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Are You Satisfied ?
With a Good Wearing and Good Fitting
With the Largest Line of
To Arrive Every Morning.
'fresh salt water fish.
Rod Fish, Trout, Flonndors, dressed
Catfish, otc. Also
Three shipments a wook of Oysters.
They aro Rookaway Oysters, tho
best on tho market, Try them,
Als ) three phipments a week of Lch
mann's Berwick Bay Oysters, well
known to the trado.
Also reoeivo oonsignuicntB of all
kinds of gamo, At 717 Austin
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Paper Hangings and Decor
ations, Window Glass, Var
nishes etc. Sole agent for
J. W. John's celebrated
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404 Austin Street,
The Chance of a Lifetime.
Thero noverwas as fine an opportu
'.aity for speculation or a ohanoo for
persons of small means to secure a
homo as is offered in the Kirkpattick
addition to Waco. It embraces about
sixteen hundred lots, each one of
whioh will iu ten years bo worth ton
times the prico for whioh they cao
now bo bought. These lots Ho high
and dry and on an elevation overlook
itjg a largo part oi tho oity. Thov
aro close to tho business port'on of
tho oity, muoh nearer than Dickey's
hill, whore lots aro worth ono thous
and dollars and muoh nearer than
many other additions whero lots aro
soiling for tbreo times tho amount
asked for lots in this addition, Noar
aeBS to tho center of tho city is tho
key to succesiful speculation. Tho
soil is a fertile loam, tho finest in
"Waco for gardens and fruit. Tho
ifholu traot is undorlaid with the
purest of water at a depth of from
fifteen to sixteen feet and is found in
the gravel and in inexhaustible quan
titics, making irrigation by
wells perfectly feasible. Tho
whole traot is covered with a
Jouog growth of forest trees, tho most
eauuful ones of whioh oan be saved,
thus giving at onoo for a homo a beau
tiful shade which on barolots oan only
be obtained by groat expense and
years of waiting. In all respcots the
Kirkputiok addition offers tho best op
portunity for torsions of small means
to acquiro beautiful rflsidenoe proper
ty that has ocourrod in tho last two
years. It is a ohanoo that will never
occur again and it may not last long.
The prices at which theso lots are bo
ing sold and the easy terms is attract
ing prudont peoplo and it has always
"been tho case that property rapidly
advances when a fow peoplo begin to
mako homes. Now is a golden oppor
tunity for clerks, mechanics and la
boring people, and it is ono they will
novcr sco again in tho history of
"Waoo. It is absolutely tho last ohance.
Property tho samo distance up the
liver is selling at threo times the
price for which these lots are offered
and yet aro not nearly as desirable.
Co-Partuorshlp Notico.
We, tho undersigned do this day
enter into oo-partnership under the
firm namo of Delenoy & Melior for
the purpose of doing a general meat
market business and kindly solicit the
patronngo of all who will pay prompt
ly at the expiration of eaoh month as
wo aro dotcrmincd to cut off all delin
quents. Kespectfully,
Reforring to the abovo I thank my
customers for their past lavors and
will gladly servo all who in the future
pay their bills at tho ond of oach
month and request all who owe me at
present to settle as quiokly as possi
ble as I desire to give no ono trouble.
Yours truly,
Jno. H. Delanev.
Waco, Texas, Jan. 1st, 1892
Lots in tho Kirkpatriok addition
cheap as dirt.
New, Fresh and Faultless.
Call and Examine OurMainuioth Stock.
The Great Tariff Reformor Talks
to a Dallas News Reporter.
Ilcltcratrs That llo Ir'avom Froo
Colnnco But That tlio Abolition of
Itobbvr XaxoH Would Put 100 In
Clrculullou Where 1'roo Co Initio
Would Iut SI Will Vote for a
Frco Coinage Hill, Hut Will Strvlo
Murder to Ilavo it Low Tariff Hill
Pukhcd A Word About tbo Itcutl
lug Out'l'rocoha Kiutiiiitluir From
Yesterday's Dallas News contained
an interview with Hon. Roger Q.
Mills from whioh tho following is
"In reference to his oandtdaoy for
the United States senate, ho said: 'I
shall bobeforo the extra session for the
short term, if such a session is hold,
and will go before tho peoplo for the
long term if I regain my health. My
friends have completo charge of my
oandtdaoy for the short term and I
am not hero to either assist or direct
their efforts. I am in no oonditiou
to enter a oampaign at present, and
will not do so. 1 oxpeot to bo in
Washington within ton days."
"A number of papers assert, colonol
that you are opposed to tho froe coin
age of silver. What is your position
on this question?"
"I say wht I havo said all tho timo
I have spoken often in oongress and
out of congress for tho froo ooinago of
silver, and hao always voted for it.
