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trull Ciller lit lnl til lull lliiliiire.
For fruit cake enough toj'do the
family anv reasonable family for
Christina and Now Year's D.iy, these
things aro iiecpssary: Tvi pounds
currants, three pounds raisins, ono
pi und citron, ouc pound candied
orange and lemon peel, one pound
fijjs. one pjund almonds, two pounds
flour, one pound batter, two pounds
rf tho darkest brown sujjar you can
p. t, eighteen eegs, one ounoo ground
cloven, ono ounce ground cinnamon,
ono out co allspice, two nutmegs
grated, one fourth pint of brandy.
Prepare tho fruit tho day before.
This sinula command is apt to
"stump'' tho experimenter so this is
how it's done Firs of r.ll tumble tho
currants into a pauful of tepid water,
ptir them around a bit and lift out
with tho hands, letting- the water
dnin off them as you do. Repeat
this two or three times, 'then spread
them or. a clean tea towel, as coarse a
ono as youhavo, roll them up in it
and rub them well to dry thorn auu
to act the little stems oil. The stems
will slick to tho towol and tho uso of
two or threo towels in this way will
mako iIm currants perlectly clean
Spread them on a platter und set
aside until too morrow.
Stone tbe raisins. This is mado
easy by letting thorn staud in uearly
boiling water for a minuto. A small
bharp knife, a touch of butter on tho
fingers or else n howl of warm water
to dip them in. and tho seeds are
easily removed. Toar them in hdf
as you seed them.
Shred the citron quite fine and cut
up the fit's in small bits.
Obop the orange and lemon peel
very small.
Blanch the almonds and out them
in quarters. They arc blanched by
pouring bo'dinc water over them, let
ting them stand in it a few minutes,
and then popping them out of their
lho raisin'1, orange peel, citron and
almonJs should be pressed down in
a dish and tho brandy poured ovor
them then closely cover with a plate.
Tho next day, when the mixing and
the baking are to bo done, set the flour
on the oven to brown, and as it
brownB remove that dark enough
and set the rest back until all is u light
Thoroughly rub together the but
ter and sugar, with a wooden spoon
until creamy. Separate the volks and
whites of the eggs, beat tho yolks
until light and add to tho sugar and
butter. Then add half the
flour, next the spices, stir
ring well aftor each addition. Sift
tho otlur half of the flour over tho
fruit and add that, putting- the figs
and almonds in first so that thoy will
be well distributed, then tho citron,
chopped peel, raisins and currants
alternately, a handful of each at a
time, and Stirling industriously be
tween handfuls.
Beat the whites of the eggs to a
light not a stiff both and add last.
A good idea is to save out two or
three spoonfuls of tbo batter before
tho fruit goes in, to spread over tho
oakes after thoy aro in tbo ptns, in
order to cover tho fruit and prevent it
Heavy pans that turn out a cako
with u nolo hi tho middle, or earthen
waking dishes aro good to bake them
Tho oven must bo just hot enough
t0 turn a piece of mauilla paper palo
brown in a minute. It requires threo
hours to bako a. Irutt cake thorough'
ly and the oven must be o
"6low" one of oven tempora-
ture. Aftor three hours opeu the
doors and leavo tho cakes in tho oven
for half or throe quarters of an hour
longer to coo':.
Now for tha crowning touob. About
a week or five days before you aro
going to out tho ctkes, got a quart
bottlo of ohampagoo domestic does
very well. I'unoturo the cakos with .1
knitting needle or larding needle
through and throngh in every direo
tion anJ pour the wino over them,
turning them in it until they drink up
ovcry drop. Set them away again un
til tno day before cutting, when they
cm be iced if doaired.
f. K.
I Co
514, and 515, Austin htrcot,
Waco, Texas.
TA .. -
Goodies for Clirite.
Readers, look ovor this ad, and read
from time to timo and it will save you
money. I offer as a starter ;
Dried grapes, 20 lb lor 81 00
Choice ovtporated npfiles, i" lb 1 00
Mavy beans, 2:i lb 1 00
Linn b.-nn , 18 lb 1 00
Grits, 35 In 1 00
Head rico.M lb I 00
10 packages Scotch oats 1 00
10 pickogos corn flakes 1 00
lt pitent flour, per cwt. ...... 2 80
Granulated Miaar, IS lb 1 00
V. 0 Sugar, llt 1 00
Urown sugar, 20 lb 1 00
This is something of intcroat to
baco chowers and smokers .
