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The Waco evening news. (Waco, Tex.) 1891-1894, January 22, 1892, Image 5

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To Arrlvo Every Morning-.
ffrcsb salt water fish.
Red Fisb, Trout, Floundors, dressed
Catfish, oto. Also
Throo bhipmenta a wook of Ojsturs.
Thoy nro Rockaway Oysters, tho
boat on the matkot, Try thorn,
Als three shipments a week of Lob-
rnann'fl Berwick Bay Oysters, woll
known to the trade
Also reoeivo consignments of all
kinds of game, At 717 Austin
Cheap Medium and Fine
Paper Hangings and Decor
ations, Window Glass, Var
nishes etc. Sole agent for
J. W. John's celebrated
Asbestus Paints. Full line
of Colors, Brushes and every
thing kept in a first-class
Wall Paper and Paint Store.
404 Austin Street,
518 Anstin Avoimc.
waco, : : : texas.
Hartley & Burleson,
Hook , Job and Commorciiil
R I NT OP K Ki ,
206 Mouth TLird Street, lorMltcbctl now,
A Trial Order SoUrlted .
Eugene Williams. I Wm. W. Evans.
Williams & Evans
Atyt's $ Counsellors at Law,
I'jtoriiixxT nxirrihiMa,
Have you not heard about it??
Well, I am selling,
20 pounds granulated sugar for $1.00
Perfection corn (best in the world)
for 12 1-2 cents per oan.
3 pounds standard tomatoes at 10
oents per oan.
Arbuoklo's coffeo 22 1-2 ots. ber poot.
Irish Potatoos 25 oents por buokot.
Bost patent flour $1.40 per sack.
Toe S. Thompson.
Tho Grocer
Don't tail to sea the show win
low .'564 Austin street noxt Tuosday.
Tho luoky letter.
No ono sells the Celebrated
MoAlistkr coal but Laoy.
is the catchword at 3O4 Austin
etroot. Seo the show window next
Joe Lohman's for ioo oream and
oonfeotionories 117 South Fourth
Straight dinner from 12 to 2 and
anything you want at any hour at .Too
Real Estate
Those hunting bargains in dirt will
raako money by calling on me,OB IJhave
good city, farm and ranch property.
I havo ono ranoh of 1000 acres divided
into four pasturos, 50 aoros in cultiva
tion, at $0 por aore. I havo good place
in theoity, worth $5000, to trado for
good farm.
I want to buy small place within S
miles of Waco, 10, 15 or 25 aores,
sandy land.
Real Estate and Notary Public.
303 i-2 Austin Street, Waco, Tex.
Xfff JELLS' r43-ryE-
Are You Satisfied ?
With a Good Wearing and Good Fitting
With the Largest Line of
New, Fresh and Faultless.
Call and Examine Our'Mammoth Stock.
Following U tUo Criminal Docket
for tlio County Court Sot for Dates
IVaniGil AkvlRnmontH for L n t o r
IluteH well Aipear llcgularlr Dar
After Day
4061 Wiley MoscS.
5062 I M Jones.
5223 John Allen.
6320 Sam Howard.
5322 John McDonald.
5323 Tom Qoodwillie.
5340 W W Mahan,
5349 Robt Dilks.'
5356 Gus Smith.
5375 Noblo Jaokson.
5410 Will SparkB.
5413 Erastua Van.
5420 Paradu Will.
5514 Ren Evans.
5551 Jako Turner.
5552 Tom Henry
5559 Dick Magoe
55G2 Jaok Bradford
5674 Flannngan.
5q69 Larry Sbelton.
tiOlo Matilda Brown.
G02G Henry Goodjohn.
G030 Jim Jarrett.
G031 T Wallace
G033 Honry Goodjohn.
G035 Andrew Bruwn.
0037 Nick,
6043 and GG Fred Williams.
G04G Dan.
6129 Fred Williams.
6047 Frank Thompson.
G051 Webb Thomas.
G056 Bert Kirk.
6u58-o Loo Frazior.
G0G4 and 84 Henry Goodjohn.
G296 Jcsso Mitchell.
G297 Ed Gaston.
G2q8 Oharloy Wilson.
