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Goodies for Christmas.
rnill Culir io lloliclit mi i:plrurr
For fruit cake enough to);do the
family anv rcssoiiBblo family for
Christmas and Now YoarV Day, thoso
things aro necessary: 1 wo pounds
currant?, three pounds raisins, ono
pound cition, ono pound candied
orange and lemon pool, one pound
figs, ono pound almonds, two pounds
flour, one pound butter, two pounds
of the darkest brown sugar you can
get, cightoen eeg, one ounoo ground
clovos, ono ouooe ground cinnamon,
ono out co allspice, two nutmegs
grated, one fourth pint of brandy.
Prepare the fruit tho day before
This simple command is apt to
"stump" tho experimenter so this is
how it's dono. First of all tumblo the
currants into a panful of topid water,
utir them around a bit and lift out
with tho hands, letting the water
drain off them as you do. Ropeat
this two .or threo times, then spread
them on a clean tea towol. as coarso a
ono as you have, roll them up in it
and rub them well to dry them and
to get the little stems oil. Tho stems
will stick to tho towol and the uso of
two or threo towels in this way will
make tho currants pocfeotly clem.
Spread them on- a platter and sot
abido until the morrow.
Stone t'10 raisins. This is made
easy by lctMni tboiu staud in nearly
boiling water for u ntinuto. A small
sharp knife, a touch of butter on tho
lingers or olso a bowl of warm water
to dip them in, and tho Boeds arc
easily removed. Tear them in hulf
kh you seed them.
Shred the citron quito fino and cut
up the figs in small bits.
Chop tho orango and loraon peel
very small.
Blanch tho almonds and cut them
in quarters. Thoy aro blanched by
pouring boding water over them, lot
ting them stand in it a few minutes,
and then popping them out of their
Tho raisine, orange peel, citron and
almonds should be pressed down in
a dish and the brandy poured over
thorn then closely cover with a plate.
Tho next day, when tho mixing and
tho baking aro to bo done, sot the flour
on tho oven to brown, and as it
browns remove that dark enough
and set tho rest back until all is a light
Thoroughly rub together tho but
ter and sugar, with a wooden spoon
until creamy. Separate tho yolks and
whites of tho eggs, beat tho yolks
until light and add to the Bugar and
butter. Then add half the
flour, next the spices, stir
ring well aftor oaoh addition. Sift
tho other half of tho flour over tho
fruit and add that, putting the figs
nnd almonds in first bo that they will
bo well distributed, then tho citron,
ohopped peel, raisins and currants
alternately, a haudful of each at a
time, and stirring industriously be
tween handfuls.
Boat the whitos of the eggs to a
light not a stiff troth and add last.
A good idea is to sayo out two or
three spoonfuls of the batter before
the fruit goes in, to spread over tbo
cakes after thoy aro iu tho pans, in
order to cover the fruit and prevent it
Heavy pans that turn out a cako
with a holo in tho middle, or carthoo
baking dishes are good to bako them
Tho oven must uo just hot onough
to turn a picco of manilla paper pale
brown in a minute. It requires three
hours to bako a fruit cako thorough
ly and the oven must be a
"slow" ono of oven tempora
ture. After three hours open tho
doors and loavo tho cakes in tho ovon
for half or threo quartors of an hour
longer to ooo'c.
Now for the crowning touch. About
a week or five days before yeu aro
going lo out tho cakes, get a quart
bottle of ohampagno domestio does
very well. Punoturo tho oakos with a
knitting needlo or larding needle
through and through in every direc
tion and pour the wino over them,
turning them in it until thoy drink up
every drop. Set them away again un
til tho day before outting, when thoy
can bo iced if desired.
I. K. Finis & Co.
514, and 515, Austin btroet,
-VA- &rM
' 29
Headers, look over this ad, and read
from tinio to time and it will save you
money. I offer us a starter :
Dried grapes, 20 lb for $1
Choioo ovipornted apples, 10 lb 1
Mavy beans, 'JO lb 1
Lima bean , IS lb 1
Grits, 35 lh 1
Head rieo, 14 lb 1
10 packages Scotch oats 1
10 packages corn flakes 1
1st patent flour, pur cwt 2
Granulated Miliar, 18 lb 1
Y. G Sugar, 1!) lb 1
ljrown sugar, 20 lb 1
Spot Cash.
This is something of interest to to
bacco chewors and smokeis :
Star tobacco, per poucd, 45
Horse Shoo tobacco, per pound, . . 45c
Target tobacco, per pound, S.'ic
Fish Hook tobacco, por pound,. . 25?
