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Locution of I'iro Aliirm ItoxcN
4 Fifth Ward Fire Station strikes llli
5 Comoro h rind Anstln " mil
. 6 " 4th " " " mm
7 Central Flro Htntlon " illim
" 8 West End Klre Station " I1IIIIII
13 Corcer Uhma WahlnRlnn " i-m
"U " 6th ami Mulboro igh " will
"15 ' sthaid Co nmuns ' i mil
"IB " BtliamlJacson " i-imii
17 " 4th ami WobRter " 1-iilliH
"23 ' 8th nii Cic claud " ii-iiiit
so " MtiamlSpelKht " ilium
"27 " Othnnd Wft'lilngn " ti-imm
" 35 KoyM Hotel 5th a-ul Franklin " UMI-II
" UC Woolon Mills Hth and Mary " Ill-Hiill
" 37 Corner li th and Jefferson 111-11 nil
All boxen nuniboicd above 8 strikes thuat
Ilot is strikes 1 and ("tops, then strikes 111
uiakltn Hox 13, thon repeats fourtlmes.
Hox 25 strikes II and stops, thuu strikes illlr
making Box 25 a d so en.
DinrcTioNS ron oivwa alarm .
Keys wll bo found in residences on cch coi
ner whero boxes aro located Open Fire Alarm
Boxes and pnll Hook down and let go. Lcaro
ley in box.
Turn alarm In only for llrcs. 10 00 flne for
false alarms.
slow tapping of bells flgnlfy company
Second Friday In each month each box Is
tapped twice, testing boxes and circuit lino
When alarm ot flrelsglve the Firo Depart
uul. Iikr thn rlirlit of wnv on nil itreets. All
vehicles mast drive near the slclowalk and korp
away from the firo. $5.00 line for running over
Iteport of any careless driving going to or
from uros by the Fire Department will be
thankfully received by tho Oli'ef, as fast and
areicrs uming is bit cmy loruiuunn
A Mystery Explained.
The papers contain frequent notices
of nob, pretty and eduoated girls
clODinjr with negroes, tramps and
coanhmen Tho well known specialist
Dr. Franklin Miles, says all suoh girls
are more or less hysterical, nervous,
very impulsive, unbalanced, usually
aubjeot to headache, neuralgia, sleep
lessness, immoderate crying or laugh
inc. Thoso show a weak norvous sys
ton for which there is no remedy equal
to Iiestorativo Nervine. Trial bottles
and a fine book, containing many
marvelous cures, frco at H. 0 Rishcr
& Co's., who also sell and guarantee
3)r. Miles' celebrated New Heart Cure,
tho finest of hoart tonics. Cures flut
tering, short breath, etc.
Just Received Largo Stock
Frosb garden seed. Come yo market
gardeners. Wo havo ample to supply
you in everything.
W. L. Tuokeii,
at "Lion Drug Store."
ill! I im B .1- i-i
,t Wonder Worker.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man
of Burlington, Ohio, statos that he
had boon under the care of two promi
nent physioians, and used their treat
ment until ho was not able to get
around Thoy pronounoed his case
to be Consumption and inuurable.
He was persuaded to try Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds and at that time
was not ablo to walk across the street
without rosting. Ha found, before
he had used half of ft dollar bottle,
that he was much better; he continu
ed to use it and is today enjoying
good health. If you have any Throat
Lung or Chest Trouble try it. Wo
guarantee satisfaction. Trial bottle
free at W. B. Morrison & Co.,
drug store.
At the Park Natatorium for the
Winter Months.
Open 7 a. m, to 9 p. m. Saturday
nigt uutil 12 o'clock. Closed on
Lunday night. Tub, Vapor and
Needlo Baths day and night for inval
ids and others- Physician's office
hours 9 to 11 a. in.; 3 to 5 p. m.
Skilled male and female attendants
day and night. Tom Padoitt,
J. B. Chksnut, Proprietor.
Mako Christmas presents of Bock
port lots.
J. K. Andkbson.
For Sale.
One four room house and two lots
IGO9 Franklin street.
P G. Smith.
Joe Lehman is tho most popular res
taurant man in Texas. His place
117 South Fourth streot.
1000 acre farm, 500 in cultivation, all
first class prairio land. Ton houses,
bams, sheds, wells and ono nover
failing spring.
Small farms of 100 or 200, 320 or 400
tores eaoh, and many others ohcap
and on easy terms.
Ranging in number of acres of 320, 500
1200, 1400, I860 and 3.000, situated
near Waco. We can sell special bar
gains in houses, lots and busini
Bell & Sassaman,
Real Estato and Rental Agents, 111
South Fourth street, Waco, Texas.
