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We perspire a pint a
day without knowing- it;
ought to. If 'not, there's
trouble ahead. The ob
structed skin becomes
sallow or breaks out in
pimples. The trouble
goes deeper, but this is
trouble enough.
If you use Pears' Soap,
no matter how often, the
skin is clean and soft and
open and clear.
All sorts of stores sell
it, especially druggists;
all sorts of people use it.
UJs&ocf S5$Au te
Editor and General Manager.
Largest Circulation of any Paper in
Central Texas.
Subscription, 60 cunts per month, or $5.00 per
rear la advance.VEKici.Y News tl.00. per roar.
Entered at the Waco postoffloo na seo
ond class mail matter.
To'lnnuro publication In the News all adver
1 acments received at this olllco mast be ac
oompanlcd by the cash, except in cases
where contracts exist.
All bills due the News for advertis
ing from July 15th are payablo to
It. Christopher or his authorized col
lector. This applies also to sub
scribers. "I mn for free coinmerco Willi till
Million." TliormiH JofforHon.
Read what Judge Gerald says
Tibout tho Harrison interviow. Ho
talks straight talk to a News re
portor to-day.
Politicians can manipulate a con
gress and by triokory and chicanery
eleot a speaker, and in the eyes of
the Gazette that is statesmanship.
"Whon tho people gather together and
give some instructions to their repre
sentatives, in the eyes of tho Gazette,
that is diabolical.
Tho Shermau Rogister says;
"Evory now and then some little ob
souro prooinct indorses Culberson for
the senate. Every day some well
known precinot indorses Mills, but
"Mo and Horaoe" are never heard of.
The extra session of the legislature is
not yet a certainty."
Tho big freeze is aeoeptcd as a
forerunner of an overwhelming crop.
Divorsify it farmers and come up
smiling next fall with plonty of feed,
a good crop of hogs and other stook
and a bale of cotton to the acre, but
an astonishingly deorcased aoreage.
Ten cents a pound will bo your portion.
Tho United States senate has been
mcmoralizcd by the astronomers of
tho oountry asking for a capable as
tronomer as superintendent of tho
naval observatory. This is a good
idea. W. T. Foster, of St. Joe, Mis
souri, should be inado tho superin
tendent. Foster has been tolling us
what kind of weather we are to havo
a week or ten days in advance, while
the weather bureau's prognostrioa
tiotiB are principally upon matters of
history. Give us a capablo astrono
mer and let it bo FoBter.
Somo of our contemporaries affeot
to bco a politioal siguiflcanoo of so mo
sort in Mr. Mills' return to Washing
ton bo soon. Tho San Adtonio Ex
press asks: "Doos tho departure of
Mr. Mills for Washington moan that
ho has given up his candidacy for tho
sonato or that Governor Hogg has as
sured him tho scnatorship question
will not bo mentioned in tho call for
an extra session? It may, and then
again it may moan nothing. It is
not very far to Wnshington and pos
sibly Mr. Mills has dotermincd
to return in a week or so.'
It seoms nevor to have occurred to tho
Express that it was necessary for Mr.
Mills to return to Washington so soon
as his health would permit for tho ex
press purposo of attonding to his du
ties as tho representative of his dis
trict in congress. Wo are sure the
Express would novcr havo asked suoh
silly questions if it had not in a mo
ment of prejudico forgotten that Mills
was a mombor of congress, and that
oongross was in session, and that Mills
in accordance with his usual devotion
to his publio duties, hod simply re
turned to Washington to attend to
those duties. Mills does not havo to
como back to Texas. Tho people are
taking oare of his intereets here.
Iteopen no Crave t'Er,
Desvku, Jan. 22. A stju-tlinp story,
which if true, will throw somo light on
tho vordict in tho Graves case has leaked
ont. It is asserted that ono of the
jurors who found Graves guilty re
marked before tho trial that he would
like to get on tho jury in order to hang
Graves. This man is said to have dis
cussed the case frequently during lasi
trammer and to have declared ho was a
firm believer in capital punishment. Oi
course, this means nothing, but if he
made the other remark attributed to lnm
ho surelr was not an unhi.-uwil inrnr.
