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liocntlnu of t'lro Alarm IIoxon.
x 4 Fifth YTard F'ro Ststlon strtk
" 5 Corner 9 h and Austin "
., 6 .. nh .. .. .
' 7 Cantrnl Flro NUtton "
i inn
" 8 West End Fire Station "
" 13 Coreor 11 li.a nl Wahlti(:ton "
rtli And Malboro mh '
' 3S
Kthaxl Co tiinbUH '
8 th andJnctHOn '
4th and Webster '
HthitnilClc'Dlaad '
Ath and Speight '
Rtlinml WoMiliiK'on
uand Voliliig'o
" 35 Iloy.il flotol 6th a d Franklin '
" ao Woolen Mills 1 'th anil Mnry "
" 37 Uomer l tn and Jcucrson
All hnxnt numbeied nboro 8 strike tliURi
Hon 13 strikes 1 and etope, then strikes 111
innklru Ilox Is, tlioti ropoats four times.
Ilox 05 strikes II and stuis, then strikes 11II(
miking Ilox Ma d bo oil.
DiuicTioNs yon oivmo ai.aiim.
Keys wll bo found In residences on each coi
ncr where boxes aroloca'ed OponFIro Alarm
Boxes and pall Hook down and let go. Leave
key In box
Torn alarmln only for fires 110 00 line for
false alarms.
slow tapping of bolls signify company
Second Friday In each month each box Is
tapped twice, testing boxes and circuit Uno
When alarm of llrolsglve Iho Flro Dopatt
roont has tho right of way on nil it roots. All
TchtclpR must drive near tho sidewalk and keep
away from the lire. tS.OJ line for miming ovor
Jtoport of any care'ess driving going to oi
from (Ires by the Fire Department will be
thankfully received by the Ch'ef, as fast and
arelers driving Is sir ckiy forbidden.
wmy am
A Mystery Explained.
The papers contain frequent notices
of rioh, pretty and eduoatod girls
eloping with negroes, tramps and
coaohmen Tho well known specialist
Dr. Franklin Miles, says all suoh girls
are more or less hysterical, nervous,
very impulsive, unbalanced, usualh
subjeot to headache, neuralgia, sleep
lessness, immoderate orying or laugh
ing. Thcso show a weak nervous sys
tem for which there is no remedy equal
to Restorative Nervine. Trial bottlet
and a fine book, containing many
marvelous oures. free at H. 0. Risher
& Co's., who also sell and guarantee
Dr. Miles' celebrated Now Heart Curo,
tho finest of heart tonios. CureB flut
tering, short breath, etc
Just Received Largo Stock
Fresh garden seed. Como yo market
gardeners. We have ample to supply
you in everything.
W. L. TuoicEit,
at "Lion Drug Store."
A Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man
of Burlington, Ohio, states that he
had been under tho care of two promi
nent physicians, and used their treat
ment until ho was not able to get
around Thoy pronounced his case
to be Consumption and incurable.
He was persuaded to try Dr. King's
New Disoovcry for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds and at that time
, was not ablo to walk across the street
without resting. He found, before
he had used half of a dollar bottlo,
that ho was muoh better; he continu
ed to uso it and iB today enjoying
good health. If you have any Throat
Lung or Chest Trqublo try it. We
guarantoe satisfaction. Trial bottle
free at W. B. Morrison & Co.,
drug store.
At the Park Natatorlum for
Winter Months.
Open 7 a. in, to 9 p. m. Saturday
nigt uutil 12 o'clock. Closed on
Lunday night. Tub, Vapor and
Nccdlo Baths day and night for inval
ids and others" Physician's office
hours 9 to 11 a. m. 3 to 5 p. m.
Skilled malo and female attendants
day and night. Tom Padoitt,
J. B. Chesnut, Proprietor.
Mako Christmas presents of Hock
port lots.