0299 Wm Galo.
0300 Jake Stanley.
6301 Bob Hearno.
6302 Napoleon Bars ct al.
6331 J W Iliggins.
6332 Mrs David Hudson.
6333 David Hudson.
5584 Sam Jennings.
5618 Ceylon Hill.
6642 Buss
5G43 Robt Taylor
5671 Cnarley Clark
5080 Outlor
6G82 Will Sanks
5685 Will Davis
5688 Andrew Brown
5689 PdP Brooks
57 10 Mat Whitaker
5727 John McKennor
5732 J H Griffin
5740 Mex Frank
5742 S A Nally
5746 Wesley Harmon
5767 John Sims
5782 Will Meradith .
5785 Bur Watloy
5704 Charloy Uhase
5799 Chas Lee
6063 Prioo Shannou
6065 Ed Lovo
6O67 Rock Jones
6067 Harry Lamb
6072 Bon Ward
6073 Ben Ward
6075 John Murray.
6076 Miko Reagan
GO77 Jno Mack
6078 Luko Borry
6079 Jim Shepard.
6082 Jaok Randall
6085 G GaBBonhoimer
6"87 Rosa Bell
6303 Geo Billup and Billie Brown
6304 Maggio Bronnan
5305 Babo Thomas
0305 1-2 Tom Walker
6300 John Higher
6307 Goo Sloan
6308 Henry (a whito man)
6309 Tom Clark
6310 Joe Williams
G311 Ed Hillard
6312 Frank Sims
6313 Rioo Prioo
6314 Richard Sims
6315 John Woods
6316 Edward Smith
6317 Billio Sparks
6318 Iko Jaokson
6319 John Whitner
6320 Jim Allen
0321 Emit Pearson
6322 Willio Slay
6323 Shado Robinson
6324 Will Joseph
6325 Will Drake
6326 John Doud
6327 Bob Rogers
G328 Don Wade
G329 Mary Ross
6330 Henry Oarv
6334 T 11 Baldwin
The 1'orl Sity the It-Hilllcns of That
Stato II inn Clmvi'M WlMilf.
Washington, Jan. 32. Tho Republi
cans nro watching the course of events
in Louisiana with u good deal of inter
est. Thoy are not without hope that tho
complicated condition there may put
their party in power in the state. It is
believed there will be an effort to induce
tho two factions of tho Republican party
to unite and that tho Warmoth faction
may to induced to withdraw from tho
fight upon some ngreement of a division
of spoils in tho case of success. The ac
ceptance or rejection of this proposition
it is believed would depend upon tho
ize of tho peace offering uiado tho War
moth faction. Should u combination bo
affected, it is behoved largo sums of
money will bo forwarded from the north
for tho purpose of making a desperato
offort to capture tho state in hopo that
it might bo held in line in the next
presidential campaign. The Wash
ington Post, which has pulled
into lino for tho administration,
begins a significant editorial on tho sub
ject this morning and says: "The Re
publicans in Louisiana havo chosen a
wise and manly part and entered tho
local campaign to make a straight party
1'iiriniTH l'iglit a Duel.
Dallas, Jan. 22. A sanguinary bat
tle between two fanners residing in tho
vicinity of Rowlette, this county, took
placo Wednesday evening, mid tho
meagre particulars reached this city
today. The parties to the tragedy are
Benjamin Page and Michael Coyle, two
well known fanners, married mon with
families. They got into a dispute over
the settlement of nn account and hot
words were exchanged. Both men were
dead game and they detennined then
and there to wipe out tho score with
blood. Coyle raised his shotgun and
Pago leveled his pistol. Both fired
at tho same instant. Page fell dead in
his tracks, shot through the heart, and
Coylo reeled over mortally wounded
with a bullet hole 111 his stomach.
Coyle will die. The tragedy created
great oxcitcmont in the Rowlette neigh
borhood. Tlio Color I. Inn llruiTii.
Paducaii, Ky., Jan. 22. A number of
white boys wero skating 011 a pond near
horo when a colored boy attempted to
join tho party. A row ensued when it
was proposed to hang tho negro. Ho
was overpowered and several boys tied
their skate straps together and then tied
ono end to tho negro's neck. Tlio btraps
wero thrown over a limb and tho boys
pulled him up. He was nearly dead
when tho straps parted. Tho boys wero
about to repeat the hanging when soma
men came along and stopped them and
turned tho negro loose. Tho boys had
dug a gravo for their victim and said
they fully intended to put him in it.
