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ow op the parket.
Now is the Time fr
JJLeM. of
Small :
: IVleans
At Low
Apply to Mrs.
Wx will anyone ronistn weak when
they can be m.d blrcng I
Everyone should know that the entire
human structute is constantly being torn
down and rebuilt, the same as in the
vegetable world tlio trots sued their leave
and again put forth new shoots. Now,
when the blood butumes too weak to carry
to the kidneys and liver this dead tissue
that should ho removed, the whole system
becomes enervated and n distressed feeling
of weakness and unnatural fatigue follows.
One feels half dead, so to speak, and liter
ally it half dead, the old tissue clinging in
particles throughout the system, prevent
ing the forming of new tissuo and th
awakening of new life. At bitch times a
medicine that will enliven the blood, re
move its sluggishness, fill it with red cor
puscles, and strengthen it, is necessary.
There is only one such medicine and that
is Dr. John Hull's Sarsaparilla, Its action
on the blood U like the ellecl of cream on
coffee, it mnla it gwd. Do you want to feel
the exuberance of perfect health? Doyou
want to feel strong and full of life in every
part? Do you want to increaso your self
control and be a perfect man or perfect
woman, fiee from the unnatural tenden
cies of wasting and debilitating diseases?
Then use Dr. Bull's Sursitjroiilla. It will
make you feel new and full of strength.
..? !, Uurrows, Covington, Ky writes!
"I would now be In my crave bad I not
used Dr. Hull's Hnrwiimrllla. I wua pale,
listless, und no weak that I spent more than
half my time lylue in bed. My memory
was bad. I could not concentrate my mind
on business or anything. My nights wen
restless, and my dreams unnaturally vivid.
I lost tlesli, and teemed to bo uabtlns away,
I Brew deMioudent, rind constantly fearful
that boinethlng evil was Koliit to happen,
The bmallefttuut would run t to u tore, and
my blood was thin and col i i henid Hull's
Horaaparijlu was a good ti. i .tlieuliiB mod
Jclne, and sn gava It a ... , n lias mads
life teem dltlisrent to me, ind filled ma with
50MwLt?'loPS Hna determination, whllomy
health Is all I could desire." J
Mrs. Luey Hcdel, Luwri'iiccburg, Ind.,
writes: "I was weak and ucrvous, welched
Sn(l?ie'8t';" lJ0,un,""' t00k twentythret
bottles of Dr. Hull's Karaaparlllu, and grew
strong and fat. I now weigh 11. pounds.
ff-If you lovo your child, look after Its
tTm f?.rVy occasionally giving It Dr. John
Bull's Worm Destroyers. They never da
harm and will keep It well.
fever after quinine has failed. It la pleaa.
ant to take, and never falls to cur. Vou da
LI"801,,',1 wrP,nS ' "so quinine or any
other chill medicine.
John D. Park A Sons, Wholetale AgenU,
178, 177 and 179 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, O.
Residence 120 N3 St
Iteeldenco at,a N 12 St.
Physicians and Surgeons.
blatc at Old Corner IDrug'Bloro. Telepnone
at Ofllco and Residences.
They are Beautifully
Waco will become
city in a few years.
business, and property bought there now
faster than property in any other portion
short while a new bridge will be built
tvrirmy ktc?-7!wj.,a:tJV2'. & i:g
Kirkpatrick, Eighth
WACO I'llli: DIH'AHTfflllNT.
Locution of Firo Alarm Iloxch.
Box 4 Fifth Ward F'ro Station strikes
" 6 Corner 9 h ai d Austin "
c " 4th " " "
" 7 Central Flro Station "
" 8 West Knd Fire Mation "
" IS CorLcr 14 h a d Wa-hlngton '
i mi
i urn
14 " Sth and Malborough
"10 siiia' u o ninijua
"16 " sth and Jock son "
"17 " 4th and Webster "
"23 ' 8th ndCle eland '
'20 " Sth anil Speight
"27 " ethand Wa.hlneton"
" 35 Royal Hotel 6th a d Franklin " m tl'll
ii wooiou anus utn ana Aiary - iii-iiim
" 37 Corner 1 th and Jeflersou ' III-II nil
All boxes nuinbeied above 8 strikes thus;
Sox 13 strikes 1 and ctota, thou strikes ill
mnklnt l)oi 13, then repeats (onr times
Box 25 strikes II and sups, then strlkos 1III
making Box 25 a d so on.