I do not bolieve that it would in the
slightest manner reliovo tho distress
of the country. lint I think that
both gold nod silver should bo in tho
ciroulttion of the world to tho fullest
extent possible. Tho peoplo in the
oast of all partios and all olasses firm
ly boliove that free ooinago would be
disastrous to them. Tho peoplo of
Texas, at least many of thorn, think it
would be a great advantago to thorn.
In my judgment bath opinions are
groundless. It' wo persist in the
agitation of the question, and demand
it in our national platform, we will
lose in the fall elections, all tho eastorn
states and gain nouoin tho west. Tho
result will bo tho oleotton ot a Repub
lican houso, senate and presidont, and
the passage of a foroe bill, giving tho
military control over elootions in tho
south. I have, therefore, to avort
suoh a disaster to tbo southern peoplo,
advised the postponement of the.further
agitation of tho subject until the
tarilf is reduced. Oa tho tariff isauo
we oan win the country, and control
it and put many times moro monoy
in oiroulation than by froo ooinago
If a froo trado bill is roported in con
gress I sh ill vote for it as I have al
ways dono, but I will not adviso the
report of suoh a bill. If tho tariff was
reduood to a revenuo basis it would
put in the pockots of the peoplo and
in circulation more than a thousand
million dollars. II oar mints wore
open to froe ooinago tho oiroulation
would not bo inoroased $10,000,000
Besides, reduotion of the tariff can
bo accomplished and tho other can
not' A reduotion of the tariff to 25
per cent, about the revenue basis,
would increase our imports $300,000,.
000, and that amount of oxports would
have to go out to pay for tho imports.
Eighty per cont of those oxports are
agricultural products, of whioh cotton
is the largeBt. We havo pro
duced this year, 3,000,000,000
pounds. Suoh an increased demand
would inoreaso tho prico t or 5 cents
per pound, and that would add to tho
pookets of tho ootton growers in ono
year $150,000,010, wbilo free ooinaifo
would not add one dollar to thoir
purses. Tho great monumental ovil
that is destroying not only the pros
perity of the people, but tho politioal
institutions of tho country, is execs
fiivo taxation on tho products of labor.
It is ooDcentratiog the wealth of the
country into tho hands of a few
thousands and condemning millions
into hopeless poverty. The whole
attention of tho oountry ought to bo
directed to this abuse, and every olg
Tort should bo made to tear it out by
the roots."
" What is tho prospect for reduoing
tho tariff?"
"Everything deponds on the pre
sent congress and the course pursued
by tho Domocratio national conven
tion next summer. If congress pres
ses oarncstly on for tariff reduction
and the Democratic house passes a
thorough revenue tariff bill, ignoring
and opposing proteotion iu every
feature, and il the national conven
tion will make that tho issue in tho
coming contest and givo tho peoplo a
sound western Democrat as a nominee
for proBidont,wo will win, oarry tho ro
form and remain in power for years.
The contest in the convention, from
present indications, will bo between
Hill and a western competitor. Hill
has declared in his recont speech at
Albany, tor the protective tarilf oi
1883. Unless we givb up all that
we havo beon contending for, wo can
not aoocpt his platform, or his oandi
daoy, and wo mast look to the west
for out standard bearer."
"What is tho prospeot of the
$5,000,000, appropriation for tho
Chicago Fair?"
'I do not know. I havo voted
against its predecessors and I shall
do what I can do what I can to defeat
it, but I do not know with what
prospect of sucoess."
'There is muoh said about tho
coming primaries, and who shall par
ticipate in thorn. It is contonded
by some that persons who believe in
tho sub-treasury should not bo ad
mitted. What do you think about
"I do not know but ono test of
party foalty and that is support of tho
party. If a man has voted for
Deniooratio nominees, ho is a Demo
crat, whatever he believes. It is bis act,
not his belief, that defines his party
standing. A man may believo in
prohibition or anti-prohibition, high
tariff or low tariff or no tariff, nation
al banks or anti-national banks, eub
treasury or anti-sub-treasury, and he
is entitled to take part in tho prima
ries if ho votes tho Domocratio ticket.
In tho recent caucus of the houso
choro wero high tariff and low
tariff mon, singlo tax men,
sub-troasury and nnti-sub-treasury
mon, prohibitionists and anti-prohibitionists,
but they all voted tho Demo
cratic ticket. Thero is no man in
this oountry empowered to define what
Dooiooraoy is so as to compel tho ao
quiesoonco of others. Every ono
determines that for himeolf, but tho
party determines that no man shall aot
with it in its nominations who aots
againBt it at tho ballot box. Every
man who voted tho Democratio ticket
at tho last cleotion is entitled to onter
the primaries, and I hopo every one
n ill continue to vote tho Democratio
tiokot. We havo a great many Dem
ocrats in Texas, but nono to driva
IJCol. Mills ontertained a party of hia
friends by rooounting somo of the in
cidents of hia raco for speaker. Ho
was positive that ho had boon traded
out, and said he was disgusted when
members eamo to him and offered to
trado him their votes, whioh be refus
ed in ovory instance. Ho had no
Farewell, old year,
Wc turn from you
And greeting give
To '92,
And reader, dear,
We wis.li for thec,
Through all its days,
Early in the year to talk about
srt3Li7ari.islairig: YotAx? House.
