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To Arrive Every Morning;.
Fresh Bftlt water fish.
Bed Fish, Trout, Flounders, dressed
Catfish, oto. Also
Throo shipments a wook of Oysters.
They aro Rockaway Oysters, tho
best on tho market, Try them,
Als ) three shipments a week of Loh-
mann'a Berwick Bay Oysters, well
known to the trado.
Also reoeivo consignments of all
kinds of game, At 717 Austin
Cheap Medium and Fine
Paper Hangings and Decor
ations, Window Glass, Var
nishes etc. Sole agent for
J. W. John's celebrated
Asbestus Paints. Full line
of Colors, Brushes and every
thing kept in a first-class
Wall Paper and Paint Store.
404 Austin Street,
The Chance of a Lifetime.
Thero never was as fine an opportu
nity for speculation or a ohanoo for
persons of small means to secure a
homo as is offored in tho Kirkpatiick
addition to Waoo. It embraces about
sixteen hundred lots, each one of
which will iu ten years bo worth ten
times the prico for which thoy oan
now bo bought. Thcso lots Ho high
and dry and on an elevation overlook
ing a largo part ot tho city. Thev
aro closo to tho business portion of
tho city, muoh nearer than Dickey's
hill, whore lots aro worth one thous
and dollars and muoh ncaror than
many other additions whero lots aro
soiling for threo times tho amount
asked for lots in this addition. Near
ness to tho center of tho city is the
key to succesiful speculation. Tho
soil is a fertile loam, tho finest in
Waoo for gardens and frait. Tho
whole traot is underlaid with tho
purest of water at a depth of from
fifteen to sixteen feet and is found in
the gravel and in inexhaustible quan
tities, making irrigation by
wells perfectly feasible. Tho
whole traot is covered with a
young growth of forest trees, tho most
beautiful ones of which oan be saved,
thus giving at once for a homo a beau
tiful Bhade which on bare lots oan only
bo obtained by great expense and
years of waiting. In all respeots the
Kirkpatiok addition oilers tho best op
portunity for persons of small means
to acquire beautiful rosidonco proper
ty that has ocourrod in the last bve
years. It is a chanoo that will nover
occur again and it may not last long.
Tho prices at which theso lots aro bo
iDg sold and the easy terras is attract
ing prudent peoplo and it has always
been tho case that property rapidly
advances when a few peoplo bogin to
mako homes. Now i a golden oppor
tunity for clerks, mechanics and la
boring people, and it is ono they will
nover seo again in tho history of
Waoo. It is absolutely tho last ohance.
Property tho samo distance up the
liver is selling at threo times the
prico for which thcso lots are offered
nd yet aro not nearly as desirablo.
-p 1
Co-Partnership Notice.
We, tho undersigned do this day
enter into oo-partnership under tho
firm namo of Detanoy & Mollor for
the purpose of doing a general meat
market business and kindly solicit the
tatronago of all who will pay prompt
y at the expiration of eaoh month us
wo are determined to out oil all delin
quents. Respectfully,
Delaney & Mellor.
Referring to the ahovo I thank my
customers for their past iavors and
will gladly servo all who in tho future
pay their bills at tho ond of each
month and request all who owe mo at
presont to settle as quiokly as possi
ble as I desire to givo no ono troublo.
Yours truly,
Jno. H. Delaney.
Waoo, Texas, Jan. 1st, 1892
Get Laoy's prioes on Brier Greek
he best oheap coal sold in Wa 00.
Are You Safisfietl ?
With a Good Wearing and Good Fitting
With the Largest Line of
New, Fresh and Faultless.
Call and Examine OurMamnioth Stock.
Of Ofllcers of tho Banks and Otter
Who Head In UvcrytliliiR Tho
IlaiiUf), Kiouii Companies mid HIiui-ufuctorlcw-Tho
IAt,t AVI II bo In
tended Tomorrow As Fine Finan
cial Miowlnir (or AVnco L.nrKe Dt
vldcudh Declared aud;Evcry Kilter
prlso In 11 Prosperous Condition A
Chaniio 1.11 tho Presidency of tho
First National 31 r. Hpiuii Suc
ceeds Mr. Matin iin I'rcNlileiit-Joliu
It. Ilohe tho Ciihlilur, Vu Ite-cleclccl-
Hr. Fcreuson Succeed
Mr. Corley an Cashier of tho Prov
ident No Chungo In tho Lltl at
tho Citizen's.
Tho election of tho directories and
the officers of the several banks in
Waco took place today and the follow
ingisa report of tho proceedings as
far as could bo learned this after
The oitizens national bank 'eleoted
directors as follows: J. T. Davis, L
B. Blaok, W. D. Laoy, T. P. Abeel,
0. H. Hij. ginson, J. S. Thompson and
H. J. Caufield.
The officers of this bank were eleot
ed as folhws: J. S McLendon, pres
idout; .1. T. Davis, vice president;
L. B Black, oashier; 0. H. Higgin
son assistant cashier.