Drummond s N. L , jer, pound,. . 55c
W. N. T. N. L., per pound, 55c
Cut Rate, per pound, 30o
Luoy llinton, por pound, 50o
Royal Bumper, per pound, 50o
Sweep Stakes, per pound 55o
Lucky Striko, N. L , por pound,.. 55o
Rob Roy, per pound 30c
Old Dick, por pound, 30n
Best Greenville, porpouud, 33J
Spot Cali
Friends, this is only a small list of
my cash prices on groceries. Cab
at my storo and I will surpriso you
with tho low prices on other goods
Every day a special sale day, and any
quantity sold at those prices.
205 South Third Street.
An Old Ijldy Mlllilcri'il anil Her llnlhnnd
I'litiill) Injured.
Atlanta, .Tan. 0. A horrible murder
is reported from near Griflin. Dr. and
Mrs. J. 1L M. Barrett, an aged couple,
were found Sunday night in their home
horribly mutilated. Tho woman was
dead and tho doctor was so badly hurt
that there is scarcely a possibility of his
recovery. Dr. Barrett is a prosperous
old physician who has lived for years at
Knllulah Junction, the crossing of two
railroads. With thorn has lived :i grand
son, Will Nunally. Sunday night about
0 o'clock Nunally rushed into tho homo
of tho nearest neighbor and said that his
grandparents had been killed. The male
members of the household at onco ac
companied Nunally to the homo of his
Thero they found that both had been
assaulted with ii frieght car coupling-pin.
The weapon was found not far from tho
bodies of the aged couplo. Nunally, tho
grandson, said that ho came homo be
tween 8 and 9 o'clock, and was startled
whilo several feet from the residence by
tho sound of a groan from tho house. Tho
dwelling was entirely dark. He entered
and struck n light. Going into the sitting-room
he found his grandparents
lying almost dead upon tho door. Ho
bent over them nnd tried to arouse them.
This being unsuccessf id ho ran to the
neighbors for assistance. Tho alarm was
spread nnd early Tuesday morning tho
neighbors flocked to tho scone.
Officers went out from Griffin and the
country is being f-coured by men and
bloodhounds. Thero is no doubt that
robbery was tho motive. Dr. Barrett is
supposed to have had a good deal of
money and valuables in his house. Some
negroes were seen near the house a short
time beforo the discovery, and if they
aro found a lynching is suro to follow.
Effort to Lynch Titlton Hull, tlio Sluyer
of Munty-nlim .Men.
Nashvilu:, Jan. 0. Talton Flail, the
red-handed murdeier of ninety-nino
men, was removed from the Gladesville
jail Monday to uivo his neck. A mob
advanced on tho jail and wero bo wild
over his removal that they set firo to the
jail. Hall was removed to Wizna in a
closo-covored wagon. The peoplo of
that section are wild. Talton Hall has
in all probability killed iuoreieoplo than
any other living man. Flo began by
killing his two brothers-in-law. Flo then
killed his stepfather, threo cousins, his
-wife's first husband and a number of
Afterwards ho killed and wounded all
of tho Floyd county Jones faction ex
cept old Jones, who filled tho desperado
with buckshot. Uo killed tho sheriff of
Floyd county whilo tho latter was at
tempting to arrest him, nnd later Dick
Noueo, a notorious desperado. Threo of
his cousins ntteinpted to waylay Flail,
but ho bhot all of them. Flo went to
Cutlettsburg, Ky., and killed his half
brother, John Adams. Sinco then ho
luut been continually taking tho lives of
ppoplo who wero unfortunate enough to
incur his ill will.
Interior Decorating and
Paper Hanging a Spe
cial ty; Also Dealer in
Painters Supplies and
Wall Paper.
Binders aro at work rcbindiog the
old record books iu tho county dark's
The continued chilly woather gives
tho grip a stronghold which is hard to
throw off.
The Aransas Pass strike is interfer
ing a great deal with tho transmission
of mail matter.
Tho meeting oalled for the 16th.
in the interest of Mills, promises to
bo very enthusiastic.
Thk 'News job offioo is bettor pro
pared now then ever to turn out first
class woik promptly.
Nothing has been hoard Irom the
absconding book keeper Werner, who
skippod out last Monday.
The Histrionics' ontortninment will
occur tomorrow, Thursday evening
at tho Goggan musio ball.
Tho ilobson company rccoived a
large amount of wire for their eloo
trio light works the other day
Waoo Lodge of Elks mot in regular
sessiod last night. The Elks club
wdl ontcrtain Fred Wardo during his
engagement here.
Mrs C. E. Moore, formerly of Waco,
was married on Doc. 31st. to ltev.
W. L. Eisterland, of Denton. Thoy
were married in Tennessee.
Sheriff Kd Dozior, of Conoho county
came in last night and today returned
with Charlie Pierce, charged in that
county with attempt to commit arson.