J. E. Anderson.
Joo Lehman is the most popular res
taurant man in Texas. His plaoo
117 South Fourth street.
Ladies, we have just received fresh
stook of flower seeds.
W. L. Tuokeu,
"Lion Drug Store.
1000 acre farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairie land. Ten houses,
barns, shedB, wells and one novor
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
tores each, and many others cheap
and on eaBy terms.
Ranging in number of acres of 320, 500
1200, 1400, 180G and 3,000, situated
near Waco. Wo con sell special bar
gains in houses, lots and busim
Bell & Sassaman,
Real Estato and Rental Agents, 111
South Fourth street, Waoo, ToxaB.
Is Adjutant General Mabry,
Who Says
l'liii Ht'viiliitlunlxt III 1 iimlilu mi Arrount
orilrxertlciniiirSoiiiroMllsMi-li (iiu-zii's
I'"tlir-ln-l4iv Seen Sirs. (Inrui's limit
CiiiilUU'iicii In Her IliiHliiiud'N Abilities.
Austin, Jan. 21. Adjutant General
Mabry has just returned from the Rio
Grande In answer to tho inquiry how
ho hud gotten buck without encounter
ing Garza, ho replied there was very
littlo danger of that. "I believe," ho
added, "that Garza is in trouble on ac
count of demoralization and dissatisfac
tion and even desertions of some of his
men. I believe, too, .that ho will either
surrender or be captured within the
nest ten days by tho rangers. I visited
Garza's father-m-law and Mrs. Garza
and tried to assure them that it was best
for Garza to surrender. Tho old man.
however, did not believe Garza would
surrender and Mrs. Garza, who is quite
pretty and apparently rather patrician
in appearance, seemed to be very proud
of her husband, whoovidently impressed
her with the idea that be will eventually
bo the ruler of Mexico. Her father bad
no question as to Garza's determination
to light and tho young wife did not
doubt his success."
General Mabry says that Garza was
undoubtedly traced. to Corpus Christi
last week, and it is barely possiblo that
he may have been, in San Antonio,
though ho doubts it. The great majority
of tho peoplo near the Bio Grande seem
so much in sympathy with him that it
will be very Jiaru to eaten him. but he
believes that tho Texas rangers will
eventually come up with him if he stays
on Texas soil. Ho speaks very highly of
Captain Brooks of tho rangers, Sheriff
Sheely and Captain Chase and Lieuten
ant Hardio of tho Federal troops, who,
ho says, are most active and capable otli
cors. Thero is some surprise among the
older Mexicans on this side of tho Itio
Grande at thoT action of tho United
States as being, they claim, contrary to
tho precedent of this government as to
previous revolutions in Mexico. Tho
rangers, ns well as tho Federal forces,
are generally placed to good advantage,
as far as Garza's movements can bo an
ticipated, and it is believed he cannot
long keep up his present hiding out tac
tics successfully, and that his attempted
revolution will bo a farce. General
Mabry states ho will return to tlis Rio
Grando immediately. Ho evidently aims
to bo on hand if a real fracas should
huppen of any serious import with tho
border bandit or revolutionary chief, as
tho result may prove him to bo. Ho
doubts that Garza has such material
financial backing as has been reported.
Hiicki-d with a .M rut-Ax.
St. Louis. Jan. 31. John Williams
alias "Texas Jack," now lies in a dying
condition at St. Joseph's hospital, at
Alton. If he dies William O'Neil will
havo to stand trial for murder. On Sun
day O'Neil and a man narued Willis
Davis quarreled at Job's ranch relative
to some work about tho place. O'Neil
would havo used a knife had not Davis
threatened to uso a brick. Hero tho
quarrel ended. O'Neil then started to
Alton Junction in company with John
Williams. On tho way ho informed Wil
liams that ho intended to kill Patrick
O'Brien, a workman on tho ranch. Wil
liams later told O'Brien what O'Neil
had said, and a man named Gardner se
created the revolver O'Noil had loaded
for O'Brien.