Star tobacco, per piuul,
HoFsP hhoo tobacco, per pound,. .
Target tobacco, per pound,
Fish Hook tobacco, per pound,. .
Drummniid s N. L., per pound,. .
W. N. T. N L , per pound,
Cut Hate, per pound,
Lucy Iliuton, per pound,
Royal Rumper, per pound,
Sweep Stakes, per pound
Lucky Strike-, N. L , per pound,..
Rob Iloy, per pound,
Old Dick, per pjund,
Best Greenville, per pound,
Spot Cash
Friends, this is only a small list of
my oash prices on groceries. Call
at my storo and I will surprise you
with tho low prices on other goods.
Every Jaj a special sale day, and any
quantity sold at these prices.
205 South Third Street.
The Old Is Off, The Now Is on
Board of Trade Awake!
Wniio II10 C limine (lily ltd Your
Duty ti nicn mid Hie CJuynur Cliy
Will Itc t'rownuil tlio Comim-rciiil
lUeirnpolls n( Central Ti!xni Witli
lli Tills Decade.
if there is one thiog needed in this
city at tbo present time more than at -other,
it is something which will awak
en in tho board of trado greater inter
est and activity in prosecuting the
work for which it was organized
namely, "to unito the business men
of Waco in tho promotion of the
common interest, and tho advance
ment of tho material wclfaro of tho
oity; to acquire, preserve and dissun
inato valuublu commercial and econo
mic information, to advertise the ad
vantages of Waco, to encourage im
migration, investment and the establish
ment of manufactories and commercial
insti utions of nil kinds and gener
ally to secure to its members
tho benefits of cooperation in the
furtheranco of their legitimate pur
suits.'' The Board of Trade ought to be a
power in this community, bjt it is
not at tho present tune. There are
many good things which mombcrs of
the Board of Trado ought to do at
1. Every member should ask him
self the question, "What ami doing
to advance the usefulness of the
Board of Trado and to assist in car
rying out the objects for which it was
created "
2 Determine for tho current year
to attend the regular monthly meet
ings of tho board. Thoy aro held on
the first Friday night of eaoh month.
Tho mooting for January will be to
night, becauso now year's day was
3 Be a oheorful giver and pay
your quota toward preparing litera
ture advertising the natural and ao
quired advantages of Waco.
4. Hold up tho hands of the recep
tion oommitteo, whoso duty it is to
recoivo and entertain parties visiting
tho oity for the purpose of locating
industries or seeking opportunities for
5. Dj not fail to pay your monthly
due3. They aro tho bono and tinow
of the board. In a word, gentlemon
of tho hoard ol trade, wake ill1! and
all bo in attendanoo tonight at 8
o'clock. Roouih 500 1-2 Austin
11. R. Paiiuott, Prostdcnt.
B II. Poi'E, Secretary.
n n ni
Ji JUi 1
Iuterior Decorating and
Paper Hanging a Spe
cialty; Also Dealer in
Painters Supplies and
Wall Paper.
1 11
sixth srni:i:rxi: 1 it . rn.ixiCLix.
Real Estato Transrors
Reported by Waco Abstrict and
Investment Company, 119 South
Fourth street. Waco, Texas.
E O Gruhbs to Joann Sanders 143
3 4 acres Johnson and Henry sur,
E Lemoino and wifo to C C Last
inper 100 acres Wdliams sur, $3005.
R Bu,h to M Halibunon 20 12
acres Sam Burton sur, &1, and divi
sion. M Ilaliburton to It Bush 20 1-2
acres Sam Burton sur, $1, and divi-
J A Byrum and wifo to It B Wilson
lot Morrow sur, $1300.
J II (Jampboll to N Shaw et al 60
acres S Mclvisr-iek league, $900.
D 13 Ivy to A Kellum interest in
100 acres u luce league, 2j.
M 13 Burwdl to LOvertanG45 100
acres J O Green sur, S 132 25.
0 A Morgan to W R Martin 1-2 of
lot 1 block G West, $250.
Z Davis and wife to J R Petor 5
lots at West, $300.
W N Orand and wife to J M
Brazeal 194 G9-100 uore S Fowler
sur, $2814.43
Total Jan. 4, 1892,$10,5SS.18.
Notice of Sal.
Notico is hereby given that the St
Lovis and Southwestern Railway com
pany, of Texas, will on, to wit. the
11th day of January, A. D. 1S92, at
at 2 o'clock p. in., at Us freight df pot,
situated on Mary street, in the city ol
Waco, sell at public auction to tho
highest bidder, for cash, the following
discribed property, to wit : Ono uar
load of lime consigned to J. B. Baker,
Warso, Texss, and contaiued car No.