We have a large and well selected stock of
FsshiorcablB FupnftuFe snti Osppefs.
Latest in style, material and finish. We keep everything and
can furnish your house from garret to cellar. Come in and take a look.
charges to mako against Speakor
Crisp and Mr. Springer, preferring to
let tho oountrv judge them. Ho was
satisfied as far as ho was concerned.
Ho was firm in his opinion that tho
oauso of tariff reform had suffered,
not because ho was defoatcd merely,
but because of tho anti-tariff reform
olomonts that wero most active in do-
foating him; and whilo Crisp had
promisod that no backward step should
bo taken in tho work that swept tho
oountry in 1890, he could boo no pros
pects for a forward step. Col. Mills
preferred not to comment
on tho Springer plan of
separate tariff bills until the commit
tee should report them. Ho was oor
tain that ho should do all in his powor
to facilitate all genuine domocratio
legislation, in spito of the misrepre
sentations of his oncmies.
In refercnoo to the unfrondly com
monts on a privato letter to an Austin
friend, he said he would pay no at
tention to suoh foolish critioisms
Any sensible reader knows, ho said,
that ho would not olaim that tho suc
cess of tho Demooratio party depends
,.!.. 1!.! 1 I . TT . 1. .. .. I. .
upon nm pouuuui luriuuu xxc wiuuuij
that somo ot tbo elements wuicn op
posed him should be robukod, not for
opposing him, but beoauso they wore
falso to the principles of tho Demo-
oratio party. these elomouts, tie
feared, would booomo so powerful
under thoir skillful leaders as to even
tually hazard tho success of the party.
Col. Mills is very hnpoful ol oleo
tion to tho senate He has muoh un
solicited encouragement, and it
reaohes him by every mail. His
friends throughout tho state are bo
coming very uotivo and ho is sati.-flcd
to let them look after his interests
for tho short term with littlo interfer
ence from him."
From tho Pacific.
Judge A. P. Overton, of tho Su
perior Court, of California, presidont of
Santa llosa Savings bank, and direc
tor of tho Home of Feeblo Minded
Children, is ono cf tho most promi
nent men on the Pacifio coatt. As a
man ho has tho confidence of ovcry
one, and as a judge h is held in uni
versal esteem. A short timo ago his
Honor wrote that ho had beon induced
to purchased Dr. Miles' Ilestorativo
Ncrvino for a lady who had beon sub
ject to spasms for 21 yoas. It gave
tho best of satisfaction and did ''moro
good in three mouths than other ro
medies had done in three years I" Tho
patient is greatly improved though it
was ovideutly a dceporato case, Dr.
Miles' Nervino and also bis Now
Heart Cure aro excellent remeJics.
They may bo had of our enterprising
LiOts in too lurxpatnoK audition,
I oheap as dirt, and good as gold.
Removal Notico.
Tho Bell Water Company offices
have been removed from tho old placo,
4 13 Franklin street, to tho building
No. 107 South F.fth stroot. Tho now
offices aro better and moro convenient.
Patrons and friends please tako notioa
of ohango.
Mr. J. O. II. Sohmitz is tho only
authorized agent of the "Waoo Post"
and except tho manager nono but hint
can collect monoy or transact business
for tho "Waoo Post "
Qko. IIkhhoi.T), Managor.
For one hundred dollars on easy
payments, you can buy a good lot on
which to build a house. It is a ohanoo
which may not last two months, and
whioh will.novoroocur again in Waco,
as long as you livo
Buy lots and blocks now in Waoo
addition to Rookport, and start Orange
Orovos and Orapo Vineyards, and
your fortuno is doubly ossurod. Ab
these knds aro enhancing in valuo
ovory day. Seo an articlo from a
Ilookport paper in another column.
J. E. Anderbon,
Tho last ohanco to buy lots olofc to
tho business portion of the city oheap.
is offered in tho Kirkpatriok addition.
The ohanoo will novor occur again in
Tho Kirkpatriok lots are oloso to
tha oontor of tho oity, closer than any
oher addition and aro solline at
prices far below their valuo.
20 Ilockport lots cold in ono day this
week. Who will be the next to buy
in Waco addition to Roolcport? No
hotter investment can bo made,
J. E. Andekhon.
Got Liuy'a prides oa Bitten Ckebk:
I bo best oheap coal sold inWaoo.

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