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Change of Business Sale.
Places Thirty Thousand Dollars
worth of
Fine Clothing, Hats andGent s Furnishing
Upon the Market to be Closed Out
By February 1st
Wc have just leased from Mr. E. A. Sturgis the adjoining store (the two stores to be consolidated) and
on February 1st the style of the firm will be changed. In order to close out the entire stoclc by
that date, we realize that some deep cuts in prices must be made, but we feel equal to the task.
I'ote lawfully the Mowing I rices :
a i j? ft
' Mi!
In two and three Button Cutaways and Sacks,
Choice at $9.95.
This Line i Very
Choice of Boy's Knee Suits on our counters, best fitters,
in the city, at $5.75. Call early and get first choice.
Boy's f(nee pants.
All 65c. and 75c. floods at 50ct.
All $1.00 Goods at 75cts.
All f 1.25 and $1.70 tood a $1.
All $1.75 Goods at $1.25.
A line of Star, Manhattan and Wil
son Bro5 Shirts, sold elsewh ere at
$1.25, this sale at 75 cents.
As to Underwear and Hats our prices will make you buy whether you really need
them now or not. Now remember that
Never makes an advertisement or quotes a price that he does not carry out to the
letter. First come, first served.
By February ist we will be able to show you the prettiest Clothing Store in
Central Texas. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year, I remain the
people's friend,
I J.
123 South Fourth Street, : : W aco, Texas
H aBaVaaB 'aJWHaBHrP' .aH'aW
On our' Couuters including
Double and Single breasted Prince Alberts, Round and Square
Cut Sacks, in Samonia and Clay
Meltons and Chester Moses Cheviots, form-
nr nrirpc R T 8 nr rr fc? C rr1 nr nnlv
W I' " wiuv vu f J - sa J
two and three button Cutaways
worth $12.50 to $16.50
Slurderid In Song.
"Say, Danny, It's tough on youse to
a-ter blokios, ain't it"' was the grcptltifi
which recently met a loudly ulstorcd
tnombcr of tho variety "profesh" as he
supplemented his morning "draw one"
and "stack of wheats" with a classic
poso on tho Hrower Uouso corner.
"What's cat In yer, mo funny friend?'
was tlio haughty response1.
"Come now, yer don't mean to mij
yer haven't heard do news? Why, ill
Grand Army men all over tho count r
have signed ther pledge to give vuriut)
shows ther cold Bhakol"
"Say, is this on ther dead level?'
gasped tho uhtereel one.
"Yer bet it bo."
"But why r
"Oil, on account of 'Comrades' bein
murdered every night. Sco?"
He saw Now York Herald.
Nut So Old n Slid Clnlnu'il.
llcie isnlilownt tlic claims to old ngc
often imulu by people proud of their Imnlcn
of years. The New York Sun says that
Mrs. Nancy Kenned', of IIullowcll, Me.,
who, it was supposed, was 118 years of age,
is really only ninety-two. She has always
asserted that slie was married to a soldier
of the Revolution during that war, hut
Dr. I.nplmtn, the Augusta historian, who
has Investigated the case, has learned that
her husband was a soldier of 1813 and that
she was born in 1TU9.
M)3llSt. n:
Gone mad
tho person with had hlood who's not
taking Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery. You aro bereft of judg
ment and good sense if you allow
fotir hlood to get out of order, your
iver sluggish lifo dull, everything
blue, for you may soon find out that
you'ro in the gravo or next to it
because you did not procures tho
G. 31. D. soon enough, antl somo
dread disease, may bo influenza
or consumption, may ho typhoid
or malarial fever, has taken you.
Consumption is Lung Scrofula. For
Scrofula in its myriad forms, and
for all Liver, Blood and Lung dis
eases, tho "Discovery" is an un
cqualcd remedy. Everybody, now
and then, feels " run-down " "played
out," with no power to generate
vitality, in fact, just too sick to ho
well. That's whero tho right kind
of medicine comes in, and tho "Dis
covery" elocs for a dollar what tho
doctor wouldn't do for less than five
or ten.
We claim that nothing like it has
been discovered for a blood-purifier.