Tho political pot is beginning to
simmer and candidates aro coming to
the front. The announcement
columns of Tue News will soon show
who they are.
John 1) Wilson, tho young man
who stole Mr. W. H.Crissweli's mare
and saddle a few months ago at Mart,
this county, and who was located by
Detectiro Van Hall, at Crooket, was
.was sent from thero to the pou for 7
years, a few days ago.
Wm, A. Miller, a prominent mer
chant of West, died at 1 o'clock this
morning, and waB buried in this oity
at 1 p. m. today. Tho romains where
shipped down on the Missouri, Kan
sas and Texas and was mot at the
depot by a largo number of friendB
and followed to Oakwood.
Deputy Shoriff W. L. Burke re
turned from Terrell where ho deliver
ed a demented negro to tho asylum
authorities. He came back through
Dallas and captured Charlie Edwards,
Walter Ruiney and Jeff Gordon all
oharged in this county with gaming.
He brought them homo with him and
they are boarding at tho Hotel De
Mrs. Sims, who died suddenly a
few days ago, was at tho home of her
daughters, on tho corner of Franklin
and Eighth, bbe bad been eiok tor
somo time, but was thought to be.
hotter. Slio died ;n tho arms of her
two daughters. Iler Bon, H. M. Sims
was telegraphed for, and arrived yes
terday morning. Tho remains were
sent to Dallas this morning at 3
MY STORE 12 Lead
five cents at My Store
Penoils for
G25 Austin
Will Reopen.
E. E. Thompson will reopen in a fow
' days with a larger and bettor stock of
I paints, oils, paper, etc, embracing a
. more complote stock than ever before
I carried in Waoo.
l Kmpii
iiu:.m:uvi: tii i:i it
Iiikiltntlniik l.nrnu Milling Inlcr
ct In Sntitlu-ukt Texan in JOiuiRor
ul llulnu: 'Wrecked Tlio I'osl Niij-m
ZK ! on Your Marrow limit'.
Since tho last adjustment of lumber
rates hv tho railroud commission of
Texas, tho complaints from tho lum
bermen of East Texas have been
somewhat modified, hut they aro Btill
very serious and continued.
It is said by them that through
yours of continued labor and expense,
they havo built up a market on their
lumber in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado
and other states and that tho present
rate fixed by tho commission, and io
which inter commerce rates aro con
formed, havo shut them out from
thojo markets, whilo through tho ad
vantage in rates, tho mills of North
east Texas and of Arkansas have tho
bonefit of those markets.
It is not to bo dcoied that
largo investments havo been mado,
and larce interests built upon tho
faith of an existing policy as to rate,
it is an injustice on tho part of the
state, through any of its departments,
to so revolutionize its polioy as to
seriously impair such investments and
intoiests, and it is very much akin
to deprivation of property without
due process of law. Tbo Post does
not undortako to say definitoly as to
what extent of morit thoro is to bo
found in tho complaints, but it does
say that tho railroad com
mission has, over and
aga'.n, declared that its
purposo and intent is to do justice to
all interesis in tho state and that it
will not knowingly cause injury to any.
Now, then, if the lumbermen of East
Texas are Buffering from tho oauees
stated they should appeal again to tho
commiasion should go beforo it
showing tho effect of tho rates upon
thoir business end the results so
far to them. The commission
is a part of the state govern
inont. It is organized for the purposo
of correcting abuses and for pro
tecting, as well a6 regulating, inter
ests that poiuo within tho purview of
the law under which it was organized.
If tho oomplaints made are just the
lumbermen should be able to make
them plain to the commission; thoy
should bos igo tho commission with
reasons to show tho justice of their
complaints and they phould camp
with them and stay by them day
in and day out, until they get relief,
if they aro ontitled to it.
That is what tho railroad commis
sion is hero for. Houston Post.
BLOOD" IN"K'a'nsaS.
A Sheriff nnd Tlnoo Deputies As?Bislnt4
at Sprlnifduld.
Liberal, Kan., Jan. 0. Fn Spring,
field, the county beat of Seward county,
Tuesday morning tho sheriff and three
deputies wero killed by a squad of men'
in ambush. It is supposed to bo the out
como of a plot to kill Theodoro Bottkin,
judge of the judicial district embracing
Stevens, Morton, Seward, Haskell and
Grant counties. It is all the result of
tho famous Stevens county feud, which
began July, 1888, and has continued
Judge Bottkin of Seward county was
to hold court at Springfield Thursday.
