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I.ocntlnn of Flro Alartii llnxofc.
Box 4 Fifth V?rl K re Station Btrlki Ilti
M B Corner 9 h nd Austin " Hill
e " 4th " " " mm
' 7 0intrMKlrn'natlon " Itlllll
8 West Knil Fire station " llHIIII
' H Cor er 14 Ii n ul Ws-tilncton " i-iii
"14 ' Mil and Malboro mil " 1 nil
"is " sth n d :o umuus " i urn
"IB " 8tliBmlJncKRon " Mlllll
"17 " 4th stul Weuner " l-IHIlll
"a"! " 8th mlGleulaud " il-lim
'26 " fithB'iil Speight " imiiiii
"U7 " Ctbanil Wa'iiltiR'on " tMilllll
" 35 Rnyal HoImI 6th iv d Fmnfclln " lllll II
" o Woolci Mills 1 'th nnd Mary ' m-mili
"37Corocrl th nnil Jefferson ' lll-ll III!
All boxe numbeted above 8 strike tliusi
Box 13 strikes 1 nuil ftois, tlim strikes 111
waklm Hot 13, then repeats (ourtlmps
Ilox 29 striken II and t ps, thou strikes HII
making liox ii n d bo ou
Keys wll bofon' d In ics'doi'ccson esch co
nrr irl.pr. lmxnn Brfi lora eil Open Tiro Alarm
Boxes a d pull Hook down and let go. Leave
key In box
To in alar
arm In only for llrcn
110 00 Hue for
raipe alarms.
Mow tapping of bells signify company
He" ond Friday In each month earh box Is
tapped twice, testing boxes and circuit Hue
When alarm of HrelHjrlVP the Firo Depart
ment has the rlulit or way on aUitrceiB. All
vehlclis must drle near the sidewalk nnd kop
away rroai the lire. $3.00 line for running over
Itcpnrt of any care'ess driving going to or
from flreB bj the Fire Department will be
tnanMullr recelicd by the Cher, as fnBt aud
earclcss dri'lnc Is Btr rkly forbidden.
The Secret of Success.
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licvo that tho secret of success
is perBeveranco. Thcroforo, they per
sut in keeping Ihe very finest lines
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Just Received Largo Stock
Frosb garden Eeed. Come yc market
gardeners. Wo have ample to supply
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W. L. Tucker,
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MoAlistkr coal but Laoy.
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also, fresh meats, uiuttou, pork, beef
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Pure and whito lard in bulk
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oorner Fifth and Franklin.
Had Not Slept for tears.
Mr. J. A. Jackson, an old resident
of Husk, Texas, and manager of the
magnificent hotel at Rusk, informt
us lie had not slept at night for years
except in short naps, owing to inces
sant coughing. He was advised
when very much run down to try
Ballard's Horehound Syrup; he wat
immediately relieved oi his cough and
his reet improved to such a degree
that ho could sleep soundly all night;
Mr. Jackson states: "I regard lial
lard's Horehound Syrup superior to
any Cough Syrup on the market, and
its freedom lrui Opium and Mor
phi no leavo no constipation after using
it. For this reason alone I eonsidei
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(or children. My lungs aro now
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This Syrup is very soothing to the
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llisher & Co.
At the Park Natatorlum for the
Winter Months.
Open 7 a. m, to'9 p. in. Saturday
nigt uutil 12 o'clock. Closed oi.
Lunday night. Tub, Vapor and
Nccdlo Baths day and night for inval
ids and others- Physician's office
hours 0 to 11 a. m.; 3 to 5 p. m.
Skilled mulo and female attendants
day and night. Tom Padoitt,
J. B. Cuesnut, Proprietor.
20 Rockport lots sold inono day this
week. Who will be the next to buj
in Waco addition to Rockport? No
bettor investment can bo mude,
J. E. Anderson.
Mako Christmas presents of Rock
port lots.
J. E. Anderson.
Joe Lohman is tho most popular res
Uurant man in Texas. His placo
117 South Fourth htroot.
in n ii mr rnn nrflPr
tVlh. DLAIIiL rUn I tULt,
But the Chief Magistrate of the
United States
Aetlvo rrcpiiriitlcnn llt-lng Mndo In tho
Mun-Klllliti; Ii-urt mi-lit of tho (iutt-ru-iiipnt
llm rlHiiu and tho Corrt-siiomt-oir'o-TIio
Itultliuoro In io Smith.