At the jnntion O'Neil drank freely.
He stayed there all afternoon. Those of
tho men who had accompanied him re
turned early, as thoy wore tired out
from a dance of tho night before; and
they went to bed about 5 o'clock. Wil
liams laid down on a bench to wait for
O'Neil and prevent troublo between him
and O'Brien. But ho fell asleep and
when O'Neil camo in he saw him. Ho
was angry because Williams told
O'Brien, and grabbing a moat-ax, struck
him in the face, indicting a fearful gash
in tho cheek and breaking tho cheek
bono. Then ho pounded and luvcked
Williams in a most unhninan way. no
attempted to cut off Williams' legs, but
did not succeed.
O'Brien was awakened by tho din and
camo down stairs. O'Neil turned on him
and would havo cut him had not Wil
liams groaned. Hearing this, O'Neil
shouted: "Ain't you dead yet?" and
pounced on him again. Ho struck to
split his head, but his aim was poor and
ho broke several ribs instead. O'Brien
then rushed at him and gave him ashovo
which sent him sprawling on tho lloor.
lie hold him down until Gardner came.
Thoy then tied O'Neil's bands and feet
and sent to Alton for an officer. Deputy
Sheriff Volbracht arrested O'Neil, and
yestoiilay ho was hold to tho grand jury
in mo sum oi -f tuou. wiuiams, wno is
hacked from head to foot, presents a hor
rible sight. i
Mr. Clrvelimil In l.iiiitsiuiiH.
Galveston, Jan. 31. Ex-President
Cloveland is now at tho residence of
Joseph Jeft'erson near Now Iberia, La.
Mr. L. Kaufman of this city was on tho
Biimo train with Mr. Cloveland and rode
with him from New Orleans to Now
Dr. Dyer of Galveston was also on tho
train and being acquainted with tho ex
president, the Galvestonians chatted
with him considerably during tho jour
ney. Mr. Kaufman says Mr. Cleveland
seemed to bo reticent and hail but littlo
to say, despite tho fact that ho was cor
dial and friendly in his manner. "Major
MeGinloy of Houston was also in tho
luirty," said Mr. Kaufman, "and ho in
sisted that Mr. Cloveland should visit'
Texas on his return to Now York. Mr.'
Cloveland, however, merely laughed and
did not say whether ho would do so or
not. I aliottid not be surprised to see
him in Galveston on bis way homo."
noli Hi-pler Arri-ittrd Tor lltilrlu-ilns: Mr,
fliioilly itml Child.
LiAMAit, Mo., Jan. 21. Yesterday af
ternoon a telegram camo from Kenoma,
a station seven miles east, on tho Kansas
City and Memphis railroad, announcing
that a woman had been killed thero and
requesting tho presence of an ollicer, but
giving no details of tho crime. City
Marshal Month and Constable Wilson
started through tho snow storm for
Kenoma. Arriving thero shortly after
7, thoy found it meat of tho name of
Robert Hepler under Wrest and strongly
guarded for tho committing of one of
tho most atrocious crimes known in
Hepler had been drinking during tho
day and about 4 o'clock went to tho
house of Mrs Goodly, murdered that.
lady and her youngest child, a boy about
G years old, and left for dead her daugh
ter, aged 9 years. Mrs. Goodly's head
w-as crushed with a heavy bottomed
chair, ono ami and her jaw being broken.
He assaulted the girl with a heavy iron
poker, striking her. as bo supposed, fata'
blows and left her lying across her
mother's prostrated form. Tho littlo boy
camo next and bis head was crushed to
a jelly.
Two of Mrs. Goodly's children wero
absent from homo at the time, and, re
turning shortly aftor, found the bodies
as above described, and, hearing some
ono in tho second story of tho house,
hastened to Kenoma, half a mile distant,
mid gavo tho alarm. Citizens wero soon
upon tho scene, but tho murderer hnd
tied, after rilling drawers and boxes up
stairs, going directly to his own home, a
short distanco from thoro. Tho littlo
girl showed signs of life and tho boy was
still breathing when help arrived. Tho
girl, upon recovering consciousness,
stated that Hepler had committed tho
deed, and an examination showed his
tracks Jeading jrom tho Goodly residence
to that of his own.
