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$&wz Bailt? sfeftxa
dltor and Oonoral Managor.
Largest Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texas.
dnbsorlpllon. 60 cents por month, or 15.00 per
year In advance. Wkkkly Nws 11.00. per year.
Eutored nt tho Waco postofflco as boo
ond olasB mall matter.
"1 mil for froo cnuuuorcfi Willi all
mi 1 1 ." 'riiniiiu Jefferson.
To Inetire publication In tho Mws nil adver
1 1 cimnte received at this oltlco must bo ac
companied by tho csb, except In cases
where o.ntracts exlat.
To Subscribers.
Fcrflns who fall to got tholr papor
promptly will confer a favor on The
News by notifying ub by niall or tel
ephone, and tho matter will bo rem
edied Immediately.
All bills duo tho News for advertis
ing from July 15th are payable to
JR. Christopher or hlfl authorized col
lector. This applies also to sub
The News is not responsible for nor
will it pay any bills unleas authorized
by a written or verbal order from tho
A subscriber writes to tho Now
York World, administering a merited
rebuke to tho Gotham spoilsmen. IIo
says: 'Senator Hill has proclaimed
from ihe housotops that ho is a Demo
crat. What thou nro wo nod wo arc
many who years ago were Kepubli
cans but for years past havo voted the
Democratic tioket? To this wo were
drawn by the patriotism of G rover
Cleveland, and perhaps it may bo said
havo not been deterred from it by the
partisanship of Gov. Elill. Tho party
organs, which can scarcely speak re
speotfully of tho former, eulogizo tho
latter for his devotion to his party.
Thoe of us whose voioes aro not
heard hut whoso votes count up, liko
tho Independent Senator Edwards,
feel that if, as it appears, the Sonator
esteems himself the director of his
party and heir to its highest honors,
then dovotion to tiis party is nowise
different from devotion to himself
Dovotion to self is not a virtue wo
feel obligated to venerate. Dovotion
to tbo pcoplo is statesmanship. If it
is Democratic Btutesmanehip then wo
nro Democrats."
Tho writer is a true tariff reformer
as tho following shows:
What positively is our senator's po
flition on tho tariff ? Ho is an inci
dental protectionists, In other words,
Senator Hill favors a tariff primarily
for revenue and moidentally for pro
tection, while Mr. MoKinloy would
favor a tariff primarily for protcotion
and incidentally for revenuo. If that
be Democracy, wo aro not Deinoorats.
Tho axo should bo laid to tho root ot
protection. The tariff should bo for
revenue only and should bo raised so
as to be aa just to all and as little
burdensome to any as posiBblo. This
wo bcliovo in, and wo believe Tho
World believes with us and will work
for ub, as we will in that faith tor it,
but if this is to be a Uill-slido to frco
ooinago and incidental protection,
count U3 out.
Juat this kind of Democrats aro
suro to dofeat Hill if he is nominated
for president. The spoilosmon just
can't win on a Democratic ticket, and
if office is all thoy aro after thoy had
just as well go over to the Republi
cans, the genuino spoils party.
In the last question asked Mr. Vin
cent yesterday Judgo Gerald's narao
was insortod whero Judge Clark's
should havo been. Tho corroot ques
tion and answer is as follows: "Is it
certain that Judgo Clark will niako
tho raoo for governor?" Mr. Vinoent
repliad: "He is a good Domoorat,
and no suoh Democrat fails to toe tho
matk when oallod for. Tho boys in
tend to call for him, and Qoorgo novor
failed thorn yot. Vo don't intend to
consult him muoh about it."
J Legislator Relates His Ex
Ilrtit ill Murilrr In tlio timl of riowors
I'iikI .'Mull rriiut New York to tlio South,
west Soutliorn Kxpri'n Computiy In
Austin, Jan. 1.1. A letter from a
member of tho Texas legislature from
his homo in tho fiouthwestcni part of
tho stato, tinted Jan. 10, addressed to
Adjutant-General Mnbry, has been re
ceived bearing upon tho Qnrza revolu
tion. After lequesting tho appointment
of his son as a 6iwcial in tho ranger ser
vice, ho says: "While I do not think we
nro in danger from Garza's following,
yes their dispersion presages much
troublo from thieving nnd brigandages.
Tho country is in such a direful condi
tion none will stay who can cot away.
Wo havo had no ruin yot; everything is
dried up, and nobody can subsist unless
by transported subsistence. Garza is
undoubtedly hors do combat wlicrover ho
may bo, from tho effects of tho rupturo
and his wounds. IIo is not at tho head
of tho movement. Both brains and funds
aro furnished from Mexico. Ninty-niiio
per cent, of tho Mexicans on Texas soil
aro in deep sympathy with any move
ment against Diaz, and this is my reason
for soliciting my son's appointment as
an authorized help."
A llrtttiil ?I tinier.
Safety H.uidoh, Fla., Jan. 13. G.
W. D. Juloes was found dead with hi1
head nearly severed from tho bodv lying
in the fireplace yesterday morning.
The body had been thero apparently
three or four days. Ho lived alone,
but as he frequently went to Tampa and
Sanford on business his absence
created some alarm. Somo sharp in
strument had been used and there were
numerous bruises on tho body, probably
received in a struggle with the murderer.
