroMon. Cintbj Crow and Mesdames
Walter rhillipt. Ollie Sorrels, Waiter Mo-
Kellar and all the gcnCemen from far aoa
.Mr ware there.
Mica Jennie Williams still continues very
low though I. rounds' skill has raised
Miae VUbta from bf sick bed. We lope
t,!.tr will also improve.
T. nnr lavt k tt-r wrote of Mr. and
Ura. Kiik's removal to Mra. Daniel's tome
w, were suiuf ormtd, they moved to the
Mi Oor('i Toned returned home on
Tridar. All ber frimd will be pWv-1 to
jrr tb ia vjvackns yootm lady after b
W Lave brl of a dance whi-h look
f.la?t Friday tiht at Mr. Ua Mania'a tut
d.J no a-t firl ,-i.--
Mr. El. Vt -aHa La wH mV.p any
Dia 'o ;! cot tha tAjjii-t loan
in tl woc'.-l. It J a ao.
It l wi.h d"p "tiw and TttrtY.y
tt.ki a-c r. ict O d shlk cf Ujk Jrcuie
5,.S7l -T "f t Tan Tat' are oa
a at a VI vrrj rtootttore, aa
ts at tii oir, at i vt3.lt tack.
Jiotos from Pleasant ItlJtfC
Innuauuci's Lnd, In aud near Martin Jalo,
Is to be cultivated by Uev. Mr. Rluiball.
Tho mass ia honor of Christ was of
usual quality and in full quantity
.. I!a il.. ...ulnfi Kaa1 VAjatl VtAI
spirit of the oooaeloo has been perverted.
Christmas troes were numerous but shone
with beautiful silk handkerchiefs.
The immigration move has sustained
quite a shock from our community. Nota
bly Undo Tom Dovlnoy has boen made to
hear tho rousing notes of auothor one of
Earth's best gifts a baby. Others oonld
bo named.
Josh Wilkins 1 not d ad but on last ao.
oount ho was laboring under some- embar-
roBsmont "a sand bank in each eyo."
Washington Irving's storiea will bo re
read as thoy appear In the Faa Pbkb col-
I do not like to flattor, but It comes in so
nicely right hore i "Mr. Julian as an editor,
. t..-i. i
in point of nice selection ana uigu muii
touo. has but one superior ; the editor of
the Nashville Christiau Advocate." So said
a promlnont minister. Give ns lots of Irv
iug. Tf tha rainbow was not hung in tho boav.
ons I should oortaiuly bo on tho lookout for
another Noah, I'd pass myself aa some
sort ot an animal. An old farmer said, 'I
feel almost sure of a good cotton crop this
year," and ho is "no sordino," either.
Wo still look for Winter, "Cruol asuoatn
and hungry as the grave," as surely ns wo
do for tho "Wish of Nature," Spring.
Rio Rustlings.
It has been somotlme since I have writ
ton to your papor. I am fooding beoves
for Billie Jockman aud I have to food Suu-
day and every day and I do not have time
to got the news. After I get through I win
be more punctual in writing.
Mr. G. A. Trevy has moved on Jkioj.
narwood's farm.
People are thinking of the next crop,
Mr, Lute Portor and bride visited Blanco
during Ohristxas.
Dull Christmas on the Blanoo at Kivor-
Aoertain young gentleman from San
Marcos got stuck in fhe mud between Kyle
and his town.
Two young men scared off a young man
from his best girl a Sunday or two ago.
Frof. D. W. Korsnor is gotting along
nloely with his school.
Mr. Manlove's two boys came very near
being drowned in the Blanoo Thursday, dur
ing Christmas week, but were resouod by
Sidney Jaeknian.
There were several raoos on Parko'g track
during Christmas.
Tom Jaeknian, Ed. Trevy aud Rustler
have soaroely time to go to soe thoir girls.
Mr. Jodie Goodo, from Lampasas, is at
his sister's, Mrs. Wilson.
About five hundred beeves aro bo log fod
jn t)j8 uivoriiido neighborhood
. . - - . T-. . 1 - 1 1 1 . ,. . 1
Ask Mr. J, P,
how ho likes Miss J. L.
Proclamation of the Mayor.
Whereas, It has beon made known to
me that there is a rabid dog within the city
limits of San Marcos, thoreby endangering
.itiiwiiria nT filiti nirv.
ThAreforo. I Hammet nardy, Mayor of
..;i iv rlo hftrnhv issue a proclamation
forbidding the ruuning at large of any dogs
: .,m ,.;f limita iint muzzled, and tho
Oity Marshal or policomen aro hereby ord-
IU mi ' 1 . ...... .......... .
ered to destroy any ttog lounu wuuiu iu
City Limits of San Marcos in violation of
this proclamation,
Given under my hands, this the tth day
of January, 1889.
lm nrnoeedinas of the County
Alliance ot Budo, but too late for insertion
ti,ia .voir in nnitfl of the bad weather
and roads, delogates representing sixteen
alliances were present, besides visiting
iirothron. Locturer T. A. Evans, of Hutto,
delivered nn address. The next mooting of
the Alliance will be at San Muroos, April M.
