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Steam Sausage Factory.
Fresh Fish.
Fresh .Lard.
Fresh Oystors.
Fresh Sparo Ribs.
All Kinds Meats
And Sausage,
Cheap for Cash.
J. 0. Stafford.
lsowaro or Imitations
Of McAmster eoal. No ono han
dles the Genuine artiolo but Laoy.
The Kirkpatriok addition is high,
dry and silubriouo and commands a
protty viow.
MY STORE. 50 marbles for 5 oonts
at My Store, 635 Austin atcetr
The Kirkpatriok addition to Waco
puts the chanoe of securing a homo
into the hands of every one.
If you want cheap coal try Laoy's
Biueii L'nuEK, $5.50 per ton.
Lots in the Kirkpatriok addit'on
are selling, for tho present, dirt oheap.
For the next thirty days, boo our
prices. They will astonish you,
Pakker Bros.
Take a drive over tho additions to
the city arid ask tho prices of lots
and then look at lots in tho Kirkpat
rick addition, and you will buy.
o m
If you want tho best cheap coal in
Waco telephone Laoy for tho Brier
Day boardors oan get tho best ac
commodations at tho Woman's Ex
change, 113 North Fourth street.
Young man, tako a drop on lottery
tickets, and buv you a place for a
home in tho KirkpatritkJ addition.
It is the chanoe of a lifetime.
If you want good coal, quiok deliv
ery, telephone Laoy for McAlibter
Lump. No one soils it but Laoy.
Nice pure and white lard in bulk
cO cents per pound at CRirrENS,
lorner Fifth and Franklin.
Lidics. we havo just received fresh
stock of flower seeds.
W. L Tucker,
"Lion Drug Store
Rockport lots have two strings on
fortunes bow, Orange and Grapo oul
ture, and will double in value in a fow
months as it is the coming deep
water port. J. E. Anderson.
A. D. Adams & Bros..
Hard to Beat
Peach and Apple Cider Try mo
I am good.
A J. Lcslio for first-class watoh
clock and jowelry ropairing. Same
building with H. E. Arabold Anstin
Parker Bros, can Bell you goods
bflow manufacturers prices, See
their goods and get their pYiocs.
Havo jou used an Embrco McLean
Ml. I. .
To the Ladles.
Mrs. F.J. Sullivan has romoved her
dressmaking catablishmont to 509 1-2
Austin avenue, up-Btairs over tho
"Leader," whero alio will bo glad to
see her patrons and friends.
a m
Miles' Nerve And Liver Pills
Act on a now prlnoittlo regulating
tho liver, ttomuohnnd bowels through
tho uervep. A new discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills spoodlly cure biliousness,
bad tuste, torpid llvei piles, coustl
pation. Unequalod for men. womon,
and children. Smallest, rulluesr, sur
est. 6Cdoeef25 cents. Samples free
at 11 ( flli-br (i i Inf. m j i Ul
Austin avenue
' '3igj&3jgF
What J, U. Vincent Says They are
Going to Do.
Ho SilJ'N in tho .llnctHlonlliu Cry uiitl
IntimulcN 'Mint tliu Cliiilrinnii or
tlio Itallronil CoiitiiilHtioit AVI II !o
In tlio ItitCf ?II1I Will boonllio
JIitfclliiBN lor itnnlnr mill With
Clark mill IUIII-j In tho Wood
lrcurhiiir UniulullcriUcd Ileum
crucy u Jubilee Will bo 1 minis tirnl
cd That Mill JIiiIioIIn All Clad.
The News reportor ran aoross
James U. Vinoont ot tho Weather
ford Eonuircr this morning just as he
i . i.: r .1 ....... :..
WttS unisuiug up a iuw uajs Bitty 111
Waco. Tho News haB been expect
ing for several weeks somo signifi
cant publication in tho Enquirer,
but somehow its editor has been
"feeling of tno pulse," saying very
little, but sawing wood.
"What is tho outlook", queried
The News man.
"About what?" asked tho Enquirer
"About tho condition of tho
country" said The News man.
''Well the people in my neck of
tho woods" said Vinoont, "are all
right, with cribs full oi corn, bacon,
in tho smoke houso, bales of ootton
piled up at home, whoar fields green
schools nourishing, oto. But they
want some faotones and thoy want
a tap railroad from tho Texas CcUral
to tho Erath and Palo Pinto coa.
iields and I camo down hero to see
your people about it."
"What do they say?"
