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To Arrive Evory Morning1.
Fresh salt water fiah.
Rod Fish, Trout, Flounders, dressed
Catfish, oto. Also
Throo shipments a wook of Oysters.
Thoy arc llookaway Oysters, tho
best on the market, Try them,
Ms ) throe PhipinontB a woek of Lcli-
mann's Berwick Bay Oysters, well
known to the trade
AIfo receivo consignmcntB of all
kinds of game, At 717 Austin
Cheap Medium and Fine
Paper Hangings and Decor
ations, Window Glass, Var
nishes etc. Sole agent for
J. W. John's celebrated
Asbestits Paints. Full line
of Colors, Brushes and every
thing kept in a first-class
Wall Paper and Paint Store.
404 Austin Street,
The Chanco of a Lifetime.
There never was as fine an opportu
nity for speculation or a chanco ior
persons of small means to aecuro a
homo as is offorcd in tho Kirkpatiick
addition to Waoo. It embraocs about
sixteen hundred lots, each one of
which will in ten years be worth ten
times tho price for which they can
now be bought. Thcso lots lie high
and dry and on an elevation overlook
ing a largo part of tho city. Thev
arc closo to tho business portion of
tho city, much nearer than Dickey's
hill, whore lots aro worth one thous
and dollars and muoh nearer than
many other additions whero lots are
selling for thrco times the amount
asked for lots in this addition. Near
ness to tho center of tho oity is tho
key to successful speculation. Tho
soil is a fertile loam, the finest in
Waoo for gardens aud frait. Tho
vholo traot is undorluid with tho
purest of water at a depth of from
fifteen to sixteen feet and is found in
the gravel and in inexhaustible quan
tities, making irrigation by
wells perfectly feasible. The
whole traot is oovored with a
young growth of forest trees, tho most
beautiful ones of which can be saved,
thus giving at once for a homo a beau
tiful shade which on barolots can only
bo obtained by groat expense and
years of waiting. In all respects the
KirkpatioU addition offers tho best op
portunity for persons of small means
to acquire bountiful residenoo proper
ty that has occurred in tho last rive
years. It is a chance that will never
ocour again and it may not last long.
The prices at which theso lots aro be
ing sold and the easy terms is attract
ing prudent people and it has always
been tho cbbo that property rapidly
advances when a few pcoplo begin to
aiako homes. Now U a golden oppor
tunity for clerks, mechanics and la
boring people, and it is ono they will
nover seo again in tho history of
Waco. It is absolutely the last ohanoe.
Property tho samo distance up the
river is selling at thrco times the
pneo for which theso lots are offered
and yot aro not nearly as desirable
Have you not heard about it??
Well, I am belmno,
20 pounds granulated sugar for $1.00
Perfection corn (best in tho world)
for 12 1 2 cents per oan.
3 pounds standard tomatoes at 10
oents per oan.
Arbuoklo's coffco 22 1-2 ots. ber poot.
Irish Potatoos 25 cents per bucket.
Best patent flour 1.40 per sack.
Toe S. Thompson.
Tho Grocer
Waco Improvement Company.
At a meeting of tho stockholders of
the Waco Improvement company yos
terday the following officers were
oleoted: W VFort, prosident; TP
Sparks, vice-president; J H Maokcy,
secretary and business manager.
Directors W V Fort, T P Sparks, A
J Caruthers, A O Sneed, L O Alexan
der, F W Fort and P A Gorman.
First National bank is tho depository.
This is tho samo directory and tho
flame officers that served last year.
Are You Satisfied ?
With a Good Wearing and Good Fitting
With the Largest Line of
New, Fresh and Faultless.
Call and Examine Our'Mammoth Stock.
Turned Into a Trial Court to Con
. slder tho Evidence
Wliotvos Suwpundctl from Duty
Warren ivn Acquitted and HriKR"
ivub Arraigned bat cave Continued
-Tlio tUlty Itlartlial Cited ".to Ap
pear Ilcforo tho Council --Uffico
of Itccortlcr (Jock over to tlio Next
Tho oitv council met last night in
regular session, the following alder
met answering to roll call: Willig,
Baker, Laoy, Jones, Gribblo, Brink
crhoff, Hawkins, West, Herbert and
Payne, baing a full board.
In tho absoDce of Mayor MoCul
loco, on acoount of illness, Mayor
Pro teiH Herbert presided.
Seorotary Joney Jones kept the
Tho Mayor Pro Tern called atten
tion to the prevailing custom of leav
ing goods boxes, shavings and trash
of every oharaoter in tho alleys be
tween Fifth and Sixth streets, and
referred to tno ordinanoe prohibiting
suoh careless conduot on tho part ol
A telegram from a brokers firm in
New York, making an offer for tho
bonds, was referred to the finanoo
An application from certain parties
for a return of money deposited as a
bond for appearance before tho police
court, was read, and Deputy Mar
ehul Clay was called on for an expla
nation, and stated that tho money
was simply the amount of fine imposed
with tho understanding that the
monoy should ho returned when the
appeal bond was mado and that bond
was never mado. Tho mayor Pro
Tern explained that the parties were
convicted beforo his court, and upon
application were granted a new trul
and have since been aoquitted by
the mayor. Tho matter was referred
to tho finauco committer.