The Employes of the Sap Go
Back to Work
At Til) lor it Is ltumorrd tlir .Strllio li
l.llft'lj-to lie IteiU'ueil, lint It Is No Doubt
All a Dremn lliiHliiraOlcn Iluppy Fed
erated Outrun Leaving.
Yoakum, Jan. 23. Tho strike it
ended all around. Notwithstanding the
meetings and resolutions Wednesduj
many strikers applied for their placet
Thursday; nearly all tho shopmen and n
largo number of firemen, engineers and
others did tho same thing. Thoy will
be put to work as fast as places can bt
found for them, taking proeedenco nc'
cording to priority of former connection
with tho road. Five of tho old yard
men were working in the yards Thurs
day night and au old crow brought in a
special from San Antonio this morning,
having on board Receiver McNnnmni
and Judge Fleming who returned to
San An" o.
Judge Fleming came for the purpose
of making an estimate on tho cost ol
moving the shops and taking other testi
mony regarding tho strike. Owing to n
misunderstanding as to tho time of his
coming many conservative business men
missed seeing him to give testimony thnl
thoy nover have been in sympathy with
the dismantling of engines or toward
new employes.
Later in the day a meeting of strikers
was held at which it was decided tc
formally declare the striko off and allow
all men who could get places to go to
work. Owing to the shape the compa
ny's business is in it will take several
days to put on a full force, but it is the
general opinion thnt a large majority of
the old men wll shortly bo put back to
work. Tho business men aro happy to
see it ended,
Golitir llavk tn Work.
San Antonio, Jan. 2-'. Although a
number of telegrams have been received
from Yoakum, tho headquarters of the
federated board, declaring the striko on,
tho old employes here aro going back to
work. Fifty-seven of them were re
stored to their former positions Wednes
day and a larger number Thursday.
The strikers realize that they got the
worst of it in the agreement made foi
them by Thurston and Garrettson with
tho receivers, and they aro very indig
nant at the circular of Manager Sands.
Sands' explanation of tho circular is
that it was prepared and issued before
the settlement was reached, and that the
settlement cancelled tho circular. The
men, however, are still indignant about
it, although they aro returning to work.
The traveling organizer of the Order of
Railway Telegraphers, Kirsch, is the
only prominent representative of the
federated' orders here and ho wll leave
Liki-ly to lie- Ileiimieil.
TAYixm, Tex.. Jan. 22. It is ru
mored hero that there is a probability
that the "Sap" strike is likely to bo re
newed and that it will now become
more serious than previous to tho so
called settlement. It appears that Su
perintendent Sands has written agents
on tho Yoakum and Waco divisions that
they must not allow the old opera
tors to resume their old positions, al
though now men hnvii lifn pninlnvml to
fill their places during tho strike. If tli
agreement between i oakum and Mc
Namara and Thurston and Onrmttsrm i
violated by tho company the various
railway labor organizations will be in
volved, and what has been an illegal
strike will at once liecomo lemil sunt rr.
ceive the support of the grand officers ol
tne several labor organizations.
I'lelflit Coming In.
Br.Kvn.LE. Tex., Jan. 22. Freight ii
coming in lively on tho Aransas Pas:
and work has been resumed on tho brick
A Tale of Horror.
Mauiknfkld, Tex.. Jan. 22. Tim firsi
report of freezing in tho great storm
which has just passed came in today.
John Hutto, foreman of Cuttly & Gar
rett's sheep ranch, came in today and
presents a pitiable spectacle and report!:
three men left in a dying condition.
Tho ranch is fifty miles north of here
and Mr. Hutto and three Mexicans at
tempted to hold tho sheep during the
storm. In this attempt they wandered
away and were lost on tho prairio during
the blinding storm. The Mexicans suc
cumbed to tho cold and lay down. Mr.
Hutto wrapped them up the best he
could and left them on the lono prairio
to their fate.
Tho horses had wandered away and
Mr. Hutto now mado a heroic strtglfc
to save his own life. Ho fortunately
walked in the right direction, and aftet
a walk of two days and three nightfc
without food or sleon ho hiiccrouViI in
reaching this place a complete wreck.
A relief party was organized and sent
out. Mr. Hutto is now in a comatose
llehtroyvtl tllo lleer.
Caddo, I. T., Jan. 22. United States
Indian Policemen Bohanan and Cobb
seized and destroyed at Durant, a town
twelvo miles south from Caddo, 1113
bottles of lager bfer, which were being
hold at thnt place. They acted under
orders from L. E. Bennett, United States
Indian agent, which are to destroy all
beer and ale introduced into his agency.
