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Goodies for Ghristmas.
rriiU Unite lo DclltMil ii l'.lcurc.
For fruit oako enough lol'do the
family any reasonable family for
Christinas and Now Year's Day, these
things are necessary: Two pounds
currants, three pounds raisius, ono
pound citron, one pound candied
oranirc and lemon peel, one pound
figs, one pound almonds, two pounds
flour, one pound butter, two pounds
of tho darkest brown sugar you can
get, eighteen ceg, ono ounoo ground
cloves, ono ounce ground cinnamon,
ono out eo allspice, two nutmegs
grated, one fourth pint of brandy.
Pruparo tho fruit tho day beforo
This simple command is apt to
"stunni" tho oxperimonter so this is
how it's done. First of all tumble tho
currants into a panful oi tepid water,
stir them around a bit and lilt out
with the hands, letting the water
dram off them as you do. ltepeat
this two or throe times, then spread
them on a uleau tea towel, as coarse a
one as you havo, roll thorn up in it
and rub them well to dry them and
to ect the little storns oil. Tho stems
will stick to tho towol and tho uso of
two or three towels iu this way will
make tho currants porfeotly clean
Spread them on a plattor and set
abide until tho morrow.
Stone tho raisins. This is made
easy by letting, thorn stand in nearly
boiling water for a minute. A small
pharp knife, a touch of butter on the
fingers or olso a howl of warm water
to dip ihem in, and tho seeds arc
easily removed. Toar them in half
as you seed them.
Shred the citron quito fine and out
up the figs in small bits.
(Jhop tho orange and lemon peel
Tory small.
Blauoh tho almonds and cut them
in quarters. They aro blanched Dy
pouring oouinp water over mem, i
tine thorn stand in it a few minu
and then popping them out of t'e?
skins. h0Ir
The raisinp, orange peel, oitron au."
almonds should be prossed down ,n
a dish and the brandy poured ovcr
thorn then closely cover with a plate.
Tho next day, when the mixing and
tho baking are to bo done, set tho flour
on tho oven to brown, and as it
browns remove that dark enough
aud Bet the rest baok until all is a light
Thoroughly rub togethor the but
ter and sugar, with a woodon spoon
until creamy. Separate tho yolks and
whites of tho eggs, beat tho yolks
until light and add to tho sugar and
butter. Then add half the
flour, next tho spioos, stir
ring well after each addition, Sift
tho other half of the flour ovcr tho
fruit and add that, putting the figs
and almonds in first so that thoy will
be well distributed, then tho citron,
chopped peel, raisins and currants
alternately, a handful of oach at a
time, and stirring industriously bo
tween handfuls.
Beat the whites of the eggs to a
light not a stiff froth and add last.
A good idea ia to save out two or
three spoonfuls of the batter beforo
tho fruit goes in, to spread over tho
cakes after they are in the pins, in
order to oovcr the fruit and prevent it
Heavy pans that turn out a cako
with a hole in tho middle, or carthon
baking dishes aro pood to bake them
Tho oven must be just hot enough
turn a piece of mamlla paper pale
rown in a minute. It lequiros three
' outs to bako a fruit cake thorough
ly and the oven must be a
"slow" ono of oven tempera
ture. After throe hours opon tho
doors and leave the cakes in the ovon
for half or throe quarters of an hour
longer to coo'c.
Now for tli2 crowning touoh. About
week or five days bofore you aro
eoing to out tho oakes, got a (juart
hottlo of champagne domostio does
very well. Puooturo tho cakes with u
knitting needle or larding needle
through and through in cvory direc
tion and pour the wine over them,
turning them in it until they drink up
ovcry drop. Set thein away again un
til tho day before cutting, when thoy
can he iced if desired.
I I Fits & Co.
5J4, and 51 5, Austin utreetf
Waco, Texas.
Headers, look over this ad, and read
from time to timo and it will save you
money. I offer as a starter :
Dried grapes, 20 lb for 61 00
Choice evaporated apples, 10 lb 1 00
Mavy beans, 2!t lb I 00
Iiimibctin', 18 1b 1 00
Grits, 3.-) lh 1 00
Head rice.Hlb I 00
10 packages Sootoh oats 1 00
10 packages corn flakes 1 00
1st patent flour, por cwt, 2 80
Granulated suear, 18 lb 1 00
Y. C Sugar, 10 lb 1 00
iJrown sugar, 20 lb 1 00
Spot Cash.
