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iKfojea 3aiit? $fcfcxau
dltor and General Manager.
Largctt Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texas.
Subscription, 60 cents per month, or 15.00 per
jrenr In advsnco.WxxKLY Niwb 11.00. por yoar.
Entered at the Waco tiostoffloo as boo
ond class mall matter.
To Insure publication In ttie t-'xws all uilver
Ucrnfnts received at this olllco mast be no
cooipnnled by the cash, except In cases
where contracts exist.
To Subscribers.
Partlos who fail to get their paper
promptly will confer a favor on The
News by notifying us by mall or tel
ephone, r.j(l the matter will be rem
edied immediately.
All bills duo the News for advertis
ing from July 16th aro payable to
R. Christopher or his authorized col
lector. This applies also to subscribers.
The News is not responsible for nor
will itpay any bills unless authorized
by a written or verbal order from tho
"I nm Inr free commerce willi ull
mil Ion." Til n mil s Jcf fernou.
The Fort Worth Gazotto ptints ex
tracts from tho Dallas News interview
with Mills and commentiog editorially
garbles the moaning and undertakes
to uiuko a point against Mills. Sinco
the Gazette 1ms fallen into tho hands
of Tammany it has beon after tho
scalp of tho brilliant Texan and IB
wilhug to lay Texas, politically speak
ing at tho feet of the Tammany
Sachems. It can't do it howovcr,
even with tho aid of tho New York
Sun and Atlanta Constitution, tho
organs of protectionism in tho Domo-a
cratio party. Tho parallel clippings
below show to what straits tho spoils
sheet is put:
The InWrvlow, with'
ont quotation marks
ecoiea lie. Democratic.;
Coi gicEfiJieii whoelect
(U Crist after tho fash'
Ion ol Bulldozer Jones.
TJ c ntecstlicmasdls
rioccratlo one mica,
frnltlul of ll-fi"; de
clares that Mr. 31111s
-will tight tho ways and
nenna committee "In
no captions spirit, but
a nip y as a hlghscntc
of duty."
In a recnt Interview
Mr. Fptlrgrr took pains
to deny tho reports that
Jlr. 11111s was "sulking
and hoi tile to theDem
ocratlc organization of
the h' uo." From Cor
slcana Mr. Mills re
t rn t-" compliment
by charging bribery up
on Springer and by ex
prcBIng bis -'superb
contempt" for tho en
tl o leadership of the
Avl.lt to Col. Mil's
Is all that is enOlct' ne
to sco tbat the w rie
spread and ridiculous
stoiles of. Is "8Uikl g"
aro lies wh ch honor
able emmles could
asilv dluienso with.
now that tho ape kor
Is elected nud the com-
rolttces appol ted
n pome or tlio col
onel's Democratic one
mles aie gloating ovt-r
tho expectations that
he is mad and will rit
In bis coat and tin and
saynoihing, they will
Qnd that they wero
never m ro mistaken
la their livoi. 'ibi-ro
is great dal for him
to do, and he will act
with his old time vigor
hen tho time comes;
and when Mr. Sprl g
er's tariff ) diets are
reported Irom the ways
and nif-ans committee,
Col. Mills wl 1 be on
hand to tack on intend
ments that the pariy
wants to see adopted
1 bin will bo done In no
iCptlons spirit, but
simpiy sb a nign sonru
of public duty directs.
flut bo lsnotli'mnini
tho Democratic party
lor nn tiling, it is
truo he bos a cunerb
conton pt for the oper
iraamR oi men me cav
tie which wax indulged
In freely to secure his
defeat, and ho 'oelsthat
bis honorable defeat,
r po Irom trading on
his side is preferable
to success obtained In
any other way.
"The snow, tho ioo, tho boautifuj
rleet," exclaimed a young mn,
who stood on his feet, at tho corner
for a moment, and then on his head.
And that's the reason why this
poem went doad.
Tho Domocralio press all over tho
United States is delighted with the
tono of tho Toxas press favoring Roger
Q Mills for tho senate. Tho papers in
other statts know the valuo of tho
Texas statetmau in public norvioo and
are gratified to know that he is appre
ciated at homo.
Of the House Sounded by Mr.
llniiutlris I, mill (iniiitN, I'lt'dclne; nf Public
Credit, mid ('niirciloiis nT Any Kind
Torn ItcPfl of Iiilne lll'luii" llomi tho
Washington, Jim. 1J. Tlio sonata
Kcpublican committee dispo.sod of the
vacancies in tho t-onnto committee
caused by the death of Plumb. It wntf
decided to reduco the luembprphip of the
appropriations cominittee, so the va
cancy is thus dis-Msetl of. Mr, Dolph of
Oregon is given the chnirniunship of the
committee on public lands and relin
quished Inn place us chairman Of the
committee on coast defenses to Sir.