Keys wll bo foui d in lcsldonceson each coi
ner where boxen are loca ed Open Firo Alarm
Boxes aml.pull Hook down and let go. Leave
key In box
Turn alarm In only for fires. 110 00 flue for
falso alarms.
blow tapping of bella signify company
Herond Friday In each month rs-h box le
tanned twice, testing boxes and circuit Hue
When alarm of lire Is give the Firo Depart
ment has the right of way on allttrecls. All
vehicles must drive near the sidewalk and keep
away from the fire 5.9J fiao for running over
ltoport of any careless driving going to or
from Urea by the Fire Department will bo
thankfully receives by the Cli'cf, as fast and
careless driving Is stnckly forbidden.
This Is Pretty Good,
Mr. John C Goodwin, a oarponter
of Danville, III , writes: "About two
weeks ago a heavy saw log fell npon
my foot very badly crushing it, so
that i was unable to work at all. 1
sent ior h bottle of Ballard's Snow
Liniment and kopt my foot well satu
rated with it. It is now two wco.b
since this happened, and my foot is
nearly well and I am at work. Had I
tiDt used Snow Liniment 1 should
have been laid up at least two months.
For healing wounds, sprains, sores and
bruises it has no equal. No inflam
mation can exist whore Snow Lini
ment id used. "You can use this let
ter." Beware of all whito linimouts sub
stituted for Snow Liniment. Thero i
no othor liniment liko Ballard's Snow
Liniment. Sold by H. 0, Risher &
First Class Restaurant.
Btauuhini & Son at Turf Saloo
Open day and night. All the delin
oiti-t. Regular dinner. Choicost vo
itnds Skilled cooks. Private rooms
for privato partios. Nothing too good
for our oustomcrs.
BuNcniNi & Son.
Save your monoy and buy a home
in the Kirkpatrick addition.
These Lots
Are in the Kirkpat
rick Addition
Waco and are situ
ated in Jiast Waco.
located and are high
the most popular residence portion of the
It will also be the centre of a very large
will traverse the entire
eastern section of the
city. These lots are
cheaper in proportion
to their location than
any lots ever put on
the market.
and Clay street, or P.
I Startling Facts.
lho American people are rapidly
becoming a race of nervous wrecks,
and the following suggests the best
remedy: Alphonso Hempfling, of
Butler, Pa., swears that when his son
was speechless from St. Vitus dance
Dr. Miles' great Ileetorativo Nervine
cured him. Mrs. J. 11. Miller, of
Valparaiso, and J. D. Taylor, of
Logansport, Ind , eaoh gained 20
pounds from taking it. Mrs. II. A.
Gardner, of Vistula, Ind., was cured
of 40 to 50 convulsions a day, and
much headache, dizziness, baokaohe
and nervous prostration by. one bottle.
Trial bottles, and fino book of mar
volous euros, free at II. 0. Risher &
Co,, who recommends and guarantees
this unequaled remedy.
The now firm of Piokott & Duggel
by, accountants and adjusters, have
moved into their elegant new offices in
tho great Provident building on
Fourth and Franklin streets. Thoy
aro now fully prepared to open now
books for 1892 or close books for ISO,
adjust difficult aooounts, act as adjust
ers in disputed accounts, preparo
statements of guardians and others
for probato courts, and in all other
respocts do skilful work as account
ants. Their long oxperienco and
training in all branches renders their
services valuablo and guardians, trus
tees and others will find it to their
interest to employ them. Their
charges are reasonable and you may
save much money by employing their
skilled and trained services.
Jackson's Special OfTer.
Till January 1st, '92 I will make
lifo size crayon portraits in a nice 20x
21 frme for only $10. I als- offer
to tho prettiest baby under 2 years
old, having cabinet photos mado at
my gallery, a $15 gold medal, and for
tho next prettiest baby, a life-size
crayon portrait, niooly framed. Dis
interested judges will be ohoson to
mako tho awards. Tho babies' pho
tos will be put into a large frame
and placed on exhibition at tho gallery.
Tho medal is now on oxhibition at my
studio. W. D. Jackson.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Hayden & Hayden, proprietors.
