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The Garden of Eden 1892.
riotn the Araons Uatbor HerM.
This Garden has been an interest
ing themo for centuries and its loca
tion a Bubject of inqury for both
scholars and antiquarians.
If this famous spot has not been
definitely located, let the investiga
tion be confined to Texas, for it has
within her vast area the climate and
soil, descriptive of this historic place.
A New Year's dinner was given in
honor of the Aransas County Horti
culturists to be served from voluntary
donations of those men taken from
their own gardens near Rockport.
Drafts were drawn jpoa the adjacent
proprietors with the following rjsults:
Every mandate was honored, and
the result was stupendous. Mr. Joe
Tripis sent a liberal quantity of onions,
cabbage, cauliflower and tomatoes with
specimens of green corn, aapargaus,
and cantaloupes. Mr. M. Kalteobach
was absent when the press fund arriv
ed at his home, but Mrs Kaltenbaoh
and Miss Floronco Parrel entertained
him handsomely and loided his cart
with now Irish potatoes, magnificent
yams, white radishes, black turnips,
lettuce and snap beans, and gave him
a specimen strawberry plant on which
were growiog green loaves, green ber
ries, new blooms and a single rich, red,
ripe berry, that surely tried his pa
tience to deliver. The last cluster of
grapes had been plujked for their
family dinner on Christmas day.
Mr. William Lomas, of Rockport,
sent liberal specimens of white giant,
golden plume and bleached celery,
with the fresh dirt dinging to the
Mr. Peter D. Houser sent a liberal
supply of egg-plan s, celery, ripe
tomatoes, oashaw, squashes, sweet
peppers, green, and ripe, and rutaba
ga turnips.
Mr. Christy Osborne gent a lot of
magnificent largo turnips, beets and
Messrs.W. H. and J. C. Ives joint
ly sent a load of cabbages, turnips,
onions, beets, radishes and sweet
potatoes, with specimens of greon
pea vines, greon tomato vines, in
bloom, and fresh lettuce.
Mr. H. G. Bolos sent three largo
watermelons from his enormous vine.
One of these melons weighs 4G pounds
another 40 pounds and" the other 38
pounds. Mr. Bales also sent half a
dozen frying-Bizo chickens and a
specimen bunch of rhubarb, of which
some stems but ten days old, are
larger thin a oarpentor's pouoils. Mr.
Boles seut some elegant home-undo
preserves and pickles.
MesTS. Holman and Hoffman sent
a lot of fine radishes, and Messrs.
Isaao Hughes and Jack Burris sent a
full supply of fresh milk and butter.
Mr. Jno C- Emory undertook to
supply the tabic- with geese, ducks
and small Game, and 0. L. Wilson
Rent an elegant lot of fresh venison,
'whioh ho killed that morning es
pecially for the occasion, ani whioh
was warm when delivered.
Mr. J. E. Barbor killed a lot of
quail for the occasion, and sent a fat
young mast-fed hog.
Tho beef was raised and fattened
on the MoCatnpbel! pasture, and
slaughterce bo Mr. G. V. Lowis.
Mr. J. I. Caruthers sont a dozen
bottles of rioh native wines from his
lnglesido vintage of 1891.
Tho markets of Rockport and Aran
sas harbor furnished Gab, oysters and
game in endless quantity.
Tho orchards of Live Oak Peninsula
arc yet in their infancy and native
fruits could not be secured oxoopt for
decorative purposos. Prof. H. P. Att
watcr of Kookport, loaned three native
orangc3 upon a froshly cut stem with
leaves clinging to it, and also donated
a largo street potato th it had taken a
second gorwth and was onveloped in
a networ'c of vinos grown from its
own body. The orange specimens had
been given to Prot. Attwator for pres
ervation in his museum of Southwest
Toxaj produota, and wore loaned on
The Herald's plodgo to roturn them,
J 'n&nsnjr-
but they were inadvortantly eaten and
a sincero apology is the only roturn
Tho Herald can make.