Could these alleged facts have been
proven before a motion for a new trial
was argued before Judge Rising, tho
doctor would suroly havo been given an
other trial.
Thoro are but one or two persons who
can prove the truth of this assertion.
One of them is a boarding house keeper
with whom the juror stopped, and it is
said she heard him make tho damaging
remark. She also told it to another
boader. This boarder told it to a clerk
in a law office and the clerk had his in
formants make an affidavit tn -wli.ifc Hmv
had heard. The lawyers of Dr. Graves
have been informed of this now evidence
and steps will ut once bo taken to inves
tigate it.
Mrs. Graves, wife of tho doctor, has
abnost completely recovered from the
shock occasioned by tho verdict in her
husband's case. Her physician says rest
will restore her to her former physical
condition. Sho has not been told of the
circumstance of her husband's removal
to the penitentiary and sho will not be
told unless all efforts to save him should
fail. She will visit the doctor at Canon
City and then return to her old home at
Newton Center, Mass. It is believed a
change of sceno will benefit her.
Shu Antonio Neiis.
San Antonio, Jan. 22. Mrs. Eliza
beth Kendall, aged 72 years and an Eng
lish lady, fell dead at her breakfast table
Thursday morning.
Tho trial of Lewis Evers for tho slay
ing of Robert Richter is still in progress
and the testimony has not yet been con
cluded. Receiver McNamara and Master in
Chancery Flemming of tho Sap have
gone to Yoakum to see about the cost
and practicability of removing tho ma
chine shops of the Sap from Yoakum to
San Antonio.
A large train load of Raymond and
Whitcomb excursionist arrived here
Thursday morning and spent several
hours in the city, but very fow of them
were able to go over the city on account
of the severity of the weather. Part of
them proceeded to California and the
others to Mexico this afternoon.
Altwein, the guard who accidentally
shot himself at Yoakum, und Willie
Esser, tho boy who was stabbed day be
fore yesterday by Baumgartnor for
snowballing him, are both better and
hopes of their recovery are now enter
tained by their physicians.
Suprt'iiit. Court Derision.,.
Galvkston, Jan. 22. Tho following
motions were disposed of in the supreme
court today:
Affirmed on certificate Knox et nl vs.
Cobb, ti out Dallas; Lockeridge et al vs.
Peck et al, from Freestone.
Dismissed for want of jurisdiction
Hfirdin county vs. Taylor, from Hardin.
Appeals dismissed Foley vs. Manning
from Angeline; Texas and New Orleans
railway company vs. Hare, from
Motion to dismiss overruled Cook et
al vs. Oliver, from Houston; Fordyce vs.
Withers, from Angelina.
By a Photographer in the Inter
est of a Chicago Paper.
Jrnnk (Jnr7ii, ii Itrltillw-, Cuptiiicil Dentil
Si'ilti'lico t'usM'd Upon Slicjipiuil HuhIi
mill Alnxutulrr I. cm In- .luntlcu ltriiitlrj
Coni-us CiiitiSTi, Tex., Jan. 22. Louis
Do Planquo of this city has returned
from Palito Blanco where ho went Mon
day to photograph tho house and family
of Catarino Garza in respouso to tele
grams from the representative of tho
Chicago Tribune, who was sent there to
prepare a graphic description of tho
revolutionist's homo and surroundings.
Do Planquo remained with Garza's
family two days and says his wifo is
very intelligent and refined and withal
n splendid specimen of Spanish beauty.
Ho did not see Catarino Garza.
Mr. Colo of Goliad, Tox., who also re
turned from Palilo Blanco Wednesday
night said to a reporter of a paper here
that Garza's family had besought him
not to attempt to overthrow tho Diaz
administration, but all to no purposo.
Colo is an old friend of the Garza family
and says tho timo is very near whon
Mexico will bo engaged in a revolution
that will mako hor tremble from center
to circumference. Ho says that Garza
is not hostilo toward this country and
had his followers known of the presence
ot united btates troops the recent battle
would not have occurred and that Garza
issued orders to his followers not to re
peat tho incident under pain of death.
Colo thinks that Mexico is riie for n
revolution and says that Garza has many
able lieutenants working with him and
plenty of money to carry on warfare.