G330, St. L. 3. W., feituatcd in the
jnrds of said railway company. Said
property being bold as unclaimed per
ishable freight to pay storage oharges,
as provided by statutes of tho state of
St. Louis Southwestern Railway
Comany of Texas. Ry
J. It. FLvVDKJf,
not heard
Have ou
about it??
Well, I am
20 pounds granulated sugar for $1 00
Perfection corn (best in tho world)
for 12 1 2 cents per can.
3 pounds standard tomatoes at 10
cents per can.
Brbuoklo's coffco 22 1 2 ots. ber poet.
Irish Potatoes 25 cents per bucket.
Best patent flour 1 40 per sack.
Toe S. Thompson.
Tho Grocer.
Stockholders Meeting.
The regular annual meeting of tho
stockheldors of the Central City
Tru6t company will tako place on
Monday January 11th, 1892, at their
0JI100 in Waco, Texas, at 4 0 clock p.
m., for the purpose of electing direc
tors and to tranBaot any other business
that may properly be brought up.
New Facts About the Dakotas
is the title of the latest illustrated
pamphlet issued by the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul R'y regarding
those growing states, whose wonder
ful crops the past season havo attract
ed the attention of the whole country
U is full of faots of special interest
for all not satisfied with their present
location. Send to D. C. Brady,
Southern Passenger Agent, 237 4th
Avo., Louisville, Ky., f jr a copy freo
of expense.
I and WMslcey Habits
I cured nt homo wuh-
II out pain. Hook riliio p
I Harare rent I'ltl.K.
H1.M.V00M.K.M I).
'Allnulu.Uu. oulce lOlfc. Whlttt-Ul S
.v ('iicrri..it i,i:iti:ic iitou a
ritu:.M or oi cn.mneso.-v
,VhUlii for .Secunit t'linicu for Scnn
Inr (irrulil lii' mil !' I UiiiIit
Obligation to Answer tllrculiiru
tut i:.iircsNi's Soiuu Very OicWIihI
Opinion About iliu Combination.
A News reporter got 11 glimpso of
the following circular letter this
Yo,u aro uwaro if an extra session
of the legislature is culled, it will de
volve upon that body to olect a United
States senator to fill tho unexpired
term of Judge Reagan. With Mills-,
Culberson, urd Chilton in tho field,
what is your first and eccond choice?
Culberson represents my county in
congress, and I beliovo a majority of
my constituency favor him; and un
less otherwise instructed I shall
vote for him. 1 should bo
pWsod to liavo an answor
form you, indicating your first and
second ohoico.
I look foiward with Pleasure to
meeting the members of tho 22ud,
as I formed a high opinion of most
of them, and look baok upon my
association with that body with
With best wishes &c I remain
very truly,
Your Friend,
E L. Aonew.
What will be your answer Judge,
asked tho reporter.
"I don't know that I will answer it
at til" said Judgo Gerald. "1 would
havo answered any private letter from
any member of the legislature, but I
feel under no obligations to answer
circulars from the Chilton Culberson
combina ion, especially since Culber
son's recent grand, and lofty tumbling,
and tho facility with which he has evi
dently been manipulated by another
So tho Senatorial contest comes on
The Train of Hungry Rangers
Sympathy Crystallzing for
The Strikers.
The striks today presents no new
phases that is of importanoe. The
tact of tho business is, it is hard to
get anything now at this point. The
telegraph offioe on the San Antonio
and Aransas Pass is closed and as
there is no effjrt to run trains on the
Waco branch, there is very little to
report in way 0 casualities. The Hous
ton train was run out of San Antonio
yesterday and mado tho trip with no
hindrance save univorsal guying and
rofusnal of restaurants to sell
tho train orow anything to
eat. There was a company
of Texas Rangors aboard and at
Yoakum a desporato effort was made
to get lunch for tho orow and passen
gers, but was unsuccessful. The
restaurants refused to sell meals at
any price to any of tho train crew or
any of tho rangers. The grooers
were appealed to for oheeso and
craokcrs but refused to sell a singlo
5 cents worth. Tho Rangers and tho
train mon proceeded on their journey
in a very ravenous condition.
Reward Withdrawn.
Sheriff Ford this morning handed
tho following to a News reporter.