Washinoton, Jan. 10. It is now an
undoubted fact that Mr. Blaino is not
for war with Chile. Ho is reported as
having wild to one of his closest friends
who interrogated him on tho subject
that all war talk camo from tho white
house. This is coupled with tho fact
that when tho meinhors of tho commit
teo on foreign relations of both houses
called on him ho did not oven alludo to
tho strained relations' between tho two
countries. To his friends ho said that
tho president seemed bunt on n war and
that if ho would keep out of tho matter
thoro would ho no trouble. Monday
Seoictiiry Tracy cabled Commodoio
Evans of tho Yorktown to take tho ref
ugees in his boat to somo neutral terri
tnry in Peru and turn them loose. This
is significant. It is understood that tho
Chilean authorities permitted tho refu
gees to go on bo.ird thu Yorktown in or
der to test tho toolings of tho Chilean
multitude. It is understood that this so
infuriated tho said multitude that thoro
camo near being riots. Then tho Chilean
authorities wanted Evans to keep tho
refugees on board his boat till tho differ
ence between this and that country in
regard to them was sottled. Evans re
fused to listen to the request and referred
tho matter to Washington with tho
above result. It is now thought that
tho president will send in his message in
regard to tho affair on Wednesday. IIo
may do nothing, but there aro many jwo
ple hero who believe that ho means war
aud that ho will havo war.
AVnrllku Arlltlty.
Washinoton, Jan. 19, Tho navy de
partment Monday was still n scene of
great activity. Tracy held frequent
consultations with tho chief of ordnance,
chief of navigation nnd chief of con
struction, and occasionally called for
the chief engineer. Other chiefs flitted
back and forth through tho doors, giv
ing outward and visible signs of tho real
work thatisgoiny on. At tho bureau
tho clerks wero working at top bpeed
with typewriters and skimming through
ledgers, making calculations nnd trans
acting a great volume of business, but
in tho oilko of tho chief of tho bureau
of navigation, Commodore Ramsay, tho
bustle was greatest. Three or four as
sistants had been detailed to translate
cipher dispatches and they wero kept
busy putting messages into cipher for
transmission and making intelligible the
cablegrams that camo in from tho south.
Tho naval codo is ono of tho most in
tricate ever devised. It is numeral in
character and lias never been detected.
It is inconvenient, therefore, and toler
ated because of safety, a consideration
of first importance at such a time as
this,and its present uso is tho main work
of tho navigation bnreau. Officers sat
in tho small room adjoining tho office of
the chief with closed doors, their desks
covered by a largo flat codo book, for
which a foieign enemy would givo tho
price of a man-of-war. Tho grist of
Half a dozen cablegrams constitute
nearly a day's work, and so all tho
availablo forco of tho bureau is put
upon the task. Meanwhile Ramsay de
votes considerable time in communica
tion with the chief of tho hydrographic
office, Commander Clover, who has in
his office acenrato charts of both con
tinents, which aro especially valuablo
now, and great caro is being taken in
their study. By this means every mile
of South American shoro can bo
watched, and advantage thus taken of
materials that havo been patiently col
lected for many years.
Tho greatest pressure, however, is being
brought to bear on tho ordnanco bu
reau, which represents the fighting arm
of tho navy. Tho chief of that bureau
is getting tho most satisfactory results
from the guiPmaking plant at tho Wash
ington yard, besides stimulating steel
manufacture to the best efforts in tho
rapid production of material, but above
all tho greatest activity has prevailed
for somo timo in tho bureau of naval in
telligence, tho agents of which aro said
to havo been at work on a plan of possi
ble campaign, besides collecting all im
aginable information from abroad. It
is through this tho secretary is kept
thoroughly informed on tho movements
of tho agents of Chile, who, it is ru
mored, have for somo timo been ran
sacking Eurojw for war material.