rv..i I. mrAaA in tfflVflTiriY within ton
1. nwivw - t -
to twenty miles of three railways, bnt
there is no branch railway to tha mines.
a nnw mm tap thn omnJnrpscnt braidinff ts
to put H on the block watered ribbon tha
trims bright felt bats. It is sowed on in
nottam. that, ran athwart the water
ing, Md Is accounted no end stylish, as is the
vermicelli brocade, witn tno ugure guneirver
In braid of another color, often which tho
it. 1 1 IT malcBs Donela, waistcoats and so on, for
(owns of plain silk in the same hoe.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of
.n.4.11 o.,.l nninltelv ilnranss the whole
system when entering it through tho mucus
surfaces. Huob articles enoniu nevor no
used except on prescriptions from reputaiiio
tut tha damaifes they will do are
tenfold to the good you con possibly derive
from them. Hall's uaiarru uuri', muuuiu
tured by F. J. Chonoy 4 Co., Toledo, O,
.....i.mh. ,n tnomnrv uml Ih taken internally.
and acts directly npon tho blood and mnctis
surfaces of the syhtera. in onying "''
Catarrh Cure be mre yon get the genuine,
it is taken internally and made in Toledo,
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co.
C-TSoId by druggists, price 75c per bottle.
Save Dollars!
Bargain Prices
KeTer Iwfore qTianed, to be eold at prices
that will make January and February trade
2,500 WOETH
Mens. Bora and Toothy Ready
Made Clothing
$1,000 1V0RTII
Of Jk and M Coeka, Wraps and
Newir-axkets AriWI.
foanf and S-rsr ParraIa.I
t4v- eTI -r-.-l "-. arlalJMa
Af.r I
mr PRIir m v-r'rr 'a fa
nr. i.i .raeta!i.t.ai.
i.l..fl. li'VKHf .U .fc.ll tr4
iaomn e I Br A 4-a
It Is to be said of the bast cooks that they
aro known by thoir soups and sauoas.
Do who venture to eat beefsteak pie in a
strange rostaunuit is a soldier at heart
In favor of banana fritters the only thing
to be sold is that they are vary filling.
Unless broiled ham is out exceedingly thin
and freed from greaso, nobody emulates Oli
ver Twist wlU It. ,
Alleged "mushroom aanee," without any
mushrooms, la ono of the delusions anil snares
of some restaurant
Trufllo sandwiches are aomothtng new at
the afteruoon tons and very palatable to
those who like truTHee.
Btllton cheoso and ship Maouft Is the latest
gastronomlool oaprloeof the toddling army
of local AogJoinaulaos.
Any one, even of depraved taste, must no
tice the great 'dllTcreuco la the quality of oils
In which sardines are paokod.
There ouftht to be a law of six months and
nine days for tha man at table d'hote who
undertakes oonversutlon with his mouth full.
rios such as "mother used to make" are
rarely met with nowadays, probably because
the modern mother don't know bow to make
Borne of the dalntiost and most palatable
desserts of the hour are founded on frutta,
and float about ou a eaa of whipped eroaia
and wiuo.
Marble Works,
Wm. II. NANCE, Proprietor.
A roll Una of rORRIOIt and DOURST10 MAB
II.RS.aiid I. prepared to oxaoula anythlns la Iba
lUAVK-STOHK Una oa tkort aolloo. i.U.Uotloo
laaraototd. JB
IV aler in
Fresh Fruits, Confections,
East Bide Square I : . BAN MARCOS.
Oystors sorvod In any style. jan3-ml
j. i nnm
v 'Jf Vr THB "01.0 BKL1ABLB"
-'V Jewolor and Optioinn
And dealer In all sradeA of Clooki, Wetcbei. Jewel
.... r i A m rtA M t lit
rj, BllTerwt.ro. wmwj uwm- i
ail aJ. awatra-stnaeirf rnrat Dted ill WOTK tO
-I .i.f.H nm vn nil saw ratflindrl. All atOOdl
old low, If not lower Ihao eo b booicht el
wDr in roxai. '
This old and well-known tonsorlid artist
can always be found in his ologant pario.
l,l..l, o.Kr.in. Hnflinlna' hotol. on the
Square, where ho will be glnd to welcome
old and new menus ana oustoiui-ra. viu
barbers and satisfactory work assnrod. f lOif
Mrs. M. L. Dill, Proprietress.
Centrally Bltnnted. Good Sample Room.
(Sooor to Winn A 'opt.)
Anionto Btroet, between Dalley's Comer
ana Ban ja.roo. .i.
of all kinds at bottom rates.
San Marcos Texas.
Shop, west side of Tublio Sqnare.