Banana culturo was represented by
tho nodding loaves on tho three fine
trees in the hotel court yard.
Orango trees, lemon trees, fig trees,
apple trees, pear troes, plum trees,
cherry trees, peach trees, pecan trees
and grape vines were represented
among tho decorations by branches
shoeing green leaves and fresh buds
and bright peach blossoms.
Let tho bill of fare speak for
The bill of faro was prepared by
Captain Miller aud tho editor, and
sent to the cook after all the pro
ducts had been received. Everything
upon it was served at the dinner,
and every product upon the
table was prepared or illustrat
ed from tho produota of Live
Oak Peninsula. Several hundred
copies were hurriedly printed from it,
and the following is a substantial
Oranges from San Patrioio County.
Aransas Bay on Half Shell Fried.
Trout, Ovster Sauce, Red Fish, plain,
Flounder Crumbed, Wine Sauoo,
cold dishes.
Chioken Salad, Style" Hotel Hoyt,
Texas Cured Ham,
Celery, White Grant and Golden
Dwarf Champion Tomatoes, Sweet
1'otatoes, Irish Potatoes, Drum-
head Cabbbage, Eig Plant, Marrow
pnat Peas, Squash, Cashaw.
Egyptian Beets, Sweet Peppers, Silver
tvtng Umons.bbeppard Radishes,
Golden Stem Lettuoe.
Venison, Currant Jelly Ooo.-e, Oyster
Sauce. Bract, Plain. Duck, (Jelery
Siuee. Turkey, Oyster Sauce.
Quail on Toast. 'Possum with Kraut.
Fresh Rhuberb Pie, Native Lemon Pie
Southwest Texas Bananas,
Native Grapes, Nativo Pecans,
Strawberries and Cream,
Watormelon, Vanilla Ico Cream,
eweet and Butter Milk.
Claret, Port, Augelica.
Every article on the above menu
was grown near Rockport, chitfly by
men who have recently cast their for
tunes in AraLsas county, who with
in little more than one year have
made homes, developed farms and
brought products to perfection that
for quality and variety could not at
this season have been duplicated else
where within the jurisdiction of the
Amerioan eagle.
Tnree latgo cotton stalks with green
stems, green loaves, green bolls, new
blooms and lull opened bolls occupied
the center of the tuble decorations.
Green sprigs of honey-suckle vine,
oleander' and orapo myrtle were
prominently displayed. In tbo center
of to table assigned to Gov. Wheoler
and Captain Miller, was displayed a
large watermelon standing on end,
pinaole shapo with spreading points
to display the red meat. Arranged in
vases around the contral board were
innumerable variotios of grasses and
flowers, aud tho wall decorations wore
prepapared from tho bright green
leaves of the sweet bay, tho oleander,
the soa bean vino and the salt cedar.
The decorations oooupied the cen
ter table, four foot by seven, and in
a pyramid eight feet high, ocoupiod
the entire spaoe. In addition to the
illustrations of the agricultural pro
duots shown upon it, wero speoimeos
of red fish, trout and floundor, and
large, fat oysters from Aransas Bay
upon sheila larger than a mule's ear.
These specimens were sent by Miller
Brothors ot Rookport
The souvenirs for the reoeption wero
composed of sea beans, pumice stones,
star fish and shells from the oooan
beach on Mustang Island, guilded
and hand-painted with mottoes by
Miss Mayme MoBrydo. Tho wero
doliverod to oach depar.ing guest by
Miss MoBrydo in person, and the
guests were invited to remain for tho
Have you not hoard about it??
Well, lam belling,
HO pounds granulated sugar for $100
Perfection corn (best in tho world)
for 12 1 2 cents per can.
3 pounds standard tomatoes at 10
cents pcroan.
Arbuoklo a cotteo 22 1-2 cts. ber pect.
Irish Potatoes 25 cents por buokot.