It's guarantted by tho mnkors. Your
money is returned u it uoseu't ucne
(it or euro you.
Get Laoy's prieses on BitiEtt Creek
tho best eheap coal sold in Waco.
Buy on Evans street, Waco addition
to Kockport, Blocks $400. of 20 lots
oach. J. E. Anderson.
For Sale.
One four room Iioubo and two lots
I6O9 Franklin street.
P. G. Smith.
Lots now for sale in tho Kirkpat
rick addition in East Waco are high
and dry. They overlook tho town
and aro close to tho centre of the town.
Call on P. G. Kirkpatrick, G05 South
Eighth street, and ho will dtivo you
out and show thorn.
A Suro Cure for Piles.
Itching piles are known hy moisture
like perspiration, causing intense itch
ing when warm. This form as well as
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding,
vield at onoo to Dr. BoBanko's Pilo
Remedy, which acts directly on parts
affected, abnorbs tumors, allays itohing
and effects a permanent euro. COots,
Druggists or mail. Circulars freo.
Dr. Bosanko, 329 Arch St., Philadel
phia, Pa. Sold by W. B. Morrison
A Sound Llvor Makes a Well Man.
Aro you Bilious, Constlpatodanel
troubled with Jaundice, SlfkHetiel
aolio, Bud Tasto In Mouth, Kiln
Breath, Coated Tonguo, Dfpopsla
Indlgestloii, Hot Dry Bkln, Pain in
Back aud between tho Bhouldors,
Chills and Foyer, &o. If you have
any of those symptoms, your Lilver Is
out of ordor your blood ib plowly
being polsonod, because your Liver
does not act nronerlv. Hhihinb will
cure any dlsordor ol tho Llver,8tom
ach orliowels. It has no equal as a
Llvor Medlclno. Trice 76 cents Fr ee
sample bottle at 11. C. RibIioi'h Drug
tfaco Eyening Ms
"Wslcq Tessas.
What Do You Want?
Oujon want Agcntat
Do you wHntl'ni.ili?
Do you want a Partner
Ho you want h Situation;
IK) you want to buy Anything
Do yon want a Husband or WUr
l)i) yen wnnt Honrderi-or l.oUvta?
Do jou want any Help." inulo or lemalel
Uoynu want UerTanta, Clerk or Mechanlet
Do you want to rentallooin, Huno or Storot
Do yon want to sell your Ooocl-w HI and FU
tureal Do .on want to Kent or Ml jtiur House, Of
Dec, Lot or Farm?
Do yon wnnt to Hoy or Sell a Morne. Wagon, or
any kind ot Vehicle?
ItaveyouLoator Ki,und anything)
llavo touaecond hand Goods ot nny klr.il that
you wish tb soil or ocliango?
Personals or Matrimonial Adtcrtlanmcntsr
It fo, Tnit New. will publish an nilTcrtl.
went In tho Want Col'imn torONKONP I'KH
WOlll) per day, or K1VK CKNTS I'KH WOllD tor
onewcelt, seven day
Thk Nkwh la the on y paper that coos lnta
neatly evory reading household In Waco, and
bealdoa circulating largely In adjoining towna.
Hundreds can bo retcrrod to who hare proSUbly
advertised In Its "Want" columns.
Waco Evening News
Advertising in this column charged n th
rate ofone cent per word for oach Insertion.
CnBh mnet accompany tho order, except whom
ordered by a regular advertiser.
WAIN Ti:-A IjAHV to canvas kou
Delrarte good. Apply at l(0i Austin
streot. 1-Mf Mns I)os.
ANTI'.II' To Isuy M.nie-iilio second hand
ofUco fix titri'c. AddrcpB Newn ofUco.
WANTIUI-To buy ft tccoiulliBnil liook
caps. Must ho cheap. Aptly at News
W.tIN"ri:il To buy n second linnil flat ton
(leak. Must be cheap, .tldrcea Uoak
News ofllcu.
Wil'ri:iTot)ny Secondhand Fnrnltnra,
' StoTfB, CiirjioiH, Uoolv, Ever thing.
Waco ttirloplly 81iu).