Hepler was captured aftor a desperate
stugglo and was brought to Lamar and
lodged in jail. Tho only motives known
for tho commission of the crime aro
those of robbery and rovengo, as Hepler
has mado threats ngamst the Goodly
family. Hepler is about !)4 years of ago
and has a wife and fivo children in des
titute circumstances. He denies his
guilt, and when accused of it used tho
most violent and profane language. Joo
Goodly, the husband and father, was
reached by a telegram at Choycuno
while on his way west with a car-load
of horses.
A telegram from Kenoma this
morning gives tho pleasing intelligence
that the littlo girl is improving rapidly
and has given an intelligent account of
the horrible a Hair, clearly fastening tho
crime upon Hepler.
This evening Hepler attempted suicido
in tho jail by banging himself with a
ropo made out of a blanket. He was
discovered by prisoners in tin adjoining
cell who gavo tho alarm, and he was cut
down, but not until he had grown black
in fthe face. Sheriff Garrett, fearing
that summary vengeanco would bo
visited upon Hepler took him to Nevada,
- i
Tilt! Itlvor's MjKtiM'.v.
St. Louis, Jan. 21. A man named
Skinner, who resides at 221 South Leif
ingwell avenue, informed Captain Joyco
of tho Third district, that the head and
anus of a man wore visible, imbedded in
the ice of tho river, alwut 150 feet from
tho elevator at the foot of Biddlo street.
Tho man was found frozen solid in tho
ice. His head and arms wero held im
movable by largo cakes of ice and his
face and tho top of his head alone wero
visible looking directly to tho western
bank. Tho current had ovidently car
ried tho man's limbs from under him
when he broko through the ico, and in his
struggles ho had reached a reclining po
sition on tho left side. After a great deal
of labor, attended with no little danger,
Captain Joyco succeedod in chopping tho
ico away with an axo and tho body was
lashed to a plank and drawn nshoro. A
small red-covered book in tho man's
coat pocket gavo the name and address,
Win. J. Spronle, 1420 Lucas place. Tho
body was then removed to tho morgue.
Sproulo was about 20 years old and un
married. It is supposed that he at
tempted to walk across tho river on tho
ico from tho foot of Biddlo street some
timo during-Saturday night, and that ho
fell through tho rotten ice and was una
ble to oxtricato himself. Tho ice at this
point is always treacherous, owing io
tho proximity of the Biddlo street sewer.
Hotol Royal Bar.
Haydon & Ilaydon, proprietors.
Noat and quiot. Very finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunch at 10.
Old friends and customers ns well
now will meet a hoartv welcome.
Electrict Bitters.
This remedy is bocoming so woll
nown and so popular as to need no
pcoial mention. All who have used
b Electric Bitters sing the samo song of
praise, A purer medicine does not
xiBt and 1b guaranteed to do all that
s olaimed. Elcctrio Bitters will euro
all diseases of tho Liver and Kidneys,
will rcmovo Pimples, Boils, Salt
Rheum and other affections cauecd by
impure blood. Will drivo Malaria
from tho system and prevent as well
as ouro all Malarial fevers. For euro
of fJondacho, Constipation and Indi
gestion try Eleotrio Bitters Entire
satisfaction guaranted, or wouoy re
funded. Price 50 cts., and $1.00 per
bottlo at W. B. Morrison & Co., drug
Removal Notice.
Tho Bell Water Company offices
have been removed from the old placo,
413 Franklin strcot, to tho building
No. 107 South Fifth stroet. Tho new
offices aro hotter and more convenient
Patrons and friends please take notice
of change.
Ballard's Snow Lir.ament.