A..nm,l airnntlnn olven to all. orders
in (k ..rk anl rAnmrinu Will reoeiVO
prompt attention. Outtcrlng and roofing a
Hpeolalty. BaiiBiaouon gairuiivi-vi
20 Good Books Free I
B meelAl arranvmont wltH t'' flj"'.. "
anilvd In flr the mine ll.tiif Twenty "S
OaumerAleU nd erii.u .,""
Mbecrluw to tl,i. (.r -. J"-. 2
EhTch ionum. A nmiM..'flrtUrlv.noor etlierworj
bra we inonwo ami rnV'"" '''""ir: VT. i.i i-tV
neat pamplil.t form, .nnt.l fimo k"1 Ulle itrw
mVoSIpepei. an.l nianjr ..f litem li " lr,m,,1""'SS,r.
lome l thorel-t n1 m..rt ie.l.r wrltvta ,lth of
America aiJisu,,,, Each oue eoajplate la 1U.K i
At 'Tm. Wttiuw H.iM.rr l'r.i." ". ' I'' fatw Wwae
iwHVWHk ,"i 4-' f I ."
B"",'ll nil.h r.raaaali'e AiMara(a lTa
funny iiiMiiuna, mnn iteutoj .
S. ... aa ..a Vl-a...MAa M. ITW HBtHATTI
Mmi!iriiM,i U"T" -
''''-;:'' .. a. ..MlaaSraanra
. tie. fM ."'JTi, .u.,r.iMi..lainr.
.ii.rtinir orripii...... - T, tlM HuhHflae
anorm.ll.Ma rrai. ,-.' " . ntl l. af thl
Ho. til. M.drr. Ilr I.H- ' T Tl-lV" " VT
D.l .Iwall.'l,!.!. ..! .ni.l.' j
no. n. ataiwa . a."- - -
B.ooi.e. . . .... w.aa.a.
Ko. fl. Wall ri.wrr " . krU.un.
a.. Ml. Vk.H.raul itrla. A .. foaT
lun.ia. . . . . imIVim.A
Ho. IM. I la.'-'"- - 'I'" . '',MM A
II o. ll.a.Hal aa, laa Li.aTaWi
.ol. r T. r.Lu-. ill Wl A.l.aa A
ptl. TwaKUaaa. A . "" -V" " ""J
tVa.;r . w.i. APaaaV TataJ
i.wa atraaia . . "
atutaoa. . . aw Maw Owoa)
mv. aoa, reare - .
B.r. . . , . Mm S ava.
n. hi. a raeaww
. . 1.1 Aleve!. Br
at. eaaai rkai WraaBiBJi Wi
A Be
k. BV
L- V'n"",.a'. lilToaV A
Bjui Wowa
Bur la mini Ibat we arreo e .. the win
.1 sfTwrair .laal.le be aa eoe. .
lr. byoiall. rl ralS lo aorf o.w eaa
acr.b.r totherasi'. pMKASIortko oaeal a( rear,
at the rea-oler eebeertptlaa pflta, SI, aaA Ao o tj
.Id eahacrlbwr bo are a all arrearage. aaS ra-
ae er oao jeer ia mw,
The citizens of San Marcos
and surrounding country arc
invited to call and make the
acquaintaince of the "St Leon
ard Hotel," when they have
business in San Antonio. ISo
vchrrc in Texas can nicer ac
commodations, better fare, or
more home comfort be found
for $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
I E1T1.Il.TOB.
-r-ai'ai aaa to-
m enu t
W carta lara
a. h t A ro
Absolutely Pure.
Tbls oowd.f acvar varlai. A Bodal at sarity
tr.ndh and whol.somtaaM. Vara eon.mlea
th.o ika erdln.ry kind., and aaa ao b sold In ""'
ptllllaa with lb mallllad. si IO mi, iaar w.i".
Inrn or pho.phn. powd.rf. Bold only In oaai.
korn Baaiia rownaa Oa., 1M Wall it.. V. T.
Attorney at Law
Offloe ovnr Green's Bank, Ban Mar
m, aepWI
Drs. Woods & Beall,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Calls left at tho DrngstoreB of Baynolda
Danlol and J. A. Uoall wlU reoelYO
promot attention, fb 8tf
OFFICE i North SIdo Fnblio Square,
M ITrnon tiaa had Inns ninoTlanoe In
the finoflt galloriea iu Chicago, eto., and
guarantees as good wora as can do aone in
Hun Antonio. Austin or Dalian. Life sise
Crayon work a specialty. deol3-tf
BXPAinans of
Carriagas, Wagons, Farm
ing implements, acoi
Is under the care of that experienoed and
skillful workman, T. REASONER.
CiTAU work guaranteed.
8IIOP Cor. Austin and MonnUin street,
(P. Thompson's old stand, ootll-88-ly.
Ton can buy Baddies and Harness aa
cheap as yon oan anywhere in the Htata,
Post yourself then. Call and be convinced.
Hew Book, sna taUet loweaaaara ee4 PerieSleels
a aedall. A tall Hoe of I la (lunar
aa4 Hellaae.
-Treinl.a aa wall at rettear at1e win koiw
fluA wbet tb.r want la Ibe hoe .r aaaer., T..A
las matter, eta. Call aad aeo. laowSK
grown, Jjfndsey & Evans,
Orders an trout ad to ae wCl race! re proanpa
. .
or la
Fire rieeei auU at aS ktvxie. 8otlw
.l.'o.nr. Ala. Krw r4 arB
53 's

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