The excitement will now likely begin, as
Deputy Marshal Sam Williams says ho
lms orders from Judge Bryant, on the
Paris court, to arrest all Indian police
men who destroy any beer in tho Indian
country. lie also says ho will try all
such parties brought before him for
Tlio Unison .lames Muliini'.v l Not Tried
fur Mimler.
Louisvillk, Jan. 22. Though he com
mitted the crime nearly eleven years
ago, and has been in this city for mora
than two years, James J. Maloney lias
never been called into court for tho kill
ing of Thomas J. Holland in this city
July 11, 1881. It is given out that he ia
dying of consumption, and for years his
case has been continued for the reason
that ho was not expected to live. The
case was called last week, but his physi
cian stated it would prove fatal to bring
him into court, nnil the case was passed
to April 29. When Malonoy returned
here two years ago, after the absence ol
eight years, it was said that he would
not live two weeks. Nevertheless ho has
survived two years.
After the death of Holland Mnlonej
fled. First to Covington and thence to
St. Louis. There he was .apprehended
by Detective Hennessy. The Louisville
authorities were asked if there was any
reward for him. Tho answer came back
that there was not. Maloney was held
at St. Louis for several days, but no one
from Louisville came after him and he
was released. From St. Louis he went
to Minneapolis, thence to the Rock
Mountains and to California. Malonoy fell
a prey to consumption on tho Slope and
returned honio in December, 1889, to die.
John Holland, a brother of the murdered
man, was very bitter against Maloney.
nnd watched his mother's house continu
ally. When Malonoy returned he went
to the house of a distant relative. A re
porter discovered Maloney's where
abouts a fow days after his return, and
tho next morning published a full ac
count, of his wanderings. Malonoy was
not arrested, as he was thought to be 011
his deathbed, and soon sifter was taken
to his mother's house, where be still re
mains. The caso has been continued
every term on affidavits of physicians,
but Maloney declares he is tired of the
suspense, and will appear' in court iii
April if he dies in tho attempt, which
the doctors say will occur.
Honeymoon Hardly Kmlril.
Peokia, 111., Jan. 22. There was a
terrible tragedy enacted in Glendalo
street in this city. Harry Johnson
fatally shot his wife and then himself.
Thoy were married but four months
ago in Chicago. Tho wife left him two
months ago and returned to her mothei
in this city. Ho followed her, and en
deavored to win her back, but in vain.
This evening at 7 o'clock he called upon
her, and, after some careless conversa
tion, he drew a revolver and fired three
shots at her, two of which took effect,
one in the right hand, the other in the
left temple. The latter ball entered
tho brain. The mother of tho young
woman came rushing into tho room, and
ho turned the pistol upon her. She said,
"Don't hhoot," and he placed the pistol
to his head and put a ball into his own
brain. Neither will survive. Johnson
was formerly an emplove of the electric
light company of Chicago, but lately ha?
been a trainman on the Rock Island and
Peoria railway. He is aged 20 years, his
wife 24 years.
Jl. W. 3lr(!ulluiiKli Dead.
Dallas, Jan. 22. "B. W. McCullough
died at fi:10 this morning." The above
telegram received by a woll known rail
road man from C. P. Fegan at Hoi
Springs, caused deepfelt sorrow when
its contents was made public, for Col.
McCullough was held in lu'gh esteem in
railroad business and social circles ol
the metropolis of tho state. Ten day
ago he was taken to Hot Springs with
heart disease, as well as Bright's dis
ease. C. P. Fegan accompanied him and
II. C. Towiibend, general jKissengei
agent of tho Missouri Pacific and a warm
friend, has been with him constantly
until the vital spark fled from its earthl
tenement. Tho remains will be taken
to Sidney, O., by Messrs. Townsend and
Fegan for interment.
B. W. McCullough was one of nature's
noblemen and his death will bo sin
cerely mourned by those who know hit
sterling qualities and admired the
An Kx-l'rlrnt l)lsaiiiearx.
Sorrn Bend, Ind., Jan. 22. Rev.
Father Slattery, claiming to bo an ex
priest of tho Roman Catholic chnnrfi
has disappeared from this place under n
cloud. It has dcvolotied that Slattery
was driven from the priesthood foi
licentiousness, and that ho is wanted at
different points in Ohio for fraudulent
practices. Tho ex-priebt purports tc
give a lecture exposing Catholicism. On
his arrival at South Bend ho engaged
accommodations at tho leading hotel,
incurred a nuinbor of financial obliga
tions which ho failed to meet, and mys
teriously disappeared before the curtail)
rose. Slattery claims to be a represent
ative of tho order of tho Patriotic Soiii
of America, and 111 their employ.