This linamcnt is different in coropo
sition from any other linamont on the
market. It is a soietitifio discovory,
which results in itsbeicg tho most pen
otrating linament over known. There
are numerous whito imitations,
which may be recommended because
they pay tho seller a greater profit.'
Beware of theso and demand Ballard's
Snow Linament. It positively cures
rheumatism, Neuralgia, cuts, sprains,
bruises, wounde, sciatic and inflamma
tory rheumatism, burns, scalds, soro
feet, contracted musole, stiff joints, old
soros, pain in back, barb wire CHt?,
soro cheat or throat and especially
bonoSoial to paralysis.
Sold by H 0 Hi- her & Co.
(Itililuirilt In for It.
New York. Jan. 21. Fred Gebhardt
returned to Whito Plains this afternoon
at 3 o'clock anil was recorded a cordial
reception at flio Bronson House. Ho
spent tho greater portion of the after
noon in tho company of his sister and
Dr. Hayuor of tho Keeley institute.
From his notions thero is little doubt
that ho will undergo the Keeley treat
ment. Ho accompanied his sister, Mrs.
Neilson, and her maid to tho White
Plains station tonight and remained bo
hind when his sister left for Now York
on the Chatham express. Ho walked up
tho street with Dr. Hayuor and passed
tho evening in tho doctor's company nt
tho hotel whero ho has engaged rooms.
Mrs. Neilson, it is said, will return to
White Plains tomorrow, hor object in
going to Now York tonight leing a de
biro to itttoud a ball there.
Trlpgriiili Company Dofrutoil.
Montreal, Jan. 21. Tho court of ap
peals has decided that tho printed con
tract on tho back of telegraph blanks
stipulating that the telegraph company
would not bo liable for damage resulting
from errors unless tho dispatch was re
peated is contrary to public policy and
Lionel Laurens of this city received a
messagofrom his firm while in Now
York reading, "Waiting you tonight."
It should have read "Writing you to
night." Mr. Laurens sued tho telegraph
company for oxienses of imikini? thn trin
'o Montreal eau.sed by tho "bull" in tho
Assaulted hy Foot I'aiK.
Columbus, Tex.. Jan. 21. Thursday
mgni, as jur. i nomas urauy, a stranger
here, was walking on ono of tho princi
pal streets of this city, ho was assaulted
by two unknown footpads who camo up
and knocked him down from behind.
1 hoy then drugged him into a wagon
yard and cut or stabbed him in the neck
three or four times. Their purpose must
havo been to kill him, hut from somo
causo thoy wore frightened off before tho
deed was committed. A few hours later
ho regained consciousness and went to
several housos, but could not mafto any
ono hear him, therefore ho was forced
to spend the night in a seed house. His
wounds wero dressed this morning and
it is thought ho may rccovor. Officers
aro instigating tho case.
i i . m sj i M,
Miles' Nerve And Liver Pills
Aot on a new principle regulating
the liver, stomaoband bowels through
theuervop. A now discovery. Dr.
miles' Pills speedily cure blllouanesB,
bad taste, torpid Hvei piles, consti
pation. Unoqualed for men, women,
and children. Smallest, mildest, sur
est. 60 doses 25 cents. Samples freo
at H. O Rlsbor & Co's. Drug store 618
Austin avenue
To Insure publication In the Haws all silver
Itcmonts received at this olllee mnst be bo
oouipanled by the oseb, except to cbbss
where ountraoU exist.
Undisputed Authority.
Tho United States Dispensary auye:
that "OoioiiB aro a stimulant, diurotio
and oxpootorant; they increaso tho
appotito and dromoto dijestion." l'h0
juioo mado into syrup as in Dr. Gunn's
Onion Syrup, has a speoifio aotion on
the throat, lungs and air passages, it
not only oures coughs, colds, oroup
and consumption, but its stimulating
effect, strengthens tint builds up the
systom afterward. As a tonio and
rcstor .tivo it has no equal. Wo so
licit a trial in tho most ohronio and
stubborn cases. Price 50uts. Sold by
W. 13. Morrison & Co.
To tho Ladles.