"I havo seen only Mr. McLendon,
Mr. Botan, Superintendent Hamilton
of the Texas Central, and a few others
all of whom declare it no use to
try to get money for railroads or
oher industrial enterprises in Texas
now. The restrictive legislation of
tho present regime his simply par
alyzed industrial progress."
"So you get no tap railroad?"
"No, and Waco gets no cheap
"What about politics?"
"Politios is all right in
fact lovely, lots of fun
coming tho biggest dnnoo you over
saw in Texas. "
How is thit?
"Woll, Mills will be on tho ttump
for United States Senator and Clark
will bo on tho stump for governc,
aud Culberson, backed by the oombine,
will bo on the stump for United StateB
senator, and Reagan, I guess, will be
on tho stump for governor, baoked by
tho oombine and there is going to bo
fire on tho prairies and musio in the
Do you know this to bo tho pro
gramme? 1 Oh, no; I know nothing. But tho
boys away out here at the forks, you
know, aro going to stay in the Demo
cratio party in spite of the rulings of
tho combine, and thoy havo called,
and aro oalling, upon Mills and dark
to make the fight for them"
Do you mean to say that Mills will
bo tho oondidato of tho boys at the
"Certainly I do. Did you seo
Mills' interview in Sunday's Dallas
News? That puts him right not only
as to the industriously ciroulateu lies
against him about silver, but it also
puts him right with tho farmers as to
Fu ley's kicking out devilment."
What makes you think Reagan will
be a candidate?
'Oh, I don't want to Bay. You
know several of theso good old farmers
will wnto lettors and they will show
them to an innocent fellow like mo."
What do you think of Culberson's
lato oonduct?
"That's easy. Ho simply wont daft
and became tho ohostnut for tho com
bine. '.Mo and Horace' couldn't got
tho plum and a sharper old ouss than
'Me and Uoraoo' got Culberson in it.
'Old Davo' oould havo served Texas
effoctfully on tho inter-stato commis
sion and at tho same time robbed the
Republicans of ono club with which
they will maul us with tno civil ser
vico mugwumps. But ho yioldcd in
the hour of his imbeoil ambition and
he is gone. That is to Bay, he is
gono unless tho great aud good prohi
bition upostle of Kansas, tho Hon. St.
John, who is now canvassing Texas,
can savo him."
Do you think St. John's canvass at
this timo significant?
"Do I? You don't take mo to be a
political fool, do you?"
Not cxaotly, but how will suoh a
campaign go?
"It will ko red hot, I told you, and.
Mills and Clark, as representatives of
I E. Thompson
Iuterior Decorating and
Paper Hanging a Spe
cialty; Also Dealer in
Painters Supplies and
Wall Paper.
sixTirsTit Eurxi:A.n fjcaxiclis;
: -:- TEXAS.
unadultratod Democracy, will swoop
the State. It will be a oampaign of
education, suro onough, and lies will
bo exploded, tho oharaoter of truo
patriots vindicated, old bones will be
rattled, politioal apostao exposed and
genuine patriotism instilled into the
Good onough. Now tell
The News what you havo
hoard about the congressional race
in this district?"
"I am not 'in it' you know, I'll
guess with you about it. You know
my friend Pend'cton, of Bell, got into
a clawing match with another fellow
named Tyler, of Bell, and they
ohcwpd theuiselve all up and and
well, my guess is that unless "liig
Sandy" from the Brazos bottom is
"in it," Gen Sul Ros will go to
congress from this district. Now
this is enough."
"Hold on! Iq it certain thit Judge
Gerald will make tho raco?"
"Ho is a good Democrat, and no
sueh Democrat fails to too the
mark when called for. The boys in
tend to1 call fr him, and George
never failed them yot. Wo don't
intend to consult him much about
In the Police Court Relating to
Female Residents of the Reser
vation. Quito an interesting question was
raised this morning in the mayor's
court, in tho ttial of Ella and Cora
Davis. Thej were oharged with be
ing inmates of a houso of prostitution
without lioenso. They were hereto
fore convicted before Mayor Protem
Ilerbort, and by him were granted a
new trial, upon motion of their counsel,
D H. Hardy, Esq.
Tho oaso came up again this morn
ing de novo beforo Mayor McCullooh.