Best patent flour $1 40 por sack.
Toe S. Thompson.
Tho Grocer
B, E. mm
Interior Decorating and
Paper Hanging a Spe
cialty; Also Dealer in
Painters Supplies and
Wall Paper.
n Tim
U. h
Deputy Sheriff W. L Burke arrest
ed Austin Grant yesterday evening on
a capias from the city of McGregor,
wanud there for some mitnr offense.
Through a misunderstanding- The
NeVb announced yesterday evening
that Mr. S. W. Bigham of Gatesville,
was dead. Ho was very seriously 111
and a telegram to his daughtor, Mrs.
Joe. F. Ellison, stated he was not ex
pected to livo. Sho went to Gates
ville Monday and has been besido
her father ever since. A letter from
there to-day to Mr. Ellison states
that Mr. Bigham is.much belter.
Mayor Pro. Tern. John F. Herbert
presided at this moruing'a session of
the mayor's court, but no business was
transacted beyond a few continuances
Little Rjso, daughter of City Sec
retary Joney Jones has been quite ill
but is now thought to bo out of
The friends of Mr. John Fee desire
the statement made that they did not
pretend to make any defense upon
his ozamining trial but preferred to
wait nil tho final trial, wbon they
confidently expect an honorable ac
quittal. The habeas corpus trial of Mr. tmd
Mrs Arthur Wier, upon tho oharge
of the theft of goods of tho va'.ue of
more than $"0, is set for Stturday
afternoon next. Tho defendants are
represented by Messrs. Pearro &
Entertainment at the Philo Rooms
To-Morrow Wight.
Tho Gilveston News of Jan. 8, says
of the Boston Symphony Orchestral
Club concert there:
"Notwithstanding tbo inclemont
weather and several oounter attrac
tions, Galveston's music loving publio
turned out en masse to attend last
night's concert of the Boston Sym
phony Orchestral Club. Tho organi
zation is under tho management of
Mr Max Bachcrt, and consists of the
1'ollowiLg artists: Mons. Louis Kapp,
leader and violin virtuoso; Mr. Fred
crick E. Halm, violinist; Mr. Arthur
Laseur, violoncello soloist; Mons. F
Rucquoy, fluto virtuoso; Mr. Clarence
Miller, viola; Mr. W. Angermueude,
oontra bass; Miss Laura Burnham,
prima dono soprano.
The programme rendered was as
Sjmphony.-(G Minor), Andanto-'Mlnnte,
Boston Symrhony Orchestral club.
Aria Cardinal of Verio Jules tienedlct
Mies Laura Barnhim.
Flute Solo-Souvo jlr do Ritlea ... Kacqaoj
Mons. Fred Rncqnoy,
J a.-Air Bach
) b.-Slumber sang Bizet
Boston Symphony Orchestral flub.
Violoncello Nolo j a.' antllena .. Goltermann
1 u.-Valse movement. Nervals
Sir. Arthur Laseur.
j a. -Intermezzo Dellbes
b -Jnlorineizo hum aralloria Jtustlcina.
Bo ton Symphony Orchest al Club.
Arla-NnisB Holio Hong Eckert
Miss Laura llnrnnam
VInlln Nolo-Kantaala Brllllanto Beilot
Mr. Couls Kupp.
Hercnads pour Flute ct Violoncello. ,. .Titl
Mons Hicqaij o: Mr Ltseur.
Hungarian Danao Brahms
-- Tintnn Wyinpinng Orchestral Club.
Of tho concert itself, too muoh can
not bo said. It was not alone a treat;
it was a feast to all lovers of good
music The concert might well be
termed a olassioal couoert in the
truo sense of tho word. It was a
suooess from beginning to end, every
member being reoeived with rounds
of applause, whioh plainly showed
how each and every seleotion was ap
preciated by tho audienoe.