A' yniulrliple Tragedy.
Si'itiKO Vali.ky, Minn., Jan. 22. A
most peculiar and frightful quadruple
accident occurred near this city Sunday.
Frank Ostander, a farmer, had tho mis-
fortuno to cut his leg while chopping.
Ho was helped by friends to his homo
and bed. That evening his wife, in
delicate condition, went out to milk tho
cow and was kicked nearly to death by
tho vicious brute. She managed to crawl
to the houso, where she gave birth to
twins. Shortly afterward the twins
died. The burden of pain and grief was
loo great for the mother and she died an
hour later. The father, in a frenzy of
grief, endeavored to rise from his bed
and started his injured leg to bleeding.
Bofore ho could reach tho side of his
dead wife and babes ho bled to death.
Instlee Itrnilley Sinking.
Wasuinoto.v, Jan. 22. Justice Brad
ley of tho United States supremo court,
who has been ill for sonio time past, is
sinking rapidly and his physicians say
he may not live twenty-four hours.
Lieutenant llnck'n 1'rnniotlon.
IIillsiioko, Tex., Jan. 22. It is
learned hero that the secretary of wni
Saturday last ordered Second Lieuten
ant Beaumont B. Buck of tho Sixteenth
United States infantry to report during
tho present week to Colonel Edwin F.
Townsend of tho Twelfth United States
infantry and in command of tho post af
Fort Leavenworth for examination, pre
liminary to his promotion to a first lieu
tenantcy in tho army. Mr. Buck, it will
bo remembered, entered (ho tinny from
Dallas, where ho is still kindly remem
bered. This gallant young soldier is n
!-on of J. G. IT. Buck, the present Hill
county tax assesson, and iiImi ixtiiiastei
under Cleveland's, administration.
Too .Mneli U'lil-ky Killed Them.
Boston, Jan. 22. Two young children
of Arthur Bizcrt of Roxbury secured a
flask of whisky from the closet early
Sunday morning, before their parents
were up, and drank freely of its con
tents. When tho mother arose sho found
her two children in a beastly state of in
toxication. Every means was tried to
resuscitate the children, but of no avail.
Ono died Sunday forenoon and the other
passed away in the evening.
.A Mother at "rj.
Ozauk, Mo., Jan. 22. Mrs. Elizabeth
Tahun, living three miles south of
Ozark, Mo., celebrated hor 101th birth
day yesterday. Sho is said to be the
oldest woman in tho state of Missouri.
At the age of 52 sho gave birth to her
oldest son, William. .Sho came to this
county in 18-12 from West. Virginia.
Her husband died a long time ago, and
since then she has been living with her
children. Mrs. Tntuin is an uncommon
woman. She is very lively and likes to
talk about old times. Several years ago
she almost lost her eyesight, but now
sho is able to do her housework and is
working all the time. She is a small
woman, weighing only eighty pounds.
Hotel Royal Bar.
Hayden & Haydon, proprietors.
Neat and quiet. Vory finest wines
and liquors. Superb lunch at 10.
Old frionds and customers as well
now will meet a hearty welcome.
Electnct Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to need no
spcoial mention. All who havo used
Electric Bitters sine; the samosong of
praise. A purer medicine does not
exist- and is guaranteed to do all that
a claimed. Electrio Bitters will ouro
all diseases of iho Liver and Kidneys,
will removo Pimples, Boils, Salt
Rheum and other affectious caused by
impure blood. Will drivo Malaria
from tho system ant! prevent as well
as ouro all Malarial fevors. For euro
of Headache, Constipation and Indi
gestion try Electrio Bitters Entire
satisfaction guaranted, or monov re
funded. Prioo 50 ots., and $1.00 per
bottle at W. B. Morrison & Co., drug
Removal Notice.
Tho Bell Water Company offices
have boen removed from the old place,
4 13 Franklin stroet, to tho building
No. 107 South Fifth stroot. Tho now
offices are hotter and moro convenient.
Patrons and fiicnds please take notioe
of change.
Ballard's Snow Lirament.
This linamont is different in compo
sition from any other linamont on tho
raarkot. It is a soioniifio disoovory,
which results in its.beiug tho most pon
etrating linamont ever known. There
are numorous whito imitations,
whioh may be recommended because
thoy pay tho sellor a greater profit.