Friday last there was a hanging hero
and this suggested to tho boys a good
way to get rid of an iutruder. Tlio inci
dont leaked out today and thero is con
siderable excitement over the matter
both anions the blacks and whites.
Farewell, old year,
We turn from you
And greeting give
To '92,
And reader, dear,
Wc wish for thee,
Through all its days,
Early in the year to talk about
IT'ta.r'ja.islxixae: YOtaur Honse.
We have a large and well selected stock of
FishionablB FupnHupe end CippBis.
Latest in style, material and finish. We keep everything aad
can furnish your house from garret to cellar. Come in and take a look.
fl .!"'
The wedding ring sparkling on the
finger of this beautiful young bride
was bought at the favorite jewelry
house ot
v umacBiS-'i
(3 food
ddvtis'iys Ujeril
A Can place any lino of ad-
'l vertisinc more effootivelv and
V moro economically than any ad
vertiser uuu.
If you wish to ADVKUTISK
Select tho best AGKXT you know
Let lilm placi ALI.ofyonr advertising!
Deal frankly with lilm ,
Take IiIh advice.
, Your business wilt then bo
worth his caroful atten
tion. i
He will servo you
i2 wisolv.
3- -w
Telephone the News Office and
the advertising agent will call on you
and make you happy.
Stoam Sausage Factory.
Frosh Fish.
Fresh .Lard.
Fresh Oysters.
Fresh Spare Itibs.
All Kinds Meats
And Sausage,
Ohoap for Cash, '
J. 0. Stafford.
Miles' Nerve And Livor Pills
Act on a now principle regulating
tho liver, etomaohaud bowels through
the uorvoB. A now dlsoovory. Dr.
miles' Pills spoodily cure biliousness,
bad tasto, torpid livoi piles, consti
pation. Unequuled for men. womon,
and children. Smallest, mildest, sur
ost. 60 doses 25 cents. Samples freo
at H. OlUsher & Co's.Drug store 618
Austin avenue.
S-S! "$rovf
And a Real Chanco to Sayo Good
Jones & Goodloo aro advertising
to sell their itnincnBO stook of goods,
exoept Dunlap hats and Scriven'a
drawers, at cost. To L-avo no doubt
of tho reality of the matter thoy havo
givon away their cost mark word and
it hangs conspicuously displayod in
big letters whoro overy ono can sec it.
A would-be purchaser can look
at a suit of clothes and up at tho cost
word iind tell juBt what the cost is.
This iB the Gr6t timo this was ever
dono in Whco. It leaves no doubt in
tho mind. Tho cost mark is on overy
suit and tho key to it hangs in plain
sight, and tho whole business is in tho
hands of tho purohaser. In advertis
ed cost Bales where tho word of tho
proprietor is tho only surety mon will
alwayB doubt, but Jones & Goodloe
havo put doubt out of the question by
revealing this oubalistio word which
mcrohants use in marking their goods.
This is a real bona fido cost sale, new
and refreshing. Thero aro real genu
ine big bargains to bo had, and every
man who needs a suit of clothes or
mother who dishes one for ber bojs
oan savo money now, sure It takes
only a minuto or two to read tho cost
mark and any ono reading them will
buy. It is no moro than truth to say
that such bargains in olothing woro
novcr offored before in Waco. Tho
samo applies to othor goods.
A Sound Llvor Makes a vVoll Man.
Aro you Bilious, Constlpatodand
troubled with Jaundlcn SlekHoad
uoho, Bad Tasto In Mouth, Flln
Broatb, Coated Tonguo, DjpopsIft
Indigestion, Hot Dry Bkln, Pain In
Back and botwoon tho Shoulders,
Chills and Foyer, &e. If you have
any of those symptoms, your iilvor is
out of order your blood is plowly
being polsonod, because your Llvor
does not act proporly. HutmNn will
cure any disorder ol the Llvor,8tom
aoh orBowols. It has no equal as a
Llvor Medicine. Prioo 76 cents. Freo
sample bottlo atil. O. Rishor's Drug
Cord wood and stovo wood always
on hand at
Guhlky Wood Yaiui,
Telophono connection.
My Store Genuine maple syrup
roduccd from 10 to 25o. por quart
can. tf
Everybody goes to Joo Lonman's
when they want a good moal, or .he
Lidies. we havo just reooived fresh
stock of flower seeds.
"Lion Drug Store.

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