Tlio adjoining room showed marks of a
desperato encounter, many blood stains
appearing upon tho wall and floor ovei
which tho body had been dragged.
Suspicion rests upon a former lodger
who has suddenly disappeared. Tha
town and country is greatly excited.
Fighting tha Lottery.
Jackson, Miss., Jan. 1!3. Tho grand
jury yesterday brought in an indictment
against tho Southern Express company
for receiving and forwarding money to
the Louisiana lottery and returning
tickets to purchnters. The indictment
was found on tho idea that the act makes
tho express company an agent of the
company, which is positively prohibited
by law. If tbo law holds good it will
abolish almost tho only means parties
havo of getting tickets from tho lottery
company. Judge Chrhtrnan, judge of
tlio court, is anti-lottery.
A Steamer Loaded With Itanan as.
Mobile, Jan. 13. Tlio steamship
Ceres, tho first of the now lino of steam
ers between Mobile and Central and
South American points, camo in with a '
cargo of 9,000 bunches of bananas from
Bocas del Toro. Tlio fruit was unloaded
with dispatch into twenty-nino freight
cars of tho Mobilo and Ohio railroad,
making two train loads, which left on a
special fast freight schedulo for St.
Louis, Chicago nnd Cincinnati. The
steamer's trip was mndo in nine days,
owing to hpavy head winds. With good
weather it cau bo steamed in five days.
Hope's llntl Predicament.
Memphis, Jan. 13. Albert Hope, poet,
playwright and former protege of Mrs.
Frank Leslie, will go to tho penitentiary
unless tho supremo court intervenes to
save him. Ho was convicted of obtain-
ing money under falso pretenses by
means of a check drawn by him on the
uruauwuy isuuoiuu oamc 01 INOW xorK,
in which he had no funds. That was a
month ngo. Judgo Duboso of tho crimi-
nai court overruled n motion tor a now
trial made by Hope's counsel and thoy
took an appeal.
Fast JMull to the Southwest.
Washington, Jan. 13. Beginning on
tlio 20th inst., a now fast mail lino will
be established over tho Pennsylvania
railroad from Now York via Pittsburg,
Columbus and Indianapolis to St. Louis,
which will carry tho mail, leaving New
York at 0 o'clock in tho morning, and
will arrivo in St. Louis at 7 o'clock tho
following evening.
Tho west and southwest will receivo a
great advantngo from this nrrangement
of General Superintendent White of tlio
railway mail service.
"I 1. rs r
Content of 'the Souaon.
Dallas, Jan. 13. Today is tho coldest
day this season. This morning the ther
mometer registered fourteen degrees
abovo zero, and overcoats ceased to bo a
luxury. Peoplo kept in doors, at least
those who had no pressing business on
hand. Tlio coal dealers were kept busy
and a fuel famino is among tho possibili
ties if the cold snap continues.
Mis Field Dead.
New Youk. Jan. 13. Grace Meld
fe'StfS.'SK -Ssr.
W. Field, died this mornimr after u
lingering mm
Corfrt Wonrlnc Apparel.
Nnw Yokk, Jnn. 1.1. Jmlgo Wheolor
of tho United States circuit court of this
distnet has just handed down a decision
thnt will cause tho feminine heart to
flutter with varying emotions tho country
over. IIo says, in effect, that tho charge
that corsots aro used to beautify tlio
fcmalo form is libellous, and givos it as
his opinion that thoy coustituto a legiti
mate species of wearing apparel For
this judicial compliment Judge Wheeler
taxes every lady in tho land from 35
to ij&.fiO on each and every corset pur
chased, according to its retail nrico. Tho
decision was mndo after a long argu
ment before him, in which tho merits of
tlio case were solemnly presented 1y
I Assistant United States District Attorney
1 Piatt, representing tho government, and
D. I. Mnckio, representing a New York
importer, who contended that an iuijwr
tation of corsets should pay a duty of 4
per cent, us manufactured cotton, instead
of 50 per cent, nd valorem as an article
of clothing. Mr. Plntt had tho advantngo
in tho argument. IIo is a mnrried man.
I Mr. Mackio is not. Mr. Mnckio admitted
1 that, being a bachelor, his argument was
necessarily based on hearsay evidence.
IIo said that corsets were not wearing
apparel, but were used to hold thofemalo
. form in place, nnd that they had no
warmth in them. Mr. Piatt said Mr.
Mackio was mistaken nnd that thero was
a great deal of warmth in corsets npd
they were not worn for tho purposo
contended by Mr. Mackio. Even itftra
fashionablo young men wore them.
Judge "Wheeler decided thnt Mr. Piatt
had tho best of the argument nnd corsets
will hereafter pay tho McKiuloy duty of
CO per cent, nd valorem.
Mysterious Ucnth.
Si'lUNOViEW, Neb., Jan. 13. A. M.
Culver, one of tho most prominent
citizens in this county, was found near
his residenco with his skull crushed.