This is somothing of interest to to
bacco chewers and smokers
Star tobacco, per pound, 4i
Horse Shoo tobaooo, per pound, . . 45c
Target tobacco, per pound, 25o
Fish Hook tobacco, por pound, .. Sisio
Drtimmond s N. L., rer pound,. . 5Fo
W. N. T. N L., per pound, 55o
Cut Rate, por pound, 30o
Lucy Hinton, per pound, f)0o
Royal Bumper, per pound, oOo
Swoop Stakes, per pound, 55o
Lucky Striko, N. L., per pound,.. 55c
Rob Roy, per pound, 30o
Old Dick, por pound, OOo
BestGreonville, per pound 33
Spot Cash
Friends, this is only a small list of
my oash pnoes on groceries. Call
at my Btoro and I will surpriso you
with tho low prices on other "oods.
Every day a special sale day, and any
quantity sold at these prices,
205 South Third Street.
W. W. bearcy Who Succeeds
Maotze Accepts and Is happy
to Support Mills.
Mr. W. W. Searoy was nominated a
fow days ago as tho Deinooratio can
didate for nator to suooaed lion. B.
G. Moatze from the Twelfth Sena
torial district and the following is his
letter of acoeptaniie
Messrs. D. C. Giddings, S. G. Rags-
dalo, J. D. Bryaut, T. S. Reese and
S. R. Blake, Committee.
Gentlemen: I havo tho honor to
acknowledge the rooeipt of your
letter of Doe. 29th, I89I, ap
prising mo formally of my nomina
tion to the office of state senator from
the 12th senatorial district, to fill tho
vacancy coused by tho death of Hon.
E G. Maetze, by tho Democratic con
entinn lately assembled in Brenham.
I accept tho nomination with a grate
ful appreciation of tho oonfidonoo re
posed in mo. Should the legislature
bi celled togethor by the govornor,
there will bo business of muoh im
portance before it, and none in which
tho people seem to be more interested
than tho election of a Unitod States
senator. In carrying out tho instruc
tions tho convention saw fit to givo
me, I will bo voicing tho sentiments
of my heart, us, in my judgment the
Hon. R. Q, Mills is tho grandest man
wo havo in publio life today.
Should tho people of tho district
ratify your ohoioo at tho polls 1
oan only promise to try and servo thorn
with the same fidelity that markod tho
official courso of my lamented pred
ecossor. With great respeot I romain,
Yours, truly,
W.W. Skaiioy.
-Brenham Texas, Deo. 30, 1891.
A Sound Liver Hakes a Well Man.
Are you Bilious, Constlpatedand
troubled with Jnundlce, SlekHead
aohe, Bad Taste in Mouth, Filn
Breath, Coated Tongue, Dyspepsia
Indigestion, Hot Dry Skin, Pain iu
Back and between the Bhouldors,
Chills and Foyer, &o. If you have
any of those symptoms, your Lilver is
out of order your blood is elowly
boing poisoned, because your Liver
does not act properly. Hfmhnb will
euro any disorder of the Llvor.Hlom
ueh orBowols. It has no equal as a
Llvor Modi cine. P rice 75 cents Free
sample bottlo atri. C. Kishet's Drug
Interior Decorating and
Paper Hanging a Spe
cial ty; Also Dealer in
Painters Supplies aud
Wall Paper.
six Tii u Tit ei:t.i:,i it vitAxicr, ix,
WACO, -:- -:- TEXAS.
A Residence In the Country and E.
E. Thompson's Establishment.
At an oarly hour Saturday morning
the now residence of Mr. Ed Duty,
near Rosonthal was consumed by firo.
All the furniture except a piano was
saved by tho efforts of Mr. Duty aud
his neighbors. Mr. Duty carried in
surance in the Filzhugh, Motz and
Gouldy agency as follows: On house
$750, on furniture $300
At about 2 o'clock yesterday morn
ing the paint and wull paper establish
ment of Mr. E B. Thompson caught
fire and for a few minutes it looked as
though the entire house and contents
would be destroyed. Tho fire boys
responded in great shapo and the
flames were arrested beforo thoy got
undor good headway. Tho budding
was damaged very materially how
ever, and the stock of paper and
other material was injured by fira and
water. Tho insurance on tho property
was as follows:
On stook in tho Manouoster $800,
in tho Merohants $S00, in the West
ern $1000. On building in Burling
ton $700. All this insurance was
placed with the Dookery & Co ,
Prompt Payments.
The following payments of theso
polioics speak intelligently of the
liberal methods of tho Provident Sav
ings Lite Assuranoe Society of New
Nkw York, Dec 31, I80I.