M Casb 2115
J. II. SHOPE, tho Cash Grocer,
will show you what ho is doing for
3 lb Tomatoes per doz $120
2 lb " " J 00
2 lb Perfeotion Corn por doz.. i 50
2 lb Fancy Family Peas per doz 1 50
2 lb String Beans per dozen.. . 1 10
3 lb Standard Peaches per doz. 2 If)
2 lb " " " " 1 55
3 lb Apricots per doz 2 15
3 lb Grapes per doz 2 05
3 lb Cherries " " .. . 2 65
Fancy Mixed Piokless per gal. 50
" small ' " " 40
' Kraut per lb 3
" Mincemeat, 12 lb 1 00
First quality Flour per owt. ... 2 80
Sugar cued Hams 10o
Granulated Suear, 18 lb .". 1 00
Y. C. Sugar, 19 1b 1 00
Brown Sugar, 20 lb 100
Grits, 35 1b 1 00
Head Rice, I4 lb 1 00
Evaporated Poaches, 8 lb.... 1 00
ft " Apricots, S lb 1 00
Dried Blackberries, 13 1b 1 00
Fancy Irish Potatoes, por b'okt 25
Yellow Yam Sw't Potatoos, " 40
Red or white " " " 30
Fanoy Apples, per bucket .... 40
Navy Beans, 23 lb 100
Dried Grapes, 20 lb 100
To rLy friends and customers: This
is only a suixll sketch of my low
cash prices. So call and look through
my stock of groceries.
Every day is a spoaial sale day.
205 South Third Stroot.
The programme consisted of veri
table gems, each ecleotion seeming
prettier than tho other. In fact, it
would not bo an easy task to decide
which was the prettiest and most tak
ing. Miss Laura Burnham, tho prima
dona of the company, is unquestion
ably a giited singer, bhe possesses a
fine soprano voice which she uses with
marked effect.
Mons. Fred Rucquoy, the flute so
loist, was very good, in fact, one of
the best evor heard in this city.
The violoncello solos of Mr. Arthur
Laseur were simply grand and espe
cially tho valse movement by Servias.
On being reoalled Mr. Laseur gavo a
sumblime rendition of Sohuman's beau
tiful "Traeumerei."
Beriot's great "Fantaisio Brilliante"
was played mnst cxcellontly by Mr.
Louis Kapp, tbo leader of the company.
Mr. Kapp displayed a wonderful tech
uiohe and brought out the beauties oi
Berot's composition charmingly. For
an encore bo played a pretty little se
lection from Auber's "Massaniella,"
arranged by himself.
The selections by the club were
grand and the ensemble the most su
perb over heard in Galveston; in faot
they wero tho deoided features of the
concert. The shading was beautiful,
and espeoially the piamsimo passages,
were chaming. Delibes' "Intermezza"
was delightful; also the "Minuete"
from tho Haydn symphony in G
minor. One of tho most interesting
orchestral features was the rendition
of the celebratod and muoh talkod of
'Intermezza" from Maecagni, tho
young Italian composer's maiden oper
atio composition, "Cavalliora Rusti
cana." Tbo piece was a novelty to a Gal
vsston audience and judging by the
way it was received it wa3 heartily
enjoyed by all present. The compo
sition and especially tho in'roduction
remind one very muoh of Wagner and
the Wagnerian sohool.
Tho artists as well as the audienoe
were under a decided disadvantage,
the hall not being heatod, but not
withstanding the cool temperature,
not a single one of tho audience left
before tho ooncort was over, whioh
speaks for itself as to the many merits
of tho company.
Tho club will leave today for Hous
ton where they will appear tonight."
This club will ontertain a Waoo
audienco at the Philo club rooms to
morrow (Friday) night.
Tho Old Reliable.
Btsmarok restaurant will hereafter
be kept opon on Sunday's tbo same as
upon other day 3.
Jim Struiiali.,
We are prepared to make
loans on improved country or
city property at current iate3.
Vendors' lien notes extended
Prompt attention.