Beware of these and demand Ballard's
Snow Linamont. It positively cures
rhoumatism,iNeuralgia, cuts, sprains,
bruises, wounds, soiatio and inflamma
tory rheumatism, burns, scalds, sore
foot, contracted musolo, stiff joints, old
sores, pain in back, barb wire cuts,
sore chest or throat and especially
bonofioial to paralysis,
Sold by II 0 Bit her & Co.
Llvor Complaint Bllllousnoss.
The chiof symptoms of this disease
are depression of spirits, foul coated
tongue, bad tasting mouth, disagreea
ble breath, dry skin with blotohes
and eruptions, Ballow oomploxion an4
yellow eycB, tired aching shoulders,
dull pain in right sido, famtnesB, diz
zincBS and irregular bowels. This
complaint in all its forms oan bo
readily cured by taking Dr. Gtina'p
Improved liver pills as directed, and
a lingering spoil of sickness will oftra
bo warded oil by their uso. Sold at
2oats a box by W. B. Morrison &
To tho Ladies.
Mrs. F.J. Sullivan has removed ho
drcBsniaking establishment to 509 1
Austin avenue, up-stairs over tho
"Leader," whero sho will bo glad to
seo her patrons and friends.
1 a m
Tho Boston Toxas.
MoAlibter Lump is tho best coal
sold in Texas. Laoy is tho sole
1 n
Fishing tackle of every description
with a full stook of huntors Buppliea
H. E. A ibolds.
Buy tho "Big Muddy" lump coal.
Keep warm and give your imaginaiton.
a rest. "Telephono Egan for ooal."
Height of Cruelty.
Nervous women aoldom receive the
sympathy they doservo. While often
tho pictures of hoalth, they aro con
stantly ailing. To withhold sympathy
from these unfortunates is tho height
of cruelty. Thoy havo a weak hoart,
causing shortness of breath, fluttering,
pain in side, weak and hungrv spoils,
and finally swelling of ankles, oppres
sion, ohokinp;, smothering and dropsy,
Dr. Miles' New Heart Curo is just the
thing for thera. For their nervous
ness, headaoho, weakness, oto., his
Restorative Nervine is unequalcd.
Fino treaties on "Heart and Nervous
Diseases" and nervous testimonials
free. Sold and guaranteed by H. 0.
Risher & Co.
Pure and wbito lard in hulk
10 cents per pound at Cnii'PEN's
oornor Fifth and Franklin.
Tho best restaurant in town, Joe
Lohman's, No. 117 South Fourth
Isn't ono Sarsanarllta an cood ac
another? No! No!! No!!!
Don't think it. Don't for a moment
think it. If you nant Bull's SarsaparilU,
demand it and take no other. It contain!
Ingredients that are not found in any othei
lariaparilla. These very ingredients thl
make it ditl'ercut from othr-r ecr&aparilfai
are the most important. In fact, essential
to Its cumtivo vlrtuu. Omit them and
Oull'f Sarsaparilla would be as inert at
tho many inferior preparations of sarsapa
rilla found In many druj! stores. Bull'i
Sarsaparilla contains no unimportant in
gredient. Each ingredient used is chosek
for its beneficent t-IU-ct upon the human
system. Combined, they exert a harmo
nizing influence upon every function of
the body, improving digestion, strengthen
ing the liver und kidneys, cleansing th
blood of poisonous matter, soothing th
nervous system, enlivening the mental
(acuities, und in a word, by infusing ne
strength ami life, completely rejuvenates
every part and makes one feel altogether
like a new person.
Elmer Hodson, Alvarstto, Tex., writes;
" My strength and health had been failing
me for several years, ily blood was in a
very impoverished condition and very im
pure. My limbs felt lame, rickety and
rheumatic, and I could not walk without
tottering. I felt myself growing prema
turely old, and my face began to look
pinched and shrivelled, I suffered con
iderable, was restless at night, Tery ner
vous, and growing very melancholy. My
yes were sore and I had cstarrh. I tri4
many tonics, and bitters and blood puri
fiers, but failed to get better. I finally
bought six bottles of Hull's Sarsaparilla,
and before I had used it all I felt Ilk
another man. My strength and health
improved, pimples and sores disappeared
from my person, aches and stiff iomts left
me, and 1 consider myself a well person."
WThere is no other remedy topleaiant
to take and ko aura in Its efTect as Dr. Hull's
Worm Deitroyrs. Trice 25 cents.
WThere U one ehlll remedy whose ef
fect is a certainty. It hat been UiUd
many thousands severe cages and sever
known to fall. It it called Smith's Toole
Byrup. Tab no other.
John D. Park & Sons, Wholaale Agcntt,
174, m and 179 Sjrcamor at, Cincinnati..

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