Col U n. l'arrott, Waco, Toxna
Deau Sib Wo hand you herewith
our oheok tor $2000 in settlement of
claim under policy No. 31,4."9,
Muecko, whioh matures March 13th
but which wo tako pleasuro in thus
antioipating as a sort of New Year's
pre&ent to Mrs Muecko.
With the compliments of tho sea
son, we are yours truly.
M. L. Stevens,
Sup't Claim Dep't.
New York, Dec. 30, 1801.
Col. It. 11. Parrott, Waco, Texas:
Dear Sir We hand you herowith
our ohock for $5000 in settlement of
claim under policy No 27,689, Jno.
11. Lehr. Ihis claim matures Maroh
6th, 1892 but we are happy, by thus
anticipating payment, to contribute a
New 1 ear s present to the comfort of
Mrs. Lclir.
Wo also hand you herowith our
ohook for $5000 in settlement of olaim
No. 29,705, Habiobt. This olaim
matures February 14, 1892 but wo are
happy in this case also to increase tho
comfort of Mrs. Habicht for tho New
Yoar. Yours truly,
M. L. Stevens,
Sup't Claim Dop't.
rriBiitoriuiTVo in'iftii.
Nr.w Origans, Jan. 4. Anthony P.
Silba, a laborer aged 30, was frightened
to death yesterday. Ho was 11 witness
to n stabbing affray, when a policeman
arrived on the scene and arrested him by
mistake as one of the participants. Tha
man became so frightened that he fell iu
a fit and died ten minutes l.U r.
I 'or Itviun ju'k Sinning,
Boston, Jan. 1. GovernorWilliam E.
Russell lias issued an appeal to tho peo
plo of Massachusetts asking them to
come generously to tho aid of tho famine
sufferers in Russia and appointed a com
mittee, with Bishop Phillips Brooks at
tho head, to receive contributions.
Another .Smiintiii ttjirlslni;.
Sydney, Jan. 4. Advices hnve been
received fiom Samoa to tho effect that
another native war is imminent. Two
bundled of King Maliotoa's warriors are
said to bo advancing upon tho villago of
Lumu with tho object of csiwlHng
Matafa'H insurgents.
A Dotormlnod Fight That Promisos
To Last.
Coiiutiurciiil Comer In IMtcrt
Froielit l'roin ttio A run mi I'ni
A 'I'cht Ciino Where Hie Only Fed
eration of Kmployco'N llxNta.
Tho San Antonio and Aransas Pjss
strike is probably the most importai t
striko that has ever occurred on an)
railroad. It derives its importanoo
from tho fact that on no other road
has the orders of railway operatives
federated for their protection, Tho
strikers maintain that it is a tost case
and if it fails there is no uso for labor
to organize. Tho conductors, engi
neers, iircmon, brchkuun, switchmen
and telegraph oporators each have
their organization to promote their
interests, and a few months ago all of
those went into a federation to protect
any ono of them against any imposi
tion the railroad company might try to
infliot. Tho telegraphers griovanco,
based upon what they thought and
alleged to bo an imposition, was tho
first opportunity they had to test the
federation. Taking this view of it
aud one is forced to tho conclusion
that tho struggle will be tho most in
tetcsting ever known in tho history of
Tho receivers seem hopeful, and
claim that thoy will hive regular
trains running in a fow days. The
following notice appe.irs on the door
of tho station in Waco, and it is
presumed tho same is posted on all
tho stations.
"All parsons am hcroby notifisu tc
keep off tho property of tho San An
tonio and Aransas Pass Railway com
pany's unless thero on business with
the company, its agonts, or employes,
and all pessons trespassing on property
of the railway company, or who shall
move or injure any :ailroad locorao
tsvc, engine, tender, baggage, passen
ger or freight car of said railway
company, or ictcrfcro in any way
with tho uso aud operation thorcof,
withoat authority of tbo rcoeivcrs,
their agents or ewplojcs, will be
proseouted to tho full extant of the
Geo. L Sands.
Approved by Reoeivers Yoakum
and MoNamara.
Tho strikers rily on tho assistance
of the labor organizations on the
other roads and they assort that not a
pound of freight from tho Aransas
Pass will be touohed by the employes
of the other roads if they scab that
road. If thoir expectations aro rea
lized tho fight will probably extend to
all the other roads and ono of the
most gigantio struggles betwoon a
railroad management and the employe
thereof will bo seon before a settle
ment is reaohed.
Receiver Yoakum, however, says
there will bo no trouble of this sort,
that the interstate commerce laws
would provont any such complications
and feels assured that if ho can got
enough men to run the trains tho
traffio will bo resumed and no furthei
annoyanoo will bo felt
The oitizenB of Yoakum hold a
meeting Saturday and expressed sym
pathy for tho strikers. Tho Printors
Union of Waco met yesterday and
passed resolutions expressing sym
pathy for the men.