Directors: W. T. Witt, T. C
Tibhs, S. C. Olivo, J. D. Bell, T. P
Sparks, John F. Horsfull, It. B. Par
rott, W. H. Jonee, J. R Downs,
G. II. Randle, D. R. Gurloy,
B. R. Hearne, W. P. Ferguson and
John L. Dyer.
Officers: W. T.'Watt, president;
T. C. Tibbs, vioo" president; S 0.
Oliver, second vice president; Cashier
W. P. Ferguson. The meeting in
tho new quarters in the Provident
building was a harmouious ono, and
did not last an hour.
Mr. W. P. ForgusoD, who sucoeeds
Mr. J. S Corley as cashier has been
engaged in tho banking businoss in
Hcarho, Texas, and will wind up
his business thero and asBumo the
duties of oafhicr at once.
Tho stockholders of tho Farmers
and Merchants National bank met to
day and eleoted the following direc
tors: R O Rounsaval, Sam oancer,
Jno T Waltoo, I M Pearlson, H C
Wilson, A Syinmes, R T Dennis, F
O R'gers, Jno P Massoy. Tho direo
tors met at 2 p. m., and elected the
following officers:
R O Jvounsaval, president; J T
Walton, first vice-president; S San
ger, second vice-president; J P Mas
sey, oaBhier; J M Holt, assistant
' Tho directory added $10,000 00, to
the surplus and the bank had $1,300.
00, left in tho undividod profits ac
The stockholders of the First
National bank met thia morning and
eleoted tho following directors:
Wm Cameron, Tom Padgitt, E
Rotsn, J K Rose, W M Breustedt,
M A Cooper, W M Kellett, D R
Wallace, W V Fort, W R Dunnica
Tho uncompleted dircotory of the
First National bank eleoted tho fol
lowing officers: E. Rotan, president;
Wm. Cameron, first vioe-Prosidont;
Tom Padgitt, second vice; J. K. Roso,
oishier, and F. W. Fort, assistant
Tho Stato Central Bank mot sever
eral days ago and ro-eleoted tho old
dircotory and officers as follows:
S. W. Slaydcn. presidont; Launco
lit Watson, cashier; W. 0. Watson,
assistant cashier. Mcsrs. J. L. Slay
den and O. Bailey, with the officers
above named compose tho the direc
Tho Central City Trust company
held a meeting yesterday for the pur
pose of electing officers and declar
ing a dividend. The officers were
elected as follows:
Directors: J S MoLendon, Thomas
Mooro, Wm Cameron and T D Hays.
Officers: James I Moore, presi
dent ; Thomns Mooro, vice-president;
Thomas A Crawford, treasurer; W K
Mondenhall, seoretary. A scmi-au
uual dividend of fivo per cent, was
declared Tho statement will be seen
in another place.
Tho annual meeting of tho stock
holders of the Bohrons Drug company
was held yesterday and tho following
officers olected:
H Behrens. prosident; T A Craw
ford, vice presidont ;F W Schumacher
necretary and treasury, who, with E.
Rotan and J. Eikel, compose the
directors. Tho above aro tho same
set of officers and directors, and wcro
re-eleoted for tho ensuing year.
It was reported that an election of
direotors and a ohango in officers
would occur at tho office of the Blako
Manufacturing company today, but a
reporter called there and found that
fine looking and affable George Delhi
in full charge and was informed that
no election wonld be held until next
June. So long as George Deihl has
charge no election thero will bo
necessary. He is ono of the soundest
and ablest managers of largo business
interests Waco has ever known, and
with duo regard for tho aspirations
of our other bnsiness men, no one
can be found who can handle that
Urge ooncern to better advantago than
Mr. Deihl.
Shot Ills Iluir-Itrotlier.
Gainesville. Tox .Tan. 12. News
reached hero Saturday that John Wash
ington Bhot and instantly killed his half
brother, Jim Washington, Friday after
noon in Delaware Bend, this county.
Tho troublo originated over tho parti
tion of somo land. Jim had but recently
attained his majority, and a few daya
ago was married to tho daughter of
Judgo Johe Love of tho Indian Territory.
Prior to this John had occupied tho
land, a part of which Jim claimed.
Since his mnrringo Jim had began tho
erection of a house on what ho thought
to bo his land, and this was tho occasion
of ninny angry words between them.
Tuesday all parties were in this city and
took Jnko Brazelton tho county surveyor,
out to iuii tho dividing lino. It wa3
whilo doing this that tho killing oc
curred. It seems that thero was no imme
diate provocation for tho killing. Jim
Washington was walking nlong with a
stono on his shoulder when John shot
him, tho hall striking nbovo tho right
hip and lodging in tho abdomen. John
Washington then turned on Brasdeton,
tho surveyor, who ran and escaped in
tho woods.
Thero was great excitement in this
city when tho news reached hero, and aa
no ono had seen Brazleton siuco tho
bhooting it was reported that ho had been
killed in tho woods. A party was boing
organized to search for him, when nowa
camo Saturday night that ho was at
Dexter unhurt. Washington fled dur
ing tho night, but officers nro in pursuit.