Petition of colorod citizens on
Marlborough avenue for a
bridge on Barron's brunoh was read
and while a motion to refer was being
disoussod Alderman Jonos stated that
he owned the land in Marlborough
street at that point and beforo a
bridge oould do tiny good tho Btrcct
must bo opened. He offered to take
any price decide1 upon by threo dis
interested parties. Tho petition was
referred to the street committee.
A communication from I. O. Meek
on tho question of building sidowalks
was referred to tho street committee
Tho matter of the suspension of
Policeoian Warren coming up the
mayor pro tern called Alderman
Brinkerhoff to the ohair. Alderman
Brinkcrhoff took tho ohair but notifi
ed the oouuoil that in tho trial of tho
policeman he claimed his rights as an
alderman and refused to prooeed with
tho case. A compromise was mado
and upon tho waver of Oapt. T. A.
Blair, counsol for defendant of any
objeotion whatever to tho mayor pro
tern that gentleman resumed the
Mayor Pro Tern Herbert was tho
officer who suspended Warren and
tho charges wero read by tho sooro
tary which wero for drunkeness and
neglect Jif duty. City Attornoy Flint
appoared for the city. The witnesses
were sworn.
Mr. Lee Jenkins tho first witness
knew nothing about it.
Poliooman R. V. T. Black said
defendant was on beat with him near
ly all night and was sober so far as
he know.
Mr. J. H. Shopo was the next wit
ness. Oofondant lived up stairs next
ouuaing to nis business house on
South Third streot. On tho night in
question, that is Deoomber 24, witness
saw defendant, come out of his house
and walk away. Just beforo defend
ant emerged ho hoard women scream
ing in defendants house.
Miss Rosa Adams was tho next wit
ness. Sho knew nothing about tho mat
ter oxoept what had been told her.
Polioeman O. W. West was put on
the stand, but know nothing savo what
he heard from Mrs. Warren when
visited by Citv Marshal Noill and him
self. Defendant Warren was plaocd on
the stand and said 'the marshal had
served notice of his suspension on the
oight of Deo. 2G and was told by tho
marshal to continuo on duty.
He did so. To tho question as to
his guilt in the ohargo of abusing his
wife, ho said ho denied tho oharge
most emphatically.
Mayor Pro. Tern. Herbert made a
statement of tho case. He said the
marshal camo to him and stated that
Mr. Warren had got drunk and had
whipped his wife. Tho mayor pro.
tern, asked him why he did not arrest
him and put him in tho calaboose
Tho marshal 6aid he was busy at the
time. The Mayor pro. tem. said ho
could do nothing savo to suspend
Wrren to whioh tho marshal agreed.
Tho mayor pro. tem. issued the order
for Warren's suspension aud gavo it
to tho marshal. When tho matter
was roportcd to to tho council it was
discovered that tho suspended officer
had not beon of! duty at all
the mayor Pro. Tem. protosted
against any aspersions being oast at
him, for he had acted upon evidenoo
given him by tho obiet of police
The following resolution was offer
od by Alderman Payne, and second
ed by Alderman West, and passed
by a unanimous vote:
Resolved, That Policeman Warren
bo reinstated with full pay for all
timo ho was suspended and that
Mayor Pro Tem Herbert is in tho
opinion of this oouncil thoroughly ex
honorated from all biame in the
Charges of drunkenness wero pro
forred ugainst Polioeman Briggs by
the deputy oity marshal, atd notice
of suspension by the mayor
was read.
Doputy Marshall Clay said tho
witnesses for tho oity had not boon
summoned, as he did not understand
that tho trial would take place at
that meeting,
Mr. II. II. Kingsbury, counsel for
deiendant, urged tho counoil to try
the caso, as he thought it would bo in
a munuer unjust to defendant to con
tinue tho oaso antil tho noxt meet
ing. Alderman Laoy moved to oontinue
until next Thursday night. Carried.
Alderman, Jones moved that City
Marshal Ncill be cited to appear
beforo tho counail at tho next regu
lar meeting, and show oauso why
Offioor Warren was placed on duty
after being suspended by tho mayor
Curried, The ordinance creating tho offices
of recorder and ofoity scavenger wero
laid over.
A petition from C. H. Jones for a
settlement of a matter involving the
titlo to a traot of land deeded to tho
oity in consideration of being exempt
from taxes on said preperty, was re
ferred to the finance committco with
power to act.
A proposition Irom N. O. Worthaui
to givo right of way in tho alloy ad
joining his promises between North
Sixth and North Seventh ttieets was
A motion to acoept tho proposition
and instruot tho city attorney 10 ob-
Farewell, old year, .