Tho reward of $700, heretofore of
fered for tho arrest of Melton aud
Dunlap, charged with tho murder of
Chick McLennan, is hereby with
drawn and the order for its paymont
Dan Foiti),
Sheriff of MoLonnau Lo.
Property Brlghtonlng.
I oan get you monoy on short time
on good names or collateral; long
time on real estate, at very rcasonablo
rates. If you have souiothing to sell
I oan place it before those who want
Waco and McLennan oounty property
and will bo pleased to see you at mv
office 209 1-2 South Fourth street. "
J. B. Gilmku.
Will Reopen.
13. E. Thompson will rcopon in a few
days with a lnrger and better btock of
paints, oils, paper, etc, embracing a
more completo stock than ever before
cai led in Waoo,
hats. -
We are prepared to make
loans 011 improved country or
city propert3' at current rates.
Vendors' Hen notes extended
Prompt attention.
Waco, Texas
Lovers of Aft
The beautiful painting of Mrs. Geo.
Clark by
is on exhibition for one week at
Deane's now studio. 701 and 703
Austin street. It is a masterpiece
aud all lovers of art should seu it.
The following property is offered
for Bale without reservo or limit as to
1 price A man with some cash oan
make monoy and lots of it, if he will
go and investigate this offer. But do
lay is dangerous, the proporty is
going to be sold.
10 lots, 8 houses, corner Fifth and
Speight t-treets; 1 house and barn on
South Fifih street, this v ill bo sold at
a sacrifice; a 9 ucro garden, 2 acres
in asparagus, one acre in duo fruit
and grapes, good improvements, on
South Twelfth street.
A 05 aoro fruit farm, 40 aoros in
fruit trees (bearing) also $20,000 two
year old nursery trees for sale.
Sandy loam soil throe and a half miles
from citv, fine garden land. Call at
613 Austin avenue for tho bargains.
Liver Complaint Bllllousness.
The ohiqf symptoms of this disease
are depression of spirits, foul coated
tongue, bad tasting mouth, disagreea
ble breath, dry nkin nith blotches
and crnptions, sallow comploxiou and
yellow eyes, tired aching shoulders,
dull pain in right side, faintucss, diz
ziness and irregular bowols. This
complaint in all its forms can bo
readily cured by taking Dr. Gunn's
Improved liver pills as directed, and
a liugeriug spell of -lckness will often
bo warded oft by their uso. Sold at
25 .its a box by V. B. Morrison &
Lucky Numbers.
Following aro tho number that won
tho prizes at Cummins' 5 and 10 cont
Store, 703 Austin Aucuue, January
1, 1892:
First prize, 1447; seomd prize,
1804; third prizo, 254; fourth prizo,
1837; fifth prize, 1457 sixth prize,
507; seventh prize, 93; eighth prize,
1053; ninth prize, 16Gb'; tenth prize,
1235; cloventh prizo, 999; twelfth
prize, 98 1; thirteenth prize, 1G74;
fourteenth prize, 1000; fifteenth prizo,
1853; sixteenth prize, 39; seventeenth
priz", 1434; "ightoonth priz, 1004;
nineteenth prize, 1415; twentieth
prizo, 1203. Happy Noff Year.
Co-PartnershIp Notice.
We, tho undersigned do this day
enter into co-partnership under tho
firm name of Delcncy & Mellor for
the purpose of doing a general meat
markot business and kindly solicit the
patronage of all who will pay prompt
ly at the expiration of each month aj
we are determined to cut off all delin
quents. Respectfully,
Dei,aney & Mei.i.or.
Reforring to the abovo I thank my
customers for their past iavors and
will gladly servo all who in tbo futuro
pay their bills at the end of ouch
month and request all who owe mo at
present to settle as quiokly as possi
ble as 1 desire to give no ono trouble.
Yours truly,
J no. H. Dei.aney.
Waoo, Texas, Jan. 1st, 1892
If you want lresh oysters sorvod in
a tempting imnnor, call at the Wo
man's Exchange, 113 North Fourth
Woman, Lovely woman, one bottle of 017
celeumt tl Tonti will permanently enlarge
yonr (Mini Inches In 3 days, aud, trake yon
as lieautlfiii ns Cleopatra, or money refunded.
I'rlce only JO), Womxn'a 1 11 y trtio friend,
for It neer fills. Tokti, glorl ns Tonti,
will make the leanest p rson fat, and remove
those horrid wilukUa. Send for p.ented circu
211 , WAiUBil Avknuk, L'mcido, Ills

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