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Agreeable soap for the
hands is one that dis
solves quickly, washes
quickly, rinses quickly,
and leaves- the skin soft
and comfortable. It is
Wholesome soap is
one that attacks the dirt
but not the living skin.
It is Pears'.
Economical soap is one
that a touch of cleanses.
And this is Pears'.
All sorts of stores sell
it, especially druggists ;
all sorts of people use it.
j&qc 32iJLtj 3&fcXXJs
dltor and General Manager.
Largest Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texas.
stabscriptlon, M cents per month, or 15.00 per
year In advance. Wsgntv Nsws (1.00. por year.
Entered at the Waco postofflca aB soo
ond olass mall matter.
To InBnro publication In tho News all adver
I scmentB received at this ofllco raaat bo ao
coinpanled by the cash, except la cases
where c ntracts cilit.
"I a in for free couiiuorco with all
iiiitlniiN." Thoinuw Jelfumon.
There is not a drop of any kind of
water save the pure artesian article
porved to tho people of Waco by the
water companies now. Surface wolls
arc boing abandoned and the pooplo
will all soon depend on the artesian
Thero is wisdom in tho suggestion
that more stringent rules bo adopted
in the insano asylum. Tho editor
of tho Gazctto will proably bo an
inmate within a few weeks, and his
insanity appears to be of an exceed
ingly violent form.
Tho Marlin Democrat says: "'It
docs not rcquiro an cxara session of
of tho legislature to elect Mills sena
tor. Ho oan bo elected at any ses
nion." That is the sizo of it. The
Btrugglo will be short, sharp and
deoisivo, and then the great Corsican
will walk in with tho soalps of a dozen
or so Texas Tammany braves.
Mr. Springer in a speeoh beforo tho
Jackson club iu Now York, Jan. 8.
said: 'I can stato without any fear
of successful contradiction, that there
is not tho slightest probability of a free
coinage bill beoouiinf; a law during
thia Congress, nor is thero the slight
est probability of any amendmeut be
ing made to tho existing law on that
subject." Hill said in a speooh in
Albany Deo. 31, that tho prosent con
gress must not pass a free coinage
bill. Yot, the Fort Worth Gazette,
with the gall that oould only bo in
spired by a Tammany bravo, is
shaieking in leaded editorials that
Mills must bo dofeatcd for tho senate
because ho opposes tho agitation of
tho silver quostion, though ho is in
favor of frco coinage, and at tho same
timo the Gazetto poses as tho organ of
Hill and Springor and tho balanoo of
tho Tammany crowd.
The Fort Wotth Gazotto has evi
dently hoard something "drop." In
editorials with reforenco to Mills have
in tho last few days shown less
vonom than heretofore. It oven finds it
nccoBsary to administer a mild rebuke
to a Corsioana correspondent for being
"unduly 6evero upon Mr Mills."
After having "sot tho pace" in a
vioious, acrimonous war on Mr, Mills,
in which misrcprcsentHtion and vitu
peration wore present in evorjr attack
it is not strange that man snob as
signed him-clf "A Democrat" from
CorMcana would enlist for service
This aaonumous cnomy of Col. Mill
wroto to tho Oazeetto under date
Jan. 12, and the lottor was published
Jan. 16. Ho charged that Mr. Mills
' had during his long publio career
been without a definite polioy or an
orginal idoa." This idea of Col
Mills might bo oallod orginal with
this anonymous enomy, for nobody
ever hoard suoh a oharge made
against Col. Mills boforo. His refer
ence to Mills' silver rooord is in line
with the Gazettes unwarranted and
untruthful chaiges against Mr. Mills
Tho Gazetto shonld not scold its
correspondents who talk aftor it, but
as beforo statod the Tammany organ
has doubtless beard something
Tho largo artesian well on Webster
and First streots, oouiplctcd Friday
night, is tho monarch ot tho Waco
geysors. This is tho eighth well for
the Bell Water company, increasing
the supply of that company to about
7,400,000 gallons. With tho three
artesian wells of the Waoo Water and
Power company, the Padgitt well, tho
Prather well and the Kellum well
Waco has fourteen goysors flowing tn
tho aggregate 11,000,000 gallon of
pure thermal water every twonty-four
hours. Waoo is tho Geysor city, and
no mistake.
Hod. George Clark's speeoh at tho
mass meeting was brief, but it was
pointed and put tho issues in tho sen
atorial noo squarely beforo tho peo
ple. Oar readers will find it in full
in this issu of Tub News.