We turn from you
And greeting give
To '92,
And reader, dear, ( ,
We wish for thec, ,, ,
Through all its days,
Early in the year to talk about
We have a large and well selected stock of
Fssfiinnstzte Fupnidire and Cippeis.
Latest in style, material and finish. We keep everything and
can furnish your house from garret to cellar. Come in and take a look.
tain deeds to tho property and uihor
izo the mayor to advertize for bids,
was adopted.
The council adjourned.
A Trip Through tho Pan Handle
"Travol broadens tho mind and
flattens tho purso." Having just re
returned lrom a fow hundred miles'
trip through the Pan Handle 1 fuel
moro than ever impressed with tho
wonderful possibilities of those prai
ries and thu , wondrous ohanges that
havo boon mado in tho last tivo yours.
When I lived in tho Pan Handlo an
tulopo, cattlo and cayotes reigucd su
preme; tho cattlemen said nothing will
grow hero, it is a outtlo country. Last
year three thousand oar loads of grain
wero shipped on tho Fort Worth and
Denver railroad. It was a cattle
country aud a farming country as
well. Go to anj oountry whoro farm
ing has not beon tried and tho same
old song will bo Bung you by tho
cattlemen, "nothing will grow here, it
is a cattlo country." tho man with
tho hoo laughs, iilos on a section
of land and stays thoro
and blesses tho day and tho man
thaC told him whoro ho could cot
rich agricultural land at $2 an aero,
payablo in lorty yoars. No otnor
btttto in tho Union, no other oountry
in tho world offors a poor mm, or a
man with means, such opportunities
as aro now offered in this wonderful
sale. Wuco is not half advertised
enough, Texas is misrepresented in
every possiblo way, Sherman county
has ordered 0U,UUU circulars printed.
Wo intond to do our part to carry
tho blad tidings, that this state is
great, and oilers ohoap land, good
laud on long time, for less monoy
than thousands ot tarmors aro paying
yearly ront for. The Panhandle of
luxasia tilling up so last that inside
of two yoars, $2 land will bo a thing
of tho past, in that timo all tho
sohool land will bo taken up. Shor
man oounty school lauds aro now
offered for salo nt $2 per aero,
1 wish I oould go to tho thousands ot
earoworn farmers in tho states oi
Georgia, Alabama, South Carolinia
and toll them of our rich oheap land;
so cheap that wo can hardly make
strangers bcliovc it is good land,
When a man pays four dollars an
aero rent he oan hardly boliovo that
wo oan soil bettor land for two and yot
wo havo millions of aares for sale at
that price, If you have fivo dollars
to spare invest it in tho Panhandlo,
if you havo five thousand invest it
thero, it will pay to do so, it has paid
every man that has done so. Tbe
man that buys land in Texas at two
dollars ao acre is euro to mako monoy,
it is bettor valuo now at $2, than it
used to be at fifty coots. I havo si Id
to dato town lots in Coldwator to one
hundred and fourteen porsons, each
person buying from ono to twenty lots
. L.
ranpjng in valuo from fivo to fifty
dollars a lot. Waco people havo con
fidonco in tho Panhandlo, tho climate
is good, no malaria there.
Phllo Club Benefit.
Tho Philo Club have seourod tho
servioos of Tho Boston Symphony
Orchestral Club for an ontcrtainmont
Friday night Jan. 16th. It is hoped
that .tho friends of tho club will assist
in making it a inott profitable vonturo
and enoourage them in all snoh on
tortainracnts. Tickets may bo had at
Goggans musio storo, or from any
mombor of tho olub
BargalnsI Bargains! For Saturday
Sugar Cured Dams at 11 cents.
Fancy Patent Flour at $1.50 por sk.
Star " " " $ 115 " '
(samo sold olsowhero at 1 00.)
Fanny N. O. Mollassos at GOo. gal.
Strictly Choioo " at 50o. "
Jelly's in blk at 5 cents per lb.
A full glass tablo sot of Jolly's, con
sisting of ono Cream Pitohor,
Sugar Bowl, Spoon Sot and ono
Handbomo Buttor Dish fillod
With Choioo Fruit Jellies am.
for TiO cente), regular prico $1.26.
4 doz Bottles of Toxas Hot Relish
at 5 cents a bottlo, regular price 15
f00 lbs Frosh Kish to arrivo tomor
row morning to ho sold at 10 cont per
0,000 Berwick Bay Oystors at $1,
por hundred.
Spare ltibs and Fresh Pork Sausage
at 10 cents per pound.
Call at 717 for Bargains tomorrow.
O. J. Millkk, Cash 8toro.
To tho Ladies.
Mrs. F.J. Sullivan has romoved her
dressmaking establishment to 609 1-2
Austin avenue, up-staira over tho
"Leader,'' whoro sho will bo glad to
see her patrons and friends.

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