WAN'riJH Partloa who want to Invest In
In the rich agricultural lands of Central
Teia, to aend their ndilress to THK WACO
DAILY NKW8. Inlotuiatlon mrnleheil froo.
WARTi:i)-One thoiiBnml old enlts ta
clenn at r(VI North Fourth street. A.
Friedman, successor to 1 ho Mttlo Frenchman.
STlttYHD OK STOI.UN-Prom front
of tho First National itank, onu brown
Hoieohrnn cd C. on lelt Jaw. with raddle
anil hridiu, Hcturn aamo to W. I 11., at
t i at NntKnal lluuk, and suitable reward wl.l
lop Id. if
ryem ltiiKTrarl or my dwelling. 718,
Dnttun Blreet Call at store I otf Auatln
street l-6tf Mks. IJoeB.
TJUIM A podiet hook containing few
-1- dollars. Ownr can get Bamo hy paylnt;
for this notice, and calling at the 1'ost OlUoa.
Ls'i' Jn Xmna day, on Aiietln; street, or
uround the tcjimro, ahunch oro'even keya,
with leather tag iniirked W. O. Finder will
Iob8b return to City Maishul. 1 1 at
II' The'O la a widow, orphan, or sick per on
In tills city, puirollng f rtbo want offlre,
ploabH Bend Tour name und tdclrrBs to tha
Veager I'ubllslung compiny, room H), t'hal
mers lllock. Our intention Is tonllovotha
worthy sutlerlng, and no beggrr uced apply .
LOST Pocket book containing ISo, Four
fives nod ono In, Liberal rowartl for
re. urn to Nowa OlDco. 2
IM'.KSONAI Will the gentleman who nn
lntoi tlnnally carried a whlttt handled allk
umbrella out til tho telegraph otlloe or the
Coiton felt t'eket otlho, about a week ago,
pleate ictum it to Tin: Nkwh olllce. 12 ill tf
AI.IVi: Florist can hoar of a good opening,
Ajiplj at thlB ollloo, -r liigtli and Clay
streets. tf
L mil: At Gaunt Urns. Klfiornih an 1 Jack
StrcotH' Itoi k l.lni" or Flacked l.tmn
1'ortland, iicsoi.Ualo anil Louisville Cement.
12 111 lmo
70K .SAI,i:--01d papers at 20 cents porunn.
dred at Thk mcwb olllce.
FOIt lti:rv'I... Furniture, Stores, Sewing
llnchlnes, Kvcrytlilng, Waco t-utlostty
Khop, 01" anc 010 Auttln street.
FII Ili:KT-7 onm lioiifom Dutonntreet
ntnrMnlli. Only tia a month. M. C.
Klngshnry iCo., 017 und 0.U Austin sttcet.
FOIt H, l.i: At C'OBtl At (Vstl At Cofltl
Jewelry, Clock., Mlver Dated ICiiItos
horkn, SneonM, Kutikln ItlniH, I'O' koi and
Tablo fultrry, FterUcopi s, Ink Btands, I'lo
turu FramuH ai (i Notions. 'II, I h Ih the fl.at
tlmo weeverudverilnd to roll at curt hut wa
desire to handle only New Fitmlturo and
Second band gooes of ail klmlH, Waco Carlos
Ity Shop.
TIII.Iil'IKi.MI-Gaunt JJroa. fur Tost Oak
or Ash cord wmi, time w od ir flro
j.laro wood cut aoy length 12101 mo
Happy Hoosiers.
Wm. TiminonH, post master of Ida
illo, Inil , wriiuo: "lileotrio Bitters
has done mure lor mc than all other
medicines combinod, for that bad feel
ing aribing from Kidney and Liver
trouble" John Leelie, farmer aud
stockman, of Bamo place, Bays : "Find
Electrio Bitters tt) be tho best Kindoy
and Liver uiedioino, made mo feci liko
a new man." J. V. Gardner, hard
ware merchant, same town, says:
''Elootrio Bittern js just tho thing for
a man who is run down aud don't euro
whether ho ltvca or dies; he found
now strength, good apputito and felt
just like ho had a now leaso 011 life.
Only 50c, a bottle, at V. B. .Morrison,
& Go's. Drug Store.

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