Squire of Washington. Mr. Qallingor
of New Hampshire was made chairman
of tho committee on transportation
routes to the seaboard, formerly held by
Mr. Quay.
In the senate, among bills reported
from committees and placed on tho cal
endar was a bill to prevent tho adultera
tion and misbranding of food and drugs
and for other purposes. This is the pure
food bill. Among tho bills introduced
and referred was one by Mr. Kyle pro
posing an amendment to tho constitu
tion to regulate marriages and divorces
in the states.
Mr. 3Iorguu offered a resolution wlrieh
was agreed to calling on tho secretary of
the treasury for Henry W. Elliott's re
port on Alaska, with map and illus
trations. The resolution offered Monday by Mr.
Mitchell instructing tho judiciary com
mitteo to inquire- and report what legis
lation is necessary to relievo tho court
of claims in tho transaction of its busi
ness and espediate such business, was
then taken up and Mr. Mitchell ad
dressed tho senate, giving such facts as
show tho necessity of such legislation,
and stated that the present crowded con
dition of tho court of claims was a trav
esty on justice. After a long debate the
resolution was referred to tho judiciary
On motion of Mr. Stewart, a bill tc
provido for tho free coinage of gold and
silver bullion was referred to tho finance
Tlio Houso.
"Washington, Jan. 14. Tito war cry
of tho Democratic leaders of tho house
was sounded by Mr. Holman and if
echoed by tho Democratic majority the
policy of tho party m tho coming session
will bo firmly established. It will be
a policy of opposition to all sub
sidies, bounties, land grants, pledg
ing public credit and concessions of nnj
kind and will bo broad enough to bo fa
tal alike to statesmanship subsidies, su
gar bounties and governmental promo
tion of tho Nicaragua scheme. Without
warning to the Republican side of the
house Chairman Holman of tho appro
priations committee presented resolu
tions declaring it to bo tho judgment oi
tho houso that granting subsidies oi
bounties by congross,monoy,publio landSj
bonds or by endorsement or pledge oi
public credit to promoto special private
industries of enterprises independent oi
tho constitutional power of congress un
just and impolitic and manifestly in
conilict with the spirit of republican in
stitutions. Tho resolution further re
bolves that in view of tho present condi
tion of tho treasury, and because effi
cient and honest government can onlj
bo assured by a frugal expenditure ol
public monoy, while unnecessary and
lavish expenditure under any and all
conditions leads inevitably to venal anil
corrupt motliods in public affairs, noj
money ought to bo appropriated by con- j
grexs irom in puuiic treasury except
such as is manifestly necessary to carrj
on the several departments frugally,
efficiently and honestly administered.
Considerable confusion succeeded tho
rending of the resolution, but without
giving time for debato Mr. Holman de
manded the previous question on ite
Mr. Meyers, from the sugar state ol
Louisiana, moved the reference of the
resolution to tho committee on ways and
means, but on division the motion was
lost by a vote of 50 to 115.
Mr. Henderson of Iowa and various
othor gentlemen on tho Republican side
asked an opportunity for debate, and
Mr. McKcnna of California insisted that
tho resolution, if adopted and adhered
to by the houso, would result in tho de
feat of all appropriation bills of nnj
kind whntover, except such as referred
to departmental nffairs.
"Will debato bo in order after the
previous question is ordered on tho reso
lution?" inquired Mr. Henderson of Iowa.
"Tito speaker is of tho opinion that
debato will not bo in order," replied
Speaker Pro Tern McMillin.
"And this houso will ceaso to bo s
deliborativojbody?" addod Mr. Reed oi
Tho repetition of tho charge wind
was so frequently hurled against him
self caused tho house, Democrats and
Republicans, to bieak into a roar oi
Yeas and nays on tho previous ques
tion wcro demanded and resulted nayt
151, nays 89, a party division, the Alli
ance members voting against tho prov
ous question in order that thero might
bo debate. When thr vote was imp
nounced Speaker McMillain asked unani
mnus consent that an hour's debato oi
each side bo allowed.
Mr. Reed wanted two hours on hit
sido nud Mr. Holman consented.
Mr. SimpMHi of Kansas asked if tint
arrangement included two hours for tin
IVoplo's party as well as tho Republican
and Democratic parties.