Neat and quiot. Very finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunoh at 10.
Old i'rionds and oustomcrs as woll
now will meet a hearty welcome.
They are Cheap. :
and attractive. East
will increase in value
of the city. In a
and the electric cars
Should Hen i iorp
and this is the best opportunity to
G. Kirkpatrick, same.
)cu Should Not be Witnoutlt.
Every family is liable to have a
hereditary taint of consumption in it.
It may date baok l or evon 4 genera
tions. This fact makes it necessary
always to have on hand a remedy
with which to combat this formidable
disease. A cough when taken at first
can readily be oured boforo it gets a
serious hold on tho lungs, Ballard's
Horehound Syrup whon taken in its
early stages will euro consumption It
is guaranteed to bring relief in eyery
ease, whon UBcd for any affection of
tho throat, lungs and ohost, such as
consumption, inflammation of the
uogs, bronchitis, asthma, whooping
lcough, croup, etc It is pleasant to
take, perfeotly safe and can ajways be
dopended ou. Sold by II . (J. Risher
& Co.
The Best In Texas.
McAhster Lump is tho best coal
sold in Texas. Lacy is the sole
Buy lots in Waco addition to Hock
poit on Herring, Kelley, Evans and
Inge stroot. Gilt edgo property.
J. K. Anderson.
Mllos' Nervo And Liver Pills
Act on a now principle regulating
the liver, stomach nnd bowels through
thenorvfip. A new discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness,
bad taste, torpid llvei piles, consti
pation. Unequaled for mon, women,
and children. Smallest, mildest, sur
est. 60 doeei-25 cents. Samples free
ntH. C Klbhr . . , ...
Aimtin avouue
The chance to buy lots as noar to
tho square and at such a price as tho
lots in the Kirkpatrick addition comes
only on co in a life time. Ii you have
a good milk cow you can traHo or a
horse or a mule or pay a small part in
cash. Soo P. G Kirkpatrick, 005
South Eighth street.
Don't pay rent when you can buy a
homo, and any ouc can buy a homo in
the Kirkpatrick addition.
Buy tho "Big Muddy" lump coal.
Keop warm andgivo vour imagination
a rest. "Telophone Egan for coal."
If you want cheap ooal try Lacy's
Brier Uiibek, J5.50 per ton.
uy a Lot While
Gap Get
very r
Terms as
O 1 ciyiTIGfltS
Sudden Deaths.
Heart diseaso is by far tho most
frequent cause of sudden death, which
in threo out of four caees is udsus
pected. Tho symptoms aro not gen
erally understood. These tiro: a
habit of lying on the right side, short
breath, pain or distress in side, back
or shoulder, irregular pulse,, asthma,
weak and hungry spoils, wind in
stomaoh, swelling of nnklos or dropsy,
oppression, dry cough and smothering.
Dr. Miles' illustrated book on Heart
Diseases, free at II. C. Kisher & Co.,
who sell and guarantee Dr. Miles' un
equaled New Heart Cure, and his
Restorative Nervine, which curoi ner
vousness, headache, sleeplessness, ef
fects of drinking, etc. It contains no
Notice of Dissolution of Partner
ship, Deo. 22, 1801.
The partnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned, undor the
firm name and stylo of D. H. Sponoer
& Co., is this day dissolved bv mutual
consent. Tho business will be con
tinued by J. B. Payne, who has pur
chased all tho assets and assumed all
J B. Payne.
Referring to the above, I desiro to
express my warm appreciation of the
very liberal patronage heretofore ex
tended to tho firm and to earnestly
solicit a continuance of tho same to
my successor.
D. H. SruNCEK.
Fishing taokle of every description
with a full stock of huntors supplies
H. E. A ibolds.
Real Estate
Those hunting bargains in dirt will
mako money by calling on me,as Ijbave
good city, farm and ranch property.
I hao ono ranoh of 1000 aoros divided
into four pastures, 50 acres in cultiva
tion, at $0 per acre. I havo good place
in thecity, worth $5000, to trade for
good larm.
1 want to buy small place within 8
miles of Waoo, 10, 15 or 5 aores,
sandy land,
Real Estate and Notary Public.
303 1-2 Austin Street, Waco, Tex.

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