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riirsiGiAX aki svitai:ux,
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flHAnPMV BtcomHut. "JfU.M..r.
MUHUkln I pudoU. HTk'KT smilCS, UU.
Report Everything
as Lovely,
80 Say Chairman Idler of Yoiikum mul
Otliur Strikers Oihi nftlio flum-ds Aecl
lU'iitully SllimtH IllniHi'lf HcKoltlt limit ol
Sympathy by tliu Farmers' Allluiico.
Yoakum, Tex., Jnn. 18. All trains
moved as usual Sunday. Now men are
coming on to tnko tho place of tho
strikers, and tho string of lighted
cabooses is longer each night.
Chairman Bd Kiler returned from
San Antonio Sunday and on being inter
viewed Mild that nothing now could bo
said on tho situation; that the strike is
no nearer a solution than when it first
(dnrtod; that nil tho railroad employes
of all the roads in San Antonio, and bo
far as we can learn at every other con
necting point, positively refuse to han
dle Sap frtght until tho striko is settled
satisfactorily to tho strikers; that tho
strike has just commenced.
Others of tho strikers, howover, ex
pressed tho opinion preivously icported
that it would bo settled in a few days.
Tho strikers say that all freight from
tho S.ip has been positively refused by
the train men at San Antonio, West
Point, Wallia and Eagle Lake, also that
tho Sap has not yet got a freight traiu
into Waco.
A reporter was requested to deny
jj0 1
report that one of tho engineers was go
ing back to work. Interviewing tho en
gineer referred to, ho did not deny tho
report, but said ue did not know any
thing about it and that ho had not re
ported for duty.
Ono of tho guards named Alwine acci
dentally shot himself about 8 o'clock
Sunday morning. If 0 was stooping over
washing his face when his pistol, a 45
calibro, fell out of tho scabbard and was
discharged, the ball passing through his
right shoulder and lung and coming out
through the back, inflicting a dangerous
wound from which ho is not expected to
'Din Fanners' Allianco passed resolu
tions of sympathy and support to tho
strikers at a meeting here.
Tho engineer, Jnmeson, charged with
aggravated assault on "Smoky" Hall,
waived examination and was bound
over to appear before tho county court.
Counter charges wore sworn out against
"Smoky" Hall for abusive language,
aggravated assault and carrying a pistol.
On the last two charges ho waived ex
amination and was bound over to appeal
before the county court. On tho first
chargo ho will have 11 hearing before
Judge Montgomery noxt Wednesday.
A meeting was hold by tho strikers on
tho question of the merchants selling to
now employes, at which it was finally
decided that tho strikers mtorposo no
more objections to tho merchants selling
to scabs or anyono else. Somo of the
merchants wero already selling them,
and it was decided that it would bo un
just to place their friends at a disadvan
tage; also that as thoy would otherwise
buy what they needed elsowhoro thoy
might as woll havo their money in the
A telegram has been received at the
railroad offico hero from General Super
iutendent Sands denying tho report that
carpenters' nnd bridgemen's wages aro
to bo cut CO cents a day. Tho road re
ports that everything is moving along
nicely and that tho freight service is im
proving. Thoy havo all tho blacksmiths
they need nt tho shops nnd a sufficient
number of machinists nnd boiler makers
for present requirements.
Sltnatlonat Sun Antonio.
San Antonio, Jan. 18. Thero was a
carload of cedar posts sot iu on train 22
of tho Southern Pacific from tho Aran
mw Pass, and tho Southern Pacific train
men most positively refused fo handle it,
and tho engineer said that before he
would handlo it ho would cut tho engine
looso and put it in tho roundhouse, that
his engine had never pulled scab freight
and never would whilo ho stood iu and
was in chnrgo of it. Tho car was side
tracked, and none of tho men discharged
for failing to handlo it. This is regarded
as a test caso.
A telegram recoived hero from Tayloi
announces that two train loads of coal
wero mado up in tho yard thoro for ship
ment hero to tho Aransas Pass railway,
but no crows could bo found to handle
them and they aro still standing in the
yard there. It is oxpected that tho vari
ous railway operatives all over tho Btate,
and possibly all over tho United States,
will follow tho oxamplo of tho Aransas
Pass employes. Since tho striko a num
ber of men havo concluded to federate
Six of tho old employes, station agents
of tho Sap, havo been on their applica
tion restored to their former positions 01
similar ones. Thoy wero at Runge,
Giddings, Gannhl, Yorktown, Winches
ter and other points.