It was agreed between city attorney
and counsel for defendants that de
fendants were inmates of a houso of
prostitution, to wit: Hattio Tyrco's;
that they had no licenso as provided
by artioln 50 of the city ordinances ;
that they wero ornployed by said Hat
tie Tyreo, ono as a piano player, tho
other as houso keeper. Upon this
agreed oaso the fullest argument was
uiado by tho attorneys. Mr. Hardy
took the position that tho olauso in
the ordinance, upon whioh the com
plaint was based, to wit: "or any in
mato of a house of prostitution," must
procure liconso regardloss whether sho
was there employed as a servant or
othorwiso, was invalid heoauso unreas
onahlo and in controvontion of com
mon right.
In support of this ho argued that a
woman might bo driven by tho spur
of necessity to aceopt a position, for
support, in suoh a placo and not bo
guilty of immoral praotices.
"Tho sunshine brokon in tho rill,
Though turned aside is sunshine
Ho oitcd a number of authorities in
support of his position. Tho oity at
torney in roply arguod that in arguing
the unreasonableness of an ordinanco
tho hypothetical cases in support of
its unreasonableness must be reason
able, and that it was indulging in a
violent presumption to say tLat any
woman living in such a houso was
ohasto, and was not pursuing tho oc
cupation of a bawd. He further dis
cussed the police powers of a oity and
tho object of tho ordinanco and sub
mitted the case.
His honor took tho viow of defend
ants' counsel, and discharged the de
fendants. In delivering his opinion
ho stated that ho did not propose to
oonviot a woman becauso ot tho com
pany sho keeps; tbat if tho complaint
had been based upon the other olauso
in artiolo 50, to wit: that defendants
were pursuing tho occupation of
I Mipsi
J. II. SHOPE, tho Cash Grocer,
will 6how you what ho is doing for
3 lb Tomatoes per doz $1 30
2 lb " I 00
2 lb Perfcotion Corn per doz.. i 50
2 lb Fancy Family Peas per doz 1 50
2 lb String Beans per dozen. . . 1 10
3 lb Standard Peaches per doz. 2 15
2 lb " " " " 1 55
3 lb Aprioots per doz 3 15
3 lb Grapes per doz 2 05
3 lb Cherries " " 2 (55
Fanoy Mixed Piokloss per gal. 50
" small ' " " 40
" Kiautpcrlb 3
" Mincemeit, 12 lb 1 0U
First quality Flour por owt. ... 2 80
Sugar ou'ed Hams lOJo
Granulated SuBar, 1 8 lb 1 00
Y. C. Sugar, 19 lb 1 00
Brown Sugar, 20 lb 100
Grits, 35 1b k 1 00
Head Rico, I4 lb 1 00
Evaporated Peaches, 8 lb.... 1 00
" Apricots, 8 lb 1 00
Dried Blackberries, 13 1b 1 00
Fancy Irish Potatoes, por b'okt 25
Yellow Yam Sw't Potatoes, " 40
Red or while " " " 30
Fanoy Apples, per bucket .... 40
Navy Beans, 23 lb 100
Dried Grapes, 20 lb 1 00
To my friends and customers: This
is only a snmll sketch of my low
cash prices. So call and look through
my stock of groceries.
Every day is a special sale day.
205 South Third Street.
bawds, and thcro had been proof of
the same, his decision would would
havo been different. In brief, that
tho provision of tho ordinanoo which
compelled a woman to procure license
merely because feho was tho inmate of
such a house, with no allegation and
proof that she was pursuing the occu
pation of 11 bawd, is invalid and in
contiavention of common right. Tho
court illustrated his position by the
argument that defendants should not
ho convicted on tho ground meroly
that they woro In bad company, thore
being no charge or proof that thoy
wero guilty of immoral praotices.
Little Annio, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. B. Pearlstono, lies dangerously
ill at their residence on Columbus
s treet.
See list of artists composing tho
Bostnn Symphony Orouustral olub,
who play at the Philo olub rooms
Friday night, Jan. I5th.
"Jack, tho. Shenoy," says he has
quit drinking "Old Crow" at Lineri's
and has beoomo an aotive worker in
the salvation army.
The attention of our readers aro
especially directed to tho notioo of
the ontsrtammont under tho auspices
of tho Philo- Literary blub.
Tho hido of tho big bear kept so
long at the park, and killed by John
Dollins Christmas ovc, has boon neatly
dressed for Mr. Louis Newberg and
can be scon at tho now St. Charles.
Don't forget to purchase tiokets
for the Boston Symphony Orchestral
olub entertainment Friday night at
tho Philo olub rooms. JTou will be
delighted. Tiokets for salo at Gog
gan's Musio Store, and by members of
tho Philo olub.