Cole is positive that Garza is in Mexico
mustering his fighting forces preparatorj
to a fierce raid. '
trunk Gmvu Ciipturrd.
Palito Blanco, Tex., Jan. 22. Frank
Garza, relative of the revolutionist, hut
been captured in a house nine miles
from here. Tho prisoner who lias been
right hand man of tho leader, said Gar
za's force consisted of -100 men divided
into three bands: and that tho mnnv
the leader was supposed to control wus
mythical and that the mon, while enthu
siastic, were only half fed and wholly
i:xl(5loii of Dynamite.
Dallas. Jan. 22. Today an explosion
in tho vicinity of the American Press
Association and tho city hall shook the
buildings violently and sent the inmates
in the direction from whence the nunb
ling came. On Akard, between Main and
Commerce, workmen are engaged in ex
cavating the rock foi a sewer, and dyna
mite is used. The powder monkey had
placed five sticks of dynamite on tho
emuanKinent on tno east sule of the new
sewer. A spark of fire from some un
known source ignitod the wrapping of
tho explosive. A workman saw the im
pending danger and gave the alarm. Tho
laborers and bystanders fled in all direc
tions just in tho nick of time. Tho ex
plosion came and fairly shook the earth
and the buildings. Every pane of glass
in tho west wall of the large three-storv
building occupied by the American
Press Association was smashed into
atoms. Commodore Jones, a printer,
was cut on tho hands with pieces of
glass. Printer Foster was knocked
down but passed on quickly and ran to
another part of the building. Farmer
Bill Shaw ran to a window, shedding
glass as a duck sheds water, and was
heard to mutter to himself : "Thoy are
after mo again. That last interview of
mine has brought a sockdologer." Other
inmates of the building were cut by
flying glass, but no ono was seriously
injured. Glass was broken in the Grand
Central Hotel, Oriental Hotel, Mulvey
& Branch's, the Times-Herald building
and others.
Tlie llcutli .Sentence, I'Hbseil,
Fout Smith, Ark., Jan. 22. In Judge
Parker's court today tho death sontence
To" passed upon Sheppard Busby and
Alexander Lewis and tho date of the
execution fixed as Wednesday, April 27.
The crime for which Busby was sen
tenced to hang was the murder of Dep
uty United Statos Marshal Barney Con
nelly in the Indian Territory, about fif
teen miles from this city. Connelly went
to Busby's liouso to arrest him on a
charge of adultery, whon without want
ing ho was shot down in tho yard. Busby
escaped and for several days wandered
about in the mountains. At lust, weary
and hungry, he came iu and gave up
to the officers.
Alexander Lewis was convicted of tho
murder of Benjamin C. Tnrver, a prom
inent stockman of Texas. Near Gibson
station, about two years ago, Lowis with
several pals held up a train on the Mis
souri, Kansas and Texas road and sev
oral shots wero fired, one of which killed
Tarvor. Lewis was convicted on tho
testimony of ono of his pals, who turned
state's evidence. Both men are past mid
dlo age.
Cltlcugu'duU It.
Washington, Jan. 22. Chicago has
been selected as tho place for holding tho
next national Democratic convention,
and Juno 21st fixed as tho date.
life's flow t peads ow
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For fine goods low prices and saving money.
J. 8. MoLKNDON. President.
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pay as tnuoh attention to smal accounts an larKoonon. We give personal and ipeotal attentlo
to our collection dooarttnont, and tenlfn day of payment. Kxohanga bought and soldo
all the prtnolpal points of tho United States and Europe.
Manfaetm ers 1
Alexandre's Baking Powder.
Alexandre's Pare Bpioos.
Alexandre's Java and Rio Blend CoiToe.
Moore Bros' White Wine and Apple Vinegar.
Moore Bros' Puro Cider.
Moore Bros' Flint Candy.
Having purchased Mr. Alexandre's uuBlnes wo are now prepared to All
orders promptly. Patronize Homo Institutions. Sustain our efforts to make
Waco a Great Manufacturing- Centre.
Corner Eighth and Austin Streets.
L, U. BLACK, Oashlt
Wholesale Grocers.

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