Some months ago Commissioner
Foster, with tho aid ofTuuNEWS,
camo out for oongress. It is now be
lieved that Mr. Foster emerged too
early and failed to see his shadow.
The NEWnhas met several converts
to tho Mills oolumu sinoo tho mass
mooting Saturday. Mill? stock took
a tromendouq bound on that day.
Fran Leslie's Popular Monthy for
ltiohard J Hmton's finely illustrated
paper on tho great Colorado Desert,
and a delightful descriptive and romi
nisoont paper upon "Ilistorio Haunts
and Homes in Now York," by "Felix
Oldboy" (tho lato Col. John F Hines),
are the leading features of Frank Les
lie's Popular Monthly for February.
This midwinter number has an excep
tionally brilliant list of contributors,
including, beside the already named,
ltupyard Kipling, MrB. E w Do Loon,
George C Hurlbnt, DouglaB Sladen,
Louis Engol, A L Itawson, David Ker,
Etta W Pieroo, Luoy H Hooper, Joel
Bonton, J Cartor Beard and Captain
W W Webb. Tho rango of timely
subjects covered is wide, and tho pic
torial illustrations are of surpassing
JIiul riftecn trlVca.
CLnvr-iiAND, O., Jan. 17 John An
derson, who is held horo under charges
of robbery and bigamy, rind who has
been rapidly gaining a woildwido repu
tation owing to his numerous matrimo
ninl alliances, today heard, through tho
polico, of four moro women, residents of
as many different states, who wish to
claim him as thoir lord and master.
This makes a total of fifteen wives for
Anderson. Four othors hayo at diifotont
times since his arrost put in claims upon
his affections, hut investigation Bhowod
that they hnd either been wholly mis
taken with regnrd to his identity or that
breach of promiso damages woro tho
most that thoy could expect to gain from
him. Liko their sister sufferers the
women heard from today all complain
of having been robbed of largo sums of
monoy by Anderson, who in each caso
left tho ladies to shift for thomselvcs t
boou as ho could gain possession of their
A Young Indiana Lady's Sad
Wll TnUa l'lncn Vt't'ilncMtliiy Stilitprriinrnn
Flrcn in Mlnmirl Mrit. Aell Nullum'
Murderer (ivt n Iti'upltn for Thirty Da
Colonel Ncuriimli Improving.
Andkksox, Ind., Jan. 18. Tho excite
ment occasioned by a gas explosion
which wrecked David Dillon's hnura last
night hnd scarcely mibsided and men
were still at work removing tho debris
from tho Dillons' ill-fated residence
when another deadly explosion rent tho
houso of William Shivley on tho oppo
site sido of tho fctreot where Dillon's
stood. Mr. Shivley, wife and daughter,
wero seated near tho firo discussing tho
previous nccident at tho time. Miss
Maudo Dillon at the moment was lying
in an adjacent room sufforiug ncuto
agony from terriblo burns and wounds,
sho having been carried to Shivloy's from
tho wreck of her father's houso. Tho
Anderson firo dopartmont being on tho
Bceno, wns already prepared to proven t
tho flames from spreading, while citizens
with willing hands toro to pieces tho
wreck of Shivloy's houso in tho searcli
for tho bodies. All wero recovored with
out fntal injuries, perhaps, save Misa
Dillon, who, now that sho had been
through two explosions, will probably
The Demi Prince.
London, Jan. 18. Preparations for
tho funeral of the Duko of Clarence are
being mado on all sides, at Sandringham,
by the railway companies and ut Wind
sor Castlo. Tho body of tho Duko will
reach Windsor Tuesday. Queen Vic
toria is greatly affected by her favorite
gntndson's death. But contrary to ro
port, sho is not unwell. Her
majesty will remain at Osborno
Houso until Monday night. Sho
will then proceed on tho royal
yacht to Portsmouth from which placo a
social train will convoy her to Loudon
and thence to Windsor castlo, arriving
thero Tuesday morning. Although nil
details of tho funeral have not been ar
ranged, it is positively announced tho
interment will tako placo Wednesday.
Tho body will bo placed in a crypt in
St. Georgo's chapel.