All parties aro woll known in this sec
tion of Toxaa and throughout tho Indian
Territory. Tho Washington family ia
ono of tho oldest, most respected and
wealthiest in northern Texas.
No ono sells tho Celebrated
MoAlistkr coal but Laoy.
"1P fiP"
Farewell, old year,
We turn from you
And greeting give
To '92,
And reader, dear,
We wish for thee,
Through all its days,
Early in the year to talk about
rvuLXanislxins: ITOtAr BCoxise).
We have a large and well selected stock of
Fashionable Fuin Stupe and Oappefs.
Latest in style, material and finish. We keep everything and
can furnish your house from garret to cellar. Come in and take a look.
Jnstloe Harrison oalled his dooket
yesterday morning. A number of oas B
were oontinucd, a few dismissed and in
tho following judgmonts wore taken
by dofault :
Waoo Stato Bank vs. V. M. Wolf
et al; C. W. Gates vs A. J. Walker;
C. W. Gates vs. Waoo Street and
Dummy Railway company: So) Rico
vs. B. F. Day; Alder Goldman Com.
Co. vs. J. W. Greon; John McDainal
vs. John MoCrery; W. S. Blaoksher
& Co. vs. W. J. Barn or, Jr.; H. W.
Brown vs. Albert Winn; Lowino BroB
vs. C. M. Dabuly; Waco State Bank
vs. S. A. Wynn; Waco Stato Bank
vs. Albert Henderson; Waco Stato
Bank vs. J. W. Barker et al, dis
missed as to Barker and judgment
renderod agaiiiBt tho other?; A.
Sohumbaok vs. Lang Patterson; E. .T.
ABhburn vs. A. Talbert; W. II
Roberts vs. R I. Monroe; P. O. Ross
vs J. W. aiounensnoy; jonn jmiisoii
vs. H. L. Tajlor.
mayor's court.
An interesting session of the may
or's court was held this morning.
Mitt Wells was fined $5 for fighting
with Ada Lowo.
Sam Boathor paid $1 for soliciting
custom upon tho depot platform.
C. E. Johnson rodo along a public
street in a gait faster than a walk and
contributed $6 for the privilege.
The oase against Sanford Perry,
for usine loud and vociforous lau-
gungo, was dismissed.
Davo Turpin, for aggraratcd
assault and battery upon tho body of
Maggio Brown, contributed $25.
John Reiloy paid a fino of $5 for
Bob Sedburry was assessed $5 for
obscene language.
Real Estato Transfers.
Reported by Waco Abstract and
Investment Company, 119 South
Fourth streot, Waco, Texas.
H Pikett and wifo to
Duuelbv. lots (J and 7 blk 1
add $10,000.
J Gentry to George Kramer
acres Melton survoy .20.
J T Damron to J W Damron, 75
acres Burton survey. $,1425.85.
O M Wilcox to J L Winn, intorebt
in estate S L Wiloox $527
W T Lockwood to J D Dixon, lot
South Fourth street, "Moor addition
P W MoGhco to M O McGheo, lots
15 and 1G blk 1 White add $5,000.
REWilsford to J B Young, 1-3
interest inlOlotB at Moody. 41G.08
Total, January 11, 1192, $17',748.53.
Lots in tho Kirkpatriok addition.
I oheap as dirt, and good as gold.
Phllo Club Benefit.
Tho Philo Club have secured tho
services of Tho Boston 8ymphony
Orohcstral Club for an entertainment
Friday nijjht Jan. 16th. It is hoped
that tho friends of tho olub will assist
in making it a inoft profitable vonturo
and encourage them in all snoh en
tertainments. Tiokcts may bo had at
Goggans musio storo, or from any
moinbor of tho olub.
Removal Notlco.
Bell Water Company
Tho Bell Water Company offices
have been removed from the old placo,
413 Franklin street, to tho building
No. 107 South Fifth stroot. Tho now
offices aro better and moro convenient.
Patron b and fiionds ploaso tako notioo
of ohango.
Mr. J. O. H. Sohmitz iB tho only
authorized agent of the "Waco Post"
and except tho manager nono but him
can collect money or transact business
for tho "Waoo Post."
Geo. Herhold, Manager.
Remember tho Boston Symphony
Orchestral Club entertainment at the
Philo olub rooms Friday night 15th.
It will bo tho best musical cntcitaio
ment ever bad in this city.
For one hundred dollars on easy
payments, you can buy a good lot on
which to build a house. It is a chance
whioh may not last two months, and
whioh willnevor occur again in Waco,
as long as you live,
Buy lots and blooks now in Waco
addition to Rockpoit, and start Orango
Groves and Grape Vineyards, and
your fortuno is doubly 8B6urod. As
theee ItndB aro enhancing in valno
ovorv day. Sco an articlo from a
1 Rock port paper in anothor column.
J. E, Anderson,

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