Mrs. F.J. Sullivan has roinoved ho
dressmaking establishment to 609 1 2
Austin avenue, up-stairs over tho
"Leader," whero she will bo glad to
seo her patrons and friends.
i m
Tho Best'ln Toxas.
MoAlistek Lump is tho host coal
sold in Texas. Lacy is tho sole
Fishing taokle of ovory description
with a full stook of hunters supplies
H. E. A 'ibolds.
Buy the "Big Muddy" lump coal.
Keep warm and give your imaginaiton
a roBt. "Telephone Egan for coal."
MY STOltE, Fine Kraut at 4 cents
per pound at My Store 625 Austin4
Height of Cruelty.
Nervous women soldom receive the
sympathy they deservo. While ofton
tho pictures of hoalth, thoy aro con
stantly ailing. To withhold sympathy
from theso unfortunates is tho height
of cruelty. Thoy havo a weak heart,
oausing shortness of breath, fluttering,
pain in side, weak and hungrv spoils,
and finally swelling of ankles, oppres
sion, ehokm&r, smothering and dropsy.
Dr. Miles' New Heart Curo is just tha
thing for thero. For their nervous
ness, headaoho, weakness, etc., his
Restorative Norvine is unequalcd.
Fino treaties on "Heart and Nervous
Diseases" and nervous testimonials
free. Sold and guaranteed by H. C.
Risher & Co.
Pure and white lard in bulk
10 cents per pound at OuirrEN's
corner Fifth and Franklin.
Isn't ono Sarsapurlllft ns good at
another? No! No!! No!! J
Don't thinlr it. Don't for n mom en)
think it. If you want Hull's Sarsaparilla,
demand it and take no other. It containt
ingredients that Aro not found In any other
larltaparilla. Those vtry ingredients thai
make It different from other snrsaparlllat
are the most important. In fact, essential
to Its cuiative virtue. Omit them and
Bull's Sar.iaparilla would be ns inert-!
the many interior preparations of sarsapa
rilla found in many drug Mores. Iiull'c
Sarsaparilla contains no unimportant in
gredient. Each ingredient used is chosen
lor its beneficent elToct upon the human
system. Combined, thry exert a harmo
nizing influence upon every function of
tho body, improving digestion, strengthen
ing nje liver and kidneys, cleansing the
blood of poisonous mutter, toothing th
nervous system, enlivening the mental
faculties, and in a word, by infusing new
strength and life, completely rejuvenates
every part and makes ono feel altogether
like a new person.
Elmer Ilodson, Alvarctto, Tex., writes:
" My strength and health had been failing
me for several years. My blood was In s
very impoverished condition and very Im
pure. My limbs felt lame, rickety and
rheumatic, and I could not walk without
tottering. I felt myself growing prema
turely old, and my face began to look
pinched and shrivelled. I Buffered con
siderable, was restless at night, very ner
vous, and growing very melancholy. My
yea were sore and I had catarrh. I tried
many tonics, and bitters and blood puri
fiers, but failed to get better. I finally
bought six bottles of Bull's Sarsaparilla,
and before I had used It all I felt Ilk
another man. My strength and health
improved, pimples and sores disappeared
from my person, aches and stifl" joints left
me, and 1 consider myself a well person."
WTbere U no other remedy so pleasant
to take and so sura In Its efl'cct as Dr. Bull's)
Worm Destroyers. Price 25 cents.
sw There Is one ehlll remedy whose ef
fect Is a certainty. It baa been tested Ib
many thousands severe cues and never
known to fall. It Is called Smith's Tonic
Byrup. Take no other.
John D. Park & Sons, Woltialt Agents,
175, OTaocU7 Rrcamor Bt, Cincinnati,.
allsVVssHi HsEs' HHswMsvPC3Ki&.

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