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IHtett HBttUtf $?(
dltor and Gonoral Managor.
Largest Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texas.
subscription. 60 cents por month, or J5.00 rxt
year In advance. Wmkly Nws 11.00. per year.
Eutorod at the Waoo postollloo as boo
onri olass mall matter.
To'Insnro publication lntheNawsall aiWor
Iscments received at thin olllce mnst bo ao
oompanlcd by tho cash, except In cases
where cuntraots exist.
k'l mil Inr frcn commerce with nil
initio ii n,) Tliomus Jefferson.
Editor Gibbs says Toxas will go for
Hill, and Editor Howell says Georgia
will go for Hill. Tho peoplo of TexaB
and of Georgia uro not supposed to
have any ohoioc in the mattor.
Friends of tho World's Fair move
ment should make it a point to bo
present in Waoo January 20, at tho
big meeting, World's Fair celebra
tio's from all parts of tho stato will
be at tho meeting.
Tho present oold weather will
doubtless provo satisfactory to all our
citizens who have bsen displetsod
withtuo temporature prevailing here
tofore. At 0 o'olook this morning the
thormotnotor stood at 10 degrees
above zero.
Tho fimes-Uerald oites tho ap
pointment of Ilolmano as chairman of
tho appropriation oommitteo as proof
that in tho organiz ition of tho houso
tho boodlers wore not in it. The
Holman appointmont was a blind. He
is only ono man if ho is chairman.
To our farmor friends : Cut yonr
cotton patoh in two in tho middle and
plant ono-half in grain. Thon culti
vate what cotton you do plant aa you
would a garden. , Result : Three
balos of cotton on tho same ground
whoro only two growbofore at little
moro than .half tho oost, and at tho
same time a gonoral roduolion of 25
per cent, in the gross yield of ootton
will bo securo'l.
Tho proposition to elect United
States Senators by popular voto has
been put squarely before congress and
the Gght is on. Senator Palmer, who
won the sonatorship in Illinois, by his
advocacy of cloction of senators by the
peoplo, will champhii tho oauso in tho
senate, and there will be sovcral
champions in the house. The change
will, of course, require a constitution
al atnendmont, whioh, it agreod to by
both housoa of congress, will bo sub
mitted to tho Btatos for ratification. It
ib not likely that an amendmont will
bo submitted by tho presont congress.
Tho Now York World has had tho
politicians in Now York, Washington
and Albany interviuvved and is candid
oriough to admit tint "the result of
thoso intorviows, it is but fair to say,
loaves still undetermined the question
of the next presidonoy. Indeed it
docs not settlo tho quostion ' of the
Democratic nomination, nor perhap
ovon tho attitudo of tho New York"
delegation in the convention." In
tho light of wall kmwn events tho re
sult as abovo stated is astonishing ,
Wo wore of tho opinion that tho New
York politicians had settlcod tho
question of tho next prostd'noy. Tho
World's statemont proves that that
papor was of tho opinion that if tho y
had not settled tho quostion they had
tho power so to do, and it expected
them to do it. Those Gotham edi tors
ajo so full of gall that it is not s ur
prising that they spill a little of it in
Fort Worth, Texas.
Is the Latest from the Scene
of the Strike
At Yonktun Yuril Clcrk Wing nml Pari
lliivo ltctuinoit to Work Coiiiluctui
liihn Appleby Itcporls ior Duty In
ilnmril at Drnlton.
Yoakum. Tox., Jan. 10. Trains linvo
been running pretty lively, four freights
hnving b'.'on sent out Monday. Ono of
these was n stock train for Witllis. Pas
senger trains nro about on timo. Yard
Clerks Wing nml Parr will probably re
turn to work, but they havo tho good
will nml permission of the, strikers as
they wcro not members of tho federa
tion nor considered ns having entered
the strike. Conductor John Appleby
reported for duty Monday night and car
ried out a local f reign t. Ho is tho man
who reported for duty early in tho
striko and was ordered to take n train to
Wneo but was persuaded by tho strikers
to relinquish his purpose. Ho is au old
order of railway conductor man.