Thus it seems that the fcoling is
spreading and tho end is not yet. It
will piobably be Eoveral weeks bt)foro
tho train sorvioo will be rosumod on
tho Waoo branch and it will probably
bo weeks before freight will bo mov
ed on any part of the lino.
It is reported that the Federating
board with headquarters at Yoakum
will send, ex commeroial agents and
local agents tu commeroial centers to
divert all freight from the San Anto
nio and Aransas Pass road.
li you want iresh oysters sorved in
a tempting manner, call at the Wo
man's Exohango, 113 North Fourth
You can bay a good lot on your
own terms part oash or trade or on in
stalments. Don't be a olam but got
you a homo whilo the ohanco is open.
See V G Kirkpatricic, 605 South
Eighth street, corner of Clay stroot
at d he will sell you a lot.
hats. -
We are prepared to make
loans on improved country or
city propert' at current rates.
Vendors' lieu notes extended
Prompt attention.
Waco, Texas
Lovers of Art
The beautiful painting of Mrs. Goo.
Clark by
is on exhibition for one week at
Duane's now studio, 701 aud 703
Austin street. It is a masterpioce
and all lovers of art should seo it.
The following proporty is offered
for sale without reservo or limit as tu
price' A man with some cash oan
make money and lots of it, if ho will
go and investigate this offer. But do
lay is dangerous, the property is
going to be sold.
10 lots, 8 houses, corner Fifth and
Speight streets; 1 house and barn on
South Fifth street, this v. ill bo sold at
a sacrifice; a 9 aoro garden, 2 acres
in asparagus, ono aore in fioo fruit
and grapes, good improvements, on
South Twelfth 6treet.
A Co aoro fruit farm, -io aoros in
fruit trees (bearing) alto $20,000 two
year old nursery trees for sale.
Sandy loam soil three and a half miles
from oitv, fino gardon land. Call at
613 Austin avenue for the bargains.
Undisputed Authority.
Tho United States Dispensary says:
that "Uaions are a stimulant, diurotio
and expectorant; thoy increaso the
appetite aud drom )to dijestinn." Thn
juico made into syrup as in Dr. Gunn'd
Onion Syrup, has a specific action on
the throat, lungs and air passages, it
not only cures coughs, colds, oroup
and consumption, but its stimulating
effect, strengthens anc builds up tbo
system afterward. As a tonio and
restor .tivo it has no equal. Wo so
licit a trial in tho mos' chronic and
stubborn cases. Prico 50cts. Sold by
W. B. Morrison & Co.
At the Park Natatorlum fop the
Winter Months.
Open 7 a. m, to 9 p. m. Saturday
nig t uutil 12 o'olook. Closed on
Uinday night. Tub, Vapor and
Needle Baths day and night for inval
ids and others- Physician's offioa
hours 9 to 11 a. in.; 3 to 5 p. m.
Skilled male aud female attendants
day and night. Ton Padoitt,
J. B. Chesnut, Proprietor.
Lucky Numbers.
Following are tho numbers that woa
tho prizes at Cummins' 5 and 10 cont
Store, 703 Austin Auonue, January
1, 1892 :
First prize, 1447; seoind prize,
1801; third prizo, 251; fourth prizo,
1837; fifth prize, 1167, sixth prizo,
507; seventh prize, 93; eighth prize,
1053; ninth prizo, lGfili; tenth prize,
1235; cloventh prize, 999; twelfth
prize, 98 1; thirteenth prize, 1074;
fourteenth prize, 1000; fifteenth prizo,
1853; sixteenth prize, 39; soventccnth
prize, 1434; eighteenth prize, 1004;
ninetoonth prize, 1415; twentieth
prizo, 1203. Happy New Year.
Co-Partnorshlp Notice.
We, tho undersignod do this day
enter into oo-partnerohip under tho
firm name of Deh-uoy & Mollor for
the purpose of doing a general moat
market business and kindly solicit the
patronage of all who will pay prompt
ly at the expiration of caoh month as
we are determined to out off all delin
quents. Respectfully,
Referring to the abovo I thank my
customers for their past iavors and
will gladly servo all who iu tho futuro
pay their bills at the end of oach
month and request all who owe mo at
present to settle as quiokly as possi
ble as 1 desire to givo no ono trouble.
Yours truly,
Jno. II. Delaney,
I Waco, Texas, Jan. 1st, 18y2

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