CIiIIc'h Turiudit Shipment. '
Washinoton, Jan. 11). Gcorgo Asta
Burnaga, who was charge d'affaires of
the Chilean legation in Washington dur
ing Balmaccdu's administration, gives
somo interesting information regauling
a lot of 100 torjiedoes shipped to Chile,
which Admiral Walker cabled from
Montovideo wero on tho way to their
destination. This heavy shipment of
torpedoes is generally taken as an indi
cation of Chilo'a preparations for war
and ns ovidenco that sho is getting ready
to fight tho United States. Asta Burna
ga asserts positively that theso torbedoos
1 tvoro offered by Bnlmaceda during his
'supremacy and paid for by money
shipped from Chile on tho British miin-
I of-wur which was tho oocliiion of so
much excitement. They worn intended
operations against the insurgents
ami nut aguuiM. inn uiiuou amies, uio
former charge d'iiiTiiiui8,kiiowfl whereof
lie speaks and was cognizaut of tho ne
gotiations for tho torpedoes when thoy
worn on thu way. While ho depiecatcs
war, he says Ihn Chileans will light to
tho last if hostilities arc once begun,
"But we aio only il.OOO.UOO," ho said
significantly. English aud German in
iluence, ho thinks, will bo brought
strongly to bear on Chile in tho interest
of peace. Tho statement that this lot of
torpedoes was ordered beforo tho troublo
with this nation is corroborated by
prominent officials nt the war depart
ment, who say that time has elapsed
bince tho beginning of tho unpleasant
ness sufficient to allow' a contract for so
many torpedoes to bo closed and tho
goods furnished and shipped.
Tint ltnltlniiiru to Oo. South.
San Francisco, Jan. 10. Tho Call
this morning states that tho cruiser Bal
timore, now at Mara island navy yard,
received orders to leavo Wednesday for
tho south. Sho goes direct to Acnpulco
or Callaio without n stop. Nothing was
learned to show that sho is to bo joined
by tho Charleston or San Francisco, now
at San Francisco. Captain Schley and
all officers of tho Baltimore, whoso cruise
has expired, asked to bo reassigned to
tho Bhip on tho understanding that
troublo will occur with Chile. Nearly
all tho time-expired sailors on the cruiser
will also be re-enlisted. It is also stated
that tho Mohican, a wooden vessel, has
been ordered to leave in a day or so for
Panama. Tho Mohican is now at Maro
island nearly ready for sea.
Working on tho Corrrpondcnco.
Washinoton, Jan. 19. The president
denied himself to all visitors today, and
worked on tho Chilean correspondence.
Ho is preparing a message to congress
in tho privacy of ono of tho inner rooms
in tho upper floor of tho whito house.
Monday, though designated as presi
dent's day, and ono of tho comparative
isolation, usually finds quito a number
of callers at the whito houso, but today
theso wero denied admission. It is still
tho belief that tho messago and corres
pondence will bo bent to congress Wed
nesday. Mr. Blaino was somowhat indisposed
Monday and deemed it wiso to remain
indoors. His attack was somowhat
bimilnr to that of a fortnight ago, but
not so severe and ho recovered quickly
from it. Montt, tho Chilean minister,
visited the stato department this morn
ing in tho hope of obtaining an nudience
with tho secretary, but was obliged to
call at his house. Tho secretary received
him and tho interview lasted about an
A rumor is in circulation at tho navy
department this morning to the effect
that Minister Moutt has notified this
government that an apology from Chile
will be forthcoming. This is not con
firmed and it was estimated at tho state
department thero is no basis for the
Colonel Remy, naval judge advocate
general, who has been conducting the
investigation into tho Baltimore case at
San Francisco, is expected to return to
this city Wednesday with the concluding
portions of tho testimony.
J vjmsT tor mcia ia
if A
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ure? Of course 't'aint; s'poso I
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overy caso of fomalo weakness. It is
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men than any other medicine known.
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Removal Notice.
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have been removed from the old placo,
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offices aro hotter and moro convenient.
Patrons and friends please take notice
of change
A Suro Curo for Pllos.
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A Husbands' Mistake.
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cos of riob, pretty and educated girj
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9 .
To tho Ladies.
Mrs. F.J. Sullivan haB romoved ho
dressmaking establishment to 600 12
Austin avenue, up-stairs over tho
"Leader," where sho will bo glad to
see her patrons and friends.
The Old Reliable.
Bismarck restaurant will hereafter
bo kept open on Sunday's the same as
upon other days.
Jim Stuuiiau,,
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i 0
Tho eating department of the
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