The Behrons' Drue Company hold
a stockholders' meeting yesterday at
whioh tho following officers were
eleoted: K Behrcns, president; T.
A. Crawford, vioo-prosidont; F. W.
Schumakor, secretary and treasurer.
Theso samo officers, with the addition
of E. Rotan and J. Eikol, composo
tho board of dirootors for tho ensuing
20 Rookport lots sold in ono day this
week. Who will be the'next to buy
in Waco addition to Rookport? No
hotter investment oan bo made.
J. E. Anderson.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joo
Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth
We are prepared to make
loans on improved country or
city property at current rates.
Vendors' lien notes extended
Prompt attention.
fort, willig & patton,
Waco, Texas
To tho Lovors of Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my new gallory,
over 701 and 703, Austin street, (tho
old Ilinohman Building), I am now
bettor nremred than over to erivo thn
peuple of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho Btato. Tho boautuul "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho loading gal-
nriiH.S in nil its hnantv. tit mv ntiidin
1 will have on oxhibition for a few
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs.
Goo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
linn hppn trumpil in n verv hnnrinnmn
"Florentine" frame, making a portrait,
wen wortn a visit, to an, anu more
especially 10 tho tho ladies.
I will bo clad to woLome mv old.
and many now customers. Don't for
got my now addroB8,over 701 and 703,
Austin a.vo.
Deane, Photographer.
The following property is offered
for sale without reserve or limit as to
piice A man with some cash oan
make money and lots of it, if ho will
go and investigate this offer. But do
lay is dangerous, the property is
going to be sold.
10 lots, 8 houses, corner Fifthjind
Spoightbtrccts; 1 house and barn on
South Fifih Btreet, this w ill bo sold at
a sacrifice; a 9 aoro garden, 2 aores
in asparagus, ono aore in fino fruit
and grapes, good improvements, on
South Twelfth street.
A 03 acre fruit farm, 40 aores in
fruit trees (bearing) also $20,000 two
year old nursery trees for sale.
Sandy loam soil throo and a half miles
from oitv, fino garden land. Call at
613 Austin avonuo for tho bargains.
Bargains at Cummins' 5 and 10 ot.
A 1-2 gal. and pint oups lOo
A 5 Hole mouse trap, 10c
A deep pudding pan and spoon. lOo
A covered tea steeper lOo
A ecoop dipper and funnel 10c
A wood spaon, fork and screw
driver lOo
3 Heavy glass sauoo dishes. . . . lOo
2 Thick, plain glass goblets.. lOo
3 8 inch tin pio plates lOo
13 Tin tea Bpoons .. lOo
12 Sheets paper, envelopes and
Pen 10c
12 slato pencils and 13 load.... lOo
2 10 oent tablets for 10o
A covered glass sugar bowl. . . . lOo
A covered glass butter dish .... lOo
At Cummins' 5 and 10j. Btoro, 703,
Austin avonuo, b;tweon Gth & 8th st.
Llvor Complaint Bllliousness.
The chief symptoms of this disease
are depression of spirits, foul coated
tonguo, bad tasting mouth, disagreea
ble breath, dry skin with blotohes
and eruptions, sallow comploxion and
yellow eyes, tired aohing shoulders,
(lull pain in right sido, faintness, diz
ziness and irregular bowols. This
complaint in all its forms oan bo
readily cured by taking Dr. Gunn's
Improved liver pills aB dirootcd, and
a lingering spell of sickness will often
bo wardod off by their uso. Sold at
25ats a box by W. B. Morrison &
Real Estate- for Sale.
Tho Gerald houso on South Fifth
stroot, lot 115x215, two story houso,
nine rooms, all modern conveniences.
Prioo $6,500; will tako a Bmaller
houso in part paymont. Lot and a
half on North Eloventh street, be
tween Barron and Morrow, cast front
Prico $700 a lot. Two lots corner
Twontieth and Webster, niooly ter
raoed. Prico $800. Lot and a half
fronting Sedwiok's houso on Clay
street; under fonoo. Prioo $750. Cor
nor lot on Ninth and Bagby; oast
front. Prico $500. Two lots corner
North Sixth and Tennessee avenue.
Prioe $1,800.
O. A. RicriAnDsON,
Postoflico building.
f a
Lots in the Kirkpatriok addition,
cheap as 'hit.

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