Tho cmyloycs held a mooting Monday
evening, but thero was no business of
importance. The strikers claim to havo
received somo important news, but it
was withheld from tho correspondent.
In an interview with tho jwopleof Edgar
Monday a diiferonco of opinion in regard
to the result of tho striko was found.
They are anxious to see trains moving
Indorse the Strike.
Denison, Tox., Jan. 10. On Sunday
evening of last week a union meeting of
the various railway labor organizations
of Denison was held in the 'Odd Fellows'
hall for tho mirposo of discussing mid
taking some action with reference to tho
striko on tho Missouri route. Tho meet
ing closed without action nud it was gen
erally supposed that that would bo the
last of the matter so far as Denison was
concerned. Such, however, was not tho
case. Saturday night another union
meeting was held, at which somo 150
members were present, nnd after a full
and freo discussion tho following resolu
tions were unanimously ndopted:
"Whereas, us thero is a striko in exis
tence on tho San Antonio and Aransas
Pass railroad, and as the aforesaid em
ployes have used all honorable means to
adjust tho samo without avail; and
Whereas, tho officials of tho different
railroads ginning in connection with tho
Sah Antonio nnd Aransas Pass mil road
havo counseled the officials of the afore
said railroad to make no concessions to
tho striking employes aforesaid and to
fight them to tho bitter end: and
Whereas, a decision has been rendered
by tho supremo court of tho unconstitu
tionality of the interstate commerce law;
wo the employes of tho Missouri, Kansas
and Toxas railroad resolve that tho situ
ation on the Aransas Pass railway has
been thoroughly investigated and tho
cause of tho troublo learned; bo it
Resolved that this union meeting in
dorso tho action of tho San Antonio and
Aransas Pass employes and that wo
pledgo them our moral and financial
support and that we consider their causo
a just ono; and
Whereas, in as much as wo doconsider
tho causo a just ono, wo ask tho manage
ment of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas
railway not to handle San Antonio and
Aransas Pass freight and cars.
N. T. Miller, for B. of K. T.
E. It. Lyman, for O. R. T.
J. F. Mortimer, for B. of L. E.
J. K. Fairldey, for B. of L. F.
J. K. Ellis, for S. M. A. A.
Fked Rief,
for National machinists' nnion.
Handling Sup freight.
TAYLOR. Tox.. .Tun. 10. Tlin sfrilro
ui fti..ii.iii mi tuu uujiatia ium ex
tended to Taylor, when two train
loads of Aransiis Pass freight which hud
been sidetracked in tho International
and Great Northern yards nt this place
sinco tho beginning of tho striko were
inudo up in tho yards, and local em
ployes of tho Missouri, Kansas and
Texas wcro asked to tnko tho samo out
over tlie Taylor, Bastrop and Houston
railway, a branch of that road which
connects with tho Aransas Pass at West
Point, refused to tnko tho samo out, tho
locomotives being returned to tho round
house ami the trains left remaining side
tracked. Monday morhing, however, when
other crows wore called, tho trains wero
mado up and taken out, which relioves
tho yards hero of Aransas Pass freight
heretofore held pending a settlement of
tho Sap troubles. It is believed hero
now sinco tho bo-called "scab" freight
was taken out that tho backbono of tho
striko, supposed to extend to othor con
necting lines, has been broken. Most of
tho freight was coal for tho Aransas
Messrs. Froy, Maxwell, Gnvin and
other ofiicials of tho Missouri, Kansas
and Texas wero horo Monday morning
nnd it is tho supposition of many that
thoy influenced tho boys to tako tho
freight out with tho promiso of an early
adjustment of tho Aransas Pass troublo.
A rt Ion lit 1'ort Worth,
Fort Worth, Jan. 10. Tho following
nctiou was taken at a mooting of tho
railway employes held horo Monday
Resolved, by reprosontativo railway
men, employed by the different linos
centering in Fort Worth that wo, as em
ployes, do hereby refuse to handle San
Antonio nnd Aransas Pass cars and
freight until tho troubles existing on
the said railway and its former employes
aro satisfactorily settled; and bo it fur
ther Resolved, that wo request that em
ployes of connecting lines stand firm in
refusing to handle the San Antonio and
Aransas Pass cars or business, assuring
them our mutual co-operation in said
action. United wo st;.nd upon this issue
and we kindly request our different
managements not to require us to han
dle this business.