Seward county, boforo its organization,
was a part of Stevens county. There is
a county seat war between Springfield
and Arkalon. Tho mob, composed of
tho old Stovens county faction, was de
termined Bottkin should not hold court
at Springfield. Tlio sheriff nnd pos.se
wero on their way to escort tho judge to
court, and when near tho judge's houso
ran into tho nmbushr Sheriff Dim nnd
Sheriff-elect Flay Gunymnn were killed.
Ono of tho deputies is missing. Mrs.
Larabeo ran to Judge Bottkin's house
and told him of the danger. Ho flew to
Arkalon with his family. Ho has taken
refuge in n houso and his friends nro
holding tho mob nt bay. His friends are
calling ou all able-bodied, law-abiding
citizens throughout tho county to rally
to his support.
"" 'An ATllil Tlifnsp.
ASHVILI.K, N. C, Jan. 0. Tuesday on
tho Murphy branch of tho Western North
Carolina railroad forty miles from Ashe
ville, tho engine of the westbound freight
beenmo uncontrollable and dashed down
tho track at fearful speed. At tht
Dyko ridge trestle it left tho rails and
plunged into n gorge, landing in Scott's
creek 100 feet below. Tho following
men wero killed: Samuel lrancis, en-gim-er,
Ashevillo; Samuel Arthur, firo
un it. Ashevillo, and a colored hand.
We are prepared to make
loans on improved country or
city property at current iates.
Vendors' lieu notes extended
Prompt attention.
Waco, Texas
Lovef s of Art
The beautiful painting of Mrs. Geo.
Clark by
is on exhibition for one woek at
Deane's now studio, 701 and 703
Austin street. It is a masterpiece
and all lovers of art should see it.
The following property is offered
for sale without reservo or limit as to
price. A man Willi some oasn can
r make money and lots el it, if ho will
go and investigate this offer. But de
lay is dangerous, the proporty is
going to be sold.
10 lots, 8 housos, corner Fifth and
Speight streets; 1 house and barn on
South Fifth street, this v ill be sold at
a sacrifice; a 9 acre garden, 2 acres
in asparagus, one acre in fino fruit
and grapes, good improvements, on
South Twelfth street.
A G5 aore fruit farm, 40 aoros in
fruit trees (bearing) also $20,000 two
year old nursery trees for sale.
Sandy loam soil threo and a half miles
from oitv, fine garden land. Call at
G13 Austin avenue for tho bargains.
Undisputed Authority.
The United States Dispensary soya:
that "Onions are a stimulant, diurotio
and expectorant; they increase tho
appetite and dromoto dijostion." The
juiooinadc into syrup as in Dr. Gunn's
Onion Syrup, has a specifio action ou
the throat, lungs and air passages, it
not only cures coughs, colds, croup
and consumption, but its stimulating
effect, strengthens anc builds up tho
system afterward. As a tonio and
restor tivo it has no equal. Wo so
licit a trial in the moBt chronic and
stubborn cases. Price 60ots. Sold by
W. B. Morrison & Co.
Lucky Numbers.
Following aro tho numbers that won
tho prizes at Cummins' 5 and 10 oent
Store, 703 Austin Aucnue, January
1, 1892 :
First prize, 1447; seond prize,
1801; third prizo, 254; fourth prize,
1837; fifth prize, 1467, sixth prizo,
507; seventh prize, 93; eighth prize,
1053; ninth prizo, 16GG; tenth prize,
1235; eleventh prize, 99SJ; twelfth
prize, 98I; thirteenth prizo, 1G74;
fourteenth prize, 1000; fifteenth prize,
1853; sixteenth prize, 39; seventeenth
prize, 1431; eighteenth prize, 1004;
nineteenth prize, 1415; twentieth
prize, 1203. Happy Now Year.
Co-Partnorship Notice.
We, the undersignod do this day
entor into co-partnership under the
firm name of Delnnoy & Mellor for
the purpose of doing a general meat
market business and kindly solicit the
patronage of all who will pay prompt
ly at the expiration of eaoh month as
wo aro determined to out off all delin
quents. Respectfully,
Delanev & Mkt.loe.
Referring to the above I thank mj
oustomers for their past lavors and
will gladly servo all who in tho future
pay thoir bills at tho end of each
month and request all who owe mo at
presont to settle as quiokly as possi
ble as I desire to give no one troublo.
Yours truly,
J No. H. Dei.aney.
Waco, Texas, Jan. lBt, 1892
Death of Mr. W. A. Miller.
Mr. W. A. Miller, a well known
merchant and a very wealthy gentlo
man, died at West this morning at 1
o'clock. Ho was buried in Waoo this
afternoon at 2:30 at Oakwood. Rev.
Y. G. Cunningham officiated ond a
large concourse of frionds of the de
ceased attended the burial.
MY STORE, 50 marbles for 5 oenta
at My Store, 025 Austin stcctr

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