Early in tho day ho had gono out to ex
amine somo timber and not returning in
tho evening neighbors began n search for
him. His body was found at tho foot of
a tree on which ho had evidently been
chopping. Just back of tho right ear
was a wound mndo by somo blunt in
btrument, from which tho brains oozed.
There is no solution of tho affair. Tho
theory of murder is not regarded as
plausible, as tho dead man stood high in
tne esteem ot the iieoplo of this locality,
nnd was not known to havo an enemy
in existence. The affair is rendered
more mysterious in view of tho fact of
the surroundings, and tho wound which
' produced death could scarcely havo ac
cidentally occurred, The deceased was
one of the pioneer citizens of Nebraska
and very influential.
Slioshor.es nnd Arapahoe, I.anl.
"Washington, Jan. 13.---Tho president
sent to congress with his recommenda
tion, urging favorablo consideration, tho
ngreement that J. II. Brigham of Ohio
and C. n. Merrill of Washington, a ma
jority of the Shoshone and Ara'parhoo
Indian commission, roado with the
Shoshone and Araparhoo Indians of
Wyoming for tho cession of more than
half their reservation on Wind river in
Wyoming. The lands ceded compriso
1,100,000 acres of land in the northern
part of the reservation, nnd tho prico
paid is $000,000, or about 55 cents an
Stntu Capital Notes.
Austin, Jan. 13. The question whether
tho district judgo will entertain tho ap
plication for a writ of injunction against
Land Commissioner McGaughey in tho
proceeding involving tho boundary lino
between Kaufman and Hunt counties,
was argued at great length. Colonel
Walton and Mr. Ward contended for tho
writ nnd Lawyer J. S. Sherrill of Hunt
nnd Mr. Andrews, office assistant attor
ney general, opposed tho view. Colonol
McGaughey was present nnd enjoyed
tho contention of tho counsel for unre
stricted powers of his office. Tho jud
nfter argument decided not to grnnt tho
i injunction. He held that tho question
I hud been decided by tho supremo court.
This restores the old line. It is not likely
tho lino will again be changed until thero
is a now land commissioner.
Tho board of managers, upon tho rec
ommendation of Governor Hogg, elected
Dr. Frank S. White of Decatur, superin
tendent of the insane asylum. IIo is a
native of tho state. IIo was for about
hoven years assistant superintendent of
tho lnnntic asylum at Terrell nnd is a
member of tho Superintendents of Amer
ican Institutes for tho Insane. He is
about 45 years of ago and is well recom
mended by tho medical profession.
No Ico In Itlalno.
Banooii, Mo., Jan. 13. To-night there
is no ice-producing tide water river in
Maine not open to steam vessels to tho
head of navigation. Tho Kennebec river,
irom wmen over a million tons or ico
must bo taken for Washington, Balti
more, Philadelphia and Now York, is in
bad shapo on account of dirt, driftwood
and anchor ico which does not work out
with tho tide. Tho Penobscot river is in
fine shape, but tho water is as sereno
and icoless as in summer. This condi
tion was nover before known in Maino,
even in tho years of tho ico famines, tho
winters of 1878 and 1888-0. Never be
fore havo the rivers been open as lato aa
Jan. 2, as snow comes abundantly here
abouts after tho annual January thaw,
i7 ' SHE
protecting tlio ico. Thero is no hopo of
jiiuuuu oi reuruary. icemen nero aro
anxiously watching the Hudson river.
jplefe's Jow ft Peads f3ow
That We Have Taken Out Last Whack at Prices.
All of our Men's Cassimere Suits that were
$3.75, now for $2.95
All of our Suits that were $5 .00, now for 3.60
All of our Suits that were $7.50, now for 5.50
All of our Suits that were $10, now for 7.50
All of our best goods that sold as high
as $17.50, choice now for $10
Everything in the shape of clothing butch
ered in proportion.
A general slaughter in the prices of
woolen goods.
Boots and Shoes at your own prices. We
mean a general CLEAN UP Come
and see us.
As our quotations will prove.
And note the prices given fiom time to time on first-class
will be that after looking through our stock you can't ini
magine how you paid such high prices for goods.
And a penny made is a penny earned. Look out for us and
Watoh our Advertisement
From day to day and save not only pen
nies but dollars. Yours Respectfully,
For fine goods ldw prices and saving money.
J. B. MoIiKHDON, President. J. T. DAVIS, Vloe-presldont. 1. H. BL1A.GK, OuUti
0. n. niaaiKsoNi thos. p. abeel. n oaufikld,
Vooonnt of btnkV banker, merohanti, furmori. meohantoi and other olatnei solloltod . W
fisyastnuoh uttentlcn to tmal aoonanta us large onoa. We gtra personal and ipeolal attentlo
0 ouroollejtlon JoDotrtment, and tenlfa day of payment. Exchange bought anil sold 01
all the prlnolpol point of the United States and Enrope.
ManfactuiWs 1 Wholesale Grocers.
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure Bpioos.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blond Coffee.
Moore Bros' White Wine and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Purn Cider.
Having purohasod Mr. Alexandre's buslnos we ure now prepared to fill
orders promptly. Patronize Home Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Wuon a Groat Manufacturing Centre.
Corner Eighth and Austin Streets.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.

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