Waco, Texas
To tho Lovers of Art In Photo
graphy. Having moved to my new gallery,
over 701 and 703, Austin Btreet, (tho
old Hinohman Building), I am now
better prepared than ever to givo tho
people of Waoo tho finest Photos in
tho state. Tho beautiful "aristo" (so
highly endorsed by tho leading gal
cries,) in all its beauty, at my studio.
1 will have on exhibition for a few
days, an elegant oil portrait of Mrs.
Geo. Clark, by Mons. Do Gissao, whioh
has been framed in a very handsome
"Florentine" frame, making a portrait,
well worth a visit, to all, and more
especially to tho tho ladies.
I will bo glad to welcome my old,
and many new customers. Don't for
got my now address, over 701 and 702,
Austin Ave.
Dea.ve, Photographer.
The following property is offered
for sale without reservo or limit as to
price A man with some cash can
make money and lots ef it, if ho will
go and investigate this offer. But de
lay is dangerous, the property is
going to be sold.
10 lots, S houses, corner Fifth and
Speight streets; 1 house and barn on
South Fifth street, this v ill be sold at
a saorifice; a 0 acre garden, 2 acres
in asparagus, ono aore in fino fruit
and grapes, good improvements, on
South Twelfth street.
A G5 aore fruit farm, 40 aores in
fruit trees (bearing) also $20,000 two
year old nursery trees for sale.
Sandy loam soil three and a half miles
from oitv, fino garden land. Gall at
613 Austin avenue for the bargains.
Bargains at Cummins' 5 and 10 ct.
A 1-2 gal. and pint cups lOo
A 5 Hole mouse trap 10c
A deep pudding pan and spoon. lOo
A covered tea steeper lOo
A scoop dipper and funnel 10c
A wood spoon, fork and sorew
driver 10o
3 Heavy glass sauce dishss. . . . lOo
2 Thics, plain glass goblets.. lOo
3 8 inch tin pie plates lOo
12 Tin tea spoons lOo
12 Sheets paper, envelopes and
Pen 10c
12 slate pencils and 12 lead. . . . lOo
2 10 cent tablets for I0o
A covered glass sugar bowl. . . . lOo
A covered glass butter dish .... lOo
At Cummins' fi and 10a. stnrn 703
Austin avonue, b;tweon Gth & 8th st.
1 1
Undisputed Authority.
Tho United States Dispensary says:
that ".Onions are a stimulant, diuretio
and exnentorant: thnv inrrpnsn th
annetito and dromntn rtiioRtinn " rhn
juice made into syrup as in Dr. Gunu's
union oyrup, nas a speoino action on
the throat, lungs and air passages, it
not Onlv CUreR nnurrVin nrtlrla nrniiTi
J j vutuu wsvfui
and consumption, but its stimulating
effect, strengthens anc builds up the
system afterward. As a tonio and
restor.tiyo it has no equal. Wo so
licit a trial in the mos olironio and
stubborn cases. Price oOots. Sold by
W. B. Moirison & Co.
Real Estate for Sale.
Tho Gerald houso on South Fifth
Street, lot 115x215. two Htnrv finnan
nine rooms, all modern conveniences.
inoo u,ouu; win take a smaller
houso in Tiart. nnvmnnt T.rtf nnl n
half on North Eloventh street, be
tween iiarron and Morrow, cast front.
Prioo $700 a lot. Two lots corner
TwflntlPth nnil WoliatPl- ninnlr. Iof.
raoed. Prico $800. Lot and a half
fronting Sedwiok's houso on Clay
street; under fenoo. Prioo $750. Cor
ner ioc on XNintn ana IJagby; cast
front Price $500. Two lots corner
North Sixth and Tennessee avenne.
Prioe $1,800.
O. A. RionAitDsoN,
Postoffico building.
Tho boit restaurant in town, Joa
Lehman's, No. 117 South Fourth

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