A large meeting of citizens, under the
auspices of tho liberal association, was
held at convention hnll. After a lengthy
nddress by Professor O. A. Phelps on the
question of individual liberty of the
torvant and tho tyrrany of tho master,
tho following resolutions wero adopted
Whereas, thoro is now a striko iii
progress between tho employes of the
San Antonio and Aransas Pass railway
and tho receivers thereof: and
Whereas, the facts Hud justice of the
striko is on tho bido of the strikers; and
Whereas, wo recognize tho fact that
tho interests of a few men are upheld
wlulo those of baid employes and the
community at largo aro entirely ignored
now. therefore bo it
Resolved, that it is tho will of this
meeting that tho public generally oughl
to rally to tho support of tho strikers
and bo it furthor
Resolved, that our heartfelt sympa
thies aro with tho men, their wives and
children; and bo it further
Resolved, that it is our opinion that
tho striko should bo at once terminated
in favor of tho striking employes; and be
it further
Resolved, that wo appeal to Judgo W.
W. King to remove tho great obstruc
tion to such termination, to-wit: tho
wrecker of railroad companies; and bo it
Resolved, that the businessmen of our
city aro horoby appealed to to attend en
masse the meeting to bo held at conven
tion hall and uso every endeavor to ter
minate tho striko and prevent its spread
ing; and bo it further
Resolved, that tho thanks of tho meet
ing bo tendered to Professor O. A. Phelps
for his ablo and eloquent address, and
wo licroby invite him to remain in our
midst and deliver a series of lectures;
and bo it further
Resolved, that wo thoroughly detest
nnd hold up to public scorn all Bcabs,
and especially men who toll themselves
for a fow paltry dollars to harass, nrrost
unu suooi uown meir ieiiuwcmzcua, auu
be it further
Resolved, that wo earnestly hope and
expect all employes on connecting lines
of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass
railway will bo true to their principles
and stand by the strikers in this con
test. Still Aiiir-Iicnttlve.
FLonnsviLLK, Tex., Jan. 18. Tho San
Antonio and Aransas Pass passenger
trains continue to run on time and tho
local freight trains havo been in opera
tion several days; still all apprehension
of tho effect of tho striko has not been
dispelled. It is insisted by the strikers
I and their sympathizers that a general
I strike will ensue as soon as Aransas Pass
I freight is offered for shipment on other
. lines. If this is true a genoral
tie-up is imminent unless somo set
tlement is made. Floresville is ex
ceedingly anxious about tho matter,
as sho has iilready sufforod greatly from
tho strike as first inaugurated. Not a
few iieoplo hero aro afraid to rido on tho
twins at present, because it is known
that iu feomo instances incompetent and
I inexperienced persons have been given
responsible positions on these trains
since tho strike, and it is impossible to
know or conjecture to what extent this
has been done.
Surprised nt tho Governor.
Hkarne, Tex., Jan. 18. -Tho report is
current hero that Governor Hogg in a
letter written either to the foreman of
tho grand jury of this county now in
session nt Franklin or to tho distict at
torney, stated that certain men en route
from tho east to accept work on tho Ar
ansas Pass railroad wero intercepted at
this point, taken from tho train upon
which thoy wore traveling and locked up
in box cars and returned eastward. The
J I1I1 af Hearne aro surprised to learn
"l lllls uirungu Uiu governor, smuu muy
had not beforo heard of bucIi shipments
by any persons from this place. Rail
road employes deny tho truth of tho al
legation. Itccrlvlnp; 1'rolKlit.
Austin, Jan. 18. Tho International
nnd Great Northern is receiving freight
for points on tho San Antonio and Aran
sas Pass, though for a time tho agent
kicked against it.
I'roclninntlon by tlio Governor of tho
State of Texun.
Whereas, tho 22d day of Fobruary is
now a legal holiday; and, whereas, tho
legislature of tho state of Texas has
further bet apart and designated said
day as arbor day,, to bo devoted to tho
planting and cultivation of forest, shade
and ornamental trees throughout the
Now, therefore, I, J. S. nogg, govornoi
of tho state of Texas, do earnestly re
quest that said day bo generally observed
by the poeplo of tho stato for that pur
pose in such manner as may Beem
best to tho people of each community,
nnd I do recommend that all tho offi
cers and teachers of tho public and pri
vato schools of this stato prepare a suit
able programme, enlisting tho interest
of their pupils in this beautiful custom,
and that thoy and all officers and em
ployes in tho public institutions of this
btato utilizo the day in planting forest,
shudo and ornamental trees and shrub
bery, to bo tho object of their future
care and attention, for tho benefit nnd
adornment of tho public grounds, the
highways, fctreots and waste plucoa
throughout the stato.
In testimony whereof I hereunto sign
my namo and cause tho seal of tho stata
to bo afllxod, at tho city of Austin this
tho 14th day of January, A D. 1892.
Seal. J. J. Hoaci,
Governor of Texas.
By tho govornor:
Geo, W. Smith, Secretary of State.
""sTsTsico Texas.
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