The siieaker said that he presumed tin
divitduu of time would bo between thost
in favor of the lesolutiou nnd thos
against it, four hours in all and not six
as the inquiry of the gentleman from
ICausas might imply.
"I thiuk," said Mr.
Kentucky, "that the
concede that we are
rushed just now
have plenty of
Breckenridge ol
gentleman will
not particularly
, but on the contrary we
time at our disposal.
Now, in order that we may dispose ot
tho matter amicably, I suggest tho res
olution bo allowed to go over until
tomorrow, when wo can spend a pleasant
day discussing it."
Mr. Brcckenridgo's suggestion was at
once received with favor by tho house
and the resolution went over until
tomorrow by unanimous consent.
Mr. Stone of Kentucky offered a reso
lution, which was agreed to, calling on
tho secretary of tho treasury for a tabu
lar statement of all goods imported into
Porto Rico and tho Dominican republics
since tho reciprocity treaty went into
effect; also a resolution, which was agreed
to, calling on the secretary of state foi
ull communications between the United
States and tho countries of Cuba, Salva
dor ana Brazil on the subject of reci
procity. Mr. Boatner of Louisiana offered a
resolution providing for an investigation
of Judgo Aleck Boarman of tho western
district of Louisiana. Referred.
On motion of Mr. Bland of Missouri
tho resolution adopted calling on tho sec
retary of tho treasury for information
whethor at any timo sinco tho 4 pet
cent, bonds became duo thero have been
sufficient funds in tho treasury to pay
tho same, and if so by what authority he
assumed to continue such bonds at 2 pet
cent., was referred.
By Mr. Lowis of Alabama, to repeal
the law creating a sinking fund.
By Mr. Wilson of Missouri, for the
classification of clorks of first uud second
class postoffices.
By Mr. Watson of Georgia, to convert
into treasury notes tho 100,000,000 gold
reserve now held for tho redemption of
United States note3.
The General Mnstor AVorlonrn Issues an
AitdrcHStto tlio Knights.
PniLADnuiHA, Jan. 14. General
Master Workman Powderly issued an
address on tho Chineso immigration
question which is to be read in all dis
trict and local assemblies of tho Knights
of Labor. In tho address Mr. Powderly
said had not tho tide of immigration
been checked there would not bo a white
laborer at jvork west of tho Rocky moun
tains, while those east of that range
would bo retreating before tho barbaric
hordes who work almost for nothing.
In speaking of tho Chinese restriction
act, Mr. Powderly says;
On May 0, 1882 that act was signed by
President Arthur; it wont into effect
ninety days after ho signed it, and after
tho 0th day of next May it will have ex
pired and every barrier to tho immigra
tion and importation of Chineso cheap
labor will bo swept away. Wages re
duced to a level at which mankind can
not he maintained, the substitution of
the Mongol slave for the American free
man, the abandonment of the home foi
tho street nnd slum, tho prostitution oi
men and women, talents and bodies and
tho final overthrow of this republic are
among the possibilities if congress does
not re-enact that or a more stringent law
for the prohibition of this most servile
of all races.
Some of the most jiowerful influences
in this nation are now at work on con
gress interceding for tho Chinese. They
aro at work on congressman and senator;
their missionaries aro laying plans for
tho conversion of the president of the
United States to their theories. Stand
ing behind them aro tho Christian em
ployers of this land, who would rather
import a heathen willing to work for
barely enough to sustain life than retain
a brother Christian at a wage sufficient
to enablo a man to live as becomes a
Christian. Wodorrt want tho opium
or tho Chinese who grow it; both are
curses when planted whore civilization
has a foothold.
Mr. Powderly makes a strong plea for
tho restriction gf immigration "of a
kind that is arcely any bettor than
that which flows from China." Ho says:
I believo that the day has arrived foi
thoso who lovo humanity to protest
against tho further immigration f these
peoplo. Tho United States and Canada
should no longer constituto tho safety
valvo of Europe. Self-preservation is
tho first law of uaturo, and tho timo has
como to stato fearlessly nnd unequivo
cally that tho immigration of today is a
curse to thoso who aro hero, as well as
to thoso who come.
In conclusion Mr. Powdorly urges all
members of tho order to work for tho
restriction of immigration and tho elec
tion of Umted States senators by direct
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Accounts orb ink?,binker merchanti, firmnrt. meohsntoa onl other olaiiMBoUoltecl. W
payBimuoh 'ittentlontoimal ftO'iountB aulnrgjones. Woglvepirnonol nd ipeolal attanttoa
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Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.

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