Stihtrrrunciin Vires,
Wariiknsauko, Mo., Jan. 18.-A party
composed of J. H. Miller, Wm. Millor
and W. H. Hood, while out hunting
Wednesday discovered, ten miles south
east of here, what they claim to bo
natural gas. Smoko was seen rising
from the gronnd on top of a hill. Tho
earth around tho top was cracked open,
and aftor digging down about threo feot
they found tho earth to bo heated to a
white heat. About half a milo south of
this was found another such place, and
as thero is nothing that indicates tho
presenco of any substanco that would
burn, they think it is gas. Tho odor
given off smells liko gas, nnd as tho heat
grows greater and tho area larger, tho
neighbors have fears as to what tho re
sult will bo.
DaliKornusly Drowsy.
Virginia, 111., Jan. 18. John Roborts
of Beardstown, who is in tho county jail
of this city charged with burglary, fell
asleep last Sunday and every effort to
arouso him has proved futile. Ho was
taken suddenly ill last Sunday and tho
county physician was called. Tho doc
tor gave him a powder for nervousness.
After taking tho medicine ho became
drowsy and as ho slept all this week
without onco awakening, notwithstand
ing ho takes food when placed to his lips.
Ho is growing weaker.
linker Ittupltcd.
Nnw Orleans, Jan. 18. Tho first
legal hanging in Now Orleans since tho
wholesale stringing up of tho Italians
on March 14 last by a mob, which was
to have taken placo next Friday, has
been postponed. Phillip Baker sentenced
to hang on that date for butchering Mrs.
Neil Nelson last winter has been respited
by Governor Nicholls for thirty days.
Thero is considerable talk of his being
Confi'ilcruto Monument.
Richmond, Va., Jan. 18. Tho Vir
ginia legislature has passed resolutions
appropriating $!)2,000 to furnish a cap
stono to the private soldiers' and sailors'
monument now being errected here.
This shaft, which ia modeled after tho
pillar at Pompeii at Cairo, is to bo of
thirteen blocks of granite, one to bo con
tributed by each of tho states composing
tho lato Confederacy.
ConfuH.srd III Crime.
SaultStk. Makie, Mich., Jan. 18.
William Coiutcr was arrested, tried and
acquitted of tho charge of murdering his
father, Silas Coidter, a wealthy farmer,
a year ago. Last night nt a revival
meeting of Frco Methodists ho professed
religion and confessed that ho murdored
His lather. At tho closo of tho services
ho wa9 arrested and lodged in jail.
noncoiuli lrel'ovurlntr.
New York, Jan. 18. H. Victor Now
comb, ox-president of tho Louisville and
Nashvillo railway, who becamo do
ranged last sununor and wns sent to an
asylum, has so so far recovered as to bo
ablo to return homo.
fere's pow t peads fJow
That We Have Taken Out Last Whack at Prices.
All of our Men's Cassimere Suits that were
$375, now for $2.95
All of our Suits that were $5.00, now for 3.60
All of our Suits that were $7.50, now for 5.50
All of our Suits that were $10, now for 7.50
All of our best goods that sold as high
as $17.50, choice now for $10
Everything in the shape of clothing butch
ered in proportion.
A general slaughter in the prices of
woolen goods.
Boots and Shoes at your own prices. We
mean a general CLEAN UP Come
and see us.
Wr HHr
As our quotations will prove.
And note the prices given from time to time on first-class
will be that after looking through our stock you can't im
magine how you paid such high prices for goods.
mm meme ooitMiBp mm
And a penny made Is a penny earned. Look out for us and
Watoh our Advertisement
From day to day and save not only pen
nies but dollars. Yours Respectfully,
For fine goods low prices and saving money:
J. B. MoLENDON. Prosldent.
J. T. DAVTB,Vloo-pre3ldent.
Accounts orb intci, bankers, merchants, f irruori . meohnnlcs sal other olassoi solicited . W
ray an much Attention to goal nooounta as largo ones. Wo give personal and ipectal attention
to our oolleotton department, and ronUnn day of payment. Kxohango bought and told o
all tho prlnotpnl points ot tho Unltod SUttos and Earopo.
Manfactui ers 1 Wholesale Grocers.
Alexandro'a Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pure BplocB.
Alexandre's Java and Rio "Blend ColToo.
Moore Broa1 White Wlno and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Pur Cider.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's buslnoa we aro now prepared to fill
orders promptly. Patronize Heme Inatitntinnn. Rtmrjiin nnr ntrwrf a tn mi
Waco a Great Manufacturing Centre.
Corner Eighth and Austin Streets.
L. B. BL&OK, O&taUr

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