The Chilean mattor has changed little,
though discussion is incessant.
Cardinal Gibbons has written n lettei
denouncing tho Louisiana lottery.
A bill will bo pressed to stop tho print
ing of "request" envelopes by tho gov
ernment. Senator Palmer says ho is opposed to
freo silver and in favor of Cleveland foi
Dr. J. W. Hanttn was hanged nt
Poplar Bluff, Mo., for tho murder of A.
R. Smith.
Tho bank of London nud Moxico
earned 47 per cent, ou n capital ol
Minneapolis flonr mills produced 7,
878,047 barrels in 1801, against 0,088,830
barrels in 1800.
Dick Loan, farmer, left his bed neat
Platto City, Mo., and hanged himself
with n traco chain.
James Avery, a thief, has mado two
escapes from jail at Scottsburg, Ind.,
within a fortnight.
Mrs. James Vaughn of Washington
county, Ky., fell into a fireplaco and
was bunted to death.
Princo Abbas, tho now khedivo of
Egypt, arrived at Cairo, and was given
an enthusiastic welcome.
A combination of plug tobacco manti-fnctrr-irs
against the American tobacco
trust is said to bo forming.
Joshua B. Wickham, said to bo llfl
years old and to havo voted for John
Adams, died at Ottumwn, In.
By tho fall of tho cngo in tho Chatham
coal mine, near Springfield, HI., four
men received dangerous injuries.
Charles W. Crawley, wife-murderer,
was saved from trial at Kansas City by
being adjudged insane after tho act.
Princo George, heir presumptive to
tho British throne, is said to bo tired of
the navy and anxious to enter tho army.
Judge Lindsey of Kentucky has for
7 torsoiiul reasons declined appointment
to tho interstate couimcreo pommis
aion. Would-be robbers shot tho driver of a
mail wagon in Sioux City, Io. Thoy
wero frightened off without getting any
Fifty-nine indictments wero returned
against the railroad rioters at Linwood,
Ark,, and several of tho accused pleaded
John Sheehan shot nnd seriously
wounded David Patton in tho Cincin
nati postoflico. Both parties wero postal
Tho railroad companies with ono ac
cord offer to transport all grain destined
for relief of btarving Russians freo of
Hon. Geo. W. Fithian carried the
Sixteenth Hlinois congressional district
Democratic primaries and had two votes
to spare.
An oxtra session of tho Smith Ttalrnfa
legislature on tho World's fair exhibit of
mo stato has been promised by tho
Peoplo living in western Colorado aro
passing through some remarkable expe
riences incident to the intense cold and
deep snow.
An interesting roviow before commit
tee was had of tho question of electing
United States senators directly by the
peoplo at tho polls.
Leopold Wanderer, a Germnn, was
arrested in Now York on complaint of
Jay Gould. His crimo was standing on
tho sidowalk and looking at tho Gould
Mrs. Nina Hubbard of Red Br.nk, N.
J., recently obtained a divorco in Sioux
i'aus, a. jj., ami tooic up witn a young
clerk. Ho soon deserted her and she has
gono homo.
Tho Now York Bowery has n mur
derer for pleasure. Ho is known ns
' 'Jack tho Slasher. " Friday inof niug ho
cut tho throat of John Carson, ouco a
prominent Baltimore lawyer.
Mrs. Albert Oglo of Kansas City lives
in a smnll brick house, whoro, ns sho
says, a ghost onco a week goes through
tho pantomime by which tho son of its
builder hanged himself thero years ago.
Tried t AVrrcK u Train.
Purvis, Miss., Jan. 10. Fivo colored
men wero arrested nnd jailed hero last
night for attempting to wreck train No.
10 on the Northeastern road near
Okolona by placing obstructions on the
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